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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 8, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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little bit. good morning, kenny needed a break. >> needed a vacation. >> i'm brian hackney. i'm in for kenny choi? >> and i am michelle griego. >> you say it like you needed a break from me. >> oh, no. no, no! [ laughter ] >> good morning. look who is here doing weather. >> we wanted to sit on the other side of you today. >> i thought i would give him a break and stop by this morning and it's -- first time we're here together with jaclyn! very nice to be here and i really get to actually work with mr. hackney generally filling in for mr. hackney so this is fun. we have some weather to talk about today. rain out there. folks in the north bay already seeing the rain most of us south of the golden gate, still dry. we'll take a closer look at the southern edge of this band of showers. as you can see, we have rain moving into san francisco at this hour. up north widespread pockets of moderate rainfall now coming down near petaluma, rohnert
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park, sonoma, towards napa, saint helena, light rainfall for you. we'll continue to see these showers through your morning commute. and then we'll dry off later on this afternoon. but temperatures stay cool below average for this time of the year. we are staying cool although drying into the weekend. our next warmup is next week. your full forecast is coming up. good morning. we are going to be dealing with a wet commute this morning. so please be careful. right now, we are tracking a crash that looks like it's clearing. no longer causing delays. this is northbound 680 approaching 242. you may still see some flashing lights and tow truck on the scene. other than that, quiet now. usually slowdowns from tracy to livermore. 25 minutes to 680. all eyes are on capitol hill as former fbi director james comey testifies before senate lawmakers in just a matter of hours. comey is set to detail
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conversations in the weeks and months before he was fired by president trump. reed binion has more on what to expect. >> i think it's very close to obstruction of justice. >> reporter: this congresswoman one of several democrats reacting strongly to the release of fired fbi director james comey's prepared comments. ahead of what promises to be a dramatic day of testimony by comey on capitol hill. dianne feinstein slamming the way comey says trump behaved in their meetings. >> a president who knows no limit in terms of a proper relationship. >> reporter: the white house characterizing comey's prepared remarks as a vindication for the president focusing on comey's acknowledgment of trump's statement that he told the president he wasn't personally under investigation. republicans trying to cast comey's testimony as a positive. >> all in all it's a good dayfor president trump. if i believe everything he said it doesn't rise to the level of obstruction of justice.
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>> reporter: it came the same day democrats expressed frustration from lack of candor to intelligence chiefs testifying in the senate intelligence committee. >> i have never been directed to do anything i believe to be i am legal, immoral, unethical or inappropriate. >> reporter: the director of national intelligencedan coats and nsa director mike rogers refusing to state their private conversations with president trump after a "washington post" report that trump asked coats to get comey to dial back on former national security adviser michael flynn. >> why are you not answering our questions? >> it's inappropriate. >> what is the legal basis for your refusal to testify to this committee? >> i'm not sure i have a legal basis. >> reporter: i'm reed binion reporting. california senator kamala harris is among those who will be there for comey's testimony. yesterday she was cut off during her questioning of deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. take a listen. >> are you willing or are you not willing to give him the authority to be fully independent of your ability statutorily and legally to fire him? >> he is -- he has --
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>> yes or no sir? >> he has the full independence as authorized by the regulations. >> are you willing to do -- >> would the senator suspend? the chair is going its right to allow the witnesses to answer the question and the committee is on notice to provide the witnesses the courtesy which has not been extended all the way across -- extend the courtesy for questions to get answered. >> mr. chairman, respectfully -- > mr. rosenstein -- >> mr. chairman. >> mr. rosenstein would you like to thoroughly answer the question? >> i am not joking. >> wanted know if robert mueller would receive full independence from the justice department in the investigation into the alleged russian interference in the 2016 election. a few bars in san francisco will open for viewing parties. ace this is hill and geno and carlo in north beach will open at 6 a.m.
