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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 7, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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and i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look ou good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, june 7. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's head outside take a look at the conditions on this wednesday morning as we take a look at the mount vaca cam. and looks like 880 in oakland traffic moving along pretty freely at this hour. but we of course know that's going to change a little bit. >> it always changes. >> like clockwork. >> i know. >> a little fog out there too? >> a little fogginess and then clouds and a little bit of froggieness in my throat. it's contagious! we have high clouds out there already. the first indication that things are changing. we'll have showers tomorrow in the north bay first then south
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over the rest of the bay. for today, you can see that way. iful sunrise is on the we'll begin with some sunshine inland but then the clouds come in. today, the sun will eventually emerge at the shoreline where it will continue chilly but inland up to about 80 degrees today. the low pressure will issue in all the moisture and turn things wet about a quarter inch on the north bay. sunny and cooler today then increasing clouds toward sunset. showers will spread south tomorrow. but for today santa rosa 76. 79 for livermore. 73 at fremont. 76 in san jose. extended forecast, we'll expect showers tomorrow. and then the weekend looks okay. if you have plans, weather should not interfere with plenty of sunshine coming out, not as warm as we're used to but it will still be very pleasant. but we'll contend with showers in 24 hours.
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that's weather. here's the latest on the road ahead. good morning. things are looking excellent for drivers heading to the south bay. speeds in the green on all of our "majors" making your way out of san jose up the peninsula. we are tracking speeds in the green. we are getting first report of a crash on southbound 880 near lewelling boulevard a couple of cars into it. more on that in the next traffic report. at the bay bridge toll plaza things are stacking up in the cash lanes. so heads up if you don't have a fast track, we're already tracking delays at the toll plaza. past there, speeds in the green. today shareholders of google's parent company are expected to push for a report on a possible gender pay gap within the company. kpix 5's anne makovec is live at the tech giant's mountain view headquarters with the details reporter: a lot of big google investors have been pressing the shareholders to demand a gender pay gap report from the tech giant but google
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says right now that this gender pay gap doesn't exist. earlier this year a representative with the department of labor found, quote, systemic compensation disparities against women at google. the government sued google in january demanding statistics on employee compensation. federal contractors are required to comply with federal civil rights laws. the government says google was selected randomly for an audit and refused to hand over data despite repeated requests. >> we want to see more people from underrepresented groups because it makes us a better company. >> reporter: that is one of google's recruiting videos. google says it wants more women at the top of the company. in a statement, they say, every year we do a comprehensive and robust analysis of pay across genders and have found no gender pay gap other than making an unfounded statement which we heard for the first time in court, the dol, department of labor, hasn't provided any data or shared its methodology. now, today there's going to be a discussion first on if
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there's a problem and then what exactly to do with it. these investors want a report on both. live in mountain view, anne makevoc, kpix 5. police say a central valley cancer patient drove to the bay area looking to murder his doctors. a missing persons call in a visalia neighborhood on may 31 began the statewide hunt for this man, yue chen. inside chen's home, officers say that they found evidence suggesting that testifies headed to the bay area to kill three doctors. that was the morning of may 31. then just before 8 p.m. chen was spotted again. this time on northbound 101 at hellyer. 200 miles from his home. >> he had two-headed handguns in the vehicle immediately adjacent to his person, two loaded handguns, loaded with extended magazines. >> chen was arrested without incident. inside his car officers say they found a rubber mask and typewritten note laying out his intentions. chen apparently felt his treatment was not helping and
