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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  May 24, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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now at noon, new arrests in connection with the concert terror attack manchester, england. now the father and brother of the suspected bomb remember in custody in libya. good afternoon. as people pay their respects in honor of the victims we are learning of new arrests and
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that a police officer was among the 2 people killed in the bombing. teri okita reports from manchester. >> reporter: british soldiers are taking up guard positions in london and other locations so police can divert more officers tonight bombing investigation. >> the level of activity in this investigation is intense and continuing at a fast pace. we have made three further arrests. >> reporter: authorities are trying to figure out whether suspected suicide bomber salam abedi had help carrying out the attack. a british tabloid published his photo this morning. police are investigating his ties to libya where his family is from. >> i think it's clear that this is a network that we are investigating. >> many people in manchester are coming here to the citycenter to pay tribute to the victims and to show unity in the face of tragedy. many residents are struggling to contain their emotions.
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>> it's just tragic hitting home today. >> reporter: local officials have identified all 22 people who died. the youngest victim is 8-year- old saffi russo. >> she was a beautiful little girl never aspect. >> reporter: more than 60 people are still in the hospital many with serious injuries. teri okita, cbs news, manchester, england. >> a total of five people are now in custody. another one of the suspected bombers' brothers was arrested yesterday in england. right now, police are investigating a deadly police shooting that happened overnight in south san francisco. kpix 5's jackie ward has the latest from the crime scene reporter: this south san francisco neighborhood is deemed safe following a police shooting that happened overnight. police in this area woke up to find out a man was standing in the middle of the street holding a shotgun. >> it's scary. it's scaring me now. >> i maybe heard another shot possibly another shot. and, um, lights were flashing. >> reporter: south san francisco police say just
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before midnight they were called to a home on the 3700 block of cork place for a disturbance. the person who made the 911 call told dispatchers a firearm was involved. when officers arrived, they say a man was standing in the middle of the street holding a shotgun. >> the officers gave multiple commands to that subject to disarm. but he failed to comply with the officer's commands at which time gunfire erupted. >> reporter: police couldn't tell us if they had been called to the home before. neighbors say they were surprised to hear of something like this happening here. >> the neighborhood is just dog bites and stuff like that but nothing like this. >> i have been here for 25 years. it's shocking. >> reporter: right now it's unclear how many officers fired their weapons and all who were
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involved have been put on paid administrative leave. the two departments are conducting a joint investigation. jackie ward, kpix 5. new at noon, a long anticipated homeless resource center is opening today in san francisco. as kpix 5's anne makovec reports, it's one of many projects mayor lee is rolling out to try to solve the homeless crisis. >> reporter: this navigation is in the dogpatch industrial area and people have to be referred by homeless outreach coordinators to come here. they will find dorm style housing for 64 people and fewer of the rules that can make some choose the streets over shelters. they are allowed to keep their belongings and pets and can she co-ed if they want. the focus is on people who are homeless for more than 13 years getting assistance for everything with no time limit as long as they stay the course. >> magnifies the respect we
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should always have for the homeless but in a small setting where people are able to act as individuals that we as individuals want to have, it's dignified for them. >> reporter: the goal is to get people into permanent housing and the city's two existing navigation centers have of a 68% success rate over the past few years. helping almost 1,000 people find and keep homes. those centers are in the mission and near civic center. the city plans to open three more in the next year. >> this place does represent what we wanted to do for people on our streets is give them a safe place to change their lives. >> reporter: all the money to run the place comes from the city. they pay nonprofits for its operation. in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. the mayor's 2017-2018 budget raises funding for the city shelters from $25.9 million to $37.2 million. that's a 44% increase if the board of supervisors approves
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it this summer. right now, thousands of mcdonald's wos protesting for higher wages calling the fast food company the donald trump of corporations. this was the scene outside a mcdonald's in san leandro earlier today. workers say they just want to be heard. >> there's a lot of stuff that happens behind doors that average people don't see, you know, um the bosses here take advantage of these individuals since um their main language isn't english. they take advantage of 'em. >> mcdonald's is holding its annual shareholders meeting today in chicago. at least 3 passengers were treated for minor injuries after a united airlines flight heading to sfo was evacuated in newark, new jersey. it was supposed to leave last night but air traffic controller spotted a fire in one of the engines. passengers described the chaos on board. the 757 chutes were deployed
