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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  June 9, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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this bay area library. tonight, investigators say: a stranger stabbed a boy over and over. good eveni now at 11:00 a random attack at this bay area library. investigators say a stranger stabbed a boy over and over. good evening. i'm veronica de la cruz in tonight for ken and elizabeth that, attack happening in front of the millbrae library this afternoon. kpix5's maria medina is there tonight. >> the teenager was shocked. he was panicking. >> reporter: a 13-year-old boy repeatedly stabbed with a pocketknife. >> he didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: chosen out of a group of his friends as they stood outside the millbrae
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library. >> he didn't know why he had been attacked. >> reporter: detectives with the san mateo county sheriff's office describe the violent act random. >> not only is this act very random because there appears to be no motive, but the crime itself is very random for the city of millbrae. >> reporter: the suspect is homeless according to investigators. when they got the call around 2:30, they say it only took them 20 seconds to arrive. >> after the attack he didn't flee. he stayed in the area. so on top of that it's another unusual circumstance. >> reporter: after the suspect's arrest deputies discovered the brave acts by library staff who rushed the kids inside. what's more heroic they say are the teen's friends who made sure to never leave his side. >> his friends actually gathered him and rushed him inside into the bathroom. so his friends also acting very bravely to help him out. >> reporter: the teen went to taylor middle school. today was his last day. he was stabbed in the arm.
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he underwent surgery but is expected to survive. in millbrae maria medina, kpix5. tonight two san francisco police officers are in the hospital after a wild crash. check out their overturned patrol car. sfpd is saying the officers flipped their car after hitting a boulder going southbound on the highway at 8:00 tonight near golden gate park. an ambulance rushed to the scene and carried the officers away on stretchers. we're told their injuries are not life threatening. it's not clear if speed was a factor in the crash. >> when they were attempting to negotiate passing another vehicle, their vehicle left the roadway, collided with a boulder in the center median and overturned. >> the southbound lanes last check were still closed. police are hoping witnesses and anyone with video of the crash will come forward. tonight the contra costa d.a. who admitted misusing campaign money is at the center of a
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criminal investigation. mark reynolds was elected district in 2010 and reelected in 2014. now the california attorney general opened an investigation into peterson's financial activities. a search warrant has been served the chronicle says and peterson says he is fully cooperating, but it's not yet clear what investigators are looking for or what charges they are considering. peterson has said he used $66,000 in campaign funds on personal expenses including travel, hotels, restaurants and movie tickets. that admission came after an investigation by the political practices commission. in addition, peterson is the target in a separate civil case. a judge may appoint a special prosecutor next week. tonight the tables were turned on the golden state warriors. the dubs had a chance to win the nba title and go for the perfect post season. instead game four they got clobbered in the cleveland. sports director dennis
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o'donnell is standing by live in cleveland tonight, but first let's get you to kpix5's andria borba who has been with fans tonight at oracle arena. >> reporter: you can look behind me. the plaza here is empty. there were no fireworks. the wind here at oracle arena tonight is cold and so was the warriors' shooting. strength in numbers may not have extended to the scoreboard. ubs...were decidedly not. nats groans looking for a record 16th straight playoff win a championship -- the but it certainly did for the packed to the rafters crowd for the watch party at oracle armed with $20 particulars and beers nearly as -- tickets and beers nearly as expensive the hardwood had already been rolled up. fans were pumped. the shots from the dubs were decidedly not. looking for a record 16 straight playoff wins to church an nba championship -- clinch an nba championship the warriors were up against cold
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shots and maybe something else they're trying to -- and maybe something else. >> they're trying to rig it. you look at the calls and look at what they're calling, it's not good. >> reporter: while the officiating could be called into question, sometimes it's overconfidence that can kill a sweep like christian cruz dragging lebron's jersey around oracle plaza. >> there's no reason. when you're as confident as all these warriors fans are here, there's no reason for jinx. so let's make it happen tonight. that's all i got to say. >> reporter: on to game five. while tickets go on sale to the general public to game five tomorrow at 5 p.m. >> we'll keep our fingers crossed for the next game. we appreciate it. thank you. dennis o'donnell is now live in cleveland. dennis, break this down. what happened here? >> reporter: well, i think it was a crazy game all the way around. you heard that fan in andria's
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package and cleveland first of all shot lights out scoring 86 points in the 1st half alone, an nba record. they won the game 137-116, but things really fell off the rails in the 3rd quarter. here's what happened. first lebron and kevin durant got in each other's faces over a hard foul at the rim and then there was a bizarre mixup on technical fouls involving draymond green and steve kerr that was given to the warrior coach and kept draymond in the game. later shumpert and pachulia got into it and then an argument with a fan who is a ceo of a steel company in cleveland. the fan was ejected, a bizarre quarter that adds up to the first loss of the warriors season. >> reporter: can you describe the emotions of that game?
