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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  June 7, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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the bay area, with guns.. and a plot to murder doctors. good e now at 11:00 p.m. police say this dying cancer
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patient traveled to had bay area with guns and a plot to murder doctors. good evening. i am elizabeth cook. >> i am ken bastida. andria borba is putting the pieces together. >> reporter: warmed two guns, a mask and a note, police officers say a patient was headed to had bay area with the intent -- the bay area with the intent to kill doctors. >> missing persons call that began the man hunt for this man. >> there was one cop car parked here and then when i came back an hour later it was pd and detectives. >> reporter: inside his home officers say they found evidence suggesting that he was headed to the bay area to murder three of his doctors. >> believe he targeted specific doctors by name, specific locations. >> reporter: that was the morning of may 31. then before 8:00 p.m.
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200 miles from home he was spotted again. the police department sent out a statewide be on the look out for the suspect. he was stopped here by the chp at north bound 101. it is a stop that could have gone very wrong. >> he had two loaded guns in the vehicle. and the guns were loaded with extended magazines. >> the magazines held 32 and 16 rounds. >> this guy was set on violence. he was armed and ready to do it. >> reporter: he is suffering from stage 4 cancer. >> he felt as though his condition was worsening or not improving and he blamed the doctors. >> reporter: both weapons found were legally registered to him. when they were found missing from his home with him suspicions were raised.
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the magazines are illegal in the state of california. andria borba, kpix 5. woman is behind bars accused of shoving meth into a 2-year-old's mouth. the suspect approached the boy at people's park and she called 911 after the suspect put something in his mouth. police showed up and arrested this woman. the toddler was rushed to the hospital where doctors discovered he had meth in his suspect. the suspect faces attempted homicide charges and she will undergo a psychiatric evaluation. nightclub or a fight club? that is what neighbors of the newest hot spot are asking. joe vazquez is live outside to show us what is behind the complaints. joe? >> reporter: this is club hew right here. 400 block of broadway. it was called atmosphere before
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that. and for a decade there have been problems here, neighbors have say they have been escalating and they want changes. a woman sprawls on to broadway nearly getting hit by cars. >> dangerous and ugly. >> reporter: she runs broadway studios. her surveillance cameras are capturing the wild scenes on late weekend nights outside. >> a lot of the fights are between -- are women. which is strange. they are drunk. they yell at each other and they hit each other and fight the cops. >> reporter: san francisco police say they have a history of fights and aggravated assaults, loud music and a lot of the problems steps from their bottle service. it is getting people so drunk they cause a scene. >> you can stop serving when
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they are unbareiated. they have been out there weekend after weekend, month after month. they will ship up or shape out. >> reporter: the commission was considering whether to make the bar stop serving alcohol earlier or pull their license but the owner says wait a minute. he has looked that police records and believe they are exaggerated. >> some have absolutely nothing to do with you. some when you go in to do d tail -- detail, they are happening across the street. >> reporter: the entertainment commission decide they could remain open till 2:00 a.m. in the morning but they would have to stop music at midnight. he was disappointed by the ruling. he wants the city attorney a look into local action. reporting live, joe vazquez, kpix 5. mother accused of
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abandoning her daughter along san francisco's great highway has turned herself in to police. the woman pulled over near the zoo yesterday and forced the girl out of the car. she then sped away with her child. by chance an ambulance was in the area. they saw what was going on. they treated the five-year-old. she okay tonight. a man seen leaving the scene on a skateboard is the father of the other child in the car. he helped them locate the one- year-old today. the mother turned herself in soon after. police say an uber driver sexually assaulted a passenger inside his car. investigators want to know if there are more victims. may 26 police say the 42-year- old of san francisco stopped the car. climbed into the back seat and
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sexually battered the victim and then took her to her destination. he was booked in to jail and posted jail. more uber employees have been sent packing. 20 people. some senior executives have been fired as part of the sexual harassment investigation. this started with a blog post by former engineer about culture. that lead to two separate investigations. one of the investigations is being led by attorney general eric holder. former fbi director james comey was so concerned about president trump he said don't leave me alone with him. >> reporter: officials told the times after president trump asked james comey to the end investigation into former national security adviser michael flynn james comey confronted attorney general jeff sessions, and said he did not want to be left alone with
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the president. james comey is scheduled to testify thursday and he could cast serious doubts on the president's credibility. tonight sources tell cnn he will dispute the claim he was told he was not under investigation. when the president fired james comey he wrote this letter saying he appreciates him for informing him that he is not under investigation. the president referred to the -- in to russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election. and the president tried to stop the fbi's russia probe. the president's response tonight? >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> i wish him luck. >> reporter: cbs news will carry live coverage of former fbi director james comey's testimony thursday morning. veronica de la cruz, night beat. a rugly player paralyzed
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during a game. this is his first day in rehab, that is yesterday. at a hospital in colorado. he is on a stipulation bike. the 20-year-old suffered a crushed vertebrae during a national rubby championship match. he has been paralyzed. a go fund me campaign set up to pay for medical care raised $672,000. the warriors are in enemy territory tonight. tomorrow it is game on. some fans are predicting a sweep, cavfans say they are ready to defend the land. dennis o'donnell reports from cleveland tonight. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> i am so happy right now. >> reporter: warrior fans hoping for autographs on the eve of game three and the wait paid off.
