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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 5, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the claim. president trump is condemning the killings. he tweeted support for the u.k. and used the attack to push for his stalled travel ban and to criticize the way london's mayor responded to the attack. the president struck a softer tone last night in washington. >> i'd like to take a moment to address the horrific terrorist attack on the people of london. i've spoken with prime minister may and expressed our unwavering support for our allies and the united kingdom. >> reporter: the president took to twitter to call for the reinstatement of his travel ban. >> the attack came less than two weeks after a suicide bomber killed people at an aria
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yaw grande -- -- the soldout crowd of 50,000 people were on hand to see the show. warriors fans are feeling the effects of the aftermath of the london terror attacks. the security at last night's game was boosted significantly. >> there wouldn't be no terror attacks, nothing. >> i've seen a lot of officers coming from bart. looked like three times more security than normal for a warriors game so i think it's a good thing. >> no reports of any major crime. >> a dominating performance by the warriors to take a 2-0 lead. i think it's over. i think we got to get ready for the parade. >> don't jinx it. >> what's that thing -- don't count your chickens before they hatch. >> of course we want them to win and i love your enthusiasm and you being positive.
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>> if they go up three games to one. i think they'll still win it. they have kd on the team. good news and bad news. okay. the good news is the problem that is causing the delays is clear. but the bad news is we're still dealing with the delays. look at the san mateo bridge. that's over a one hour drive from 880 to 101. to get from hayward to foster city, san mateo, over an hour commute. i would be flipping out. not whistling. just flipping out. if you know e who takes the route, let them know. if you want to use the dumbarton bridge, that's in the green. 237 moving at the limit. san mateo bridge will be jammed for a while. we had an earlier accident that
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had one lane blocked for quite some time. 238 to highway 84 in the yellow. a 17-minute ride. and slow through hayward. and 68 to 84 just under 15 minutes. we have a couple of dogs reported to be running in and out of the lanes in the center divide at whipple road. and it's causing quite a few cars and almost caused a few crashes. crews are heading out there. who let the dogs out? through oakland, looking good as you make your -- slow at the bay bridge toll plaza. we're in the red. 25-minute ride from the maze to downtown san francisco. grab an extra cup of coffee. it's a slow ride on the monday morning. listen to war and peace on your audio book, you have plenty of time for it.
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illustrating what's happening. we have a mix of sun and clouds as you can see the haze out there. and you can see the air traffic control, planes taxiing, and the numbers. 55 at concord. oakland 54. and san francisco 51 degrees with clear skies inland and low clouds near the shoreline. it will be mostly sunny and warm. and cools off by wednesday, and then looks like we have a chance of rain coming in to the bay area. by the time we hit late thursday and early friday, a few showers could linger. today looks nice. 85 in santa rosa. 70 in san francisco. and concord, 88 degrees. oakland, 76. and san jose, 82 degrees. in the look ahead, increasing clouds leading to a chance of rain. here we are in june with the wintertime forecast. friday, a few showers in the morning. and saturday and sunday look very nice. and now here's the latest with
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kenny. developing in the meal. saudi arabia. egypt, bahrain, cutting ties with qatar. saudi arabia is closing land, sea, and airports to protect the country from the dangers of terrorism and extremism. health advocates will ask governor brown to throw his support behind a plan for coverage for immigrants. >> reporter: this is coming after the state senate passed a plan for universal healthcare in california. the ways the right now. kids are eligible for medical until age 19 and then they are on their own. this would expand the coverage
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until age 26. the funds would come from tobacco tax revenue. today, their holding mock birthday parties in oakland, san francisco, and l.a. to call attention to what happens when these kids turn 19. back to the plan for universal healthcare. where does that stand? >> the plan is really pretty hollow. the senate passed it on to the assembly. and there's not even a price tag on the plan for universal healthcare yet. but the senate's passage beat the deadline of june 2nd to continue the conversation. san mateo city council will vote on a proposal to abandon polling places for mail ballots. this fall's election would mark the first time in the peninsula
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that a contest was decided solely by mail votes. critics say it would prioritize incumbents because of name recognition. sandra osborne is live at the san jose convention center with the details of the developers conference. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. you would not believe the clouds. i decided to climb up on a riser and get a better view now that the sun is coming up. it's been 15 years since the conference was held in san jose and as you can imagine, the area has grown quite a bit since then. it will be needed to hold the 5000 people. traffic into san jose will be heavier, of course. registration starting at 8:00. and they definitely don't want to miss the big keynote at 10
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a.m. that is an address by apple's ceo tim cook. the company has nod said why they pulled the conference out of the san francisco. the downtown association estimating the economic impact to be half a million dollars to a million dollars a day. the developers what they care about is what's going to be announced. >> i'm hoping for the siri speaker, and the ios 11. >> and also rumored in addition to the siri speaker people have been talking about online. new versions of mac os and watch os. and there's a security presence and lots of staff preparing for it. and big, big crowds and hundreds of people. the person we spoke that you heard a second ago has been in line since 7:00 last night. when we got here.
