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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  June 7, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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the warriors are just one win incredible opportunity. durant for three. it's good. now at 11:00. it came down to the last 40 seconds but the dubs got it down. the warriors now just one win away. christin myers is in a much happier place. oracle. >> reporter: i've covered many games this is as loud as any other game. from the sounds of it you would think that the warriorses were in town. >> this is like something your family can all go and enjoy at a reasonable price and have a
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great time. >> reporter: this man drove three hours to get here. >> you came all the way from where? >> fresno california. >> just to go to the watch party. >> just to go to the watch party. >> this is our fourth watch party. >> for these fans it's all about the atmosphere. >> we're all here for one cause. just the energy and everybody is applauding. everybody is having a good time. i came last year to the watch party and had a great time. >> reporter: sure the players are there in cardboard cut out form only. >> i like when they have those people with the giant heads and they walk out as the players. >> and the action is on the jumbo tron not the court. but from the action to the
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fireworks. >> cavaliers, bleep. [ laughter ] i did check out on stub hub, those tickets for just the watch party are going for $400 for court side seats. unbelievable. >> $400 to watch it on a big tv, wow. >> yeah $400. >> it looked like a lot of fun. >> it was a lot of fun. there was a party out hereafter -- here afterward. it was lit. >> i love that team spirit. you can watch it at my house for$300. i will sell you a seat in the kitchen. how was the mood? it got real quiet that last minute. >> it's demoralizing. i think the players were
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shocked. the fans were shocked, i think the media was shocked. not out of the woods last year here in game three they got blitz by 30 points and you know the rest of the story. the warriors put their perfect postseason record on the line in enemy territory and boy was that tested tonight. third quarter, irving finishes this play. he had an electrifying 22 points. the warriors never let it get out of hand and with less than a minute to go in the game, despite trailing most of the second half the warriors find a way to win 118-113 is the final. they can win the title friday right here in cleveland. >> you can tell this is, he knows this is his moment. you know he's, he's been an amazing player in this league for a long time. and i think he's you know he senses this is his time. his moment. his team. and i think he's having the
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time of his life out there. just a shocking loss for the cleveland cavaliers and a huge win for the warriors. cleveland outplayed the warriors. outhustled the warriors. less turnovers, this is as demoralizing a loss as you can have in an nba finals. reporting live from cleveland, dennis o' donald, we'll have more in sports. >> we'll see you stphepb, -- we'll see you then. >> tonight the warriors tweeted this picture with the caption, one more. and it's dry for now in san francisco. a rare june storm is moving into the bay area. and as paul diano tell us it's going to start raining in just a little while. >> computer models bringing in the rain. raining right now in parts of
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the north bay. healdsburg reigning now. santa rosa at the top of the hour reporting some rain. time lapse showing the heaviest lain likely staying to our north. we'll get a glancing glow but any rain in june is noteworthy and it's here. overnight it stays in the north bay asof 5:00 in the morning. at 7:00 a.m. that's going to impact the morning commute making the roads slick. i80, highway 101 it's going to be wet. we'll talk about how long the rain sticks around that's coming up. paul, we'll see you then. now to what some are calling washington's super bowl. in less than eight hours former fbi director james comey is going to testify on capitol hill about the investigation into the president's campaign ties to russia. kpix5's joe vasquez is live in the newsroom with a look at what's at stake.
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>> today we got a preview from comey's opening statement released earlier. he said he talked directly with the president nine times in just a few short months that's compared with two meetings with president obama in two years. >> reporter: in comey's written remarks he says he was uncomfortable with the meetings because he believed president trump was not respecting the independence of the fbi when he asked comey for his loyalty and implored him to clear the president's name. and then there was a time after a briefing in comey's words he wanted to speak to me alone. the president said i want to talk to you about mike flynn. the national security advisor who had just been fired for talking to the russians. the president told him, i hope you can see yourself clear to letting this go. to letting flynn go. he's a good guy. i simply responded he is a good
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guy. refused to answer the committees questions about the president but denied any undo influence. >> to the best of my recollection i have never been directed to do anything i believe to be illegal, immoral, unethical or inappropriate. >> the future of president trump's presidency is on the line. >> reporter: tresvina is a former obama administration official. he says the key tomorrow is to watch for lawmakers on both sides to ask the questions that are on the minds of the american people. >> both sides asking the questions that need to be asked and then the testimony will literally be surprise after surprise because nobody has been in that room with the president himself. that's what we're going to hear tomorrow. one more detail in comey's statement. he noted that the president himself was not a target of the fbi investigation. the president's lawyer today said trump is pleased that that has now been publicly confirmed for the first time.
