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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 1, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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historic paris climate agreement. >> overnight a police pursuit ends with an officer-involved shooting in the east bay. a live report on the investigation unfolding now. >> good morning, it's thursday, june 1. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. first let's start with traffic and weather. jaclyn is tracking the roads. >> good morning. we're tracking some fog. roberta has been mentioning that. we have a fog advisory in place for drivers across the golden gate bridge so take it easy. also, slowdowns as you make your way through san jose. we have been tracking delays and now we have a trash. this is northbound 101 and it's right as you approach 680 there. definitely causing a backup. we are tracking delays heading into livermore. westbound 580 reports of a new accident right near north flynn road. it's not blocking languages but you can see those speeds, they are below 40 miles per hour. 26-minute ride from 205 towards 680. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights on, and the backup
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stretches beyond the foot of the maze. it's along the eastshore freeway. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. thanks, jaclyn. morning, everybody. 6:01 right now. and our live weather camera looking outdoors from our kpix 5 studios across pier 9 you see the flag on the fly a bit of a breeze out there, small craft advisory beginning at noon. looking at the bay bridge and yerba buena island, i have been reporting all morning ceiling is down to 600 feet but now, you look at the tip-top of the towers of the bay bridge, they stand 525 feet above the bay waters. so the ceiling is roughly down to 500 feet limiting visibility from the coast into some of the bay area. sunrise over mount vaca. now we have temperatures from 50 in santa rosa to 61 in san jose. you can see the intrusion of the cloudiness along the coast into the bay this morning and locally inland about 50 miles to livermore. void of any kind of overcast skies. north bay later today clouds back to the beaches with some
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sunshine in pacifica at 60 degrees. otherwise 80s away from the bay. i'll tell you what your full forecast is still coming up at 18 after the hour. back to you. right now in the east bay, multiple agencies are investigating a police shooting that left two people injured. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in man, where the shots were fired. jessica? >> reporter: that's right, michelle. we're on pacheco boulevard near camino del sol. investigators are currently there looking at several evidence markers on the ground. what we can tell you is that police shot into that vehicle. it looks to be a charger. they shot into the vehicle shooting a suspect multiple times. that suspect was taken to the hospital. police had been looking for the suspect for about a week. on may 25 the suspect was driving recklessly. mrs. pursued him but he got away. police identified the driver as kevin decarlo of vallejo. on may 27, vallejo police say they spotted the suspect again.
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according to police, he purposely crashed his vehicle into the police car. then he fled on foot. then last night police tracked the suspect down in martinez. here is where the officers say the suspect rammed his vehicle into the officers' car. that's when officers began shooting at the suspect. he was taken to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. now, we did speak it a woman who was here all night. she says she is familiar with the suspect. >> we were -- we don't live very far from here and we heard shots, we heard pow, pow, pow type thing quite a few of them and i asked me daughter was that gunfire she is, like, i don't know. and then we heard it on the scanner. >> reporter: vallejo police say one of their officers had minor injuries. now, as you can see, again, this has been going on for quite some time this investigation. what we do see right at this hour is detectives on scene looking at those evidence markers. that's what they have been doing all early morning.
