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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  June 6, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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now at 11:00 a district
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attorney said these bay area men created a death trap and don't they're both under arrest for the disaster. >> the master of the warehouse derick almena is back tonight to face charges. >> reporter: derick almena arrived here at santa rita just a few hours ago with bail set at just over $1 million. an unmarked lake county sheriff's car drove derick almena into the alameda county jail facility this evening. almena was arrested in upper lake earlier today almost six months to the day after the converted warehouse he managed nicknamed the ghost ship went up in flames killing 36 young men and women. >> they created the high risk of death. a reasonable person would have known that acting in that way would create such a risk. >> reporter: the alameda county district attorney announced the charges today against almena and another man,
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mack harris, 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. almena was the master tenant who rented space out to artists. the d.a. said almena and harris died to the police and fire departments about how they allowed people to live at the ghost ship. she also accused them of holding illegal unpermitted events with large groups of people and on the night of the fire the d.a. said the men purposely blocked a second story exit. >> the pained guests at the event were faced with a nearly impossible labyrinth of the defendant's making to get out of that building. almena and harris' actions were reckless and they created the high risk of death. >> what it depends on is whether or not the danger is something easily observable by regular folks. >> reporter: kpix5 legal analyst tony brass says the key is how obvious that fire exits were blocked. >> but if it was inaccessible, most regular folks would walk
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by that and say wait a minute. isn't that a fire hazard? and that's the kind of thing that can form the basis of involuntary manslaughter. >> travis was the best man at my wedding. he was my best friend. >> reporter: eric bateman was in the same band as travis huff and chelsea faith. both died in the ghost ship fire. eric wonders whether the landlord and city also should accept responsibility and he thinks his late friends would believe it's excessive that both men face 39 years in prison. >> i just don't think sending somebody to jail for 40 years is going to make the world a better place. >> reporter: friends and family members of the victims said today something that was pretty obvious, that the d.a. made no mention at all about the landlord, the owner of the ghost ship property. well, the district attorney was not answering any questions about whether there would be more charges filed. joe vazquez, kpix5. police are looking for a
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driver who pulled up near the san francisco zoo and left a 5- year-old child behind about 8:30 tonight on the great highway near slope boulevard. an ambulance just happened to be driving by at the time. the crew picked up the child who didn't appear to be hurt. police are now trying to track down the car. witnesses say a woman was driving with a man in the front seat and possibly another baby in the back. a san jose woman died in a freak accident. tonight her friend is behind bars. police say he was driving a golf cart while drunk. it happened friday in a private olive orchard near the town of wallace about 50 miles southeast of sacramento. investigators say debra bodard flew off the golf cart and landed on broken glass from the wine glasses she had been holding. the 58-year-old died of her injuries at the scene. her companion 57-year-old richard clark was arrested on suspicion of dui. a jury decided today sierra
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lamar's killer should die in prison but not by execution. betty yu on the sentencing recommendation sierra's father called disappointing. >> reporter: the defense team argued that sierra lamar's killer grew up in a poor and abusive environment in hopes of swaying the jurors. in the end the jury decided to spare antolin garcia-torres the death penalty. >> i would be lying if i didn't say i was disappointed in the verdict. he'll be able to live. sierra won't. he'll be able to breathe. sierra doesn't. he'll be able to eat every day. she has family. >> reporter: sierra lamar's father steve let down by the jury's verdict, life in prison without possibility of parole for his daughter's killer, 26- year-old antolin garcia-torres.
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>> i feel at peace that he will not be on the streets and harm another child, but the angst will be in our lives forever. nothing will ever take that away. >> reporter: sierra disappeared more than five years ago while walking to a school bus in morgan hill. boris ya torres was arrested in 2012 -- garcia-torres was arrested in 2012 based on dna evidence found on sierra's clothes and his car. her body has never been found. >> the fact that there was no body discovered. there was no crime scene. there was no murder weapon were big factors in the jury's decision to spare garcia- torres' life. >> reporter: california has not executed an inmate in more than 10 years after a federal judge blocked prosecutions. >> at most it was a theoretical punishment, but for anyone who is facing a death sentence it's a very real possibility. >> reporter: the santa clara county sheriff and family hopes garcia-torres will do one last thing to give them peace.
