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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  June 9, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> reporter: for sheriff doyle it's not a matter of time or money to create the report. if it is easy and, you know, some of your constituents would certainly like to understand this information, what is the problem? >> as i explained to you before, we're not in the habit of just supporting bills that -- that really aren't necessary. >> reporter: supporters of ab41 say the data will allow the state to know the extent of untested kits so can provide more resources where needed. it would also allow sex assault victims to track the progress of their kit. but sheriff doyle disagrees that either of those things is necessary. isn't there any statewide report regarding the testing or not testing of rape kits that you think would be useful? >> at this time no. >> reporter: in san francisco the police department already submits reports about rape kit testing to the police commission. >> we're always looking to improve. i'm looking forward towards the next reporting. >> reporter: captain gregory
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mar is the commanding officer of the forensic services group. he says the additional work is absorbed by current employees. >> we shipped some middle managers to assist us in tracking that so it did take time from their normal duties. >> reporter: the captain says the reports are useful because the police need to work with the community. >> it's necessary data or information that both the commission and the public are entitled to just for the sake of transparency and openness. >> reporter: now, we reached out to all the sheriffs in the nine bay area counties and asked what their position on ab41 is. the sheriff's in san francisco and san mateo are in favor of it. sheriff's in marin and alameda are opposed. and as for the rest, the sheriff this is napa, sonoma and solano counties are on vacation and we're told they could not be bothered. we also spent four days trying to get answers from contra costa county and santa clara counties but we got responses
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like the sheriff is busy, he is gone for the day, try again tomorrow. well, we will try again tomorrow. >> thank you. now to breaking news on the peninsula. we are getting new details on a stabbing at the millbrae library. authorities now confirm the victim was a 13-year-old boy. he was stabbed multiple times in what police call an unprovoked attack. it happened just outside the front doors of the library around 2:30 p.m. today. police say the suspect a 40- year-old man randomly approached the teen and began stabbing him. he was taken to the hospital and we are waiting on an update on his condition. here's a live look now from the scene. authorities are planning to hold a briefing at any moment now. we can tell you the boy had injuries to his arms and we'll get you more information as it comes in. attorneys for the man charged in the oakland warehouse fire are setting the stage for their legal defense. they maintain their client has
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no criminal liability for the fire that killed 36 people last december. kpix 5's da lin is live in san francisco with who they blame. >> reporter: that's right. the defense team laid out their plan of attack today. they are basically going to try to humanize their client derick almena. they will instead blame everyone but their client. it started with the clap. famed attorney tony tony serra wasted no time blaming the landlord, building inspectors, police officers, firefighters for the 36 deaths at the ghost ship warehouse. he specifically called out the firefighters. >> it drew up all the smoke. the people who died didn't die of burn. they were killed by the smoke. >> reporter: he and the wife say the man is innocent and had no idea the warehouse was dangerous. >> we would never have lived in a place we thought was unsafe. we are all grieving.
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my husband is a good man. they're not greedy. they're not selfish. or reckless. >> reporter: the defense says almena knew about the illegal party at the warehouse but it shouldn't result in manslaughter charges. >> it's not for loud parties. but for him to understand that to know that's going to happen is that not criminal liability as tony had said? >> it's not criminal here. >> he is not responsible for that when he knows that's going to hearts. the responsibility needs to be weight and determined in the civil courts. >> 36 people died. that's criminal. >> just -- it's -- it's an incredible tragedy. the loss of life is unfathomable. >> reporter: but the fact when you have that many people congregate in an area that's not supposed to be used for
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that function, it becomes not just a civil liability but a criminal liability. >> i don't believe it rises to the level of criminal. >> reporter: one victim's father says the defense attorney's argument is invalid. he believes he will main in a is responsible for his daughter's death. he will be facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. >> the defense attorney also claims his client is a escape is a scapegoat. >> reporter: they believe bee charging ail main almena it shifts responsibility. it shields the city and the county from potential lawsuits and they believe this is a way