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blamed the doctors that he was targeting for that. developing news in tehran where state-run news outlets report that 12 people have been killed and 42 wounded in attacks on a parliament building and shrine. one group of attackers stormed the complex with ak-47s and one suspect blew himself up during a session. another group of attackers reportedly targeted people near a shrine of ayatollah khamenei. the "islamic state" claims responsibility for the attack. if confirmed, this would be the group's first assault in iran. hackers may have contributed to a crisis among close gulf allies. the fbi sent investigators to qatar. according to the cnn the agency believes that russian hackers breached that country's state news agency with fabricated quotes making qatar appear friendly with israel and iran. eight nations are cutting ties
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with them. president trump just announced that he will nominate christopher wray as the new director: wray was the attorney for new jersey governor chris christie. as former fbi director james comey prepares to testify about the agency's investigation into alleged russian interference in the 2016 election, new signs of turmoil within the trump administration. the president remains disappointed over attorney general jeff sessions's decision to recuse himself from the russia investigation. sessions reportedly went as far as to offer to resign. yesterday, press secretary sean spicer refused to say if the president still has confidence in sessions. the city of hayward is adopting a sanctuary policy for undocumented immigrants. the city council voted unanimously to approve the measure at last night's meeting. a tweet posted by the city of hayward ahead of the meeting
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drew swift criticism. it said don't miss tonight's council meeting on the agenda sanctuary city designation. below, there's a picture of a taco with the caption, let's taco about it. the city apologized for the inappropriate tweet. tonight the warriors and cavs face off in cleveland for game 3 of the nba finals. dub fans can see the fans at watch parties in the bay area. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in oakland this morning with the details. >> reporter: kenny, the game may be away but "dub nation" will be out in full force at oracle arena. this is one of the official watch parties in the bay area today at oracle arena. now, here's some information you need to know if you want to come here and watch the game. you can get the tickets online at warriors. com. they are $20. and some good news also some of the proceeds going to oakland
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community foundation and warriors community foundation so you can help some charities. the city see there hold a huge watch party at civic center plaza with a jumbotron broadcasting the game in front of city hall. san francisco's watch party is an alcohol-free event. they want to make it kid- friendly. also in san francisco a new warriors store opens today at westfield shopping center so you can get all of your gear that you want before you head out to the watch party. now, if you are going to be coming here to oracle, you should note that parking opens at 4:30. it's only $10. so not as much as a real game. and this is obviously a big game for a lot of folks tonight. the warriors win, they are just one game away from a series sweep. reporting live i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. time now 5:08. uc-berkeley is slapped with a federal civil rights lawsuit in connection with recent out of control protests.
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>> plus, cars tell us when we leave our headlights on or keys in the ignition. now some lawmakers are asking why not a reminder that would prevent us from leaving children in hot cars? >> not a bad idea. we will have hot weather on the way -- after we get showers in the bay area tomorrow. we have the forecast coming up. >> and we are tracking a hot spot. will it slow you down for your morning ride? find out coming up.
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new this morning: authorities have discovered the body.. ed to be the 8th and on this wednesday, june 7, we can see some high clouds that are moving into the bay area. the first sign that rain will be back by tomorrow. today's looking a-okay. and abeam june 7, it's not unusual to say happy birthday to tom jones! ♪[ music ] >> he is 77 years old. now let's say good morning to these guys. new this morning, authorities have discovered the body believed to be the 8th victim of the london terror attack. they found the body in the thames river. meanwhile, police arrested another man who is reportedly
