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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 26, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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blustery. i stopped off for my newspaper and morning cocoa and it was gusty as far as the winds are concerned. a return of the robust onshore "pushhhh" from the coast to the bay into our inland areas. it is overcast out there. and downright breezy to windy. 53 now in santa rosa to 59 degrees in oakland. there you have it. see all that gray on your tv screen? that is a robust marine layer 3,000 feet deep. this is what you need to keep in mind today. widespread fog and low clouds along the coast into the bay. we'll have some sunshine but much cool today than yesterday. and then inland temperatures rebound back into the 80s by sunday. but today, only 50s at the beaches. waking up this morning with some drizzle, as well. 60s and partial clearing around the peninsula and then jumping up to 70 in palo alto back through los altos into sunnyvale, cupertino, campbell. good morning to you in san jose. in the low 70s. you should typically be around 75 degrees. milpitas to alum rock into
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alviso high 60s. look at your tri-valley temperature at 70. remember we kick-star the y thr wednesday in the 90s? you can toss open those windows, let the fresh air in. you will have the sunshine but breezy winds. 72 at the delta. 50s, 60s north bay. 68 novato. pair of 6s santa rosa, guerneville, occidental. and then again with that wind up to 20 miles per hour, gusts up to 25, sunny skies mid-70s at lakeport and clearlake. we'll have the memorial day forecast and tell you which day will be the warmest coming up at 18 after the hour. let's send it to jaclyn dunn. >> good morning. and not such a great morning for these folks. we are tracking an accident on the treasure island on-ramp to eastbound 80 so it's not backing up traffic on the bridge itself. it's just if you are coming from treasure island on those surface streets you may be in for some delays. chp on the scene now. here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, and traffic moving right at the limit there. no metering lights. it's still an easy ride 13 minutes into downtown san
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francisco from the maze. 580 as you are approaching 680 headlights moving westbound. and we are tracking a 25-minute travel time out of tracy, livermore into the dublin- pleasanton area. we are getting first reports of a crash on highway 4. we don't have any of the details yet. we'll have more coming up in the next traffic report. president trump is in italy this morning for the start of the g7 summit. first on the agenda is to meet with the prime minister of japan. throughout the summit leaders from nine different countries will talk about a number of issues including terrorism and climate change. the terror threat level in the uk is at critical amid the hunt for accomplices of the manchester concert bomber. greater manchester police made at least one arrest overnight during raids. british police believe salman abedi stayed there before the attack possibly after being trained by isis in libya. the 22-year-old was reportedly motivated to bomb the ariana grande concert monday by what
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he viewed as unjust treatment of arabs. meanwhile, british police is sharing information on the bombing. it stopped when pictures of the bomb's construction were leaked to the "new york times." >> intelligence that is shared between law enforcement agencies must remain secure. >> british prime minister theresa may talked to president trump about the issue yesterday at the nato summit in brussels. at least 8 people remain in custody in britain including abedi's brother, father and other brother being detained in libya. dozens of victims in the attack are hospitalized. a new study suggests that the tourism industry in los angeles has been feeling the sting of president trump's win. the location intelligence company called foursquare found travel to the u.s. is down 16% in recent months compared to this time last year. l.a. and san diego saw the biggest drop in visitors. the l.a. tourism and convention board now predicts a three-year loss of 800,000 international visitors to the region.
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in just a few hours officials will vote on some possible changes to the sausalito ferry terminal. jackie ward reports reporter: kenny, this project is one of two that will be voted on today. it would affect passengers from larkspur, sausalito and san francisco. the bridge district is trying to push this plan through despite a lawsuit. the golden gate bridge highway and transportation district wants to revamp the ferry terminal in sausalito saying it has to in order to keep up with future federal rules. the city of sausalito says the district needs city approval in order to do this. so last september sausalito filed a lawsuit alleging the bridge district is violating a 1995 lease agreement that requires city approval before making, quote, major alterations to the ferry landing. lawyers for the bridge district argue parts of the lawsuit should be tossed out saying the city is basing their suit on a letter to the district sent to them in september.
