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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  June 5, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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are responsible for what happened here, they failed to prevent it and failed to make sure that the building was safe. >> reporter: harris, himself, agrees on that matter and said so in an interview we did with him last year. >> ultimately it should fall on, you know, the property holder. they are the ones that gave us the space with messed up electricity, with no sprinkler system, with, you know, no means of really addressing any of these grievances in a way that would solve anything. >> reporter: what the district attorney saysnvestigation is done and the only chargeerize the ones they filed against these two. both are currently in jail arrested this morning. harris was arrested in los angeles, and derick almena in lake county. >> i leave my 3 children down there every night. >> reporter: derick almena said he would rather be trampled by the victims parents than be accountable. >> this is a mass grave. >> reporter: for the families,
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can you-- >> i am only here to say-- i am only here to say i am incredibly sorry. >> reporter: neither one of these men made it back here to alameda county yet. however, derick almena was in court today. here is a picture taken just this afternoon. he is the one to the right of your screen in the green and white stripes. he is shackled. that is in lake county where he has to make his first appearance there before he can make it back here to alameda county. now we did reach out to his attorney, they were not available on camera, however, they did send us a statement that says "this is a miscarriage of justice and that he is being used as a scapegoat and they plan to fight vigorously in court on his behalf." >> you mentioned this in your story, it is noteworthy that prosecutors are not going after the building's owner. >> reporter: exactly. in the press conference the district attorney said derick almena is the one responsible from changing the building from an industrial site to a residential site, it was not in
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the lease with the owner at all. so when he made that change, it was his responsibility, they say to make sure there was a fire plan, an escape route, a fire extinguisher, sprinkler system, and because he did not do that, he is cullpable for all of those deaths. >> thank you. relatives of the ghost ship victims are also seeking justice in the courts. to date, 18 families have joined a civil suite against pge&e, and a dozen others. they claim pg&e should have known about the electrical dachgs and it accuses a next door neighbor of doing unlicensed electrical work on the property. meanwhile, oakland mayor, libby, said this about the men charged "for years they worked hard to escape legal scrutiny and deceive city officials. because of their callus disregard for human life, they deserve to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law." other big story at 5:00
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tonight, a mix of relief and disappointment from the pafrnts of sierra lamar-- parents of sierra lamar after their daughter's killer was spared the death penalty. >> i feel at peace he will not be on the streets and harm another child, but the angst will be in our lives forever. nothing will ever take that away. >> reporter: vur unica tells us-- veronica tells us antolin garcia-torres will die in prison. >> that is right, a santa clara county jury unanimously sentenced antolin garcia-torres to life without the possibility of parole. the jury deliberated for two days before finding him guilty of fufrs degree murder last month. sierra was just 15 years old when she vanished in 2012 on the way to the school bus stop. searchers spent years looking for her but her body has never been found. >> there is no joy in this verdict. only mourning the death of a child who was murdered.
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a void that will forever ache and that can never be filled. >> he will be able to live, sierra won't, he will be 8 to breathe, sierra doesn't. his family doesn't grieve. we will the rest oour lives. >> dna evidence linked him to sierra lamar but he refused to reveal where she is. a judge will decide whether to adopt the jury's recommendation of a life sentence instead. >> thanksgiving you. we have dramatic images of a car burning along an east bay freeway sending flame s creeping up a steep hillside. flames consume a car on the shoulder of westbound highway 24. the fire started around 1:00, about a mile east of the tunnel. the car fire quickly sparked a grass fire on that dry vegetation on the hill side above. chopper 5 was over head as the
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helicopter dropped buckets of water on the flames. the three right lanes westbound 24 remain closed. no estimate on when they will reopen. the fire burned 25 acres and 75% contained. police in london know the names of the two-- two of the three men involved in the latest terror attack. the three began their deadly rampage in a delivery truck before stabbing dozens of people. terry oketoa joins us live from london, a city with stepped up security this evening. >> reporter: sure is, you can see it all around here. this is a fast-moving on going investigation. 12 people have been arrested but those people have been released. the raids and searches have been focused mainly in east london where police say at least two of the three attackers had lived. scotland yard has publicly identified two of the suspects in saturday's terror attack.
