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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 17, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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bridge. 2 teenagers climbed to the top... did stunts.. ! >> a major security breach on the golden gate bridge. two teenagers climb to the top. did stunts, and no one noticed. the question, how could this happen? good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. kpix5's andria borba is live at the bridge and andria, this video stunned our security analyst. >> reporter: liz, ken, that's right. the views in this video and the danger in this video are absolutely breathtaking. the consequences for these two young men may be breathtaking as well. wisconsin teenager peter kerr says his trek up the golden gate bridge with a buddy was two friends having fun. >> guys, we just made it to the top. this is incredible. it is so beautiful up here. >> reporter: after looking at
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the video, kpix5 security analyst jeff harp, retired assistant special agent in charge of the fbi san francisco office calls it. >> a major breach of security. >> reporter: in march, armed with a go pro and no safety gear, they headed down the marin headlands on their way to the north tower. >> it is something so cool. i don't see a lot of people pulling off the golden gate bridge climb. so, i think we are one of the first. >> reporter: the pair stayed on top ten minutes doing back flips and dangling by their fingertips and nobody stopped them. >> you could see them in the video. and i guess the third question i ask is, if it was working, who was on duty that night? >> we have hundreds of cameras here at the golden gate bridge. they all work. but, cameras are focused, our staff is focused on watching the cameras that are focused on
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areas people could harm the structure. >> reporter: they don't have a steady stream of security funding from the department of homeland security. it is on a grant basis. the last was several years ago. the most recent record we could find was from 2007. >> i think that they will realize that it is a pretty minor incident and let it go. >> reporter: it is not just foolhardy kids that will see it as a tutorial, but terrorists as well. >> it will advertise the fact that it is easily breached. >> reporter: now harp says he wouldn't be surprised if the teenagers got visited by the fbi, homeland security, and even the joint terrorism task force. they could face charges leading to a year in county jail. live in san francisco tonight, andria borba, kpix5. the white house rocked by a new scandal tonight. the question in washington, did president trump commit a high crime? kpix5's joe vasquez tells us
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about the explosive memo from the fired fbi director. joe? >> reporter: even senator john mccain said this reminds him of watergate. we have not seen all the evidence, but if it is true, it certainly doesn't look good for president trump. >> reporter: it happened in a white house meeting. cbs news president trump asked former fbi director james comey to drop his investigation into former national security adviser michael flynn according to a memo he wrote after the meeting quotes the president saying i hope you can see your way clear to letting this go. he is a good guy. >> is anyone including the president of the united states above the law? >> reporter: lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. >> these allegations are deeply disturbing. >> reporter: are shaking their heads. >> i don't want to read the memo. i want to hear from him. >> reporter: the fbi director's memo has been quoted but not made public. the house chair wants to see it and asked the fbi director to supply it by may 24.
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>> did the president ask the fbi to back off an investigation? >> no. >> reporter: john worked at the u.s. senate. he says the president could end up getting impeached if enough republicans will join democrats but it is not a done deal and it won't be a quick fix. it could take years. >> how is this not obstruction of justice? >> we don't want to jump to conclusions here. if there is a memo, how he describes the conversations will determine whether the president is on one side or the other side of the line of obstruction of justice. >> reporter: so, the bottom line is, is the content of the conversations, the intent of the president? more on that in the days to come. now what does the white house have to say about this? the white house says the president never asked anybody to end any investigation, but the president himself has not yet weighed in. in the news room, joe vasquez, kpix5. tonight, house minority leader nancy pelosi had this to
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say. "at best, president trump has committed a grave abuse of executive power. at worst, he has obstructed justice." tomorrow, house democratic leaders will hold a press conference and call for a formal independent investigation into any ties between russia and the trump administration. the race is on in santa clara county tonight to contain an outbreak. hundreds of children getting sick. kpix5's betty yu is in san jose tonight. betty? >> reporter: liz, the hacienda magnet school was the first to report cases on may 4. since then, the district hads been busy notifying parents via calls, letters and e-mails of this outbreak. tonight, cleaning crews are scrubbing down nearly every inch of classrooms and playgrounds at hacienda environmental science magnet school. one of ten in san jose reporting an outbreak of the stomach flu believed to be caused by norovirus.
