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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 6, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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china, europe, and u.s. state governors will for now fill the gap left by the federal government's move. >> to make the shift from the carbon age to the decarbonized world requires everyone. certainly, china is playing a leading role. california is also playing an important role and so are europeans and many people in the world. nobody can stay on the sidelines. >> that's our governor brown speaking at a clean energy conference in beijing. science, facts, and international pressure will eventually bring the u.s. into the fold. china is perhaps an unlikely partner for governor brown as the world's leading greenhouse gas polluter. and the largest funder of new coal projects. but also the biggest investor
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in renewable energy. >> what are they promising? >> we're not seeing a lot of specifics. but we've heard of commitments from cities and states. and more than a dozen fortune 500 companies. and we're waiting for what that might mean. michael bloomberg has promised to finance $50 million. he will eventually coordinate some specific commitments in the coming months. we'll see. this morning, british police named the third attacker in the attack in london last weekend. the announcement came as people across the u.k. paused to remember the victims. [bell] >> reporter: politicians, residents, and first responders paused in the u.k. this morning, prayering for those killed and injured. the third suspect was
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identified after carrying out the attack. 22-year-old yussef zaba. he's believed to be an italian. known to british intelligence due to his association with radical extremists. this resident says she reported him to police for recruiting children. >> he say to me because the kids need to be safe. safe from what? >> reporter: as the investigation continues to unfold. british citizens are coming together to denounce the horrific attack. >> we have a wider role to play in fighting extremism. >> reporter: they won't give funeral prayers for the perpetrators of saturday's attack. president trump has used the london attack to call for
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the reinstatement of his travel ban. and his own statements might end any chance of it being revived. he took to twitter saying we need a travel ban for dangerous countries. for months, administration officials insisted that it's not a travel ban, hoping to help their case in court. yesterday traffic was so bad that brian hackney was saying you could read war or peace or hamilton. >>ed that me giggling when he said that. >> how is it looking? >> traffic was no laughing matter toe. we're tracking a few hot spots and definitely starting to slow down through san jose. if this is part of the ride, give yourself extra minutes. northbound 87 an accident and traffic backed up beyond hillsdale. the cruising speed is around 15 miles per hour. southbound 101 near broadway.
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a crash reported there. no major backups and sensors showing speeds in the green. and just a heads up if you're making your way through the peninsula. things are getting a little busy. southbound 880 near 23rd avenue. a big rig crash and speeds are slowing down in the yellow just below 25 miles per hour. the ride on 880 heading through oakland looking okay. this is south of where the crash is. and traffic is moving in both directions. the earlier crash on 80 really backing things up. traffic is down to 5 miles per hour. and it's about a 41-minute ride from the carquinez bridge to the maze. that's not looking fun. once you get to the maze, slow, stop, go. and we have the metering lights on. we've got sunshine on the way for the bay area after kind of an overcast start as you can
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see. at least we should have a view of the bay bridge but can't quite see it with the low clouds. they'll evaporate in the coming sunshine. concord, 57 degrees. san francisco, 52. and santa rosa, 47 degrees. high pressure is giving way to that potent low spinning in the gulf of alaska. and that's going to send clouds, and believe it or not rain our way on thursday. not a lot but enough to make you go when will it ever end? the answer is friday. but thursday does look wet. today looks nice. it will cool off for wednesday, and increasing clouds lead to a chance of guess what developing on thursday? a couple of tenths of an inch for the north bay. slick streets for morning ride on thursday. today, looking good. 80 at santa rosa and 84 in san francisco. and 76 in san jose.