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the district says its right to free speech is being violated. so far judges have been ruling in favor of the city of sausalito. next up is a case management conference that's been scheduled for august 28. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> what kind of improvements does the district want to make. >> reporter: a lot of things. one is standardizing the main dock so you can transfer between decks more easily. another one is improving accessibility to replace the existing boarding facilities that's there now. the city of sausalito saw these plans in 2014 and they thought the plans didn't fit the character of the waterfront. back to you. >> thank you. today san francisco's muttville saved more than a dozen dogs from a hoarder but now the rescue needs help getting those dogs into homes. anne makovec joins us live from muttville with the story.
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>> reporter: beauty is ava one of 18 ra doesn'table pomeranians and chihuahuas that were rescued from a hoarding case in el dorado county and i'm here with bunny rosenberg with muttville. there's something about these dogs. they are all particularly wise. >> yes, they are. they are all senior dogs. so each one of these is over 7 years old. the oldest out of all of these bunch is 13. >> reporter: so 13 years old. my cameraman is getting a picture. jim, if you could go back to our tongue friend, our friend with the tongue hanging out. so some of these dogs were in rough shape when you rescued them from a shelter nearby. >> reporter: yes. so we rescued them from el dorado county animal services. they came from a hoarding case of more than 40 animals. >> reporter: they were in good shape? >> they were surprisingly in good shape. other than their teeth. miss ava just got a dental
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yesterday and has two left. >> reporter: oh, ava. you had a rough day yesterday. i can see you're kicking back today. [ laughter ] >> reporter: so big adoption event today? >> yes. yes. we have a big yappy hour all day long from 2 to 7 here at our mission headquarters in san francisco. we are really excited. we're going to have snacks and wine and, of course, all the chihuahuas and pomeranians you could possibly want. >> you can meet all these friends in person here at muttville today. we're on rescue row alabama street here in san francisco. we are going to be check in throughout the broadcast meeting some more friends. so stick around. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> i don't know. we think anne is going home with a dog today! >> another one. time now 5:07. police say they finally tracked down the man who hit a trump supporter on the head with a bike lock. it turns out to be a former bay area college professor. >> and an apple store customer captured the latest grab and run robbery on video.
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>> from the kpix weather center, good morning, everybody. we have a gradual warmup but not so much today. we'll pinpoint which day this holiday weekend will be the warmest. >> my money is on anne. she is going home with a dog today, guarantee it! right now we're tracking a smooth ride on many of our roads but a new crash coming in. we'll have all the details and what the backup looks like coming up.
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rise and time. friday, may 26. this is it. it's our live weather camera looking towards sfo. and even though we had the penetration of the marine layer pushing onshore, reaching well inland, it is pretty scattered across the peninsula at this very early hour. but we have a lot of cooler air mass aloft. so the end result is, temperatures are going down. i'll tell you the day they will go back up during the holiday weekend. the full forecast is coming up in less than 4 minutes. brazen thieves target yet another apple store. this time, they got away with $30,000 worth of merchandise. the latest store that was hit walnut creek, just the latest in a string of robberies in the bay area. a customer got this video yesterday. you can see one man stacking macbooks before they flee even
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though customers and employees tried to stop them at the door. police say they stole about 30 products including ipads and iphones. >> everyone wants whatever apple makes. i guess they don't like the fact that it's too expensive to get. >> it's disheartening. we, you know, want to feel safe in our community. >> the suspect's description have not been released left. a former ethics professor is going to court. [ pause ] [ no video ] >> a former ethics professor is heading to court today accused of brutally bashing a trump supporter on the head with a bike lock. the rally turned into a brawl in berkeley last month. [ screaming and cursing ] >> the attacker was masked. the victim was trying to break up a confrontation playing peacemaker. police believe the u-lock attacker is this man, 28-year- old eric clanton, a former part time professor at diablo valley
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college. police also say he is responsible for other attacks that injured at least three people. making the case such a priority that they assigned homicide detectives to the case. >> you're swinging a small metal object that creates such inertia that it can absolutely cause traumatic injuries. >> some people posted their own research online identifying the mask man as the former professor clanton but investigators say that cell phone video helped lead them to the suspect. california's attorney general and five others are asking the federal government to impose new regulations on oil trains. the rules will limit the vapor pressure inside cars carrying crude. the goal is to reduce the potential for massive explosions like the one that killed 47 people in canada in 2013. the oil industry is opposed to the proposal. time now 5:13. a lot of people will be hitting the roads today. let's check traffic with jaclyn. >> reporter: good morning.