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people were sleeping in sleeping bags. sandra osborne, kpix 5. the cleveland cavaliers were not the only ones who got roughed up at oracle arena last night. >> reporter: and the oakland zoo gondola ride was supposed to open today. but visitors will have to wait a little bit longer. and how warm will it get in the bay area? we have the forecast coming up. and we are tracking a backup at the san mateo bridge. if this is part of the morning commute, you're not going to want to use it. coming up in the next traffic report. i'll show you how much the backup stretches and alternate routes for you to take this morning. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a nice one on this early monday morning. low clouds by the golden gate bridge and still a beautiful shot. the numbers in the 80s for much of the bay area. and wait until you hear about thursday. it will turn wet. here's kenny. this afternoon, opening statements are expected in the trial of a minnesota police officer who fatally shot an african-american man during a traffic stop. st. anthony police officer -- he fired at castillo after the victim said he had a gun. the aftermath was posted on facebook live. defense attorneys game yanez feared for his life during the
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encounter. a standoff in the richmond district. a suspect walked into a store and he got into a fight with someone and ended up barricading himself inside. police have not said if anyone was hurt. a rough night for the cavs and things almost got worse for lebron james when an altercation broke out. fans got in a shoving match after james was leaving the floor. police broke it up and no arrests were made. the three people involved were warriors fans. a delay for the oakland zoo gondola. >> it was expected to open today to give visitors to the zoo a whole new experience. jessica florida is live to tell us what the holdup is. >> we covered the ribbon cutting on friday. this is supposed to be a super exciting day for the zoo.
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and unfortunately, they'll be delaying the gondola ride opening. we are working with the city of oakland to resolve an issue with the water pressure system and will not be able to open the gondola on monday as planned. we'll post an update. when it's all said and done, the $8 million gondola system will be a part of the $72 million expansion located in the hills above the existing zoo. and this summer, riders will get a chance to see grizzly bears, mountain lions, and. with the chance the zoo grows to -- with the expansion the zoo grows to 100 acres. we're just excited for it to open. we don't know when it will open. but the zoo says at some point they'll post an update on when the gondola ride is expected to
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open. i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. >> sometimes it's better to wait. >> i think we should definitely make a road trip. it's been a while. i haven't been there yet. >> brian are you in? >> i've been there many times but not the gondola ride. >> a new experience. >> a selfie on the gondola. i'm game. >> let's do it. let's do traffic first. >> do you want to go to the oakland zoo? traffic on 880 is moving just fine. different story at the san mateo bridge. don't take that this morning. if you're getting ready to head out the door. westbound 92 out of hayward heading into foster city. it's an 80-minute ride. that's over an hour delay from what it should typically take you to get across the bridge. we just heard from chp that
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they have a sig-alert and one lane is blocked on the san mateo. at the high-rise, an earlier accident. at one point they told us it was clear. it's not. two lanes are getting bay. so if you want to avoid the delays head to the dumbarton bridge. that remains in the green or use 237, getting a little slug issue. and 880 through hayward. 38 to highway 84 just under a 20-minute ride. and 680 getting slow. and 580 from 20520 liver her has been 11 minutes. let's check in with brian hackney on the forecast. a lot in the old weather department with a view of the embarcadero. a nice start to monday morning. and the numbers are not bad. concord, 55 degrees. and oakland, 54. and livermore, 59. and in santa rosa, 47. a little bit chilly to start with. but by the time all is said and
