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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  June 7, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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intelligence, dan coats, and nsa director mike rogers to intervene in the fbi probe. >> i never felt pressure to intervene or interfere in any way with shaping intelligence in a political way or in relationship to an ongoing investigation. >> reporter: but the two refused to discuss other conversations with the president. >> why are you not answering our questions? >> because i feel it is inappropriate senator. i'm not interested in repeating myself, sir. i don't mean that in a contentious way. >> well, i do mean it in a contentious way. i don't understand you're not answering our questions. >> reporter: cbs news has learned that it was mr. comey himself who wanted these remarks this opening statement to be released today ahead of tomorrow's testimony. >> the other story out of washington today is that the president has selected a new fbi director.
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what can you tell us about him? >> reporter: that's right. he has nominated christopher wray, a law enforcement professional. he served with the justice department under president george w. bush from 2003 to 2005. he was new jersey governor chris christie's attorney during the "bridge-gate" scandal back a few years ago. as we mentioned, wray is a law enforcement professional. you might remember early on it was floated some names were floated who might be tapped to be the fbi director. a lot of those were politicians. they did get some resistance from the democrats so considering the wray is a life- long law enforcement officer, not a political type, this could be more palatable for the democrats. >> all right. mola lenghi, thank you so much. california senator kamala harris in the spotlight during today's hearing on capitol hill. at one point, she was cut off during her questioning of deputy attorney general rod
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rosenstein. harris was prepping rosenstein about special counsel robert mueller. she wanted to know if he would receive full independence from the justice department during his investigation into alleged russian interference in the 2016 election. but as she was pressing for an answer, the republican committee chair richard burr stepped in. >> are you willing or are you not willing to give him the authority to be fully independent of your ability statutorily and legally to fire him? >> he is -- he has -- >> yes or no, sir. >> he has the full independence as authorized by the regularrations -- >> are you willing -- >> would the senator suspend? the chair is going to exercise its right to allow the witnesses to answer the question and the committee is on notice to provide the witnesses the courtesy which has not been extended all the way across, extend the courtesy for questions to get answered. >> mr. chairman, respectfully -- >> mr. rosenstein -- >> this witness has joked with -- as we all have --
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>> the senator will suspend. >> filibuster -- >> mr. rosenstein would you like to thoroughly answer the question? >> thank you, senator. i'm not joking. >> well, many senators including elizabeth warren are applauding harris for standing her ground. cbs news will have live coverage of director comey's senate testimony beginning tomorrow morning at7 a.m. and you can see it here on kpix 5. another bold smash-and-grab at a bay area luxury store. this time, the thieves made off with a pair of purses worth more than some people make in a year. kpix 5's kiet do is at the great mall in milpitas with the high-end handbag heist. >> reporter: the thieves came into the store in milpitas towards this group of glass cases where the most expensive purses are kept. prada, all locked up behind glass or tied down with cables. the scene has been cleaned up now but police say the two men smashed a glass case and took two handbags made by hermez
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worth $20,000 each. it's unclear which bags were stolen but according to the website this one is $20,000 and this one is $27,000. >> it's not surprising considering there has been a lot of smash-and-grabs and robberies at this mall. not surprising honestly. >> reporter: the bay area has seen a lot of smash-and-grab over the past few months. sunday this "lululemon" was robbed in berkeley n december crooks used an suv to ram the front of the apple senator palo alto with 20 people converging on the store all at once grabbing thousands of dollars worth of electronics in 45 seconds. apple stores in san francisco, berkeley, burlingame, corte madera and los gatos have all been hit. also, last fall, 16 members of the so-called "rainbow girls" were finally arrested in san francisco after years of robberies like this where they swarm in in large groups grabbing merchandise and fleeing. back in milpitas, the nieman marcus last call store does not have a security guard despite all the high dollar merchandise. the company says that decision is up to the local manager. >> well, whatever the price, i
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think it's kind of absurd that [ indiscernible ] without any security standing around like they do in the, you know, other stores. >> reporter: the good news is no injuries but the thieves got away in a white cherokee last seen heading towards 880. in milpitas, kiet do, kpix 5. a life-saving resource back in the bay area making a big difference when every minute counts. kpix 5's devin fehely is live at mills peninsula medical center with the return of a vital service. >> reporter: everyone knows it's difficult to get from a to about. in bay area traffic and if you have a medical emergency. the best way to the hospital might be by air. for the first time in more than five years helicopters will be airlifting critically sick patients to mills peninsula medical center for treatment. >> we will not only be able to serve our immediate community but will be able to fly