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>> it was everywhere. that was the thing trying to relate to the refs trying to get the game under control. there was a lot going on and it was taking away from the game of basketball. >> we didn't say anything malicious. it was just part of the game. emotions are what keeps this game alive. it keeps it going. >> reporter: i think livingston was very frank in his postgame discussion, but at the end of the day it was the cavaliers that shot lights out. we'll have that story and more reaction coming up later in sports. at the q in cleveland dennis o'donnell, kpix5. >> the warriors believe there is a silver lining. they tweeted on the bright side one more game on warriors ground. we'll see you on monday, dub nation. some san jose residents feel a bit safer in their homes after years of waiting for the protection they were promised. in february flooding along the coyote creek caused at least
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$100 million in damage and prompted thousands of evacuations. the santa clara water district has since acknowledged it is playing catch-up to reduce the risk. now crews have played improvements along another waterway, -- made improvements along another waterway, the silver creek that expert, with the coyote and has a history of flooding. flood walls have been installed, the crab widened and pedestrian -- channel widened and the pedestrian bridge has been raised. fbi director james comey testified -- former fbi director james comey james comey testified president trump is lying and now president trump is saying the same thing about comey. >> reporter: during a news conference with romania's president, president trump disputed the senate committee testimony yesterday. >> james comey confirmed a lot of the things i said and some of the things he said just weren't true. >> reporter: the fired fbi
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director told congress the president asked him to pledge his loyalty and drop an investigation against national security advisor michael flynn. >> i didn't say that. >> would you be willing to speak under oath to give your version of these events? >> 100%. >> reporter: trump insisted comey's testimony proved his campaign didn't collude with russia to undermine last year's election, but house minority leader nancy pelosi argued comey's testimony showed the president abused his power. >> the president's fitness for office is something that's being called into question. >> reporter: meanwhile the president's personal attorney plans to file a complaint with the justice department and senate intelligence committee. mr. trump charges mr. comey released sensitive information. >> he's a leaker. >> reporter: comey plains the memos. >> i was honestly -- explains the memos. >> i was honestly concerned he might lie about the meetings.
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>> reporter: as for tapes of the conversations? >> i'll tell you about those in the very near future. >> reporter: tonight the white house is asked to release any tapes by august 23rd. >> nearly 20 million people tuned in for the testimony. 36 people died in this bay area warehouse fire, tonight a twist in the criminal case, why the defense attorney blames the firefighters. >> tonight an environmental scare, this black flood leaked into the bay. what is it -- black sludge leaked into the bay. what is it? >> this bay area teen-ager murdered 23 years ago, tonight her killer has never been caught. now the new 3d technology that could finally crack the case.
