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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  June 12, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> it looks good. >> it has been exciting. we have to do it. >> it is done and bring on the parade. i did say that. good morning. let's get to it. this is our live high def doppler radar. we picked up thunderstorm activity across the north bay and have clear skies but we are seeing snow in the high sierra. kirkwood has some snowfall and we have clearing in the skies with cooler air masses in place. 47 degrees and in the 50s pretty uniform. 60 degrees in livermore and that is at least 14 degrees below where we should be. high 50s that the seashore. 74 in santa rosa and unseasonably mild in the south, as well. we're talking triple digits.
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the fall forecast at 18 minutes after the hour. for now, back to jacqueline. we have an accident along 101 southbound in woodside. no longer blocking the lanes and a heads up that you may see flashing lights as you go out the door as part of your morning commute. a wind advisory in place. both hands on the wheel and keep a firm grip across the span. a wind advisory in effect for the san mateo bridge and the bay bridge. be careful as you make your way out the door on your monday morning commute. back to you. sky drone5 shows a stretch of highway 17 badly damaged by winter storms and drivers can expect that the crews will begin repair work. sandra osborne is live alongside highway 17 with the details. sandra? >> drivers can expect 30 minute
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delays later this morning as construction begins. caltrans said it is necessary as they work to repair the highway. sky drone5 gives a birds eye view of some of the work caltrans has cut out for them. this hillside that had the mudslide is over four stories tall. who can forget that? it smashed into a tv news fan and is one example of how rain and debris messed up the asphalt out here. drivers are being warned to expect long delays. >> sounds like it will be pretty rough. it already is with two lanes. >> construction begins this morning and will be in the southbound stretch from summit road to vine hill road on highway 17 in the number two lynn will be shut down between 7:30 and 2:00 today through thursday and next, a short
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stretch from sims road will be worked on with crew shutting down southbound number two lane just on friday. for drivers heading out this morning there will be electronic message boards up and it will warn as you approach the repair section. caltrans said to expect delays up to 30 minutes. live in the santa cruz mountains, sandra osborne, kpix5. >> thanks, sandra. people will have the warriors hosting game five of the nbi finals. nba finals that oracle arena with a preview. you've been in here before. all of this craziness, you can see this floor is covered and this is what they do before they polish the court. it is gold everything right now, kind of eerie with these seats empty but tonight will be wild in here. what does it take if you want to get one of these court sides
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seats? somebody already paid $90,000 for a pair of court sides seats and another person, $80,000. the city of oakland is auctioning off luxury mezzanine seats. young entrepreneurs and anyone can be on the edge of their seats with the warriors going into game five. this year they hope for a different result. >> we are in a better position, we are healthy and we have kevin durant. that is a good thing. they are better, too, and we have to bring it. we have to take this game and do it with efficiency and competitive defense. and, alertness and awareness. i just texted stub hub and they have these seats, they are
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the cheapest and they are seats. some of those tickets, over here, you can see they have this with seats all gold, everything, the final t-shirts. here is a fun fact. if they win tonight it will be the first bay area team to win a championship in their home venue and it will be wild tonight if that happens. kpix5, jessica flores. the investigation into russian interference is back in the spotlight this week with attorney general jeff sessions testified before the senate intelligence committee tomorrow. sessions recused himself into possible collusion between the trump campaign and russia in march. he admitted he met twice with a russian ambassador to the u.s. sessions will likely face questions about those meetings and any involvement in the firing of former fbi director james comey. >> the president said comey was fired because of russia. how does that fit in with his
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recusal? >> sessions recused himself from all ongoing investigations for reasons he could not discuss in a nonclassified setting and it's unclear if he will testify in public or behind closed doors. puerto rico voted overwhelmingly to become the 51st u.s. state that 97% of voters chose statehood and congress can only make that happen. the governor will make the case for statehood to congress and the white house and the island is billions of dollars in debt and struggles with high poverty rates. today marks one year since the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. we're looking live outside the pulse nightclub in orlando where 49 people were killed last june. kenneth craig has the latest where the first of several bill jewels -- several vigils was held last night. a private service was held at the pulse nightclub for survivors and victim's families. dozens gathered outside. some had candles and others
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were dressed as angels. >> very emotional, yes, very overwhelming. >> [ spoken in spanish ] >> reporter: these mothers built a special bond and formed a support group in the wake of the massacre. each of their children went out for a night of fun and never came home. they were among 49 gund down at the orlando nightclub by omar mateen and 53 others were injured. >> our kids are angels and they put us together. it's something special, beautiful. >> reporter: myra's daughter, amanda, was just 25 years old. >> all those plans and he shot her. she was taken away from us. >> reporter: sharing their stories isn't easy but one of the few things that have helped them move forward. >> strangers before? >> strangers before, yes.
