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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  June 3, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> now on kpix 5. a possible attack on our water supplies. vandals go after a storage tank. the warning -- don't drink the water. an ambitious plan to overhaul the bail system in california stalls. and remembers a pioneer in the surfing world. a look back at the life of jack o'neil and his ties to the bay area. it's 7:00 on saturday, june 3rd. >> and we'll get started with a quick check of the forecast for the your saturday. we're starting off with gray skies on the coast. and actually, many spots inland this morning, temperatures currently in the 50s area-wide. we'll see the fog and the gray skies pull back to the coast
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later today. more sunshine inland for the second half of the day. and really along the coast many folks will see sunshine this afternoon as well. clouds to start with morning drizzle along the coast possible. not as warm today as yesterday but near seasonal. we'll see sunshine inland and a bit cooler for sunday. details in the full forecast coming up in just a bit. devin, over to you. our top story, cal water expecting to update people on whether it's safe to drink the water. sunshine gardens neighborhood is being warned not to drink tap water. this yesterday morning a cal water operator noticed someone cut the locks on one of the 250,000-gallon water tanks. he found graffiti and possible tampering with the venting system. they took initial water samples. >> it's a very heavy system. we don't think there was a breach.
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but out of an abundance of caution, we're telling our residents not to drink the water in the sunshine gardens area. break-in and vandalism is being investigated. and after the break-in. they'll evaluate security. the water service is distributing free bottled water in chestnut and at commercial avenue sites. in an effort to reform california's bail system -- it's stalled in the legislature. the bill would require taking a suspect's economic status and criminal past into account when determining bail. opponents have lobbied hard against the measure. thursday night the bill failed by a single vote in the assembly. and lawmakers may revisit the issue after a commission of judges makes recommendations. in one county in the bay area, a process that does consider economic factors and criminal history is already in place. wocontra costa county. how it
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>> one thing that's important, it's not like we plug it in and it spits out whether or not the person is going to be released or not. >> reporter: for most of the 17 years on the bench, he handled it by the book. he matched the criminal code with the prescribed amount and that was it. and now that process often includes an algorithm. >> and you know more about the likelihood of that person going to reoffend or how likely they are to come back. >> reporter: it's a way that many jurisdictions are trying to end an unfair choice for poor defendants. >> plead guilty until you get out of jail and go back to your life and family and job or assert your innocence in a case where you may have done nothing wrong and stay in jail because you are too poor to buy your freedom. >> it looks at things like a
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criminal history, employment status, family and housing circumstances, and that gives a judge more flexibility, something that can ease the soaring jail costs. >> a substantial number of people are waiting trial, not convicted. >> we have cheaper ways of tracking defendants. >> it's a policy that made a lot more sense hundreds of years ago. >> how is the algorithm approach working in >> 93% of them have not reoffended >> reporter: and that's the statistic that could change the way that california courtrooms tackle bail. >> i like any problem where we get to work with all of the people involved in the justice system to do things that are better for all of us. >> reporter: kpix 5. >> last year's san francisco city attorney decided not to defend the city in a federal lawsuit claiming the bail
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system here is unconstitutional. liver mere police are -- livermore police are trying to put the breaks on car thefts. there was 165 so far this year. they expect this year's number to surpass last. >> they want to take the parts. perhaps the vehicle contains items of value. they want to steal those items as well. other times, it's a combination of the two. >> the thefts keep happening. and get this. most of the stolen cars are eventually found abandoned. >> a teenage boy is behind more than a dozen car burglaries. in the past week alone, a rash of car burglaries hit bart customers across the area. they caught the teenager and another minor near the daly
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city station on wednesday. >> he was able to take those two individuals into custody as that progressed they got more information and learned that one of those juveniles, a teenage boy, was the likely suspect for the break-ins. >> reporter: because the suspect is a minor, bart police are not releasing his name. self-driving cars could one day cut down on accidents and the bay area's biggest city is trying to map out how driverless cars could fit in the future. a san jose company is getting ahead of the patch. >> they are 5 miles away from cal train and the two are not connected. autonomous vehicles or driverless cars could soon provide the missing links. >> they are coming, there's no question. the question is when and how. >> reporter: the mayor is sending out a request for ideas to the autonomous vehicle
