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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  May 31, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> instead of stopping, he accelerated, drove over his body, um, my son's helmet had come off and wedged under one of gallo's tires so he backed up, driving over him a second time. >> reporter: rosenberg and his new political ad argue that horrible demise could have been avoided. >> all three killed by people who entered our country illegally, people shielded from federal immigration law by california's sanctuary cities. >> reporter: before drew was killed gallo was stopped by sfpd for driving out a license or insurance and going the wrong way down a one-way street. gallo was cited and let go. a few months later he killed drew. >> the grief part of it is always there. that never goes away. but when i have to think about it and watch what's happening, um, particularly in california,um, it gets you very angry. >> the d.a. was too busy to go on camera but his office says sanctuary city policy or not, those
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crimes wouldn't have warranted an i.c.e. call. that fact hasn't deterred rosenberg in his battle. so with the help of the californians for population stablation, he harnessed that anger and made this ad. >> california should be a sanctuary for californians. >> reporter: it urges the governor not to sign a bill making california a sanctuary state. and asking president trump to follow through on his promise to defund sanctuaries. >> you think cutting federal funds is the way to make change? >> well, i think it's the way to weight the populous up. >> reporter: it was a move that would cost the city millions in federal funding and one the city has launched a lawsuit to fight. the ad went on air this week. across california. it will run for weeks. on your side, you talk about the pain an heartbreak this this has caused your family. what about the pain and heartbreak that deportation causes families here? >> it's a false equivalency. my son was doing nothing wrong.
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my family was doing nothing wrong. they can go back. i can't bring my son back. >> reporter: despite the fact that san francisco stands so strongly behind its sanctuary policy, we had a really hard time getting anyone on camera to comment on this story. the city attorney did come through this afternoon and sent us this statement. it says, quote, this ad perpetuates the false notion that sanctuary cities harbor criminals. the federal government actually gets the fingerprints of everyone in san francisco's jails. they know who we are holding and if they think someone is dangerous, all they need to do is get a criminal warrant or a court order. although it is important to note that cities that are not sanctuaries don't require the federal government to jump through those hoops. at the hall of justice, emily turner, kpix 5. strong reaction that president trump will pull out of the paris climate agreement.
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the white house indicated he is heading in that direction. nearly 200 nations signed the agreement pledging to reduce greenhouse gas to fight climate change. east bay congressman barbara lee slammed the decision as yet another reckless add vocation of american leadership -- abdication of american leadership on the global stage by this administration. california has been at the forefront in the fight against climate change. phil matier looks at the future of the state's green goals and how taking the lead is coming at a cost. >> reporter: that cost could be political as well as on your wallet. let's take a look. >> turns off the satellites, california will launch its own damn satellites!! we're going to collect that data! >> reporter: when it comes to it intoing climate change, experts agree -- when it comes to fighting climate change, experts agree california has led the way. how much further will it go and at what cost? >> large-scale solela, wind farms, energy efficiency, improving insulation. >> our electricity use per person has been flat over the past 40 years. the rest of the country is up
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50%. by 2020, we'll be getting one- third of our electricity from wind, solar, geothermal. by the 2030, a decade later, we'll have more than half of our electricity coming interest those sources. >> reporter: but it could be a rougher road going forward. even after 10 years, only a small number of cars are electric in california. >> reporter: as for the goal of the state using 100% renewable energy by 2045? >> it's a good direction to be moving. but going 100% renewable is not something we would want to do quickly. we don't have the technology. and we don't have the experience. >> reporter: critics in the business community say that the hard push for more green energy could be a job killer. and it will drive up utility and gas costs. >> loss jobs? we would gain jobs! we are substituting energy efficiency and renewable energy for fossil energy that costs more. that's the best job creation engine california ever had.