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pacifica, 58 degrees. sun tomorrow and increasing clouds late wednesday, and showers spread south occurring the day on thursday before clearing for weekend. saturday and sunday the numbers recover back to the mid- to upper 70s inland. the weekend looks high and dry. it will be nice. in the meantime, prepare for a wet thursday. that's the weather. a woman was killed during a ride in a golf cart. it happened in an olive orchard, 50 miles east of sacramento. she went flying off the cart and flew on the broken glass from her wine glass. the companion has been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. the california supreme court will hear arguments in a
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case involving data from license plate readers. civil rights group say the public has a right to know what the data is being used for. the home pod and a new version of apple's operating system are some of the developments coming out of the apple conference. we have a look at what's next. >> reporter: good morning to you. day two of apple's worldwide developers conference kicking off with a special guest today, michelle obama. it's a closed session moderated fireside chat and not open to the public. only for developers. and they do not plan on streaming the speech online. apple has long been outspoken
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on issues like privacy, lgbt rights and diversity in the workplace. attendees from 75 countries -- as diverse as ever. there are more men than women. >> so from a diversity standpoint. there's been clearly better traction. but again, unfortunately, it's still very male dominated when it comes to most of the development world. >> reporter: and many hope that changes as schools promote s.t.e.m. learning. the conference has brought out big announcements. the mobile operating system will be upgraded to ios 11. and you may have heard of the home pod. it's a home speaker with siri capabilities. that comes out in december. if you're wondering why this is in san jose, it's been in san francisco for quite a while. apple has nod said why they pulled it out of san francisco. but it hasn't been in san jose
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since 2002, 15 years ago. sandra osborne, kpix 5. a peacock wanders into a california liquor store. and refuses to leave. we'll have more of the bird's battle with the owner and animal control. after six months, criminal charges filed in the ghost ship warehouse fire. i'll have the details coming up. here comes the rainy day feeling into the bay area. and today looks like sunshine. the complete forecast coming up in a minute. >> are you getting ready to hit the roads. we are tracking major slowdowns. is this part of your morning commute? we'll take a closer look at the backups.
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welcome back as we look at sfo on tuesday, june 7th. it promises to be a nice day in the bay area. and it was on a tuesday, june 7th -- canada, british, and american troops executed d day on the coast of normandy. beginning the invasion of normandy. today is d-day. a little girl's family is outraged after her soccer team was disqualified because officials thought she was a boy. on sunday, tournament organizers disqualified the team because they believed she was a boy. >> just because i like like a boy doesn't mean i am a boy. they don't have a reason to
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kick the whole club out. she was listed an a boy on the team roster which caused the confusion. mia ham invited her to her soccer camp. six months after the ghost ship fire, two people are facing charges. >> reporter: derek almena, the master tenant, and the spotlight has been on him for six months. and he's facing 36 counts on involuntary manslaughter, one count for every single person who died in the ghost ship warehouse. almena was arrested yesterday. he was the operator of the warehouse where three dozen people died. authorities also arrested a second man, max harris. harris was the second in command at the ghost ship warehouse. the district attorney says both
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men lied to oakland police and the fire department. and the men knowingly created a fire trap by hoarding flammable materials and blocking exits. >> there's a lot of blame to go around. i don't think that sending somebody to jail for 40 years is going to make the world a better place. >> reporter: almena's defense attorney says he intends to vigorously defend his client and he claims that his client is being made a scapegoat. both men could face up to 39 years in prison. reporting live, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. in the los angeles area, a peacock stumbles into a liquor store and causes hundreds of
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dollars in damage. the bird flapped onto the freezer and made for top shelf. >> theres go a bottle. >> by the time they got him to safety. he knocked over $500 worth of wine and champagne. >> all that wasted wine. >> i thought he was looking for the cold duck. >> or the wild turkey or the gray goose. >> we're here all week. >> in hawaii we covered a story of a woman who beat a peacock to death with a whiffle bat. >> it's a jungle out there. >> and the peacock -- the peacock wasn't knocking over wine bottles. but it was disturbing her in her backyard. [ laughter ] >> at least this guy didn't do
