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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  June 4, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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a frightening new look at the london terror attacks from the victim's view. today isis is claiming responsibility for it all. 20 people are still in the hospital including a police officer. at least seven victims are dead. along with the three attackers who carried out the rampage using a van and knives. british police called in a dozen more suspects in raids today including several women. and tonight we're hearing chilling new stories from the survivors. elizabeth palmer spoke to one california tourist who escaped death by inches. just after 10:00 last night around london bridge, people were running for their urged on by the police. >> move back. >> reporter: the van that the terrorists had used moments ago
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could mow down pedestrians stood abandoned as security forces rushed to the rescue from the air, and the ground. dan anguyen was on the bridge when he saw the van coming toward him. it missed him by inches. >> my wife saw someone jumping off the bridge. >> and the people in the van. >> i had never seen anything like that. >> you think they were dead. >> yeah for sure. >> reporter: the suspects went to a near by area filled with bars and restauranted. as armed units moved into position these filmed by a traumatized resident on the phone. police in the area shouted at
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patrons to hit the floor. there was a burst of gunfire and then as sudden as it had begun it was over. the three suspects shot dead by the police. all wearing what looked like suicide belts but what turned out later to be faked. elizabeth palmer, cbs news. as details emerged, president trump took to twitter writes we must stop being politically correct and get down to the business of security for our people. he also blamed the attacks for the travel ban he put into effect. >> all the leaders have said it
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would be a slap in the face to muslim americans and others in many ways might actually insight more incidents. >> reporter: at sfo, passengers arriving told us they were saddened to see another terror attack hit the uk but said they refuse to live in fear. >> i'm not worried for my safety. i'm concerned what is happening but i'm not going to change what i do or start looking over my shoulder every five seconds, no. >> reporter: ariana grande was back in the uk holding a concert to benefit the victims of the manchester attack. 50,000 people packed the stands including 14,000 who survived the manchester arena attack. katy perry, cold play and
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justin beiber also took the stage as people stood together. >> it's something you will remember being there forever. >> reporter: money raised will go to the victims and families of those killed in the manchester attack. warrior fans encountered heavy security as they made their way into the arena for game two of the full-times. once inside they were not disappointed. kevin durant, steph curry and company took game two. betty yu was there. >> fans were so sure of the win
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that they took off. but this year they say the team looks different. >> the warriors. steph curry. steph curry. >> yeah, warriors. >> you didn't even stay to the end of the game. >> that's right because we already have this. it's going to be a sweep. you know that. it's a sweep. >> we got this. we already won it. >> we look like the better team right from the beginning. >> i'm feeling happy they won and for the second time in a row. >> minutes after another warriors victory, fans chanted sweep and danced outside oracle arena. >> that is the difference. steph curry is healthy this year and that's what we need. >> and we have kd. >> and we have kd. >> a noticeable difference at tonight's game more security. the oakland police department said it ramped up police presence before and during the game in light of yesterday's london bridge terror attack that killed seven. it wasn't hard to spot heavily
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armed officers. patrol officers on foot and on bike throughout the arena and at parking lots. the bomb squad was also highly visible. >> i did notice them and i think that it's good that we take that precaution but we also shouldn't live in a state of fear. >> i was fine because they wouldn't be no terrorist attack. nothg. >> i've seen a lot of officers coming from b.a.r.t. and everything. so it looks like there's three times more security than there normally would be for a warrior's game so i think it's a good thing. >> betty yu, kpix5. and tonight oracle is lit up in gold and blue to celebrate the warriors win. >> reporter: the most points scored in an nba finals game
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since the show time lakers in 1987. yes steve kerr back on the bench after missing the last 11 games. godden state pulled away in the second half. 33 points and 13 rebound the warriors take the cavs. >> they're going to keep coming. there's a lot of work for them to do and you have to expect foplay better at home and on the road. >> i felt great. i got a really nice reception from our fans and our players. it was just great to be on the sidelines again. that's what makes it so much fun to feel the energy of the finals and so it's really nice to be back. >> the question now is, will this series come back to oakland. we'll debate that topic tonight
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at 11:35, jim barnett and glenn will join me at oracle. two women are on the one with $10,000 of yoga clothes and supplies. >> reporter: a woman told me she saw the two young women leave the store a duffel bag and large shopping bag, clothes hanging out of the bags. the two women sprinted out of the store and got into a get away car and then took off
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eastbound on fourth street. the witnesses say the two women were giggling as they drove away. some shoppers tell me they are outraged. >> i like the store there it's a great store. it's not okay this stuff is going on. >> reporter: this is the latest in a rash of thefts at high end stores. apple stores from walnut creek to san francisco have been targeted in recent months and of course we reported for years about the rainbow girls who had the same mode of operation. move in with a group, steal a bunch of merchandise and leave with as much as quickly as possible. the women got away with thousands of dollars in yoga gear. no arrest reported so far. joe vasquez. the family of an australian tourist killed outside of a hotel is on the way to the bay area to bring his body back home. matt bates lived in a --