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for the district attorney to advance her political career. >> thank you, da lin. alarm bells this morning when some black gunk was found floating in the bay. the trouble near the chevron refinery in richmond. don ford tells us what's known so far about the source. >> reporter: chevron noticed it at 6:30 a.m. a black substance floating between the tanker and the wharf. >> the first description of the material that came into the county was solid black material. and everyone assumes it's oil but it wasn't. >> reporter: the black gunk is believed to be soot from the ship's engine exhaust. an investigation is now under way to determine which ship, how the soot was discharged, and how much soot made it to the water. >> it was about a sheen of about 20 square feet was seen in the water. >> reporter: chevron activated
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their hazmat response team. they boomed off the area in minutes. the solid black soot floated for several hours. and it is unknown how long the clean-up will take. >> i have not heard of this before. >> it appears that chevron responded very quickly in a timely way to contain whatever went into the water. >> reporter: california fish and wildlife is also on scene. they report there is no impact on fish or anything else. in richmond, don ford, kpix 5. >> the warriors are on the verge of completing a historic play-off run. >> they are one win away now from a perfect post-season. andria borba joins us live from the watch party at oracle arena. >> reporter: the national an them played. people are still filing into oracle arena to watch this historic game. the arena opened about an hour
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ago. fans were lined up and ready to go for game 4 of the nba finals. while this reporter won't jinx things, with the "dubs" up 3-0, cristian cruz was cleaning the plaza in front of oracle with a familiar jersey one that not a lot of warriors fans have love for. >> there's no reason for g. when you as confident as all these fans there's no reason for a junction. you know? so let's make it happen tonight. that's all i got to say. >> i was here. i was here that night for the watch party. it was great. it's like, you know, we were a little bit, you know, hesitant but then kd hit that three. we all went crazy in there. it was great. >> reporter: now, the price is right for these watch party tickets. while play-offs and fines games have soared to sky high levels here, in oakland as well as cleveland, the to sit and
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watch the big screen in oracle $20. game 3 was very loud. i'm assuming it will be loud here for game 4. live at oracle, andria borba, kpix 5. [ laughter ] >> i love that she has her blue and gold earrings on. >> she is ready! . >> absolutely. >> fun night. >> looking good. thank you. now let's get to kpix 5's susie steimle on plans to keep postgame celebrations from getting out of hand. >> reporter: yeah. that's right. we are here at [ indiscernible ] dealership in oakland where there's a lot of ci[ extremely noise ] >> everybody here hoping for a sweet. we have a ton of excited fans here tonight, right, guys? >> whoo! whoo! [ inaudible ] . >> our days off are canceled, officers and professional support staff all here to ring in the celebration.
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>> reporter: it's all hands on deck at the oakland police department tonight. officers packed into a meeting in preparation for tonight's warriors game. if they win tonight, celebration will likely overflow into the streets. police just want to make sure that's a safe place to be. >> one of the concerns in the city of oakland is celebratory gunfire. you will see officers throughout the city. we have increased our staffing. and we're here to ensure there's a safe environment for everyone. >> if anything happens it's not going to get out of hand. >> reporter: he works for a bar in the heart of oakland's business district. if the celebration does get out of hand, it usually happens right here. >> people take over the street. >> reporter: the big concern for business owners is vandalism. >> sometimes people get excited and they want to use items to such as chairs or tables, umbrella stands, to break windows. so -- >> reporter: she says for the
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most part recent demonstrations in oakland have been controlled. he doesn't think tonight will be any different. >> generally, i think with oakland protesting its to the point where people can just say their peace and not damage the businesses at hand. >> reporter: if you are out in oakland tonight, you will see a lot of police officers on purpose. they want to be visible in the community. you will also not notice a lot of officers who will be in plainclothes. they are hoping that everything remains peaceful. when the warriors won in 2015, it was smooth. they hope for a repeat tonight. susie steimle, kpix 5. an exciting atmosphere right now at todos santos plaza in concord. warriors fans there glued to a big screen for an outdoor watch party. many of them showed up early with their blankets, their lawn chairs, to stake out a good spot. >> and here's live look from cleveland. sports director dennis
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o'donnell is there and will have more on game 4 in just a few minutes. still ahead, governor brown back in california energized on his mission to fight climate change. the new agreements he is celebrating. >> plus, a major mudslide closed down traffic into the sierra. what it will take to clean up it and clear the road. >> livermore rodeo 2016 featured temperatures approaching 90. livermore rodeo 2017 this weekend will not even hit 70 degrees. why are we so chilly and how long will it last? the forecast next.
