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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 30, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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secure concerns after telling world leaders call me, next. ,,,,,,,
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>> now at 11:00, breaking news, an emergency on this passenger plane bound for the bay area. after a laptop catches fire. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. let's get right to joe vasquez at sfo. >> reporter: that flight was scheduled to arrive just a couple of hours ago. it had to take a major detour because of a fire in an overhead apartment. the flight originated from jfk airport in new york headed here to sfo, but had to be diverted to michigan after a fire on board. >> any injuries on board from the fire? >> not that we are aware of. >> reporter: some time after jet blue 915 left new york, passengers noticed something
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was wrong. caylee e-mailed us to tell us passengers noticed the smoke coming from row 25. turns out the lithium battery from a laptop inside a carry on in the overhead bin had caught fire. the flight crew put out the fire and decided to do an emergency landing in grand rapids michigan. >> i was stunned. i knew something was going to happen. because, you know, lithium batteries catching on fire. you can't help but think you have to do something. so, i was prepared for it. >> reporter: the jet landed around 8:00 local time. it was on the tarmac nearly three hours. according to a statement from jet blue, the flight landed safely and the aircraft is being inspected by maintenance crews before customers continue onto san francisco. nobody was hurt. the flight is now scheduled to arrive here just after midnight. reporting live at sfo, i'm joe vasquez, kpix5. new developments in that
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case of a san jose state student who told police a stranger kidnapped her at knife point. tonight, she admits she made the whole thing up. 22-year-old initially told investigators her abductor made her drive from her off campus apartment complex to coos county oregon where she managed to escape. but, earlier tonight, san jose police said that after they interviewed her, they recanted her story. tonight, there is a break in the case of a missing toddler. kpix5's betty yu on what investigators found that could provide some much needed clues. >> reporter: three-year-old ariana fitts disappeared more than a year ago. her mom, 32-year-old nicole fitts was found murdered in a shallow grave in mcclaren park in san francisco last april. police confirmed a car associated with the child's disappearance an possibly
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nicole's killer has been found. >> i take it as hopefully a good thing. hopefully, that means that we are closer to finding arianna. >> it is exciting and relieving but at the same time, this shouldn't be a part of the situation at all. >> reporter: arianna's aunts believe their niece is still alive. >> i think someone fell in love with her personality and wanted her as their own. she is a very charming girl. >> reporter: the family says investigators initially focused on her babysitter helena martin. >> a period of time before all of this happened, my sister was having difficulty with the babysitter when it came time to pick her up, they would come up with excuses. >> reporter: the fbi executed
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search warrants in oakland, emeryville, and daly city in an effort to find the little girl. there is now a $10,000 reward for information leading to arianna's return and the arrest of nicole's killer. betty yu, kpix5. also tonight, oakland police are looking for a gunman and a motive in a deadly shooting. a man was found shot in his car at 51st and international boulevard. about 3:45 this afternoon. he was taken to the hospital where he died. police are calling it a homicide, but are not releasing any other information. tonight, two east bay parents are speaking out about their daughter being bullied in school. christin ayers on the threatening social media post. the parents athe school district needs to take seriously. >> reporter: at first, denise lynch thought it was nothing more than a childish prank. >> oh my god. our front yard was a sea of skittles. >> reporter: thousands of
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skittles gathered outside her and her husband's danville home one april morning but she quickly realized it was far more sinister. >> i was shocked. >> reporter: friends sent their daughter, a sophomore screen shots from instagram. another student posted this. don't you dare say blank about me and my friends' back again. hope you enjoy the skittles. attached. a video showing their daughter being secretly videoed as she goes to the bathroom in a stall. they were arrested at school. >> this is a crime. the video up loaded clearly shows her using a toilet at a school facility. identified at sports practice. at san ramon valley high school. >> reporter: but the lynches say they allowed the girl to come back to school the next day. she was eventually suspended for a few days but the school has declined to transfer her to