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connected to the attack. eight people died and nearly 50 others were hurt on and around the london bridge on saturday. police say the suspects drove a van through a crowd of people then went on a stabbing rampage. isis claims responsibility. a fan of milo yiannopoulos has filed a lawsuit against the board of regents at uc- berkeley, the mayor of berkeley and others over civil rights and first amendment violations. the lawsuit alleges uc and other official reduced the ranks of the plaintiff by subjecting her and other invite tees to bodily harm during riots on campus because they were expressing a different viewpoint. uc-berkeley said in a statement it looks forward to contesting this collection of false claims. lawmakers are trying to prevent any more children from dying in hot cars and in just a few hours, they are introducing a bill called the hot cars act. kpix 5's jackie ward is live in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: federal lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are proposing this bill. if passed it would let drivers know that a passenger was still
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in the back seat when a car is turned off. they are saying this could be done with technology that already exists. more than 800 children have died from heat stroke in cars since 1990 including nine so far this year. california is the third worst state in the country with 55 deaths in 27 years. a woman in san jose has been developing similar technology tore years. >> forgetting about what kind of parent it is, let's protect the child. at the end of the day it is about prevention. to me, prevention is parenting. >> the bill says a lot of factors may lead to this situation things like change in routine, text or fatigue. texas has the highest number of heat stroke deaths with 113 since 1990. in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix 5. it is 5:14 right now. let's check traffic with jaclyn. good morning. >> hey, good morning. we are tracking a couple of hot spots to slow you down if you
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are getting ready to head out the door. we'll begin along 880, this is a crash that we're tracking that's southbound 880 near lewelling boulevard. couple of cars got into it. this is not slowing anyone down. this is still in the green. we are getting first reports of a crash though westbound 580 over at grant line road and that is certainly slowing traffic down tracy to livermore. that is coming in. here's the san mateo bridge. and the taillights making their way westbound out of hayward into foster city. 13-minute ride no delays if you are heading eastbound. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. let's send it over to mr. brian hackney and check the weather. >> thank you. weather is going steady as she goes in this early hour. we have a little bit of fog at the shoreline not unusual this time of morning and this time of the year. this afternoon the numbers will be near 80 degrees. warm spots upper 60s.
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along the coast in the upper 60s. isn't that a beautiful shot from napa plus solano counties there, mount vaca straddles both and that's the vantage point we have this morning looking towards our impending sunrise in about a half-hour, 5:47 a.m. right now the numbers are mostly in the 50s. a nice day today. sunny and as per usual chilly at the shoreline. we only manage about 80 degrees inland today. so not quite as warm as yesterday. a little bit of a cooling trend in advance of this. now, this futurecast shows us when we have a band of showers extending across the bay area tomorrow morning. this is at 10 a.m. and then they're out of here by the evening commute tomorrow night. and then by friday we'll get increasing sunshine. but in general, the tendency will be for increasing high clouds today, and that will lead to showers spreading south overnight into the early- morning hours tomorrow. so sunny today and showers tomorrow. you can see why. that low that's over the gulf is going to head toward northern california and as it does, rainfall amounts look like this. about a half inch at ukiah, quarter inch in santa rosa and
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by the time you get down to san jose, or out to pleasanton, there's not much left. and that's all tomorrow. after the storm moves through, such as it is, it will be chilly right into the weekend because that low will be settling in the northern part of the state. so an unusually cool pool of air over california. so mostly sunny and cooler and then increasing clouds towards sunset. showers will spread south tomorrow. travel weather forecast for today not bad but more clouds in the far north. redding which had been in the 90s earlier this week manages only 67 today. mendocino up to 59. fresno 88. at sfo, it's okay. partly cloudy later in the day southwest winds 30. and from seattle to chicago and los angeles, we'll have sunny to partly cloudy skies. new york is looking okay. they are drying out after some rain. forecast highs looking like this. we are close to average. concord today 78. san jose 76. and oakland 67 degrees. let's go down to the south bay where it will be cooler today.