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>> reporter: not really. >> we'll also see the displacement of previous jobs and the net impact is likely to be very small. >> reporter: one impact we all likely may feel is at the pump. climate legislation being proposed in sacramento could mean a hike of anywhere from 30 cents to a dollar a gallon over the next 10 years. and that has some lawmakers worried about the public's reaction. with good reason. >> it depends on what the measures, you know, that would be taken. >> i think we pay enough as it is. i really do. i think we pay enough as it is. it just gets crazy. >> reporter: add in the fact that we just raise the gas tax 12 cents cents for infrastructure, you can understand why lawmakers are nervous because especially in southern california a state senator josh newman facing recall over gas taxes and raising them more is giving people pause. governor brown leaves for china this week as part of a push for clean energy.
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but today, he slammed the president saying the president's views could not reverse the progress made in the fight against climate change. >> trump is not hurting the cause of climate change. he is giving it new life and vitality. because his denial, his statement that climate change is a hoax, is so absurd and so unbelievable, and so outrageous, that the grassroots, um, governors, people around the world, have galvanized and he is actually creating the exact opposite of what he wants. >> brown also vowed to keep california's ambitious plans to combat climate change on track. tesla founder elon musk says he will dump trump if the white house pulls out of the paris climate deal. musk responded to a follower's question today saying that he will have no choice but to depart of the president's advisory council. earlier the billionaire tweeted, don't know which way paris will go. but i have done all i can to advise directly to potus.
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silicon valley investor has paid for billboards and other ads calling on musk to dump trump. musk had previously defend the his decision saying it is better to have a seat at the table. coming up at 6:30, could california's soil hold the solution to climate change? the bay area farm turning its fields into carbon banks. ♪[ music ] "skydrone5" giving us this unique look at the landslide that's transformed big sur. this slide is so big, scientists say the coast has grown by 13 acres. that's the size of ten football fields. all thanks to the rock, dirt and debris that's buried a stretch of highway 1 in the mud creek area. the u.s. geological survey took this photo of the area back in march. now take a look at how it's changed. the images taken last weekend a week after the landslide show two million cubic meters of earth collapsed. that is the equivalent of 200,000 dump trucks filled with rubble. caltrans says it could take more than a year to re-open the
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stretch of highway 1 buried by the slide. getting details on a new lawsuit to block the city of gilroy from chopping down more than 200 trees. kpix reporter len ramirez on the neighbor who taking the city to court. len. >> reporter: no doubt about it, allen. the city of gilroy has a big fight on its hands not only in court but out here where the trees actually are. the mystery over exactly which trees are due to be cut down. >> it's a california quail. >> reporter: members of this gilroy high school class are some of a growing number of people in town upset with the city's decision to cut down 235 trees spread throughout the city and here near christmas hill park where the class studies birds. >> for the first time we saw a wood duck nest right on the tree. it's going to get cut down. it's upsetting. >> reporter: several trees
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along the uvas creek levee has metal tags stamped with numbers that could earmark them for removal. some may be in the way for a planned bridge. >> it seems excessive to go on either side of where the bridge is going to be. i just don't see the purpose for that. >> it's very difficult to identify the trees of which they are speaking. >> reporter: camille wants to get to the bottom of it and so she has filed a lawsuit hoping to slow the process down and bring the plans out into the daylight. >> i hope that this lawsuit gets the new city council members and the mayor to understand that government has to be much more transparent. >> reporter: the lawsuit alleges the city failed to give adequate public notice when it okayed a deal with a contractor to identify and remove trees for $258,000 and accuse the city of ignoring environmental review and said every says the contractor could have a conflict of interest. city officials declined to comment because of the litigation. mccormack is spending her own
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money to fight the city saying it's a last resort. >> i was hoping the city would -- the city would have a conversation but they wouldn't. >> reporter: now, the lawsuit is also seeking to have an independent review of the city's plans and which trees are due to the cut down. the city earlier said that the trees involved are only ones that had been either dead or damaged by the drought or damaged during the storms. a lot of the trees that have those tags seem to be perfectly healthy. reporting live in gilroy, len ramirez, kpix 5. well, ahead of the nba finals, the basketball superstar dealing with words of hate! lebron james' california home painted with a racial slur. his powerful response to the vandalism. >> and tiger woods wobbling around in front of police. the new dashcam footage shedding light on the golf star's dui arrest. >> a broken home no more. the joyful reunion as children placed in foster care finally make it back to their families. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this incident that happened to me and my family today can keep the conversation going an shed light us on trying to figure out a way to keep progressing and not regressing. >> one of the biggest names in sports the target of a hate