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industry, much of it based in silicon valley. the idea is to lay out ground rules for autonomous cars. the wear could be here on roads between the airport and the train station. >> that's a very expensive project that would cost $800 million to build. we're looking at autonomous vehicles as providing a solution. >> special lanes or driverless cars blending in to traffic. and a second route between between downtown san jose and santana row usually heavily congested. >> the purpose would be to reduce collisions and accidents and death on the roads. and the other is to reduce congestion on the roads. >> fred barez says san jose would be the perfect test bed. >> 99% of the technology has been developed in silicon valley. we are the leader in that area compared to the rest of the country. >> his students are hacking
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radio control cars to make them autonomous. the next project is to build a utility cart similar to these to deliver supplies on campus. in san jose, kpix 5. a new mural just unveiled in santa rosa honors the life of a young boy shot and killed by a sheriff's department. faded images make up the center panel. he was killed in 2013 at the age of 13 after a deputy mistook his bb gun for a weapon. the right side shows images representing the aftermath of the shooting. the artist told us he wanted to convey is sense of healing. >> it took me a while to come up with a design that's more compassionate and sort of acknowledges what the community has been through and the strength behind its sort of resiliencecy and how they've
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managed to get through. >> the deputy who shot and killed lopez was never charged. investigators ruled the shooting was justified. the surfing community is remembering jack o'neil. he passed away at the age of 94. he pioneered the wet suit in his kitchen at home and opened his first surf shop on ocean beach. his wet suits gave surfers the ability to surf year-round in northern california's colder waters. >> o'neil started wearing the black eye patch after a surfing accident. he passed away of natural causes at his pleasure point home where he had a clear view of the wet suits. >> a look at a tree dieoff.
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and a tearful kathy griffin slams the trump family. the-- saying the media is trying to ruin her life. join all your child's sesame street friends as they discover that everything makes music it's sesame street live elmo makes music playing city national civic san jose june 10th & 11th tickets on sale now
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today traffic will start flowing through the town get to the marin headlands. crews have been updating the tunnel for six months and they added energy efficient lights and replaced water and sewer lines. this video was shot last week. this morning, scientists say the coast has grown by 13 acres, the size of 10 football fields, all thanks to the rock, dirt, and debris in the mud creek area. it could take more than a year to reopen the road. millions of trees in california are dying. we're talking about more than 100 million. the transformation is dramatic
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and the dieoff is attributed to the drought and bark beetles. i got an exclusive look. >> reporter: this is what it looks like as a forest dies. >> it's obviously a historical event occurring in california where well over 100 million dead trees. >> the years of drought have left the trees vulnerable to bark beetles. they are causing big problems. cal fire estimates that more than 102 million trees have died during the state's drought. >> dead is dead. so they will not come back. there will be no way for them to come back. removing them is important because of the fire danger issue. >> reporter: a healthy tree has the ability to fend the insects
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off. but the drought has left the ponderosa pines -- the insects' favorites -- stressed and defenseless. >> the trees don't take up water and don't have as much sap production which is really what deters beetles from getting in and killing the wood. >> reporter: and even though the recommendation is to remove the diseased trees, we saw entire hillsides covered in dead and dying trees-year yosemite. cal fire is preparing for a challenging fire season. as the lingers effects of the drought continue to alter the landscape and raise the risk of wildfires. >> the death of the trees occurring throughout the sierras has a major effect and will for decades to come. >> reporter: it's a staggering number. 102000000degrees and cal fire says there's not money, manpower, or time to remove
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them. they are prioritizing areas where the public is and then the highest risk of fire danger. >> and getting the trees out. you want to get as -- keep as many healthy trees. i'm always impressed with the sky drone five stories and the vantage points you can bring us. another vantage point this morning. here's a look at the golden gate. once again shrouded in low clouds. we have fog and drizzle and temperatures in the 50s airward to start off the day. and we have the cloud cover starting inland. high pressure is in place. it's not going to be quite as warm. today it's more on shore and we're seeing the clouds spill over the ridge today. the good news is they're going to pull back and we'll see sunshine for most folks, especially inland. tomorrow, however, that ridge as we start to see a trough
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move in. and more of an on shore flow. cooler still. temperatures will drop a little bit more for your sunday. and all in all we're near normal for this time of year. a look at the highs in the 70s. low 70s fremont, mountain view, redwood city. 83 fairfield. and 79 in napa. heading to the high country, low 70s and mostly sunny today. tomorrow cooler and windy. highs in the 60s for south lake tahoe for tomorrow. three things to remember, comfortable weekend, not as warm as friday. today we're starting off cloudy and will end with sunshine. warming once again monday and tuesday. and cool again after that. here's a look at that temperature fluctuation. you see we warm for monday and tuesday. and upper 80s for the warmest spots. and then we start to cool once again midweek heading to the latter half of next week.