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today with another, top foreign government leader... it's part of his mission to fight climate change. governor jerry brown met today with another top foreign government leader all part of his mission to fight climate change! kpix 5's jessica flores on his latest global ally. >> governor brown met today with the german minister for the environment continuing his push to position california as a global leader in the fight against climate change. the governor just returned from a five-day trip in china where he signed a climate deal. the agreement coming just as president trump pulled the u.s. out of the paris climate accord. today's meeting in san francisco is part of the under two coalition, a pact between governments to reduce emissions and to keep the global average temperature below 2 degrees celsius. that's a level experts say could be catastrophic for the environment! here's what he said moments
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after meeting with the german federal minister for the environment barbara hendricks. >> california because of its leading role has linked up with china and other countries and now with germany. the reason for that is there's a lot to be done. and because of the certain lack of focus in washington it was all the more imperative for the state to take responsibility. >> reporter: despite brown's efforts a new report shows california still has a long way to go. the california air resources board report found the state's greenhouse gas emissions dropped less than 1% from 2014 to 2015. still, with just 18 months left on the job, governor brown wants california to push ahead with tougher regulations to reduce greenhouse gases. reporting in san francisco, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. new at 6:00 a heads up if you are planning to go to the sierra this weekend. a major mudslide is causing
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some big delays on highway 50. the slide happened yesterday blocking the westbound lanes between whitehall and kyburz. reporter lemor abrams explains it's more of a mess than caltrans originally thought. >> reporter: it doesn't feel like june up here on highway 50. behind me the debris still gushing like lava. and it is pouring rain, crews are working on overdrive to shore it up but caltrans says it will take all weekend to clean it up. so expect major traffic troubles. >> winter doesn't want to go home yet. >> reporter: old man winter is back with a vengeance. winter-like rain is taking another whack at the hillside along highway 50. >> i haven't seen something like this since 1992. >> reporter: but bill mohr who lived in tahoe for three decades is counting on caltrans working nonstop since thursday. so far crews have cleared 250 truckloads or close to 4,000 tons of debris from the
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highway. it keeps sliding. so what caused it to cave? blame it on the water. >> there's a tremendous amount of ground water in our soil. and it's still absorbing and doing its thing from the past winter months. >> reporter: woodruff an engineer in charge of reconstructing the hillside says the soil is so saturated ground water is spilling out from massive boulders. what are you doing to control it? >> you reduce the risk of future slides by controlling ground soil. >> reporter: highway 50 is down to the eastbound lane only. the family reunion for this person will go on. >> we got to catch up with the rest of the family. >> reporter: if you are in the area, expect one lane on highway 50 throughout the weekend. in el dorado county, lemor abrams, kpix 5. so we're looking at video of mudslides and rain. aren't we supposed to be
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welcoming summer? >> should be. >> hello? >> it's january! >> a lot of things we should have done this year that we have not. what we shouldn't have done that we did. this winter keeps giving with these landslides and still have snow in the mountains and rain around here. yesterday it's not going to feel like june coming up this weekend. 15 degrees cooler than average for some of you away from the water. highs today 70s. concord you're the outlier at 75. san jose even with all the afternoon sunshine only 71. san rafael 68. san francisco 63. we are cloud-free at sfo. at least above sfo. but it's not that warm. hot air balloons tomorrow in windsor, partly cloudy skies 70 and breezy. haight-ashbury street fair this sunday in san francisco. thousands of people, mixture of sun and clouds, seasonal
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temperatures in the city this weekend around 60. this low will destabilize the atmosphere adding afternoon cloud cover tomorrow and sunday and it's cold grabbing the cold air shoving it into northern california keeping us on the cool side of average for the weekend even when it least we'll still be below average on monday so mainly clear overnight tonight. it will be breezy but with a lack of a blanket over top of the bay area it will be cooler tonight compared to the past few nights. mixture of sun and clouds. more sunshine in the morning, clouds in the afternoon as the low pressure system comes in closer. heating of the day will further destabilize the atmosphere so mostly cloudy skies in the afternoon. highs san rafael only 68. mountain view only 69 degrees and livermore not hitting 70 degrees tomorrow. and we are going to stay cooler than average at least through monday. we'll see much warmer weather next week but not for your weekend. low 70s inland at most. low 60s near the bay and cloudy in the afternoon. sunshine returns monday. warmer weather returns tuesday.
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forget about the cold. we're back to the 80s and 90s especially inland by next friday. but prepare yourself for a chilly weekend. back to you. >> thank you. still ahead, president trump fires back on the former fbi director james comey's testimony. [ yelling ] >> i'm dennis o'donnell live in cleveland! how do you control a roster full of superstars? the team behind the team when we come back.
