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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  June 2, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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andre iguodala! >> now at 11:00 the warriors made it look like a slam dunk tonight. the dubs dominated game one of the nba finals. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. we have team coverage tonight from oracle. first kpix5's christin ayers. >> reporter: yeah, warriors fans on a high tonight coming out of oracle arena. how could you not be after that performance? but this is also a big win for law enforcement tonight. they stepped up security here at oracle for tonight's game. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: this was a game die hard fans weren't going to miss. tickets going for unspeakable prices. how much did you pay? >> he can't say because i don't know. >> that's right, that's right. >> he can't say. >> the average price on game time right now that sold is about $700. it was about 650 two or three
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years ago. >> reporter: the only thing that compared to the outsized prices was the massive secure presence here tonight. officers patrolled the grounds outside oracle arena in small groups. authorities made the call to increase manpower after the manchester attack. there were additional bomb squads on hand tonight with extra bomb sniffing dogs. >> very secure, very safe. >> we are impressed. there's a lot of security, which i like to see. i was speaking with a couple of the oakland officers on the way in and i think they've done a very good job keeping us safe and secure. >> reporter: that was just what fans saw. authorities said they also increased security behind the scenes and when the game let out tonight, their focus turned from inside the arena to the perimeter so fans could cheer on their team in peace. >> i'm all for it, you know. safety is our main priority. i mean we're all trying to come here and have fun, not have to worry about, you know, extra people coming in and trying to harm us.
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>> reporter: now things went smoothly tonight. as soon as the game was over, law enforcement officials were out here patrolling the exterior to try to keep people safe as they were exiting. so far we've heard no word about any safety issues tonight. ken and liz? >> christin ayers recording live outside, thank you. sports director dennis o'donnell inside. he was near the floor and then out in the locker room for some postgame reaction tonight. dennis, what were the players talking about? >> reporter: everything good and cleveland the complete opposite. where do you go from here? what do you do? you got to cut down on the turnovers. it went on and on. the warriors might be an awful lot of fun to watch, but they aren't fun to wager on in las vegas. the cleveland cavaliers were given just a 7% chance of winning this series. when asked about that, lebron james said, "when i go to vegas, i only play blackjack." but lebron james crapped out tonight as the cleveland cavaliers did as well.
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cleveland had no interest in guarding kevin durant. he comes down the lane untouched with a head of steam and throws down two of his 38 points. golden state was up 8 at the half. durant and steph curry was the lethal combination everybody comes to expect. curry shakes lebron out of his shoes, nails the three. steph had 28. warriors win in take rout -- in a rout 113-91 and have yet to lose in this postseason. >> like i said, focus on what's in front of you. we win one game. now we look to sunday, try to do it again. we've been here before and know there's a lot of work left to do, so good start. >> reporter: the warriors are winning their games. coming into this game tonight by an average of 16 point 3 points per game. coming up a little bit later on we'll take you back inside the locker room with more reaction. live at oracle dennis o'donnell, kpix5. >> such a great game, thanks. we'll get back to you later in sports. we have some new video
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coming in tonight from a police officer's body camera of the moment a gunbattle broke out in san francisco. [ gunshots ] >> shots fired, shots fired! >> yeah. this happened in the bayview on may 21st. officers were going after some home invasion suspects. police say one of these guys started shooting and then a single officer fired back. no one was hit. the pictures from sfpd show bullet holes in a wooden fence outside the home on quesada street. three officers were standing on the other side of that fence when the shooting started. suspects ran through the neighboring yards. police caught up with one of them eventually, but it's not clear if he is the suspected gunman. the others are still at large. tonight the verdict is in for three santa clara county jail guards accused of beating a mentally ill inmate to death.