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done when the records are written for this day by the national weather service. they'll record readings in the upper 80s and mid-70s around the bay. coastline remains on the chilly side. and ocean water temperatures are so cold. and it will be chilly on the beach. and inland in the upper 80s today. bundle up at the beach. and sweaty weather around the 680 corridor. future cast is not showing enough. this is 8:00 tonight. not much in the way of cloudiness. and you can see the low clouds over the peninsula and then parts of the north bay as well. so more low clouds tomorrow. and for today, a nice warm start to the week as high pressure reasserts itself. the numbers will follow suit. here's what we're expecting. mostly sunny and warm today. it cools off by midweek. and more clouds coming in and that will lead to a chance of showers by thursday afternoon
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in the north bay. and lingering through friday morning. amounts may be a quarter to a half inch of rain. it's at least a possibility. stay tuned on that. and heading out of the bay area up to redding. 96degrees. in sacramento, 90 degrees. in fresno. 97. and at -- chilly at the monterey bay aquarium, 62. if you're going to new york, thunderstorms today and a temperature of 71. in seattle, it will be 70 today. in los angeles, not bad. they'll get the usual low clouds and sun in the afternoon and 79 degrees at the intersection of 10 and 405. in san francisco, 70 degrees for a forecast high today. not exactly sweltering. 88 in concord. and 76 nor oakland. and south bay, low to mid-80s. and mid- to upper 80s for walnut creek. and at antioch, pittsburgh, and
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fairfield, the north bay, the numbers will be in the low 80s today inland by the bay shoreline around sausalito, 78. and 88 degrees is pretty much the norm for the area. the extended forecast today and tomorrow, nice. wednesday in the near 80 degrees range. and numbers come down a little bit by that time of day. and then by the time we get into the weekend. plenty of sun after a chance of showers that move into the bay area coming in by late in the day thursday. boy, what a turnaround. enjoy it. a nice warm day for us today. coming up from oracle, golden state overcomes 20 turnovers, and the series heads back to cleveland. and what's cool about your summer camp.
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cool camps at we may feature your camp on our thursday show. ,,,,,,,,
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our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. good morning, everybody. the warriors made it 14 straight wins and had plenty of style points, 132 to be exact. most points scored in an nba finals since 1987. clay thompson returned after being mia. the warriors made 18 threes. kevin durant followed up game
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one with 33 points and 13 rebounds. and receive curry was right behind with 32 points as well as his first playoff career triple double. they're going to keep coming, man. there's a lot of work left for us to do and you got to expect them to play obviously better at home. and we need to play better to win on the road. >> a nice reception from our fans. and our players. and it was just great to be on the sidelines again. it's what makes it so fun to feel the energy of the finals and nice to be back. >> reporter: the warriors will depart for cleveland tonight and arrive about 9:30 p.m. eastern time. they have a chance now to wrap up the nba finals if they can win two on foreign soil. as for the giants and a's, both
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losers once again. let's check out the play of the day. major league baseball. cubs and cardinals at wrigley field. >> we're trying to find as hitters. he'll lock it up and string some together. >> jason heyward with a catch in right field. >> look at that athleticism. why he's considered one of the best in the game. robs matt carpenter and the cubs win 7-6. thanks in part to the play of the day. it's 6:26 and coming up. too old for healthcare. a push to help undocumented immigrants after they age out of med-i-cal. look at these crowds. we'll have all the details coming up.
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>> live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> he told her that information because he wanted to keep her off the street on a cold winter night. >> a police officer heads to court this morning. apple's annual developers conference returns to san jose. >> we can't have a situation where they seek to divide our city. >> the people of london promising to stick together after the deadly terror attack over the weekend. >> it's monday, june 5th.