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it's expected to be a very busy day with the getaway memorial day weekend holiday traffic. so if you are one of those drivers out there, my heart goes out to you. right now, we are tracking a pretty smooth ride along 880 if you are heading through oakland. and you can see those taillights making their way northbound from 238 to the maze. a jackknifed big rig on the connector ramp from until to southbound 880. i just got off the phone with chp. they said it's definitely blocking one of the lanes. expect delays until they can get it cleared from the ramp. right now, speeds in the green still very early. not too many cars on the roads. but we know how that goes. right now highway 4 we are tracking a crash. this is right near bailey road. two cars involved not causing any delays. the travel time just under 30 minutes on over to i-80. bay bridge toll plaza still looking good. in the green. smooth sailing across the upper
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deck. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. jackie, jaclyn, we do have gradual warming throughout the weekend. good morning, everyone. 5:15. it's live. it's our weather camera looking out towards the bay bridge where we do have some pretty blustery conditions this morning. how about this view? this is from sutro tower looking due north towards the golden gate bridge. hazy conditions [ foghorn ] >> we have the low clouds and fog. [ foghorn ] ha ha! yeah, we need the foghorn this morning with the rush with the return of the marine layer. 53 in santa rosa, 58 in san jose. we have partial clearing across the santa clara valley at this very early hour. livermore supporting right now 56 degrees. here we go with our weather watchers. good morning to steve in los altos. katie in hayward, dave in napa and jerry in antioch. all reporting temperatures in the 50s with the deck of
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cloudiness. thanks for checking in with us today. i love my weather watchers giving me a good idea what's going on in the microclimates in the bay area. shields of cloudiness according to our satellite and radar. about 3,000 feet deep surging in inland this morning a good 50 miles. we have a robust wind as well 16 in the oakland area at this time t lighter winds to the south. we have impressive winds from pleasanton through live 11 to 14 miles per hour. upstream we go fairfield at 14. these winds will be 10 to 20 throughout the day. we have some strong gusts late day yesterday. same again today. so we're back to our may gray. some cooler conditions today. in fact, it's going to pan out to be coolest day this workweek. saturday earlier burnoff. same on sunday. memorial day, warmer everywhere from the coast to our inland areas. we have one more day in the chill if you want say that. temperatures today slightly below average due to the weak disturbance that's been pulling down the cooler air mass. futurecast illustrates at lunchtime today some partial clearing in our inland areas. still socked in at the beaches
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and the bay. and then everybody enjoys a little hint of some sunshine during the afternoon hours. we fill in quickly in the overnight hours with that marine layer. but watch what happens on saturday as we progress ahead. bam! some clearing all the way back to the coast. same on sunday with that earlier burnoff. so the temperatures will respond and go up. high pressure will build in just in time for the holiday weekend. temperatures back to where they should be for this time of the year on saturday. and even slightly above average on sunday. 70s state capital. 80s around fresno, merced and modesto. 60s in the greater lake tahoe area. boy, the snow is slowly melting but there's so much fun with the hiking and all the lake sports, as well. locally at the coast today in the mid-50s. 60s bayside. 60s around the peninsula, as well. 69 degrees around the santa rosa area through healdsburg. upper 60s napa and sonoma. 69 livermore. low 70s in san jose.