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kpix5's betty yu tells us they've all been found guilty of murder. >> the jury reached its decision after three days of deliberation. the jail guards were stoic and calm after the verdicts were read. each man is facing sentences of 15 years to life in prison. they were supposed to uphold the law inside the santa clara county jail, but today three former correctional deputies learned that they will find themselves spending a long time behind bars. >> it's a sad day when law enforcement officers are convicted, when those who are sworn to uphold the law and frequent others instead choose to victimize and in this case kill a mentally ill inmate. >> reporter: a jury found the trio, matthew farris, jereh lubrin and rafael rodriguez guilty of second degree murder for beating mentally ill inmate michael tyree to death in august, 2015. >> the acts carried out by these three individuals have tarnished the reputation of this profession and of our entire agency.
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conversely, i stand behind the hard work and dedication of the 1,400 deputies who perform their job every day. >> reporter: prosecutors said tyree was beaten so violently it ruptured his spleen and liver and caused him to bleed to death in his cell. there is no surveillance video of the incident, but key evidence included text messages the deputies sent to each other bragging about previous beatings of mentally ill inmates. >> that stuff is always very influential to a jury, the fact that they had it in this case, i have to believe had to be influential in how they came to making their conclusion and deciding that these officers were absolutely and actually guilty for their behavior. >> reporter: legal analyst paul henned son said this verdict makes clear -- henderson said this verdict makes clear that law enforcement officers are not above the law. >> that's the message that it sends to law enforcement is they still have to be accountable to the public and that public includes folks that
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have been charged with crimes. >> tyree was serving time for misdemeanor theft and drug possession. he was housed in a cell by himself in a section that was reserved for inmates who have special needs. the men are scheduled to be sentenced on september 1st. betty yu, kpix5. tonight three men are convicted of murdering a young mother in west oakland in march, 2015. 30-year-old chenille pierce tried to shield her own children from a gun battle outside her home on chestnut street. she was caught in the crossfire. today an alameda county jury found these three men, michael stills, alex davis and anthony degree murder. sentencing is scheduled for august and september. several other suspects still face trial. tonight the trump administration is appealing to the supreme court to bring back the president's revised travel ban. mr. trump wants to block entry for citizens from six majority
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muslim countries. government lawyers want the supreme court to overturn last week's ruling by an appeals court in virginia. that keeps a freeze on the ban in place. they are also asking the high court justices to accept the case for oral arguments. also tonight president trump tweeted, "my job always president is to do everything within my power to give america a level playing field #americafirst," this after he pulled the united states out of a global agreement to fight climate change. he did leave the door open to negotiations, but veronica de la cruz shows us tonight some world leaders say it's too late. >> it's going to take four years to firmly withdraw from the paris climate accord in. that time president trump says he's going to try to cut a deal that he says would be fair to the united states, but several european countries say that that is not possible. tonight paris city hall all lit up in green of the protest of the president's decision.
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in the ceremonial rose garden today president trump criticized the obama administration for negotiating a deal that he said hurts american workers. mr. trump said it would lead to millions of job losses and redistribute u.s. wealth to the rest of the world. >> we want fair treatment for its citizens and we want fair treatment for our taxpayers. we don't want other leaders and other countries laughing at us anymore and they won't be. >> white house chief strategist steve bannon and epa administrator scott pruett led the argument to leave the agreement. secretary of state rex tillerson and the president's daughter ivanka tried but failed to convince mr. trump to stay in. the heads of most major u.s. corporations also wanted mr. trump to stay in the paris accord. tesla ceo elon musk tweeted he is departing two councils and
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adding that climate change affects the world. 195 countries joined the paris climate accord to limit the emissions of greenhouse gases. the u.s. joins syria and nicaragua as the only countries not joining the accord. >> the president said even as this administration joins a small -- president obama said even as this administration joins a small group of people that reject the future, i'm convinced that our states and cities will step up and do even more to lead the way. 12 years ago a downs syndrome child was gone without a trace, tonight new clues in the case. >> tonight there's a new tool to finally come up with a fix for this california disaster. >> this bay area plaza ,,,,,,,,,
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it's been 12 years since a
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woman with downs syndrome disappeared without a trace in the bay area. tonight police released a new clue in the case. heather blume traveled from new york to berkeley in june, 2005 to visit her sister and has not been seen since. heather will be 40 years old now. police released this facial composite tonight hoping someone might recognize her. in 2005 heather and her mom stayed with heather's sister in this apartment complex on parker street. >> phenomenon went back to new york -- mom went back to new york and that was the last time she saw her daughter in 2005, september 11th of 2005. she hasn't heard from her daughter since. it's as though she disappeared off the face of the earth. >> heather's sister moved out of the apartment in 2007. state engineers are trying to fix that main spillway at the oroville dam testing out new ideas on a giant replica. we'll see the effort to get those repairs done before the next rainy season. >> reporter: blasting away the