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i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. >> the city residents head back to work after a deadly terror attack over the weekend. police made more arrests during a series of raids overnight. meg oliver has all the details. good morning. >> good morning kenny and michelle. cbs news has confirmed that two americans with -- injured in the attack and one remains in critical condition. this makeshift memorial continues to grow in honor of the victims and first responders. authorities in the u.k. continued the hunt for accomplices in east london this morning, rounding up several people at two addresses in the region in connection with saturday's terror attacks. >> we've made a number of arrests and we're trying to find out whether anybody was helping them and to understand the background to the attack as best we possibly can. >> the suspected terrorists used a van to mow down
6:32 am
pedestrians on london bridge before crashing the vehicle and stabbing people. >> i have no remorse. their eyes were pure evil. >> reporter: in the end a number of locals and tourists would be dead, including a french citizen and -- of canada. >> reporter: the attack came two weeks after a suicide bomber killed 22 people at an ariana grande concert in manchester. the pop star went back to manchester yesterday and took the stage during an emotional event, raising money for the victims. >> amazing way to celebrate everyone that -- lives. >> back in the u.s. in his first public comment on the recent attack. president trump vowed sunday to protect americans from terrorists. >> we renew our resolve stronger than before to protect the united states and its allies from a vile enemy. >> reporter: the department of
6:33 am
homeland security says there's no credible threat to the u.s. at this time. >> 11 people are being held after police conducted two raids. kenny and michelle. theresa may just wrapped up an energy security meeting. did anything come out of it, meg? >> reporter: we do know that all three attackers have been identified but the prime minister has said she's not going to release their names yet. they are going to keep the terror threat level at severe. that means that another attack is highly likely. they did not raise that to critical like they did after the manchester attack. >> meg oliver, thank you. president trump will turn his focus to nation's infrastructure. he'll host airline executives as he pushes a plan to
6:34 am
privatize the traffic control system. the idea has been floated several times in the past. events focusing on u.s. roads and railways are scheduled for later this week. mr. hackney, how is the forecast looking? >> i like that. you can call me brian. we're starting with clear skies around the bay area and the exception is the shoreline. and a warm day today inland. and what a beautiful start as we look out to san francisco and the embarcadero. and a reminder to be good. here's alcatraz. concord, 55 degrees. livermore at 49. and in san francisco. 51degrees. high pressure will nudge back in to the bay area. and a nice warm start to the week with readings approaching the upper 80s inland. mostly sunny and warm. and it will cool off on wednesday, and there's a chance of rain moving in to the north
6:35 am
bay thursday afternoon, lingering thursday night and friday morning. and everybody in the bay area could get a sprinkle or two by the time all is said and done. and the weekend looks good. 85degrees in santa rosa. and 83 for san rafael. and in fairfield -- san jose, 82 degrees. extended forecast nice today, nice tomorrow. cooler on wednesday, a chance of rain coming in on thursday. and it just doesn't know when to quit. friday a lingering shower or two. and it will clean out the atmosphere and we'll have a beautiful weekend. time if a bent metal update. we continue to track major delays across the san jose bridge. this has been the headache of the morning. an earlier accident has one lane blocked in the westbound direction on the high-rise. and right now we are tracking a travel time of there it is -- 102 minutes.
6:36 am
just under two hours from hayward to foster city. no thank you. head to the dumbarton bridge. that's showing some slowdowns but not as bad as the san mateo bridge. and speeds are in the green for the most part across highway 84. a 25-minute minute ride southbound 880. it's getting slow through hayward. now back to you michelle. we're following breaking news in florida. police are on the scene of a shooting. this is in orlando. we're getting reports that multiple people have been killed. you are taking a live look at the scene there. a huge police presence. we're told this may have happened at a business. the situation is contained and we will hear a statement very soon. and we'll keep you updated on this developing story. today rallies will be held around california to urge
6:37 am
governor brown to provide healthcare for undocumented immigrants. >> reporter: this is all coming as the debate around universal healthcare heats up. and now we're adding in undocumented immigration. the ways the right now. undocumented immigrant kids are eligible for medi-cal until they're 19 years old. and then they are on their own. this would expand access until age 26. the cost estimate is $85 million. that would come from tobacco tax revenue. almost 190,000 undocumented kids have benefited from the state's current program. and today they're holding mock birthday parties in oakland, sacramento, and l.a. to call attention to what happens to these kids when they turn 19. the main argument against the plan is probably the price
6:38 am
tag. >> reporter: the state can do a lot with $85 million. but the counterpoint of that is that if people have access to healthcare. it's a lot less money than having them go to the emergency room, the same argument some are using for universal healthcare for all in california. >> ann, thank you. the family of an australian tourist killed outside a san francisco hotel is headed to the bay area to bring his body home. he lived in australia's northwestern territory where he worked as an -- chemist. no word on the exact cause of death. but no weapons were involved. one arrest has been made in this case. and investigators have not given any details. the teenage daughter of a dispatcher is describing in
6:39 am
court alleged sale counts -- sexual encounters she had. an arraignment is scheduled. expect heavy traffic with apple's much anticipated worldwide developers conference getting underway. sandra osborne is live with the details. >> reporter: good morning to you kenny and michelle. we're on one of the risers. take a look. hundreds and hundreds of people waiting in line. many of them waiting in line overnight. excited for the conference and to hear tim cook with the keynote at 10:00. this is the first time in 15 years, the worldwide developers conference has been in san jose instead of san francisco. the area has grown in the past
6:40 am
decade and and a half. we spoke with one man who has been in line since 7:00 last night. >> certainly trying to get the best seat. this is my first time coming so it's going to be really exciting to be here and get one of the first seats. >> reporter: the downtown association estimates the a million dollars be half a per day as they work and play in the downtown area. apple has not said why they pulled the conference out of san francisco. but the last time it was in san jose was 2002. they've started getting people closer to the door. and the line wraps partway around the building here. hundreds and hundreds of people. expect heavy traffic. registration opens at 8 a.m. we'll see things getting busier
6:41 am
in the next hour or so. >> what could be announced today in terms of new services and products? >> reporter: well, that's the tricky thing, of course, apple being tight lipped about what to expect. but there are rumors online. there always are. we're hearing that there could be something called a siri speaker. something to compete with the amazon echo. and new versions of the ios or make mac os or the operating system for the apple watch. sounds pretty good. time now is 6:41. a family plane ride in southern california comes to a deadly end. we'll hear from a witness to the crash. and the market just opened up 10 minutes ago as we take a look at the board. the dow is down 35 points. we'll get an update from jason brooks.