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>> they will sweep. sweep. >> reporter: really? >> yeah. sweep. >> reporter: the cavs rally fand is to defend the -- is to defend the land. but depending the land will be hard against the red hot warriors unless the air conditioner drops on kevin durant's head. >> scaring me a little bit up here. >> reporter: might be the plumping. >> yeah. >> reporter: last year in game three the cavs beat the warriors by 30 points. the difference this time around, kevin durant. and the land seems to be sliping under lebron james' feet. dennis o'donnell, kpix 5. bay area city apologizing for this tone deaf tweet about sanction. >> tonight this -- sanctuary cities. >> tonight this mother describes the moment she hopped
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on a train and the doors shut and her little gur got left behind. >> new concerns over thousands who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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tweet about a taco.. and sanctuary cities. kpix 5's christin ayers explains. shame on you! . hayward is apologizing for a tweet about a taco and sanctuary cities. kpix 5's christin ayers explains. >> reporter: residents blasting the city tonight over a tweet urging people to come to
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tonight's city council meeting. on the agenda, sanctuary cities. let's taco about it. >> it was just in bad taste to have the tweet. >> reporter: across the street from city hall, called it tone death. >> does seem offensive. >> the tweet was up for hours today before the city removed it and tweeted we apologize for the inappropriate tweet. >> we really screwed up today. >> reporter: the spokesperson told us it had been used to promote other meetings but this was a mistake. [ talking at the same time ] >> it wasn't intended that way at all. >> reporter: the mayor addressed the tweet. >> i would like to apologize for that. >> reporter: city said the tweet detracted from an important debate but taught
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city officials an important lesson. christin ayers, kpix 5. >> so within the hour the city council voted to designate hayward a sanctuary city. governor jerry brown is in china discussing green energy. kpix 5's betty yu tells us the president is calling on california to play a bigger role in fighting climate change. >> reporter: at a clean energy conference governor jerry brown said the rest of the world and individual u.s. states will have to step up to fill the gap left by president trump's decision to pull the u.s. out of the paris climate deal. >> the world is not doing enough. we are on the road to a very negative and disastrous future unless we increase the timpo of change -- tempo of change and we face not just the technical barrier, we pace political barriers. california has been at the
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forefront, building electric cars and creating renewable power and brown shined agreements to work to counter climate change and reducing emissions. >> nobody can stay on the sidelines. we can't afford any drop outs in the tremendous human challenge to make the transition to a sustainable future. >> reporter: he warned disaster looms without urgent action. the governor did meet with the chinese president to talk about green technology and global warming. he said it is very clear he welcomes an increased role on the part of california. in san jose, betty yu, kpix 5. a high school graduate in santa rosa is missing tonight. the 17-year-old went job hunting yesterday morning. her parents say that she hasn't been seen or heard from since.
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police say she has no history of going missing and is not known to stay out late. california mother is describing the heart stopping moments she boarded an amtrak train, the door closed and her 6-year-old daughter got left behind on the platform. she told the reporter her daughter screamed out for her as the train pulled away. >> we wanted to take a train ride. >> reporter: that was the plan but their train ride would spiral into chaos. they reached their destination in oceanside. >> i grab all the bags. they are grabbing their backpacks and we go across the hall. >> reporter: she doesn't realize how much time passed. the doors to the train are about to close just as her daughter walks on to the platform. this happens. >> the door shuts. i am standing there like my
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face at the door. i think -- every mom's nightmare to have their child outside of a train and you are in. >> doors closed. >> reporter: were you scared? frantic moments, other passengers raced into help. >> i think she was in shock and the girl outside was screaming mommy. we went in to help mode. there were six of us. we tried to stop the train. >> there was a work man standing outside the train. saying open the door. and he went sorry. >> reporter: good samaritan stepped in and comforted her and she was her own hero. she remembered her mom'sphone cell phone number. >> -- mom's cell phone number. an hour later everyone was reunited. we reached out to amtrak about what happened and have not heard back. kpix 5. move over apple google may
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be building its own mega campus. they are in talks with san jose to build 6 million square feet of space. the campus would bring up to 20,000 jobs to san jose. making it the largest for google in the world. also in san jose a push to pull the plug on thousands of new smart street lights. kiet do reports some people are worried about the lights spying on everyone. >> reporter: turns out the hottest real estate in san jose over our heads. san jose has become a testing ground as tech companies are chomping at the bit to install devices. >> it is fair to say there are a lot of dollars involved. >> reporter: this began four years ago as the city started to convert their street lights to energy efficient. the city only converted a third