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as the premier orangization in sports. and that compliment extends far beyond the court.. welcome back, everybody. we're live outside the q. the warriors trailing early against the cavaliers. golden state is now widely considered the premiere organization in all of sports. with that compliment, it goes far beyond the court. >> love us or hate us, people want to watch the warriors, want to hear about the warriors, can't get enough content about us. >> reporter: the space isn't big enough in the warriors locker room.
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these days would you need an airplane hangar to accommodate the media. hundreds of reporters, 15 players. >> we are the biggest story in sports now. >> reporter: he is the warriors vice president of communications. while golden state is it trying to win a title, ritter and his crew just took home the hardware for the best pr staff in the league. believe me, they he should it. >> on a typical week i may get 30 requests for steph curry. >> reporter: there is mutual respect between the players and the pr team. they get it. and they have fun with it. >> in the locker room a little bit, it's a law that should not be broken, they are not allowed in there. >> reporter: when the game ends, the real job begins. the media team directs players to tv, radio, press conferences and the locker room scrum. it helps that ritter began his career with the lakers during showtime when the biggest names in back were in southern california. >> have the opportunity to work with shaquille o'neal, kobe bryant alternate media and the attention we had on us, put me in a position to be able to
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handle what we're doing today. >> reporter: but no experience could put ritter in a position to handle the personal tragedy he had 17 years ago. >> the year 2000 i lost four family members in 10 months. i lost dad in february, a brother in march, a brother in june and my mom in december. >> reporter: iter dealt with the devastating loss by wrapping his life into basketball. the frantic pace provided a much-needed distraction that solitude could not. >> my job was like my sanctuary. it gave mow a chance to get away and go in and not have to think and not suffer through much of that time. give me appear outlet. >> reporter: two years later he lost another sister with more than half his family gone, raymond's siblings grew closer. >> it's brought those of us who are still alive making us a lot closer as a family. we were close before but it's brought us even closer. >> reporter: do they ever ask for tickets. it's funny. they usually call in april, may and june. they don't call -- [ laughter ]
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>> reporter: after years of losing basketball, ritter doesn't mind the long june nights. he is usually the last one to leave. just before he asks, hey, dennis, you got everything you need? now, raymond two nights ago came up at 2:20 a.m. and asked me, denny, do you have anything you need? i said, raymond, it's 2:20 in the morning. i could use a cold beer. he disappeared, comes back 10 minutes later with a cold one in the wee hours of the cleveland morning. reporting live in cleveland, dennis o'donnell, kpix 5. >> i have a feeling it will be another fun night for dennis in cleveland. >> all right. thank you. coming up in our next half- hour, a nationwide recall on a specific type of birth control. the packaging problem that could lead to trouble. >> plus a case of he said/he said. president trump disputes the testimony of his former fbi director. >> a valuable find at this retirement community. the artwork no one expected to uncover.
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president trump attacking the credibility of no collusion, no obstruction, he is a leaker.
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>> our top story at:6:30 president trump attacking the credibility of fired fbi director james comey. cbs reporter mola lenghi joins us live from the white house where mr. trump is calling comey a leaker. >> reporter: that's right, liz. you nailed it. this seems to be a classic said of he said/he said except much higher stakes than normal. while special counsel robert mueller investigates lawmakers are calling on the white house it release any tapes that might exist of conversations between the president and james comey. >> reporter: no collusion, no obstruction, he's leaker. >> reporter: president trump faced the media the as a joint news conference with romanian president ready for questions about fired fbi director james comey. >> frankly, james comey confirmed a lot of what i said. and some of the things that he said just weren't true. >> reporter: thursday, comey revealed he gave notes about his conversation with the
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president to a friend to leak to a reporter. comey said why he wrote the memos. >> i was honestly concerned he might lie about the nature of our meeting so i thought it really important to document. >> reporter: comey also testified he took the suggestion that he let go the investigation into former national security advisor michael flynn as an order from the president. >> he said he hopes the flynn investigation -- >> i didn't say that. >> so he lied about that. >> well, i didn't say that. i will tell you i didn't say that. >> and did he ask you to pledge -- >> there would be nothing wrong if i did i say it according to everybody that i have read today but i did not say that. >> and did he ask for a pledge of loyalty from you? that's another thing he said? >> no, he did not. >> so he said those things under oath would you be willing to speak under oath to give your version of -- >> 100%. i didn't say under oath. i hardly know the man. i'm not going to say. to you pledge allegiance. who would do that? who would ask a man to pledge allegiance under oath? think of it. i hardly know the man. >> so if robert mueller wanted to speak with you about that.