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but very pleasant. numbers in the mid-70s. over in the east bay, 70s for the most part should do it, as well. with 77 at pleasanton. and 79 for livermore. up in the north bay, the numbers will be in the low 70s, as well. 76 in santa rosa though. 73 at san rafael. close to the shore just 65 in sausalito. and still warm in lake county with ukraine at 81, lakeport 80, clearlake 80. in the extended forecast here comes another one. this season of rain just won't let go. thursday showers, not a lot. but it will get wet. and then friday we'll go to sunshine and keep it sunny into the weekend. by monday and tuesday the numbers recover into the low to mid-80s. michelle, why do you have a picture of me behind you? [ laughter ] >> it looks just like you, brian. [ laughter ] >> it's george clooney! if you didn't know. george and amal clooney are officially parents. exciting news. she gave birth to the baby twins yesterday. the family's publicist says the
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boy and girl are happy and healthy. he joked george is sedated and should recover in a few days. we officially have all the details for outside lands. the festival just announced the single day line-ups and ticket sales. friday the gorillas, quest and toe low will be headlining. saturday it's metallica and others. sunday some of the main acts are the who, lord and revolution. single day tickets go on sale at 10 am on friday. the festival is in august. there is a new carpool karaoke with james corden on the "late late show" last night. ♪[ music ] >> he and james corden drove around and sang. there was a special crosswalk musical featuring james corden
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as mary poppins, of course. the "late late show" will broadcast from london again tonight. corden will be talking with tom cruise, jennifer hudson and others. dennis tonight on red alert in cleveland. we see what the warriors have cooking for the caves. cavs. >> what's cool about your school or summer camp? email your nomi nation to us at or, and we may feature your school or camp on the thursday morning show.
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♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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good morning. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. things are definitely stacking up. no metering lights just yet. but any minute we'll see delays but first a check on sports. good morning, everybody. nba game 3, 6:00 jump. who you got? vegas is expecting a tight one. warriors a 3.5 to 4-point favorite. but will the two big guns, kevin durant here playing like a man obsessed and steph curry, loom large again? both averaging at least 30 points per game through two
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games. the two league mvps obviously have chemistry on the floor. it's almost a "bromance" away from it. >> i got to know him a lot better than i did and that will hopefully continue as we hopefully go forward in our careers but, um, he is a great dude with a great sense of humor. sounds like i'm on a dating show right now. he is a great dude. [ laughter ] >> great dude. i really like being around him. and hopefully that continues. canines in the ballpark in milwaukee. giants last night against the brewers. this is the pitch ever chase anderson. big blow in the third. off the wall an rbi double off matt cain. anderson and milwaukee won the game 5-2 as the giants have now lost six of eight. meantime, this hot dog, look at that! that is loaded. the a's bats are loaded hosting the blue jays.
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ryan healy 6th inning hit, scoring khris davis. oakland won 4-1. the a's have won 3 of 4. so that is sports at this hour. on the heels of game 3, the warriors really going to make it 14 straight wins in these play-offs, or the cavaliers are going to follow the same script as last year make a series out of it by having an answer tonight. see you later. the play of the day now, a little baseball history last night. reds at the plate in the 8th with three home runs already in the game. [ play-by-play ] >> liner to right field! the first red ever with four home runs in a game!! >> what a night. jeanette caps off a 5 for 5 night at the plate tying the major league record for home runs in a game. he is the 15th player in the modern era to hit four in one game. he was taken off waivers less than four months ago.
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now he is in the record books and is our play of the day. gone! game 3 of the nba finals tonight in cleveland. but "dub nation" coming out in full force here in the bay area. i'll tell you all about the watch parties coming up. >> reporter: and some serious accusations about men being paid more than women at google! what shareholders are expected to demand today.