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old in order to rebuild the new. >> right now we are demolishing the part of the spillway that is going to be completely rebuilt this year. >> reporter: crews at the oroville dam are removing 2/3 of the spillway concrete, roughly 2,000 feet. in the next 10 days construction of the new spillway will begin. >> the goal for november 1st is to build an entirely new spillway. >> reporter: but before those construction plans are in place teams of engineers have looked at many different options and designs. >> we're simulating approximately 750 vertical feet of elevation. >> reporter: plans are tested on this scale model built by engineers at utah state university. >> the modeling removes some of the uncertainty, some of the unknowns. >> reporter: michael johnson is lead engineer on the model project. the replica is the largest his lab has ever built. >> we're looking at the capacity of the chute to make sure it has sufficient capacity to pass floods in excess of the floods that was experienced in
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february. >> reporter: cwr has used the model to test different computer generations and analysis. >> it's one component on a very large, complex project. >> reporter: a mighty model helping engineers rebuild a 3,000-foot long spillway that's as wide as a 16 lane freeway. >> we want to look at every option that we possibly can to make sure that we're picking the best solution. >> reporter: in sacramento, conditions be with. in the past week along a rash of car burglaries have hit b.a.r.t. stations across the bay area. police say a 12-year-old suspect they arrested broke into at least 16 cars including nine at the millbrae station. they say they caught the teen- ager and another minor breaking into a car near the daly city station yesterday afternoon. >> he was able to take those two individuals into custody. as that progressed, they got more information and learned that one of those juveniles, a
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teenage boy, was the likely suspect for the break-ins. >> now because the suspect is a minor, b.a.r.t. police are not releasing his name. $10 million makeover, messed up in a couple minutes. emily turner shows us a simple payment job is leaving its mark in santa rosa tonight. >> reporter: santa rosa's old courthouse square cost $10.5 million and took a year to build, but it only took a few minutes to mark. >> it was a little shocking and frustrating all at the same time. >> reporter: less than a month after the grand opening volunteers with the rose parade and festival painted up vendor stalls all over the new pavers. >> they thought they were buying paint that was chalk based and not necessarily faint, but unfortunately it appears what they bought was faint that was chalklike. now we're trying to figure out how to remove the paint. >> reporter: this is the soaking sound of that regret. the city is trying to pressure
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wash the paint off. until some paint unsticks there's no telling how much the clean-up will cost. >> it's just ridiculous. i really think that before you even would start spraying something you'd find out what it would do to the pavers. you don't just start spraying on something that just cost $10 million. >> reporter: which is where insurance comes in. use of the square requires it. so either the rose parade's carrier will pay or the parade people themselves, but either way the city went to be on the hook for the final -- won't be on the hook for the final bill, whatever that may end up being. >> we cross our fingers because we'd hate to have to pick up an investment we just paid for. >> reporter: this is the area where they were pressure washing earlier today and you can see it looks a whole lot better than it did earlier in some of the video in that story. so hopefully for the city's sake this permanent blue print of the festival is not actually p.m. at all. in santa rosa em -- actually permanent at all. in santa rosa emily turner,
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kpix5. tonight san francisco is ready to get a new neighborhood. the east cut community benefit district is renaming the area around the future transbay center as the east cut. the district spent $68,000 to rebrand the neighborhood. tonight california is a big step closer to a later last call. reporter erica mandy takes a look at the pros and the cons. >> reporter: in california it's last call for alcohol at 2 a.m., but a bill just passed the senate that would give local communities the chance to keep the party going two hours longer until 4 a.m. >> time to catch up with the east coast bars and be open till the crack of dawn. >> reporter: around trunks in west hollywood the support is pouring in. >> i think it's a great idea for businesses. as a bartender i could make a lot more money. >> reporter: but not far from the bar are homes. >> it causes a problem with peace in the neighborhood and also probably crime, a lot of
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other things because that means things will be going on at this time. they can stay out in the bars until 4:00 they'll get even more drunk than they already are. >> reporter: mothers against drunk driving points to various studies. one shows longer bar hours links to first time drunk driving arrest. a statement said a uniform time helps prevent bar hopping. far too often the search for one last drink results in drunk driving. others argue ride sharing apps have changed the game. the senator who sponsored the bill wrote on facebook it's time to move away from an outdated one size fits all approach. >> we have a lot of people who want to know where to go after 2:00. there's really nowhere to go. >> reporter: the bill still has to pass the assembly and get the governor's signature and then it's up to local communities. >> must be hot in west hollywood. >> it hit 100 somewhere. >> you do not need a sweater. >> i think we just found out.
