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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  May 16, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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and get on the cables. >> reporter: it is not only an embarrassment for the golden gate bridge transportation district but a security concern, as well. the district didn't even know peter keytime and his buddy had done it until they saw the stunt on social media weeks later. >> at the time that this happened, where were the golden gate bridge patrols? aren't there cameras to see that? how does this go on? >> we have hundreds of cameras here at the golden gate bridge. they all work. but cameras are focused -- our staff is focused on the watching the cameras in areas where people could harm the structure. >> reporter: if people avoid the structurally sensitive spots nothing triggers an alarm or camera. >> it's such a surreal experience. one of the most awesome in my life for sure. >> reporter: but that experience is now the subject of a criminal investigation. while only a misdemeanor it could land them on the no fly little with a year in jail. the area will try to close the
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gap they snuck through. so between now and then, what are you going to do make sure people don't take advantage of the weakness? >> we are, you know, doing the same thing that the white house does, that the san francisco giants and 49ers do. we are increasing our efforts to make sure people don't engage in aberrant or reckless behavior. >> reporter: the bridge district wouldn't go into specifics about what that is although they did say they have changed the way they patrol and also put physical barriers in place to make sure no one else does this. liz? >> so emily, he said he has some experience with in? so i'm assuming these teens have done something like this before. >> reporter: right. they didn't just climb the golden gate bridge cold. they say they have been climbing since they were young kids just successively higher items. in fact, he even admitted to climbing cranes back in chicago. >> wow. all right, emily turner, thank you. security breach stopped at the white house today. secret service took a woman
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into custody after she jumped over the bike racks and tried to climb the north fence. she was charged with unlawful entry and transported to the metropolitan police department. the white house was briefly put on lockdown. the other big story, the white house again doing damage control. this time, over a charge that president trump asked james comey to end the fbi investigation into a former aide. cbs reporter mole la lenghi is live from washington with a memo that details this unusual request. mola lenghi reports. >> reporter: yeah. , you know, the white house is certainly pebbling the day on the defensive jukeling -- spending the day on the defensive juggling controversies first with the president's alleged sharing of classified intelligence with the russians in the oval office last week and tonight new information about the firing of james comey, former fbi director. a senior law enforcement source tells cbs news that president trump pressured former fbi
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director james comey to drop his investigation into former national security adviser michael flynn. comey wrote up a memo first reported in the "new york times," quoting the president saying, i hope you can see your way clear to letting this go. he is a good guy. a senior white house official denied that account saying the president never asked mr. comey or anyone else to end any investigation including any investigation involving general flynn. some lawmakers want comey to testify. >> these are why he needs to come back before the congress and i think share with the public what conversations he had with the president that may bear on whether there was any effort to obstruct the investigation or impede it in any way. >> reporter: president trump also dismissed questions about reports that he shared classified information with russian officials during their visit at the white house last week. >> we had a very, very successful meeting. >> reporter: the president's national security adviser said the information discussed had already been reported. >> it is wholly appropriate for the president to share whatever information he thinks is necessary to advance the security of the american people. >> reporter: the president has
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broad authority to disclose classified information. the concern here is over exactly what he disclosed and whether it may have compromised a sensitive intelligence source. some lawmakers fear the president's disclosure may have damaged national security. >> the only thing i would tell the president is if you feel like you need to share something with the russians, make sure it goes through the system because i don't trust the russians. >> reporter: democrats are calling on the white house to make the transcript of the meeting available to them immediately. the white house insists that it's the leaks not the president's actions or as his critics would characterize his missteps but the leaks that have caused the most damage to the country. that's the sentiment that president trump has been echoing for months. at the white house, mola lenghi. ken, back to you. >> mola, i'm real liqueur just more about this israeli connection. um, word coming out that they are the source of this information that got to russia. what do you know about that? >> well, that's right.