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anything. >> and now, ladies and gentlemen, here's jaclyn. >> i don't know how to follow that but we'll jump in. slowdowns on westbound 80 on the east shore freeway. the traffic is backed up to the carquinez bridge at this point. this is an accident with two lanes blocked and speeds below 10 miles per hour. that's the cruising speed. it's a 45-minute ride from the carquinez bridge all the way to the bay bridge toll plaza over at the maze there. here's a look at the backups on westbound 80. and you can see near cummings parkway. just after the carquinez bridge. this is where those big delays start. and you'll be tapping the brakes if this is part of your morning ride. give yourself extra time. over at the bay bridge toll plaza. we haven't seen much change. a 23-minute ride from the maze to downtown san francisco. in oakland, southbound 880. and a crash not blocking any
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lanes, and it's definitely slowing things down. 23rd avenue and we see the delays continue through the south bay. it has lanes blocked from 87 to kurtner avenue. if you're atop mount vaca, there's the view. sunup was 5:47 this morning. starting with clouds near the shoreline. and temperatures mostly in the 50s. and cooler in santa rosa. high pressure has given way to low pressure from the gulf. a little storm system will be moving through by thursday. today, however, looks pretty good. but let's show you what's going to be happening. you can see the clouds on the way from the north. this is 5:00 tomorrow night. we get increasing clouds over the north bay. and this is sweeping south but the stream of moisture stays pretty much north. from the lighthouse out to
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sonoma and napa. south of the golden gate bridge it will fight and leave a couple hundreds of an inch of rain. this is thursday this is happening. rainfall amounts manage a couple of a tenths of an inch in santa rosa and more in ukiah with 2/3 of an inch. a few hundredths south of the golden gate. a little bit weird for june. today doesn't look bad. sunny and chilly at the shoreline. 83degrees inland. so not as warm as yesterday but still not too bad. mostly sunny and warm and then cools for wednesday, and increasing clouds lead to a chance of showers on thursday. heading out today. to beautiful fresno on 99. temperature will be 95 and lake tahoe hits the mid-70s. yosemite at 64 degrees. and sfo heading out of the bay area. and winds out of the west to
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about 30 and a high of 65 degrees there. for seattle, 80. and chicago 70. and new york will have rain and 61 degrees. back in the bay area it looks good. close to average as numbers tumble from yesterday's highs. 76 for san jose. and 68 at oakland. and in the south bay, the sun will be breaking out. and 75 at santa clara and 74 at mountain view. and palo alto -- and the 680 corridor in the mid- to upper 70s. livermore hits 80 degrees. vallejo, 78. antioch, 83. and petaluma 78. and mill valley. 74degrees. and 64 in sausalito. and warm for ukiah and clear lake. and st. helena. sunshine today and tomorrow, yay, and then a change of pace. variety is the spice of life. it will be a spicy week as we
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get rain on thursday. friday we clear it out. and give us a beautiful weekend. looking good. that weather -- that's weather, ladies and gentlemen. coming up. the a's third baseman has a career night. and the italian sauce has won the weenie race. and on the mound, somebody else. that story straight ahead.
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in his last seven starts, jeff samardzija has '5
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strikeouts and one -- 59 strikeouts and one walk. miller park -- two runs in the first and nearly perfect after that. he retired 19 straight batters, struck out 10. and tied at two in the 8th inning, and bases loaded for aaron hill. the two runs score and the giants win it 7-2. he got support from ryan haley. deep center and gone. and a three run job. fourth inning. half deep again. career high five runs batted in and the a's beat toronto 5-3. and elvis dumervil had 26 sacks his last three seasons
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with baltimore and the '4ers clearly want to see if he's got anything left in the tank. the warriors are in cleveland and that's where i'll be tonight for a five, six, 10:00, and 11:00 newscasts. coming up. a commitment to combating climate change. a push to counter president trump's recent decision to abandon the paris climate accord. what local leaders are doing. in san jose, people are lining up for day two of apple's worldwide developers conference. a special guest is getting things started this morning.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> the russians not only invaded the dnc and e-mails, the intelligence community has concluded that they wanted to elect donald trump. >> russian hackers may have tried to access voter records days before the presidential election. >> one bay area school district is poised to decide on a sex ed curriculum today. >> we need to be aware of global warming and climate change and be committed to doing something about it. >> california leaders are vowing to take the lead in the fight against climate change. good morning, it's tuesday, june 6th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. >> california supervisors say
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they won't back down in the climate change fight. >> reporter: the south bay is jumping into the growing movement to try to counter what the president did last week. the santa clara board of supervisors voting on a resolution to confirm the county's commitment to combating climate change and asking the other eight counties to do so as well. it's a response to president trump's decision to remove the united states from the paris climate agreement. meanwhile, governor jerry brown is in china. he signed agreements with china's central government and two of its provinces to collaborate on fighting climate change. for now it will fill the gap. >> we can't afford any dropouts in the tremendous human challenge to make the transition to a sustainable future. disaster still looms and we've got to make the turn.
