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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  June 6, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> now at noon a terrorist -- in paris. a man goes off a group of officers near the notre dame cathedral. >> the incident caused panic among visitors in the area. and we have this picture from
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inside the cathedral where civilians were ordered by police to put their hands up because of the chaos outside. an attacker yelled this is for syria as he ran at the group of officers with a hammer. and he was armed with kitchen knives. police shot and killed him and one officer was wounded. it happened at 4:30 in the afternoon paris time and the area was packed with tourists, including a couple from san francisco. kyle-- was with his wife and heard gunshots. >> we had no idea what was going on. it was terrifying. i think we were just in london two days before when that attack happened. we're a little bit scared from that. >> reporter: an anti-terror probe was opened into the incident. this just in. the u.s. coalition has struck
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pro government forces in syria. forces supporting bashar al- assad entered with a tank, artillery, antiaircraft weapons, and other vehicles. london police have identified the suspects in the terror attack from saturday. there are questions about one of the suspects. meg oliver is in london. >> reporter: london police say youssef zaghba is the third suspect, described as an italian national of moroccan descent. and questions are emerging about 27-year-old khuram shazad butt. he appeared in the documentary called the jihadies next door. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the prime minister
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says intelligence services are reviewing what they knew about butt. >> i recognize people's concerns. >> reporter: london bridge is open to vehicles and pedestrians. there are new security barriers in place to protect pedestrians who walk across. >> reporter: do you feel these barriers will protect people better? >> i think so. i think people are on the alert. >> reporter: thousands paused to remember the victims. at the end of london bridge. people stood in the pouring rain near the growing tribute of flowers. meg oliver, cbs news, london. >> 12 people from the neighborhood have been freed. james corden is showing support for his homeland starting tonight and all this week. he is going to host from london.
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and he'll be showcasing all that's great in the keep calm and carryon spirit of great britain. >> i hope we can show the spirit and joy and determination of the people here. >> reporter: and of course, in james corden fashion, he plans to have plenty of fun too. plans to bring the show to london had been in the works for a while. britain and the world -- we could all use some comic relief. the santa clara board of supervisors is taking a stand, opposing president trump's decision to pull out of the paris climate change agreement. >> the president of the board said trump's decision was a step backwards. and he's hoping to show that cities can uphold the agreement. >> we feel this is a complete reversal of the kind of policy we've been enacting over the
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next 10 years. >> reporter: they are asking the surrounding eight counties to join in. >> i think it would really benefit the united nations and everybody to be able to say we lost the white house but gained 50 or 60 or 100 urban communities. >> reporter: this as governor jerry brown is attending a clean energy conference in china. he says others will fill the gap. >> not on the right track yet and i want to state that very clearly. the world is not doing enough. >> reporter: the next step is to get other counties on board. they'll ask staff members to make calls to see if they can form a coalition with a similar resolution. charter schools in livermore will be closing because the charter school company can't afford to keep
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the doors open. the district agreed to keep them open for a few more days. livermore valley charter school closes tomorrow. and livermore valley prep closes on thursday. exams will be given this week instead of next. a woman was killed in a freak accident in a golf cart and the man driving is in jail. it happened in a private olive orchard near the town of wallace. she went flying off the golf cart and fell on broken glass from a wine glass she had been holding. and her companion, richard clark, has been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. the palo alto school board is taking on sex education. they've been protesting the
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curriculum saying that it's inappropriate for 7th grader. gender roles, relationships, sexuality. reproductive help, contraception, and stds. the supreme court is now deciding who should have access to data from license plate readers. the devices collect the license plate number, time, date, and a photo of each vehicle. the public has a right to know how police are storing the data, civil rights groups say. coming up more about the leak of classified information that could reveal more about russia's involvement in the election. a traditional way of getting to work is picking up speed. why carpooling may be the way to go. and warm temperatures this afternoon. we'll be all the way to the 80s inland. and a nice day tomorrow. and as we look from oakland. wait until you hear what's
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happening on thursday. the forecast is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a 25-year-old government contractor is facing criminal charges for allegedly leaking a report that says that russian intelligence tried to break u.s. voting systems before the election. >> reporter: he was arrested saturday in augusta and faces charges for leaking classified information. the 25-year-old worked as a federal contractor and held a top secret security clearance.