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. contradict the president's public claims on the investigation into russian election interference. people living in one bay area city raising concerns that newly installed the former fbi director appears to be getting ready to contradict president trump on alleged russian interference in the 2016 election. >> people in one bay area city with concerns that newly
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installed streetlights could be spying on them. >> and nice today. but wait until you hear what's going to happen tomorrow. 'tis the season for more showers. we'll have the forecast in a minute. >> and just like clockwork, we have those metering lights on over at the bay bridge toll plaza. how far that backup is stretching. we'll have more on that coming up in the traffic report. >> good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, june 7. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. today shareholders of google's parent company are expected to push for answers on a possible gender pay gap within the company. kpix 5's anne makovec is live at google's mountain view headquarters with the details. anne. >> reporter: yeah. google investors are really pressing shareholders today to put google's feet to the fire you might say when it comes to these allegations about the gender pay gap. a, if there is one and, b, what they are possibly going to do about it. now, earlier this year, the department of justice sent out a pretty stark statement or at
5:31 am
least one representative from the department of justice saying that there was a systemic compensation disparity against women at google. the government sued google back in january demanding statistics on employee compensation. federal contractors are required to comply with federal civil rights laws. the government says google was selected randomly for an audit and refused to hand over data despite repeated requests which lawyers say is a really risky move. >> they run the risk of losing all federal contracts a significant punishments. >> reporter: in a statement, google says: >> reporter: we'll see what happens at the shareholders meeting for google's parent company, alphabet, today. live in mountain view, anne
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makevoc, kpix 5. 5:31. another check on weather. brian enjoy today because tomorrow -- >> well, tomorrow will be a change of pace. you know? we have gotten so board with the fog and low clouds and the sun in the afternoon. we just wanted to throw something different up there although it hasn't been different this year. chance of rain in the bay area in the next 24 hours. we are looking okay but we are starting out with fog at the shore and we'll get up to near 80 inland as we look from high atop mount vaca out toward the impending sunrise in about 20 minutes. few high clouds in advance of the storm system that's going to be moving into the bay overnight tonight. and here's how it looks on satellite. see that low? clouds in advance of it. fairly robust for this time of the year. so it will be sunny today but it will be wet tomorrow. futurecast shows that after that that low approaches the northern california coastline and keeps us chilly into the weekend and so while today will be sunny, then we increase the clouds towards sunset tonight
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and then, showers spread south tomorrow. for today not bad. we'll have some sun with 67 degrees at oakland. 76 at san jose. 81 at fairfield. and 79 for livermore. in the extended forecast, increasing clouds lead to a chance of showers. a quarter inch in the north bay and not much down to san jose. after that it will be cool but it will be sunny. speaking of sunny, here's jaclyn with traffic. >> oh, thank you. right now we are tracking a hot spot westbound 580 near grant line. this is already a slow ride for our commuters from tracy to livermore but this crash not helping matters. speeds down to 15 miles an hour about 10 minutes from 205 towards not flynn road and livermore. past that things pick up but right now traffic stacked up along westbound 205 beyond byron road there so give yourself some extra time if you live in that area heading out
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this direction. here's a look at that traffic as you make your way towards 680. those headlights heading westbound along westbound 580. and traffic is just getting crowded along that stretch. it's about a 32-minute ride from 205 on out towards 680. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. thank you. in just a little more than 24 hours, james comey will testify. he is expected to detail his interactions with the president before he was fired. among them, that president trump allegedly pressured him to drop the investigation into former national security adviser michael flynn. sources say after that request comey asked attorney general jeff sessions to prevents him from being alone in a room with the president again to protect the fbi from white house influence. the president's response to comey's testimony will be closely watched. >> my guess is he is going to let the testimony play out and
5:35 am
then respond to it sometime later that day. >> comey is expected to dispute president trump's statement that comey repeatedly told him he was not the subject of an fbi probe. director of national intelligence dan coats is scheduled to testify before the senate intelligence committee today about his interactions with president trump. the "washington post" reports the president also tried to get him to convince comey to back off flynn. streetlights in san jose are going high-tech. the city has been converting them to more energy-efficient smart lights. but now they are about $36 million under budget. now they are asking private sector to cover the rest. >> we see this as an opportunity to leverage their desire for this access to publicly owned real estate and we can then transform our streets with better lighting. >> we are told some wireless companies are interest because they can put data microsites on
5:36 am
the poles. there's talk about a pilot project to install surveillance cameras. warriors fans are gearing up for game three tonight against the cavs. tip-off at 6:00 in cleveland but there are watch parties in the bay area to enjoy. kpix 5's jessica flores reports from oracle arena in oakland with the details. >> reporter: kenny, that's right. the warriors may be on the road but the action doesn't stop here at oracle arena. there will be a watch party here. this is one of many watch parties across the bay area. you can get tickets online $20, a portion of the proceeds goes to charity. two foundations. parking is $10. doors open at 5 p.m. tip-off at 6 p.m. the city of san francisco will also hold a huge watch party at civic center plaza.