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a little talk of a chance of showers. i'm not going out on a limb just yet. one prescription and a huge range of prices after overpaying hundreds of dollars for medication. and warriors star power. the team helps to spruce up the campus. wait until you see how they made one fan's day. baseball bright spots? the first call up to the show. the giants last night welcomed another one to the bigs. and this one was a family affair. austin slater. ♪[ music ]
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good morning and welcome back. time now for consumer watch weekend. several bay area restaurants received shipments of frozen tuna that's been recalled. it could be contaminated with the hepatitis a virus. the fda says the tuna was scattered showered from vietnam and the philippines. >> hepatitis a is a contagious liver disease. and symptoms include jaundice and stomach pain and it could take up to 50 days before you feel sick. walmart is testing a new delivery service using store employees as drivers in an
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attempt to beat out amazon. here's how it works. employees delivery online orders as they are driving home from their shifts. it would use 4700 stores and 1.2 million employees to cut costs and delivery times. those who participate would be paid and the service will be tested first in new jersey and arkansas. and drug prices can vary greatly. one viewer came to us stunned by her medication markup. >> reporter: she still feels a little sick about her visit to a pharmacy. >> i came home and noticed that one medication was very expensive. >> the retiree was charged 550 for the generic of the heart drug plavix.
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>> the same prescription on good rx is considered an inexpensive drug and costs as little as $17. at costco it's 18 without a membership. and safeway -- 88. >> there's a huge range in prices. how stores set drug prices is a complicated calculation. >> pharmacies negotiate and establish a price. >> the pricing is proprietary. but the majority of prescriptions are covered by healthcare. >> anyone filling a new prescription should shop around. blink health and good rx offer online options and you don't have to be a costco member to find -- where she refilled her prescription for $14.
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a tiny fraction of the pharmacy. >> i don't want that to happen to anybody else. >> rite-aid has now issued helga a refund. and many stores offer discount programs. the prescription would still cost 408 there even with the drug discount. >> >> warriors are being applauded for the work off the courts during the nba finals. at west lake middle school. they showed up for a special event. and 17th grader won tickets to game two of the finals after he was randomly picked and asked to name all the players at the event. >> who are you going to the game with? >> my grandpa. >> that's awesome. >> part of getting the tickets
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is you have to introduce zaza. >> he was already thankful for everything that the warriors and nba did for his school. they renovated many areas. game two of the finals is tomorrow. we have a look at what's happening in the rest of the world of sports. >> on the eve of the nba finals game two -- warriors have the day off. and the giants turned the page last night. orange friday in philadelphia. eduardo nunez. three hits and 3 rbis. and he scored the pitcher. denard span had five hits in the game. austin slater with his first major league hit. was just called up in front of friends and family. it was his fourth at bat. the complete game shutout.
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giants won the game 10-0. meantime in oakland. the nationals carried a big stick in the coliseum. michael tailer in the second and daniel murphy in the third. and jayson werth in the 6th. and brian goodwin in the 7th all with yard. 13-3. and nationals hit five home runs in the game. back to the warriors on the minds of many in the bay area. warriors favored to win game two. and that game tomorrow is at 5:00. and not only that. the a's have a home game at 1:00. so be conscious of the traffic that will build up. a's at 1:00 -- at 5:00. the president calls the paris climate pact a job killer. and we take a closer look at how the green economy is thriving in the bay area. and kathy griffin accused the first family of bullying
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and faces new fallout over her photo parody.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> welcome back. it's just about 7:30. good morning. >> we'll get started with a quick update on the forecast. temperatures outside in the 50s. and 58 degrees in san jose.