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we have confirmed that the israelis were the source of the information that president trump relayed to the russians. it has become a source of controversy and former intelligence chief, um, for the mossad, the intelligence chief for israel stated this could hamper trust and further relations down the road, although the ambassador to the united states from israel has been more diplomatic saying that the trust has not been broken at all between the united states and israel. in terms of intelligence sharing. so some political fallout international fallout that could come out of that. ken? >> mola lenghi reporting live, thank you. new evidence that oakland police knew of illegal activity inside the ghost ship warehouse before last year's deadly fire. kpix 5's veronica de la cruz is following a couple of new developments on the story. >> reporter: liz, today lawyers announced they are consolidating claims of more than a dozen families who lost
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loved ones in the ghost ship fire into a single lawsuit. now, at the same time, a video has surfaced of an encounter between the tenant and police two years before the deadly december fire. >> this is where you work right here, right? >> yeah, we're cooperative. >> reporter: police body camera shows him reporting what he believes was an arson fire set outside the warehouse in september of 2014. he tells the officer he only works at the warehouse even though he had said he was having coffee inside at 7 a.m. and a friend was inside showering. the officer never asked if the men do live there. he admits they had been building sets for the warehouse. >> we are working all night for a benefit on saturday. >> reporter: he doesn't ask whether he has the legally required permits and the officer doesn't go look inside even after al men in a encourages him to see what antiques he has been story. he is one of the dozen defendants being sued by the families of the fire that killed 36 people. today pg&e was added to the
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list for negligence in failing to monitor the electrical system at the building. standing with the legal team announcing that expanded lawsuit today, the mother of a victim. >> would just like to see something be done. obviously we are all beyond heartbroken. this is my only child. >> people's 22-year-old children shouldn't be dying because they went to listen to music. >> investigators have not released any findings on the cause of the fire. but the building's electrical system is being looked at carefully. pg&e released the statement saying: right now, 18 families of victims have joined the lawsuit. lawyers say they expect the remainedder will join before next month. a drug bust at a bart station just landed a fugitive
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and convicted murderer back in jail. bart police arrested joshua robinson at the bay fair station today for possession of meth and possession of marijuana for sale. officers identified him through a fingerprint check and learned that he had three outstanding warrants from washington state. robinson is being booked into the santa rita jail in dublin. emotional testimony in court today as the sentencing phase started for the man convicted of killing sierra lamar. kpix 5's len ramirez with what lamar's friends had to say to the jury. >> reporter: antolin garcia- torres stood up and seemed to smile at the jury as they entered the courtroom. last week, they convicted him for the killing of sierra lamar now in the penalty phase of the trial, they hold his life and death in their hands. the prosecutor argument for the death penalty saying it's the only appropriate punishment, a defense attorney asking for life in prison citing his
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childhood with a drunken father, abusive, extreme neglect and poverty. three depends gave impact testimony speaking of moments as girls and crying when they realized she was never coming back. three friends gave impact statements. >> it's hard to lose someone like in that way at a young age. >> reporter: the jury sat up and listened intently to the friends now 19 and 20-year-old women. there will be several more witnesses called including the parents of sierra lamar and the mother of garcia-torres, who will try to save the life of her son. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. the walt disney company is standing tough after being targeted by hackers. packers claim they have the new "pirates of the caribbean" movie for ran son threatening to release it for segments if disney doesn't pay a huge ran son in bitcoin. company officials won't pay, a ransom. this comes as countries are recovering from a massive hack attack.