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crime. the brentwood home of nba superstar lebron james was tagged with a racial slur today. reporter dave lopez on the powerful reaction from the nba great. >> no matter how much money you have, um, no matter how famous you are, no matter how many people admire you, um, you know, being black in america is -- it's tough. but it just goes to show that, um, that racism, um, will always be a part of the world, a part of america. >> reporter: i'm told that james bought this home two summers ago the sales price $20 million. most of the neighbors that i talk to said they have never seen him here but he does come here with his wife and three children. and the neighbors today again most of the homes in the area range between 15 and $30 million, reacted to what happened. >> crimes and car break-ins and
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home invasions and horrible stuff like that. so yeah. >> but nothing like. >> nothing like this no. that's very -- it's concerning. it's not okay at all. and i'm shocked. it's terrible that something like that happened in this neighborhood. it's, you know, a really nice neighborhood with a lot of lovely people. so i'm really sorry to hear that something that appalling happened right here. >> we got a long way to go, um, you know, for us as a society and for us as african-americans until we feel equal in america. >> reporter: as you can expect in a neighborhood filled with $30 million homes, there are security cameras everywhere. virtually on every home, every corner, every angle. the lapd says they do have security video. they don't know just exactly what it shows. but they are going over it very, very carefully. from brentwood, dave lopez, kpix 5. new dashcam video shows the moments before tiger woods arrest. you see very unsteady tiger
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woods struggling to perform a field sobriety test. he stumbles, appears shaky on his feet. police found him asleep at the wheel of his mercedes monday morning in jupiter florida. he was arrested on dui. no alcohol was found in his system. he says he had an unexpected reaction to a mix of prescription drugs. the woman at the center of a bay area law enforcement sex scandal will be getting nearly $1 million from the city of oakland. council members approved the settlement today for the woman noun known as jasmine abuslin. the former prostitute previously went by the name celeste guap. as part of the settlement. , the city and the oakland police department do not have to admit any fault in the case. jasmine says she was a minor during her first of about 40 sexual encounters with law enforcement officers from around the bay area. >> i feel happy that i can -- i can close this chapter and move on with my life. >> her attorney says she is
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prepared to testify if necessary in the other pending criminal cases against the livermore, richmond san francisco, police departments and others. a connecting ramp near san lorenzo is closed after a big rig went over and spilled acid on the ground on the 880 off- ramp to 238. the driver had only minor injuries. but the chp shut down the entire ramp after noticing the acid. it won't re-open until 9 p.m. also massive delays on the bay bridge getting into san francisco. a man climbed the bridge and traffic was blocked for two hours. the man finally came down. >> it was a big family reunion today in san jose. like most it was emotional. as john ramos explains all the kids had been in foster care.
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>> reporter: they threw a party in san jose today and the fisher family was there together. it's been a long time since anyone could say that. >> your family was real broken. me and my wife were addicted. >> reporter: he and his wife lost their children because of their addiction but after hard work today on santa clara county's reunification today they were celebrated as one of the success stories. >> a tremendous inspiration to those of us who work in this field. those of us who dedicate our lives to working with these families. >> it feels really good and we are together. >> reporter: it's devastating for everyone when children are taken from their parents and there isn't always a happy ending. so celebrations like this are especially sweet for those who have won the fight to be clean and sober. >> we traveled through a lot of things just -- to see my family
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like this is happy. >> reporter: steven battled his demons and now gets his family back which is a big deal but the little things mean the most. >> today i brush their hair, watch cartoons with them, take bike rides. >> reporter: he gets to be a dad again. in san jose, john ramos, kpix 5. >> hm. >> brian hackney in today for paul deanno. >> hey, brian. we have got almost looks like a vincent price movie! if you remember vincent price. [ laughter ] >> the way it looks out there on the golden gate bridge there's fog and low clouds and inland it's nice. i mean, it's still in the upper 70s for highs. napa hit 78. san jose 75. fremont 70. san francisco 64. from the moisture thieves the bay area we actually got a drop or two or three or four in morgan hill.