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now, of course, we're going to learn more information about what that suspect was wanted for more information about anybody else who may be involved. we're told by some witnesses that there may have been other people in that vehicle. as we learn more information we'll bring that to you. live in martinez, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. developing in central wisconsin emergency crews are on the scene of a deadly explosion. it happened at a corn milling plant early this morning. right now police are still searching for two others. there were 16 employees inside the plant at the time. most of the employees had serious injuries. the area was not evacuated and there's no threat from chemicals or fumes from the plant. president trump will announce whether the u.s. stays in or withdraws from the paris climate accord this afternoon. he tweeted the announcement last night writing i will be announcing my decision on the paris accord thursday adding his slogan, make america great
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again. cbs news has learned mr. trump already told people he will fulfill his campaign promise. reached in 2015 it calls for nearly 200 nations to reduce carbon emissions enough to keep global warming below 3.6 degrees fahrenheit. a man who helped president obama negotiate the terms says undoing it would be disastrous for president trump! >> i hope that he thinks twice about it. i hope that he listens to people on the other side. >> if the u.s. exits the agreement, it will join syria and nicaragua as nonparticipants. the president is facing backlash from democrats if he leaves the deal. anne makovec has more. >> reporter: a lot of california leaders are not happy about the possibility of withdrawing from the historic agreement. california has long been a leader among u.s. states in
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carbon policy and governor jerry brown is vowing to keep it up despite the decisions coming from washington, dc. brown says california will work with governments around the world to combat climate change even if the president trump rolls back domestic environmental regulations. the fact that president trump is far from on board, brown says, is actually turned into a plus. >> trump is not hurting the cause of climate change. he is giving it new life and vitality. >> reporter: brown is fired up. he is leaving tomorrow for his second trip to china as governor. he is going to promote california's climate policies at a conference of global energy ministers encouraging individual states, provinces, cities and other nonnational governments to take their own actions to reduce greenhouse gases. and most california politicians are in agreement with that. lieutenant governor newsom tweeted.
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>> reporter: house minority leader nancy pelosi tweeted that trump's decision to support a dirty energy agenda and pull out of paris agreement is a grave threat to our planet! now, while he was on his trip abroad last week, president trump repeatedly was pressed to stay in the deal by leaders. but as we have seen, the president has his own mind. >> if the u.s. does pull out of the agreement, how much of an impact could this make on global warming? >> reporter: really could be significant! we're hearing from a lot of "experts" their predictions on this. the u.s. is second only to china when it comes to emitting carbon dioxide. so abandoning this deal would matter. one estimate shows the u.s. to contribute to an increase of as much as .3 degrees celsius, 3 degrees fahrenheit in global temperatures by the end of the century if the country abandons there deal! >> thank you. the warriors are gearing up for game one of the nba finals.
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the team will have home-court advantage as they take on the cleveland cavs tonight. golden state took to twitter sharing this photo of the jumbotron inside oracle arena writing, it begins. kpix 5s jackie ward is live inside oracle with tips for fans heading to tonight's game. jackie. >> reporter: yeah. oracle is all decked out with the nba finals gear and my hand is decorated this morning with the 2015 championship ring. this is what it's all about. i mean, yes, they want to win the game for the love of the sport and for honor and redemption and all that good stuff but the hardware doesn't hurt, either. this is a member of the pr team. they let us borrow it for 20 minutes. but "dub nation," how spoiled is what we expected, right? cavs and warriors in the finals? this group of guys isn't taking anything for grant though. and they were working yesterday at practice. this year has been all about redemption. to commemorate the finals a lot
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of us want the swag, right? if you are spending money. the nba reminds buyers not to buy counterfeit. a lot of counterfeiters come out when there's an event like this so look for the nba hologram, the name of a licensee like adidas, and a good quality product with nice embroidering. >> and you want to go to a reputable store. you don't want to buy off the street or flea market. so if you want it come to the oracle center, here's the team store or nba or something like that. >> reporter: per year, estimated value of counterfeit and pirated goods worldwide is up to $970 billion. more than 11 million pieces of unauthorized merchandise has seized since 1992 by the coalition to advance the protection of sports logos. that's equivalent to $425 million. so one of the questions on everyone's mind today is if coach kerr will make a return. well, that is still to be
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determined because he is hoping to come back at some point during the finals. he has been out of course for health reasons since the first round of the play-offs. game one against the trail blazers. but we don't know if he will be here tonight. he will talk to the team at halftime like he has been doing but we'll see. we'll know closer to tip-off at 6:00 tonight. not 7:30. live from oracle, jackie ward, kpix 5. and don't worry if you don't have tickets to tonight's game. there are plenty of places to watch the game. viewing parties all across the bay area. the new parkway theater in oakland is showing the game. tickets are $10. for six bucks a ticket you can watch the game at the alameda theater and cineplex tip-off at 6:00. at roberta's house. lots of food! [ laughter ] >> we'll get that to you.