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27-year-old khuram butt is a british citizen born in pakistan, known to intelligence agencies but not considered a threat. investigators say rachid redouane may be murocken or libyan, still trying to identify the accomplice. two days after 7 people were killed, security is tighter on the streets of london, many residents are determined to adhere to the old war time slogan "keep calm and carry on." >> no effect on me except for sheer emotion of the horror. >> reporter: the thirty-third terrorist attack in the uk since march. rather than fear, many expressed anger. >> london stands in defiance against this cowardly attack. >> reporter: this evening crowds gathered for a memorial here at a park in london just a short walk away from where the past we could's tragedy happened. so far only one victim has officially been named, canadian chrisy archaval was with her fiancee when run down on london
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bridge. unlike tonight, saturday night was clear and beautiful and a lot of people were out along the corridor, restaurants and pubs down the way. there were tourists and residents alike, a lot of people from around the world. so the victims were from everywhere, including america, two people remain injured, one in critical condition. prime minister theresa may says this is not just an attack on london and the uk, dut an attack on the in-- but an attack on the entire free world. >> terry, you told us that one of the attackers was known to police, in fact, we know one of these was interviewed for a documentary about jihadis living in britain. what more do we know about either suspect? >> reporter: it was very interesting, khuram butt was interviewed and featured in the documentary for channel 4. and they followed him all around
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london and he was not shy about what he had to say about his beliefs. he flew the black isis flag literally and figureuratively in the documentary. theresa may said it is terrorism breeds terrorism. she and police believe the attackers were inspired by other attackers and terrorist incidents and copied them. >> all right, live from london, thank you. other bay area headlines, a man was killed when hit by a southbound cal train while walking along the tracks in atherten, it happened around 10:00 this morning near the watkins avenue crossing, nobody on board the train was hurt. visitors to the oakland zoo will have to wait to ride the new gondolas, the million dollar system supposed to start offering rides today but the zoo postponed the opening while it resolves a water pressure issue. no word yet on when it is expected to open. today apple kicked off its
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annual world wide developer's conference in san jose but it is not just the latest gadgets and software upgrades getting all the attention. kpix 5's kiet do met one of the youngest developers and a woman trying to preserve part of her culture. >> reporter: diversity has always been a challenge in the tech industry and if you look at the 5,000 or so attendees, you notice one glaring thing messing. to raise awareness on women in tech, we want to introduce you to two of them. apple doesn't release demographic information but it is obvious there are way more men than women, check out the line for the men's and women's restroom. >> clearly more women developers than the past. >> reporter: tech analyst, tim, has been coming for years and says with attendees from 75 countries it is as diverse as ever but has a way to go.
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>> from diversity standpoint, there has been clearly better traction, but again, unfortunately it still very male dominated when it comes to most of the development world. >> reporter: one of the stand outs is amanda southard, 15 years old, one of the youngest app developers here, she created ang writy helper to-- anxiety helper to help young people. >> i love technology, something about creating, and bilgding, design-- building, designing something that you know can help people and that you love. >> reporter: then there is mausco who got a shut out during the key note from tim cook, 82 years old, the oldest app developer here created an app to help users remember a cultural tradition where dolls are dressed and displayed in a particular order, she said it is gratifying to help preserve japanese culture. >> just to be part of making others happy, that makes her happy. >> reporter: that weren't enough, tim cook himself walked by during our interview and
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stopped to say hi. >> [inaudible] >> reporter: coming up, we take a look at some product announcements including some changes and upgrades to the ipad operating system and also home pod, that is a home speaker done apple style. live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> thank you for that. there is change in the weather, up ahead this week. >> speaking of changes, chief meteorologist paul, could we see rain? >> we will get june rainfall likely, not today, not tomorrow, doppler is dry, this time of year we see little if any rainfall. 1/6 for the entire month of june for average, we have not had that in any june since 2011, but may this thursday. futurecast shows increase in
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cloud cover by wednesday evening, and that green you see at the top of your smart phone or television screen is rain moving into the north bay by sunrise thursday. we will talk how much rain, coming up. google will be doing more than just mapping the streets when they drive through your neighborhood. >> how their new tech will help sniff out pollution hot spots. bill cosby's reputation and legacy on the line as his criminal trial gets under way. medical bills can bring on financial ruin, but there is a company that wants to help ease the pain. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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google is testing out some new censors on some street view cars to try and pinpoint sources of pollution. and the data is available to anyone. kpix 5's don ford got a look at