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where. it's about 56 degrees in livermore, 55 in san francisco, shirt weather i call it, concord 62, oakland and san jose 60. it's comfortable outside. we'll see low cloud cover along the coast including san francisco and pacifica, lows around 50, fremont 52, san jose 54, fairfield 55. the art and wine festival weekend, what am imtalking about? not just sunnyvale which will -- am i talking about? not just sunnyvale which will occur, but also in walnut creek. the weather will be perfect for you this sunshine, sunshine in walnut creek at heather farm park, 80 degrees. a ridge of high pressure is off to our west. this is the perfect spot if you like comfortable weather, not hot, not cold because we're still getting the onshore flow, but it's not as strong. earlier this week when it was strong, everybody was chilly. it was windy outside and temperatures were 10 degrees below average. with this guy closer we get just enough onshore flow to cut
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into heat, but we get sunshine earlier and pleasant afternoon temperatures. tomorrow the only fog is along the coast lime. everyone else starts and finishes sun -- coast line. everyone else starts and finishes sunny. saturday morning and afternoon nice, early june weather. low clouds and fog not pushing inland tonight. afternoons will be mild with warm weather inland but not hot and rain this time of year, we are now into the dryest of the dry part of our year. we average less than a 1/2 inch of rain over the next three months combined. 81 degrees tomorrow with sunshine in vallejo, fairfield 86, san jose 81, oakland 71, san francisco tomorrow sunshine, 67 degrees. saturday more of the same, a couple degrees cooler sunday, a couple degrees warmer monday and tuesday, make it a 90- degree day tuesday afternoon inland. the overall theme, very nice weather, lots of afternoon sunshine, great place to be here in the bay area this
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weekend. >> thanks, paul. he played a little basketball over in oakland tonight. dennis o'donnell is here to tell us about it. hi, dennis. >> reporter: i could stay here all night after what we saw tonight. the warriors were very hated for signing kevin durant. they're going to be more hated after tonight. that story and reaction straight ahead.
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. >> dennis is live at oracle arena. i don't think we could ask for a better start to the series, dennis. >> reporter: no. i don't think you could and we have kd to partly thank for
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that. when kevin durant joined the warriors last year, part of the reason, as a matter of fact, the majority of the reason is that he did not want his career to go without an nba championship. he took a lot of heat for signing with the warriors, but he proved tonight he's not riding on anybody else's coattails. steph curry trying to ease the pain of losing that lead in the finals a year ago. it was back and forth in the 1st quarter. lebron james gives javale mcgee a faceful of basketball. lebron had 28 points. warriors found their stride the end of the 1st when andre iguodala hit a three at the buzzer, five-point lead. cleveland is not appear elite defensive team and it -- an elite defensive team and it showed here. nobody picks up kevin durant. he goes right to the rim for the jam, same situation a few minutes later like moses parting the red sea. durant goes straight to the rack for two of his 38 points. they scored the game's first 13 points out of the locker room.