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we should be about 75 degrees. here's your extended forecast. again, that gradual warmup on saturday. then we're above average on sunday. and for the holiday, on monday, coastal cloudiness burns off on memorial day. 60s to mid-80s. today starts bottlerock. who is going? show of hands in the studio. bottlerock today all the way through sunday. for the musical acts go to and look up bottlerock. we also have carnaval 2017 all weekend long with lots of festivities and the parade on sunday. we certainly hope to see you there. okay. she is right there. but she is my buddy and friend, let's send it over to michelle. time to see what's trending today. facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg returned to harvard to give the commencement speech. he called on students to create new jobs and a sense of purpose. he also joked about returning
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to the college he famously dropped out of 13 years ago. >> you accomplished something i never could. [ laughter ] >> if i get through this speech today, it will be the first time i actually finished something here at harvard. [ laughter ] >> hey, but he did okay. mark zuckerberg did leave the ceremony with a diploma. he got an honorary doctor of law director. the golden gate bridge is celebrating a big birthday this weekend. tomorrow, it officially turns 80. to mark the occasion, a lot of people are posting on social media showing their favorite pictures of the bridge. it's been a big year for the landmark. just a few weeks ago it was named the most popular location on instagram. cat lovers, there's currently a job opening for a cat cuddler. a vet clinic in dublin, ireland, posted the opening. they are looking for someone with cat-itu de who has gentle hands, capable of stroking cats for long periods of time.
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potential candidates are also encouraged to know different types of purrs and must be soft- spoken. the clinic is currently accepting resumes. meow! you can search for the just cats vet online. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the giants go for the split in chicago. will steve kerr give it a go. and get ready for round 3. six more days of hype. we'll tip it off next. hat 's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at and we may feature your school on the show.
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things looking good over at the bay bridge toll plaza. know metering lights but it's coming. we are tracking a pretty smooth ride into the city. we'll have more on your friday morning commute coming up but first, a check on sports with dennis. good morning, everybody. what's your best trilogy of all time? godfather? "lord of the rings"? how about "star wars"? you can soon add the warriors and the cavaliers to that list. lebron james going to the nba finals for the 7th straight year. 1st quarter, off the block, cleveland's kyrie irving dishes to the layup foul giving cavs a 21 hin point 1st quarter lead over boston. i told my producer, cut the
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highlights. 3rd quarter, james in for the layup. james scored 35. cleveland wins 135-102 to set up the series with the warriors for the third straight year. game one next thursday at oracle. all the warriors are healthy with the exception of the head coach. and general manager bob mayer said steve kerr is not able to coach right now. his presence is missed. >> somebody asked me is going to the finals three times muted because of what's going on? of course it is. this isn't -- this should be great. it should be unbelievable. and we are excited. and we are proud. but our head coach can't coach. it's not an excuse. it's just a fact. and that sucks. >> somebody playing hooky to check out the giants and cubs at wrigley field. give me this hot dog! giants up 1-0. 1st inning kris bryant got all of it or did he? did the fan interfere with his home run? the umpires ruled it a home run initially. but they never bothered to
5:25 am
review it. the cubs went on to beat the giants, 5-1. they took three out of four. quick hockey note. the penguins beat the senators in game 7. they are headed to the stanley cup finals. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a safe and great holiday weekend. let's check out your play of the day. major league baseball, phillies and rocky. colorado's ian desmond trying to lay down a sacrifice bunt with a man on first. >> i think it was quicker than normal. >> a diving play and he throws it to third. charlie black man is out at first base three up three down. >> got to love that effort. pat neshek fielding his position. the catch doubles off the runner at first for a double play and that is your play of the day. ♪[ music ] the golden gate bridge district says it has to improve the situation over at the sausalito ferry terminal. but the city says not so fast.
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>> i am getting some doggie hugs this morning. meet goldie one of many adoptable pomeranians rescued from a hoarding case. we'll meet them coming up next.
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. the focus of the investigation into the trump campaign's potential ties to russia now shift to the president's son-in-law. >> it was a race against time to rescue goats trapped in the path of a raging grass fire. >> good morning from the kpix weather center. i'll have the holiday weekend forecast.