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>> in that cold hearted murderous heart i call on him today to tell us where sierra is so we can bring her home. >> reporter: garcia-torres' defense team filed a motion for new trial and the hearing is set for september. if it is not granted, sierra lamar's family will have a chance to directly address garcia-torres in court at formal sentencing. live in san jose betty yu, kpix5. tonight an nsa report says hackers working for russian president vladimir putin may have attempted even more meddling in the u.s. election than we knew. the intelligence document says hackers from russian military intelligence stole user credentials from a software company in florida that provides election software. then they sent fake e-mails to more than 100 government officials who were involved in the management of voter registration. the e-mails went out a little more than a week before the
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november election and were laced with malware and the goal was to gain access to election related hardware and software. that nsa memo first appeared today on a news site called the intercept which focuses on national security. later the justice department announced charges against a federal contractor who confessed to leaking the document. president trump called london's mayor pathetic in a series of sweets following saturday's attack on the british capitol. veronica de la cruz tells us it has set off a war of words tonight. >> just hours after the attack president trump tweeted this. at least seven dead and 27 wounded in a terror attack and the mayor of london said no reason to be alarmed. >> londoners will see an increased police presence today and over the course of the next few days, no reason to be alarmed. >> now the office of mayor sadiq khan claimed mr. trump is
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deliberately taking the mayor's remarks out of context. then mr. trump responded, "pathetic excuse by the mayor who had to think fast on his no reason to the alarm statement." >> i don't see the president is picking a fight at all with the mayor of london. >> we are not going to allow anybody to separate our communities. >> investigators say 30-year- old rasheed mirwan claimed to be moroccan and police were aware of the other man, a naturalized british citizen born in pakistan. investigators are trying to identify their accomplice. yesterday police arrested this british apartment complex on the east side of london. tonight all those arrested have been released without charges. canadian chrissy archibald was with her fiance when she was run down on london bridge. 36 survivors are still in the hospital as of tonight, half of
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them in critical condition. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. tonight president trump renewed his call for a travel ban from certain majority muslim countries tweeting, "that's right, we need a travel ban for certain dangerous countries, not some politically correct term that won't help us protect our people." that directly contradicts members of his own senior staff. >> this is not a muslim ban. it's not a travel ban. it's a vetting system to keep america safe. >> last week the department of justice urged the u.s. supreme court to review the legality of the revised travel ban. it's not the only travel related item on the president's agenda tonight. sharon chin tells us he's pushing a plan to turn over the air traffic control system of the u.s. to private businesses. >> reporter: we took a look at the pros and cons and why the idea may not fly any time soon. the air traffic control system would transfer from the federal aviation administration to a
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private nonprofit. >> our plan will get you where you need to go more quickly, more reliably and more affordallabley and yes, for the -- affordably and yes, for the first time in a long time, on time. >> reporter: president trump said it would modernize the world war ii radar system which won't make the complete switch to gps tracking for another three years, but this retired assistant professor of human factors in aviation safety says progress is taking flight. >> i wouldn't characterize it like president trump did that it's antiquated and broken. it's actually been moving ahead. you can see that with flight paths now out of major airports. they're using gps and global position systems. >> reporter: supporters say a privatized air traffic control system would no be held hostage by government shutdowns and budget shortfalls. taxes on air travel could be replaced by user fees, but since major airlines are better able to pay the fees, that
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would leave smaller airports, private businesses and private pilots asking -- >> are we going to end up like europe where you just can't afford to fly because it's so onerous, the fees that they'll use? >> reporter: while it's claimed it could cut costs for travelers, a delta study last year said consumers could pay 20 to 29% more and how about safety concerns? >> the system is very safe and will continue to be safe no matter how much money they put into it. >> reporter: the union representing 14,000 air traffic controllers support privatization. congress would have to take up the measure next. at sfo sharon chin, kpix5. our investigation exposed open city leaders getting warriors' tickets on the taxpayers' dime and that's not all, tonight the pricey perk they refused to give up. >> and a mystery caught on camera in the california woods, the question tonight, is that a chimpanzee? >> imagine scaling this without
