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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  June 7, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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>> this is a cbs news special report. we have just received a copy of the opening statement form err fbi director james comey will make tomorrow, when he testifies before the senate intelligence committee. that panel is investigating russian attempts to tamper with the presidential election last year and whether there was any conclusion icollusion by anyonep campaign. in his statement comey says he did give mr. trump assurances on a number of occasions that mr. trump was not under personal investigation. in that statement he says the president asked for his loyalty to which comey replied you will
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always get honesty to me. mr. trump said according to comey, that's what i want, honest loyalty. the first assurance trump was not under investigation was when he and comey met at trump tower on january 6th when trump was president elect. nancy cordes, what happened? >> comey decided woe -- he would keep accurate notes. to assure accuracy he gaj to type out outside trump tower everything he had said to the president and vice versa. and that's why we have these verbatim quotes it appears to be from comey ant the president in subsequent conversations both in person and on the phone. in which comey says, that he felt that the president was either trying to extract his
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loyalty, or receive reassurances from him that he would try tamp down the investigation into the fired national security advisor michael flynn. >> pelley: i want to make sure everyone understands what we are talking about. james comey is scheduled to testify before the senate intelligence committee. that committee a few minutes ago released comey's opening statement that he intends to deliver tomorrow and that's where all this information is coming from. let me bring nancy cordes back into the conversation. one of the quotes from the statement regards mike flynn, michael flynn the former national security advisor who was fired by president trump for lying about his contacts with russians. the president, apparently there a meeting with james comey, at the white house, in february, said some of the following, according to mr. comey. i think we have a graphic here.
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the president turned to the topic of mike flynn, this is comey saying this, saying he's a good guy, and he has been through a lot. he repeated that flynn hadn't done anything wrong in his calls with the russians but had misled the vice president. he then said, "i hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting flynn go. he is a good guy. i hope you can let this go." comb said, he is only a good guy. where account president be in trouble on that nancy? >> in the details comey has provided he took very interesting action after that conversation. first of all he once again documented the conversation and then he says he prepared an
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unclassified memo about the conversation and discussed it with fbi senior leadership. he says routinely, in this statement, that he didn't just keep this to himself, that he shared it with senior leadership, within the fbi, and at one point even went to senior leadership at the department of justice and asked them what he y wanted to do about this. the senior leadership when they discussed this it was important not to infect with the president's investigation so the investigation should be down played, he couldn't abide something like that hatching, ht intend to abide by that, these comments that president was making to comey. separately cbs news has learn and confirmed that comey actually asked the attorney general to try to keep him from having to be in the president's
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company alone because he found that these conversations were awkward and inappropriate. but the conversations laid out in this document show that over the course of a dinner, over the course of that meeting and several phone calls, it was the president who was routinely bringing this up even as comey tried to avoid the issue. >> pelley: and we are watching video of comey meeting with the president at the white house at an earlier time before all of this broke. there is another quote in comey's opening statement that he will deliver tomorrow. and i'm going to read that now. on the morning of march 30, the president called me at the fbi. he described the russia investigation as a cloud that was impairing his ability to act on behalf of the country. he said he had nothing to do with russia, had not been involved with hookers in russia, and had always assumed he was
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being recorded when in russia. he asked what we could do to lift the cloud. meaning what the fbi could do to lift the cloud. that reference to hookers by the way, was from a dossier that an investigator had developed in russia, an investigator who was essentially looking for dirt on mr. trump during the campaign and had developed a number of unsubstantiated tails of things that mr. trump had allegedly done there. when that dossier became known to the fbi, james comey went to trump tower to brief donald trump on what the dossier said. and apparently, according to comey's testimony tomorrow, he will say that the president referred to that, and referred the a cloud over the administration, and asked what the administration could do to lift that cloud.
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nancy, one of the questions that the former fbi director is due to the asked tomorrow or certain to be asked tomorrow would be whether he felt that the president was trying to obstruct justice when he was asking the fbi to lift the cloud or when he asked comey to see his way clear to dropping the flynn investigation. >> and the indicatewe've gotten scott is that he will steer clear of answering that question definitively, in other words, saying that he believes that it amounts to obstruction of justice or not. he's likely to say he is no longer in the government and that is for others to decide. what he will say is that these conversations made him uncomfortable, that they were highly unusual, that they were awkward, that he tried to avoid them. and then he will essentially leave it to the senators who are there in the room to draw their own conclusions about whether this amounts to obstruction of
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justice or not. and certainly there are some democrats who have already done so. and who will see this testimony as further evidence that the president was trying to sway an investigation and that he knew what he was doing, when he had these conversations with james comey. in fact in one of these conversations that took place over dinner, at the white house, and i will note that the if the has said in public, that this was a dinner that comey sought, but comey disputes that, in this document. he says that the president called him at lunch time that day, and invited him to dinner that night, and he says that his instincts told him, this is comey speaking, that the one on one setting meant that this dinner was, at least in part, an effort to ask me ask for my job again and create some sort of patronage relationship. and that is something that a number of senators from both sides are going to want to drill down tomorrow, scott.