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>> we are tracking a jackknifed big rig with an update coming up. good morning, it's friday, may 26. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. >> later today we should learn more about proposed upgrades to the sausalito ferry terminal. kpix 5's jackie ward is live to tell us why the changes could be put on hold reporter: michelle, plans to improve the sallets ferry terminal is in the -- sausalito ferry terminal is in the works for years but the city is fighting them saying the bridge district is going against an agreement they made decades ago. the golden gate highway and transportation bridge district says that they need to improve the aging sausalito terminal in order to keep up with federal rules for accessibility and plans proposed back in 2014, designs for flatter wider ramps and a better boarding system to ease congestion. sausalito filed a lawsuit alleging they tried to circumvent the environmental
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quality act by withdrawing city consent on the project. sausalito says per a lease agreement written in 1995, the district must get plans approved by the city before making any major alterations. despite all of that, though, the district is still trying to push its plan through. they are voting this morning at 10 a.m. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. starting today there's going to be no parking near the golden gate bridge. crews are trying to reduce traffic for the busy holiday weekend. there will be a limited number of spots at vista point. >> a lot of people will have to what is this drive over? [ laughter ] >> drive on over. >> drive on over. >> sure, that's it. [ laughter ] >> we have an interesting holiday weekend coming up because we were so hot as we kick-started this workweek and now we're cooling down. in fact, today, will be the coolest day of the workweek and our temperatures will be
5:32 am
slightly below average. good morning. this is our live weather camera towards the bay bridge. we have layers of clouds. that marine layer is roughly about 3,000 feet deep. going to take a while to see any kind of clearing at the coast today. 53 degrees at this early hour in santa rosa. 58 in san jose. 59 in oakland. clouds stacked up next to the seashore into the bay a good 50 miles inland. it sure is breezy outside with our winds now 10 to 15 miles per hour. widespread low clouds and fog along the coast near the bay. this is what i need for you to remember throughout the day and the weekend. but we will see earlier burnoff each day. not so much today but we will have some sunshine. and then cooler today but warmer tomorrow. and rebound be back in the 80s inland by sunday. 50s at the beaches. 60s from belmont through burlingame into san mateo redwood city also los altos palo alto east palo alto. and then low 70s common around
5:33 am
most of the santa clara valley from sunnyvale through cupertino. over towards milpitas and alviso and alum rock high 60s. good morning in san jose at 71 degrees down from the average high of 75. east bay numbers as we go east, temperatures high 60s, low 70s. what a difference from just a couple of days ago when it was 95 degrees in livermore. today 70 when you should be right around 76 degrees. some of the warmest conditions will be towards the delta. it will be very mild to pleasant in the low 70s. north bay numbers from a blustery 58 in stinson beach with those winds up to 20 and stronger gusts at times, mid- 60s terra linda, san rafael up into the petaluma area. novato. you make tracks towards napa and sonoma. 60s. we have the full forecast featuring the warmest day coming up this weekend still at "18 after the hour" [sic] let's send it to jaclyn first. we are tracking hot spots if you are getting ready to hit
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the roads. here's what we have in store. 580 looking okay. we have the headlights making their way westbound from 205 on out towards 680. we are still in the green tracking our travel time of 25 minutes. it's crowded but we are tracking it accident-free along the area. jackknifed big rig from 238 to 880. all lanes cleared. speeds are in the green. 880 looking good if you are making your way through oakland. southbound first reports of a new crash along southbound 880 near decoto. we'll have more on that coming up in the next traffic report. the focus of the fbi investigation into russian election interference has turned to president trump's son- in-law. jared kushner serves as a key aide to the president. in december, he held a series of meetings with russian ambassador sergey kislyak and the head of a state owned russian bank with ties to the
5:35 am
kremlin. according to the "washington post," kushner is not accused of any wrongdoing. investigators want to know more about those relationships. another member of the trump administration is under fire for failing to disclose meetings with the russian ambassador. attorney general jeff sessions met with kislyak at least two times last year but didn't report that on his security clearance application. the justice department says sessions consulted with an fbi investigator who told him not to list meetings connected to his senate activities. democrats aren't buying the explanation. >> that is something that it would be a standard reply when you're doing an fbi background check whether it's for security clearance or for nomination. to me that's information that should have been made available. >> sessions recused himself from any investigation into potential ties between the trump campaign and russia. some legal experts say he violated that recusal by advising president trump on his decision to fire james comey.