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and people were evacuated. >> i exited the back of the plane. and when i was jumping off the tarp people were piling on behind me and landed on my leg but the stewardess just said run away. >> united transferred the passengers to another plane shortly after. they landed at sfo around 4 a.m. an update now on the cal rugby player who was paralyzed two weeks ago. doctors say he has sensation this is toes and fingers but is still unable to move them. 20-year-old robert paylor was injured in early may as the bears played in the national championship game at santa clara university. earlier in the game, the 6'5" got pushed to the ground during a rugby maul and never got up. his family has a long road to recovery. tune in tonight at 5:00 to hear from his parents and doctor about his rehabilitation. to president trump's foreign trip now. belgium is the fourth country. he and the first lady arrived
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in brussels a few hours ago. he will meet with the king and prime minister of belgium one day before he attends a nato summit. and before belgium, president trump was in italy and one of the major headlines was his visit with pope francis. margaret brennan reports that they worked to put their differences aside in their 30- minute meeting. >> reporter: swiss guards saluted president trump and the first lady as they arrived for a face-to-face meeting with pope francis at the apostolic palace. mr. trump introduced his sizable entourage including daughter ivanka and son-in-law jared kushner. the polite papal encounter was a sharp contrast to their clashes during the campaign. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. >> reporter: when asked about the border wall pope francis said it's not christian to build walls instead of bridges. >> i don't like fighting with the pope. i don't think this is a fight. >> reporter: the two leaders
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also have opposed views on many issues. >> we will suspend the syrian refugee program. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: president trump tried to ban syrian refugees. pope francis personally took in 12 muslims who had washed up on greek shores to rome on his papal plane. when asked about their upcoming meeting, pope francis said, quote, i never made a judgment about a person without listening to them. after today's 30-minute meeting the pope appeared to give a gentle nudge to change the president's mind on climate change. which mr. trump has previously called a hoax. presenting him with three books including one he described as focusing on care of our common home the environment. mr. trump gave to him a custom bound set of the writings of martin luther king, jr. on his way out, president trump told the pope that he would never forget what he said, then the president and the first lady
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went on a private tour of the sistine chapel. margaret brennan, cbs news the vatican. still ahead, giving former inmates a fresh start. >> contra costa county is working hard to convince businesses to avoid formerly jailed individuals. i'm jessica flores with details coming up. >> plus thousands of car seats recalled. the danger parents need to know about >> you know what i have that night to know about? the big change in the holiday forecast. stay with us. the news will continue, hey, we'll be right back! ,,,,,,,, who are these people?
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who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. new at noon a fresh start in the job world. some contra costa county employers are learning how to help former inmates get back on
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their feet. jessica flores reports from pleasant hill. >> reporter: more than 70% of formerly incarcerated individuals are unemployed in contra costa county. county officials call it a major untapped resource. this isn't your typical business conference. at contra costa county's first fair chance employer summit, business owners are listening to the latest pitch on the benefits of hiring people with criminal records. >> there's tax credits, there's wage reimbursements and there's a bonding program. >> reporter: ron says he is an example of what can go right. he was a career criminal until 25. >> until i discovered that i had more things to offer and people put things in place for me to be a part of, um, i wasn't going to, um, fix my life the way i needed to. >> reporter: derek johnson owner of home of chicken and waffles has been employing parolees for decades. he calls them some of his most loyal workers. >> to watch somebody come in
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with a very pretty much defeated attitude and watch over a period of time them either move into their first apartment, get their first car, just do a transition in life is very rewarding for me personally. and that overflows into the business. >> reporter: he says a job is often the only thing keeping a former criminal from a life of crime. >> they are employable. that they do have a value and skill level, too,. >> reporter: the county is hoping these business owners take up the challenge and give the formerly incarcerated a second chance. jessica flores, kpix 5. later today san francisco fire officials are set to reveal new technology created to speed up 911 response times after the city says it's been short 911 dispatchers for some time. last month the power outage cut off electricity to the 0,000 homes and businesses in san francisco. that morning there were only a dozen dispatchers on duty to handle hundreds of calls of the 90,000 homes and businesses
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that had no electricity. the city receives more than 1.2 million calls a year an average of more than 3400 a day. over the past six year, there's been a 37% increase in call volume. global stocks have recovered despite a big downgrade for china. moody's cut its debt rating for the first time in 30 years with concerns over growing debt. china will have to borrow more to maintain the levels of economic growth the government wants. looking at the financial markets right now on wall street, the dow is up 47 points. graco has issued a recall. more than 25,000 car seats are recalled due to reports that the harness webbing can break in a crash and may not keep children restrained. documents posted by the national highway traffic safety administration claim that graco traced the problem to a single batch of my ride 65 convertible seats made on july 22, 2014.