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steph curry fakes lebron out of his shoes, drops the three, warriors up 21. durant was everywhere. he blocked lebron at the rim. curry goes the other way and another one from deal. curry high steps his way to 28 point. warriors win 113 -- points. warriors win 113-91 and the most pressing postgame question was about celebrities in the crowd. >> reporter: toward the end of the game you shot a three kind of putting a dagger into them and looked toward the crowd toward rihanna. was that on purpose or do you remember that? >> i don't even remember that. >> reporter: well, just to let you know, social media is buzzing about it. >> really? >> reporter: yes. don't get in trap. >> reporter: how well is this team playing right now and does their record reflect that? >> they're the best i ever seen. >> reporter: can you elaborate? >> they're the best i've ever
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seen. >> one thing you know about this team is they can storm pack from that and so -- back from that and so it was never like a blowout for us. >> warriors have won 28 of their last 29 games dating back to the regular season. from first place to la,,,,,,
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. >> reporter: the san francisco giants right now, we're talking about them bringing up minor league players to fill the time. austin slater is the latest going to play left field, a stanford man and hit over .300 in their minor leagues. how about the athletics? sprinklers in cleveland threw more water on a rough day for the a's, 6-0 indians. 7th inning michael brantley singles to left. the ball gets by. two runs score on the ugly play. the a's now have 55 errors. that's 50 more than any other team. the tribal wins 8--- the tribe wins 8 -0.
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the a's get the nationals starting tomorrow at the coliseum. both the a's and giants are last place teams, sports fans, better enjoy the warriors. it might only last three more games. reporting at oracle dennis o'donnell. >> dennis predicting a sweep. did you hear it? >> i heard it. >> he predicted it. heard it here first. all right, dennis. >> ,,,,,,,,,,
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the late show with stephen colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> the rest of the crew will be here to start your day bright and early. did i say 4:30? i think i'll just stay up all ni,,,,,,
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♪ >> quinn: ridge. ridge, wait. [ breathing heavily ] >> eric: thomas. >> thomas: granddad. >> eric: why does pam's desk say "out sick"? she was here this morning. >> thomas: uh, she got her hair done, and she hated it, so she's out. >> eric: again? >> thomas: yeah, no, it looked the same to me, but...yeah. dad's not with you? >> eric: no, no. he was here before lunch, too. >> thomas: yeah, he was. he's not now, though, so i texted him. i hope you don't mind that i-i waited here for you. >> eric: no, not at all, thomas. this unfortunate estrangement between us can't be over soon
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enough for me. i'm hoping that's why you wanted to see me. is it? >> thomas: yeah. yeah, it is. >> katie: you gonna be there tonight? >> ivy: where? >> katie: home. i ran into eric earlier, and he invited me to dinner. >> ivy: uh, no, actually. i have a date. >> katie: oh. lucky you. so i guess it'll just be a cozy, little group. >> ivy: [ sighs ] so it's just gonna be you, eric, and quinn. >> katie: oh, and ridge. you know, now that they're all living under the same roof. ♪
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>> thomas: maybe it's just as well that dad's not here right now. we seem to be speaking through a cloud of shattered expectations. >> eric: that's the language of fathers and sons sometimes. men compete with one another. that's a -- there's an evolutionary reason for that, i suppose. sometimes in fathers and sons, anger and love are hard to tell apart. >> thomas: i can't say that i'm not angry with dad. >> eric: and with me? >> thomas: no. no, i'm not angry. no. i... i wish you would have stood up
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for me more. >> eric: i can see why you would say that. >> thomas: i'm so tired of being angry. granddad, it's exhausting. i'm -- i'm tired of being passed over, waiting for my turn. so while -- while i do -- i do appreciate the olive branch that you guys extended, i will not be coming back to forrester creations. >> ivy: they're not under the same roof. ridge has his own roof. he's in the guest house. >> katie: still. >> ivy: katie. it's his home. he grew up there. he's been working so intensely with eric over the new collection that it's been really good for the collaboration. >> katie: sure. yeah. but he has a track record with quinn. >> ivy: don't you think i haven't been paying attention. >> katie: good. i'm glad to hear it. >> ivy: and i'll have you know that there has been no need for nc


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