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the nationals and giants tonight at 7:15 p.m. as there's fog on the golden gate it's in the going to be basking weather at the old ballyard. it will be chilly tonight at game time and here's how it looks from high atop the west coast. we have a trough moving through triggering showers overnight. today we had nice temperatures and fairly warm. along the shoreline it's freezing. and welcome to summer in san francisco. clouds tonight coastal drizzle sun on thursday around the bay and inland, and then it's going to warm up into the weekend. the numbers will approach 80 degrees in fact for tomorrow fairfield out of travis will be 0. 77 for livermore. and 79 for napa. 75 degrees at san jose. and in san francisco, 65. a little bit of drizzle overnight tonight. but then the sun will come out tomorrow ♪ with temperatures in the low 80s inland. so warming up just a nudge. along the shoreline we are going to be look at the usual the fog and low clouds
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overnight and early-morning hours. then sunshine for everybody. but saturday the numbers approach 90 degrees inland. and then around the bay, we'll be only in the upper 60s but by the time we get to monday, tuesday and wednesday, we're going to be looking at temperatures in the upper 90s. so that's how it's looking in the early going. warming trend on the way. after we freeze at the shoreline. [ laughter ] >> thank you. it's looking good, though, thanks, brian. a once majestic lighthouse now falling apart. "sky drone 5" giving us a unique look at the national treasure turned eyesore. what it's going to take to restore it to its former glory. >> you know, the warriors are also hoping to get back to their former glory after cleveland stole it away last year. what draymond green learned that might help him this time around. reaction next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the warriors have not played a basketball game since may 22. the hype machine has been in overdrive and everybody is ready for this thing to start. >> are we there yet? >> no. >> are we there yet. >> no! no!! >> production staff working overtime. [ laughter ] >> the warriors have had to wait a year get another crack at the cavs in the fines. draymond green says the team has never talked about blowing a 3-1 lead but that doesn't mean they don't all think about it. >> it sucked last year to lose like that. you would rather get swept rather get swept than to lose that way because those are the ones that just kind of haunt you at night. i don't know if i would ever get over it. it would be nice to win it this year. >> nobody took the loss harder than draymond green who of course was suspended for game
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5. but green who has only two technicals so far this post- season has moved on from last year's incidents and expects to have his emotions under control. >> i don't carry it with me. i'm a firm believer in [ censored ] happens. >> it happens. >> what. >> [censored >> the thanks that it's taught me, you know, has put me in the position where i am the day i feel better than i have ever felt emotionally. >> i never seen him in a better place emotionally. what does he have one technical? i wish he had two. like make sure you're still bringing it. >> game one tomorrow night 6:00. >> wahoo! >> i'll have my exclusive parking lot live shot at 6:20. bryce harper's suspension for charge, the mound on monday is reduced from four games to three. he will begin serving it tonight and miss the first two games of the nationals series in oakland this weekend. a's and indians menaea won his first straight start.
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in the fifth, a 448-foot blast. it's the first career multihome run game for pender. the a's beat the indians 3-1 to san jose their four-game losing street. good night, that is a huge fish! >> good luck topping this one! that's right! >> wahoo! >> he is out on the lake. >> that would . lake in the pines largemouth bass. um, over memorial day weekend. >> a lunker! >> i will tell you that i was at the giants game yesterday, and i -- dusty and i talked fishing, right? have for years. dusty baker at the batting cage. come over here. he comes over and i told him the story about this beauty at lake in the pounds. >> how many pounds? >> you know what? dusty says that has to be 10 pounds. it was only 6.5. but they can be deceiving. >> there's a way you hold it close to the camera it looks bigger. >> i know the drill. >> how do you know that? >> i have done it! [ laughter ] you know all the tricks! [ laughter ] >> dennis, thank you.