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[ laughter ] >> clooney's in the mission is opening at 7 a.m. north korea appears to be testing more missiles. the south korean military says the north fired what appeared to be four surface to ship projections 124 miles. this is the fourth test in the month. voters in the uk are heading to the polls this morning. they are deciding whether to keep conservative prime minister theresa may in power or elect labor party leader jeremy core bin. the main topic of the election has turned to national security after three terror attacks. "brexit" is also a main concern. the polls are open until 2 p.m. our time. today bart considers whether to abandon a plan to punish people hogging seats something they never enforced anyway. the seat hog ordinance was designed to stop people from using more than one seat but it never went into practice since directors and police couldn't agree on how to enforce it. today a vote is set to decide
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whether the policy is even worth keeping. the warriors just one win away this morning from sweet revenge on the cavaliers. >> it's pretty cool. golden state had a furious comeback in cleveland last night to take a 3-0 lead in the series. the warriors face a tough test in enemy territory. they trailed for most of the night. but with less than a minute to go, kevin durant cast off the comeback with a huge three- pointer. "dubs" win 118-113, they can win the title tomorrow night in cleveland. time to get the brooms out. in the bay area there was a big turnout for the watch party for those who couldn't get to cleveland. fans packed civic center plaza in san francisco to watch it on the jumbotron. and as christin ayers reports, the atmosphere at oracle arena felt like a home game. >> reporter: from the sound of it, you would think the warriors themselves were in the building. >> a lot of fans can't afford to go to actual games. so this is like something your family can all go and enjoy at a reasonable price and have a
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great time. >> reporter: this man drove 3 hours to get here. you came all the way from where? >> fresno, california. >> reporter: just to go to the watch party? >> just to come to the watch party. >> this is our fourth watch party. >> reporter: for these fans, it's all about the atmosphere. >> we're all here for one cause. and it's like just the energy and everybody is applauding and having a good time. i came last year to the watch party, had a great time. >> reporter: sure, the players are there in cardboard cutout form only. >> i like when they have those people with the giant heads and they walk out. >> reporter: the action is on the jumbotron. not the court. but from the dancers to the fireworks and the rabid jeering of lebron james -- >> boo! >> reporter: -- die-hard fans say it's worth it and they will be back for game 4. [ inaudible ] we know what she was trying to say. now, dinner last night my
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husband had to go to the store. the store was completely empty. nothing on the shelves. >> good time to shop during the play-offs. >> julie watts, light rain down to san rafael or santa rosa and spreading south this morning? yes. south throughout the morning commute just in time for the morning commute. he already knows this. i don't know why i'm telling you. he is looking very interested. [ laughter ] >> we're not talking heavy rain but enough to mess up the morning commute with slick roads. and we may see some pockets of moderate rain from time to time. we are seeing that now on hi- def doppler. taking a look at northern tip of san francisco, peninsula seeing light rainfall in the richmond district right now, sunset, a little bit heavier for you there. then into the financial district we are seeing light rainfall spread there. farther north though that is where we're seeing the heavier pockets of rain. we could see, you know, up to a half inch in the north bay mountains, maybe three-tenths down around novato and marin. notice that we are seeing some moderate rainfall right here
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along 101. light rain now near san rafael. we'll see this continue throughout the morning commute and likely pick up farther south during the commute so give yourself some extra time out the door this morning. temperature-wise we'll stay cool and really through your weekend. we are staying on the cool side on the weekend temperatures outside right now though relatively mild thanks to the cloud cover. 50s and 60s in the area. futurecast showing what to expect for the next couple of hours. notice that band of rain does slowly sink south and then dissipates the farther south it travels. so by about lunchtime today, we are talking about a couple of stray showers but for the most part we'll be dry and gray. and certainly cool. and then staying gray temperatures on the cool side of average for this time of the year. i'll have your full forecast coming up in just a bit. in the meantime we are check the roads. any effects yet? not yet. we had one earlier accident but that has been cleared. and that was in the east bay which we haven't seen any rain
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there yet but right now we are tracking a grass fire. this is in san jose along northbound 87 right near curtner. fire crews just arriving on the scene. so far our speeds are showing in the green so no delays along that route. it looks like all lanes are clear. over at the san mateo bridge, things are looking just fine in both directions heading out of hayward those taillights into foster city in the green just under 15 minutes. we'll take it though really quick to oakland 880 nothing nasty about this nimitz. still in the green in both directions. back to you guys. >> thank you. the woman accused of feeding meth to a 2-year-old at a berkeley park is due for arraignment hearing today. sedin in a thomassayyadina thomas is alleged to have done it. she is walked up to a child at a playground. the nanny called 911.
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the woman claimed she gave him a tootsie roll but it was meth. at the hospital he tested positive for the drug. police say during thomas' medical's screening she scratched a deputy's face and hand in. 2014 she also broke the fingers and knees of three alameda deputies. just about two hours bill cosby will return to court as his sexual assault trial resumes. yesterday the former temple university employee who claims cosby drugged and assaulted her took the witness stand. the defense drilled her on what they say were discrepancies in the timeline she gave to police. today prosecutors are expected to show jurors candid statements from cosby where he says he gave the woman three unmarked pills before engaging in sex acts with her. the jury could get the case next week. 19 minutes before 5:00. summer a couple of weeks away but there's still snow in the sierra. how crews are getting creative getting roads back open.