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time now 6:10. a brewing court battle next. the company that's filing a lawsuit against bart this morning. >> hey, it's the first day of june and just on cue we have "june gloom." the low clouds and fog and the effect on your thursday. the weather forecast is coming up. >> we are tracking a foggy ride for drivers heading along 280 through daly city. and 880. checking in problem-free. likely going to be very busy this afternoon and evening. we'll have more on that coming up. >> plus, a school's bilingual immersion program is one of the best in the bay.
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. a plan years in the making to bring businesses to bart stations has fallen apart. the developer is now suing bart. transmart is suing the transit
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agency for alleged breach of contract. it claims, quote, the agency went back on its promises by not establishing an independent design review committee and not providing feedback in response to documents. while bart blames the problem on transmart saying the company did not follow obligations outlined in the contract. today we should learn more about a project in vallejo. city council members will meet to vote on the waterfront cement factory proposal. a lot of residents are calling it an environmental nightmare. they don't want it close to homes and schools. the vallejo planning commission rejected it in february. the applicants appealed that decision. oakland international airport is set to receive millions of dollars from the faa to make repairs on its main runway. the boost follows a significant increase in both passenger volume and flights offered at the airport. the total number of passengers at oakland international airport is up 12.8% from the same time last year.
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the $7 million in funding is set to improve the pavement and minimize debris on the runways. time check 6:15. time to check traffic and weather. >> reporter: let's go with jaclyn. >> right now i have some good news and bad news. >> okay. >> 880 the nasty nimitz heading through oakland is looking pretty good if you are making your way northbound to the bay bridge. but it's going to be very busy this afternoon. >> we were waiting for a but. >> but. [ laughter ] >> i said i have good news and bad news. so just keep that in mind if you are going to be traveling on the roads this afternoon, evening, heading through oakland. 880 will be jam-packed for those going to the game. avoid the area. right now we are tracking a little foggy ride for drivers heading through the peninsula. this is 101 near 380 north of sfo. still good no delays along this stretch moving right at the
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limit. golden gate bridge socked in with that fog. roberta will have more on that coming up. but a fog advisory in place for drivers making their way across the span. please be careful and refrain from using high beams and that crash in san jose northbound 101 as you approach oakland road traffic backed up to 680 with the cruising speed below 25 miles per hour. here's roberta. >> all righty. let's go lead and get to it this morning. this is our live weather camera looking out from our kpix 5 studios on broadway and battery in san francisco past pier 9. a flag on the fly there. a little bit of a wave on the bay waters where we have a small craft advisory in place at noon today. we see a very low ceiling this morning. the ceiling is dropping with the intrusions of the marine layer that's "pushhhhing" into the bay. temperatures now 49 in santa
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rosa. john miller our weather watcher in santa rosa says it's 51, clear skies. chilly at his house. he is ready for tonight's warriors game! go john! all right. we have our satellite-radar suggesting that we have the marine layer roughly about 1,000 feet deep in comparison to yesterday morning it was 2,000 feet and more expansive extensive and widespread. we see clear skies in santa rosa. filling in around the san mateo coastline. the wind speeds are under 10 miles per hour for the most part except fairfield at 16. winds do become breezy later this afternoon. occasional stronger gusts winds out of the northwest and more of a westerly direction late afternoon. so the clouds will clear out today. some breezy afternoon winds. friday more sunshine. and warmer conditions. this weekend you can plan on saturday being the warmest of the two, a good weekend for the
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first weekend of june. so our ridge of high pressure right here is beginning to build in. but it's very weak. nonetheless, we are scrubbing out the stratus by about lunchtime today throughout most areas just hanging tight to the immediate seashore around the sunset district, backing through ocean beach. otherwise, staying socked in half moon bay. then later tomorrow morning, we see the clouds a shallower deck streaming into the tri-valley backing off very quickly. ample sunshine. good-looking saturday morning for sleeping gray skies but then watch how rapidly the clouds clear. everybody enjoys some sunshine on our saturday. statewide 46 up to 72. chance of thunderstorms late day in the high sierra. today's temperatures 60s at the beaches, high 60s and the rim of the bay, 70s at the peninsula, 70s and 80s inland. this temperature in san jose roughly about 3 degrees warmer than yesterday. 80 degrees in santa rosa
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topping yesterday's reading of 76. warmer tomorrow. then on saturday, 84. slight dip in temperatures for our outside number on sunday. then toasty and summery next week. for more than 30 years, river glen school has established its two-way bilingual immersion program. it has become a model for similar programs and it's this week's "cool school." ♪[ music ] [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: when sarah charles first entered river glen school as a kindergartner, she had to learn a new language. >> well, i could kind of follow along. it was still really hard learning. um, but now it's not hard. >> reporter: for the first two years, the school has an 80-20 program. 80% of the material is taught in spanish. even math class. [ speaking spanish ] >> you would be amazed how fast kids get the second language. >> reporter: mastering two languages is the main goal but not the only one. this person has been teaching here for nearly 20 years.
