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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 19, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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reason. >> i like fridays! >> good morning, it's friday, may 19. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. >> you love fridays more than tuesdays? >> i -- i love friday. yes. [ laughter ] >> equal opportunity. whatever. every day is a good day. [ laughter ] >> we're glad. >> i know. i feel like as long as i'm not six feet under, i'm okay! [ laughter ] >> i'm okay. [ laughter ] >> as long as i'm not looking at the daisies, i'm good! every day of the week! hi, everybody. let's head outside clear skies, the coast is clear with an offshore flow and mild temperatures. 50 in santa rosa. san jose at 59 degrees. we do have right now an offshore flow. that's why you're looking at all those clouds off the coast. sunny skies in the beaches through the bay to our inland areas from the mid-60s at rockaway beach to 90 in concord, clayton and walnut creek. full forecast featuring a hotter weekend but first, here's jaclyn. >> good morning, and we will
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begin by taking a look at your ride along westbound 580 from the altamont pass to 680. 21 minutes in the green but we're starting to see yellow sensors light up our screen there. cruising speed about 45 miles per hour. no delays over towards the the bay bridge toll plaza. a few cars in the cash lanes. president trump begins his first international trip later today as he tries to fight back against reports that he tried to shut down the fbi investigation into his associates's ties to russia. kpix 5's andria borba has the story. >> reporter: in advance of the trip to the middle east, president donald trump held a press conference with the president of colombia that was at times combative. >> no. no. next question. >> reporter: mr. trump also downplayed the importance of appointing former fbi director robert mueller as special counsel to the investigation of
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the alleged russian interference with the 2016 election. >> it's a witch hunt. >> reporter: on capitol hill after a briefing from deputy attorney general rod rosenstein about mueller's appointment, senators from both sides of the aisle brought up the word criminal when talking about the investigation. >> it's the mueller investigation that would bring forward solid evidence on which you could base a criminal case and indict "someone." >> i think the shot to the body is it's now considered a criminal investigation. >> reporter: during the news conference, the president also denied that he urged now fired fbi director james comey to shut down an investigation into former national security adviser michael flynn. >> there is no collusion between certainly myself and my campaign but i can always speak for myself and the russians, zero. i think it divides the country. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> senator richard burr of the senate intelligence committee
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says that michael flynn has not yet decided if he will honor the subpoena issued to him to testify before that committee. google's annual developers conference will continue as scheduled today despite yesterday's fire. it broke out in a kitchen at shorelineamphitheater where the conference is being held. the fire department said one of the victims at the hospital has life-threatening injuries. google says the injuries are minor. the conference is scheduled to start at 8:30 this morning and you can live stream it online. a five-year fight to save a peninsula mobile home park ended in victory for the residents at a price. "skydrone5" over buena vista park. it's home to 400 families. they got word yesterday that the property owner threatening to evict them had agreed to a $40 million deal and that means they can stay. the park sits on 4.5 acres of prime real estate in palo alto. residents were elated to hear that they won't be forced out. >> by hook or crook true a whole lot of very hard -- through a whole lot of very
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hard work we met the charge. >> wow. >> reporter: wow is right. o happy day! >> the housing authority pooled local, state and federal funds to buy it land designate it as affordable housing. a san francisco supervisor is trying to make a fine so menacing that people stop trashing dolores park. sunny weekends brings lots of garbage. legislation has been introduced to raise fines for littering at the park from $192 to $1,000. it would give park patrol officers the authority to cite people and would also ban glass in parks across the city except for baby bottles. today a ribbon-cutting ceremony is scheduled at the new dublin waterpark called the wave. the $36 million facility has three pools, six slides and
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water playground. it opens may 27 just in time for a really hot week. >> that's in your neck of the woods. >> that's going to be memorial day weekend. >> right. >> that is in my neck of the woods. this weekend will be topping off in the low 90s. so just wish they had opened it up a week earlier. it would have been crazy. 4:35. what are you doing awake? go back to bed. [ laughter ] >> bye! [ laughter ] >> good-bye! [ laughter ] clear skies out there. it was uncomfortable sleeping weather. i think we'll need the air- conditioner. clear skies. this is an offshore flow. 50 in santa rosa. 59 in san jose. low 50s this morning in throughout the tri-valley. behind me here, that is the stratus. that's the marine layer. it will make a dent in our forecast by late saturday afternoon along the seashore bringing down that temperature there. but until then, we are talking