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because it was going to be a loud event. tonight the wife of the man charged in the ghost ship warehouse fire.. is breaking her silence. she spoke alongside her tonight the wife of the man charged in the ghost ship warehouse fire is breaking her silence. kpix5's da lin on who they say should be held responsible for the deadly fire in oakland. ters hs at the ghost >> reporter: it started with a clap. the famous attorney tony serra wasted no time blaming the landlord, pg&e, building inspectors, police officers and firefighters for the 36 deaths at the ghost ship warehouse. he specifically called out the firefighters. >> what they did was terribly negligent. they put a hole in the roof. it drew up all of the smoke. the people who died didn't die of burn. they were asphyxiated by the smoke. >> reporter: he said his client is an innocent man who had no idea the warehouse was
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dangerous. >> he would have never allowed he and his family to live there if he perceived danger. >> we are all grieving. my husband is a good man. they're not selfish. they're not greedy. or reckless. >> reporter: the defense said almena knew about the illegal party at the warehouse, but it shouldn't result in manslaughter charges. >> one, it's not for someone to live. two, it's not for loud parties, but for him to understand that, to know that's going to happen, is that not criminal liability as tony had alluded to earlier? >> it's not criminal liability, no. >> and it's not responsible for that when he knows it's going to happen? >> the responsibility is something that needs to be weighed and determined in the civil courts. there's a lot of defendants. >> but you have 36 people who died. that becomes a criminal matter. >> just it's an incredible
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tragedy. the loss of life is unfathomable. >> reporter: i talked to fire victim mckella gregory's father. he does not buy the argument. da lin, kpix5. >> pg&e responding, "we've seen no evidence to date that our facilities were the cause of the fire. we've reviewed records and over the last 10 plus years have no reports of electric thefts from this location or the adjacent presentation." tonight pg&e is paying the -- presentation. tonight pg&e is paying the -- premises. tonight pg&e is paying the city of carmel $1.6 million to every coe the cost of repair -- to cover the cost of repairs in police and firefighting resources since the explosion. there was an environmental
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scare in the bay tonight. tonight they are still trying to figure out where it came from. kpix5's don ford on the mysterious black gunk. john gio county supervisor >> reporter: chevron first noticed the problem at 6:30 this morning, a black substance floating between the tanker and the wharf. >> the first description of the material that came into the county was solid black material and everyone assumed it's oil, but it wasn't. >> reporter: the black gunk is believed to be soot from the ship's engine exhaust. an investigation is now underway to determine which ship, how the soot was discharged and how much soot made it to the water. >> it was about a sheen of about 20 square feet was seen in the water. >> reporter: chevron activated their hazardous materials response team and boomed off the area in minutes. the black soot floated for several hours and it's unknown how long the cleanup will take. >> it appears chevron appeared
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in a timely way to contain whatever went into the water. >> reporter: california fish and wildlife is also on scene and the report that there is no apparent impact on either fish or other wildlife. in richmond don ford, kpix5. the man accused of going on a rampage at an east bay ramp has been charged with vandalism and having a deadly weapon. investigators say scott hagen was driving a pickup when he rammed through the property's gate and intentionally crashed into a barn. he was then shot by the rancher after allegedly trying to run him over. hagen is due in court next week. alameda county sheriffs are using a new tool to try to crack a cold case, the murder of a teenager inside her own home. that case has haunted investigators and the girl's parents for more than two decades. tonight christin ayers shows us the new 3d technology. natsot she gave us she said this is w >> that was her very last
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picture. >> reporter: john and may lynn's home is a tribute to their daughter jenny, a straight a student and budding musician at 14 years old frozen in time. >> she gave us coupons one year. this is worth five hugs. >> reporter: on may 27th, 1994, john left work and came to his home to discover a stranger had been there. he found jenny bound and stabbed to death in the bathroom. >> it was just so devastating. r daughter. christin ayers, on the nightbeat/kpix-5. a new mudslide is causing major backups tonight for some drive erra. and just taking everyone in shock. >> reporter: it's been 23 years since it happened. since then the lynns have moved just outside los angeles, but because their daughter's killer is still out there they've never really moved on. >> finding the person who is responsible for my daughter's killing remains the most important thing. >> reporter: over the years
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there have been leads but no arrests. authorities think the killer figured out the family's pattern and broke into their home through a small downstairs window. for years there's been a hefty reward for information leading to an arrest, but the alameda county sheriff's department is now focused on new technology. the fbi released this 3d model of the lin home a couple week ago and they hope to use social media -- weeks ago and they hope to use social media to draw attention to the case. >> what we're doing is taking the most current technology to reevaluate the evidence that's been collected 20 years ago. >> reporter: the lins still believe there will be justice for jenny. >> we remain very hopeful that the case will be solved. >> reporter: though they say nothing will heal this 23-year- old wound. >> the closure that remain the end of pain, the end of sadness. that will stay with us all the way, but at least it's an answer that we've been looking
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for. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix5. a new mudslide is causing major backups tonight for some drivers headed to the sierra. thousands of tons of debris fell on highway 50 in el dorado county. caltrans crews spent the day trying to shore up the mountain. the slide is blocking west bound lanes between white hall and kyber. >> there's a tremendous amount of groundwater in our soil and it's still absorbing and doing its thing from the past winter months. >> caltrans says it will take all weekend to clean the mess up and speaking of winter, paul, it's going to be feeling a little bit more like winter than summer this weekend, right? very chilly throughout the bay area this weekend, up to 15 degrees cooler on average and the snow level in the sierra this weekend down to 7,000 feet in june. live picture outside, a beautiful friday evening, chilly and breezy. on the embarcardero things look excellent, mostly clear skies.