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coming up in the next half- hour, saving the planet with soil! california banking on dirt as a potential solution to climate change. the bay area farm growing a new movement. >> and no laughing matter. new fallout over comedian kathy griffin's anti-trump stunt. the backlash here in northern california. >> a bay area couple turns to social media when their pricy bikes are stolen the serious sleuthing that nabbed the thief. ,, ,,
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our top story at 6:30, president trump's pending decision on whether to pull out of the paris climate agreement. minutes ago, president trump tweeting, he will announce his decision tomorrow. when asked about it earlier today, he gave no hints. >> you're going to find out very soon. i'm hearing from a lot of people both ways. >> former president obama entered the paris accord as an executive agreement. it was not ratified by the u.s. senate. cbs news has learned the president has told his advisers he will pull out of the agreement. environmentalists here in the united states and around the world have started to weigh in. >> i think it's a major blow to
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citizens, organizations and corporations that are deeply concerned about climate change. especially the ones in the u.s. >> even some of those in the president's inner circle have disagreed on whether the u.s. should exit the agreement. could california's dirt provide a solution to climate change? this summer the state will spend about $7 million hoping to turn fields into carbon banks. how would that work? kpix 5's wilson walker shows us one farm where it's already happening. >> the soil is foundation of all life and it can hold so much carbon and produce so much -- so much, um, bounty. >> reporter: green stream farm in sonoma county where bob kannard grows produce for some of the most celebrated restaurants in california. >> you will also see a few weeds because this is a living system. nonsterilized soil. >> reporter: beyond produce kannard is also growing a movement. >> humanity needs nature and nature needs humanity. >> reporter: look around this farm and you might think it's
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unit ended an overground but this ground cover explosion is by design because the life and death of these weeds will bring new life to this dirt. >> it doesn't all burn out in one year. so you actually build carbon into your soil. >> reporter: that's the big idea the state will now invest in moving carbon out of the atmosphere back into our soil. >> the atmospheric carbon bringing it in and doing positive things with it instead of frivolous or negative things. >> i love the fact that soil is becoming part of the story line that people are saying the word out loud. >> reporter: this soil scientist at uc-davis they are conducting a 100-year study on how land responds to different practices and growing evidence that making better use of the land will help us clear the air. >> that's part of the solution because it is in the below ground where there's a lot of potential to -- to store
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carbon. >> reporter: climate change solutions often come as carbon offsets or reimagining the energy grid but they don't have to be that complicated. maybe it's as easy as being nicer to our land. letting the land do some of the work. >> so your digestive systems are in here. the digestive system of the plant is in the soil. >> reporter: wilson walker. president trump is condemning a suicide bombing that killed 90 and injured more than 400 others in kabul, afghanistan. 11 americans were wounded. officials say the bomber drove in a kabul's area according to morning rush hour. the german embassy had major damage. so far no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. police in washington, dc say they have averted a potential disaster at the trump international hotel arresting a pennsylvania man who checked in with an assault rifle, handgun and nearly 100 rounds of ammunition in his car. police had gotten a tip that he was going there. officers, secret service,
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caught up with him. it's not clear why he was at the hotel or why he was traveling with the firearms. cnn is cutting ties with kathy griffin. this after a video of the comedienne holding what looked like president trump's severed head. griffin apologized and admitted to going too far. she posted a video to instagram begging for forgiveness. cnn terminated their agreement with the comedienne who has he could anchored their new year's eve program and was supposed to perform in grass valley next month but now that won't be happening. reporter kelly ryan has details. >> the comedienne was coming here to grass valley as part of her 50 city stand-up tour. but after the photo was published the venue received backlash. tonight the venue says because of the security reasons, it is now canceling the show. >> it's disgusting. >> reporter: the photo showing her a fake bloodied head of president donald trump has stirred up a lot of emotion especially here in grass valley