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i wouldn't count anybody out. >> brown said science, facts, and international pressure will bring the united states back into worldwide efforts. and there's a growing group of businesses, states, and cities calling the movement we are still in. more than a thousand entities have signed on in pursuit of climate action. let's check with brian hackney. are you making any progress on war and peace during the commercial breaks? >> we're looking at the transition from climate to weather which is a little bit more near term at sfo. the sun has come out and we'll look for the trend to continue through the rest of the bay area. proof, san francisco, the 7th busiest airport in the u.s. concord, 57 degrees. in santa rosa 47. sunny and chilly at the shoreline as usual this time of year. not as warm today as the last
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couple of days. it's still plenty warm with low 80s inland. and there's rain on the way. today looks mostly sunny and warm. and it will cool on wednesday, and clouds and showers develop on thursday. the weather man will have something to talk about for the first time in a while. 80degrees in santa rosa. and 82 at fairfield. in san francisco today, 64 degrees. and in beautiful mountain view, 74. san jose has 76. and thursday if you like rain and wet and clouds, you'll think thursday is nice as well. a couple of tenths of an inch of rain to the golden gate. south of the golden gate not so much. temperatures recover into the mid-70s inland for the weekend. the weather is looking good. traffic rarely does this time of the morning. >> reporter: we're in the busiest part of the morning. and in the south bay we have a
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crash northbound 87 near curtner avenue. and traffic slows down to 11 miles per hour. and it's backed up to 85 at this point. we're seeing slowdowns northbound 85 and northbound 101 right near belly road. we have an accident blocking the right lane. and just below 15 miles per hour and traffic is backed up to he willier. a big rig and a car got into it. and that's slowing in the southbound direction. northbound still looking good, moving at the limit. wish i could say the same for the drivers on the east shore freeway. and traffic backed up to the carquinez bridge. it's a 42-minute ride all the way to the bay bridge toll plaza. that's a check of the traffic. back to you, michelle. the palo alto school board is taking on a controversial topic, sex education.
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a group of parents protested the curriculum saying it's inappropriate for 7th graders. the school district updated the curriculum. that includes sexual health and hiv prevention. the board will make recommendations regarding the program. new this morning, california lawmakers are pushing forward with the disarm hate act. this bill would ban anyone convicted of a hate crime from owning a gun. some owners say it unfairly targets people convicted of a petty crime. >> everything is written so broadly that sooner or later, we're not going to be able to walk down the street. >> prohibit them from having a firearm. >> the bill passed in the street assembly with no position. and now before the public safety committee. as james comey prepares to testify looking into the
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russian attempts to influence the election, a newly released report is adding to concerns over the issue. the report shows russian hackers targeted a voting supplier. they sent fake e-mails, hoping to gain access to registration records. and that could have allowed them to delete or change voter information. >> the american public is entitled to know the degree to which -- >> reporter: the contractor who leaked the report was arrested over the weekend as the trump administration tries to crack down on leaks. they still believe that it did not change the election's outcome. michael flynn was fired as his ties to russia became public. a special guest is getting
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attention at the worldwide developers conference. sandra osborne is live where one of the obamas will be speaking this morning. >> reporter: day two of apple's conference is kicking off with the former first lady. michelle obama will be here at 9:00 this morning to speak in what tim cook described as a moderated fireside chat. of courses this for developers only to take part in. and he describes her visit as a treat. [ applause ] >> reporter: she'll be joining us for the open session in this room tomorrow and talking about empowering people from all walks of life to change the world. >> reporter: they are not streaming her speech but we are expecting to hear about empowerment and diversity. apple has long since been
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outspoken about lgbt and diversity. there are many more men than women right now. people hoping that changes as schools promote s.t.e.m. learning. this conference of course has brought plenty of announcements. and if you take a live look. people are lining up this morning. of course, the crowds can't compare to what we saw yesterday. some of the announcements are the home pod, a new device that will be out in december. basically a speaker for the home with facial awareness and siri capabilities. and for the cell phone, ios 11 was announced yesterday. sandra osborne, kpix 35. the california supreme court will hear arguments over whether new rules on capital punishment are constitutional. law enforcements were filed seeking to overturn the portion that would require all appeals
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to be decided within five years of sentencing. a man accused of killing a tourist during a fight in san francisco is due in court. police found the victim suffering from severe head trauma early friday morning on the 2500 block of van ness avenue. the suspect, david murillo was arrested in a nearby hotel. the 33-year-old victim was rushed to san francisco general hospital where he died of his injuries. time is 6:39. a fleet of city owned cars goes missing in sacramento only to turn up in a series of crashes in recent days. what police believe is happening. >> reporter: and after six months, criminal charges filed in the ghost ship warehouse fire. i'm jessica flores with the details coming up.