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let's talk about some temperature comparison now as we have 90 in fairbanks and 63 in san francisco, 27 degrees colder in san francisco today compared to fairbanks, alaska. that is crazy. it's not happening every day. overnight 50 in the city, vallejo 50, oakland 53, not that much cloud cover overnight but not warm this weekend. livermore rodeo last year 90, this year not hitting 70. haight-ashbury street fair this weekend. we have an area of low pressure to our north and west about 24 hours behind the front that gave us a couple showers yesterday, light rain for the north bay. this will pass very close to the bay area and cool off the atmosphere and destabilize the atmosphere. it will keep us chilly tomorrow and sunday and also increase the clouds in the afternoon. notice we're sunny anywhere
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away from the water tomorrow morning. we get a little buildup of cloud cover. the cumulus cloud field will go partly sunny tomorrow afternoon, repeat sunday, not that much cloud cover in the morning. clouds develop in the afternoon, even the slight chance of a north bay mountain shower on sunday. if you want warmer weather, it's coming, but you got to be patient, next thursday and friday. big ridge, 60s for highs we're going to the 90s, hot at the end of the seven-day forecast. early sunshine, afternoon clouds tomorrow and also sunday, tiny chance of a north bay shower especially sunday, much warmer weather next week. look at all the 60s the second weekend in june. 68 for livermore. that's it. 68 for san rafael, san francisco 61, san jose hitting 70 a couple minutes, cooler on sunday, monday the sunshine back, warmer. back to normal tuesday and wednesday. then the hot stuff rolls in on friday. it's like a pendulum swinging back and forth this spring and summer. we're hot and cold. you can't get stuck in the middle more than a day.
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>> bundle up in the meantime. let's get you back now to dennis o'donnell who is live in cleveland. hey, dennis. >> reporter: earlier in this newscast we showed you the craziness of this basketball game. when we come back, the reason this series is coming back to oakland and reaction when we return.
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. welcome back to cleveland, everybody, where the warriors expected to come back with the nba finals trophy. instead they're coming back with the cleveland cavaliers, kevin durant one win away from his first championship. 1st quarter off the steal of the dunk gave the cavs a 17 point lead. cleveland set a record with 49 points in the 1st quarter alone. kyrie irving caps off a 28 point 1st half. cavs led by 22. they scored 86 in the half, a finals record. in the 3rd james throws it off the backboard to himself, alley-
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oop. it was 96-75, just three minutes into the 2nd half. halfway through the 3rd we finally have a warrior highlight. durant dives in for the duck, cuts the deficit to 14. james knocks down one of the cavs' 24 three's and finishes with 31 points and a triple double. 4th quarter warriors cut the deficit to 14. irving drives in, 121-104. the cavs win 137-116 cutting golden state's series lead three games to one and handing the warriors their first loss of the postseason. >> some of the guys heard it and told me that they wanted to celebrate on our floor once again and they wanted to spray champagne in our locker rooms and, you know, i think it came from draymond. >> we knew what we were faced with. that was what it was. then you add, of course, you know, some chatter in there and
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that adds some extra motivation. we were ready to come out, especially me, because that taste wouldn't have been the same if we would have lost tonight and they celebrated on our home floor. >> we would have loved to have celebrated tonight and finished off the job, didn't happen, got another opportunity on monday. >> monday, game five in oakland. back with the baseball story in just a moment.
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. here the giants have been one of the most >> welcome back, everybody. it's no secret the san francisco giants have been one of the most disappointing teams in baseball. conversely they welcomed a team that was one of the biggest surprises, the minnesota twins. two months into the year and the giants' playoff hopes are drifting away. top of the 4th santana clears the bases with a three run double. santana pitches a complete game shutout. minnesota wins 4-0. bob melvin and the as had no answer for the rays' bats in tampa. bottom of the 4th smith connects for one of the rays' five home runs in the game and
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they crush oakland 13-4. warriors crushed tonight by the cleveland cavaliers, but i tell you what. i think the warriors are lucky to get out of here with a split. i think they were outplayed both games but did win game three. so they're going back to oakland for game five. they can win it there. >> thank you. we'll be right back. who are these people?
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the late show with stephen colbert is up next. have a terrific weekend and
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we'll see you monday! good night. captioning sponsored b


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