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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  June 8, 2017 3:12am-4:01am PDT

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elections. >> john dickerson. we'll be watching "face the nation" on sunday. thank you, john. today the president named a replacement for comey, and major garrett tells us more about christopher wray. >> reporter: the president told the world about his fbi pick on twitter, calling chris wray a lawyer of quote impeccable credentials. in cincinnati, mr. trump had few words about his choice. wray, 50, led the justice department's criminal division under george b. bush. most of his time was spent on corporate fraud persecutions, the biggest, jail time for executives of enron. after leaving the justice department, he was a defense attorney, notably for chris christie in the bridgegate scandal. he is respected in the legal
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community. he is not well-known among rank and file fbi agents. >> chris wray is unflappable from my experience. >> reporter: kent alexander hired wray when he was oust attorney in georgia. >> i think the fbi could use a little less politics. and he is a very non-partisan guy. i was a clinton appointee when i hired him. chris is a republican. >> reporter: the appointment comes at a time when president trump's relationship with jeff sessions remains strained. for the second day in a row, the white house declined to say if the president had confidence in sessions. early senate reaction to wray's nomination was positive, even among some democrats. in the aftermath of comey's firing, wray's biggest confirmation hurdle will be proving his ability and willingness to deflect all forms of political pressure. >> major garrett, thanks. in another important story tonight. isis has claimed responsibility for a pair of attacks that
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occurred today in tehran. at least 12 were killed in what's believed to be the first time isis has struck inside iran. mark phillips is following this. >> reporter: the targets were chosen for maximum exposure and symbolic value. two suicide bombers, one said to be a woman, at one of iran's most revered places, the mausoleum for the leader of the 1979 revolution, ayatollah khomeini. and an assault on the iranian parliament where at least one of the attackers got as far as the fourth floor before blowing themselves up. isis not only claimed responsibility, it released video from inside the building while the operation was still under way. according to iranian sources, it took five hours for all the attackers to be killed. the attacks were another example of how isis, while being driven
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from its remaining strongholds in syria and iraq is lashing out at its enemies where they live. across the great islamic divide, sunni isis has been a historic foe of shia iran. tehran today, london, paris, manchester in the last weeks. isis has vowed it will strike its enemies at home. it may be a desperate tactic, scott, but it continues to claim victims. >> mark phillips in our london newsroom, thank you. and police in london today recovered a body from the thames river, believed to be the eighth fatality from saturday's van and knife attack on london bridge. dozens were hurt. ten are still in critical condition. the police shot and killed the three attackers. coming up, a defense challenges the story told by bill cosby's accuser. and later, china looks not to washington but california to
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the woman at the center of
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bill cosby's sexual assault trial stood by her is story today but admitted a mistake. jericka duncan is at the courthouse. >> reporter: andrea constand testified for over four hours. the defense drilled her on what they say were discrepancies about her it statement about the date she said shy been sexually assaulted at cosby's home. you told investigators that was the day, march 16th. constand replies, i was mistaken. they show cell phone records from the night of march 16 to prove constand could not have been drugged and passed out that night based upon the phone call she made. march 16th was the day she went to cosby's home to confront him about what allegedly happened. she was asked you were coming to confront a man who assaulted you
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and you gave him bath salts? constand said yes. warren had given me a box to give to mr. cosby. the assault happened between mid january and mid february 2004, from that time until she resigned from temple university on march 31st, the defense says she placed 53 calls to cosby using her work-issued cell phone. most of those calls were only one minute long. constand's mother also testified today gianna constand says she had a more than two-hour phone conversation with cosby. during that conversation, cosby admitted to being a sick man. >> jareca, thank you. still ahead, what can brown do to fight climate change? i had frequent heartburn, but my doctor recommended... ...prilosec otc 7 years ago, 5 years ago, last week. just 1 pill each morning, 24 hours and zero heartburn.