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a rope, tonight the ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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how would you like to score free luxury box seats at the nba finals? we exposed okayhand city leaders cashing in on -- oakland city leaders cashing in on pricey perks at a warriors game. >> reporter: it's the hottest ticket in town, warriors versus cavs, game courtside tickets going for tens of thousands of dollars. tonight oakland city council members say three stopped using the pricey -- they've stopped using the pricey perk that gives them some of the best seats in the house on the
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taxpayer's dime. councilman dan how es had $115,000 in warriors tickets but told us today -- >> i gave the money away to raise for their organization. >> reporter: we learned last week members snubbed a plan to turn oh their luxury suite back to the warriors and forego their tickets, though cobb said he'll still consider it. does it make sense to consider selling that luxury suite so it's not a problem at all? >> it's worth looking into to see if there is an opportunity to change the situation where we actually have more ongoing money in our budget that we could spend on important causes. if that's the case and that's an f, then we should certainly consider that as well. >> reporter: in a recent report oakland's public ethics commission urged the city council to make changes including adopting a revised ticket distribution policy, appointing an administrator to
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control and distribute the ticks. the council could consider those recommendation -- tickets. the council could consider those recommendations as early as this summer. a caltrans road crew made a grim unexpected discovery today. they found the body of a motorcyclist in a marsh along highway 37 near vallejo. at about 12:30 this afternoon a mowing crew discovered the man and his harley-davidson submerged in the water. they believe he may have been there a while. there was a lot of vegetation that had grown up around the scene. you might start seeing new signs going up on california freeways. for years posted signs have said click it or ticket. now the chp is rolling out a new slogan as shown on this electronic message board in riverside. it says, "do it for your family. buckle up." >> really think about the effect that an injury or being killed in a collision could have on your family members and
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stop, think about that for a second. if you aren't going to do it for yourself, maybe do it for somebody you really care about. >> the chp believes 97% of drivers and passengers now use seatbelts. so it is trying to reach that final 3%. tonight a mystery caught on camera. a woman goes for a walk in the woods in southern california and she spots of all things a chimpanzee, but where did it come from? here's our report. >> reporter: when jacob gardner went exploring last week, he felt someone or something was watching him. >> kind of going from tree to tree, i figured maybe a bigger bird or something. >> reporter: he works nearby some hiking trails in la crescenta and it was during his afternoon break when he started taking video of his walks just 40 feet off the road near the 210 on ramp and the ymca, but it wasn't till later he realized what he'd captured.
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>> it totally hit me that must have been what i heard and what was making me feel a little bit uneasy at the time. >> reporter: we've slow mo-ed the video and high up in the trees you can see something swinging from the branches. we showed the video to andrew huen from california fish and wildlife. >> it definitely looks like an ape and could possibly be an ape. >> reporter: it's common to see deer in the area, but huen said it's not often people will see an ape in california woods. . >> we've had this happen before where people get exotic pets and can't take care of them and let them escape. >> reporter: but he said apes are extremely dangerous. despite the risks jake said he's gone back nearly every day since trying to document whatever it was. >> it would be nice to actually see the thing and interact with it maybe just a little bit.
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google is using its mapping cars to measure pollution as part of a pilot program in oakland. sensors on four street view cars have been sampling air around the city collecting data every 100 feet. early results show pollution levels vary widely sometimes even changing at different points along the same block. dirty air can show up near places like restaurants and body shops. >> we can build a picture from those multiple sniffs so we find a stable map of where the pollution is over time and thus we can figure out where the sources are. >> anyone can see the map for free by going to the website of the environmental defense fund. the link is also on our website tonight a rock climber is being hailed by some for doing something that has never been done before. he climbed yosemite's old el capitan with -- el capitan with no ropes and no safety devices.