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he admitted removing an intelligence report and mailing it to a news outlet. and she had e-mail contacts from her work computer. the documents suggested that russian intelligence tried to break into voting systems. president trump has called for a crackdown on leaks. this is the first time that an alleged leaker has been charged since he's in the white house. hackers from russian military intelligence stole user credentials from a software company in florida. >> while i condemn the leaks and the person who leaked it -- >> reporter: claire mccaskill asked states to protect the system. >> whether or not they accessed tabulation, it's clear they were tried to get into a voter file. >> i don't disagree with
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anything you said. >> the kremlin is denies any interference. and u.s. officials have said that it did not affect the election's outcome. she's in federal custody. and her stepfather says she served in the air force for six years and is a patriot. controversy in the world of girls soccer. officials at a tournament in nebraska disqualified an entire team because someone thought one of the players was a boy. she was listed on a roster as male something that organizers said was a typo. >> they don't have a reason to kick the whole club out. >> i apologize, she was 8 years old. and she was able to provide an
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insurance card and another document listing her gender as female. a new push to fight the opioid epidemic. naloxone is used to treat someone on an overdose. and the cdc guidelines apply to large prescriptions of opioids. but there are exceptions. naloxone is also recommended for those are heart disease, lung disease, liver disease, and depression. if you're looking far job, it appears there are plenty to go around. 6million open jobs in the u.s. in april. that's a record high. and that means employers are ready to hire and willing to pay higher wages. it comes at a time when 6.8 million americans are looking for work and it may make a lot of people wonder why they can't
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find jobs. lack of skills, unwillingness to move to available jobs or employers having unrealistic exceptions. casual carpooling is going strong in parts of the bay area. >> reporter: it's shortly after 8 a.m. on a typical monday morning. and both megan and -- are getting ready for work. they live within blocks of each other in oakland but have never met. for 40 years, it was a solution. casual carpool. >> somebody just pulled up. >> and you just get in the car. >> reporter: at 20 locations, people who need a ride into san francisco line up each weekday morning and jump into the next car that adds up.
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>> the real draw for solo drivers -- it gives them access to this. a restricted carpool lane on the bridge. >> 6000 people are doing this daily. >> the university of california berkeley researchers -- is one of the social scientists who follows this phenomenon. >> the median wait time was two minutes. and they were doing this before lyft and uber. >> it's done without an app and it completely works. >> it's completely organic. >> reporter: lyft boasts of 28 million rides. and casual carpool predates them all. john blackstone, san francisco. >> i wouldn't really do that.
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>> it seems to be working far lot of people. >> and let's meet bear-thoven. that's what a family calls a bear that broke into their home. >> reporter: and then he comes over to the piano and plays the piano. [ laughter ] >> the bear broke into a colorado home, rummaged through the kitchen cabinets and left behind a big mess. the homeowner was not there when the homeowner made its way in. she thinks she scared it out the window. >> i open the door slowly and i'm listening for noises. we love bears but maybe not inside our own house. >> she hopes to never experience it again. >> reporter: even had the audio for that beautiful note he played. >> i think that was e above
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middle c. >> and i always notice how many cameras people have in their homes now. on this fine tuesday afternoon, nothing but blue. concord, 79 degrees already. just about 80 and we're not even to 1:00 in the afternoon. and oakland, 63. and san francisco at 57 degrees. so as per usual, and we're looking for rain to move into the bay area, favoring the north bay on thursday. and everything looked to get clouds and a few sprinkles. ukiah as much as 7/10 of an inch of rain. and in hayward and san jose, a few hundredths of an inch. it won't let go. and the futurecast shows when it's going to come in. the high clouds by tomorrow night and here comes the rain
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during the daytime on thursday. there's not as much south of the golden gate bridge. friday we'll begin to clear out in the overnight hours. but for today. sunny and chilly at the shoreline with the readings in the 50s in the city. and it will be warming to the low 80s inland today. mostly sunny and warm. and cooloff tomorrow. clouds and showers develop on thursday. 83degrees and 99. it will be 95 at fresno and along the shoreline on the cool side. san francisco is looking a little wendy. and seattle, 80 degrees. the sun sets tonight at 8:29. we're just about where we should be this time of year. 64 in the city.
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san jose slightly cooler than normal. and oakland has 67 for a forecast high. it will be a beautiful afternoon, mid-70s for highs. and the closer you get to the shoreline, the chillier you get. and finally, still plenty warm. we'll be looking for a nice day and tomorrow. thursday you'll like that day too. water your lawn and it going to be a beautiful weekend with numbers mostly in the 70s. and in the meantime, a little more rain. bringing back many fond memories. >> kind of recking. mainly north of the cold cold when you see the pictures of the rain -- >> still slick streets and a few hundredths south of the
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golden gate bridge. >> we won't be surprised. hots see. the dow is down 24 points. we want to invite our pet loafers to send us their questions. e-mail us at pets at ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, who are these people?
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>> nasa has solved a new planet that's so hot it's being vaporized by its own star. the planet has a temperature of more than 7800 degrees fahrenheit. researchers say the planet's star is nearly hot as -- twice as hot as our sun and is possibly destroying the planet. today pick of the day is watermelon. with a lot of grilling and so many outdoor activities. and the watermelon is the centerpiece. it really is. and great value in the market right now. you cut it in half and it may not be juicy and you'll lewis that flavor.
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when you buy it. make sure it's nice and heavy. that's very important. make sure it's nice and yellow on the bottom. not white. and the old fashioned way. if it sounds hollow. that's when it's nice and ripe. but the weight is the most important. the heavier, the better. that way it's loaded with juice. when you bring them home store them in a cool, dry place but not the refrigerator. but the unused portion, in the refrigerator. eat fresh and stay healthy. this one is heavy.
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that's it for kpix 5 news at noon on june 6th. also known as d-day. >> 73 years ago. >> thanks for joining us, we'll be back tomorrow morning. have a good one. ,,
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