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another school. >> part of the healing process is not seeing the predator at the same facility, the same environment where she perpetrated that crime against my daughter. >> reporter: the superintendent and the school board sent out a letter disputing some of the lynches' claims. not all of the information is factual or accurate. while the district strives for transparency, we are often preseptemberred by law because of student privacy. the school board faced a mob of angry students and parents. they blasted san ramon valley high for allowing a student to become class president after being accused of making have video that was racially insensitive to muslims. the lynches say it sounds very familiar. >> the school board and administration seems to turn a blind eye to all the outcry and
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these voices. >> reporter: in danville, christin ayers, kpix5. >> state safety inspectors looking at the steep angle of that water slide in dublin where a ten-year-old was injured over the weekend. video shows the boy flying right over the side rail of the emerald plunge on saturday. the new city owned park was just 90 minutes into its opening day. cal osha says it is looking at several factors includeing the slide's incline. >> we are also taking into account the angle of descent for the ride. it is 80 degrees as opposed to other rides. the two water slide ins concord, that angle is 30 degrees. >> inspectors are also looking at the water levels in the slide's tube. the boy who fell off was not seriously hurt. a first for u.s. defense. the pentagon says it fired a missile that shot down a mock warhead over the pacific. it was fired from an
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underground silo at vanenberg air force base. it intercepted an intercontinental ballistic missile launched from the marshal islands. it was a direct hit. it was the first ever missile defense test involving a simulated attack by an icbm and is being seen as a warning shot to north korea which has tested short range ballistic missiles recreptly. well take a close look at this. no. it is not a typo. we don't think. this appeared on president trump's twitter page a couple of hours ago. what does it mean? so far, tonight, the president has not clarified his comment. meanwhile, new security and secrecy concerns tonight for president trump. turns out, he gave out his cell phone number to world leaders. and, as veronica de la cruz tells us, he urged them to call him directly. veronica? >> reporter: according to current and former u.s.
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officials, the president urged the leader of canada and mexico to reach him on his cell phone. officials say canadian prime minister justin trudeau has taken him up on the offer and mr. trump also exchanged numbers with the french president. the officials spoke anonymously because they are not authorized to reveal the conversations. so far tonight, there is no response from the white house. in the meantime, house minority leader nancy pelosi not hides her destain for if president. she said there is one thing that she had a tough time saying. >> the new president of the united states. >> i notice you don't say president trump. >> it is hard. [ laughter ] it is hard. because, i don't know from what i have seen, i don't know how much respect he has for the job. >> now, when asked if she preferred president trump or president pence, she paused and said president bush.
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erer veronica de la cruz, kpix5. some animal activists charged into a chinatown shop to set chickens free. >> and a new money mess at cal. now, the chancellor's jim workouts are under scrutiny. >> the cleveland cavaliers are in enemy territory tonight. and someone who works for them tells us he secretly is rooting for the warriors. >> we have had the cold. now, we have the cloud cover today. look at what is behind me, it is almost june, folks. it is raining in parts of the bay area find out how long this will last coming up. ,,
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>> tonight, a mother in napa is convicted of torturing and killing her three-year-old daughter. the jury found sarah lynn kruger and scott warner of murder. kayleigh flusher was found dead in her bed and there was evidence of blunt force trauma and sexual abuse. they said what was done to her by these two defendants was simply inhuman. the convicted killers are due back in court for sentencing on july 27. they could face life in prison without parole. a group of animal rights activists ruffled feathers in san francisco's chinatown today. they freed a bunch of chickens being sold at a poultry market. were they doing the right thing or just trespassing? kpix5's joe vasquez has the video. >> reporter: a large crowd gathered along grant avenue.
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as the shopkeeper tried to keep them from going inside, but wayne shong with direct everywhere charged in to ming's poultry and started liberating hens from their cages. >> they are so tightly confined they are pecking each other to death. >> reporter: the activists say selling live poultry while perfectly legal, is wrong. >> the hens all had some kind of visible sickness or injury. >> reporter: the owner called the police, still, the group insist the birds should be freed. >> they deserve to live like you or i or a dog or cat. >> this chicken, they are treating them like they are just things. >> reporter: police arrested shong for trespassing. >> that is stealing. it is picking property. people par for it. >> reporter: people in chinatown disagree with the activist's methods.