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60s even perhaps70 through the sunset district and the avenues. 74 in san francisco. average high 64 degrees. so at least 10 degrees above normal for this time of the year. 90s inland. full weekend forecast is coming up but first let's send it on over to jaclyn. >> good morning. happy friday! we will begin by taking a look at your ride in through the south bay or throughout the area, speeds are in the green on all of our south bay majors. traffic moving right at the limit. still light conditions. over at the san mateo bridge, those taillights making their way westbound out of hayward to foster city. it's 15 minutes. no delays in the eastbound direction. and oakland 880 the nimitz we have about 15-minute commute for drivers making their way from 238 to the maze. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. jaclyn, thank you. a family secret making headlines around the world. a reporter reveals that his
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family had a slave named lola for decades. only on "5," joe vazquez talked to a family member here in the bay area who knew her as grandma. >> this is my grandmother and me. >> reporter: candice martinez a preschool director in berkeley says she is shocked to learn the full story about how her family secretly had a slave! >> a lot of us didn't know. my brother and i talked on the phone yesterday morning like, slave? like we were just -- we couldn't chew on that word. >> reporter: it's the cover story in atlantic magazine written by candace' pulitzer prize winning author uncle alex keeson sending shock waves around the world. it's the stormry of lola the woman who spent 56 years as a slave in alex's family household. >> no other word but slave encompassed the life she lived. my parents never paid her and they scolded her constantly. she wasn't kept in leg irons. but she might as well have been. >> reporter: as a child, candace was close to lola understood her to be a housekeeper and integral part
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of the family. >> slave doesn't fitted to me. she was our grandma. >> reporter: lola was 18 when her family gave her to candace' real grandmother to be a servant not uncommon in the philippines. they came to america. she cleaned house and raised children and asked for money to send home but her owners never paid her. alex grew to realize what was happening but didn't know how to set her free and lola resisted leaving. eventually when candace' grandmother died, uncle alex took lola in and paid her a stipend and helping her get odd jobs but lola was old by then. she had never had her own children, never even had a boyfriend. >> them finding out was probably a struggle of, we know that she came here under circumstances she couldn't control. but she's our mom. she's who raised us. so what do you do with that? you know? i think my uncle did the best that he could. he would be the first to admit
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it wasn't enough. gosh, it's our -- it's a brutal messy ugly and beautiful family lineage. >> reporter: a family story that candace is taking to heart. >> to be appalled and to be proud and then to direct children on how to treat people and what's right and wrong and pass that on with the stories. >> reporter: lola's saga played out in other states, washington and oregon. but it probably will not surprise to you learn it could be happening here. >> we know that there are victims like lola here in the bay area. >> reporter: the contra costa alliance to end abuse says there is a long history of this type of human trafficking here house keepers, workers in nail salons and restaurants. >> in contra costa alone we tracked 22 cases of labor trafficking between 2014 and 2016. so we know that there are other lolas or victims of labor trafficking out there. >> reporter: oe vazquez, kpix
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5. >> alex the author of lola's story tried for years to get it published and when the atlantic made it their cover story they called to tell him only to learn that he had died that same day. he was 57. time now 4:40. a 13-year-old boy helped bring one of california's most notorious serial killers to justice. three decades later he is telling the story of how he came face to face with the night stalker. >> plus, what police are saying about the man who drove through a crowd of pedestrians in new york's times square. ,,,,,,
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feet. a 69-year-old woman was taken by helicopter to a h caution tape on this washington state ferris wheel where three people fell nearly 20 feet. 69-year-old woman was taken by helicopter to a hospital yesterday. she is now in critical condition. a 40-year-old woman and 6-year- old boy who also fell from her compartment had nonlife- threatening injuries. firefighters say that the door of their unit did not open. instead, the whole tub tipped
