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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 2, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. it was a "full house" inside oracle arena last night. kevin durant and steph curry were a great combination with kevin durant with 38 points, curry 28. here's what curry had to say about keeping the winning streak alive. >> just being ourselves playing the warriors basketball. knowing that there's a lot of talent on the floor. and that's our best effort. you win this championship just be ourselves. >> the warriors have yet to lose in the post-season. 13 games and counting. next game is on sunday in oakland. tip-off is at 5:00. >> yes. they will be out in the community today dedicating an nba playzone at westlake middle school this afternoon. mayor schaaf will be there. how sweet was it after the game and kevin durant was hugging his mom? >> i love that. >> then i got a girl crush on
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doris burke interviewing him after the game. she is so smart. i adore her. >> she is one of the best nba analysts and reporters. the difference was kd i think. there's a d in durant. difference. and defense. i think they got it all. 21 turnovers. >> my son was in my seat. did it ever get to be where the people were not into the game? that happens sometimes. you start talking because you got that cush lead. no because you had all that superstar status on the court. everybody was in the game at all times. when you get to see all that. we have a couple of times this season when cavs were in town. so this was different though because it was a different team that showed up last night. >> yeah. >> that's what the finals are all about. >> we are having fun doing it. >> it's nice to be in the glow of all that, right? >> i was over in alameda so i
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was in the glow of the traffic. [ laughter ] >> always comes down to traffic. how is it? >> it's okay right now. >> we don't have fog for the morning commute. what a difference 24 hours makes. you can see the top of the transamerica pyramid. you can see that beacon. it is glowing. sfo, with some clear skies right now. 50 in santa rosa. 57 degrees in oakland. 54 san francisco and in san jose. we have at this particular time some stratus lining up next to the san mateo coast. it's very shallow. watch as it just forms. otherwise that little hint of stratus next to the coast. we'll have mostly clear skies. 60 at the beaches, 60s, 70s bayside. high 70s in redwood city through burlingame into san mateo. good morning north bay streaming from 81 degrees in san rafael through terra linda into novato and petaluma up to santa rosa at 83. mid-80s in fairfield through
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rio vista. oncord, clayton and walnut creek, all in the 80s, as well. low 80s santa clara valley back through willow glen into the rose garden district. let's not leave out alviso and alum rock. winds up to 20. we'll have the full forecast coming up at 18 after the hour. right now, we are tracking a pretty easy ride for drivers on 580. there's your "diamonds & rubies." those headlights making their way westbound from 205 on out towards 680 clocking in just under 25 minutes. no reports of any accidents or stalls. but hey, if you are planning on hitting the roads anytime soon and you're heading out of town say over to i-5 there's a couple of crashes between stockton and lathrop slowing folks down in both directions. just a little tip there if you are heading out for the weekend. along the eastshore freeway and north bay problem-free. we have speeds in the green. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, happy friday. back to you guys. leaders across the world
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say they will continue the fight against global warming despite president trump's pulling the u.s. out of the paris climate accord. president trump has economical concerns with the agreement. however, nearly 200 countries made the commitment to reduce greenhouse gases. the leaders of france, germany and italy issued a joint statement condemning president trump's move. today in san francisco, protestors plan to call out president trump's decision on the paris accord. kpix 5's jackie ward joins us now with the climate change fight that's only really ramping up! >> reporter: this is just the beginning! it's being called an emergency climate action rally today. organizers are describing the paris accord pullout as a reckless rollback of climate reforms. governor jerry brown is also making it clear that california will be undeterred by president trump's decision and will continue to pursue green energy. brown says that technology supports more than 300,000 jobs in our state. and he only sees that number getting higher. >> there's more clean tech venture capital in our state
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than in all of china and europe combined. i mean, this place is a powerhouse! >> reporter: it's not just democrats to think pulling out is the wrong move. we spoke to catherine baker a republican who represents the east bay. she says regardless of your political party, keeping jobs in our state and country has to be the priority. what's expected to be a peaceful rally starts at noon in san francisco in front of the federal building. >> so what are the bay area major tech companies saying about president trump's move? >> reporter: you know that they have made an incredible effort to be green companies so a lot of the ceos from apple, facebook, google and more have come out publicly against this decision and elon musk has actually left two of the business advisory councils that he was once on. >> jackie, thank you. russian president vladimir putin is speaking out on his country's hacking of the 2016 u.s. presidential election. putin denies that his government was involved. but he acknowledges that so- called patriotic russian hackers may have acted on their own. the u.s. intelligence has concluded that russian meddled