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how the mapping project works. >> reporter: it is not only taking pictures of your neighborhood, some are literally sniffing around your house as they drive by. >> while driving around, we are able to ingest air samples. >> reporter: the pilot research project is a collaboration with google, acclaim labs, and environmental defense fund, they equipped four cars in for a year drove around oakland 30 times, covering 14,000 miles and recording samples, one every second. totaling 3 million samples. >> i like, really like what we are doing, right? i want to change the world. i am an air quality scientist, this is really geeing to help. >> we-- going to help. >> we can build a picture from the sniffs and find a stable map of where the pollution is over time and, thus, we can figure where the sources are. >> reporter: that map is available free for anyone to go online and use. an extremely detailed graphical image of your street and the
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air. >> some streets with lots of hot spots because there are different activities that go on, different parts of the block that can cause pollution to vary. >> reporter: the folks behind this interesting technology say it is not limited to only google cars. it could be installed in the future on vans or trucks or anything else that might pass through your neighborhood. in san francisco, don ford, kpix 5. bill cosby was in a courtroom outside philadelphia today for the start of his criminal trial. as kenneth craig explains, the comedian is charged with sexually assaulting a temple university employee more than 10 years ago. >> reporter: bill cosby arrived for the first day of trial, not with his own family, but with his tv family. actress keesha knight from the cosby show accompanied the 79-year-old comedian as he faces charges of sexual assault. dozens of women have accused cosby but the case of andrea constand is the only to lead to
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criminal chashlgs. she said she-- charges. she said she went to cosby's home in 200 fure to discuss-- 2004 to discusshair career and he drugged and assaulted her. "so she can't move, she can't talk, completely paralyzed, frozen, lifeless." >> the legal theory is bill cosby gave her three blue bills that left her incapacitated and there is no way she could have consentd to the sexual acts that followed. >> reporter: the prosecutor says when constand testifys she will be brutally honest, cosby does not plan to take the stand but has insisted the encounter was consefrnal. his a-- consensual. had defense said he gave her ben drl to help her sleep. the first witness called was another of cosby's accusers, she told a story similar to
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constands of pills and sexual assault. if convicted, cosby could face up to 10 years in prison. kenneth craig, cbs news, pennsylvania. even if you have insurance, a surprise medical bill can really hurt. >> northern california start up is trying to ease the pain by scanning bills for mistakes, as consumer watch reporter, julie watts explains they are finding plenty. >> i remember seeing the turn, hit the brakes really hard. >> reporter: following a horrible car crash, 17-year-old taylor ripy was rushed by ambulance to the emergency room and while her family expected a co-pay, they never expected this, $31,000 bill from the hospital they simply couldn't pay. >> we have medical coverage. i pay for medical coverage for a reason, so my family is taken care of. >> in terms of industry, at a health care, as bad as you get. >> reporter: victor with the start up, remedy, says 60% of
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medical bills his company looks at have huge mistakes. we have seen men billed for pregnancy tests, surgeries that never happened. >> reporter: he said the average family over pays $1,000 a year, he thinks most are honest mistakes. >> you missteled my name when in-- misspelled my name when filing insurance, to a nonbillable code and most don't know what it means. >> reporter: he said crunch the codes, users up load bills and the start up scans them for free. if they find a mistake, they will get the insurer to remove it and you pay 20% of the amount they saved you capped at $99. turns out taylor's bill was a mistake, her family can focus on her recovery instead of medical debt. julie watts, kpix 5. >> you can find the company at warriors have left the bay area for cleveland with a two-game lead over the carves in the-- cavs in the finals, the team boarded a flight a few
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hours ago, kevin durant fist bumped a fan before he got on the plane, always bringilateal good luck. the warriors are opening up oracle arena wednesday for the official game three watch party, you can go. tickets are $20, can be purchased online, the warriors looking to extend their nba record of 14 straight playoff wins, game three starts at 6:00 on wednesday. kpix 5 sports director, dennis o'donnell headed to cleveland to cover the warriors, you can look for his reports starting tomorrow. coming up, all new at 6:00 tonight, arrested in one city but forced to show up in court nearly 30 miles away. the shake up critics say is putting an unfair burden on low income families. but first, the markets closed down today. here is a look at closing numbers from wall street.