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after all, chicken is food for many people. >> it is your property. you wouldn't want people to just grab your stuff like that. >> it is their property? >> uh-huh. >> looking at the animals, i feel like they are honestly prisoners of war. it is some kind of war zone. and i'm taking the ones who are sick and injured to the care they deserve. >> reporter: joe vasquez, kpix5. >> if you take bart, be careful where you park. there has been a rash of car thefts in some stations in the past 24 hours. there were nine in the millbrae station. two at el cerrito del norte. car stations break ins are actually down though. we found a person whose friend's car was burglarized but he knows how to beat the thieves. >> don't leave valuables in your car. >> reporter: bart says riders need to protect their own belongings because they cannot patrol all 47,000 stalls in the system. tonight, a new money mass at uc berkeley. now the chancellor's jim
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membership is under scrutiny. as emily turner reports, the cost of the investigation is really adding up. >> reporter: for a world renown university system, the math doesn't add up. uc berkeley chancellor nicholas dirk misused thousands of dollars in university funds but the investigation to discover the sum cost ten times that for a grand total of $57,671 according to the daily californian. we wanted to talk to someone from the uc office of the president so we called and e- mailed for an interview. we have not gotten a response. the investigation revealed he used the money for a personal trainer and campus gym membership over two years and had a campus fitness machine in his home. the office of the president wracked up a hefty tab figuring it out after he resigned last year. here is where the $57,000 went.
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according to the daily californian. the office of the president paid the la firm public interest investigations incorporated to look into the matter at a rate of $200 an hour for 279 billable hours and paid for the firm's president to fly from la to oakland three times. while it always on southwest, each ticket never cost less than $400. his lyft rides, restaurant bills and hotel rooms were also picked up by the office of the president. emily turner, kpix5. >> so, what would you pay to go to game one of the nba finals? well, tonight some warriors fans are feeling some serious sticker shock. ticket prices are fluctuating before thursday's big game. at last check, it will cost $500 just to get inside oracle arena. that price doesn't even get you a seat. that is standing room only. tonight, the cavaliers are in san francisco ahead of the
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historic rematch. kpix5's jackie ward met one warrior's fan who has a tough job of containing his excitement. >> reporter: they are here. the team that has held the title of eastern conference champs for three years in a row. led by lebron james, the defending nba champs are officially back in the bay area to defend their title. we caught up with their bus driver while they were in the bay. >> i'm a celtic fan. my soccer team. >> reporter: as you can tell, he is not a native of the bay area, but he has been here more than 40 years. he says the cavalier were nice an not rowdy at all. peter said if the warriors win, he will contain his excitement until he drops the cavaliers off at the airport, but if the cavaliers win. >> i will be lucky. i won't say what i really want to say. but they won't win anyway. i hope they don't see this interview. [ laughter ] i'll be fired. >> reporter: only one guy was lucky enough to get a signature from the cavaliers head coach.