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in the election but this is the first time putin has conceded russians could have any kind of connection. >> if they are patriotic, they contribute in a way they think is right. to fight against those who say bad things about russia. >> putin's statements come as the probe into russia's election meddling ramps up in the u.s. former fbi director james comey who trump fired last month is set to testify next week before the senate intelligence committee. smoke is still seeping from this casino in the philippines where 36 died when a gunman stormed the building and started fires. cell phone video shows a frantic moments after the suspect started firing at tv screens with an assault rifle. loved ones of the missing look for answers as authorities investment they say the suspect stole gambling chips and soon used two liters of gasoline to set card tables on fire. a woman living nearby described what she heard. >> i can hear gunshots. oh, my god. [ gunshots ]
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>> investigators say that all of the victims died of smoke inhalation. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. but police believe that the suspect acted alone in what they describe as a botched robbery. today california lawmakers face a midnight deadline to pass any new legislation. the major proposal they will be considering today is single payor healthcare. kpix 5's jessica flores joins us live in san leandro with more. >> reporter: we are closer to a single payor healthcare system. yesterday the senate moved forward on the bill passing it and right now, they don't really have a way to pay for it. to moves to the assembly. under the plan the government would replace insurance companies. the government would negotiate prices for all californians and supporters of this type of system say that it means big family savings. the california nurses
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association was the lead sponsor and commissioned a study that found californians could save millions under the system. in part because of lower drug prices and because they would no longer have to pay co-pays deductibles or premiums. this is as congress repealed the affordable care act. >> californians you get better quality care and the costs will come down for everybody and california will lead the way out of this. >> reporter: opponents of the bill say it could financially cripple the state! the bill moves on now to the assembly where it's expected to face a tough battle. the assembly would have to add amendments and come up with a way to pay for the $400 billion system. in san leandro, i'm flores florence, jessica flores, kpix 5. still ahead the big push in san francisco to repair potholes. >> that is correct. >> congratulations! you are the champion! >> there is a new national
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spelling bee champion. we'll introduce you to the sixth grader from fresno. >> oh, my goodness. isn't she adorable? hi, everybody! good morning from our kpix 5 studio. we have sunshine today. but we have a little bit of a change in your weekend forecast. coming up. >> and we have been tracking speeds in the green but reports of a problem at 680 and 580 that dublin-pleasanton interchange, we'll have the details coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ spelling ] "marocain" ] "marocain." >> this is correct !! congratulations! you are the champion! [ applause and cheers ] >> she is good. there is a new scripps national spelling bee champion. 12-year-old ananya vinay won the title when she spelled "marocain." hopefully i'm saying that correctly. [ laughter ] >> it's a type of dress fabric. vinay is a 6th grader from fresno. she took home $40,000 as the grand prize. awww. >> she looks shocked. >> shocked, yeah. her parents look so proud of her, though. good for her. >> they should be, yeah. today san francisco mayor ed lee will announce the
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beginning of repairs to potholes in the city. >> he already committed nearly $90 million tort street repaving and repairs. >> kpix 5's anne makovec is live in the city's richard district with the details. >> reporter: apparently, mayor ed lee is actually going to be out here in the richmond helping repair a pothole himself this morning. it is part of an effort to ease the bumpy ride we have all experienced driving not only here in san francisco but all around the bay area so the city is now committing that $90 million over two years to pothole repairs, repaving streets, striping and other safety improvements. it's all based on what is called the pavement condition index score. so san francisco's city streets have been rated as fair but distressed in that score. and they apparently need a combination of rehabilitation
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and preventative maintenance. and that's really sort of key here because you see the city sort of doing a, you know, bit by bit repair short term repair but apparently they really need to get into the underground layers according to the city maintenance department. so! that is what they will be doing here in the richmond this morning. so if you want to see mayor ed lee get down and dirty, it is happening here along 27th street in the richmond. [ laughter ] live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. go ahead. [ laughter ] >> time now -- i'll take it. time now 5:14. let's check traffic with jaclyn. >> i'll take it from there. you know if you hit those potholes it can really damage your car. so take it easy on the roads. right now, we are tracking a pretty light ride along 580. the usual slowdowns. but we are getting first reports of a crash and this is westbound 580 as you approach 680. as you can see speeds drop a bit but really not too bad.