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a beautiful day today but rain? >> yeah.
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>> in our future? really? >> yeah. >> aren't we done? >> just when we thought we were clear enough, not yet. although, i was going to say, maybe would help with the allergens, nasty since april. has not rained in san francisco since the third week-- easy for me to say-- third week of april, will rain this week. 88 degrees in concord, livermore, 84. santa rosa, 82. a nuse day in san jose, 78 degrees. san francisco, 62, oakland, 68. everybody with sunshine. nobody with rainfall right now, but significant changes are coming by the end of the week. overnight tonight, low clouds will return to the coastline, and san francisco with your lows low 50s, upper 40s for napa, santa rosa. 52 for fremont, livermore, 52 overnight. what is happening? something we typically would see in february or march, looking at the gulf of alaska for a storm that will dive to the south. typically in june there is a rinl of high pressure to our west blocking-- ridge of high pressure to our west blocking the storms, may get washington
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and british columbia, not often make it to northern california, this one will and it will bring us minimum, much cooler temperatures and cloud cover and most will get some rainfall coming up on thursday. tomorrow morning, about the cloud cover, returning to the coastline. especially san francisco, san mateo county, could hang out throughout the day. rest are sunny. wednesday afternoon, the cloud business gin to build from the north. wednesday night, the rain begins in the north bay and by 9:00 thursday morning, here comes some rainfall making the north sonoma county, likely napa county. north bay seeing the majority of the rainfall but look how much rain we are talking about for mendocino county, more rain than you averaged entire month of june, 610 inch of rain. -- 6/10 inch of rain. 1/20 in san francisco, few drops in san jose and east towards pleasanton. it will rain, likely thursday this week. today the warmest day we see in the next 7-10 days, cooler tomorrow. minimum, cloudy or cooler by the end of this week at a maximum,
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if you will, light rain possible thursday, especially north of the golden gate. highs tomorrow, more comfortable, not upper 80s. upper 70s concord and napa. 76 in san jose, 64 with afternoon sunshine in san francisco. we continue to trend downward with temperature, all the way through the rest of the week. there is your rain chance thursday. behind the front, not that warm. low 60s near the bay, and only the low 70s inland by saturday and sunday. it is june, still talking about a little rain. we will be right back.
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cbs evening news is up next. >> scott pelley with an update. up next, the president calls london's mayor pathetic in a series of controversial tweets after saturday's attack. plus police have now named two suspects in that terror incident, a shooting spree in orlando has left five dead. a star-studded benefit concert lifts spirits in manchester. those stories coming up in a few seconds on the cbs evening news. >> thank you for watching tonight at 5:00. >> ahead at 6:00, our coverage of the oakland warehouse fire charges continuing, we will have more on derick almena, the master tenant, and his past. it will be veronica and me back in here 30 minutes. >> have a good night.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: tampering with the u.s. elections. an n.s.a. report says russian military hackers got deeper inside than we knew just days before the voting. also tonight, the mayor fires back. >> some people thrive on feud and division. that's not me. that's not the london i know. we're not going to allow anyone, rhether it's donald trump or anyone else, divide our community. fi i don't see the president is picking a fight the mayor of london. >> pelley: bill cosby goes on trial. prs tv daughter is there, but the prosecution says don't confuse cosby with cliff huxtable. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ and a united response to the terror attack.


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