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the famous baby brand says it will provide a replacement harness free. ipads are helping blind students to learn and interact. kenneth craig shows us how. >> reporter: at one of the oldest schools for the blind in the u.s., nearly 300 students are learning to see the world in a whole new way. each one has his own ipad even though almost all of them are visually impaired and some, like jessica have no vision at all. >> technology is changing all around us. and it's great to be part of that. >> reporter: she is an 11th grader at the new york institute for special education. >> you have here in the 30s and 40s. >> reporter: where this person showed us how students have traded in the old braillewriters for tablets that can do much more. >> it's an opportunity for them to be increasingly more literal
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and to have material at the same time as it appears. you can have screen enlargement, voiceover for the totally blind. >> reporter: jessica navigates hers with ease. she uses a bluetooth braille writer. >> the best thing as teenagers go is you get to do your homework on the bus. record and that's a good thing? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: this tenth grader kevin figueroa is legally blind in one eye and can only see shadows and light with the other. but his lifelong dream is to make movies and with his tablet, it's quickly coming into focus. >> i love that. i try to get every opportunity to do it. >> reporter: teachers and students say thanks to the small gadget, the possibilities are now endless. kenneth craig, cbs news, bronx, new york. kenny, repeat after me. >> okay. >> may gray. >> may gray.
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>> yeah. of that's what we have outside right now. we haven't cleared out at all along the coast. take a look at our live weather camera. this is from our kpix 5 studios. we are looking out over pier 9. you can see the flag on the fly and chop on the bay waters. very gray skies. another view today how about that right there? looking towards angel island and alcatraz. we have a little bit of break in the clouds this afternoon. it's clear inland. it's 60 in santa rosa. clear skies in san jose in the 60s. bill moon our weather watchers in orinda in the east bay reporting partly sunny skies. just about 10 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. thanks bill. winds under 10 for the most part around the lip of the bay. except there in san francisco.
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upstream it's a blustery day around fairfield. back through parts of the delta into brentwood, tracy, oakley, discovery bay. currently visibility not hampered due to the areas of low clouds and fog along the coast but half moon bay under 10. improving in petaluma. enhancement of the clouds due to a weak disturbance. may gray today and tomorrow with significant cooling and then memorial day lots of sunshine but away from the coast. winds are shifting to the southwest today. also increasing 10 to 20 during the afternoon hours in most locations due to the weak disturbance. here's our futurecast. clouds inland overnight affecting the thursday and friday forecasts. a thinner layer of low clouds over the weekend. 81 state capital today. 62 monterey bay. 72 in the high sierra where we
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have thunderstorms in the late afternoon forecast. 50s, 60s 70s take your pick. sunset at 8:20. we'll have temperatures 50s to 80s, cooler on thursday through saturday. enjoy your day. we'll be right back.
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location. this is a way for google to charge more for digital ads. candy companies are trying to capitalize on americans' appetite for spicy foods. skittles and starburst will be rolling out spicy versions of the candies with flavors like fiery watermelon and flaming orange. they will be available this year. just remember to brush your teeth. we'll be right back.
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a convicted felon turned fedex contract employee is convicted of some home burglaries on the job. that and more at 5:00. last check of the forecast. it's going to be a gray may day, right? >> yes. but question for you. >> okay. >> surfing, cycling or running for you? >> can i do all three? >> you can! >> thanks for watching kpix 5 news at noon. ♪[ music ]
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♪ [ camera shutter clicking ] >> let's take five. >> maya: are you sure? i can go longer. >> that's okay. you're a bit distracted, probably jet lag. just have some water. there is fruit. and we'll start up again soon. >> rick: i think i know what's wrong with my wife, and it's not jet lag. you're thinking about our daughter back home.


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