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nasa introduced 12 new astronauts today. seven men, five women, chosen to fly the next generation of u.s. spacecraft, perhaps even to mars. doctors, scientists, engineers, pilots and military officers, they were chosen from more than 18,000 candidates. vice president mike pence called them the best of us. when president trump pulled the u.s. out of the pairs climate accord last week, california governor jerry brown saw an opportunity to go green
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in china. ben tracy reports from beijing. >> this is serious stuff. this is not a game. this is not appealing to your political base. this is dealing with the existential threats to humanity. >> reporter: california governor jerry brown may now have more in common with the chinese government than he does with the united states government. in a setting normally reserved for visiting heads of state, he met with chinese president xi jinping who is now viewed as the world's leader on climate change. >> china is the world's biggest polluter. do you trust them to lead the world on this issue? >> well, they're taking the climate threat serious. so i say all for the good and california will collaborate. i just hope that washington comes on board. sooner rather than later. >> reporter: brown is not waiting. he came here to spur more chinese investment in renewable energy, such as solar panels and wind turbines, which will help
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california achieve its own ambitious energy goals. pollution often fogs china's cities. but they are investing in $360 billion to convert to cleaner forms of energy. it's a stark contrast to the trump white house that has promised to open new coal mines. >> you try to prop up dying coal mines or technology that belches toxics out the bell pipe, you're going to lose, and it's time that we start winning. >> reporter: in his rationale for pulling out of the paris accord, president trump cited the loss of american jobs, but the chinese think their clean energy initiatives will create 13 million new jobs here in china in the next few years. >> our men in china, thanks, ben. up next, hannah and her sisters and brothers in blue. this portion is sponsored by cialis.
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finally tonight, police respond to a call for aid. lemonade. here's jim axelrod. >> oh, my gosh. the sheriff? >> reporter: normally, when the law shows up, no one's laughing. especially when they're checking on the welfare of a 3-year-old. >> my name's hannah -- >> reporter: but hannah -- >> this is my mommy. >> reporter: -- is no normal 3-year-old. sure what she wants to be when she grows up, hannah set up a lemonade stand to raise money for her first police uniform. then her mom had an idea. >> it would be neat to have an officer stop by. >> reporter: an abp went out.
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she loves police officers, and i would love it if someone could come and buy lemonade from her. >> after that, it was 50 officers. >> reporter: soon the neighborhood was flooded with police cruisers, a police chopper, even police horses. >> those were the patrol horses came and they just ate our grass. >> reporter: so hannah is all set for her future career, says sergeant jason coty. >> she now has thousands of bros. and sisters that are going to have her back for the rest of her life. >> reporter: that's for later. for now, hannah's focussed on something even better. >> i think we're best friends. >> i think we are. >> reporter: the best playdate a girl could ask for. jim axelrod, cbs news, new york. that's overnight news for this thursday. for some of you, the news continues. for others, check back a little bit later for the morning news and cbs this morning.
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from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm scott pelley. this is the "cbs overnight ews." welcome to the overnight news. i'm elaine quijano. the eyes of washington and the nation turn to capitol hill today for the most anticipated congressional testimony in years. fired fbi director james comey will go before the senate intelligence committee. he'll tell what he knows about president trump's effort to influence the investigation of then national security adviser michael flynn. the committee has already released comey's opening statement and it landed like a political bombshell. nancy cordes begins our coverage. >> reporter: comey's seven-page opening statement describes his conversations with the president in detail. seven days after the inauguration comey says, the president invited me to dinner. it turned out to be just the two
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of of us. instincts told me that the one on one setting meant that the dinner was at least in part an effort to have me ask for my j and create some sort of patronage relationship. sure enough, comey says, the president said, i need loyalty. i expect loyalty. i didn't move. speak or change my facial expression in any way during the awkward silence that followed. we simply looked at even other in silence. >> he wanted to have dinner, because he wanted to stay on. >> reporter: the president claims comey proposed the dinner and deny thied that he demanded loyalty. their next encounter comey says came three weeks later in the oval office at the end of a scheduled counter terrorism briefing. the president told the group that he wanted to speak to me alone. after the others left, the president began by saying, i want to talk about mike flynn, the national security adviser
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who had just been fired for lying to the vice president about his conversations with the russian ambassador. flynn is under scrutiny by the fbi, but comey says the president told him, i hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to let being flynn go. he's a good guy. i replied only, he is a good guy. the white house insists this is not a truthful and accurate portrayal of the conversation. but comey says he found the meeting so concerning that he shared it with the fbi leadership team and decided to implore the attorney general to prevent any future direct communication between the president and me. and yet, a month and a half later, quote, the president called me at the fbi. he described the russia investigation as a cloud that was impairing his ability to act on behalf of the country. he said he had nothing to do with russia, had not been involved with hookers in russia, a reference to an allegation made in an unsubstantiated