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patients in who have needs for specialists. >> reporter: the old helipad was demolished when the hospital was rebuilt in 2011. the new one will bring in patients in need of specialized care like someone with a debilitating stroke or life- threatening heart attack conditions where minutes might mean the difference between living and dying. >> the urgency is really great for that patient to get there. ultimately my job is to get my crew, my helicopter, that person there safely. >> reporter: but while the helipad will increase the hospital's capabilities, it will also increase noise. >> noise pollution is a problem! [ sirens ] >> perfect timing. yeah. >> reporter: but this neighbor john finnigan says he believes the benefits of the helipad outweigh concerns about noise pollution. >> you're pulling in a patient that needs emergency care and time is of the essence and every minute counts. it would be really important. >> reporter: now, the helicopter will not be here all the time. there's actually a fleet of
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four that have been strategically positioned throughout the greater bay area. in burlingame, devin fehely, kpix 5. other bay area headlines. quiet zones have been put in place in santa rosa for the new smart train. the zones include 14 crossings. the idea is to reduce the onoise generated by train horns. but the horns can still be sounded in an emergency. bart is considering ditching that seat hog law. the ordinance which has never been enforced fines people caught using up more than one seat. the policy was never carried out because directors and bart police never agreed on an enforcement strategy. a vote is set to take place tomorrow. caltrain has released its new design for the new electric trains. after over 6,000 votes, here is the winning look. the new electric trains will be state-of-the-art vehicles and will run faster. golden state warriors trying to make it three in a row tonight in the nba finals.
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our dennis o'donnell is in cleveland as we speak. emily turner is with the warriors fans here. first, out to dennis in cleveland. what's new? >> reporter: ken, i think the warriors clearly cannot win the nba title tonight. but the cleveland players and fans alike both agree this is a must-win game. now, lebron james seemed caught off guard this morning when he was asked a question about possible fatigue. >> nah. i feel great. i'm averaging a triple-double in the finals. i'm pretty good. i would think. >> reporter: the cavs have played two games in 12 days. fatigue isn't the issue. you know what the problem is? this. tristan thompson eight points in two games. corver the same. darren williams no points in two games and jr smith missing in action. which poses the question, who shot jr? >> think you can get away talking about me in front of my mama and daddy like that?
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>> who shot jr. >> i don't know. but he got to get going, man. we need jr. >> reporter: what are cleveland fans right now? >> tired of getting belong out on tv. >> reporter: are you tired of the cavs getting their butts kicked in this series? [ laughter ] >> asked me am i tired of the cavs getting our butts kicked? we're home now! >> reporter: the cavs are home now. >> from downtown! >> reporter: and this. >> oh, he puts it in! >> reporter: the coach any line- up changes. nope. >> reporter: so wake up, anchorman. >> it is time to defend the land. game 3 folks right here in cleveland ohio! >> need some food and wine i'll be all right. >> reporter: you know, these two teams have been playing basketball since november. the cavs have played 98 games. but tired? tonight? with what's on the line? no chance. reporting live in cleveland, dennis o'donnell, ken, elizabeth, back to you. >> your anchorman was taking a
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nap because he has to work while that game is being played. anyhow, hey, talking to a lot of really great fans in cleveland. what are they shelling out for tickets there? >> reporter: oh, the tickets -- somebody tell me they paid $2,500 for a lower bowl ticket yesterday. the tickets seem to be going at a higher price here than at oracle. but as you can see out here, this is standing room only for the people who could not get inside. but as you can see, it's a pretty raucous affair, ken, as people are having a good time. >> tickets are expensive there because these are the last two games that are going to be played there, that's why. all right, dennis. [ laughter ] >> dennis o'donnell live, we'll see you later tonight. >> reporter: okay. with the team on the road, it's up to "dub nation" to defend warriors ground tonight. emily turner is with the fans at oracle and they should have a full house emily. >> reporter: they are expecting
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one. it's like a game is actually happening here at oracle arena except that the game is not happening here. all the seats have the fan cards on them. doors opened at 5:00 and they are almost sold out with more than 15,000 people here, the dance team here, concessions and stores will be open and, of course, they will be showing the game. so it's like you're able to watch the game as close as you can get to being in cleveland and a whole lot cheaper. coming up at 6:00 i'll be talking to some of these folks and i'll be sure to turn that around for you and you can hear what they have to say coming up just after that. ♪[ music ] >> thank you, emily. ♪[ music ] leading the fight against climate change california's governor goes to china. why jerry brown is calling the world's top polluter a natural partner. >> plus, round up time in golden gate park. call for backup after some horses make a break for it! >> on average, it only happens once during the entire month of
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june. and it's going to happen tomorrow. coming up, we are talking about rain! when it arrives and how much you can expect.