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though the virus is common, this is an unusual high number of cases for santa clara county. >> which is also known as winter vomiting disease. some people call it that because that tendings to be the season that it comes around. is when it is colder. and so, for whatever reason, there is more of it now. >> reporter: and it is easily spread. especially among young children. >> after going to the bathroom, if the person doesn't wash their hands with soap and water, vigorously, they might still have some virus left on their hands and when they touch someone else or a surface, somebody else touches it, and then, when they touch their mouth, that is how you get infected. >> reporter: some 200 students have come down with symptoms including vomiting and nausea since early may. it has forced schools to cancel events. >> it is a challenge i know at least one of our schools, the principal was proactive about canceling a lot of noninstructional events so art shows, performances. things that we know parents an the students get really excited
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for and it really does break our heart to put those things off or cancel them. >> reporter: norovirus is considered a mild illness, but the district is urging parent to keep their kids at home for 48 hours after they get better. and that is because the county's health department says even after symptoms disappear, children can still shed the virus for two days afterwards. live in san jose, betty yu, kpix5. tonight, a battle brewing in santa clara between the city and the 49ers. it all has to do with what is happening at levi stadium tomorrow night. about 50,000 people are going to cram in to see u2 in concert. ♪ [ music ] [ singing ] >> the problem is, the sold-out show is expected to go past the 10:00 p.m. curfew. vta has agreed to run the trains late tore accommodate the fans but who will pick up
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the tab for the extra service? the agency says the city council should. but, the council says it is the 49ers who manage the stadium and they decide to violate the city's ordinance by booking this event. >> because they are violateing the ordinance and the curfew, it has created problems for vta and santa clara, and it is really going to create problems for our neighborhoods and our residents. >> and tonight, city council voted to send a let tore the ninners letting them know they are in violation of their city contract. the mayor, the city council members plan to be there to see if the concert ends by 10:00. the warriors making it look easy annihilating the spurs. christin ayers joins us live from oracle arena and the score was not the only thing hitting triple digits. >> reporter: yeah, ticket prices have hit a new high tonight. we talked to some fans tonight who shelled out a small fortune
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to see it. >> the warriors are the best team in the league! >> reporter: you would be hard pressed to find much that warriors fans and spurs fans agree on like that fall in game one for example. >> not a dirty play. >> he didn't do it intentionally. >> reporter: but one thing both sides can agree on. ticket prices. >> the prices are really, really going up. it is kind of a shame. >> reporter: volario remembers what it cost to buy floor seats four years ago. >> $560. everyone thought i was insane at the time. but these days, they go something like 10,000. >> reporter: the average ticket price for tonight's game was $695. nearly $150 more than game one of the 2015 finals.
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>> we did not have enough money to make it to the finals. >> reporter: but others say the high prices won't stop them. >> even if it is more expensive? >> we will try. >> reporter: so, $695 was the average ticket price. some went for a little cheaper. some got nosebleed seats for $300 a pop. christin ayers, kpix5. kids, you are up, don't try this at home. a daredevil spotted riding around oakland. yeah, he was .. taped to the side of the car, thought it was a good idea. there he is right in front of oracle hanging on by electric tape. it wasn't too long before the police caught up to him and the driver. and cited both the driver and mr. stuntman. the district attorney is now reviews the case and deciding on charges. a teenage boy convicted of a sex crime has decided not to
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finish out the year at palo alto high school after angry parents asked why he was allowed to remain on campus, maria medina reports from palo alto where a school board got heated. >> reporter: and it ended with a closed door session. before that, parents packed a room, the line going all the way into the hallway. the district failed to fell them a predator was among their kids until the media reported it. >> we need to know when we have an active predator. >> i don't trust you guys. there is not a sense of safety in terms of the administration making us aware because a lot of this was kept private. >> reporter: one by one, they expressed their concern. >> they failed to let the community hear what occurred. >> reporter: february, his 2015 conviction for a sex crime. that was not the only blemish
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on the boy's record. last year, a female student reported him to school leaders also for sexual assault. >> my daughter has two classes with the person in question. he has acted inappropriately toward her. >> reporter: a district spokesperson who declined an on camera interview says though the student is a convicted criminal, he has the right to an education and it is the court and not the school's decision to remove a student from the classroom. but to these parents they want the district no learn this lesson. >> my children are my everything. as i'm sure everyone's child here is their everything. so, you need to do something about the environment. you need to do something about how the children trust the teachers and the staff at their schools. >> we can't disclose anything about minors. anything regarding contact with the police, with the juvenile justice system. we cannot even tell you if they are in school today. >> reporter: they did discipline the student for last
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year's incident, but he would not elaborate, maria medina, kpix5. tonight, more atf members are joining the investigation into what caused the fire at a construction site in emeryville. the fire broke out saturday. investigators are calling it suspicious. and, this is the second time in less than a year that this apartment building on san pablo avenue has burned. 25 additional investigators have been called in now to determine if it was arson. tonight, new evidence that oakland police knew about illegal activity at the ghost ship warehouse before last year's deadly fire. veronica de la cruz shows us the body camera video. >> reporter: the video is from two years ago, but the east bay times just released it. it shows how police missed a red flag. >> we are working all night. we have like a benefit on saturday. >> september, 2014, derek almina said he worked at the warehouse and planned to host an event there the next day,
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that would have been illegal, but the officer did not question if he had an event permit. >> the city is culpable in what happened here. they say they protect and serve their citizens. >> 36 people died in december's fire. almina is one of a dozen defendants being sued by their families. today, lawyers announced they are consolidating claims into a single lawsuit. and tonight, there is a new defendant. pg&e. >> pg&e failed to follow its own rules. that requires them to provide electricity to any facility like this. in a safe manner. >> the utility released this statement. we reviewed our records and over the last ten plus years, we have no reports of any anomalies from this location or the adjacent premises.