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tick pick says the average ticket for game one is selling for $1,850 for game one. game two is higher. brandon schneider of business development for the warriors says be aware of fraudulent tickets. >> a lot of sites you have heard of that sell tickets and advertise fan protect guarantees but there is only one site you can get legit tickets. that is >> reporter: having a police escort was great in order to barrel through traffic. he didn't have to worry about it. he just wants the cavaliers to request the stop at in and out burger at some point so he can go through the drive through without any hassle. game one is thursday night at oracle arena. tipoff is 6:00 p.m. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix5. we should check in with paul, get playoff weather. >> two weeks or three weeks? >> i can't remember. >> it feels like it was last season already. let's play thursday night when the weather will not be rained. right now, it is raining. lightly in portions of sonoma
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county. napa county. lake county. the majority of what you are seeing is evaporating before hitting the ground. but, along highway 101 around santa rosa, a couple of drips of rainfall. that would be rare for this time of year, but, this will be if san francisco does not receive any rainfall tonight, the first in 16 years without one drop of measurable rainfall in may. still 39% above average for the water year though. here is a look at city hall lit none warriors colors. san jose, 58. santa rosa, 57. oakland, 57 degrees. clouds will be with us throughout the night keeping us mild. vallejo, you are low 55. santa rosa, 51. a little rain for you. pacifica, 50 for the overnight low. satellite radar review, something we would maybe see in february or march. we saw a lot of this. fronts moving through. this is a late may. almost early june front. behind it t winds will begin to change, a high pressure ridge will begin to build in. by the time we have tipoff of game one thursday night, thewet
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her be milder and sunnier, tomorrow morning, the clouds begin to clear as the clouds move out. sunshine in the afternoon, but the seventh consecutive day cooler than average, we will get that tomorrow with the ocean breeze continuing. thursday morning we will look a lot like the past seven mornings. cloudy but the clouds will clear earlier. we will get earlier sunshine, milder weather and by friday, 70s near the bay and 80s inland. a couple of light showers possible overnight tonight. cooler than average for one more day. not as chilly on thursday. significant warming especially away from the water begins rob friday. highs tomorrow, morning clouds, afternoon sunshine. concord, 74. mountain view, 70. san rafael, 70. sunny, warmer thursday, we will add a few more degrees friday. couple more saturday. sunday looking mild, next week, warm, but not hot. we will see 60s at the beach, 70s near the bay. and 80s inland. pleasant weather coming. got to get rid of this chill. it is almost june. and we need some warmer weather.
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>> i agree. i like it can you make a call on that. >> i'll work on that. >> there is a button over there, i'll push it. tonight, the giants outfielder hunter pence is adding a new job title to his resume. >> and here are the guests on the late show with stephen colbert.
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>> hunter pence is adding a new skill. barista. >> he served coffee in san francisco. part of a promotion for the giants clubhouse coffee blend. but, when we asked him about yesterday's brawl in at&t park, he didn't say much. >> just trying to get everyone peacemaking. get out there. get them off the field. yesterday? that is baseball. here, we are having coffee. >> by the way, petes donated part of its proceeds to the
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community fund. >> brawl. >> he was right in the middle of it all. >> hunter pence? >> he u.s. trying to break it up. >> i tell you what, hunter pence had very little to say about the brawl, but the commissioner's office did. the suspensions, the fines, and the injury that put one player on the disabled list. next.
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>> hunter strickland has been fined and suspended six games. bryce harper fined and suspended four games. after yesterday's five on the field, michael morris suffered collateral damage and was placed on the seven day concussion protocol list. both of them were available today after appealing their suspensions. bottom of the second, giants down 3-0. orlando who just had got spoon town after being called up from minor leagues has to love that cup of coffee. his first two hits come
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tonight. orlando. but then, top of the fifth, loaded for michael taylor. back up the box off bryan morris. nationals winners, 6-3. the warriors will be in cleveland next week. it was the as today. top of the seventh. davis at the plate. preaver power got his 14th strikeout of the game. that is his career high. and once upon a time, bradley zimmer used to be a usf. now, she doing this. that is a two-run shot. also a two-run double. as lose 9-4. they strike out a franchise record 19 times. one shy of the major league record. derek carr says he want to be a raider for life. but if he doesn't sign on the skull and cross bones by summer camp, raider raider neigh might have to wait. >> all football, i will not distract my teammates. and, you guys are going to want to know and things like that. trust me, if it is not done by
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training camp, we won't be talking about it. >> that was a little shot across the bow. a little warning that he wants the deal done. probably, strategy from the agent. but, what raider doesn't want his booty? >> yeah, okay, not sure what he is asking for, but man, you do not want a guy like that to walk away. >> no. and they won't. there is a different strategy to hold on. they don't get a deal done. but they will get a deal done long term. derek carr is the future of the franchise. the president and the future. >> his booty. >> he's a raider. >> we'll be right back.
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>> late show is stephen colbert. the late show is next.
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>> morning starts at 4:30 a.m. >> see you then. captioning sponsored by cbs >> recently, "the washington post" revealed that president trump bragged to the russians about highly classified intel. here are some cl


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