5:37 am
a jumbotron will broadcast the game in front of city hall. san francisco's watch party is an alcohol-free event. also, in san francisco, a new warriors store opens today at westfield shopping center so you can get what you want. now, if the warriors win tonight, they are one game away from a series sweep and a lot of folks want to be watching that along with other fans. so game 4 here the watch party is already sold out. so you may have to look somewhere else for tickets for that but on it is already sold out for game 4 here on friday. reporting live, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. time now 5:37. an unusual trial unfolding in massachusetts where a woman is facing criminal charges after her boyfriend's suicide. >> reporter: plus, leaving your kid in a hot car can become fatal. we'll explain a law being introduced today a bill,
5:38 am
rather, that aims to prevent that from happening.
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jill wagner of cbs moneywatch dot-com has that story and more. good morning michelle! more bad news for sears. the retailer is closing an additional 66 stores as a way to cut costs. t ts --- incl sears announced dozens of. closures to save money. ill wagner of cbsmoneywatch .com has more. >> reporter: good morning. good morning, michelle. some more bad news for sears. the retailer is closing an additional 66 stores to cut costs. this includes 49k marts including a location, um, including locations across the country and 17 sears locations nationwide. most will close by september. sears already announced 180 closures as more people shop online. the number of job openings in the u.s. hit a record 6 million. that's the highest number since
5:41 am
the labor department began tracking the data 16 years ago, hiring falling, less people looking for work. amazon is giving a discount on its prime membership for people who receive government assistance. they will charge $6 a month instead of a regular yearly membership which is about $100 a year. prime members get free shipping and unlimited streaming of movies and tv shows with prime video. >> if you can't decide between dinner and dessert we hear one fast food chain has something cooking? >> reporter: popeye assist cooking up sweet and crunchy tenders. this is fried chicken breaded in shortbread cookies. they come with smoking pepper jam sauce and popeyes is the latest company here trying to create these hybrid foods.
5:42 am
>> i will try it. >> sounds great. >> i don't even want to not calories. >> you can't. who cares? >> ignorance is bliss. >> thank you. trial is under way for a massachusetts woman accused of encouraging her 18-year-old boyfriend to kill himself. michelle carter is charged with involuntary manslaughter after she allegedly urged her then boyfriend conrad roy to commit suicide in 2014. he exchanged 20,000 text messages with roy and more than 1,000 of those were sent in the days leading up to his death. the boy's mother said they spent the day together hours before he died. >> we took a long walk on the beach. >> what did you talk about? >> life. what was going to happen. >> roy was found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning inside his truck. the defense argues roy was already troubled when the teens met and he had attempted
5:43 am
suicide in the past. and even researched suicide methods online. in just a few hours lawmakers will be introducing a new bill to try to prevent hot car deaths. kpix 5's jackie ward is live in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: our cartels us what to do all the time, when to put on our seatbelts on, add more air to our tires. some federal lawmakers are asking why not a reminder to save our kids lives? nine children have decide this year as a result of being left in a hot car. and as we enter the summer months the risk of it happening is greater. the lawmakers proposing the bill say technology for this already exists. parents we spoke to said they would be grateful for the reminder. >> when i hear those stories, my compassion goes out to people who forgot. i meaner i forget things all the time. and that's not one -- you don't want to make that mistake. >> california is the third worst state when it comes to hot car deaths only behind texas and florida. since 1990, 55 children have died in our state.
5:44 am
a news conference will be held in washington, dc at 10 a.m. pacific time. in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix 5. you have probably been to a watch party for the warriors or maybe even the academy awards. but a bar in washington, dc is hosting a special event that's perfect for the nation's capital. the tavern calls it a "covfefe" party. >> hm. >> which you may remember from one of the president's more notable tweets. the event is to watch former fbi director james comey testify before a senate intelligence committee. there there will be specials on russian vodka. >> russian president vladimir putin will not be provided caviar. >> how do you know? >> i don't think he will. >> strange times. >> we'll do some more "investigating." a couple of watch parties this evening in san francisco in oakland and -- >> warriors. >> yeah. >> "dub nation." all right.