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in the newsroom, joe vasquez, kpix5. a few bars in san francisco are going to be opening up early for viewing parties believe it or not. aces in hill and gino and carlo north beach. just a couple they will open at 6:00 a.m. clooney's in the mission will be opening at 7:00. cbs news will begin tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. sharp you can watch it right here on kpix5. today north korea tested more missiles. the north fired what appears to be four surface to ship projectiles into the sea east of the korean peninsula. they say the missiles flew about 124 miles. this is the fourth such test in the past month. back in the bay area tonight we have new details about the woman accused of drugging a toddler at a park. kpix5's veronica de la cruz reports the suspect is well
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known to police. >> reporter: yes, ken, she has a troubled past. and tonight she's accused of shoving meth into the mouth of a 2-year-old. police say it happened yesterday at people's park in berkeley. about a quarter mile from the cal campus. the boy's nanny called 911, she said tomas told her she put a tootsie roll inside of the boy's mouth. officials later told her it was meth. she attacked deputies. back in 2014 she also broke the fingers and knees of three alameda deputies. thomas is said to appear in court tomorrow for this latest crime. veronica dela cruz, kpix5. accused in a creepy crime.
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the accusations involving a former student and women's underwear. >> the dog was just shredding him to pieces. >> this good samaritan describes how he saved a northern california couple from a vicious attack. plus designer purses pilfered from a bay area mall. today the $40,000 handbag heist.
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in a creepy crime tonight. only on five -- maria medina tells us: it involves a former student.. and women's clothing. ((nats o a stanford lecturing is accused of a pretty creepy crime. it involves a former student and women's clothing. >> reporter: mark verage did not open his door but someone else did.
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>> i'm looking for mark verage. >> why? >> he was arrested a couple of weeks ago. >> reporter: he is the symphony head. his long time next door neighbor says verage is your normal friendly guy. >> never had any concern for you know having them next to us. >> reporter: but police and his victims paint a much different story. not too far from where he lives verage is accused of going to a former elementary school student. each time they say verage was wearing only women's underwear. he's seen at times in a bra and high heels. >> i would prefer to see the videos myself before i make any sort of statement about that. >> basically it's hard for you
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to believe. >> yes. >> reporter: but verage is now facing a misdemeanor charge of prowling. the victims including his former students say they have no idea why them. we never got an answer. >> can you tell us about the arrest? the victims say they first noticed verage at their home in 2015. so they have no idea how many times they actually visited. they say they haven't seen him since his arrest. he's expected in court later this month. at the san jose police department. maria medina. milpitas police caught up to a driver they believe was involveed in a hit and run. the car had recently had the windshield replaced and the passenger mirror repaired but there was still some damage consistent with the crash.
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the victim is still in the hospital with major injuries. tonight police are looking for the thieves behind a high end heist at a bay area neiman marcus store. they made out with a pair of purrs worth more than some people make in an entire year. >> reporter: the thieves came into the store in milpitas toward these glass cases where the most expensive purses are kept. the scene has been cleaned up but police say the two men smashed the glass case and took two handbags made by hermes with a retail value of $20,000 each. >> it's not surprising considering there has been a lot of smash and grabs at this mall and a lot of robberies at this mall so it's not surprising to me actually. >> reporter: on sunday this lululemon was robbed in berkeley. in december crooks used an suv
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to crash the front of an apple store. also last fall 16 members of the so calmed rainbow girls were finally arrested after years of burglaries like these where they swarm in, grab items and run off. the store does not have a security guard despite the high end merchandise. >> whatever the price is, i think it was absurd a store would carry this without any security standing around. the good news is nobody here was injured but the thieves were seen getting away. one woman says she was walking her dog by the precidio when she was surrounded by a pack of coyotes. they took off when she
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screamed. for now dogs are not allowed on the presidio or the ridge trail. a good samaritan being called a hero tonight for saving a couple from being mauled by two dogs. reporter jennifer mcgraw spoke with a man who jumped in to break up that attack. >> got out of the truck. he was just yelling bloody murder. >> reporter: victor torrez relived the moments 24 hours after trying to help save a couple attempting to be mauled by a dog. >> i hit the dog over the head and that's when they let go of the other people. >> reporter: torrez was driving over the bridge on simpson lane when he saw the vicious attack. >> the dogs were just shredding him to pieces. >> reporter: his brave instincts may have helped save the suspect. >> i just felt the teeth they
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sunk in. >> somehow torrez was able to get away and several others stopped and helped rush the tree to the hospital. >> - - helped rush the three to the hospital. >> worse feeling i've ever felt. >> i'm very proud. i'm lucky he didn't pass by like most of the people that probably did. >> reporter: torrez says he can't take all the credit. >> there's good people. i wasn't the only one who helped. >> he just hopes somebody would do the same for his family. >> reporter: one man had to undergo surgery. his condition is unknown so are their two dogs and puppies. we hope to have more information come thursday. in marysville, jennifer mcgraw for kpix5. run away horses are back where they belong tonight after running wild in golden gate park. the horses were seen roaming the park. a lock at the corral somehow popped open and the heard saw
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their chance to escape. the horses are part of a pilot program to introduce horse riding to the public like they were used at the turn of the century. >> horse back riding at golden gate park was a big amenity. many of the trails were built for horses. >> a new lock has been installed so that the horses don't get out again. >> a morning walk, no big deal. >> 23 horses roaming lose. we have some rainfall something you typically don't see this time of year. winds in santa rosa, bodega bay. almost down to petaluma. it will stay overnight tonight but there will be some rain in san francisco and everyone san jose getting some showers. overnight tonight impacting your morning commute tomorrow.