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where the comedienne was scheduled to perform june 16 at the center for the arts on main street. >> she shouldn't be doing that. i mean, our political tone has taken such a dramatic course downhill. >> reporter: early wednesday afternoon, the center announced it was canceling the performance saying it does not condone the photos. it simply was trying to bring a comedy show to grass valley. executive director julie baker went on to say, we have received hundreds of angry and threatening emails and phone calls including threats to the vets hall building in our community. while we support miss griffin's public apology, we cannot in good faith put our patron, staff, volunteers or the artists at risk. >> there has to be some calming down. >> reporter: grass valley mayor howard levine says the backlash the center is facing is undeserved. >> it's not the center for the arts' fault. it is not anybody's fault. um, this is an entertainer who chose to make a decision about what they were going to do. >> reporter: the cancellation comes on the last day of the
6:36 pm
center's spring membership drive. the staff is also receiving a lot of support. still, some call the cancellation the wrong move. >> i don't think she should be banned from the town. i think this town is open- minded enough to -- to respect her freedom of speech. >> i think she should have been allowed and i think that mob rule should not be allowed. if a person wants to speak. >> reporter: the center says ticketholders will receive a refund from the box office by june 2. ♪[ music ] high-end bikes stolen from a bay area garage but the thief got taken for a ride. >> and "skydrone5" looks at the historic lighthouse that's now a hazard. the uncertain future for the crumbling coastal landmark.
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the cycling community and danville police teamed up for a sting operation and successfully returned stolen bikes within 24 hours. eileen swanson woke up saturday morning to find thieves had broken into her garage in danville and stolen two high- end road bikes. eileen then posted about it on facebook and the cycling community took action of a friend of a friend saw her post then while out on a bike ride the suspect approached that friend trying to sell the stolen bike. the cyclist contacted police and they arrested two martinez men. >> the suspect actually pushed it forward. they were supposed to meet the next day on sunday and the suspect said, no, please, can we meet tonight? >> it was partially luck and partially just great social media outreach and getting the community involved. >> the two martinez men have been charged with property theft, identity theft and could face burglary charges.
6:40 pm
police are on the hunts for a home burglar. video shows the man putting an expensive looking cram into a bag. the suspect took off on foot shortly after. it was once a grand lighthouse guiding ships now in serious need of repair. the fight to save this piece of maritime past >> boy, that is a beautiful shot and there's plenty of reason for a lighthouse tonight because you can't see too much if you are close to the shoreline and there are changes ahead in the weather. we'll document them as we look live towards san francisco coming up.
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a historic landmark along the california coast faces an uncertain future. this is a bird's-eye view of the pidgeon point lighthouse from "sky drone 5." the lighthouse in pescadero has been closed for years and is falling apart. our kiet do flew "skydrone5" to give us a look. >> reporter: for generations the pidgeon point lighthouse helped countless ships navigate the foggy coast. a rare lens with 1,000 glass prisms helped sailors see the
6:44 pm
light beam more than 20 miles away and steer clear of the rocky coast. but now the once majestic lighthouse that saved so many lives needs help itself. one of the tallest lighthouses on the west coast is now fenced off closed to visitors. that's because large chunks have been falling off in recent years making the area unsafe. it's gotten so bad, the rangers wouldn't even let us climb the stairs to the top. the paint is peeling. it needs a new roof. and the rust is everywhere. >> the pidgeon point lighthouse is a national treasure and iconic landmark on the coast part of our history and heritage and it really demands to be preserved and restored for generations to come. >> reporter: six months ago the california state park foti leaders it was giving up after having raised only $3 million of the $11 million that is needed. the superintendent says they are now in a transition period as they mull over options on where to find another $8 million. kaiser is optimistic.