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over. an inspector will examine the accident scene this morning. new york police say terrorism is not suspected in a deadly crash in times square. law enforcement sources say the driver appeared to be high on synthetic marijuana when he plowed through a crowd of pedestrians yesterday. around lunchtime, a speeding honda made an abrupt u-turn and drove against traffic jumped the curb and continued down the sidewalk for 3.5 blocks. >> the honda eventually came to a stop on the northwest corner of west 45th street where it collided with a metal stanchion. along the route, the subject's vehicle struck 23 pedestrians causing multiple injuries and one fatality. >> authorities say 18-year-old alyssa elsman was killed. she was a tourist from michigan. the driver, 26-year-old richard rojas, is now in custody. police say he has been arrested twice before for intoxicated driving. the serial killer known as the night stalker committed crimes across our state
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including right here in the bay area. in the end, a 13-year-old boy proved key to his capture and now a grown man he is sharing the details with us. >> reporter: richard ramirez terrorized, raped and murdered. his killing spree was brought down with the help of this 13- year-old boy james romero. he is now 45 living in arizona. >> he looked right at me. >> reporter: james is describing his face-to-face encounter with ramirez on a summer night back in 1985. the night ramirez stalked his home here in mission viejo. james was up late in the garage after a family road trip. >> all of a sudden i hear footsteps in the gravel crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch. >> reporter: james bolted into the house woke his parents up. they called 911. ramirez took off but not before fearless james ran outside. >> i looked and i see the car and i -- i get part of the plate. >> reporter: detectives quickly figured out james encountered the night stalker. investigators kept coming to the house and asking him to
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look at random cars. >> they kind of just coached me on hey, we're not going to stop. you know, we can't sit and get out of the car. we can't look at it, you know. we're going to drive through this park lot and if you see a car that looks like the one you saw, let us know. >> reporter: police would find ramirez's car. james confirmed it. with that confirmation they lifted a fingerprint and ultimately identified ramirez. it wouldn't be long until his capture. >> when i was in court, i was in the room sitting with him. you know? i was on the witness stand 8 hours. the defense attorneys had me swear in and they put the bible and they had me swear standing right next to him. >> reporter: james says all of the notoriety throughout his life about the case is not always easy. but he is glad that he played a role in helping to catch ramirez. in mission viejo, i'm tom wait, kpix 5. >> ramirez was convicted of 13 killings and sentenced to death. four years at the age of 53 he
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died of cancer in subsequent. -- in san quentin. a woman is recovering after being rescued from a trail in humboldt county. a helicopter rescued her. the 29-year-old got hurt when she was hiking the lost coast trail. she had an emergency radio with her and was able to signal for help. she was flown to a nearby hospital and her condition is not known. there is a new millionaire in brentwood. salvador cornejo bought a scratchers ticket. he put it in the sun adviser of his car. then he pulled it down when the sun was in his eyes and the winning ticket worth $1 million literally fell into his lap. >> literally. ♪[ music ] yeah. >> who forecast that sunshine? [ laughter ]
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>> he should share it with you. [ laughter ] good morning, everybody. we have nothing but sunshine in your forecast. things change at the coast within the next 24 hours. so get out and enjoy it today. clear skies from the coast to the bay into our inland areas. our temperatures are very mild at this early hour. we have now 50 in santa rosa. 54 san francisco. high 50s in the santa clara valley. 50 in santa clara at levi's stadium. these winds will be offshore later today b5 to 15 miles per hour. ask it's warming up a sensational day today. over the weekend warm conditions all the way into monday. the coast is clear. but that marine layer is
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inching its way closer to the seashore so it's a modest offshore flow. here you have later on this afternoon with the actually this evening, coastal fog all day long. so temperatures will dial back slightly at the seashore tomorrow. inland areas are hot. with highs going all the way up to 95 degrees at the delta over the weekend. it's all about the ridge of high pressure diverting the storm track well to the north of the bay area. it is heating up the air mass. today in santa cruz, temperature at 80 degrees. surf is fair to poor. we have the swells up to about 5 feet. but it's kind of a mixed, as well. sunrise this morning at 5:55. it sets at 8:16. and today across the santa clara valley in san jose, mineta international airport the official reporting station
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going with a high temperature of 86 degrees. nearly 90 throughout livermore. it will top off at 90 easily. in pleasanton, danville, blackhawk and tassajara, all the way into diablo. 80 today in oakland. typically average high 64 in san francisco. high temperatures in the 80s into pescadero. here's your extended forecast. the hotter weather now appears to be on sunday. again, 94 degrees at our official reporting station but out towards the delta in the mid-90s. we drop off significantly by wednesday. that's the friday forecast. here's traffic with jaclyn. >> good morning. and we are tracking "friday light" conditions out on the roads. if you are getting ready to head out, good luck.