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why? strong area of low pressure grabbing a cold front all the way down into northern california. some spots up by crescent city and wireka may get two inches of rainfall by tomorrow morning. we'll see the rain in the north baby 2:00, 3:00. it hits the golden gate at 7:00 a.m. some of that rainfall pulls the oil out of the roadways. so the roads are going to be slipperier than you think they might be. so add time to your commute. the average for san francisco for the month of june is sp-pbt 16 of an inch. we may get that tomorrow morning. hayward about .1 of an inch. concord about .1 of an inch.
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light showers in the north bay. showers are likely in and around both san francisco and oakley. east of vallejo. we get dry friday. the normal is 81. oakland tomorrow is 67. morning rain showers. freemont 70. napa 68, san francisco 64 degrees. very chilly friday, saturday and sunday. second weekend in june not going to feel like it not even hitting 70 degrees. when do we get back to normal? that will be the middle of next week, 80s inland and 60s by the bay. a lot of graduation ceremonies coming up tomorrow and friday. we might need a jacket. >> maybe an umbrella. >> perhaps an umbrella. if you have some of the schools are having an outdoor party tomorrow. umbrella. yeah. >> there you go. >> it is what it is. >> welcome to the bay area. >> speaking of the bay area. a lot of people jumping up and down after tonight's big win.
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>> live in cleveland, when lebron james was leaving the arena tonight a fan yelled out, hey lebron we'll get them next year. lebron's reaction tonight's stunning loss when we come back.
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at the end of game two... tonight, he looked more enegerized and got big help from his lebron james stopped at the notion that he looked worn out at the end of game two. tonight he looked energized. got a lot of help from his teammates and still it was not enough for the cavaliers. the only thing missing for the warriors this postseason has been a dominant game from clay thompson but he delivered tonight. he had 16 in the first quarter. 30 for the game and as a team the warriors hit a finals record seven shots from downtown in the quarter. in the second, more sloppy defense for curry. they led by six at intermission. but the cavs were on fire out of the locker room. tic-tac-toe passing lebron
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james with the three. irving was lethal tonight. usually the warriors dominate the third quarter instead cleveland won it by 11 points. cavs up by two with less than a minute to go. lebron walk into a three. they played the defense to seal the deal. andre iguodala strips the ball from lebron aep -- and that's the ball game. the warriors close it out on an 11-0 run. they can finish it off on friday. you know irving and lebron had it going most of the game. but that's pretty taxing to two one on one all of the game. >> i gave everything i had tonight. win, lose or draw you live with the results. k d comes, hits the big three puts them up one.
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i will probably be replaying that play for a while. to find a way to win was just an amazing accomplishment. and set us up for you know hopefully a great night friday. where we can back it up. >> incredible finish. more ahead. who's the best giants pitcher right now? the rookie states his case when we come back.
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thankful for madison bumgarger's dirt bike accident than rookie ty blach?? good seats still available closed captioning sponsored by living spaces. kind of preverse to bring this up but did anyone benefit more from -- the brewers are slightly better than the phillies. aguilar delivers a 2-out double in the fifth. milwaukee with the 6-3. allows his most in a month. hoping the team can walk the walk against torano. the a's had an old friend for dinner. toronto wins 7-5 but the a's
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still take two out of three in that series. and when i arrived in cleveland ken and elizabeth, defend the land cleveland. that was the idea. they may be waving the white towel in cleveland after what happened tonight. >> very cruel, very cruel but very true. one more to go. and then it's all over. >> we could have a sweep on friday night. >> and the parade. >> there's that. thanks. >> we'll be right back. for years, centurylink has been promising fast internet to small businesses. but for many businesses, it's out of reach. why promise something you can't deliver?
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our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4-30. michelle griego and kenny choi will have all the news you need.. to start your day. good night.
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stephen colbert is next. our next newscast is at 4:30. >> and i have a feeling they'll have highlights. have a good night. captioning sponsored by cbs >> thursday, thursday, thursday. one day only. live on capitol hill. james comey ground-stopping, heart-pounding mayhem. watch the nitro-fueled former f.b.i. director take questions from the scorchin senate intelligence committee under the thundersdome feature: >> when an individual is the target of an investigation-- >> yeah! >> the oh, zark gator tom cotton, and senator truckasaurus. live at the smokin' u.s. capitol hill drag


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