5:45 am
right now we are tracking some watch parties over along westbound 205 and 580 a couple of looky-loos in that stretch due to an accident blocking one lane. this is westbound 580 over at grant line road. it's about a 15-minute ride from 205 to livermore there. so we continue to see that travel time climb and it's in the red now. as you make your way along southbound 680 slowdowns at that stretch no reports of accidents or stalls. it's the usual crowd starting to build as you make your way on through pleasanton. heading along 880, we are seeing the delays and we have that earlier crash. this is southbound 880 right now lewelling. three cars got into it. south bay starting to see those slowdowns build along northbound 101 between 680 and 880. we can see speeds drop around 40 miles per hour. and a report of a crash, this is along 280 right near
5:46 am
millbrae blocking the right lane. a mountain lion may have been hit by a car. your ride looking good into san francisco with the exception of the bay bridge toll plaza. we continue to see that stack up right now traffic backed up well into the foot of the maze. inning to the eastshore freeway. in the green on 101, 880 and 680 along those stretches. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. okay. now, let's once again -- now what time it is? it's 5:47 a.m. that means that if you are watching this broadcast from the top of mount vaca, you should be able to look to the east and see the gleaming sunrise and, in fact, there it is, ladies and gentlemen! the sun rises under a shield of high clouds, and those high clouds are in advance of a storm system that's coming out
5:47 am
of the gulf and we'll get -- spreading rain south over the bay area tomorrow. we are beginning today with readings mostly in the mid-50s. in san francisco 52. in santa rosa 50. it will be sunny but chilly at the shore later in the day today. then those high clouds will be increasing. over in the east bay, it will be warming up to about 80 degrees today not nearly as warm as it was yesterday. 80s in the warmest spots. most will be in the mid-70s. so sunny today showers tomorrow. you can see why. all that moisture wrapping under the low. futurecast gives us an idea when the rain comes in wham at 10 a.m. showers over the bay area not a huge downpour. in general, just a gentle rain that will be moving south enough to produce a few tenths of an an inch in the north bay and hundredths in the north bay. then we dry out for the evening commute and by friday, we will go to sunny conditions. but the futurecast for the rain, the amounts, showing about a half inch in ukiah,
5:48 am
quarter inch in santa rosa. this just being a general guide. it's not going to get close to what you're seeing here. there will be more in the north and the south. down to san jose a few hundredths of an inch. after the rain moves through it will be chilly into the weekend because that low brings a pool of cool air with it in classic wintertime fashion the cold front the dividing line between the cold to the north, the warm to the south. so that cold air settles in over the bay area. i say cold air. it's all relative. so it's not going to be as warm as usual but still in the 70s. so mostly sunny and cooler today. then increasing clouds toward sunset tonight and showers spread south tomorrow in the wee small hours first in the north bay and then south. today mostly cloudy skies. redding 67. in the notice near 60. sacramento 67 today. high temperature forecast for the bay area shows us close to
5:49 am
average. upper 70s in concord. 78 there. oakland 67. south bay sunshine and mid-70s today. morgan hill on east dunne avenue where i always pull off at jack-in-the-box and get the monster taco. don't ask me why. 83 degrees. i have been doing that since i was in college. 83 morgan hill. 80 los gatos, 74 milpitas. in the east bay the numbers in the mid-70s. you know, my first job was at mcdonald's in gilroy. >> oh!! >> you know, my first job was stocking liquor shelves at a liquor store in hollister which was 12. i made 33 cents an hour. i kid you not. my dad was slave labor like 11 years old my dad helping him stock the shelves. it was totally illegal. 75 at kentfield. that's why the store did so well. i was working for them. [ laughter ] 81 in ukiah 80 lakeport. shhh, don't tell anybody. looking for rain to spread out over the bay area on thursday and then friday through sunday the numbers in the mid-70s.