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dossier put together by a former british spy. comey says the president asked what we could do to lift the cloud. comey reassured mr. trump that he was not personally under investigation. the president, comey says, repeatedly told me, we need to get that fact out, calling, again, 12 days later to ask what i had done about his request. adding, because i have been very loyal to you. very loyal. we had that thing, you know? comey says, i did not reply or ask him what he meant by "that thing." in a statement this evening, the president's personal lawyer says that he is pleased that comey confirmed that he repeatedly told the president that he was not under investigation. the president, quote, feels completely and totally vindicated. >> the investigation of russia's influence on the presidential election continues in both houses of congress as well as the fbi. jeff pegues brings us up to
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date. >> i donald john trump. >> reporter: two days after he was sworn in, he publicly thanked the fbi director for helping secure the inauguration, but comey says he felt uneasy, concerned the hand shake could compromise the independence of the fbi. at that time they were into an investigation of the roiussian meddling. >> that includes investigating the nature of any links between individuals associated with the trump campaign and the russian government and whether there was any coordination between the campaign and russia's efforts. >> reporter: among those under scrutiny, fired national security adviser michael flynn, former campaign chairman, paul manafort, former campaign adviser carter page and the president's son-in-law, jared kushner. >> the entire thing has been a witch hunt. >> reporter: the president has
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repeatedly dismissed the russia investigation, but just as comey alleges mr. trump pressured him over the investigation, sources also say he made similar requests of the director of national intelligence, saying coates and the director of the ensar nsa michael rogers. >> i don't think it's appropriate to address that in a public session. >> reporter: today neither would answer questions, but they denied any outside influence. >> do the best of my recollection, i have never been directed to do anything i believe to be illegal, immoral, unethical or inappropriate. >> reporter: on may 9th, the president abruptly fired comey who was in the fbi's los angeles office at the time and laurearn about it on television. the wus initially said he was fired for his handling of the clinton e-mail investigation. >> i said, you know this russia
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thing with trump and russia is a made-up story. >> reporter: shortly after, the president tweeted a threat. james comey better hope that there are no tapes of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press. but comey didn't need tapes. heading home after being fired, he knew he had been keeping detailed memos since the first time he met the president-elect. senators will likely grill comey on whether he thinks the president's actions amount to obstruction of justice. nearly lost in the day's events was president trump's mom make of christopher wray to be the new fbi director. he is a former federal prosecutor in the justice department. major garrett has that. >> reporter: the president told the world about his fbi pick on twitter, calling chris wray a lawyer of impeccable credentials. in cincinnati, mr. trump had few words about his choice. >> he's going to be great. >> reporter: wray, 50, lid the justice department's criminal
3:37 am
division for two years under president george w. bush. most of his time was focussed on corporate fraud prosecutions. the biggest? jail time for top executives of enron. after leaving the justice department, wray was a defense attorney, notably for new jersey governor chris christie in the so-called bridgegate scandal. wray lacks extensive back ground in terrorism and national security prosecutions but is respected in the legal community. he is not well-known among rajs and file fbi agents. >> chris wray is unflappable to my experience. >> reporter: kent alex ander hired wray when he was u.s. attorney in georgia. >> i think the fbi could use a little less politics, and he is a very non-partisan guy. i was a clinton appointee as u.s. attorney when i hired him. chris is a republican. >> reporter: the appointment comes at a time when president trump's relationship with jeff sessions remains strained. for the second day in a row, the white house declined to say if
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comedian james corden is hosting the "late late show" this week from his hometown of london. and if you think corden and his carpool karaoke is big here, wait until you see the response in piccadilly. we went along for the ride. >> reporter: as comedian james corden rode a double-decker bus through the streets of london last week he received a warm hometown welcome. >> the wish was to come to london. >> no way. what's your name? how mice to snice to see you. >> reporter: he was shooting the opening sequence of the "late late show." and reggie watts was along for
3:41 am
the ride. corden found his fame on these streets. >> now just put out your tongue. >> reporter: and photo bombing a couple taking engagement photos was a welcome surprise. >> enjoy your staged photo. it's really natural. really natural. when are you not like this? >> all the time. >> have fun. >> reporter: it capped off a long day that began with a conversation atop his bus. >> welcome home. how has it been to be back on your home turf? >> it's really nice. the whole thing's been just a real dream of mine, really. >> reporter: you have this amazing homecoming lined up for you. tom cruise, nicole kidman, kit harrington and a brand-new carpool karaoke with ed sheeran. ♪ >> reporter: 10 million youtube subscribers, hundreds of millions of views on carpool karaoke. what's the secret?