5:36 am
a politician is accused of body slamming a reporter during an interview and one day later, he is montana's newest congressman. republican greg gianforte won more than 50% of the vote in yesterday's special election. polls opened less than 24 hours after he was charged with misdemeanor assault for his fight with a guardian reporter ben jacobs. 7 out of 10 voters cast their ballots early. gianforte apologized last night. he could still face a fine and possible jail time if the assault charge sticks. today san francisco's muttville saved more than a dozen dogs from a hoarding situation but now they need adopters. anne makovec joins us live from muttville with the story and a new friend. >> reporter: meet my friends, this is frisco. and don't mind his tongue. it's an added feature to this
5:37 am
guy. his tongue actually hangs out because he has no teeth. he is 13 years old. and that's what they do at muttville, they rescue senior dogs from shelters that may be people would say are otherwise difficult to adopt out. there's something special an unique. i'm here with bunny rosenberg involved in a big rescue operation this week. tell us about -- these dogs came from a hoarding case in el dorado county? >> yes. so we're looking for [ indiscernible ] reached out to el dorado municipal shelter and they got back to you guys and said we don't just have one pomeranian, we have 10. and 30 chihuahuas. so we took 18 of the dogs that were confiscated from a hoarding case. they arrived on tuesday. our vet staff has been working overtime to see all of them in time for today's big adoption event. >> so were you able to help the municipal shelter by taking
5:38 am
these dogs off their hands and now you are overloaded with dogs. this is the most dogs muttville has ever had. >> yes. right now in this room there are 18. but in this small building we have 47 dogs here right now. max capacity is 33. >> so we have to get some of these dogs homes. boy, i think frisco would be a really good option because he is chill. that's one of the good things about senior dogs, huh? >> oh, it's perfect. really any lifestyle seniors fit into. i love having senior animals because i'm busy. i do a lot of social things. frisco is the perfect kind of guy. you can take him with you he is great. >> he could be a purse dog. very good. they are having a big adoption event here at muttville headquarters today starting at 2 p.m. we are on rescue row in san francisco. alabama street. so stop on by if you want to add a friend to your house hold. we'll be meeting more of these guys throughout the morning. thanks for joining us, bunny,
5:39 am
and, yeah, we'll stick around. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5 more than a dozen goats are recovering from a fire. they got stuck near a fence. crews rushed to the fire scene to save them around 1 p.m. yesterday. now the lead vet at the san jose animal care center says of the 15 goats injured, many have burns all over their bodies. several of the goats have swollen eyes and a few may lose their ears. vets worry that some might not make it. >> we're still not sure about how things are going to go with the goats. >> when the first goat came in the first thing we all got hit with was the smell. the burning smell. >> firefighters believe the cause of the fire was an electrical transformer that blew up. lyft has just entered the
5:40 am
ring of luxury rides t launched a high-end car service to rival uber. ill wagner of reports. >> reporter: good morning. futures right now are pointing to a lower open. the markets though are near record highs after six days of gains. this is the longest winning streak in months. yesterday the dow was up 70. nasdaq up 42. best buy shares surged by double digits after better- than-expected earnings for the 1st quarter with a boost from a surge of americans spending their tax refunds on electronics. oil prices down after opec agreed to stem the production cut by another months. this was expected. investors though are hoping that opec ministers would decide to make even deeper cuts. and lyft has taken on uber with its higher end service. drivers can use only certain vehicles. they can use like a tesla x, cadillac escalade and a lincoln navigator. kenny? >> hm. i'm still okay with the cheaper lyft line but that's just me. all right. jill, we hear that a cartoon
5:41 am
classic is coming to the big screen. tell us about that. >> reporter: yeah. warner brothers is moving ahead with a movie version of the jetsons original cartoon which ran from 1962 to 1963. it looks at the life of george, jane, judy and ellroy jettison set in the year 2062. we can't forget astro the dog and [ indiscernible ] has been tapped to animate it. no release date jeter wow. the future is bright. uber just last month announced that 2023 is the year that they are going to launch or hope to launch their network of flying cars. so the jetsons actually just might happen. >> reporter: we're here. it's crazy. i have actually thought about that we're going to have self- driving flying cars above that. we have microwave facetime it's crazy. we are totally living in a jetsons world.