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18 families have joined the suit. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. san francisco is all about tech of course. but tonight, one city leader says delivery robots on sidewalks, that goes too far, he wants to ban them. a couple of start-ups are already testing delivery robots. in some neighborhoods, but one city supervisor says the sidewalk is no place for a robot. >> sidewalks are made for people to walk on. and so, this reason is why we did this. because we didn't want them to be running down people while they are walking. this is the wherein we don't allow bikes or skateboards on the sidewalks. >> reporter: if the new law passes, violators would be subject to criminal, civil, and administrative penalties. >> reporter: these dais, robots are more connected to our lives than ever before. they are evolving to become more like us.
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betty yu takes us inside a bay area facility churning out the social robots. >> my name is pepper. how can i help you? >> reporter: pepper is four feet tall, friendly, and full of personality. it has rhythm too. pepper is a social robot. a new generation of bots that are more human than ever. >> pepper can you tell me a story? >> a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away ... >> reporter: powered by soft bank robotics, pepper can be programmed to act like a concierge or just be your friend. >> here, take my hand. >> reporter: it is one of many that can be found walking around the innovation lab at singularity university. soon, these kinds of bots may walk right into our everyday lives. >> i want to show the more cooperative side of robots. so, i really like demonstrating
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how the robots are making an impact in people's lives. >> reporter: matthew is known as the robot wrangler on campus. he helps build and program prototypes. and teaches entrepreneurs about social robots. his goal is to deconstruct the robots stereotype as threatening machines and bring the romanticized science fiction images in movies closer to home. robotics is one of the hottest new markets in tech after growing at a rate of 17% each year, analysts predict the robot market will be worth $135 billion by 2019. we already find artificial intelligence on our smartphones, or in appliances like alexa. >> so instead of replacing humans, they are going to be working alongside them to help augment the work flow. >> reporter: there are already 20,000 peppers and now, robots like this one at work in the
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world. mostly in japan. they are used to teach children how to program, working in businesses, and hospitals. and, living with families. now, they can even do tai chi. >> it has good robot form. >> reporter: monique runs start- up programs at singularity university. a product that recently came out of its incubator, the lobot which roams the aisle at bay area lowe's and acts as an assistant and handle inventory tracking, freeing up employee to help customers. >> if a robot or a robot with artificial intelligence could take care of that for you in a subtle way, that enables us to be human. it enables us to do the things we love to do the most. >> reporter: humans are literally getting more connected to these bots. math you program it is toy robots to react to brain wave
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activity tracked by the headset. the more relaxed he is feeling the slow tore movement. when he is extremely focused, they march forward. i gave it a shot and read the scientific bot which sent them moveing in circles signaling confusion. >> we will see a lot of robots coming out in the market this year especially. we want to work with them and understand them in the same way i could work with a coworker and understand them. >> at moffett field, betty yu, kpix5. [ laughter ] >> kind of cool. they won't be forecasting the weather any time soon. a couple more years please. 57 degrees in concord. oakland, 57. 54 in livermore. san francisco, 53. santa rosa, 53. we are cloudy, clouds will clear by sunrise tomorrow. before 6:00. redwood city, overnight, 51. san jose, 53. vallejo, 50, napa, 49 degrees. changes are coming. change i think you will like if
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you want warm weather. the pesky low feeding in the chilly on shore flow from the 49-degree ocean is moving out. what is moveing in, is the ridge of high treasure. the ocean will stay chilly. but it will feel warmer though most of the afternoon will be spent in the mid to upper 60s in the santa clara valley. we are looking at a very warm weekend. the ridge of hay pressure gets closer, we will have less of the on shore flow. though the ocean is chilly, the winds coming from the other direction, doesn't matter and it won't over the weekend. warm, hot, with temperatures approaching 90 degrees as soon as this friday. we are turning things around rather quickly. you will notice the increase in sunshine as soon as when you get up tomorrow morning. we are milder tomorrow. a couple of degrees cooler than average. lit feel a lot warmer with less wind. much warmer weather thursday through the weekend into next week. how warm tomorrow?
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