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>> nancy cordes, thank you e-thank you very much. cbs will be giving you comey's testimony at ten o'clock tomorrow. 24 streaming service cbsn and right here tonight on the cbs evening news. until then i'm scott pelley, cbs news in new york. >> for news 24 ho nominating his choice for the next fbi director.. good afternoon.. i'm michelle griego. kenn an early-morning announcement from president trump on twitter nominating his choice for the next fbi director. good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. kenny is off. as you just heard, in the
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special report in cbs news the former fbi director about to tell coming about his private meetings with president trump that news on a day when the president named his new fbi chief. mola lenghi with the latest. >> reporter: president trump took to twitter this morning saying, i will be nominating christopher wray a man of impeccable credentials to be the new director of the fbi. wray is a former assistant attorney general who worked for president george w. bush and represented new jersey governor chris christie during the "bridge-gate" scandal. democratic senator mark warner questions the timing. >> clearly this is an effort by the president to try to distract attention from our hearings today and our hearings tomorrow. >> reporter: two days of testimony about russia's alleged russian interference in the 2016 election began this morning with russia's president trump's national security team appearing before the senate intelligence committee. director of national intelligence dan coats testified today. >> we have press reports of not once but twice that the president of the united states asked you to either down play the russian investigation or to directly intervene with director comey. >> we are in a public session here and i do not feel that it
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is appropriate for me to address confidential information. >> reporter: tomorrow, former fbi director james comey will face questions about reports that president trump asked him to drop his probe into fired national security adviser michael flynn's contacts with russia. cbs news has learned comey will stick to the story and won't say whether he believes president trump obstructed justice. a source close to comey told cbs news the president's outreach during an investigation made comey uncomfortable and he asked attorney general jeff sessions not to leave him alone with mr. trump. a spokesman for the trump administration says the president will be focusing on instruction improvement during the testimony. mola lenghi, cbs news, capitol hill. again, the breaking news on all this former fbi director james comey will tell congress tomorrow that he "did" assure president trump he was not under investigation. he will also say the president hopes he could quote let go of the investigation into former national security adviser michael flynn. cbs news will provide live
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coverage of comey's testimony tomorrow morning right after kpix 5 news this morning. a meeting between google shareholders on their alleged gender pay gap just wrapped up. kpix 5 reporter jackie ward joins us now with the details. jackie. >> reporter: so a "washington post" reporter says just before 10 a.m. this morning google shareholders voted against publishing a report on its alleged gender pay gap and its role in fake news. that news broke only an hour after the meeting started. the vote comes amid new reports from the department of labor which cites google for engaging in extreme and systemic gender pay equity disparity and glass door reports a $25,000 gap at the senior engineering level. >> to be accused in this day and age of paying women across the board not just a woman, we're talking potentially hundreds of thousands of women, at a lower rate, that's significantly the potential to damage their brand. >> earlier this year the
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government sued google in a san francisco court demanding statistics on employee compensation claiming that google was selected randomly for an audit. in a statement earlier google say, quote, every year we do a comprehensive and robust unless of pay across genders and we have found no gender pay gap other than making an unfounded statement which we heard for the first time in court, the dol hasn't provided any data or shade its methoddable. this vote outcome is what the parent firm alphabet suggested and said, quote, there is no gender pay gap at google. >> thank you. new at noon, a fire ripped through a structure in oakland. firefighters responded to the one-alarm blaze around 10:30 a.m. on 59th street. the fire sent smoke into the air. flames spread to a nearby building. residents have been evacuated and as you can see, firefighters are working to put out some hot spots. so far no injuries have been reported. all lanes are back open on
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highway 680 at a fatal car crash in fremont. the accident happened at 8:20 this morning south of mission boulevard. chp says a vehicle struck the back of the big rig. the driver inside the vehicle was killed on impact. developing right now out of iran, 12 people are dead and dozens are injured after what officials think is the first attack isis has launched on iranian soil. the violence rocked tehran early this morning. militants reportedly dressed as women stormed the parliament building. the attackers opened fire and took a number of hostages. as that attack was happening, a suicide bomber blew himself up about 15 miles away. >> this is definitely surprising. iran has been one of the countries that has not experienced a terrorist attack from isis to date and they championed that very much. >> iran's foreign minister says the attack will strengthen the resolve of the iranian people to fight terrorism.
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uc-berkeley facing a lawsuit stemming from the violent protests that happened earlier this year. now one. demonstrators is taking legal action -- now one of those demonstrators is taking legal action. kpix 5's anne makovec tells us why the plaintiff wants the university to pay up. >> reporter: this lawsuit is against uc-berkeley and more than 20 other entities from the board of regents to the mayor of berkeley to house minority leader nancy pelosi. [ riots ] >> reporter: it was february 1, when things got out of control at uc-berkeley. riots by masked protestors trying to stop the planned appearance by conservative speaker milo yiannopoulos. he had been invited by the college republicans to speak. the woman who filed the lawsuit, sierra robles, came to see him and was reportedly pepper sprayed by some of the rioters. the suit says her rights were curtailed because she was subjected to bodily harm for expressing her viewpoint. the lawsuit is filed in federal court and mentions civil rights
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and first amendment violations. because this is pending litigation, no comment from most of the defendants in the case. but a spokesman for uc-berkeley called the claims false and said they will defend themselves vigorously. in berkeley, anne makevoc, kpix 5. lawmakers are trying to prevent more children from dying in hot cars. ahead, we'll explain the new bill called the hot cars act. >> and the warriors are in cleveland for game 3 of the nba finals. where you can watch the warriors here in the bay area. >> well, i hope it's from a nicely sheltered location. we'll have rain in the bay area for the first time in a while tomorrow. and then there's changes ahead for the weekend. you want to stay tuned for the forecast coming up.