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>> he had a lot of friends who will miss him dearly. police have made one arrest but so far investigators aren't giving any details. police are looking for a suspect. surveillance video captured the scene. police say a man was siting in his car highlighted on the screen when he was shot just before 5:00 a.m. you can see the flicker of light from the gunfire. the man then drove his car about a block and a half before crashing in a fear by churchyard. he died at the scene. no one else was hurt. a much different mood in another east bay church today. a berkeley congregation returned home to their new house of worship after the old one burned down. kpix5 wilson walker was there
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for the resurrection. >> there's no going back after a tragedy. there's only going forward. there's so much familiarity but it's all new and beautiful. kind of like has a fresh new skin. >> reporter: eight months after a fire ripped through the first congregational church of berkeley the congregation marched back into the sanctuary and broke into song. >> so today is the pentecost and the symbol is fire. >> reporter: homecoming was the real focus because as the church is still trying to figure out what to do with the
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devastated prayer hall, they've been worshiped in the sanctuary. >> it's been great to be back. >> this is home. this is where i met my wife. where i got married where both my boys were baptized. means a lot to me and i can't say how much it just means a lot to be back home. >> reporter: so the flock returned home, shared hugs, tears and communion and reflected not so much on what was lost but what has come with this new day. >> when there's no loss of life you can take in a case like this and become unworn from old habits and do something entirely new. >> in berkeley, chris walker, kpix5. still to come. the big move apple is about to make for the first time in 15 years. plus. >> flash bangs and smoke bombs on the streets of portland and
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pro and anti trump forces square off. and not even a tornado could get in the way of this guy's to do list. the overly relaxed homeowner who's going viral tonight. >> it looks beautiful for the next couple of days. but wait until you hear what's happening by thursday. that four letter word rain, possibly weather, forecast coming up. ,, i need the phone that's where i happen to be... to be the one that rings. i need not to be missed phone calls...
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competing protest for and against president trump led to some pandemonium today. chris martinez is there tonight. police sent off numerous smoke and precaution events to control protesters in downtown portland sunday. >> protrump protesters called for peace. >> this group is very peaceful. freedom, love and america. >> reporter: amidst investigation of ties between the u.s. and russia, they want to learn more. police made several arrests and confiscated a number of illegal homemade weapons. >> police shut down this park after they say a small number of protesters started throwing bottles at officers but they
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say most of the day's rallies remain peaceful. >> the rallies took place in the wake of a deadly attack aboard a portland train. police say 35-year-old jeremy joseph christian shouted anti muslim hate words at a teen s. a suspected car thief is in the hospital after he was shot by police earlier today in san leandro. happened just before 3:00 a.m. on st. mary's avenue about a block west of interstate 80. two officers found the man driving a van that had been stolen in hayward. they followed him to a residential area where both officers opened fire. investigators are now looking at their body camera video to figure out what led up to the shooting and they're also talking to the 40-year-old suspect who is in stable condition tonight. people in moraga are
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pitching in to lp pay for a new community crime fighting measure. burglaries in the area are on the rise. the police chief wants to put in license plate reading cameras but the city doesn't have enough cash to pay for them in part because of a big sink hole it's still trying to fix. so citizens are stepping in by contributing to a community foundation. i think the town has got some fiscal challenges they are some priorities that it has that need significant resources. so we're happy just to step in and help. they've already raised $9,000 in just two weeks and they say by august they should have the $60,000 they need to pay for five cameras. >> wildlife officials are looking into a pair of mountain lion sightings in san carlos. a woman says she saw one crossing crest view drive last night. a couple of hours later another sighting was reported less than a mile away on britain avenue. a man who used to live there says he saw a big cat on the
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hill right by his carport. officials believe the mountain lion made its way into the preserve. firefighters had to use some ingenuity to save an injured horse in southern california. a horse named jack had fallen down a sleep slope in calabasas west of l. a. workers dug a trench. a helicopters hoisted jack it then lowered it slowly into a field. the 11-year-old horse is expected to make a full recovery. we have dramatic video out of western canada as a tornado touches down in alberta. friday's storms only lasted a few minutes and it didn't phase this guy at all. he kept mowing the lawn. his wife took this photo and
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says the storm was actually a lot farther away than it looks. well first thing's first in the weather department. a beautiful sunday will give way to a chilly night tonight. tomorrow morning at the door it looks pretty good. we'll have a mostly sunny sky. and temperatures begin in the low 50s and they'll end near 90 degrees in the warmest spots inland. it's going to look warm on monday as it continues chilly. so that the numbers will come up to well above aáfrpl. -- above average. as the day goes on on monday we will look for mostly severely clear conditions. and nice day for monday. and for that matter for tuesday. mostly clear and cool tonight. it'll warm up later in the week but then the computer models are suggesting believe it or not a quarter to a half an inch coming in on thursday. it's at least a possibility. it could turn a little bit wet.