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59 in concord. gray skies for many locations. drizzly along the coast. and future cast shows the clouds pulling back revealing sunshine for most all away from the coast. and most along the coast later today. temperatures will be a little cooler than what we saw yesterday. the headlines, cloudy to start with a little drizzle. and not as warm, near seasonal temperatures. sun inland, and cooler for sunday as we see temperatures dip down just a little bit more. if you're heading out and about in san francisco, sun and clouds. and art and wine festival this weekend. officials in the trump administration are trending the president's decision to pull out of the paris climate decision. the epa administrator says trump made the right call with the priority of protecting american jobs. >> the president made a very
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courageous decision on behalf of america. he put americans first. >> some elected officials in the u.s. and a number of world leaders are expressing frustration with the president's move. nancy pelosi says that trump will live to regret his decision. >> how is he ever going to explain to his grandchildren what he did to the air they breathe. >> i spoke to president trump and made it clear that the u.k. would have wanted the united states to stay within the paris agreement. >> reporter: the process of withdrawal takes four years and some democratic governors and mayors say they'll continue to abide by the terms of the deal despite the president's decision. one is california governor jerry brown who left for china yesterday. he'll meet with chinese officials about china becoming part of california's carbon trading markets. carter evans caught up with governor jerry brown before he
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flew to china. >> what message does that send to washington? >> wake up. >> we caught up with governor jerry brown as he was boarding a flight to beijing. >> when president trump does something so outrageous to the science and the reality of climate change, we can't stand idly by. this is serious stuff. >> reporter: brown immediately formed the u.s. climate alliance with washington, new york, mexico, and canada, to honor the commitment of the agreement. those three states make up a 5th of the population. and 11% of the u.s. emissions. california has adopted the nation's toughest car emission standards and then pushed solar and electric cars. >> the president says it's putting us at a disadvantage. >> he's wrong on the facts, wrong on the science, wrong on
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the economy. >> reporter: a plumber before working in solar. >> i lived a good middle class life. i was able to buy a home. it would be pardon to do going back to one of the other professions. >> solar counts for five times the number of coal industry jobs. california accounts for one of ever six new jobs since 2012. >> eventually, the trump administration will have to come around. he cannot deviate from the entire world in the way he's trying to right now. >> reporter: individual states cannot sign the paris accord but can commit to the same standards. during governor brown's trip to china. he plans to push for more cooperation on clean energy policies. carter evans, cbs news, san francisco. >> several other states in the u.s. and the canadian province of quebec with taking part in
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the cap and trade system. >> he is the democrat has the best credibility because back in the '70s when he first ran for governor in the first series of the governorship she was called governor moonbeam because he was talking about the things that affect climate control. it wasn't called climate control at that time. we were doing things like doing something with cars and et cetera. jerry brown was at the helm of that. >> more on that tomorrow morning at 7:30 on kpix. the investigation into possible ties between the campaign and the russian government is expanding. russian president vladimir putin is weighing in. here's reporter jeff -- >> reporter: vladimir putin mocked u.s. investigators questions whatever proof may exist that his government was
7:34 am
behind the u.s. election hack which fingerprints he asked? ip addresses can be made up and sent from your home address by children. >> and -- the head of the russian investment bank had a secret meeting with jared kushner in december in new york. the white house says mr. kushner was acting as a ansiti and the two men discussed setting up a secret back channel between the trump team and the russian government. but v.e.b. told the new york times he met with him in his capacity as a real estate agent. a scholar at columbia says vladimir putin likely knew about kushner and gorkav's meeting. >> it would take gumption to
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engage in diplomacy without some support from the kremlin. >> the meeting is part of robert mueller's investigation into whether they colluded with the russians during the election. muller was selected to lead the probe after it was revealed that james comey had written memos about his meetings with president trump. one wrote that president trump asked comey to drop his investigation into fired national security adviser michael flynn. comey is set to testify before congress about that memo next thursday. according to an associate. comey wants to testify. and sean spicer told reporters he did not know whether the president would prevent him from speaking. the last venue in kathy griffin's comedy tour has just pulled the plug. that's the latest fallout from her recent photo showing her
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holding a bloody head resembling donald trump. she accused the trump family of trying to ruin her career. >> a sitting president of the united states and his grown children and the first lady are personally i feel personally trying to ruin my life forever. >> now griffin has received death threats since posting the photo. the secret service has also contacted her. but she never intended the photo as a threat. >> i just want to make people laugh. that's all i want to do. he broke me, he broke me. >> the photo is a reference to comments about megyn kelly following the infamous debate. she's been fired from cnn and several shows have been canceled. celebrities are defending griffin saying sometimes comedians have to cross the line. authorities in the
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philippines have released new videos showing a suspect using gasoline to torch gambling tables. 38 people were killed at a fire in manila. the suspect fled with chips and forced his way into a room before killing himself. >> resort is offering $20,000 to each of the families of those who died in the fire. a rare sight. two groups of whales were spotted 10 miles southwest of carmel. passengers and crew members of the monterey bay whale watch took video of. she was able to identify them by the foreheads and long beaks. >> rarely seen in the area. they are found offshore and they can hold their breath for up to an hour. the chances of seeing them are pretty slim normally.