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>> they learn about different cultures. so it opens their minds up to learning about other people, about the world. >> we're like a big family, and we help each other. >> we see it in the classroom, you see how they care about each other. you see how they help each other. and even when the teacher is not asking them to help, they just do it and it's pretty amazing to watch. >> reporter: what else is impressive? these third graders are already thinking long term. >> i want to be a doctor like my mom. and my mom says that since i'm bilingual like her, it's going to help me get a job. >> reporter: to put them to the test, i asked them to respond in spanish. why do you want to become a pediatrician? [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: can you describe what you just said to me in spanish? >> it will give me more advantages and opportunities for things that i would like to do when i grow up. >> it's a flat world these days.
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and they need to be able to communicate with as many people as we can. >> to give you a sense of how popular this program, more than 100 students are on the waiting list already for kindergarten next year for just 26 slots. and there are some challenges of course to set these schools up one being the lack of qualified teachers. there's of course extra credentials to teach at a school like this. >> it's easier for them to learn at a young age than when they get older. there are five other schools in the union fight school district with similar programs like this but this one started it all. >> very cool. and i'm dennis o'donnell, coming up, story angle number 607 for the nba finals which finally start tonight. i got the giants and the a's all straight ahead. ,,
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good morning, everybody. the last week leading up to these nba finals has resembled the lead-up to the super bowl. who is going to cover lebron is kerr going to coach, will the warriors go undefeated in the post-season? will draymond keep his cool? and there's one more. warriors acting head coach mike brown faces his former team. of course, brown coached cavs stars lebron james and kyrie irving over two stints in cleveland.
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he says this series ain't about revenge on the team that twice threw him out the door. >> i'm not looking at this as, you know, cleveland fired me twice, this is a time to get back at 'em or is there any extra incentive, no! i just wanna win! >> just win, baby. >> i don't care who it is. i just want to be part of a winning program and be the last team quote, unquote standing. 49ers first round picks thomas check out the giants and nationals last night. i wonder if he can hit? 13 pitches into the game ryan zimmerman off matt cain a three- run shot but plenty of support for that man. matt scherzer a complete game allowing one run struck out 11. washington wins 3-1 and they sweep the series. the a's john menaea struck out nine in seven innings for his third straight win. in the fifth chad pender went deep for the second time in the
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game to break a tie. a's win 3-1 snapping their four- game losing streak. and i'll tell you stanley cup final penguins lead the series 2 games to none, over the predators with a 4-1 win last night. tonight, game one of the nba finals. i will see you at "roar-acle." today is the day president trump set to announce his decision on whether or not to pull out of the paris climate agreement meant to combat global warming. what that could mean next. >> plus, the three bay area planned parenthood clinics shutting down and why the agency says it's deciding to close them.
