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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 12, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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friday to jaclyn and brian. how are you doing? >> happy friday. >> i'm intermittently conscious. [ laughter ] i saw some possums i haven't seen since october. they keep my yard busy. let's do the weather. by this afternoon, temperatures mostly in the 60s around the bay area. but as you head out this morning, well, a little chilly start. numbers in the low 50s. as you can see, right now, it's 52. oakland 54. in livermore, 50. by this afternoon, doesn't look bad. more sunshine today than yesterday. mother's day looks good. we'll have details coming up. first let's check on the road ahead with jaclyn. >> happy friday. we are tracking a few slowdowns out of tracy heading into
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livermore. westbound 580 we have a stalled vehicle that's blocking that connector ramp from westbound 580 -- or from 205 to 580, i should say. once you get past that, heading through livermore, things start to pick up as you head on over to 680. we're tracking your travel time under 25 minutes. back to you guys. investigators are looking into at least 7 suspicious car fires in the east bay. they believe they are connected. two more cars went up in flames overnight in lafayette. another happened early yesterday morning in brentwood. the fires were in the same neighborhood near highland way around the same time. they didn't spread to the homes. neighbors are worried. >> it happened in front of my house. i'm worried and scared. who are they targeting? are they targeting cars or families? i don't know. >> investigators believe an arsonist is to blame. they believe the same person may have set fires to cars in
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walnut creek, lafayette and martinez this week. no suspects yet. two men are recovering after another shooting on a freeway, this time in wine country. it happened near 101 in healdsburg. as andria borba reports, the gunman is still on the loose. >> reporter: the chp says they believe this began with an argument at a food truck during lunch and then spelled on to the freeway. -- spilled onto the freeway. you can see the driver's side windows of this white hon honda crashed. the car-to-car shooting happened on southbound 101 in healdsburg near the west side road exit leaving both men wounded. >> they were responsive when the peramavir arrived. >> reporter: they were taken to the hospital. the chp investigation began in earnest. >> we are looking for witnesses. >> reporter: the hunt for evidence on highway 101 meant no one else could be on the
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road turning the narrow side streets near downtown healdsburg into snaking parking lots of congestion. while freeway shootings are common place on interstate 80 and highway 4, this type of shooting was a first for rural healdsburg. >> this type of thing does not happen in sonoma county so we're concerned. >> reporter: ndria borba, kpix 5. crews are making progress on a new bridge for highway 1 in big sur. these photos show workers in vallejo preheating some steel, girders and cutting them to the right size to form the backbone of a new pfeiffer canyon bridge after rain damaged the old one beyond repair. the old bridge came down during demolition work in march. the new bridge will be ready by the end of september. you guys been down there?
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>> no. >> mmm-mm. >> get with the program! come on, michelle griego! >> i'm busy. >> the falls, the state park, it's all down there. >> weekend road trip. >> you can't do it now because of the bridge. but the minute that bridge is done we're taking a road trip, beautiful part of the state. today here in the bay area not too bad. more sunshine today than yesterday. it's still going to be cool. and the numbers reflect that as we look south from the transamerica pyramid over the city of san francisco. numbers in the 50s this morning, one exception santa rosa. and mother's day is looking partly cloudy and on the chilly side. temperatures range from the mid- 50s around half moon bay and at the mid-60s around pleasanton livermore brentwood and here's what's happening. low pressure still keeping us cool. the cold ocean breeze things the same as yesterday with one exception. today a little more sunshine and a little more weekend sun as well and there's still a
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chance of rain coming in, showers for everybody, on tuesday. meantime, today looks nice. 68 at fairfield, 65 livermore, 61 san francisco. the same through the weekend with a few clouds not a big deal but on tuesday a few showers come in and then temperatures back into the mid- 70s by thursday. yay! so the weather looks good. let's hope traffic does, too. hey, jaclyn. it looks good. it's nice and light. it's still very early. but likely keep tracking those "friday light" conditions for this morning. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see speeds are in the green as you head across the span into downtown san francisco. nice and easy 20 minutes. heading over to oakland 880 looking good both directions no delays as you make your way between 238 and the maze. san mateo bridge those taillights on the right side of your screen westbound out of hayward into foster city. we are checking in accident- free. that's a check of your traffic.