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>> family, now. >> reporter: kenneth craig, cbs news in kissimmee, florida. >> there will be a vigil at skyline memorial park in san mateo at 6:00 tonight and another at san francisco castro park at 30:00 this evening. >> [ chanting ] hundreds turned out for the equality march through downtown san jose yesterday. they cheered and waved signs and flags. it was meant to promote inclusion and elevate diversity. 2000 jobs at yahoo are on the line as verizon takes over the company. yahoo shareholders signed off on this sale on thursday and verizon plans to merge yahoo and aol. a source said that after the deal closes, verizon intends to lay off 2100 people, 15% of the staff at yahoo and aol and they
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predict the sale will close this week. the time is 5:08 and 18 members of a frat at penn state will be in court. they face charges on the tragic death of a pledge. a major effort to repair storm damaged roads will begin in one bay area city today. sure, it may be a little cool outside. good morning, everyone. come -- good morning, everyone. we are tracking cool weather. most notably, the day we will hit triple digits. no delays at the golden gate bridge. we are tracking some slowdowns. are there part of your morning commute? find out, coming up. a majestic forest is dying. >> the drought created a perfect environmental storm that left the trees stressed and defenseless. >> the towering victims of bark
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beetles. tiny insects that cause lethal damage and raise the risk of wildfires. >> the death of the trees has a major effect and well, for decades to come. >> expect original reporting from kpix5 news. expect more.
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bill cosby may take the stand in his good morning and welcome to your monday time check. it is 5:12 on this june 12th and this is our live weather camera. clouds and definitely a cool start to the work week, but it will pan out to be triple digits very soon. i will pinpoint when to expect the heat, in less than four minutes. bill cosby may take the stand in his sexual assault trial. the prosecution rested on friday after his accuser testified that cosby drugged and assaulted her in 2004.
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lors for cosby expect to make their case starting today. it's not clear who they will call as witnesses. there is speculation cosby may testify in the case could go to the jury early this week. right now, a preliminary hearing gets on with the death of a penn state fraternity pledge. prosecutors say tim piazza fell several times after being urged to drink by his beta theta pi maternity brothers. help was not called until the next morning. he died of brain injuries. the hearing will decide if the case will go to trial. >> they fed him lethal doses of alcohol and treated him and and treated him like roadkill. they kicked him around and punched him. >> they said his spleen runs
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shattered. >> the government assumes these young men, many intoxicated themselves, should have been able to differentiate symptoms of extreme intoxication from symptoms of a life-threatening head injury, an impossible burden to place on them. >> there is a new app to prepare for a busy wildfire season. cal fire launched this and it will send a text alert and notification when there is a wildfire in their area. how to get your home and family prepared. downloaded by searching for cal fire in the -- in the app store. there will be a pothole blitz to prepare for repair of city roads. there is urgency with all the damage from the winter storms last year and workers focus on a different part of oakland each week during the summer. roads are rough all around the bay area right now. all the rain we have is soaked into the pavement to do this damage. >> every time i drive through the call to cut tunnel, it's not good for whatever that is called underneath the car. i never know the parts but i know it is bad, jacqueline. >> i always feel like this, but
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i'm still going down the road. we are tracking slow downs for drivers through the altamont pass and if you are coming out of tracy into livermore, westbound is getting heavy, westbound 580. when you get out of livermore, to the interchange, you will have diamonds and rubies for your monday morning commute. the 26 minute ride toward 680 and we have green for drivers coming out of antioch, what a treat on westbound for and just under a 30 minute ride. quiet as the san rafael bridge, and headlights in the westbound direction. we are seeing a back up at the bay bridge toll plaza with a beautiful shot, nonetheless. just under 15 minutes and we have wind advisories in place for drivers heading across the bay bridge and the dumbarton
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bridge. have an accident with bridge chatter. eastbound through the toll plaza, there is is a ladder rack that hit the toll plaza booth. it looks like crews are on scene but no major delays. i send this over to roberta. 5:16 and let's go outside. a cool start with lingering clouds and the passage of the area of low pressure yesterday, the colors are a little off and it will be tweaked as the sun makes its appearance. 47 in santa rosa after a passing shower yesterday and 50s across the board for livermore through oakland and san francisco is 53. in the 50s across the santa clara valley. kicking up a little bit of gusty wind.