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we are still in the green. improving speeds through the stretch 66 miles an hour. it could get slower depending on how severe this is. we'll wait until chp arrives and we'll have more details for you coming up in the next traffic report. for now let's take it to oakland where traffic is moving along much better than it was last night. i was on this stretch right before and after the game and it was slow and crowded. right now over at the bay bridge toll plaza, ten-minute ride from the maze into downtown san francisco. no metering lights and no backup on the eastshore freeway. so problem-free. take a look at this at 5:15. when was the last time we were able to see the tip-top of the transamerica pyramid so early? we were just socked in with areas of low clouds and fog yesterday. the visibility was limited. that's gorgeous. you can even see the top of the
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crane of the "salesforce tower." this is lovely. there you see the "salesforce tower" on its rise towards the highest skyscraper in the bay area. there you see that finger of fog trying to work into the bay area. you can see a little sunrise towards the east. that's gorgeous. 50 in santa rosa to 57 in oakland. 52 in livermore. with the clear sky, we have a bit of a breeze this morning. southwest at 13 in oakland. this is an onshore push in san francisco. it's westerly at 9. we do currently have a south wind at 10 in consumer report and also 5 in livermore. 16 miles an hour in fairfield. john miller is our weather watcher in santa rosa this morning. 50 degrees there. clear skies. john you look like you're ready for the weekend. so let's get to it! we have your weekend forecast. first off satellite-radar suggests there's that swath of cloudiness trying to inch its way up the san mateo coast. you saw that little hint of
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stratus into the bay this morning. we are under the influence of high pressure. it minimizes that onshore push but we still have a shallow deck stacked up next to the coast. so here's your futurecast at 1 p.m. you still have that swath playing tag with the immediate seashore. otherwise it kind of burns off and then we see it push back onshore in the overnight hours. we wake up with gray skies tomorrow morning and it backs off rapidly but hangs tight to right around the half moon bay, daly city and colma areas. and then overnight saturday night we begin to see it mix out due to a trough to the north of the bay area. the only thing that trough would do for us on sunday is bring our temperatures down ever so gently. but it will mix out that marine layer sooner. 83 state capital today. currently it's 59 degrees. we do currently have 32 degrees in truckee, 37 in tahoe going up to 72 degrees today. maintaining that temperature saturday going down on sunday due to that trough. 63 degrees in throughout monterey bay with the clearing
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of the skies. our numbers stacking up from 60 at the immediate seashore, 60s and 70s bayside. approaching nearly 80 in redwood city backing through the south bay into san jose, santa clara, willow glen. mid-80s to the east, 86 degrees towards rio vista and fairfield. low 80s in napa, sonoma and glen ellen, as well. so our temperatures take a little hit away from the bay, otherwise 50s at the beaches approaching 70 bayside. warm on monday, like june summery conditions through thursday. i think the nationals are vacationing in california. they were playing the giants this week. now they are still in town playing the a's. 63 degrees clear skies. one of my favorite shows of the year, it's the good guys car show in pleasanton. boy! beautiful cars in the east bay, 80 degrees and lots of sunshine over the weekend for that show. make it a great weekend!