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it's monday, june 5th and it's going to be a nice one. temperatures above average. lots of sun and a few clouds on the shoreline. and we'll hit 78 degrees in union city. in pleasant hill, 85. and pleasanton, not far behind. in the north bay, plenty of sun and 85 in santa rosa. and in lake county, the numbers in the 80s. in the extended forecast. look out. here comes rain on thursday. and june 5th and mark wahlberg -- not easy to say. try saying it. actor, rapper, 46 years old. happy birthday, mark. >> marky mark. >> and the funky bunch, right?
6:46 am
some tesla drivers will have to pay more for insurance. >> and what wall street is saying about the iphone. >> we have those stories and more in the money watch report. he's a decent actor. i don't know about the music side of things though. apple's stock is up 30% since the beginning of the year. the market value, over $800 billion, first time a corporation has done that. and a securities analyst thinks that some of the optimism is overdone on the upcoming iphone 8. it's the 10th anniversary iphone. and the analysts note says there could be a possible soft launch or delays because of supply issues with the display screens. most of -- sales this fall are expected to increase in the mid- to upper teens and that analyst
6:47 am
thinks that's extremely unlikely. he's downgrading the stock rating. it's moving lower by 1% in the early going. aaa is going to raise insurance rates for tesla owners by up to 30%. the aaa insurance says that it's basing that off data from the data institute that shows that claims on model s vehicles from the 2014 to 2016 model years are 20% more and cost double from similar models. tesla is taking -- did not do the correct comparisons with cars in its classes. tesla stock not changing much on that report. the stock market is opening lower follows the record close on friday for all the major
6:48 am
averages. dow down 20 points. and the nasdaq and s&p 500 just a little bit lower. kenny and michelle back to you. time check 6:48. back to work monday and back to traffic on the san mateo bridge. >> and one heck of a ride. we've had an accident with one lane tied up throughout much of the morning commute. chp has cleared all lanes and the damage is done. look at that. that's not the frozen screen. that's traffic at a standstill. out of hayward to foster city, just under 150 minutes. wow. that's insane. right now if you're getting ready to head out the door, don't go over the san mateo bridge. head to dumbarton bridge. slow but not as bad at the san
6:49 am
mateo bridge. here's a quick check of how things pan out on the san mateo bridge. we're in the red and you can see the travel times starting to show improvement. the sensors are starting to catch up. at the dumbarton bridge, a 22- minute ride. and 237 from 880 to 101, 11 minutes, doesn't look so bad in the yellow. making your way to the north bay. an accident is slowing in the southbound direction of 101. and traffic is backed up beyond washington at this point. so it's a very tough ride on 101 and 92. bay bridge toll plaza the usually crowds and a 30-minute ride to downtown san francisco. i think if you like nice, sunny, warm weather you'll like
6:50 am
today. especially inland. and looking out there towards coat tower. a sunny start in san francisco. . and santa rosa 47 degrees. by this afternoon we'll be in the mid-70s around the bay shoreline. and the mid- to upper 80s inland. as we've got pretty cold ocean temperatures and the land right next to the sea. and that's the reason the coastline is chilly. and inland, the pressure bumps up a little bit. and we'll be in the mid- to upper 80s inland today. and not much in the way of low clouds. that would cool things down around the bay. by 9:00 tonight a few low clouds blossom and then time goes on. and by tomorrow morning we have more extensive low clouds and slightly cooler for tomorrow. high pressure is rebuilding and a nice warm start to the week. wednesday is high begins to
6:51 am
recede and the low begins to assert itself a little bit more. and a chance of rain by thursday afternoon. yeah. but today, mostly sunny and warm. and it will cool off by the time we get to wednesday. and increasing clouds and a chance of rain by thursday afternoon. and you know, the models are suggesting a quarter to a half inch and a few sprinkles south of the golden gate bridge. that's thursday afternoon and evening. and a few lingering showers friday morning. the travel forecast at redding, 96 degrees. sacramento hits 90. and at sfo a little bit windy through the san bruno gap. thunderstorms and 71 degrees for new york. the bay area numbers are nice with 88 in concord. and south bay in the mid- to upper 80s. 680 corridor in the 80s. north bay not as warm and not bad at all with mill valley at