5:42 am
>> seems like that. all right. ill wagne r of, thank you. >> rather have the conveyor belt that gets you ready. 5:41. a four-alarm fire tears through a northern california neighborhood gutting at least five homes. what sparked the destructive flames. >> and thousands of people headed to napa this weekend. we'll tell you all about the food, wine and music after bottlerock coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's friday, may 26. we're looking at our live weather camera towards the bay bridge. yes. [ foghorn ] >> another very foggy dark start to the day. it's may gray. [ foghorn ] >> we'll season burnoff and gradual warming and i'm going to talk about exactly when
5:45 am
you'll see that warmup and the warmest day of the holiday weekend coming up. ra ffic and weather in just a moment. straight ahead in less than 4 minutes. police have found an abandoned suv belonging to a man who has been named a person of interest in the case of a missing san francisco father of two. bob tang's car was found at sfo. the 48-year-old is a friend of the missing bay area dad, but tang failed to show up for a police interview on the case. now authorities suspect he may have fled to cambodia, his home country. piseth chhay has been missing for 12 days. the two men went hiking and worked on a repay job together the day that chhay disappeared. he was an uber driver. a fire on the first floor spread to the roof. no serious injuries.
5:46 am
a four-alarm fire across downtown stockton destroying several homes. the huge plume of black smoke could be seen as far way as lodi. pallets caught fire outside a warehouse. strong winds pushed the fire into the neighborhood across the street forcing families to run for their lives. at least 5 homes were destroyed. memorial day weekend travel at sfo will be an even bigger headache this year. repaving work on one of the runways will resume tonight at 10 and it won't stop until noon on monday. airport officials had hoped to put work on hold during the holiday weekend but the job is already behind schedule. today fine foods and beers and wines and some of the biggest names in the music business are taking center stage in napa. it is day one of bottlerock. exciting! kpix 5's jessica flores is live in napa to break down what's on the menu and who is taking the mic reporter: the food and music extravaganza will bring about 120,000 people to napa this weekend.
5:47 am
and this year, it's fancier. there will be a day spa at the festival and also 50,000 [ indiscernible ] so let's get to the line-up. maroon 5, tom petty and the foo fighters with 80 actors across the stages. -- with 80 acts across the stages. $50,000 suites with unobstructed views are all sold out. >> bottlerock is the quintessential bay area festival. it's so much about the music. and it's not about, you know, seeing and being seen and who is there. it's about experiencing the music live. >> reporter: bottlerock is also about the food of course. there will be culinary stages featuring presentations from mrs. curry and martha stewart. there's going to be bomb- sniffing dogs with stepped up
5:48 am
security and bags checked at the gate. gates will open at 11:30. and the festival goes until 10 p.m. live in napa, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. >> sounds like fun. >> i wish that were in my plans for this weekend. >> have you ever been? >> no. >> i never have. >> hopefully one day. >> we should all go next year. >> sure. okay. [ laughter ] >> we'll be on the double-dutch bus and head north. [ laughter ] >> we are going to talk a little more about traffic first. we are tracking a pretty light ride considering it is "friday light" conditions. and it is memorial day weekend holiday traffic. so the sooner you can leave the better. it's going to be very busy out there. right now speeds are in the green across the upper deck of the bay bridge into san francisco. we'll take it over to 101.