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time to see what's trending today. if you need an excuse for a sweet breakfast, it's national donut day. here's a fun fact. the day started back in 1938 as a way to honor women who served donuts to soldiers in world war i. a lot of shops are giving away free breakfast to celebrate. just search the hashtag national donut day for specials. a 93-year-old woman is asking the internet to help pick her wedding dress. sylvia martin says she has found true love for the second time and now is going dress shopping but she needs help. the bridal shop where martin went is asking people to pick their favorite and weigh in on facebook. you can give your pick by posting on the birds nest page. martin says no matter what she wears on the big day, the dress must be red and she is not changing her last name. good for her. social media was buzzing about kevin durant and rhianna last night. people are wondering if the warriors star stared down the singer who was sitting
5:20 am
courtside. it all started when rhianna or her friend yelled brick while durant was at the free throw line. moments later, durant hit a three-pointer right in front of the pop star and you could see him look over staring somebody down. we'll hear what durant had to say about it coming up in sports. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up this morning from oracle, the warriors make it 13 straight wins in the post- season and once again, in dominant fashion. highlights and reaction coming up. >> wha t's cool about your school or summer camp? email your nomination to us at or, and we may feature your school on the thursday morning show.
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good morning. live look at the golden gate bridge and you can see traffic getting on its way. your friday morning commute kicking off strong. we are tracking speeds in the green in both directions across the span. but we do have reports of a new accident and a problem on highway 24. but first, let's get a check on sports with dennis. good morning, everybody. kevin durant signed with the warriors last summer to make sure his career did not go without an nba championship. now, he took a lot of heat for that move. but he proved last night here
5:24 am
against the cavs he is not riding on anybody else's coattails. steph curry trying to ease the pain of losing that lead in the nba finals a year ago. in the 1st quarter a faceful of basketball lebron with 28. the warriors found their stride at the end of the first have when andre iguodala hit a 3 at the buzzer for a 5 point lead. cleveland is not an elite defensive basketball team and it showed. nobody picked off kevin durant and he goes right to the rim for the jam. same situation just a few minutes later. looked like moses parting the red sea to the rack for two of his 38 points for kevin durant. they blew the doors off in the seconds half thanks to just four turnovers made by golden state for the game. 113-91 the final. and the toughest question after the game kevin durant answered was about his final shot of the night. >> toward the end of the game,
5:25 am
you shot a three kind of putting the dagger into them and you looked towards the crowd toward rhianna. was that on purpose or do you remember that or -- >> i don't even remember that. >> well, just let you know, social media is buzzing about it. >> really? >> yeah. >> don't get in that trap. >> yeah, don't get in that. >> i'm cool. >> reporter: now, kd knew. he knew. the warriors are just dominant in the post-season. i said they won 13 straight but they are winning these games by an average of over 16 points a game. so cleveland has a few days to try and figure out what went wrong. game 2 sunday here at oracle. reporting from oracle arena, i'm dennis o'donnell, have a great weekend. all right. the play of the day, can't get enough of the warriors game one win. check out steph curry with the handle. >> meanwhile, james has been to the free throw line eight times already in the first.
5:26 am
curry pops it, drives, lays it up, it's good off the glass! >> that is incredible! curry turning thompson inside out with that dribble. the crossover then finishes with the up and under. two of his 28 points. and that is your play of the day. ♪[ music ] coming up, some californians are making it clear today that they do not support president trump's move in leaving the paris climate accord. we hear next from the state republican who has her doubts, too. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us
5:27 am
say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. a long shot bill is moving forward. if it passes, it could mean some big changes for healthcare in california. >> how you can fly to europe for 50 bucks. >> from the kpix weather
5:30 am
center, good morning, everybody. sure, we're clearing out today. but we have a change in your weekend forecast. >> so far it's been "friday light" conditions. but we're tracking a few new hot spots. will they slow you down on your morning commute. >> find out coming up. good morning, everyone. it's friday, june 2. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. today climate change takes center stage on the streets of san francisco where protestors plan to call out president trump over his paris climate accord decision. >> kpix 5's jackie ward is live in the newsroom on why people are pushing back. >> reporter: it's not just some san franciscans that are against this decision. corporate america overwhelmingly urged the president to stay in this agreement despite the white house saying this will save millions of jobs in the coal and oil industries. a lot of businesses are against this move because they claim this deal makes the u.s. less competitive. governor jerry brown agrees. so does east bay assembly member kathryn brown. the republican says the first priority for elected officials of both parties has to be protecting american families.