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>> plus, wicked weather hits north dakota where a massive tornado was caught on camera. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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the amazing video he captured of it quickly went viral. a north dakota man found himself with a powerful tornado a few hundredth feed away. the amazing video he captured of it quickly went viral. he was spraying corn in the farm fields when the tornado touched down. it wasn't destructive. jesse says he stayed in his truck and watched it dissipate to the northeast. >> wow. with less than two weeks until summer all the snow is forcing crews to work round the clock and as reporter carlos correa shows us they are getting creative to get the roads open. >> reporter: a little over 100 miles northeast of stockton, deep in the stanislaus national forest, state route 4 is being cleared for visitors. >> we clear snow which is basically plowing then run the graders and blowers will take cuts to blow it off the road.
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>> reporter: crews have been working 24/7 since april to prepare the roads leading to the mountains. while one crew is clearing the snow, other crew are focused on ditch work, asphalt repair and tree trimming. >> safety is the number one. to get the roads safe as possible. getting the so if removed is the majority to where we can see our asphalt, we can check our drainages, make sure the drainages are open. >> reporter: down near sonora pass, caltrans has embedded a wire in the center of the highway to help find the road that's covered deep in snow. crews electrify the line using a locator to detect it. >> we walk down the middle of the road and we can read the current through our detector so as i'm walk up the hill, the bulldozer is behind me clearing a wide swath. after that bulldozer clears the road, everybody knows this is the center of the road. >> reporter: the crew uses virally friendly marks for the dozer to -- environmentally friendly marks for the dozer to follow pushing the snow down to the blower. the operation helps the road crew stay safe as they clear. >> it's a different kind of
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path, very steep. there are lots of slopes. and with that curve, that allows to us keep everything towards the center and safety is always a big deal with this. so whatever you can do to make it safer we're headed in that direction. >> reporter: crews expect to have the snow cleared by july and plan to be up in the mountains regularly for maintenance. >> reporter: at the stanislaus national forest, carlos correa, kpix 5. ♪[ music ] wow. that was snow in the high country. but rain down here. >> yeah. we're already seeing it in the north bay spreading south through the morning commute just enough rain to likely tithings up as we head over the next couple of hours. we'll go ahead and take a look outside right now. hi-def doppler showing you where it's raining at this hour. most of the rain is in the north bay. we are seeing for the most part light rain with some pockets of more moderate rainfall. you can see we just had a more moderate pocket of rain pass through petaluma heading over 101. novato seeing light to moderate rainfall at this hour. certainly enough rain to mess up those roads. it's been dry for so long, you combine even a little bit of
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rain with the oil on the roads and certainly slick roads are possible this morning. so temperature-wise we are mild out the door this morning hovering near 60. and we will stay on the cool side throughout the day. low pressure system off the west of british columbia today but we have a front reaching into the bay area nothing to block it so we are seeing those showers today. and certainly cool air dipping down from that system. so right now again most of the rain over the north bay and futurecast shows it spreading south through the morning commute. now, we are going to see the rain taper off by about midday drying out for the evening commute. staying gray and cool. clearing for friday, although temperatures remain cool through the weekend. it's not until early next week we start to warm up. how much rain? not a lot. we could see about .3" for many spots in the north bay maybe a tenth to the central bay. and i do think this is overpainting in the south bay. i don't know that we'll see as
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much as .10", just trace amounts for many portions in the south bay. i would be surprised if we saw much at all once we get down to santa cruz. sunrise today at 5:47. sunset at 8:30 this evening. a look at your high temperatures around the bay today. not too high. certainly on the cool side of average. in the south bay we're topping out in the low 70s from mountain view, san jose, near 70 for fairfield and 72 in livermore today. 60s along the coast and pacifica, 55 in san francisco. 68 in napa today. again, showers for the most part in the north bay right now spreading south over the next couple of hours through the morning commute. and then tapering off later on this afternoon. we are dry, temperatures remain cool. notice topping out right around or just below the 70-degree mark for the warmest spots this weekend. [ laughter ] >> so certainly not going to feel like june. [ laughter ] >> well, maybe june in san francisco but not june for the rest of you this weekend. [ laughter ] >> then into early next week, we start to warm up.
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temperatures rebound near 80 degrees by early next week. and by midweek, low 80s for the warmest spots. now check the roads with jaclyn. we are going to begin in the north bay and we are checking in accident-free. we are seeing a few slowdowns along 101 right as you approach highway 37. but really, nothing to write home about. it's just below the limit there. keep in mind it's been a little while since we have had some rain so those roads likely to be very slick when that water hits them so please be careful out there. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge and everyone on their best driving behavior this morning. no delays in either direction and if you are making your way to the richmond/san rafael bridge, whoo, dark out there. almost can count the cars on the freeway right now just a few cars out there. very quiet conditions, speeds in the green across the span as well as over at the bay bridge toll plaza. no delays. hat's a ch eck of your traffic; over to you. thank you. 4:49. disturbing accusations against a stanford lecturer.