6:45 pm
>> failure is not an option here. we have a historic landmark that deserves to be restored. it's a priority with the department and we'll do what it takes to restore it to its former glory. >> reporter: this is a big week for the lighthouse. tomorrow all the state park commissioners will be right here to get a tour of the facilities and then the day after that on friday, they will vote on the general plan to try and revamp and revitalize the lighthouse and then after that is the big push to try to find those millions of dollars to get that project going. at the pidgeon point lighthouse on the san mateo coast, kiet do, kpix 5. the backers of a plan for universal healthcare in california say that it could actually save the state billions. the new estimate came from umass. they found a single payor plan would cost california $331 billion a year, $37 billion
6:46 pm
less than the current system that leaves millions uninsured. to pay for it the state still needs to find $106 billion in tax revenue. researchers say the savings would come from eliminating insurance company overhead and controlling prescription drug costs. june is lgbtq pride months to reflect the history of gay rights and honor those who have led the fight for gender equality. here at kpix 5 we are getting ajump on the celebration! our jackie ward joins from us a reception that kpix 5 is hosting in our studios there. hey, jackie! >> reporter: hey, guys. yeah, i think we're sharing a wall or something, right? master control is between us. but check out the party. we're kicking off pride month in san francisco. it's the lgbt pride month. that's what june is. we got a nice turnout here about 150 people who are drinking some wine, meeting some kpix 5ers telling us what matters to them. so that's why we hold events like this whether it's black history month or whatever. we want to connect with people
6:47 pm
in person. that art of conversation of connecting with people face to face gets lost with all this social media with the internet and everything. but this is a really nice way to come out introduce yourself and tell us what matters to you because if it matters to you, we should probably be covering it. we are in the business of telling the community what is going on, why it's important to people so this is the best way to do it. we will be here until 7:30 tonight. if you have something we should do send us at email. so i have a glass of wine waiting for you after the show. >> way after. >> got it. >> thank you. >> see you then. i think we are sitting on the wrong side of the wall right about now. >> not for long. we have 13 minutes. and then we'll be there. we could warm up with a nice let's say hot chocolate because we do have fog out there right
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now in the bay area. you can hardly see the bay. low clouds filling in along the shoreline. tonight we'll bottom out in the mid-50s with santa rosa even cooler at 51 degrees. napa down to 51. fog and low clouds along the shoreline as previously demonstrated. sunrise at 11 minutes before 6 a.m. on thursday morning. low pressure trough triggered a few showers overnight in the bay area. didn't amount to much. futurecast shows at 7:00 tomorrow morning we'll have plenty of low clouds around the bay area especially in the south bay always way up to the diablo range. day goes on, the way they go we get sunshine there and temperatures will begin to warm up. friday will be a repeat performance. so we'll just go with "stratus quo." the usual low clouds in the morning and then sun in the
6:49 pm
afternoon. works pretty well this time of the year. clouds tonight, there will be some drizzle along the shoreline but then sun coming out by thursday afternoon for the bay and inland just not so much at the shoreline. and we'll warm it up as we head into the weekend be in the upper 80s inland. that's for saturday and sunday. for tomorrow, we're close to average. san francisco dead on cue, 65 degrees for thursday. consumer report 77. oakland 69, san jose 75. down in the south bay sunshine a little later in the morning and temperatures top out in the very pleasant range, mid-70s for tomorrow. half moon bay will be a little chilly at 59 degrees. same for pacifica. over in the east bay we'll begin with the low clouds, clear it out to the sun and forecast highs will hit 80 degrees at fairfield, same for pittsburg and antioch, low 80s for brentwood and down 680 corridor will be in the mid-70s tomorrow. very nice with clouds slower to
6:50 pm