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political tensions are weighing on the market plus wall street is reacting to the new apple products. jason brooks has those stories and more in money watch. >> good morning. apple debuting the long awaited home pod. the siri system intended to take on amazon's echo. amazon emphasizing the music features and wanting to count on home base. that's something that the echo can't do. and it's going to be key that the fan base will come through. $349 and that compares to echo at $180. still this is a nice gadget for apple as far as wall street is
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concerned. analysts are all about the iphone 8 coming out this fall. and that will determine apple's near term fate. apple stock is up over 30% and doing very, very well. the market cap is $800 billion. lots of geopolitical concerns are weighing on the stock market. we might see stocks flip a little bit more. you have the prime minister election and james comey testifying before the senate intelligence committee on thursday, and the growing rift between the gulf nation of qatar and several allies ledly saudi arabia who accuse qatar of supporting terrorism. the dow dropped 30 points. and the s&p 500 also down by 4 points. apple stock is on the rise in
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the early going. jason, thank you. six months after the deadly warehouse fire in oakland. we know two men are facing charges. jessica flores is outside the jail in dublin with details on the arrest. jessica-- >> reporter: one of those men, the master tenant, derick almena is waking up today, with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. one count for each life lost. he was arrested in lake county. he was the operator of the warehouse where three dozen people died. a second man was also arrested. max harris was arrested in los angeles county and was the second in command at the ghost ship warehouse. both men lied to oakland police and fire departments about allowing people to live at the ghost ship. and the men knowingly created a
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fire trap by hoarding flammable materials and blocking exits. >> they created the high risk of death. a reasonable person would know that acting in that way would create such a risk. >> almena's defense attorney intends to vigorously defend his client and believes he is being made a scapegoat. both men could face up to 39 years in prison. he's expected to be arraigned on thursday. i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. authorities in sacramento believe that a handful of teens have been stealing state owned cars and crashing them on streets throughout the city. 21 cars parked in the department of general services lot were taken. and one of the cars smashed into a home in oak park. two of the suspects are 15
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years old. too young to have a license. and they are not the only ones getting behind the wheel of state owned rides. >> with this incident and others involving these vehicles, we have six people -- >> to beef up security. the department of general services is looking into getting electronic entry and exit system ises. let's get a check on the traffic. or a bent metal update. >> that brian. we don't have any bent metal this time around if you're making your way out the door heading to the richmond san rafael bridge. we're tracking delays and that's keeping us in the yellow on westbound 580 from marina bay parkway. ten minutes from the richmond parkway to the west end. we are tracking a few slowdowns on the east shore freeway, primarily from the earlier
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accident if ading through pinole. we're in the yellow from the carquinez bridge to the maze. at the bay bridge toll plaza, slow, stop, go. 25-minutes from the maze to downtown san francisco. and the metering lights are on. at the san mateo bridge looking better than yesterday. this doesn't look great. a 22-minute ride. and the taillights heading to foster city. a couple of accidents in the south bay. that's near curtner avenue. we've got that crash slowing you down. it's a very slow day in the red. 880 and 680 in the yellow. and tracking the golden gate bridge, looks pretty foggy out there, brian. is it going to stick around?