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>> i would be glad to tell him exactly what i just told you. >> reporter: two congressional committees and special counsel robert mueller continue to investigate alleged russian interference in the 2016 election and possible ties between trump associates and moscow. >> reporter: the white house or the president have really not cleared this up question about tapes. when asked today during that press conference, the president just said that we will know very soon. but he also added that reporters would be disappointed. meanwhile, robert mueller -- excuse me, james comey has encouraged the president to release any tapes if they do in fact exist. mola lenghi, the white house, liz, back to you. >> thank you. new details on the nsa contractor accused of leaking classified information to the media. the government says relate winner caused grave damage to national security. they fear she may have stolen or exposed other secrets. agents who searched her home say they found notes indicating she wanted to burn down the white house. in a recorded phone call from
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jail they say winner told her sister she would, quote, play the pretty white card cute -- or cute white card, rather, to help her get out of legal trouble. monday marks one year since the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. 49 people died in the attack at the pulse nightclub in orlando. cbs reporter kenneth craig talked to survivors and families who are still struggling to move forward. >> reporter: this person describes every day as a battle another day of sad and confused memories of the massacre at orlando's pulse nightclub. >> with every shot it was almost like glass breaking. and it was glass breaking and glass braking because the place is full of bottles. >> reporter: the 21-year-old was a dancer at the gay club. he survived by hiding in a dressing room. he heard the carnage on the other side of the wall where omar mateen opened fire on the crowd killing 49 people. he struggles with survivor guilt but has poured his anguish into his passion of
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costume design. >> this happens to people for a reason. >> reporter: the reason you believe that? >> yes. >> i absolutely do. >> do you know what the reason is? >> absolutely not. [ laughter ] >> i'm not supposed to yet. it keeps me going. >> reporter: tara has a permanent memorial in her home to honor her son cory. a young man with big dreams who was on his way to becoming a firefighter. >> i don't sleep at night. it's helping me to sleep thinking of what he went through. what was he thinking? you know, what was the last thing he said? >> reporter: she says it's been heartwarming to learn how many people cared about cory. but recently she feels herself buckling. >> i put on this face, you know, and i've heard how strong i am. you know, you're such a strong person, you know, everything you're going through. i question, am i really a strong person? because i hurt. >> reporter: for tara, as for me land, what will get them through the day's events is
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being together with the only people who really understand. kenneth craig, cbs news, orlando. >> orlando's planned a day of tributes on monday including a ceremony outside the pulse nightclub. still ahead, overcoming obstacles and now getting ready to walk across the stage. how a bay area college student pushed past homelessness to pursue her dream. >> hidden treasure in a garage. one man's multi-million dollar discovery.
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tomorrow is graduation day at cal state east bay. and we met one woman who had to make some tough choices to reach the stage. new at 6... tomorrow's graduation day at cal state east bay and we met one woman who had to make some tough choices to reach the stage. new at 6:00 kpix 5's john ramos
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hob how she pushed through homelessness to find success. >> reporter: students are sweating out the final exams but brenda brown faced a tougher test than that. >> it started really back in 2008 during the recession if you want to get technical. is when i lost -- got laid off from my job. >> reporter: two years later her unemployment ran out and she lost her apartment. she couldn't find work. >> i figure if i'm going to struggle i'm going to struggle doing it at school not making $10 an hour. >> reporter: so she enrolled in college renting rooms or bunking with friends. until about a year ago, when totally tapped out, the 50- something student began living in her car in parking lots near campus. 2 1/2 months of that and she was ready to ask for help. >> brenda was one of our first students that came to us who had enough courage to say i'm not afraid to tell my story. >> reporter: the timing was perfect. responding to an alarming study about poverty at california colleges, cal state east bay
6:39 pm
had just created its hope program, to support destitute students. along with a free food pantry, the program helped brenda find stable housing with a campus employee. more and more schools are beginning to question the notion of the broke college student. >> maybe that wasn't right. i shouldn't have to, you know, have dealt with that. >> reporter: brenda will graduate on saturday. and like a lot of students, her future is far from secure. but her experiences have given her confidence that she can survive whatever life throws at her or as she puts it -- >> god didn't save you out of the ocean to let you drown in the bathtub. >> reporter: in hayward, john ramos, kpix 5. be. >> brenda is studying to be a journalist. one of her first articles for the school paper was about homelessness in oakland. she says writing that story convinced her to seek help for her own situation. some young football recruits are preparing for the game of their lives.