5:31 am
>> we have an opportunity to be a leader with market-based free market working ways in which to address not only climate change but environmental quality. that's what california needs to do. >> reporter: foreign leaders are condemning the president's action with the leaders of germany, italy and france all rejecting president trump's offer to renegotiate. an emergency climate action rally will be held in san francisco at noon today in front of the federal building. in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix 5. time now 5:31. a check of the forecast with roberta. >> the weekend is good. we have some subtle changes a little cooler on saturday and cooling down more on sunday but still gorgeous. outside now this is a view from our kpix 5 studios. we are looking at the transamerica pyramid and what you are looking at is mostly clear skies. we do have a bank of some fog
5:32 am
that just moved into sfo. but no reports of delays as of yet. 50 santa rosa, 54 in san francisco and san jose. oakland sporting 57 degrees. satellite-radar this is really interesting doings. we have a slot of some clearing right there right now and then we just have a swath of some clouds that have been building right around the san mateo coast and that finger of fog is trying to work its way into the bay but bottom line, we have cleared out a lot earlier today. we'll have some sunshine in pacifica at rockaway beach at 60. a little bit of stratus at half moon bay daly city and colma. temperatures there pretty much in the high 50s. otherwise 60s and low 70s pretty common around the lip of the bay today. approaching nearly 80 in redwood city backing through san mateo into burlingame and belmont. foster city, as well. east palo alto. mid-70s today in mountain view. low 80s around the santa clara valley including cupertino and campbell. los gatos and saratoga. east bay numbers stacking up
5:33 am
into the mid-80s. 86 my outside number in fairfield. and meanwhile your north bay numbers anywhere from novato and petaluma terra linda kentfield mill valley all in the low 80s. breezy afternoon winds. they will continue through the weekend and i have that outlook coming up. right now let's send it over to jaclyn. >> good morning. we are tracking a few new hot spots for drivers. out the door we had an earlier crash westbound 580 approaching 680. it's starting to cause a backup. speeds drop to about 45 miles per hour. we are starting to see slowdowns in the eastbound direction, as well. so we'll check in with chp and find out what's going on in the eastbound direction but for now, the crash westbound 580 approaching 680 at the dublin- pleasanton interchange there. reports of a wrong-way driver along highway 24 right near telegraph avenue. chp heading out there. we'll continue to monitor that situation so far no reports of any accidents and speeds still in the green. we definitely see the backup building over at the bay bridge toll plaza. do expect delays. you can see it is backed up to
5:34 am
about the foot of the maze. no backup yet along the eastshore freeway. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. thank you. three correctional deputies who were supposed to uphold the law have learned they will be spending a lot of time behind bars. the jury found the trio guilty of second-degree murder for beating to death a mentally ill inmate michael tyree in august of 2015. there's no surveillance video of the incident but key evidence included text messages that the deputies sent to each other bragging about previous beatings of mentally ill inmates. >> it's a sad day when law enforcement officers are convicted when those who are sworn up to hold the law and protect others instead choose to victimize and in this case kill a mentally ill inmate. >> the acts carried out by these three individuals have tarnished the reputation of this profession and of our entire agency.