6:52 am
80 degrees. and along the shoreline, stinson, 62. and then plenty warm in lake county. extended forecast monday, tuesday, and wednesday look typical. and for june, that's unusual. the weekend, saturday and sunday you won't find the rain all that taxing. speaking of tax, here's michelle. one city is on the brink of imposing a tax on marijuana businesses. measure d would impose an 8% tax. it would be capped at $3000 a year. the city council supports the measure and it isn't expected to meet much resistance. investigators in southern california are trying to figure out how a father and son died after taking flight in a small plane. wreckage covers the horse arena in camarillo where the plane
6:53 am
came crashes down. the 57-year-old father and his 15-year-old son were the victims. a different family flying in the area saw the plane take several sharp turns. >> the plane came to a stop. and no debris or explosion or fire. it just stopped right there in the ground. >> it hasn't sunk in and i've been running on adrenaline. >> just thursday, another plane in the region -- their cessna came down in the hills above the ventura coast. >> >> bill cosby goes on trial today. what researchers expect. and aging out of healthcare eligibility. it happens to thousands of undocumented immigrants in the -- the plan to help them -- next.
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
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whatever. following a push to offer healthcare to undocumented young adults after they age out of the current system. the ways the right now, undocumented kids are eligible for medi-cal until age 19 and then they are on their own. this proposal would expand it to age 26. the funds would come from tobacco tax revenue. advocates are holding rallies in oakland, sacramento, and l.a. and this is all coming around the healthcare debate. we are continuing to follow
6:58 am
breaking news in orlando. police are on the scene of a shooting. and there are report that is multiple people have been killed. deputies say the situation is contained and they'll provide more details soon. it's time for final five. >> at least 11 people remain in custody this morning in connection with the deadly terror attack in london. seven people were killed in the attack on saturday night. police shot and killed three suspects at the scene. president trump is calling for reinstatement of the travel ban in the wake of the attacks. he says it's necessary to stop the spread of terrorism. the sexual assaull of bill cosby began in pennsylvania today. he's accused of drugging and assaulting a woman when he was mentoring. one other accusers is being allowed to testify. an officer is going to be
6:59 am
arraigned today. he's accused of tipping off a woman to an undercover prostitution sting. the annual auction has begun for a private lump with warren buffet. the winner gets to talk with the famed investor one-on-one. all the money goes to help the homeless. avoid the san mateo bridge like the plague. it's over a two hour commute from hayward to foster city. we continue to track delays across the san mateo bridge, the dumbarton bridge. 237 may be the way to go -- in the yellow. we're starting with mostly sunny skies. and fairly chilly temperatures too. take heart. the numbers will recover as high pressure builds in and it will keep us in the 80s inland. >> i love 80s. it's nice having you here today. >> thanks for watching cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning. the next update is 7:26. and cbs news this morning is
7:00 am
coming up right now. have a great day. captioning funded by cbs good morning to our viewers in the west. monday, june 5th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." police in london overnight detained more people tied to saturday's deadly terror attack. britain's prime minister promises tougher anti-terror measures saying enough is enough. we'll talk to former homeland security adviser fran townsend about how law enforcement can fight extremism. president trump angers londoners after criticizing their mayor on twitter after the attack. later he says he will work tirelessly to support great britain. bill cosby's sexual assault trial begins this the comedian's face could hang on statements he made under oath 12 years ago. we begin this morning with a


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