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of them. >> you would think they would be done by now. >> reporter: now the city is trying to get the private sector to pay for the rest. the polarize enticing to wireless companies. >> we see this as an opportunity. [ indiscernible ] >> we can transform with better lighting. >> reporter: another thing, somewheres. some lights -- cameras. some lights already have cameras but there has been talk to install a thousand surveillance cameras. it is early but he is pushing for a privacy policy. >> i want to make sure we are not using people's data and using people's movements and things in ways they don't want them to be used. >> reporter: the mayor knows this is a complicated process so they pushed it back and will take it up next tuesday. if they don't get any takers on
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the contract the mayor hasn't ruled out issuing a public bond to pay for the project. kiet do, kpix 5. east bay got a jolt tonight. a 2.4 earthquake by danville around 9:30 p.m. a couple reports of people who felt it. danville is on the fault. shaking up the traffic -- weather -- >> oh, yeah. not going to feel like june 1. the rain, yeah, rain, and then some cold air moving in. tonight chilly in san francisco. 54. fog and low cloud cover moving in. warm spot is concord 60. nexup oakland and san jose at 57. upper 40s and fog along the coast line. pacifica 48. san rafael 49. fairfield 54 and san jose 53. a change, this is a big weather system for this time of year. something i would show you in january, february or march. storm from the gulf of alaska.
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bigger deal when you consider the time of year. two weeks away from the start of summer and there is no blocking ridge of high pressure to keep the moisture to the north so tomorrow morning we start off typical june. cloud cover along the coast line. that will burn off. blue skies mid-day. and in the cloud cover in advance of the storm system. it will arrive tomorrow afternoon. rain, light rain in the north bay. 7:00 a.m. thursday. lunchtime thursday light rain showers. san francisco, oakland, hayward. union city. not that much rain but anyway rain in june is note worthy. clouds clearing on friday. behind the front the low hangs out for a while. how much rain? future cast is predicting a quarter inch of rain for san rafael. more for santa rosa. and now up to one tenth for san jose. all of those are the average rainfall for the month of june. we will see on thursday.
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and then behind the front the low over oregon. we will stay chilly into the weekend. not hitting 70 degrees anywhere all weekend long. tomorrow the last mild day for a wild. san jose 76. mid-60s san francisco and oakland. cooler with showers on thursday. friday chilly. saturday, sunday, chilly. we will not see the 80s till the middle of next week. what is going on? just in time for june to get here, almost summer, more rain. >> glad it will clear up the air. >> that is a wonderful way to look at it. yes. >> there you go. [ talking at the same time ] the giants, how are they feeling? >> you had to ask? you had to do that? well, here is what we have. two last place teams going to work. somebody went yard. a lot. we have seen dennis in the
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city, check in on the warriors and cavaliers eve of the nba finals game three in cleveland.
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vegas is expecting a tight one...warriors, a 31/2 to 4pt favorite. du . nba finals game three, 6:00 p.m. who you got? vegas is expecting a tight one. dubs, the great unknown tomorrow, the effect players. kevin durant playing like a man obsessed with winning it. steph curry a scoring machine. both averaging 30 points per game through two games. the two league mvps have chemistry on the floor. >> i know him a lot better than i did. that will hopefully continue. but me is a great -- he is a great dude. feel like i am on a dating show right now. [ laughter ] >> great dude. great dude. i like being around him.
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hopefully that continues. >> pets. k-9s at the ballpark in milwaukee. giants and brewers. this is the picture. anderson and a blow in the third. off the wall. rbi double off of matt cain. milwaukee won it 5-2 and the giants alost 6-8. -- lost 6-8. a's hosting the blue jays. a swat. he couldn't get it. that scored a run. oakland won the game 4-1 and a's won 3-4. tonight, what a night for the red slugger. went 5-5. 10 rbis. became the first red player to ever hit four home runs in a game. first player in baseball history with 5 hits, 10 runs batted in and four home runs in one game and cincinnati crushed
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st. louis 13-1. when we come back, finally, beast mode. marshawn lynch has spoken as a member of the oakl
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...rb marshawn lynch, prefers his talking with the football...or as a pitchman. ative, for raiders running back marshawn lynch for the first time in silver and black shared his thoughts on his team with
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the press. >> maybe -- [ indiscernible ] >> knowing they were leaving and you know, a lot of the kids here probably won't have an opportunity see, you know, most of their idols growing up,. >> we don't know when he will step in front of the mic again. he rather do his talking with the football instead of the the football instead of the micro-- instead of the ♪ ♪
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. michelle griego an e all the news late show with stephen colbert is next. next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. >> all the news that you need to start your day
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