5:35 am
conversely, i stand behind the hard work and dedication of the 1400 deputies who perform their job every day. >> sheriff laurie smith said this tragedy has prompted ongoing jail reforms. the men are scheduled to be sentenced on september 1. a single payor healthcare bill is moving forward. the california senate passed it last night. kpix 5's jessica flores joins us live in san leandro with more. many important questions remain like how the bill will be paid for. >> reporter: that's right. california state senators last night had a midnight deadline to pass this bill. they went ahead and did that but it has a rough road ahead. it costs $400 billion and right now the bill doesn't have a plan on how to pay for it the government healthcare. under the plan the government would replace insurance companies. the government would be the one negotiating prices for all californians. supporters say it means big savings for families. the california nurses
5:36 am
association was the lead sponsor and found that californians could save billions of dollars under the system. in part because of lower drug prices and because they would no longer have to pay co-pays, deductibles on premiums. the bill developed just as congress worked to repeal and replace obamacare. >> we have work to do. the point here is not to complain and whine. the point here is to mount resistance on behalf of those we represent who depend upon us to not accept what has just happened in washington, d.c. >> >> reporter: opponents say it could cripple the state financially. the bill will go to the assembly where lawmakers are expected to add a ton of amendments and also try to figure out how to pay for it. jessica flores, kpix 5. jerry seinfeld, kevin hart and sarah silverman will be making appearances in san
5:37 am
francisco this weekend for the colossal cluster fest comedy central's first festival. it will include food, music and a line-up of over 50 comedians. it's not too late to grab a ticket. one day and three-day passes are still available online and at the festival box office on market street. looking for a cheap getaway? how does a $55 flight to europe sound? >> sounds good. this month wow airlines is celebrating its five-year anniversary by offering discounted flights to 11 european cities. you can fly from sfo to places like london, amsterdam and dublin but there is a catch. trips can only be booked for the last two weeks of june. time now 5:37. coming up we'll introduce you to the unlikely pair looking for a forever home. >> and let's take a live look out at 880 in oakland. is it "friday light" in the bay area? jaclyn will be back to answer that. we'll be right back. ,,,,
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good morning. time check 5:40 on this friday. it's the first friday of the months of june and this is our live weather camera from sutro tower looking out towards the golden gate bridge. remember 24 hours ago that bridge was shrouded in a deck of low clouds and fog. we can see it today. we are going to talk about the early burnoff and the effect that will have on your weekend. it's traffic and weather in less than four minutes. >> walmart is hoping its own employees will take part in a new home delivery service. jill wagner of has that and more. jill, good morning. >> good morning. the markets opened this morning at record highs. the dow gained 135 points yesterday. the nasdaq was up 48.
5:41 am
some breaking news about jobs. job growth slowed down in may! the u.s. economy only added 138,000 new jobs last month. that is a lot less than expected. the unemployment rate ticked down to 4.3%, though, which is the lowest level since 2001. the meal delivery service blue apron filed papers to go public. the company had sales of nearly $800 million last year. and it will trade here at the new york stock exchange. and walmart is getting more personal. testing a delivery service with its own store employees. they will deliver packages to customers who order online on their way home from work and employees could participate or not if they agree though they will get paid. >> the delivery war between walmart and amazon heating up. all right. jill, today is national donut day which means a lot of sweet deals. >> reporter: it's true. so krispy kreme is giving away donuts one per customer. at dunkin' donuts you can get a free donut if you buy a drink. national donut day was started
5:42 am
in 1938 by the chicago salvation army to honor women who serve donuts to soldiers during world war i. there is a jelly donut flavored cookie available exclusively at walmart. >> wonder if walmart executives would be annoyed if its employees started ordering those exclusive cookies. and have them delivered to their homes. [ laughter ] >> reporter: well, that would be an interesting twist on t i don't think those cook which is are going to be so popular. maybe i'm just using my own preference of not liking jelly donuts? but i say when it comes to oreos, stick to the original. >> i like the plain cookies and plain donuts, as well. ill wagner of, thank you. the marin humane society is searching for a home for one cat and rabbit. >> magic and tigger it sticking together. they curl up in bed together at
5:43 am
the humane society. they eat and nap together and walk together. staff make clear magic and tigger must be adopted as a duo. >> when two animals are bonded it means a lot like when people are bonded so we hope to find them a great home. >> the pair met six years ago. marin humane society is working hard to find them a new home soon. an unlikely pair but they are cute. >> isn't your home looking for a rabbit and cat. >> i have a dog and three kids and that's enough. >> i live in the smallest apartment. that's why i can't get any animals right now. [ crosstalk ] >> my kids were asking me for 12 years and finally we got a dog. >> i had a dog for 17 years a rescue dog, 17 years. that's a long time and then it died and i couldn't rush into getting a new one, right? it's an emotional attachment. so took a year and a half and