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travel times right now around 25 minutes from 205 to 680. headlights going westbound is your "diamonds & rubies." we'll take it over to 580 transitioning from 205, you will see the minor delays. caltrans is wrapping up the road on this stretch. hercules speeds below the limit here but nothing major and 680 as you make your way through walnut creek this is right near north main street taillights moving in that southbound direction. no delays through that stretch. we are starting to see a few more cars join our friday morning commute over at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's an easy ride across the span. time now 4:50. the norovirus outbreak in the south bay is showing no signs of slowing down hitting students in the south bay. >> and the bay area's newest piece of public art unveiled with the help of a very special
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guest. >> what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at and we may feature your sch ool on the show. show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"norovirus forecast today, we have nothing but sunshine in the forecast for today. but leading into the evening hours, if we can get that rotating for you here, we have nothing but clear skies as the a's host the red sox. game time temperature will be in the mid-60s. we do have the clear skies for the baseball game tonight. they took one from the boston red sox last night. tonight it's graveman on the mound for the good guys. we have clear skies for the
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morning commute, as well. your full forecast coming up. and easy driving conditions on the roads right now. live look at your ride through oakland. this is 880, no delays making your way from 238 to the maze. 15 minutes in the green. michelle. a norovirus outbreak is spreading. it started in san jose and is moving into santa cruz county. at least 28 new cases were reported at a camp near boulder creek on top of a nearly 370 cases in san jose. authorities say students have gotten sick at 14 different schools. the first cases were reported around may 4. crews have been cleaning and sanitizing surfaces around the clock. richard branson has a theory on how to improve air travel in america but first airlines need to fail. we caught up with him in san francisco. he said he was sad to sell virgin america to alaska airlines because america needs more competition in the skies not less. >> you have a very strange situation in america where when
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companies get into trouble, when airlines get into trouble, they just go into chapter 11 get rid of all their debts and come back again and again and again and they don't die whereas what you need is like an old oak tree, you need it to die, and then leave room for new little acorns to have new trees, new airlines, new competition. >> branson was in town to announce the upcoming virgin sport san francisco fitness festival slated for october. facebook is facing a $122 million fine. they are in trouble for misleading the eu over their "whatsapp" takeover. facebook took over the company in 2014 and at the time, facebook told the commission that it would not be able to match user accounts on both platforms. but the eu found out that some facebook staffers knew it was technically possible to do that. san francisco's tallest sculpture is now on display. this 92-foot stainless steel woman goes by venus de milo and
4:56 am
it's why the man who sang "venus" in 1959 gave her a warm welcome. here's frankie avalon taking the mic. ♪ venus ] i promise that i always will be true ♪ >> i like that song. the statue steals the spotlight at the piazza angelo a privately owned public square on 8th street between market and mission. venus is just slightly shorter than new york's statue of liberty. but mayor ed lee says the work of art takes location out of the equation completely. >> and i know this sculpture gives us the piazza in the city another sense of place a sense of time a sense of who angelo was. >> the developer of the entire trinity square complex angelo san giacomo died in december at the age of 91. unsafe county courthouses that could put you at risk during an earthquake. i'm jessica flores with the details coming up. >> reporter: and we are on the
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cusp of a gorgeous weekend here in the bay area. that means a lot of people are going to head to the beach. we have a warning for you next. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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and i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside... th to star good morning. it's friday is! may 129. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's head outside and take a look at the conditions on this friday morning on the left a look at the beautiful moon from our mount vaca cam and on your right, golden gate bridge. nothing, no traffic there. >> where are they? >> it's friday, man. >> did you see the moon this morning? >> yeah, right now. >> on the screen. >> i saw it when i went outside to my car this morning, just beautiful, the 46% waning crescent moon, a new moon on may 25 but it's clear. that's why we can see it from the coast all the way to our inland areas. so we do have an offshore flow
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right now. we have a warm, warm weekend to downright hot weekend coming up. temperatures we get to the upper 50s in livermore. 57 in san jose. that's mild as you step out. that's our satellite-radar. you can see the marine layer is established but it's well offshore. today's high temperatures across the bay area from the mid- and high 60s at the beaches, 70s and 80s common across the bay today. 80s around the peninsula. 80s, 90s away from the bay into our inland areas. so hot inland but still rather pleasant at the beaches in the mid- to upper 60s. we'll talk more about the weekend forecast. that's coming up 18 minutes after the hour but right now let's send it over to jaclyn. good morning. and we will begin by taking a look at the accident that we're tracking for you northbound 85 as you are approaching 237 at


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