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ignition. now some lawmakers are asking: cars tell us when we leave our headlights on and our keys in the ignition. and now some lawmakers are asking, why not a reminder that would prevent from us leaving kids in hot cars? if passed, the hot car act would let drivers know that a passenger was still in the back seat when a car is turned off and they are saying this could be done with technology that already exists. more than 800 children have died from heat stroke in cars since 1990 including nine so far this year. california is the third worst state in the country with 55 deaths in 27 years. a woman in san jose has been developing similar technology for years. >> forgetting about what kind of parents it is, let's hecht the child. at the end of the day, it is about prevention and to me, prevention is parenting. >> the bill says a lot of
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factors may lead to the horrible situation. things like a change of routine, stress or fatigue. tonight is game three of the nba finals. the cavs are hosting the warriors in cleveland. but "dub nation" will be out in full force right here in the bay area. the team is hosting the official watch parties for games 3 and 4 at oracle arena. tickets are 20 bucks and tonight's tip-off is at 6:00. the city of san francisco will also hold a huge watch party at civic center plaza. a jumbotron will broadcast the game in front of city hall for the alcohol-free events. earlier we spoke to fans stocking up on gear at the oracle arena store. >> we are not going to come to the watch party. we'll save that for game four with a sweep. >> at the watch party it's going to be crazy. we have great seats to see it and it's going to be so much fun. everyone is going to be going crazy in the arena. it's going to feel awesome. after that repeal probably out here when we win.
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>> if they win tonight at what does that mean for you? >> that means i'm going to be happy and that means that i'm hoping for a sweep because i called sweep before. >> fingers crossed. also in san francisco, a new warriors store opens today at westfield shopping center. if the warriors win, they are one game away from a series sweep. and tickets for friday's watch party at oracle arena are already sold out. so brian, you will be on your couch watching. >> well, after this shift i'll be on my couch snoozing! clouds in the bay area and lake curry here our view from mount vaca, concord 71 degrees right now. it's going to be hard to struggle into the mid- to upper 70s. cloudy and chilly at the shoreline. clouds in advance of what's winding you of shore. that low gives us fair skies today so so skies and then
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showers tomorrow will spread south not a ton but nevertheless for june, not bad. by 10:00 tomorrow morning you can see the morning commute get wet especially in the north bay. and then by tomorrow evening, it will begin to clear out. friday looks okay if cool in terms of amounts. almost half inch at ukiah, quarter inch at santa rosa but the farther south you go the less you get. the unusual sight of rain in june. we say chilly into the weekend but what we mean is relatively chilly should be in the 80s but only in the low 70s inland so still pleasant but i don't think you will have to pile on sweaters or anything. i'm not sure about the shoreline. here's what we're expecting. partly sunny. it will be cooler today increasing clouds toward sunset and here comes the rain and the sunset tonight. forecast highs: in the extended forecast, we are going to be looking for
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numbers to plummet tomorrow all the way down into the freezing mark. low 70s inland. and don't forget it will get wet especially in the north bay for tomorrow. but by the weekend, it will be beautiful. we'll cleanse the atmosphere out sweep out some of the pollen increase the visibility, weekend is nice. we'll pay for it a little bit tomorrow. we'll touch base and something for the weather person tomorrow to talk about. >> that's right. you're going to be excited tomorrow. >> thank you so much. new at noon, nearly 2 dozen horses are back in their enclosure after they escaped this morning at golden gate park. we are told the horses are used for riders to rent by the rec and parks department. the 23 horses roamed for two hours. no injuries, animal or humans, and it's unclear how they got out. in san francisco's presidio neighborhood, signs like this are popping up on trails. officials say coyotes are wreaking havoc on dogs and even their owners. locals say the coyotes have gotten more aggressive in recent years and with pupping
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season under way some of the animals are attacking dogs and staring down their owners. one woman told us that not one but three coyotes popped out of nowhere and frightened her. >> three of them came out cornered me on all sights. i started screaming as they came at me. >> i think it's a matter of time until one gets a little kid. >> the presidio trust says it's looking into the recent activity. so far staff has closed trails near the coyotes den. we'll be right back. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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thousand dollars... in a *smash and grab at neiman marcus.. that story and more tonight at five. th news at thieves make off with high- end purse was $45,000 in a smash-and-grab at nieman marcus. we'll have that and more tonight at 5:00. and that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. are you comey in that seat? >> i'm going to have to get used to it. i'll be with you tomorrow. >> good luck. [ laughter ] >> have a great afternoon, everyone. ♪[ music ]
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