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back to you. california will get a windfall of $66 million from volkswagen for the emissions cheating scandal part of a $250 million settlement approved by a federal judge in san francisco. the money goes to projects aimed at improving air quality and encouraging use of electric cars. the settlement involves three liter diesel engines separate from an earlier larger deal on the two liter models. president trump is contradicting his own administration's explanation for his decision to fire the fbi director. the president told nbc's lester holt it was his idea to fire james comey. >> he is a showboat. he is a grandstander. the fbi has been in turmoil. you know that. i know that. everybody knows that. i was going to fire regardless. >> that contradicts the explanation given by top aides. they said the president's decision was based on advice from attorney general jeff sessions and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein.
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>> because of the actions that the deputy attorney general outlined to the president, and to act on the recommendation of the deputy attorney general. >> the president took the advice of the deputy attorney general. >> the senate intelligence committee held a hearing yesterday into possible trump campaign connections with russia. the acting fbi director andrew mccabe says -- >> is it accurate that the rank-and-file no longer supported director comey? >> no, sir, that's not accurate. i can tell you that i hold director comey in the absolute highest regard. >> mccabe assured the committee that the russia investigation is unaffected. cbs news learned there are growing concerns inside fbi headquarters that the white house is trying to interfere with the investigation. one federal law enforcement official told cbs news there is a whole lot of interfering
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happening. the person added, this is a crisis! the senate intelligence committee asked to hear from james comey himself next week. california attorney general javier becerra is one of attorneys general who sent a letter to rod rosenstein calling the fire of comey a violation of the public trust. they are calling for an independent special counsel to investigate russian interference in the u.s. elections. a cupertino couple hopes an autopsy will shed light on their daughter's sudden death. she died after passing out on the basketball court last weekend. as maria medina reports, many are reaching out to support the family including steph curry. >> kimberly -- she is one of a kind. >> reporter: kimberly's number one fan and not just because he's her dad. she was that good on the court. he was there as always watching kim play basketball at mission college on saturday. >> she fell and hit her head on the floor. >> reporter: he says his
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daughter fought to stay in the game insisting she was fine. minutes later, she collapsed and had a seizure. >> keep praying hopefully i hope and -- >> she was one of my best friends. >> reporter: doctors did everything. but they couldn't save her. they also couldn't tell them why she died. >> happy birthday to you ♪ >> reporter: she just turned 16 last month. >> we will always remember her for the amazing person that she was. >> reporter: her classmates at homestead high said it's been emotional for them and her teachers. she was named most valuable player on the jv basketball team. >> how happy was she when she got that? >> oh, she was so happy. >> reporter: her passion for basketball displayed on her room walls and to honor her, he made one of her wishes come true. >> one of the shoes that steph
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signed. >> reporter: warriors gear and the shoes she wore her last game signed from one mvp to another. >> speechless. you know? a dad giving your daughter one of her wish to come true is one of the best things that probably you feel. >> reporter: aria medina, kpix 5. time now 4:40. governor brown jumping into action after an audit of the uc system revealed a secret stash of tens of millions of dollars. >> plus, one northern california couple goes to the ends of the earth to snap a wedding picture. >> and mother's day is this weekend. everyone here on the kpix 5 morning show wanted to take some time to recognize all the special mothers in our lives. a dramatic rescue in
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southern california.. after firefighters used a helicopter to airlift a horse that had tumbled down a ravine. the 12-hun a dramatic rescue in southern california after firefighters used a helicopter at the airlift a horse that went down a ravine. the 1200-pound horse had to be skated yesterday before the
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helicopter could lift it out to safety. fire officials say the horse is not injured. a warning from governor brown about the possible loss of obamacare. he says it could ruin california's financial health. >> now that, that's a lot of red. that is what would happen if the senate goes along with the house and passes the repeal of obamacare. that's really bad news. >> if the gop healthcare bill becomes law, california could lose $6 billion in 2020 and $24 billion by 2027. brown's current budget proposal doesn't account for any potential cuts to federal funding but he does want to boost the attorney general's budget by $6.5 million to fight the trump administration on healthcare, immigration and environmental issues. the governor is also threatening to hold back $50 million from the uc system unless it adopts major financial reforms. a recent state audit found that