5:44 am
now i have had this rescue dog for three years. but you can't rush it. >> eventually. >> let's check traffic this morning. >> if you are rushing out the door, right now traffic is jam- packed over at the bay bridge toll plaza. you do have the metering lights on. our speeds are still showing in the green heading from the maze into downtown. 25-minute ride that did climb a good 10 minutes or so. we are also tracking delays starting to stretch along the eastshore freeway as well as highway 24. we have reports of a wrong-way driver. that's right near telegraph. we'll continue to monitor that situation. chp is heading out to the scene. golden gate bridge a beautiful shot here. and it's much clearer compared to what we were tracking yesterday with the foggy conditions. that is a check of your traffic. let's check in with roberta on the forecast. let's see what we can dial on up for you here according to our live weather camera. we are looking out from our kpix 5 studios towards the port of oakland. you can see the cranes in the
5:45 am
foreground there but you can see a hint of some stratus working into the bay area at this time. cloudiness off the immediate seashore. at this particular time there's the view from sutro tower at that bank. you can see the bank of clouds. 50s in the area. we have a bit of a breeze out there to speak of. there you have it right there the development of that swath of cloudiness the low clouds but then we have a huge clear spot mostly clear for most people out the door this morning. around the coast right now, we do have west-northwest winds at 6, nine san francisco and sfo. 11 inland in san ramon. 16 in fairfield. been getting some emails from folks saying this is the windiest spring they recall. we'll have more breezy winds today 10 to 20 with stronger gusts. alan our very newest weather watcher, good morning, lower lake, thank you so much for checking in with clear skies,
5:46 am
55. fairfield mid-50s. thanks, linda. john in santa rosa reports 50. and weather watcher katie sears in hayward telling me it's 53 degrees in her backyard. i just love my weather watchers. it gives me a good idea what's going on around the bay area. look at these satellite images. right now i know that we have this ridge of high pressure. it is minimizing that onshore push. that's why we have the mostly clear skies out the door this morning. futurecast, you can play along at home. watch the clock tick on by. this afternoon, pack your lunch, eat outdoors, it's gorgeous! tonight the clouds filter back in again a shallow deck of clouds streaming all the way into the tri-valley. so we wake up with some gray conditions. and then the clouds quickly back off to the coast hang very tight to the san mateo coastline. that's about it. meanwhile your saturday, well, we do have mostly sunny skies. pretty much a repeat performance to today before a cooler day moves in on sunday. statewide, stockton, davis, sacramento, in the 80s.
5:47 am
fresno mid-80s. monterey bay will have some sunshine in the 60s into carmel just gorgeous, 72 degrees in the high sierra. currently it's 32 degrees in truckee so very cold morning still. 37 degrees at the tahoe airport. 56 in eureka. official sunrise 5:49. just two minutes from now. sun goes down at 8:26. it looks like today's temperatures going up spiking inland into comparison to yesterday. we are talk mid-80s in fairfield and rio vista. 83 degrees guerneville, healdsburg and santa rosa. low 80s around kentfield, mill valley in a san raphael. 60s and 70s around the rim of the bay high 70s into redwood city atherton and woodside 60 pacifica. 80s in the tri-valley. so very similar conditions for saturday. a trough blows through on sunday. that brings down our numbers slightly. then high pressure strengthens on monday. kind of toasty inland. mid-70s at the bay. one of my favorite charity runs is the hook and ladder run taking place sunday morning in
5:48 am
livermore clear skies 63 degrees. this is some fun! good guys car show at the alameda county fairgrounds in pleasanton. lots of sunshine in the 80s. head on out there to see some classics and meanwhile we have the art & wine festival this weekend in sunnyvale. plenty of sunshine. and remember it's a's baseball. they are back in town playing host to the nationals. weren't they just playing the giants? clear skies at 63 degrees. enjoy your day and weekend! san francisco mayor ed lee is expected to make a big announcement today on pothole repairs. he already pledged nearly $90 million to fix city roads. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in the city's richmond district to explain. >> reporter: our roadways need plenty of money for those repairs as you have been driving on roads here in san francisco or anywhere around the bay area. you have seen a bumpy ride after all of our winter rain. there is some help on the way as you guys just mentioned. the mayor has now committed
5:49 am
almost $90 million over the next two years for pothole repairs, repaving streets, the striping and other safety improvement projects. san francisco city streets were rated by the metropolitan transportation commission as fair but distressed. and they also say that they need a combination of rehabilitation and preventative maintenance. now, we have been talking to drivers today and when you mention roadway conditions, you get frustration. >> getting worse and worse especially in the park presidio going through the park and everything. i grew up here all my life. it ain't getting better. >> reporter: new, the city has done a lot when it comes to short-term repairs, just little patch jobs. but apparently they really need to get into the underground layer to protect that. so mayor ed lee is going to be out here in the richmond this morning. apparently he will be helping to fix a pothole. so that's going to kick off this new campaign to get things fixed. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5.