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kpix 5's melissa caen on the bay area company trying to track down who is responsible for this massive global hack. melissa. >> reporter: yeah, around the world, hundreds of thousands of computers have been hacked by that "wannacry" virus. i sat down with the ceo of the bay area security firm called symantec and he told me that there are signs that north korea is behind the attack. >> reporter: right on the heels of a ballistic missile test north korea may have deployed a different kind of bomb. a computer virus called "wannacry." symantec's ceo gregory clark. >> sometimes it's a email where someone says hey i have mailed you an encrypted spreadsheet type in the password. you type the password in, press run, and the code runs on your machine. >> reporter: then it encrypts a files turning them into gibberish. to get them back the hackers
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demand $300 in bitcoin. >> we think the number is somewhere around $100,000 primarily because there's problems in the malware that -- in getting that done. >> reporter: it's a hacker gang with ties to north korea and symantec discovered lazarus group's signatures in the "wannacry" code. >> some fragments or snippets or pieces of the technology was definitely linked to a lazarus group who were implicated in the 80-plus million dollars that was taken in a bank heist in bangladesh and the sony pictures thing which definitely has a tie to north korea. >> reporter: although clark is quick to point out that the evidence so far is not conclusive and it could be fake. >> it's like a bank robber who leaves fake fingerprints around to blame someone else. that's a theory. >> reporter: this particular hack doesn't affect mac computers but it is still alive
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and well and may still hit people's pcs. no matter what kind of computer you use, stop ignoring and delaying those security patches. we have all been there. your system tells you, you need to install an update. you say you have to stop what you're doing and install it. in the newsroom, melissa caen, kpix 5. still to come, an unusual overdose. >> a teenager goes on a caffeine binge and it kills him. a father's warning on energy drinks. >> plus, crashes between cars and those big trucks a simple fix that could save lives. >> and keeping the streak alive. a live preview from oracle arena. the warriors go for 10 wins in a row. eo out of los angeles... ,,,,
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security cameras capture the
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moment a speeding honda accord lost control... slammed this is shocking new video out of los angeles. security cameras rolling to capture the moment a speeding honda accord loses control, slams into a fire hydrant, there it goes ... right into two businesses. the force of the impact so strong it ripped the car in half instantly killing the 21- year-old driver. alcohol was a factor in the wreck. now to a father's desperate plea after his son's caffeine binge turns deadly. sean's son davis collapsed at his south carolina school after drinking a large mountain dew, a latte, and then an energy drink all within two hours bringing on a deadly cardiac event to an otherwise healthy teen. davis' father says the tragic way he lost his son could one day save someone else. >> i stand before you as a broken-hearted father in hopes that something good can come
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from this. parents, please, talk to your kids about the dangers of these energy drinks. >> medical experts note energy drinks send more than 20,000 people to the emergency room annually. it sounds like a strange problem but some san francisco city officials want to ban delivery robots from city sidewalks. >> sidewalk was made for people to walk on. so this is the reason why we did this because we didn't want the vehicles driving and running down people while they are walking. there's a reason why we don't have bikes, we don't have our bikes and also, um, skateboards on the sidewalks. >> they are already out there a couple of startups already testing delivery robots in some san francisco neighborhoods. they are using the sidewalks but if this new law passes, violators would be subject to criminal civil and administrative penalties. coming up at 6:00 robots may soon be invading uc- berkeley. why it's the perfect test
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market for food on demand. deadly crashes involving large trucks are on the rise. consumerwatch reporter julie watts shows us a simple fix could save lives. >> reporter: this is what happens when a car crashes into the side of a tractor-trailer at just 35 miles per hour. the car slides underneath, smashing the head of the dummies inside directly into the trucks. but in this second crash test from the insurance institute for highway safety the tractor- trailer is equipped with underride guards on the side of the truck and the outcome is much different. >> prevented the cash from going underneath and the seatbelts protected the driver dummies in the tests. >> reporter: the same protections are not mandated for the side of the truck. more than 1500 people were killed in 2015 when their cars collided with a tractor- trailer. more than 300 of those involved the side of the truck. >> we can't say for sure how many people would be saved but if you prevented a car from
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going underneath a trailer many more people would be alive. >> reporter: the institute hopes its crash test will prompt truck carriers to outfit the fleet with side guards as well but it is important for drivers to be mindful around big rigs. experts suggest leaving extra space between you and big trucks, and remember, they have big blind spots. julie watts, kpix 5. less than an hour from now, warriors face off with the spurs game 2 of the western conference finals. the "dubs" are dealing with a firestorm of criticism from their last win. kpix 5 sports director dennis o'donnell joins us live from inside oracle. a lot of people around the bay area don't get this. the warriors are hated everywhere around the country including the east coast. >> reporter: that's a couple of years running i think, ken. that's because zaza pachulia stepped into the comfort zone of kawhi leonard, hit every his foot came down on zaza's foot.
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kawhi leonard is officially out of tonight's game. gregg popovich said he would list leonard as questionable for game three over the weekend. that's why the warriors are hated. they don't care. mike brown felt disrespect because he nearly didn't make his pregame press conference because of the spurs. here's mike brown. >> so i literally start to go and i'm going to get in the far left lane. right? to go through where we all go through. and a cop out of nowhere pulls in front of me and goes, damn you, stop! [ laughter ] >> i'm like? warriors acting coach. [ laughter ] >> he is like, i don't care! hey, you, stop!! i start scooting forward and then the suv -- an suv pulls up beeping. i hear them over the loudspeaker, hey, you, in the range rover, stop!