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a lot of people both ways. >> tase the day president trump plans to withdraw from the agreement today, and california lawmakers are weighing in. >> his denial his statement that climate change is a hoax is so absurd and so unbelievable and so outrageous. >> good morning, it is thursday, june 1. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:31. the president could face a lot of backlash if he walks away from the deal. anne makovec joins us now tell us what local lawmakers are thinking. >> yeah. president trump is getting push back from here on the west coast obviously and really around the world! because abandoning this climate change pact would isolate the u.s. from almost all of our international allies who spent years negotiating the agreement. the goal is to fight global
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warming and pollution by reducing carbon emission worldwide and california has long been a leader amongst u.s. states in carbon policy. governor jerry brown is vowing to keep it up despite the decisions coming from washington, dc. brown is leaving tomorrow for china. he is going to attend a conference of global energy ministers. he will be encouraging individual states, provinces, cities and other nonnational governments to take their own actions to reduce greenhouse gases something he is taking into his own hands. >> trump turns off the satellites, california will launch its own damn satellite! we're going to collect that data. >> reporter: california set a goal to use 100% renewable energy by 2045, which is a lofty goal. san francisco mayor ed lee joining the opponents to the pullout plan. he tweeted: >> many bay area companies are publicly supporting the paris
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climate agreement including apple, google, "salesforce" and adobe. the president is set to make his announcements at noon our time today. if he withdraws, there would be dismantling many of former president obama's policies to reduce climate change. that could take up to three years. thank you so much. time now 6:33. as we take a live look outside, the picture on your left that's a shot of the traffic in san jose and on the right that's the golden gate bridge. you can see hardly see it this morning. there's a lot of fog out there in san francisco. >> it's such a difference with the two shots though, right? >> just on cue it is the first day of june and we do have "june gloom"! which means along the coast we are going to have a lot of people in sweatshirts for the next 30 days and all the way into july. hi, everybody! good morning. let's take a look at this now. it's our view of sfo. we have delays now on some arriving flights 43 minutes. temperatures we are in the 40s now in santa rosa with clear
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skies there. otherwise, overcast in san jose at 61. we have a plane taking off. overcast conditions in redwood city. we have conditions around the san mateo coast this morning roughly patchy from the sonoma coast all the way into santa cruz. temperatures in the bay area this time of the year 70s around the peninsula 57 in san jose. 70s and 80s east of the bay 82 outside number in brentwood and 63 stinson beach compared with 77 in novato. full forecast still coming up at 48 after the hour but let's see how busy she is, here's jaclyn. >> it's busy at the bay bridge toll plaza. it isn't shocking news but we are dealing with a crash in that same location. it's just going to make the ride worse. so let's get to it. delays are building. we are in the red below 5 miles
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per hour. that's your cruising speed approaching those metering lights. travel time along the eastshore freeway jumped into the yellow 28 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. now here's a look at the backup into the foot of the maze. the bay bridge toll plaza in the red now 25-minute ride into downtown san francisco. and it's very foggy over at the golden gate bridge. keep yourself safe. now in the east bay an investigation is under way into a police shooting that sent two people to the hospital. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in martinez with the latest. jessica. >> reporter: this happened near pacheco boulevard near camino del sol. live at the scene police have been here overnight around 9:30 p.m. last night. they are investigating the scene now. they shot into the vehicle shooting a suspect multiple times and they say they have been looking for the suspect for quite some time since about
6:36 am
may 25. on may 25 vallejo police say the suspect was driving recklessly police pursued him but he got away. police identified the driver as kevin decarlo of vallejo. on may 27 the suspect again purposely apparently crashed his vehicle into the patrol car then he ran off. then last night police tracked the suspect down in martinez. rammed his vehicle into the officer's car and that's when officers from vallejo police shot at him. he was shot milt up times. he was taken to the hospital. a woman is on scene all night and that she's familiar with the suspects. >> my son was right here next to the school. he heard a girl screaming and so he came running down here and he was here like within seconds. then we showed up and they all knew who it was.