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west-northwest, seven in oakland, 17 in sfo. otherwise, in the interior valley, the winds are 10 miles an hour and breezy later. san mateo coast, clear skies and in san francisco, they picked up nearly one quarter of an inch of rain. it was yesterday with thunderstorm activity. katie in hayward reports 57 degrees. an area of low pressure is kicking out north and east. providing snow in the high sierras with drizzle anticipated throughout lake tahoe. we have clouds, lingering into the afternoon hours, and then we will wake up tomorrow morning to stratus hanging tight to the initial seashore before watching this with high pressure kicking in offshore and offshore flow, it looks like
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that with not a cloud in the sky. what you see on the seven-day outlook, 74 in sacramento with lingering showers and snow in the high sierra and remaining dry in yosemite but cooler and 61 in monterey bay. our temperatures are unseasonably cool and livermore, enjoy it. throw up in your windows because you have the ac running from ac all the way through father's day. north bay, your extended forecast has a jump in the temperatures away from the bay on tuesday and we have some comfortable temperatures bayside throughout the week. we will be hitting 100 degrees at discovery bay by sunday and that is a look at your forecast. michelle, it was quite a night for awards last night?
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>> it was. the tony awards. broadway's biggest night, the 71st annual tony awards. beth midler took home best actress for her role in hello dolly. >> i have so many people to think. i think the american theater and all the tony award voters, many whom i've dated. [ music ] i just want to say that it means something. expect the orchestra tried to cut her off but she wasn't having any of it. she's that midler, for god's sake. she rattled off an impressive list to think and went on for four minutes. the musical, "dear evan hansen" won best musical. a presidential handshake is going viral. some and captured video of former president -- former president jimmy carter shaking the hands of every single passenger on a delta flight. >> thank you, sir.
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>> a secret service agent followed carter as he walked down the aisle going seat to seat. a man on the d.c. bound flight caption the video and posted it with #'s wound. it has more than 35,000 likes. viral photo from colorado. a bear made a surprise appearance during the middle of a race. a runner captured this in colorado springs and you can see the bear is casually running across the road. people are responding to say this is why i don't run. coming up, can the defending stanley cup champs make it two in a row? and the giants hit doubles for the first time since dwight eisenhower was in the oval office, but it wasn't enough. that story, coming up. what is cool about your summer camp? email your nominations to cool camp
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welcome back. we take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza and it looks like they may have turned on the metering lights. we will check in with chp and have more coming up and the traffic report. first, a check on sports. the giants tied the record set in 1958, the year they
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moved west and san francisco had eight doubles yesterday and broke the offense of slump. the giants offense made a huge splash of their own. bottom of the seventh, buster posey had a double and three more hits. he is hitting .347 in san francisco scored nine runs in the seventh. they avoided the sweep. the rays stung in tampa with chris davis having a chance to be the hero. three out of four from the athletics. tim mcgraw fired up the crowd in nashville. stanley cup finals, back with this not ever having to pay for a trip to pittsburgh again. the predators were beat 2-0. much better against the racket than rafael nadal, rafael nadal won his tenth title and 15 career grand slam's.
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i did not forget to mention the golden state warriors sports cast, 5:00, 6:00, 10:00 and 11 from oracle tonight. i'm dennis o'donnel. see you tonight. [ cheering ] penguins fans flooded the streets of pittsburgh overnight to celebrate the stanley cup -- stanley cup victory. the first team since the red wings to win back-to-back. a bully of the day with indians hosting the white sox in cleveland. smashed off and he got thrown out! >> [ cheering ] >> the ball deflected off a picture and then santana finished off with a scoop at first and the indians grabbed the play of the day.