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>> you're making it sound like my fault. it's time for sunrise, sunset >> fiddler on the roof. >> michelle griego gets a starbucks coffee. and the sunset tonight at 8:28. and here's outskirts sfo looks this morning. and we're getting a glint of sun. san francisco is 52 degrees. and santa rosa is 47. low pressure is on the way for thursday. we'll increase clouds by wednesday and that will lead to rain in the bay area. not a gullywasher. but a couple of tenths of an inch north of the golden gate. south of the golden gate not too much. high pressure is in firm command. and let's look at the timing with the futurecast showing a stream of moisture working in to the north bay wednesday
6:50 am
night. and when you show the green echos, they're confined mostly near the golden gate. as time goes on. thursday into friday morning, there's a chance we'll begin to clear out by friday. in terms of amounts, the futurecast shows we'll pick up 2/10 of an inch in santa rosa. and 2/100ths of an inch around pleasanton and san jose. just the general suggestion is more rain north than south. and it's happening on thursday. for today, doesn't look bad. chilly at the shoreline with sun coming out. and it will warm up to the low 80s. and so let's sum it up. mostly sunny and warm. and cools a little for tomorrow. a chance of showers in the bay on thursday. today is a nice day to head to tahoe. 76degrees. and warm in the state's capital
6:51 am
at sacra-tomato. and mostly sunny skies and winds out of the west at 30 miles per hour. high 65 degrees. and seattle, chicago, los angeles will be dry and los angeles gets 61 degrees and rain. how about today? temperatures are going to be pretty much close to where they should be. average in concord is 80. they'll hit 79. 81 at morgan hill. los altos, 73. and in the east bay, the numbers will be warm as well. and the forecast -- don't forget the rain on thursday. and don't forget that the sun will come out by the weekend. and that's another musical. and we'll leave that for a different time. today looks nice. have a great day.
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we know the victims of a plane crash were a father and son. the coroner's office has identified them as a 15-year- old and his 57-year-old father. the father authored a book that highlights his exciting adventures from surviving a plane crash in costa rica. and this one went down in a horse arena doing damage. >> they hit the power lines. there was no damage. >> i was petrified thinking it could have landed here. >> no one on the ground was hurt. the cause of the crash is being investigated. time now is 6:52. voters in one bay area city will decide whether to adopt new protections for renters. and the bay area attempting to do its part to take on the charge against climate change. this as our governor teams up with china. we'll hear from him -- next.
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i'm anne makovec in the newsroom. and in santa clara county, they are entering the ring in a climate change fight. the board of supervisors is voting on a resolution to aaffirm a commitment to reducing greenhouse emissions and asking the rest of the bay area to do the same. the proposal is a response to president trump's decision to remove the united states from the paris climate agreement. and governor jerry brown is in china at a clean energy conference. he signed agreements with china. >> we're not on the right track yet. i want to state that very clearly. the world is not doing enough.
6:57 am
we're on the road to a very negative and disastrous future unless we increase the tempo of change. >> reporter: he said this morning that europe and u.s. state governors will for now fill the gap left by the federal government's move. >> and there's a growing group of states and cities that's calling their movement we are still in. michael bloomberg says he's assigns specific goals and actions to give the moment some -- police in the u.k. have identified the third man involved in the london bridge attack last weekend. the 22-year-old is believed to be an italian national not on the radar of intelligence services. they mowed down people with their van and stabbed others.
6:58 am
the diplomatic crisis grows in the gulf region. egypt is one of several countries accusing qatar of supporting terrorism. the bill cosby trial continues in pennsylvania. he's charged with drugging and assaulting a temple employee. in just a couple of minutes, polls open in a special election in santa rosa. voters will decide whether to impose a cap and prevent renters from being evicted without cause. former first lady michelle obama is today's featured speaker at the apple conference. you can expect more traffic in the south bay. and we are tracking a nice ride on 101 near north first street. still looking okay. san mateo bridge looking slug
6:59 am
issue. richmond, san rafael bridge starting to see a backup. and at the bay bridge toll plaza. 17-minutes from the maze to downtown san francisco. a lot of fog and a lot of low clouds on the weather shots. one of the few places we're seeing clearing is at the airport. santa rosa is 49. and san jose is 56 degrees. we do have low pressure on the way to bring rain to the bay area by thursday. and in the meantime, we're looking at things to be sunny, chilly at the coast. and inland, about 83 degrees. highs in san francisco, 64. and 80 degrees in santa rosa and don't forget, it's going to get wet come thursday, gang. well, that's it, right. >> we're done. 6:59. [ laughter ] >> i know you're related. >> i am sad about it. >> one more chance at noon.
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>> true, it's true. thanks for watching everyone. >> have a great day. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, june 6th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." the trump administration files its first criminal charges against an alleged leaker. the 25-year-old woman is accused of revealing a top secret nsa report. it suggests russian spies targeted american voting systems before the election. london police accused of missing obvious warning signs about one of saturday's attackers. he appeared in a jihadi documentary and neighbors reported him to an anti-terror hotline. a lawsuit claims tracy morgan exaggerated his injuries in a deadly crash to land a settlement repor


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