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in the past 30 years, she's seen them about 15 times. she believes the whales are following food. four years was apparently not enough to decide whether a plant should be build on the water. south vallejo near sonoma boulevard. the developer was ordered to come up with a description of the project and complete an environmental impact report. the city will reconsider at the beginning of next year. a brighter future for the pigeon point lighthouse. it dates back to 1871. the lighthouse needs $11 million in repairs. but fundraising came up short. the state has identified several possible funding sources and approved a plan for the park surrounding the
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lighthouse. san francisco is starting to patch potholes in one of the city's hardest hit neighborhoods. crews will be working through the month as part of a $90 million effort to fix and improve the city's roads. chopper 5 flew over the comic con of comedy hitting san francisco this weekend. yesterday crews were busy setting up for cluster fest at the civic center. it's a comedy and music festival and some of the funniest in the business will be taking the stage. they brought jerry -- but there'll be a lot of new names. >> we really have -- to make the festival really reflective of the comedy landscape. you'll see a bunch of different acts. >> the festival runs through tomorrow night. you can find the full schedule and other details on cbs
7:40 am there's a new national spelling bee champion and she's from the golden state. >> she's from fresno and she was letter perfect during three days of grueling competition at the national spelling bee. check out how she spelled her way to the top. >> confident initially. >> she snows what it means. >> that is correct. >> last year she placed 172nd in the competition. she says since then she has studied several hours a day. and the washington post talked about how the coaches charge $200 an hour. last year's 4th place winner is charging $200 an hour as a coach. that beats -- [ indiscernible ] >> i'm impressed how she went from 172nd to first.
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that's an amazing gain in just one year. >> it seems these kids do travel from year to year pretty dramatically throughout the rankings. very impressive and congratulations to her and the coaches. medical costs are soaring all of a sudden for bikers in the bay area. we'll explain why. and meet a bay area entrepreneur who is trying to shatter the glass ceiling one investment at a time in a story you'll only see on five.
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$789 million each year. >> we think that the findings illustrate that there's work to be done in terms of infrastructure, in terms of safety. >> during that 17-year study,
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researchers say there were 3.8 million bike injuries and nearly 10,000 deaths. and the labor department says the u.s. economy added 138,000 new jobs last month. fewer than expected. while job growth slowed the unemployment rate ticked down to 4.3%. the lowest level in 16 years. it also suggests many americans have stopped looking for work. and new numbers show that on average women in california make $7000 less a year than men. that's the widest gap in years, even when a woman is a boss, it doesn't mean she's equally paid. how a bay area entrepreneur is trying to shatter all of that. >> reporter: tamara melon knows
7:45 am
how to build a global empire. she learned the hard way. >> when i was 27 years old. i wanted to make beautiful shoes and i didn't consider what it was to be a woman in the workplace. >> she was a major shareholder and the chief creative officer. and in reviewing paperwork, she discovered she was getting paid less than the men who worked for her. >> it's very hurtful. my blood, sweat, and tears were in that company. >> she was the only woman on the board and the board set her salary. she was told no to a raise. >> there's irony. you're building a brand for women with no women on the board. >> isn't that crazy, the craziest thing. and if i could tell my younger self i would say speak up.
7:46 am
>> normally it takes -- >> she's speaking a lot these days as an advocate for equal pay for women. she spoke about her experience at the battery club featuring influential female entrepreneurs hosted by shelly collins. >> the problem is that women need their own network. so men give to men. and now we need to take that and facilitate a girls' network if you will. >> the fund invests in women led businesses. today only 6% of all venture capital investors are women. >> when there's a woman involved in the decision making process. the female entrepreneur is 2 1/2 times more likely to get
7:47 am
the capital she needs for her business. >> reporter: there's an app connecting parents with babysitters. >> when there are women investors in the room. it's a lot easier to sell the emotional part of what we're doing. >> reporter: she invested in start-ups that serve 200,000 users. today melon is at the helm of her own shoe brand. and it's run by a female ceo. >> i pretty much have a female team except for three people. and we're very conscious now about how we build the culture. >> her advice to young female bosses who find themselves outnumbered. >> ask yourself who is the woman at the table or who is the woman at our table? looking for a cheap getaway. how does a 55 flight to europe
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sound? pretty good. >> absolutely. and this month the five-year anniversary by offering discount flights to london, amsterdam -- but you can only book for the last two weeks of june. still ahead. meet the pet of the week and find out how to make plum a part of your family.