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the university overpaid administrators and hid tens of millions of dollars in reserve accounts while incruising student tuition. >> most people think the president of the ucs is doing a good job. but the administration salaries are too high. >> under the governor's revised budget the state will keep the money until the university complies with the auditor's recommendations. there is no mountain high enough for a couple getting married on mount everest. >> reporter: climbing to new heights a couple market two off their list by getting married 17,000 feet up. james and ashley spent the past year training and and the next three weeks living their
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wildest dream. >> it was tough. >> reporter: they made the trek with charlton churchill who captured every treacherous step of the 9-day journey dealing with the elements and altitude sickness nearly quitting the day before the "wedding." >> that night, we said we're going to be home tomorrow just to be safe because we can't risk anything like that. >> reporter: but they made it to the big day. >> i think i spent 10 minutes on my makeup sitting in a tent with a compact mirror. >> reporter: in less than an hour and a half, they became the first couple to exchange vows in a wedding dress and tux. and the pictures are epic. >> i'm really blown away by how good they are with what little time we had to work with. >> reporter: thanks to charlton for capturing the moment and the idea to climb there. >> i think if you are going to do something this big and never be able to top it, that's okay. >> reporter: this isn't charlton's first attempt to mount everest, with another couple in 2015 they attempted
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it but there was an earthquake in nepal so they turned around. he would love to go back but next time it will be expensive. i'm jennifer mcgraw for kpix 5. >> that's impressive. >> how do your wedding photos compare? >> nothing like that. >> setting the bar high. absolutely. yes. aim high. literally. >> climbing mount everest is probably a good preparation for marriage. >> everything downhill after that? >> one would hope so. it's all easy sailing from that point on. >> get to weather, please. we have sunrise, sunset ♪ from the musical -- >> fiddler on the roof. >> good girl. go, michelle! sunrise at 6:02. sunset 8:10 p.m. thank you, kelly-moore! as we have a look from the transamerica pyramid and the numbers this morning we are beginning with readings pretty much same as yesterday. 50s around much of the bay area. a little cooler up in santa
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rosa and the cotati plains. by tuesday we get a chance of showers moving into the bay area. everybody gets about that wet. but that's on tuesday. between now and then, we get a little more sunshine today. even as temperatures do continue on the cool side. so -- more widespread sunshine today. but it will still be chilly. ocean breeze at 48 degrees with an ocean temperature, that means below average readings for a while yet. scattered showers are still likely coming into the bay area next tuesday. heading out of the bay area: san francisco we're all below average. we should be about 64 in san francisco today. we'll manage just 61. in concord, 67 degrees. that's way off from 75. our usual high. down in the south bay today very pleasant yesterday the
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same again mid-60s with sunshine. over in the east bay, sun coming out as well after a few low clouds this morning. readings will be from the mid- 60s to the upper 60s with 68 at antioch. petaluma 65. the dairy capital of the world once upon a time. 66 at santa rosa. over at bodega bay 58. and 57 for stinson beach. and up north at ukiah, 64. 64 at cloverdale. very nice lake county. mother's day look good, a few clouds temperatures from the 50s at the coast, 60s inland. chance of showers on tuesday. in the meantime, it will be ultracool. speaking of ultracool, here's jaclyn. >> oh, yes. [ laughter ] right now, we are tracking a pretty cool ride making your way across the golden gate bridge. no delays out there on our roads looking nice and easy driving conditions as you make your way into san francisco this morning. headlights heading southbound. over to antioch speeds in the
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green as you head along westbound 4 connecting to i-80 in hercules. you shouldn't have any trouble getting through that stretch and we are tracking some slowdowns for drivers heading through the altamont pass. westbound 580 out of tracy heading into livermore you will be tapping those brakes. your cruising speed around 35 miles per hour. but we have seen much worse though. we can handle that. nothing to write home about. bart running right on time. ace 1 off to a great start, no delays for mass transit. but heads up, there will be a bart closure this weekend. no bart trains running between fruitvale and lake merritt stations, although the lake merritt station will be closed they will have a free bus bridge in place, 20 to 40- minute delays to be expected. going to the airport? factor that in. back to you. time now 4:50. some big improvements are on the way at san francisco's ferry building. we'll take a closer look at the expansion under way. >> and we'll hear from a california woman who says that she and her service dog were
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welcome back on this tgif. temperatures cooler than we're used to seeing in mid-may. sunnyvale 66 today. 67 for san jose. fremont will hit 64. sunshine coming out a little more than we had yesterday in the east bay with mid-60s doing it for the most part. 68 at fairfield. 67 for concord after some clouds this morning in the north bay, we'll be up to 63 degrees at the marin civic center in san rafael, novato 66, sonoma 65. for ukiah, 64 degrees, clearlake 62 and beautiful saint helena, 68 degrees today.