5:50 am
>> anne, didn't voters already approve more money for road repairs in san francisco? >> reporter: yeah. there was a big bond measure in 2011 and that earmarked that $248 million a year for roadway repairs. so they have been able to fix approximately 700 blocks a year but as you can see, it's simply not enough. back to you. >> thank you. new video out of australia showing a school bus nearly colliding with a truck. you can see the school bus merge on the freeway right when the truck is passing. the truck driver hit the brakes and causes a huge plume of smoke. the school bus drives away. no injuries. time now 5:50. still ahead, why nasa is using one of the biggest freezers in the world to prepare for space travel.
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5:53 am
giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. good morning. tonight we have a baseball game the a's hosting the nationals. the nationals having been hanging out after playing the giants. game time temperature at 63
5:54 am
degrees. it's a hook and ladder run and morning in livermore clear skies in the 60s. the art & wine festival taking place all weekend long in the south bay. and sunnyvale has sunshine and the mid-70s. in union street we have the annual music festival always fun in the sun with a few clouds in the mid-60s. walnut creek art & wine festival sunny 80 degrees. we are tracking a jam- packed bay bridge toll plaza. traffic stacked up as far as you can see to the foot of the maze. we'll have travel times and an update for you on the rest of your ride coming up. at the time of undocking, that will mark the official end of expedition 51. >> two space station astronauts are wrapping up a nearly 200- day flight. they hugged their crewmates and took a few photos, as well. a russian cosmonaut and his french copilot are making the
5:55 am
fiery plunge to earth. now if all goes well, the soyuz ms3 crew compartment will drop with a parachute and rocket assisted touchdown in kazakhstan today. in houston a telescope needs to experience a cold spell to prepare for space travel so it's going in one of the biggest freezers in fact world close to minus 420 degrees fahrenheit inside and the hefty container serves as a huge vacuum chamber. scientists want to be sure it can handle the cold conditions of space. because the device's mirror will take in data, the cold temperature is critical even in a texas summer. >> i know sometimes in the summer in houston you wish you could go into something that cold. but it's in here that we need to test under vacuum conditions the extreme cold that this has to operate under. >> this testing begins in july. and it runs until november.
5:56 am
it launches next year. quite the electricity bill. time now 5:55. the trial is under way for the man accused in the my profile murder of a bay area jewelry merchant. why the suspect's attorney says he should walk free even though he pulled the trigger. >> reporter: the day after president trump the announces the u.s.' withdrawal from the paris climate accord, some californians plan a rally against the decision. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
california lawmakers face a midnight deadline to pass legislation and issues are undecided. >> this is the biggest u.s. foreign policy error since entering the iraq war. >> president trump's decision to have the u.s. withdraw from the paris climate accord is under fire. good morning, it's friday, june 2. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. today protestors plan to put
6:00 am
climate change in the spotlight on san francisco streets. >> kpix 5's jackie ward joins us with why they are pushing back after president trump's paris accord decision. >> reporter: this is causing quite a stir nationally, internationally and today, it's being called an emergency climate action rally here in san francisco. organizers are describing the paris climate accord pullout and a reckless roll back of climate reforms. governor jerry brown is making it clear that california will be undeterred by president trump's decision and will continue to pursue green energy. brown says that technology supports more than 300,000 jobs in our state alone. and he only sees that number getting higher. >> china is not stopping. china is going to have 11 million electric vehicles by 2030. who is going to make the batteries? who is going to make the electric cars? is that california and america that will be significant or are we going to give that to china again? >> reporter: it's not just democrats who say pulling out of the accord is the wrong move. we spoke to catherine baker a


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