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his alleged crime involving a former student. >> and a bay area man faces years in prison for a scheme involving disabled parking placards. it's all coming up when we come back.
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welcome back. we are taking a look at our high temperatures around the bay today. temperatures below average this time of the year. the computer is freezing up. but we are going to see temperatures in the low 70s for the warmest spots inland. 60s for some folks. here we go. low 70s for the south bay today. we are hovering near 60 along the coast. closer to the murder 60s in the
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area in novato and petaluma. rain in the north bay. we'll be showing you where the rain is falling and where it's going to fall coming up. >> we'll take a quick look at your ride along the dublin- pleasanton -- as you approach the dublin-pleasanton interchange. this is 580 approaching 680. headlights heading westbound. back to you guys. an investigation by the dmv could land one san francisco man in prison for years. he is accused of arranging dozens of deals for disabled placards. montana lee is now facing half a dozen felony counts linked to at least 34 fraudulent applications. as part of operation blue zone, dmv investigators flagged several suspicious parking placards each one registered to his home address. they say the placards were issued to various people using
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the same doctors' forged signature. dmv staff say some of the diagnoses were questionable. >> the applicants' age did not match the diagnosis a lot of times so that's what kind of flagged it for us. 28-year-old person having arthritis it's not common. >> investigators say lee charged $400 for temporary placards and $1,000 for the permanent version. if convicted he could spend up to 4 years in prison and face thousands in fines. a stanford lecturer is accused in a disturbing crime. only on "5," maria medina explains the troubling allegations involving a former student in women's clothing. >> reporter: mark didn't answer the door at his san jose home. but someone else did. >> looking for mark. >> he was arrested just a couple of weeks ago? >> reporter: the stanford lecturer in percussion with an impressive resume' including performing with the california
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symphony, san francisco symphony opera and ballet. >> he is a graduate of juilliard. >> reporter: his neighbor says he is just a normal friendly guy. >> never had any concerns for, you know, having them next to us. >> reporter: but police say much different story not too far from where he lives he is accused of visiting the home of a former elementary school students in the middle of the night. the surveillance cameras captured him several times parked in front of their home walk up to their daughter's car, check if it was unlocked then turn around and drive off. each time mark was wearing women's underwear. he is seen at times in a bra and high heels. >> i would prefer to see the videos myself before i make any sort of statement about that. >> basically hard to believe? >> yes. >> reporter: mark is now facing
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a misdemeanor charge of prowling. the victims including his former students say they have no idea why them. we never got an answer. can you tell us about the arrest? [ door closes ] >> reporter: the victims say they first noticed mark at their home in 2015 so they have no idea how many times he actually visited. they do say they have not seen him since his arrest. he is expected in court later this month. at the san jose police department, maria medina, kpix 5. new rules are being put in place at one popular bay area beach. we are talking about the creek beach in san mateo county known for late night parties and county leaders say that they are fed up with the trash left behind. the new restrictions include no alcohol, no beach -- no beach -- [ laughter ] -- no fires, no overnight camping. two popular trails in san francisco are closed to dogs because of coyote sightings the presidio trail between west pacific and crissy field and the bay area ridge trail near rob hill campgrounds. just recently a woman said she
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was surrounded by a pack of coyotes. they ran off when she screamed. experts say coyotes are aggressive right now because it's pupping season. 4:57. former fbi director james comey preparing to dehail his one-on- one conversations with president trump. what to expect from the hearings today. >> reporter: and the man who ran the ghost ship warehouse that caught fire killing 36 people will be in court today. coming up we'll take a look at the charges against him.
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and i'm brian hackney...kenny s off today. th a live look ou good morning, it is thursday, june 8. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm not kenny choi. he is off today. >> you're not? >> no, i'm not. but kenny is resting comfortably somewhere i hope recovering from [ indiscernible ] what are we doing? oh, a live look outside. this is your turn. >> yes, this is my turn.
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but it's okay. you can jump in here. >> we're taking a look at the morning rush. but it's still early it's 5:00 and the bay bridge on the left- hand side with the beautiful lights and you had a good perspective earlier. you can see the bridge. >> we have a front moving through mixing up the atmosphere. the commute might look benign right now but i say give it a couple of hours. once the rain hits the roadway, you are definitely going to see -- well, you know, who knows. maybe today will be different. and the rain won't impact your morning commute. heaviest rain in the north bay this morning and, of course, just as we move over to emeryville, oakland, alameda, what we are seeing moderate rainfall just a few minutes ago, those showers have now pushed ea


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