6:40 pm
the san francisco 49ers are hosting their 11th annual football camp for the stars in san jose. it brings together professional players like dakota watson and norm price with 60 young players with down syndrome. >> these kids like football as much as the raiders, 49ers and coaches. they love football. you can tell by the spirit that they have. it was raining out here today. it was raining. nobody melted. we're all playing football in the rain. they love it! >> tomorrow morning, the kids compete in a flag football super bowl at levi's stadium. it's free and open to the public tomorrow starting at 10 a.m. there is a new spot in the east bay where families can splash around and cool off this summer. tomorrow the larky swim center in walnut creek opens to the public. "skydrone5" got a bird's-eye view of the brand-new renovation. the center on buena vista avenue has a heated pool, diving board and splash pad with a play deck and slides. parents we spoke to say they plan to make lots of visits to
6:41 pm
the pool during summer break. >> they are excited about summer and, you know, the nice weather and everything. >> it's cool they have this available for kids and i think that it's something we'll consider taking advantage of. >> admission to the grand opening tomorrow starts at 11 a.m. and it is free. the kids are always fine regardless of the temperature. mom and dad this weekend? you might need a jacket as you're watching your kids swim. why we're so chilly, how long it lasts and when we're heading back to 90. that's also in the seven-day forecast coming up.
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story we've been telling you about. just minutes ago...authorities released new details on the stabbing at the . new details on that breaking story we have been telling you about. just minutes ago, authorities released new details on the stabbing at the millbrae library. authorities are now saying that a 1-year-old boy was stabbed by a transient in what appears to be a random attack. it happened just outside the front doors of the library. police say the victim was outside with his friends when
6:45 pm
the 40-year-old man approached the teen and began stabbing him with a pocketknife. that's when the boy's friends jumped into action. >> his friends did not leave his side. his friends actually gathered him and rushed him inside into the bathroom so his friends also acted very bravely to help him out. >> the teen had injuries to his arms. he was taken to the hospital and is undergoing surgery right now. we are told that he will be okay. on the healthwatch, a warning for women on birth control. the fda has announced a nationwide recall of a certain drug. the pills were packaged improperly. the first four days of tablets labeled as active are inactive. the fda says that could result in pregnancy and health issues. a florida man is now facing charges for pulling the plug on a bounce house filled with children. police say the actions of 70-
6:46 pm
year-old charles latruba caused it to deflate on 12 children at a birthday party. a camera captured him unplugging the air pump. he thought he was disconnecting the power to a deejay's stereo equipment. if you have been doing some spring cleaning, you want to watch this next story. we show you one man's incredible discovery in his garage. >> we asked ourselves immediately what everyone else would, why is this in arizona? >> reporter: when josh levine's auction firm was called to this retirement community in arizona in 2015, they thought they were going to examine memorabilia signed by lakers star kobe bryant. instead, they stumbled on what appeared to be hidden treasure. >> it was all packed up just all in piles. you could see library boxes of personal effects the way tax returns, letters, correspondence, and then these stacks of art. >> reporter: inside this garage levine says he found famous works of art and what he
6:47 pm
believes is the work of abstract impressionist jackson pollack. >> it's big. >> reporter: it had been sitting in the arizona garage since 1992 when the owner who remains unnamed inherited it from his sister. >> jennifer gordon was a socialite in the new york scene in the art world at the right place at the right time. all the artists were hanging out at her apartment including jackson pollack. >> reporter: the paint something set to go up for auction later this month when the owner's family was told they just supply the a jackson pollack, expected to fetch as much as $15 million, some responded, jackson who? cbs news, new york. >> amazing. we know that moms can be pretty fearless. >> aha. one mom in north carolina proved that by getting her hands on an intruder slithering into her home. take a look. sunshine mccurry came home to find a nearly 6-foot snake in
6:48 pm
her kitchen but no problem. she went after it with a pillowcase and caught it and released it outside. dealt with snakes before. toss to meteorologist paul deanno (((weather)) >> she lives near a creek and deals with chickens and so this has probably happened before. >> this is nothing. i have picked up worse things in my life. i -- i can do this. no problem. >> it's the strength of a mother protecting her kids. snake, al gater, mom's got it. >> mom's dads, everybody is going to be chilly this weekend. it's not warm. despite a lot of sunshine, take a look at the temperatures. the view is excellent. but the temperatures are cool. upper 60s concord and santa rosa. 61 in oakland. 63 in livermore. june? san francisco 59 degrees. baseball tonight. we have the minnesota twins so interleague play going on. 7:15 is first pitch. cool and breezy 60 degrees.