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>> reporter: vallejo police say one of their officers had minor injuries. now, contra costa county sheriff's department and the contra costa county district attorney's office are here also investigating this officer- involved shooting. the suspect is in seriousreporting live in martinez, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. condition. san francisco police are holding a town hall meeting today to give an update on an officer-involved shooting. it happened outside a home in bayview last month. officers were called to a home invasion. when they arrived, several suspects ran out the back door. one of the suspects reportedly shot at officers. that's when one officer fired back. this morning an oakland police officer is due in court for allegedly kipping off a sex worker about an antiprostitution raid. waterhouse faces two felony counts of conspiracy to obstruct justice and also fades
6:38 am
one misdemeanor account of engaging in an act of prostitution. oakland police say that ryan waterhouse's case is unrelated to the scandal involving celeste guap. a measure to dramatically change the bail system in california is moving forward. the state senate approved the bill yesterday. under the measure, nonviolent defendants would no longer have to pay a money bail. other defendants would have to pay but income would be considered. the bill heads to the assembly. three bay area planned parenthood clinics are preparing to shut and now the nonprofit is saying that more closures will be on the way following the repeal of obamacare. the richmond, pittsburg and vacaville locations will close on june 30. the main factor low reimbursement rates. the federal and state government repays planned parenthood for providing "services" to medi-cal patients. california's reimbursement rate is one of the lowest in the country. >> we continue to have patients coming to see us and patients who need our care but we're
6:39 am
not, um, we're not seeing the, um, financial support that we really need. >> the republicans replacement american healthcare act which passed the house would cut all federal funding for planned parenthood. fired fbi director james comey could testify before a senate committee as early as next week. he will be asked about whether president trump pressured him to end his investigation into an aide's possible ties with russia. he may stand by accounts that the president demanded loyalty before he was fired. this morning president trump took to twitter writing, quote, the big story is the unmasking and surveillance of people that took place during the obama administration. the president has fallen to his lowest approval rating among californians since he took office with 27% approving of the job he is doing. that's according to the public policy institute of california. the poll also found only 26% of
6:40 am
state residents approve congress. the nba finals are finally here! we'll tell you what the fans are getting if you come to the game tonight for free but we'll also tell you what to look out for if you are looking to purchase any finals merchandise. >> plus, uber just lost millions of dollars last quarter. this as the company deals with a loss of another top employee. >> the market just opened up: >> coming up we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks.
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the warriors are gearing up for game one of the nba finals. the team will have home-court advantage as they take on the cleveland cavaliers tonight.
6:44 am
golden state took to twitter sharing this photo of golden state practicing yesterday at oracle arena. kpix 5's jackie ward is live inside the arena with some tips for fans before tonight's big game one. >> reporter: not only does the team take care of us by winning and making it to the finals for a third year in a row, they are trying to hook the fans. but first, it is all gold everything in oracle this morning. these are the shirts that are on more than 19,000 seats inside oracle arena. every fan will get this tonight. we also got rattlely sleeves tossed to random fans in the crowd. then you have your car flag classic. you also have the classic thunder sticks. so the cavill here's miss all their free throws. this is really cool. it only works if you are in the arena. this is an l.e.d. bracelet that lights up and it's connected to sensors in the arena. so it's cool. we caught up with the team at practice and they were shooting around getting ready for the game.
6:45 am
it's at 6:00. not at 7:30. so you have to hustle home after work so you can catch every minute of the game. so obviously i just showed you a lot of the free cool swag out there. there's a lot of cool swag out there of course that you can buy to commemorate the warriors's third consecutive trip to the finals everything from ts and hats to a full suit believe it or not. it's sold exclusively online. but this is the time of year counterfeiters really want to capitalize and take advantage of uninformed consumers. the nba tells us what buyers should look for before they buy something. hologram sticker, good embroidery and quality material. >> so compare that to the fake. there's no holographic sticker. there's no licensee information in the middle. >> reporter: so you can still buy tickets to tonight's sold- out game. the average cost for game one according to particular tick pick is $1,800 per ticket.