clear in the north bay 75 petaluma. 66 degrees in stinson beach. 63 in the city. up around the lake county warm. ukiah 79. cloverdale 79. clearlake at 81 degrees. warming into the 80s on saturday and sunday. even as inland hits the 80s, we are going to keep it in the upper 60s around the bay and plenty frigid at the shoreline getting into next week in the near 90-degree range by the time we hit tuesday and wednesday. the heat is on the way. >> thank you. coming up, hearing the call of the wild. how our jefferson award winner is saving endangered animals with the help of some star power. >> and coming up tonight at 10:00 on nightbeat, whether it was this last election or last night's "covfefe" tweet from president trump, we're asking you tonight have social media had a negative or positive
6:51 pm
impact on politics? [music]
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well, for 17 years a bay area nonprofit has been working around the world to save endangered animals. it started with elephants, sharks and rhinos. and as those efforts paid off, the cofounder who is this week's jefferson award winner, says they are expanding to include even more species. >> i love these. >> reporter: for wild aid it's about the slogan. >> when the buying stops the killing can to. >> reporter: peter knights co- founded the san francisco nonprofit wild aid in 2000 with the goal of saving endangered animals. starting with shark fin, rhino horn and ivory. >> what i realized is the disconnects between the buyers and where it's coming from. how do we connect people. what i found is when people in asia knew what was going on, they were just as appalled as
6:55 pm
we would be. >> reporter: peter started in asia where a booming economy meant more people could afford exotic delicacies. >> you may be paying for more than just horns. you're paying for guns. bullets. poison arrows. >> reporter: and he realize the who better realized who better to deliver his message better than celebrities. >> why would you want to do this? >> reporter: he says in the last three years, imports of shark fins from china have dropped 80% and the chinese government has banned shark fin from official government functions. >> never do it again. >> reporter: he says the price of ivory is down 60%. and in taiwan consumption of rhino horn is down to virtually zero. the monterey bay aquarium's julie packard is one of peter's biggest supporters. >> she just zeroed in on it's people that we need to target and people that are causing the problem here. so how are we going to communicate and get them to change? >> reporter: peter realizes,
6:56 pm
changing people can bring them together. >> everybody i have met around the world cares if there's no more tigers left but we're only going to solve it by working together. >> from the plains of africa to the depths of pacific. >> reporter: so for working to save endangered animals from extinction this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to peter knight. >> wildaid is now working to save a meat considered as delicacy, scales as medicine, the world's most illegally traffic mammal. nominating someone for a jefferson award is easy online at >> awesome. >> good effort. >> for news thro ughout the evening the latest is always on our website, >> don't forget to join us for nightbeat at 10:00 on kbcw 44/cable 12. and you can see us back here tonight at 11:00. >> enjoy the night.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how are y'all? how are y'all? how's everybody today? i appreciate that. thank y'all. thank you very much. i appreciate you, man. thank you, folks. i appreciate it. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey... [cheering and applause] and we got a good one for you today. returning for their third day with a total of 20,620 bucks from san francisco, california, it's the champs, it's the hundal family. [cheering and applause] and from birmingham, alabama, it's the fitzpatrick family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win
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their self a lot of cash, and somebody trying to drive out of here in a brand-new car. hey! let's go meet the fitzpatrick family. hey, susan. susan: hello, steve! steve: well, how you doing? susan: oh, i'm so excited to meet you. i can't even stand it. steve: i know that's right. well, introduce everybody, susan. susan: ok, this is my super fine husband blake, and we-- steve: blake, how you doing? blake: doing great. how are you? steve: good. nice to meet you, man. blake: nice to meet you, too. susan: we met in high school. he walked in freshman year of high school, and i laid eyes on him, and i said, "i am going to marry him..." steve: really? susan: and so i did. i did, yep. blake: it happened. steve: really? susan: that's right. that's right. freshman year of high school. so we've been married for 10 years, and-- steve: but now you do know this. he had to want to marry you. susan: well, he did, but, you know, we have our ways, women. steve: ohh... susan: you know what i mean? steve: you kind of just like got in his eye line. susan: and i was like, "hello?


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