6:49 pm
your first pitch temperature. overnight tonight, upper 40s north bay. napa 49. santa rosa 48. san jose 52. concord 52. sunrise tomorrow as you start your weekend 5:47 a.m. something that we typically see in late winter early spring would be a front with a trailing area of low pressure giving us an additional rain chance. we won't get an additional widespread rain chance but this low is heading in our direction. 24 hours after the front came and went, we still were dealing with this weather system in that the low will pass directly over northern california. increasing the cloud cover tomorrow. so you will start your weekend with sunshine thinking how smooth sailing it will be warm. it won't be warm but will get cloudy throughout the day. no rain chance but you will notice an increase in cloud cover throughout the afternoon with afternoon temperatures only in the 60s. sunday push the repeat button. sunshine for the most part to start. clouds and perhaps in the central valley maybe even the far north bay mountains an isolated shower there so this instable air brought about by that low will increase the
6:50 pm
cloud cover and decrease the temperature over the weekend. sick and tired of all these temperature swings? if you like the cold stuff enjoy this weekend. if you like warmer weather that's next week much warmer weather moving in next week with sunshine. we'll likely be hitting 90 degrees by this time next week. but cool this weekend. early sunshine increasing clouds saturday and sunday. chance of rain saturday and sunday in the mountains. hot late next week. with >> morning sunshine and afternoon clouds in san francisco, opposite of what's normal. chill think this weekend. sunshine returns on monday. the 80s return inland on tuesday. as we head toward the end of next week here comes the ridge
6:51 pm
and 90s away from the water. that's your kpix 5 forecast. we have heard about the gender gap in hollywood. coming up, how some women in theater say they broke through that glass ceiling. and why they claim there's still a long way to go. >> and coming up on nightbeat; come on nightbeat at 10:00 week, asking you if you think the 2017 warriors are the best team ever in nba history. htbeat 10 o- clock over on our sister station kbcw 44-cable 12. theater's biggest night -- the
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
tony awards -- is this sunday. and it's sparking the question: why aren't there more women playwrights on theater's biggest nights the tonys is this sunday and it's sparking the question, why aren't there more women playwrights on broadway? >> exactly! [ laughter ] >> cbs reporter meg oliver sits down with four prominent theater women to talk about gender equality. >> nice to meet you. come on in. >> reporter: this playwright has won nearly every award in her field including a pulitzer prize. despite her accolades, it took the legendary writer more than
6:55 pm
two decades to break through on broadway. >> you have a story we want to tell you. >> reporter: her new hit play is nominated for a tony for best play. along with thread written by another woman. the only nominated new plays written by women this season. >> why did it take so long? is that a fair thing to say? >> we have been asking that a long time. >> yes. yes. yes. >> ther is so different than any other field. -- theater is so different than any other field. it takes longer for women to break through. >> reporter: according to american theater magazine, last year only 21% of plays in the country were written by women. 67% were written by men. the rest were cowritten. >> i would like there to be gender equity. i would like the broadway season to reflect sort of the demographic of the country. >> reporter: this is only the third time in the history of the tony awards more than one female playwright has been nominated for best play at the same time. >> the fact that they are two tough plays written by women on broadway is an extension of
6:56 pm
what's happening in the country and i think that was reflect in the margins that women are standing up leaning forward and asserting their power. >> reporter: vogel says she will never forget the first time she saw the marquis in lights. >> the first time i saw the audience line up for the first preview, i actually thought oh, my gosh there's been an accident. [ laughter ] >> reporter: it's no accident she arrived and is shining bright on broadway. cbs news, new york. >> you can watch the tony awards sunday night at 8:00 right here on kpix 5 followed by our news at 11:00. for news throughout the evening the latest is as you on our website, >> don't forget to join us for nightbeat at 10:00 on kbcw 44/cable 12. and you can see us back here tonight at 11:00. >> have a great weekend. ♪[ music ] linda macdonald, captioner vitac corporation.
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