6:46 am
live at the arena, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> that's why i'll be watching on my couch. time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." charlie rose joins us from new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. former trump campaign adviser carter page is in studio 57. we asked this question why he is eager to testify about allegations he communicated with russian agents. plus we have a preview of oliver stone's interviews with president vladimir putin. he talks about why he is still alive after multiple assassination attempts. and this a new fight between president trump and hillary clinton erupts on twitter! all of that plus the eye-opener your world in 90 seconds, we'll see you at 7:00. >> charlie, i know you're supposed to remain neutral but just smile for us if you -- >> i know where you're going! >> just smile. >> all right. >> he is rooting for the warriors! >> i'm -- [ laughter ]
6:47 am
>> by the way, i interviewed steph curry your great shooter while he was still in college. >> oh, wow. >> yes. >> that's amazing. and look where he is at now. >> he and his father together. >> right. well, charlie, thanks so much. we'll see you at 7:00. go, warriors! >> okay. >> his alma mater? >> i know he is a fan. >> steph curry. >> i don't know. >> davidson. >> oh. >> okay. >> good to know. >> more americans are looking for work than expected. but it's not all bad news on the job front. for those details let's check in with kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: it looks like employers are doing quite a bit of hiring in the spring. adp says the private sector added 253,000 jobs in may bigger than expected. economists expect the labor department to report only 175,000 jobs in its report tomorrow. gains were widespread, construction, education, health
6:48 am
and professional and business services. labor meanwhile today reporting that unemployment claims did rise. up to 248,000 a second straight weekly increase. stock market trying to nudge into positive territory today after two straight days of losses. let's check the big board. >> thank you. time now 6:48. let's check traffic with jaclyn. >> tracking a big accident and this is not looking good for drivers along 101. ling northbound 101 near cotati, heading northbound, an overturned vehicle and couple other cars involved blocking at least two lanes possibly three at this point. so just a heads up if you travel this stretch likely to be in for some big delays. give yourself some extra time. over at the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza, things are starting to back up. we are in the yellow as you
6:49 am
make your approach both from richmond parkway and marina bay parkway. a little under 15 minutes along from the richmond parkway. very foggy conditions for drivers heading across the golden gate bridge. fog advisory in effect. roberta will have more on that right now. roberta? ♪[ music ] >> good morning, everyone. thank you so much, jaclyn! it looks like at 6:49 we are socked in with that marine layer that jaclyn was alluding to along the coast and well into the bay with areas of drizzle. when you cannot see the tip-top of the bay bridge you got to believe that the ceiling is down to 500 feet. those towers are 525 feet above the bay waters. oh, if you can see it, this is amazing this past season, you can see a rip current developing right there over our bay waters. we have a small craft advisory going into effect at noon. now, from the bay bridge to the golden gate bridge where we have areas of drizzle totally socked in this morning, winds have been up to about 12 miles
6:50 am
per hour. santa rosa clear skies 49 degrees there. otherwise everybody reporting gray skies including linda our weather watcher in fairfield with the winds up to 16 miles per hour. air temperature 56. thanks so much linda. winds around the bay this morning have been under 10 but in the fairfield area, as linda was saying, the national weather service is reporting a southwest breeze at 16. breeze remains with us this afternoon. socked in along the coast and about 50 miles inland to the east. but no cloud cover. it's the north bay. we have those variable winds later today up to 20 miles per hour. otherwise more sunshine on friday. warmer conditions. the warmest day this weekend in case you're trying to keep track of things will be on saturday. so this is high pressure. the huge ridge will begin to build in and encompass the state of california. here's your futurecast. plan outdoor activities today with sunshine all the way back to the immediate seashore. then we fill back in with the clouds tonight. tomorrow morning at this time, clouds stream all the way past
6:51 am
hayward into the tri-valley. it's a more shallow deck of low clouds retreating to ample sunshine during the day. we wake up with cloudy skies saturday. but look how fast it burns off during the afternoon hours. and then temperatures soar to the mid-80s at the delta. at the state capital today 83 degrees. we'll have some sunshine in monterey bay into carmel. good-looking weekend in tahoe. 86 degrees in fresno. 60s, 70s and 80s, take your pick, you like the cool stuff go to the coast. you like the warm stuff, go to fairfield, back in through antioch, pittsburg, pleasant hill to brentwood, tracy, oakley, discovery bay. warmer friday. the dry weather pattern will continue each day through next wednesday with toasty temperatures. hey, michelle, what are you up to over there? >> i'm up to a lot! talking about those temperatures, i'm staying in the east bay. uber just lost its finance chief and $708 million last
6:52 am
quarter. that's not counting stock compensation expenses. the news came as uber also said its head of finance is leaving. the ride hailing startup said it is now initiating a search for a cfo with public company experience with. the move could kick off uber's march to go public. now you can easily explore the world's best museums thanks to google. when you search for art related things you will have access to more relevant results and on google maps you will be able to walk through the museum rooms with annotations and information on the wall next to each piece. google says it gets 500 million art-related searches each month. 6:52. eyeing a presidential bid? next what senator kamala harris is saying about her political future. >> reporter: vallejo police shoot a man here in martinez and it's still a very active scene. i'm jessica flores live with the details coming up.