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climate change. governor brown is in beijing for a clean energy conference. he met with the chinese president... as he tries to spur governor brown calling china a partner against climate change. he is in beijing for a clean energy conference. he met with the chinese president as he tries to spur more investment in clean energy. brown says a partnership with china makes sense because california has already done a lot to solve its pollution problems. >> china has enormous resources and they have invested those resources in solar energy and wind energy and batteries and now increasingly in electric vehicles. so all of that is crucial to reducing greenhouse gases. so china is a political
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partner, a diplomatic partner and a technological partner. >> this is china's first time hosting this conference. san francisco hosted the event last year. ahead on the "cbs evening news," a one-on-one conversation with governor jerry brown in china. a home in east san jose caught fire today after someone left oil cooking on the stove and forgot it was there. the flames destroyed the kitchen and spread to the attic. it happened on north white road around lunchtime. no injuries. over in the east bay flames and heavy smoke poured out of this home in oakland on 59th and martin luther king, jr. way. chopper 5 was over the scene. you can see the fire tore right through the roof there. firefighters spent the afternoon putting out hot spots. nobody was hurt. and the cause of this fire is still under investigation. cal fire has a new app that alert you when they are battling a wildfire near you. the app will send a text or push notification to your smartphone. it also gives homeowners fire- ready tips.
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the free app is in the itunes app store or the google play store. just search cal fire. nearly 2 dozen horses on the loose in golden gate park are back in their corrals. >> it was a wild morning for the rec and park department for sure. they had to call in help to wrangle the animals. kpix 5's don ford has the story. >> reporter: 23 horses loose in golden gate park. a small herd roaming around like loves tourists. but just after dawn, they escaped the corral and went for it. >> somehow the gate popped open and they all got out. >> reporter: the staff ranger noticed they were gone and called for help to get them. san francisco police responded. so did the park rangers. it's not often urban cops get to play cowboy. >> i have another group out here somewhere. >> reporter: the horses are part of a pilot program to
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introduce horse riding to the public. it's common in golden gate park but it didn't take long to round them up. >> around the turn of the century horseback riding in golden gate park was a popular recreational amenity. many of the trails in the park were built as horse trails. >> reporter: by 7 a.m., the horses were all safely returned to the corral. while it's not clear how the gate got opened in the first place, it may have been the horses themselves who opened the simple latch. a new chain and lock is now in place. >> perfect! >> reporter: and with the horses back home, the public rides are continuing normally. [ clip clop ] >> reporter: the san francisco parks and rec department says this pilot program of horses in the park hopefully staying inside the corral this time will continue to the end of june. in san francisco, don ford, kpix 5. >> looks like very happy horses. i think it's a good day to go on a little ride. >> why? >> it's not raining. >> not hot, not cold. san francisco so generous to share the cloud cover with the
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rest of the bay area. tomorrow we are going to lose the sunshine. it's going to rain tonight for some of you in the north bay. only the low 70s now. 64 and cloudy in santa rosa. san francisco 59 degrees. the biggest change was inland. you were up to 10 degrees cooler today. look at the radar! first time since late april we will see some widespread rain showers in the bay area. already raining although lightly in northern mendocino county. what's over ukiah is likely not hitting the ground but getting closer. that yellow you see offshore will impact you for willits and point arena over the next few hours. so rain overnight in the north bay with the cloud cover. we'll be warmer. 56 in oakland. vallejo 57. santa rosa 55. san jose 56 degrees overnight. this is a february-ish pattern right near june just all the moisture piling in from the pacific. there's no blocking ridge to keep it away so here comes the front. here comes the rain. the clouds are already here. the rain is not that far behind. timing is changed. yesterday we were saying about
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lunchtime for the golden gate. it is going to rain earlier. as soon as 2:00 in the morning rain impacting marin and sonoma counties. morning commute tomorrow, likely wet on interstate 80 from vallejo and fairfield and vacaville into san francisco. not heavy rain but enough to get the oil on the surface of the roads which may make things slippery tomorrow. but quicker in, quicker to exit. by tomorrow afternoon, we're dry and still cloudy. we'll see sunshine returning on friday. as for how much rainfall, these numbers are not that impressive. about one eighth of one inch in san francisco. one 20th of one inch in san jose. that's about the average for the month of june. and we'll likely get that tomorrow. so light rain beginning overnight in the north bay. showers likely in and around san francisco for the morning commute tomorrow. and we'll be dry friday through the weekend but we are not going to be warm. we are going to call it chilly all the way through the weeks. 60s to the vallejo oakland and napa. low 70s livermore and san jose. showers in june tomorrow! look at friday, saturday and sunday.