3:42 am
>> it's very difficult if you make a show that starts at 12:37 in the morning to make that impact. we have to find our audience and relevance wherever we can. it's not predicated by any big meeting or news story. this is who our show is and we want to provide to you some light and levity at the end of every day. >> reporter: that light and levity have made cord and bona fide late night star. but he's also taken a serious approach to the recent terror attacks in his home country. >> i'm telling you, a more tight-knit group of people you will be hard-pressed to find. in other trump news, in an interview with the economist. i think we balance it as well as we can. i'm always conscious of the fact that i didn't grow up in america. i'm from a tiny town about 40
3:43 am
minutes that way. and so it would be, i think it would be foolish to feel like i can speak to parts of america that i've never even been to. >> reporter: a great video when you were traveling here to london where you showed the process how easy it was for you. this was just after the proposed muslim ban. >> yeah, i don't consider our show not to be political. i just don't think we can dedicate our whole show to that. i don't think that's where my strength lice. i'm a 38-year-old british guy who's lived in america for 27 months. when the president proposed that ban it hit everybody in our office very hard. we thought well, freedom of travel should be simple for every legal immigrant, not just the white and christian ones, and that's what we wanted to say. so we never shy away from it.
3:44 am
we're just conscious of the fact that i don't know that we've earned the right to talk to people if an american comedian came over here and started talking to me about the general election i'd be like, what do you know? you didn't grow up here, how do you know how people are struggling in liverpool? you know? >> reporter: on the streets of london, he was feeling the love. leaving no doubt he can bring it home. jonathan vigliotti,
3:45 am
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dick van dyke, carl reiner and norman lear. together they're almost 300 years and still cracking jokes. ♪ ♪ a pair of boots ♪ and i was a kid with a >> reporter: okay, i'll admit. it's a little intimidating. three legends all together in one room at carl reiner's beverly hills home. ♪ >> reporter: still collaborating and still close. you all clearly have known each other a long time. could you say a few words about the guy sitting next to you? >> these two creative giants
3:48 am
have been the biggest influence on my life. karl found me for the show. and these two guys, without them, i don't know where i'd be today. >> we didn't find him, we wouldn't be talking to you. >> right. >> reporter: norman lear will be 95 in july. reiner is 95. dick van dyke is 91. >> reporter: there's something about 90, hitting 90. >> i now, i cknow i can get app just standing up. i can walk across the room and get a standing ovation. >> reporter: they're older, sure, think just don't think wrong. >> the culture has age all wrong. they sell age as utterly going downhill. and he woke up this morning to come here feeling great. i woke up this morning, i couldn't wait to get here to see these guys. >> reporter: it's not downhill? >> no, it's not downhill. people are more afraid of aging than death these days.
3:49 am
we've got to tell them, there's a lot of living to do. >> if you don't take care of yourself, nobody else will. >> reporter: and their new film does just that. >> you've got to be the boss of your body. >> reporter: call it a celebration of life after 90. >> i'm in my 90s. >> reporter: it's in the hbo documentary film, if you're not in the obit, eat breakfast. that title is based on a joke karl reiner told us in 2015. >> first thing in the morning before i have coffee, i read the obits. >> reporter: seriously. >> yes. if i'm not in it, i have breakfast. >> reporter: these folks say there are keys to longevity, but no big secrets. if you could boil it down to one thing, what do you owe your long life? >> i think attitude has an awful lot to do with it. a lack of stress. we all have stress in our business, but most of us are kind of easygoing.
3:50 am
we're not uptight people. and i think lack, you can't let it eat you up. really, your body and your mind. >> i always say i married the right woman. >> how does that explain me? because i didn't marry -- >> you married another person. >> several. >> yes. >> reporter: they all say laughter is important. you walk every day? >> yes, i walk around the block one time. >> reporter: and also a little workout. mr. reiner likes to walk around the neighborhood. and every morning before his feet touch the floor, he does stretches like a circus performer. >> i wasn't going to do them today because i was late. but i was like wait a minute, it only takes ten minutes. >> reporter: as he showed last year, mr. lear also likes a good stretch. and, as can you see in the recent music video for the band
3:51 am
dust bowl revival. mr. van dyke hasn't lost a step. >> every morning i'm full of life. >> he has plans. >> then by 10:00, i run out of gas. but i go to the gym, drink a cup of coffee and go, or i'll talk myself out of it. so i just go. >> reporter: i also says his wife arlene, whom he married in 2012, helps keep his heart in shape. how do you define a good life? >> i think the bottom line is you have to have someone to love. i think you really must. >> if you love a person and love the thing you're doing, that makes a world for you. >> i think it helps, too, to love yourself. >> reporter: that's a tough one. >> that's hardest one. >> having a good marriage and good children, a good life is what you send out to the world. i have three children, non-toxic children, all have done great things and are continuing to do great things, and i had a marriage of 65 years. that's the only thing, the really defines me. >> reporter: estelle reiner passed away in 2008, at 94.