5:50 am
cooler than usual but the sun will come out after the rain tomorrow. thank you. time now 5:50. a growing coyote problem has dog owners in one bay area neighborhood on edge r giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
5:51 am
5:52 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
5:53 am
whatever. starting out with clouds. 76 in santa rosa. 56 in san francisco. 79 in livermore. cooler today and showers tomorrow. we'll have complete details in the next hour. >> tracking your ride along 101 near 380. so just north of sfo. and just north of this camera shot we are tracking an accident involving a car fire. we'll have all the details on that and what the backup looks like coming up. right now, near lake ontario in new york a state of emergency is in effect as rising floodwaters pummel the regions. locals in the area have been told not to use waterfront roads unless necessary. they are offered up to $40,000 to repair property damages.
5:54 am
no income limit for seniors for $40,000. one supervisor expects the claims to reach $10 million. two firefighters are recovering from injuries this morning after battling a large four-alarm fire at an apartment building. there was a partial collapse of the roof in stockton. they battled heavy fire on the 3rd and 4th floors of the building as well as the attic space. crews are unsure what caused the fire. no one else was hurt. two children are now in the care of child protective services after their mother allegedly abandoned one of them on san francisco's great highway. police say that the woman stopped her car near the zoo on monday night and forced her 5- year-old daughter to get out. she then allegedly drove off with her other child, a one- year-old in the back. an ambulance was in the area and crews treated the five-year- old. a man seen leaving the scene on a skateboard was identified as the father of the baby in the car. he helped police find the infant not long after the mother turned herself in. signs like this are cropping up on trails throughout san francisco's presidio as more and more
5:55 am
coyotes menace dogs and even their owners. locals say that the coyotes are more aggressive recently and with pupping season, they are protecting their dens. three coyotes and with out of nowhere and frightened her. >> three cornered me on all sides. he screamed. >> soon one will get a kid. >> the presidio trust says it's looking into the recent activity. staff have closed trails near the coyote dens. shareholders are demanding action today at one of the bay area's most progressive companies. we'll tell you about the plan for google. who are these people?
5:56 am
the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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5:58 am
company. the push the tech giants stockholders are expected to
5:59 am
make. plus, president trump just announced his nomination for the next f-b-i director. what we're learning about christopher wray today google plans to address the gender pay gap. >> plus president trump announced his nomination for the next fbi director. what we're learning about christopher wray's career. good morning, it's wednesday, june 7. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's start with traffic and weather. jaclyn is tracking the morning commute. >> i have some slowdowns to tell you about. out the door over to sfo, along 101, be prepared for some delays. we are tracking an accident. this turned into a car fire southbound and one lane remains blocked. we have speeds slowing down to about 30 miles per hour as you are making your way southbound out of san francisco down towards brisbane. we are tracking some delays along the san mateo bridge. reports of some metal debris in one of those lanes. just past the toll plaza, we're still in the green, 14 minutes
6:00 am
and reports of a new crash along westbound 237 at zanker. more on that coming up in the next traffic report. over to brian for a check on the forecast. thank you, jaclyn. we are starting out on this wednesday, june 7, with cloudy to mostly cloudy skies for much of the bay area, although it was clear inland an hour ago. we are waiting for the latest reports. concord 56. livermore 52. san francisco 52. you can see the sun trying to peek through at sfo in the background. for us today we'll increase clouds in advance of a bit of a storm system moving through the bay area overnight tonight in the north bay and spread showers south over the rest of the bay area tomorrow. so it will be mostly sunny, cooler and increasing clouds towards sunset and then showers spread south tomorrow. high temperatures for today 73 in san rafael. 79 for livermore. 76 in san jose. san francisco 65. it's in the extended forecast where we pick up the rain late tonight north bay rest of the


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