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the calm before the storm. we take you inside oracle arena before game five of the nba finals. that story, coming up. road work on highway 17 will bring delays for drivers in the santa cruz mountains. i tell you where and when, coming up. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california
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and do your thing. ♪ live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. the ceo of uber is under fire from his own board of directors as the company deals with the string of embarrassing scandals. a lawsuit is expected to be filed accusing president trump of braking anticorruption measures included in the constitution. from the kpix weather
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center, good morning. it is cool today but i will talk about the day we had triple digits. 880 is nice and quiet if you are coming through oakland this morning. that will be a different story this evening. more on that, coming up. good morning. it is monday, june 12th and your weekend is over. we are glad you are with us. >> [ laughter ] i'm michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec. kenny choi has the morning off. crazy weather this weekend. all part of this scene around northern california. the weather service warned of five inches of snow falling in the northern sierra yesterday with wet weather sparking a warning that winter conditions could last through today. in the bay area, one driver in sonoma was startled to see this. [ sound of hail ] >> oh my goodness! it's like snow! >> folks pulled out cell phones
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to film hail on the roof and windshield then some even got like dean -- lightning strikes. this week, the weather is said to take a turn for the dry and warmer side. >> a stretch of highway 17 saw significant damage during the winter storms and now, drivers expect delays to the santa cruz mountains as crews get started on repairs. sandra osborne is live with the details. good morning. it was four months ago that torrential rain and mudslides had a big impact on highway 17 close to where we are standing right now and caltrans has to begin the emergency paving work to get things back up to snuff along highway 17. sky drone5 giving a birds eye view of what crews have to work with and what they expect with emergency paving work on the
5:32 am
southbound stretch from summit road to vine hill road with the outside lane being shut down between 7:30 and 2:00. next, a short stretch from sims road will be work done with crews shutting down the southbound number two lane on friday. hopefully, some people can work from home on friday. >> if it makes it better, we have to put up with that. >> it's hard to forget the now dried out hillside. that was the scene of a massive hill slide this winter. it damaged the roadway with rain and debris and caltrans is putting up an electronic message board to give drivers a warning before they head into those zones. one lane on the southbound side and caltrans said delays will be up to 30 minutes. sandra osborne, kpix5. >> good times to work from
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home, it sounds like. alberto gonzales fresh from the tropics. >> i was in the west indies, leeward islands and i was amazed to see how many people love the warriors there. >> that's awesome! >> they were saying, go to the dubs. >> we were at the watch parties and everybody was wearing blue, similar to today. an exciting night. >> from treasure island, we are clearing out nicely from the area of low pressure that brought cooler temperatures and scattered storms in the north bay. the official sunrise is at 5:47. the doppler radar is not picking up precipitation locally. some clutter at the altamont pass and on this, some light
5:34 am
precipitation down to lake level and into kirkwood, bypassing any kind of snow in the yosemite area. this is the sunrise with some lingering clouds and temperatures 47 in santa rosa and the 50s in oakland, livermore, san francisco and san jose a bit of a breeze and variable, 10-20 later this afternoon. temperature-wise, we should be near 80 in the tri-valley. throw open those windows because you will have the ac running by wednesday with 70s and the north bay, 71 in napa where we saw almost a full quarter of an inch of precipitation due to the passage of that area of low pressure with high 50s and we will talk about triple digits and when to expect the heat that will be on. let's go to jacqueline. >> we track a new crash that is
5:35 am
slowing some folks down. westbound 580, looked out. we are seeing delays building. just below 40 miles an hour. a couple of cars and slow out of tracy into livermore. 30 minutes with a live look at 580 as you approach 680 westbound. at the toll plaza, the metering lights were just turned on. traffic is backed up and it is starting to stretch beyond that and at the bay bridge, we have a wind advisory in place. slow down on 680 from 580 to 684, a 12 minute ride. a big night for the warriors hosting cavaliers with game five of the nba finals. jessica flores x -- jessica flores is inside the oracle
5:36 am
arena to show you how they are preparing. all eyes will be centered tonight. it looks different because in a couple of hours there will be crews polishing it and making sure everything is prepared for the game tonight. take a look. everything is covered with these t-shirts. all gold everything. tonight, if you want to get a ticket, it will cost you a pretty penny. someone already spent $90,000 for courtside seats. another person said $80,000 and offering up luxury minute -- luxury minute -- luxury mezzanine seats and anyone here is sure to be on the edge of their seats. this year, they are hoping for a different result. >> it would be a great night to get it done and take advantage of the home crowd and the
5:37 am
energy. you know, how poorly we played game four, to try to make the necessary adjustments, energy wise and focus wise to get it done. >> yes. >> reporter: what would it take to get one of these seats? look at stub hub, the third- party site, $600 is the cheapest ticket but these courtside seats, i'm liking this because you can get any seat here, everything, it is a chance to see the warriors beat the cavs tonight. we will keep our fingers crossed and send it back to you guys. >> thank you. struck the attorney general for the state of maryland and washington, dc will file a lawsuit against president donald trump, today. the lawsuit claims the president violated anticorruption rules and the constitution by refusing to give up ownership of his business interest. the lawsuit alleges president
5:38 am