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how difficult is that? >> reporter: jason bowlby has known alex arnold for 15 years. he said arnold found his passion for climbing on sacramento walls and is a humble, quiet person, but his feats speak volumes. if alex is shown here on a different -- alex is shown here on a different climb shot in 2011 on 60 minutes. over the weekend arnold took on his biggest challenge to date climbing nearly 3,000 feet into the sky holding el capitan close. this is video of his other remarkable climb. shawn keen is an avid climber and sets the routes at pike's work gym. >> it's nice to have the support and safety if you're unsure. >> reporter: he uses ropes on unfortunately a of his climb -- on all of his climbs and most people do. >> you get up 500 feet, it's
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different. at 1,000 feet it's much different. >> reporter: alex completed his without ropes or safety harness. only a handful of climbers do free soloing, only 1%. the mental challenge he says may be the toughest part. >> you got to be good at when you do in order to have a cool head. >> reporter: if panic set in, alex could slip and fall likely to his death. it's not for everybody, but it makes arnold one of a kind. >> i don't know what makes people want to do that. >> reporter: arnold graduated high school with a 4.7 gfa. he dropped out of college about a year. the last 10 years he's lived in his van, traveled and completing these daring climbs. >> yeah, no thanks. >> yes. >> glad he's doing it. >> yeah. >> long way up. >> and a long way down, too.
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all right. rain is coming down in the bay area this week? the answer is yes. for the entire month of june san francisco averages about .16-inch of rainfall. we haven't been above that mark in six years. we may get that coming up thursday. there's rain in our forecast. oakland tonight 53 degrees, same story for san francisco, a little bit of low cloud cover. san jose clear 54, napa clear, 49 degrees. if i were to have frozen a satellite imagery from mid- february and shown it to you tonight, it probably would look something like this, but this is tonight's satellite imagery in early june. this is a strong storm which will slam into the pacific northwest and bring rain as far south as santa barbara, strong low for recall june arriving later this week. it's not just the rain that will be the impact as you'll see in the seven-day forecast. tonight much cloud cover. san mateo coastline gone, lots of sunshine tomorrow. a stronger onshore flow means it may be perhaps more
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comfortable inland. here comes the cloud cover from that storm wednesday and light rain from the north bay by 9:00 thursday, not a washout. any rain in june is noteworthy and in the north bay by friday morning we could see almost 1/4. of rain in parts of sonoma county -- 1/4 inch of rain in parts of sonoma county, double that for ukiah. it's going to rain this week. we don't often get to say that in june. at a minimum later this week it will be cloudier, much cooler and light rain moving in thursday especially north of the golden gate. tomorrow in vallejo, sunshine 78, 68 oakland, fairfield 82, on average 5 to 7 degrees cooler than today. wednesday cloudy in the afternoon. showers are likely on thursday and then behind that front we get sunshine back, but look at the temperatures, not warm, low 60s near the bay, who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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>> in his last seven starts giants right-hander jeff samardzija has 59 strikeouts and just one walk. he's on pace to strike out 258 batters. the giants are thrilled to keep birdie brewer off the slide at miller park. samardzija gave up two runs in the 1st but was nearly perfect after that and retired 19 straight and struck out 10. he was looking for his second win of the season. tied 2-2 in the 8th inning, bases loaded for aaron hale and he gets his most clutch hit in an orange and black uniform. two runs score on the double and giants are winners, final count 7-2. all smiles after allowing two runs in six innings against the jays. he got smart from that man. ryan healey pounds one deep center and pounds chip hale's arm rounding third. 4th inning jay happ deep again,
2:05 am
career high five runs batted in. a's win 5-3. nashville has been a party. naturally charles barkley is there, fred gotrow appears to be turned away by the goalie and a few minutes after review said it was a good goal. nashville wins 4-1 and even the series two games apiece. ,,,,,,,,
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. kevin durant and the warriors departed for cleveland this afternoon. game three of the nba finals is wednesday. draymond green has been keeping his nose clean this year. you might recall last year he was suspended for this altercation with lebron. this year he has just two technical fouls in the postseason and nothing close to an ejection, but he is not a fan of discussing his progress. >> that's, you know, how you've
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been able to restrain yourself emotionally and avoid getting -- >> gee. you act like i'm just this troubled, you know, guy who has been, you know, in a bunch of trouble and can't control myself and, you know, jesus christ. finally the 49ers pass rush just got a little better today after they signed linebacker elvis dumervil, five time pro bowler had 26 sacks the last three seasons with the baltimore ravens. i got a 6:14 a.m. departure to cleveland, ohio, tonight -- tomorrow morning. >> you are fired up. >> three hours. so i'll be up at 2:20 a.m. tomorrow night -- tomorrow tomorrow night -- tomorrow morning ,,,,,,,,
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the late show with stephen colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> hey, there's the ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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