5:49 am
this is at 380 just north of sfo. and lots of folks expected to be flying today so if you aren't getting out of town for the weekend but you are going to be driving around expect to see some nice traffic. you will be in good company there. we have some tips for drivers and bart riders this weekend. there will be that closure running between fruitvale and west oakland station. they will have that track closed. that's saturday, sunday and monday. and this will impact anyone who is heading to oakland airport. expect 20 to 40 minutes additional chase in to your travel time so plan accordingly. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. can you imagine the traffic by that 580/680 corridor by 1:30 this afternoon for all the folks heading to the greater lake tahoe area? weather conditions in tahoe pristine! a little bit breezy. hi, everybody! we have some wind this morning. take a look at the flag on the
5:50 am
fly on top of pier 9. we are looking out from our kpix 5 studios in the corner of broadway and battery, past the embarcadero looking due east towards the port of oakland. mostly cloudy skies an breezy as you step out this morning. again, today, with the clouds, 56 in livermore. john miller has on his weekend attire. he is ready to rock and roll. he has his weather station and his favorite beverage in hand and saying happy friday! 53 degrees right now in santa rosa. overcast skies, thanks, john, fork checking in with us. satellite-radar suggests that shield of cloudiness along the coast penetrating our inland areas by a good 60 miles this morning. we have overcast skies and with that marine layer, a very robust wind. 16 oakland. back through alameda, ten in throughout the san ramon valley. 11 pleasanton. 14 livermore. we go up stream and see winds
5:51 am
up to 14 in fairfield. winds today 10 to 20 will be variable stronger gusts in the late afternoon hours. it's may gray a cooler day today. in fact, today will clock in as the coolest day of the workweek. earlier burnoff slated for your saturday and warmer everywhere by the holiday on monday. so we have this weak disturbance that pulled down that cooler air mass. today will be the last day of those temperatures below average. then as we enter today's afternoon, you see the clouds begin to retreat. we have some partial coastal clearing today. saturday watch what happens. well, we see the clouds filtering in again and we'll have earlier burnoff on sunday. so therefore the temperatures will respond. around the state today, temperature-wise in the 70s at the state capital as this area of high pressure continues to build in for the weekend. we are talking about 80s in fresno, 76 ukiah mid-60s in the greater lake tahoe area. sure the snow is burning off. it's beginning to melt. but we have lots of things going on with hiking and boatings. 50s, 60s 70s across the bay area, low 70s in san jose when
5:52 am
we should be in the mid-70s. we do see the temperatures bump up on saturday warmer on sunday and then on monday for all your q'ing, great conditions on the peninsula, warmer inland. have a great day. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (man) hmm. what do you think?
5:53 am
5:54 am
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loved ones of a missing vallejo teen have marked a year since pearl pinson disappeared last seen bleeding and being dragged by suspect fernando castro on the i-78 0 overpass. every month, friends and family hold a vigil there. now investigators say the amount of blood found in the suspect's trunk and on the overpass may not have been enough to kill pinson. >> i have no evidence to suggest that she is definitely dead. there's hope right there. and i'm a believer that you shouldn't give up hope. >> since day one we hoped she is alive somewhere out there. we won't give up. >> tips in the pinson case have brought investigators across the bay to marin county and even out to jenner. the man suspected of kidnapping her was killed the day after her abduction in a shootout with law enforcement more than 300 miles away. a woman is now suing the company behind a nacho cheese
5:56 am
sauce that could be to blame for a deadly botulism outbreak. lavinia kelly has filed suit against valley oak food and fuel company in walnut grove as well as the supplier of its cheese. this mother of three has been paralyzed and in intensive care since she ate the possibly tainted cheese. antioch father of two also got sick this month after eating the product. he died last week. they were among 10 people who have been hospitalized. now the gas station's permit to sell food and drinks is suspended. the state department of health is trying it figure out if the at least was appropriately stored. the golden gate bridge district says it needs to make repairs on the sausalito ferry terminal to keep up with federal regulations. but the city says they don't want it. >> and i have a great assignment today! i'm meeting new friends like piper here.
5:57 am
we'll tell you her back story and how you can adopt one of these mutts. coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
associated of the suspected manchester arena bomber are being arrested. >> president trump is in italy for the start of the g7 summit. this is the latest stop in the marathon of international meetings. the issues he is expected to bring up. >> good morning, it's friday's, may 26. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's start with traffic and weather first. jaclyn is tracking our commute. we have an accident in the east bay. >> yup. it's starting. it's getting busy out there for your getaway memorial day weekend traffic. we are tracking a big backup for drivers heading along 880. we had an earlier accident southbound 880 right near l emont boulevard.


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