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partly sunny skies. most spots not hitting 70 for three straight days in june. what? and then monday we get milder by tuesday and wednesday of next week, we end the madness and we're back to normal. >> the madness. [ laughter ] >> it's not rare to be cold in san francisco. we do that year round. but inland? this is going to be a very chilly weekend. thank you, paul. coming up a new twist on the air guitar. this kid forgot his instrument but he played anyway. the individual getting attention. >> and coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, clearing nearly 20 feet of snow in june? so much fell over the last few months, the roads in the sierra are still closed. the technology caltrans is using to open 'em up. >> but first the markets closed up today. here's a look at the closing numbers from wall street.
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♪[ music ]
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video of a bay area boy getting attention on social media. he forgot to bring his recorder to a concert. but the teacher made him perform anyway. now the boy's family is speaking out about what happened. kpix 5 reporter john ramos has more on their reaction. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: 11-year-old [name] actually enjoys playing music but two weeks ago his class at argonaut elementary school in saratoga was giving a music recital and he had a problem. >> i didn't have my reporter because i lost it a while back. >> reporter: but his teacher said it was okay for him to stand with the class anyway even if he didn't have an instrument. >> but i really knew the thing. and other people who did have their recorders didn't know what to do. so i was showing them what to do with the fingers. [ laughter ] >> he looked really funny like really dumb up there.
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>> reporter: his older sister recorded the video and posted it on her social media account. things got crazy. >> reached 1 million. why? you know? that was my question. like why? >> reporter: his friends began retweeting the video and now it's gone completely viral with 4 million views on just one account. and about 7 million in all. >> i got someone sending me pictures of adoption papers like sign these for your brother. i want him. i was like -- no! [ laughter ] >> reporter: avik has a good sense of humor. some have misunderstood and think the school has done something wrong. it's an example of how carefully we must tread in the mine field of the internet. >> it can be good if used the right way. but it was mean, that would have been bad. >> the lesson is for everybody to realize that the social media is very, very difficult.
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>> reporter: in saratoga, john ramos. >> kpix 5. >> the teacher did not make him perform. he wanted to. he was dedicated to his other -- >> the lesson is don't lose your recorder, kid. we'll be right back. shakes riding shotgun... whoa yeah. noheor is your diner. with new denny's online ordering, get whatever you want, whenever you want, now wherever you want. order at
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tuxedo here's a little trivia for you. did you know that former president barack obama wore the same tuxedo for eight years? michelle obama spilled the beans yesterday at apple's
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worldwide developers conference. sheafinged on him. went through hours of carefully planned outfits while her husband suited up the same old tux same old shoes every time and nobody noticed. michelle says she would even poke fun of, um, -- he would even poke fun of her because it only took him 10 minutes to get ready. >> nice. he was giving her the spotlight. >> change a shirt and tie and -- [ crosstalk ] the "cbs evening news" is coming up next. scott pelley is here with a preview. >> reporter: hi, ken and liz. up next, the former fbi director says president trump pressured him to drop an investigation. james comey also says president trump said he expected loyalty from the fbi. mr. trump nominated a new fbi director today. and officers have united to protect one young girl's dreams. those stories coming up in a few seconds on the "cbs evening news." >> thank you for watching at 5:00. and ahead at 6:00 a san francisco supervisor directing
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her attention to homeless women. how she is making sure they get a chance at a safe night's sleep. fired f.b.i. director james comey says mr. trump asked for his help to lift the cloud of the russia investigation. also tonight, coats on, gloves off. >> why are you not answering these questions? is there an invocation by the president of the united states of executive privilege? o pelly: the director of national intelligence under fire. the president nominates a new f.b.i. director. bill cosby's accuser under cross-examination. >> oh, my gosh, the sheriff? >> pelly: and cops respond to the call: officer needs assistance. >> they let me sit in the cars and turn on the sirens.


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