6:53 am
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i'm jessica flores live in martinez where vallejo police shot and injured a man. take a look live at the scene behind me. you can see a vehicle in the ditch into that brown vehicle. police shot the suspects after he ramirez his car into a police patrol car. the suspect was taken to the hospital in serious condition and a police officer had minor injuries. he had been evading police for a week. he hit their car and fled on foot. last night they shot him in martinez. he plowed his car into their vehicle so they shot at him. contra costa county sheriff's department and the contra costa county district attorney's office are on scene investigating. back to you.
6:57 am
time now 6:57. it's time for your "final 5. president trump will announce whether the u.s. stays in or withdraws from the paris climate accord this afternoon. he tweeted the announcement last night. it's widely believed the president will pull the u.s. out of the agreement fulfilling his campaign promise. despite speculation, kamala harris will not run for president in 2020. she made the comment last night while speaking at a conference hosted by recode. in central wisconsin emergency crews are on the scene of a deadly explosion at a corn milling plant this morning. right now police are still searching for two others. later today we'll learn about a project in vallejo. city council members will vote on the waterfront cement factory proposal. the warriors are gearing up for game one of the nba finals. this is a live look inside
6:58 am
oracle arena. it's going to be "roar-acle" very soon! you can see all of those yellow t-shirts on the seats and cleaning up that court. the team of will have home- court advantage as they take on the cleveland cavaliers tonight. and 880 already seeing some action. we are tracking a new accident northbound direction right near hesperian boulevard over on the shoulder. we are seeing slowdowns in the southbound direction 21 minutes from 238 to 84. that overturned vehicle crash in the north bay northbound 101 near railroad avenue has one lane blocked and traffic is stacked up beyond the railroad avenue there. so give yourself some extra time. speeds dropping below 20 miles per hour. "slow, stop, go." roberta? >> thank you, jaclyn. good morning, everyone. your time check is 6:58. this is our live weather camera. you can see a plane taking off but we have delays now at sfo some some some up to 43 minutes due to the bank of low clouds and fog. it's clear in santa rosa at 50.
6:59 am
otherwise everybody is shrouded in a deck of gray skies. satellite and radar suggests the marine layer surges inland 50 to 60 miles east. no clouds to the north. temperatures clearing back to the coast at 60 in pacifica high 60s around the bay. good morning in redwood city at 75 degrees back to through mountain. 77 san jose. we have 70s, 80s to the north and east. warmer friday and saturday. slightly cooler sunday. but then you have toasty temperatures next week and it's going to be tailgating, hey some fun at "roar-acle" in the 60s no clouds, go, "dubs"! boy. >> going to be wild. "karl the fog" came back to the bay area just to see the nba finals. he tweeted out said bow down before your gray overlord. so welcome back, "karl the fog." >> the "san francisco chronicle" this morning they have a special insert on the warriors coverage and they say this is probably going to be one of the best finals in history. >> it will be. ♪[ music ]
7:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, june 1st, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." president trump announces today if he will pull out of the paris climate agreement signed y nearly 200 countries. and the president launches a new feud with hillary clinton on twitter over the russians and the election. >> newly released police dash cam video shows tiger woods struggling to stand and answer questions before his arrest for suspected dui. >> plus a look at oliver stone's vladimir


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