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it will be sunny and chilly right through the weekend. how about traffic? >> light conditions heading over to the bay bridge toll plaza, no delays as you as you make your way from oakland into san francisco this morning. but we are tracking a few slowdowns. i'll have details on that coming up in the next traffic report. completion of the new transbay transit center in san francisco is now behind schedule by nearly 2 months. yesterday, the construction manager told the transbay joint powers authority about, in his own words, slippages and challenges. the first phase of the multi- billion-dollar project was supposed to be done by the end of the year. meanwhile, a big expansion is now under way at san francisco's ferry building. the city is moving forward with two new entry gates that will allow more boats to pick up passengers. there will also be a new plaza with areas that will protect you from rain and wind. new ferry services to richmond and treasure island were also announced, which could be critical during emergencies. >> you know, when we build the
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infrastructure, and it's not just for convenience, ferry service is going to be there if the big one hits. we know that. we have to have alternative ways to get in and out of the city. >> the $80 million expansion project is expected to be done by 2019. another pr problem for a major airline. this time virgin atlantic. a wheelchair-bound passenger says she and her service dogs got the boot from an airport lounge. >> reporter: she was in tears crumpled in pain when she says she was denied access to the virgin atlantic lounge at jfk because she had her service dog. >> i literally cannot -- [ crying ] >> reporter: in 2011 her spine was severely injured in an accident leaving her wheelchair- bound. service dog blue bell helps pull her. she can't sit for more than 30 minutes. that's why she says she paid for the virgin atlantic lounge so she could lie down before
4:56 am
her flight. but the lounge employee said no. and michela caught it on video. >> virgin atlantic policy with any service animal you have to have paperwork. >> reporter: but according to the americans with disabilities act no documentation is needed and disabled people with service dogs can go anywhere the public is allowed. this is a picture of the lounge. and she said it was practically empty. but she was still refused entry. [ crying ] >> you guys are unbelievable. you know what? i'm done. >> reporter: the employee called the manager but michela says after 20 minutes she had to lie down forced to go on the concrete floor at her terminal. >> this was death by 1,000 cuts. i couldn't take it anymore. >> reporter: the married mother of four says she doesn't want compensation from the airline. she wants to be a spokesman for all who are disabled. >> bring the humanity back to traveling. that's what i'm interested in. >> reporter: we reached out to
4:57 am
virgin atlantic for comment but did not hear back. >> just last month another scorpion somehow made it on to a united flight. the plane was about to take off from houston yesterday when a scorpion crawled out of a passenger's clothing. the man wasn't bitten. the entire thing caused a three- hour delay. to smooth things over united gave everyone on board a free meal voucher. last month, a scorpion fell out of an overhead bin and stung a united passenger who was also in the middle of eating his lunch. it is 4:57. more questions about the firing of fbi director james comey this morning after president trump disputes his own administration's explanation for the decision. >> a series of car fires overnight now two more in the east bay. i'm jessica flores live with the investigation coming up. ,,,,,,
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and i'm kenny choi. 's start with a live good morning, everyone. it is friday, whew, we made it! may 12. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning, i'm kenny choi choi. a live look at the bay bridge and 101. >> hit the roads at 5 a.m. and avoid the traffic! [ laughter ] >> on a nice dry day like we have today a decent weekend shaping up for mother's day weekend. we are beginning with mostly -- a few clouds around this morning, not a big deal. out the door readings will be in the low to mid-50s. and then for the afternoon, we recover proudly and boldly into the mid- to low-60s around the bay area. we'll have more sunshine today than ye


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