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right now! you heard the officer, stop! so i got scared i was like i got five cops around me. [ laughter ] >> so i just stopped. i said i'm just trying to get to the game. i'm late. [ laughter ] >> so i let the bus go and the 18 cops, and i'm going around behind the bus. and i get this phone call. gregg popovich, san antonio spurs. [ laughter ] >> so i answer the phone. and pop is dying. [ laughter ] >> i said, pop, i said, this is my own building! he goes, i know. i died laughing! [ laughter ] >> reporter: i call it the rodney dangerfield factor, right? mike brown no respect! but ... i got stuck in the same traffic because of the same bus and the 10 motorcycle police officers. so game 2 tonight. jonathan simmons plying in place of kawhi leonard at the big drop-off. reporting live from oracle, dennis o'donnell, kenny, elizabeth, back to you.
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>> they hate the "dubs." the "dubs" will win. thank you, dennis. what's going on outside? drizzling right now. it's about 55 degrees throughout much of the bay area. it feels even chillier because of the winds. can't even see the top of mount diablo. 90-degree weather is not that far away. coming up find out when the sunshine returns because we all miss it. that's next. >> om ing up at 6:00 all new tonight, the wife of a bay area deputy accused of driving drunk and killing a toddler. now she has been arrested again. so why is this woman still on the street? we asked, what's taking so long with her case? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right forget about who stole summer. i'm trying to find spring. we have drizzle in san francisco. look at these temperatures. they are running 10 to 15 degrees cooler than average. concord 63. san francisco 57. san jose 63. santa rosa 65 one of the warmer
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spots today. it is raining in the central valley right now. el dorado county getting showers. and why not? let's have some mid-may snowfall! above 7,000 feet in elevation, in and around tahoe and squaw valley, it is currently snowing. we are adding to the snow totals right now. now, water year, not that much rain in may nor do we expect any. 71% above average for santa rosa. 66% below average for livermore and san francisco still 41% above average. clouds are going to hang through tonight. and lows will be a little milder as a result. oakland 52. concord 52. san jose your low 53. san francisco tonight 51 degrees. despite the fact that it looks like it's just not going to warm up anytime soon, that would be incorrect because the front that's moving through right now will be gone by tomorrow morning. this ridge of high pressure building in from the west will be much closer by tomorrow morning. tomorrow will be a whole different weather pattern because it will be. temperatures in the mid-50s to
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start. 60 by 11 a.m. not the warmest day around 70 in the afternoon. lots of blue sky. less wind may feel 15 to 20 degrees warmer as we shake the ocean breeze. we get closer with an offshore wind over the weekend it's going to be warm to hot. 70 possible at the beach. 80 near the bay and 90s are likely inland. sea as chilly and gloomy as it looks outside now, much different weather tomorrow. sunshine and less wind by tomorrow morning. we'll be cooler than average though. much warmer weather on thursday. the 80s inland. and we'll be warm much warmer than average all the way through the middle of next week. the highs tomorrow, with sunshine, and less wind, really comfortable. we'll stay comfortably warm to hot through the middle of next
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week. so the cold snap is over after today. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ahead at six... parents outraged. a teen convicted of a sex crime allowed back on a high school campus. allen and veronica a thank you for watching at 5:00. ahead of 6:00 parents outraged as a teen convicted of a sex crime allowed back on a high school campus. see you at 6:00. ♪[ music ] %
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: breaking news: a source tells cbs news that president trump asked the f.b.i. director to end his investigation of former national security adviser michael flynn. also tonight, the president shared secret israeli intelligence with the russians. was damage done to national security? >> what the president shared was wholly appropriate. >> pelley: but even some top republlicans are fed up. >> i think we could do with a little less trauma from the white house. >> pelley: a 16-year-old drank a deadly dose of caffeine. >> parents, please, talk to your kids about the dangers of these energy drinks. >> pelley: and... >> every month you open up your envelope and say, what's the surprise this month. 'd pelley: they thought they'd save money by bundling internet and tv, and then the bills came


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