donald trump accepted billions in payments and benefits from foreign governments since taking office. >> yes. today, a congressman is expected to plead guilty to assault. greg gianforte was asked a question and he body slammed a reporter, supposedly. he went on to win the special election. a democrat running in a special congressional election in georgia is getting support from volunteers in the bay area. they spent the weekend reaching out to voters in george's district urging them to vote for jon ossoff. the seat was vacated by health and human start -- by health and human services secretary, tom price. one of two men charged in
5:39 am
the death of the ghost ship fire is due in court for an arrangement. investigators said max harris plan the party in the warehouse were 36 people were killed in he faces 36 counts of manslaughter. the master tenant at the warehouse, derick almena, is scheduled to be back in court tomorrow. in oakland councilman said the city is making progress to hiring more fire inspectors. the mayor promised to beef up the staff is the deadly fires. the oakland fire department later admitted no record of ever inspecting the converted warehouse. councilman, noel gallo, said six additional inspectors will be hired as soon as possible. oakland recently increased the training requirements for fire inspectors on staff. the ceo of uber could be taking a leave of absence. the board of directors discussed the idea in a closed- door meeting. travis kalanick has been at the center of controversy. there were reports of sexual harassment at the company and
5:40 am
we are told kalanick actually proposed the idea of taking time off after his parents were involved in a deadly boat crash. uber could reveal the decision as early as tomorrow. from bay area, there was a new financial report. joe wagner has the story and much more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we will see if the tech center can rebound. the biggest names in the tech industry took a nosedive including facebook, apple and facebook could be overvalued. the company buying jaguar and land rover invested $25 million to support lyft researching self driving cars. bank of america and delta airlines are pulling their sponsorship from a public theater program in new york city over controversial rendition of julius caesar. it featured a donald trump look- alike playing the assassinated character and delta said the artistic creation crossed the line.
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>> grandma price tag for the microsoft new gaming console. the xbox will sell for about $490. microsoft said the xbox is the most advanced and powerful console in the gaming industry. >> getting excited to see that halo graphic. that is my game. [ laughter ] >> have a great day, and it is 5:41. a car goes into the marina. what happened to the person driving it? up next. a tiny california town produces a huge winner in a $447 million lottery drawing. ♪
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all across america more people are choosing nissan. ♪ ♪ it's america's best sales event at nissan the fastest-growing auto brand in the u.s.a. take on every day get 0% for up to 72 months on 13 models. ♪
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water at the san leandro marina... and then bolted. two good samaritans used a rock to break a window in the car... to get the people out. for the pa police are hunting for two people who drove a car into the water at the san leandro marina and then bolted. good samaritans used a rock to break the window of the car to get the people out and then they took off. police are looking for them. it's unclear what charges they could face. in san francisco, a woman who runs a rescue shelter for dogs is trying to get back to life as normal -- as normal after a violent robbery. some men robbed her and took her cell phone, laptop and hundreds of dollars in donations for the rocket dog shelter, the rescue she founded. she was coming home from a fund raiser and she said wealthy people have been moving into the neighborhood and she is seeing purses on the sidewalk. she said robberies are on the rise.
5:45 am
>> people are moving in with money and resources into this area. it might not be the best area. >> she said she and volunteers have prevented 8000 dogs from being put down. she told us that more police are patrolling the neighborhood since the incident. the clock is ticking for the final state budget plan. if they want to vote by the deadline, lester, voters required a 72 hour waving period for the public with three days to look over the plan before lawmakers have a final vote. the next fiscal year starts has not come forward but the owners of a liquor store and a tiny southern california town said it is a win for them. it was sold at marietta liquor
5:46 am
in the county town of menifee. the owner of the story got sick and now his son is managing the store. he said a difficult year got a bit easier. the store will get $1 million for selling the winning ticket. and $9 million super lotto ticket was sold in 1996. whoever the person is, i say, stay anonymous as long as possible. >> really? we know that they will be hounded. [ laughter ] >> that winning lottery ticket literally put that community on the map. i've never heard of it. >> one of our photographers, brian kiley, he emailed us to let us know we pronounced it wrong. and i said, nobody knows the difference! >> he was in menifee watching online. >> really? >> i work in southern california and never heard of it. >> there you go. now we know. it was put on the map. >> on the map, but in oakland,
5:47 am
tonight, we see game five. the final game. 880 is moving at the limit in both directions. you can expect major traffic this evening, especially right before game time. game time is 6:00 p.m. my advice, if you are not going to the game or don't need to be on 880, i highly encourage you to stay off 880. local streets will be jampacked, as well, and after game time, especially. a heads up for anybody who lives there. we have an accident on southbound 880 causing backups. not blocking lanes but slowing down your drive time. an earlier crash on 580 is slowing things down quite a bit. a couple of cars and you can see it went below 20 miles an hour with your ride climbing
5:48 am
along westbound 580, a little over 30 minutes toward 680. the san mateo bridge, wind advisory in place but toward hayward, and across 101, not having any problems. this is our spider with traffic backing up well into the foothills. extra time heading out the door. roberta, do you have the weather? your five minutes of fame. high def doppler radar, no precipitation around the bay area. there was thunderstorm activity in the north bay a few hours ago and a smattering of snow in the high sierra. void of snow in yosemite. is it springtime? it feels like an autumn day.