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more than a little bit for june. we'll be in the 90s in the valley. and overnight lows tonight are par for the course. we'll be in the upper 40s in santa rosa. tomorrow the numbers continue well above average. san francisco hit 70. in oakland 76 degrees. down in the south bay tomorrow there'll be plenty of sunshine and the numbers will top out in the mid-80s for cupertino. shoreline is cool just low 50s but should be clear skies and for tomorrow we'll be in the mid- to upper 80s in the east bay 86 for pittsburgh. 87 at danville. north bay tomorrow lots of sun with 85 degrees for santa rosa. beautiful for mill valley at 80. and up around the lake port and clear lake and ukiah plenty warm. we'll still be clear and warm. wednesday the numbers come
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down. thursday the clouds thicken and then by late thursday through friday, possibly showers in the bay area by the time we hit the weekend we will dry it out. so stay tuned for the forecast this week and have a good start to the workweek. a big week ahead for apple. what the tech giant is expected to unveil at its big developers conference this week. and why the venue itself is making headlines. >> and a bay area casting call goes long distance. the hit series that had aspiring actors lined up for blocks today.
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apple's worldwide developers conference kicks off tomorrow in san jose. local businesseses plan to take a big bite. >> reporter: for the first time in 15 years, apple's worldwide developers conference is back in san jose. america's tenth largest city. >> i was thinking a small city maybe in the few tens of thousands of people and i'm looking at it it's bigger than san francisco. >> you know there's a million people here. >> now i do. yeah. >> apple is not saying why they pulled the conference out of san francisco's mosconi center after such a long run. perhaps they had outgrown the space or meals were getting too
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expensive. whatever the case, the 10,000 employees will jam the hotel rooms, restaurants and cafes. >> the downtown association estimates the downtown to be up to a million dollars per day. but it's also an uber and lyft driver who's looking forward to possible surge pricing. >> i'm sure there's a lot of money to be made. i want to get my piece of the pie. >> along with san jose police surrounding the building. the eastbound lanes of san carlos street were blocked off but that was always the plan. >> i don't know everything is calm. everything is fine. so nothing to worry about. >> sjpd says scaling back then conference because of last night's terrorist attack will be the wrong move. >> i think we need to continue and carry on to coin the english term. we're not going to change our
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lifestyle. we're not going to give up our freedoms because of that terrorists act. there's word they may announce a new speaker. now the winner gets the rare opportunity to talk with the famed investor one on one. all the money goes to san francisco's glide foundation to help the homeless. last year's winning bid was more than $3 million. the auction opened this evening on ebay and running through friday. we'll be right back.
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thousands line the streets for a chance to appear on 13 reasons why. the show takes place in the area and critics says that it topics are too controversial. when the show debuted in march. several school districts sent a letter to parents warning them about the content. we will be right back.
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thanks so much for watching. game day is up next. we have news and weather all
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day on have a great day. thanks so much for watching.
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join all your child's sesame street friends as they discover that everything makes music it's sesame street live elmo makes music playing city national civic san jose june 10th & 11th tickets on sale now through ticketmaster good evening game day tonight. our special analysts jim barnett as the warriors have seized control of the nba finals winning the first two games as the series now shifts to cleveland. roll the highlights and here's how it came down. lebron welcoming kerr back before the game. and returned in order to right the ship. golden state out only four turn overs thursday night.
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20 tonight. eight by steph curry. enter the first, kevin durant with the three. they shot 52% in the first quarter. lebron taking a quick rest and lebron took control. shepherd blocked by david west and it's transition time. hit s -- hits the three. love finishes with 27 points then it's lebron going right through the warrior's defense. cleveland got it down to three at the half. 29 points and another triple double for lebron james. third quarter play of the night. curry going at lebron. if at first you don't succeed try, try again. curry pulls it back out. finishes inside to put the warriors up 10. cavs not


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