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time now for a pet of the week. plum is in need of a new home. joining us now is -- senior dog rescue. how old is plum? >> this is plum and she's about 10 we think. she came to us from sacramento
7:51 am
where she was found as a stray. she wants to come over and say hi. and she's one of the many mutts we have up for adoption. and everybody is going home for free. >> you found her in sacramento. so no microchip, no nothing. >> unfortunately, she had nothing on her that would lead under the circumstances to her owner. we always try to go the extra steps to find the folks. she's come to us. and we've done all the medical work and she's ready to go home. >> she's got something of a medical condition. >> so her hind end is a little bit weaker. she can still get around on her own. she's always hopping up on stools and wanting to hang out. she's hypoallergenic. doesn't shed and the quiet and a great older gal. >> a nice quieter home with folks in and out during the day
7:52 am
who can take her out a few times a day. go for short walks and a great lap to cuddle in. >> for people -- the puppies are always the draw. people love puppies. but there are older dogs that need homes as well. for people that may have concerns about the costs associated with adopting an older dog, talk to us about in a. >> we try to get the dogs up to date. they've had item if needed and -- dental if needed and tumors removed. and you get the -- they are going home for free. they have good potty habits and they normally will great with dogs, cats, kids, things like that. and we're open 11:00 to 4:00 saturday and sunday. sending the dogs home for free. >> and you deponent get all the newness of the puppy, but you
7:53 am
get an established dog. you don't have to house train. >> and these guys really respect their homes and they are excited to be in one. >> if you have decided that plum needs to go home with you. look for the muttville senior dog rescue and head to their website. let's check with julie for a look at the forecast. >> all right. devin, thanks so much. what a cue tee that plum is. we have graze over the golden gate bridge. and temperatures near 60 in concord. and 60 in san jose at this hour. as we make our way throughout the day. the clouds pull back to the coast. and we have high pressure in place that helps keep us nice and warm. and today we'll see more of an on shore flow -- easy for me to say. and we're seeing the clouds spilling over the top 06 the ridge. later today, plenty of
7:54 am
sunshine. and tomorrow; however, here we are sunday. and we have more of a trough. definitely more of an on shore flow. and that's going to help the temperatures for tomorrow. for today. temperatures are cooler than yesterday and near the seasonal norms. we're topping out in the low 80s. concord, fairfield, livermore. 59 in pacifica. and 80 in santa rosa. and 75 san jose. and 73 in fremont. heading up to the high country, beautiful weather for tahoe. mostly sunny. and cooler and a little windy, topping out in the upper 60s. three things to remember. comfortable this weekend. not as warm as yesterday and still near seasonal norms. and today we start cloudy and end with sunshine for pretty much everyone with the exception of some coastal locations and warming up again monday and tuesday into the upper 80s before we cool down for the latter half of next week. and as you can see. tomorrow slightly warmer,
7:55 am
topping out in the low 80s for warmest spots. and upper 50s along the coast. and monday we start to warm up to the upper 80s. near 70 by the bay. and low 60s for monday and tuesday. and cooling towards the latter hatch of next week. if you're heading out today. the art and wine festival. 78degrees. plenty of sunshine. and same is true in pleasanton. 78 the high there. and a hook and ladder run in livermore. and plenty of sunshine for you there as well. we're going to break and we'll be right back.
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the oakland zoo's new gondola will soon be open. guests got to take the four- minute ride to the visitors center. and they said it makes the park all the more special. >> even though we might come from the roughest part of oakland, there's beauty and culture and there's parts that are so gorgeous and beautiful. >> the gondola is part of a major expansion at the zoo which will double the complex, about 100 acres. and a brand new restaurant open on monday.
7:58 am
cocoa is gorilla is helping out at the san jose center. she's famous for using sign language. she signs cocoa love for each kitten. >> that's adorable. what a great way to end a saturday morning show. >> yeah. so time for us to call it a morning. thank you for watching cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning. >> and of course we'll be back tomorrow morning at 7:30. enjoy your saturday, everyone.
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