3:52 am
these days, life-long friend mel brooks, who turns 91 this month, keeps karl company. >> you know, if you have one good friend you're lucky. mel comes over every night, and i don't know what i would do if he didn't come over. i have no more -- these guys live too far away. i don't drive anymore. i eat though. >> reporter: and he still gets out, like this hbo event a few weeks ago. >> the funniest brain that exists today is in that head. [ applause ] >> the only one who can do a cat noise. will you do it? >> reporter: so if you could give advice to people out there, what's the best advice you can give peoplfolks? >> do something you love to do. don't be living a life of what is a quiet desperation, you know, people working at jobs
3:53 am
that they hate to go to. and that's, that, to me, ruins a person. find something in your life to do. do it. >> reporter: that's something they all seem to live by. >> kick your knees up. >> reporter: more than five decades after "mary poppins", dick van dyke will be in the 2018 sequel. back in 1975, norman lear developed "one day at a time" for cbs. now the show's been re-imagined for netflix with stars like rita moreno. and he's an executive producer. making people laugh, it would seem, never gets old. >> you stand behind an audience, 000 thousands of times when they belly laugh, and they have a tendency to come out of their
3:54 am
seats a little and come forward and go back. and i've never seen anything more spiritual than that. >> reporter: than the communal laughter? >> everybody together. >> reporter: what does that do for you when you know that you're the source of that? >> i think it added time to my life. >> reporter: and karl reiner is probably writing as we speak. his latest title says it all. "too busy to die." you think about the end? >> no. i think about how i'd like to go. i'd like to go in my sleep. what a show this would be if i was talking to you -- >> reporter: kidding aside, if there's any real secret to a long and happy life, it may be just keep looking ahead. >> i think there are two little words we don't think enough about. something is over. we're on to the next. >> smell the roses. >> this is the moment. >> if you have something to get up for, you'll get up.
3:55 am
you won't die then. you won't die in the
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3:57 am
veterinarians in florida are urging dog owners to vaccinate their pets against an outbreak of dog flu. dozens of dogs in northern and central florida have come down with canine influenza. outbreaks were reported in knoxville, tennessee. >> reporter: here at the deland animal hospital, they've seen a few of those extra cations acasg extra vigilant. stephanie is proud of her french mastiffs. they've won numerous top awards at last weekend's show. but several dogs apparently took home something else, the dog flu. stephanie's dogs seemed healthy, but the vet decided to vaccinate
3:58 am
them as a precaution. >> letter next shher next snowh weeks she'll be protected. >> reporter: over a thousand cases were reported in the chicago area. the strain has since appeared in 30 states. the illness is rarely fatal but causes sneezing, coughing and nasal discharge. >> it's highly contagious. whe . >> reporter: which pet owners need to worry? >> bringing them to dog parks, shows. if they have an active lifestyle they should. >> there's an imminent threat for dogs to be exposed to this vier virus. >> reporter: on thursday, scientists at the university of florida urged dog owners to consider getting their pets vaccinated. the more dogs in a community that we can vaccinate, the better chance we have of keeping this virus out of the community.
3:59 am
>> reporter: but skeptics say the alarm is overstated. dana scott of "dogs naturally" magazine thinks that pets are overly medicated and drug companies profit. >> where are these reports coming from? it's basically the vaccine manufacturers keeping track of these diseases and we're relying on the vaccine manufacturers to convey that information to us. >> reporter: ken madsen isn't vaccinating 8-year-old chloe for now but is trying to limit close contact with other dogs. >> it's a major concern, but it's something you would keep an eye on at this point. >> reporter: the american veterinarian medical association says pet owners need to talk to their vets to see if their dogs are part of that high-risk pool. there are more than 80 million dogs in the u.s. and only several thousand have officially been diagnosed with the flu. that's overnight news for this thursday. for some of you, the news
4:00 am
continues. for others, check back a little later for the morning news and later for the morning news and rs captioning funded by cbs it's thursday, june 8th, 2017. this is the "cbs morning news." countdown to comey. in just hours, the ousted fbi director testifies on his conversations with president trump. james comey's opening remarks detail the president's demand for loyalty, giving lawmakers a preview of the day ahead. >> the comey testimony is explosive. >> it's not the job of the president of the united states. >> this testimony has all the makings of a bombshell. or


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