5:49 am
62 in mountain view, same in concord and san jose, 4-13 degrees below where we should be for this spring day. it feels like autumn is in the air and this is our live weather camera. good morning, everybody. clarity is good, visibility unlimited. nothing like a good cold front passing through that is scrubbing out all this in the air with great air quality. in a northerly direction, enjoying the fresh air, and by father's day we will talk about triple digits and poor air quality. into the 50s just about everywhere else, and the winds are breezy around the lip of the bay. the peninsula, lighter winds in san jose and in napa with winds variable, 10-20 miles an hour. clouds on the san mateo coast,
5:50 am
right there, right now. into napa and fairfield, we have linda and 49 degrees, our weather watcher said 11 miles per hour. thanks, linda, for rising and shining with us and reporting in. satellite and radar reports that there is a huge dome of high pressure building in. until then, partly cloudy in the afternoon and tuesday morning, at the coast, the offshore flow is right there with your tuesday and wednesday, talking about offshore components, clear skies inland and meanwhile, we talk about 70s and light rain in the tahoe area. temperatures, 68 in livermore, 68 in mountain view. the warming trend is robust and
5:51 am
we flirt with 100 degrees toward the delta. enjoy your day. a frightening flight for some airline passengers. a hole suddenly appeared in one of the engines. which bay area neighborhood was named the hottest housing market?
5:52 am
5:53 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
5:54 am
earned the title - america's hottest housing market. real estate company "redfin" says "bush-rod" - is the place to be. we sent a reporter to an a neighborhood is wedged on the border between oakland and berkeley under the title of america's hottest housing market. real estate company, redfin, said bushrod is the place to be. we sent a reporter to an open house where home purchase three decades ago for $93,000 could be yours for $649,000. two bedrooms, bath in the backyard and about $200,000 of repairs someone has to make. the realtor said demand is quite high but locals seem startled to hear it. >> with already had 20 disclosure packets requested and this is the first sunday it's open. >> wild! bushrod, who knew? [ laughter ] >> right. the homeowner said he hopes it goes to someone from the area that has been hunting for something affordable. dozens of homes are damaged
5:55 am
in the illinois. it happened about one hour outside of chicago with firefighters saying one house caught fire and exploded and it destroyed the house next-door and flying debris from those homes caused damage to 40 others nearby. two people were taken to the hospital but no one was seriously hurt. a gaping hole said that passengers going to shanghai noticed a whole and quickly turned an airplane around. no one was hurt but passengers said it was a scary ride. it took off like normal and then some of our friends were with us and we didn't think anything of it, but then it got really loud. everyone was acting like it was normal. >> they said that planes can use power from one engine. if you plan to drive in the
5:56 am
santa cruz mountains, i will explain how caltrans will work to repair highway 17. the calm before the storm. we take you inside oracle arena before game five of the nba final. food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this.
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overnight thousands gather marking the anniversary of the live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. very emotional. >> when you remember the tragedy, there is no way around it that there will be tears. >> thousands gathered overnight remember the victims of the tragic orlando shooting. the memorial planned in the bay area. president donald trump is back in washington after a week away. what republicans are urging him to do. it's monday, june 12th and i'm michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi. game five of the nba finals
6:00 am
tonight. earlier this morning the warriors tweeted a photo from inside oracle arena. they wrote, officially game day. it will be exciting. jessica flores is live with the growing anticipation. jessica? >> reporter: preparations are under way at oracle arena. taking a look, it was impressive because they are feeling this tight and they want to make sure nobody walks on the court. they will polish this in a couple of hours to make sure everything is ready at 6:00 p.m. what would it take for you to get a seat tonight? somebody already spent $90,000 on a pair of courtside seats and another person already spent $80,000. oakland is auctioning off a pair of seats for the luxury mezzanine seats that will benefit under served


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