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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  June 12, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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tonight. earlier this morning the warriors tweeted a photo from inside oracle arena. they wrote, officially game day. it will be exciting. jessica flores is live with the growing anticipation. jessica? >> reporter: preparations are under way at oracle arena. taking a look, it was impressive because they are feeling this tight and they want to make sure nobody walks on the court. they will polish this in a couple of hours to make sure everything is ready at 6:00 p.m. what would it take for you to get a seat tonight? somebody already spent $90,000 on a pair of courtside seats and another person already spent $80,000. oakland is auctioning off a pair of seats for the luxury mezzanine seats that will benefit under served young
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entrepreneurs and anyone here at oracle arena will be on the edge of their seats with the warriors in the same place last year going into game five and this year they hope for a different outcome. you start thinking too far down the line. we put this on the goal and your energy is up and down. you want to stay level and even throughout the game and you don't want to go down, you want to spike up and stay even. we have to stay locked in from the beginning. stub hub, the cheapest tickets for those nosebleed seats are already $600. what do you get?
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you have a beautiful all gold everything shirt but that is not why people come here. they want the warriors to win against the cavaliers tonight and it will be wild in here if that happens on the home venue, first time the bay area team won on their home venue since 1974. it will be special tonight and i wont physically be here but i will be staying here as long as i can. live at oracle arena. jessica flores. >> keep the seat warm, jessica. [ laughter ] >> pretty cool, though. >> $20,000 for two seats? >> if you have the money, do it! >> what an exciting night. we hope the team shows up to play where we need this. >> am i weird? i don't mind it going longer. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> i'm a fair weather fan.
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>> we will watch the video. >> remember last year? i don't want to go through that again. let's get it done. if you travel along 880 or if you have plans to, if you don't need to be on it, i would say stay off unless you are going to the game. it will be a mess in oakland tonight. very crowded and jampacked before and after the game. not just on 880 but local surroundings streets, as well. keep that in mind. don't be running errands at that time of the evening. looking good with drivers out toward the maze and we are talking about a 15 minute commute and tracking an accident southbound and it is causing some slowdowns. 15 minutes down to highway 84. that is your traffic. it could be problematic
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because the game is at 6:00 p.m. okay, dubs fans, 6:00 p.m. is smack in the middle of the evening commute. go dubs! hi def doppler radar is not picking up any rain but we have thunderstorm activity across the north bay and the weather watcher is taking that for nearly one quarter of an inch participation. in pines, some light snow in kirkwood with no measurable precip as far as snow in tahoe but we had snow on the fly and the bay bridge, there is an appearance in the 40s and 50s and later today, 50s and 60s and unseasonably cool. triple digits and when to expect it, coming up at 18 minutes after the hour. 's guide five shows a stretch of highway 17 where the winter storm caused considerable damage.
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drivers can expect delays through the santa cruz mountains. sandra osborne is live along 517 with the details. sandra? >> reporter: we are talking about 30 additional minutes on the drive times if you travel through the santa cruz mountains and the work will begin later. caltrans said it is necessary to get repairs they need for highway 17. sky drone5 gives a birds eye view of what the cruise can expect. the dried out hillside, four stories tall with the location having a dramatic mudslide last winter and it smashed into a tv news van and is one example of how rain and debris messed up the asphalt out here. drivers are warned to expect long delays. >> if it makes it safer in the winter, we have to put up with it. >> reporter: construction begins this morning on the southbound stretch from summit road to pine hill road and it
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will be the number two lane shut down starting at 7:30 until 2:00 p.m. today through thursday and then a short stretch on sims road will need repairs and the number two lane will be shut down on friday. some of these neighborhoods are putting up electronic message boards to advise drivers and warn them if they are going to those areas where it is down to one lane but we are talking about 30 minute delays. live in santa cruz mountains, sandra osborne, kpix5. a sex scandal rocked the oakland police department and a commission is now taking shape. the voter approved measure was called l l and replaces the police oversight process with a civilian panel empowered to make police personnel decisions beyond what the mayor is allowed to do. it means the commission would have the authority to fire the police chief.
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applications are being accepted for those willing to serve on the new commission. and a few hours, 911 dispatchers will testify before the board of supervisors audit committee and they will have power outages for the example of workloads being two high and staffing levels too low to perform the jobs at full strength. president donald trump, melania trump and barron trump are in washington. the focus remains on former fbi director james comey and his testimony. >> there's a series of issues about the conduct. >> james comey's credibility is brought into question. expect the president tweeted from his new jersey golf club saying, in part, james comey leaks will be far more prevalent than anyone thought possible. very cowardly. >> there is a lynch mob
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mentality about the trump administration and the press. these tweets, he is that lynch mob. >> the president hinted he may have recordings of private conversations with former fbi director james comey. members of the president's party urged him to turn them in if they exist expectation voluntarily turn them over, not only to the senate intelligence committee, but to the special counsel. >> president donald trump his attorney general jeff sessions is set to face tough questions tomorrow about his role in the firing of former fbi director james comey. >> he said he was involved in the firing of comey and comey said he was fired because of russia. how does that fit in with his recusal? >> they said sessions recused himself from ongoing investigations into russia for reasons he couldn't not just as in a nonclassified setting. whether the attorney general will testify in public or behind closed doors is unclear. cbs news learned that president donald trump sent a july 14th deadline for reince priebus to get the white house
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in order. a source familiar said failure to do so could result in his ouster. the clock is ticking in california to finalize the state budget. lawmakers are stuck on a few key issues including how to spend more than $1 billion in new tobacco tax revenue. the spending plan has to be locked down tonight if it is to be approved by the deadline on thursday. the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history, you are looking live outside the pulse night club in orlando where 49 people were killed last june. thousands gathered for a memorial and several were dressed as angels and held candles. the pulse nightclub owner spoke to families and friends of the victims during the ceremony. >> what we gain from this, and the remembrances, we proved again and again that orlando stands together.
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>> it was 2:00 in the morning on june 12 last year when the attack happened. the gunmen, omar mateen omar mateen, self radicalized terrace, was then killed by police. mateen's wife, noor salman, was arrested at her parents home in january and is now in florida getting ready to stand trial on federal charges of accusing -- accused of helping martin plan the attack. in san francisco, there is a choice of 30:00 near 18th and castro to honor the victim is. a second week bill cosby is trial for sexual assault starts in pennsylvania. the prosecution made its case and the defense team will call its first witness. a former temple university employee, andrea constand, alleges cosby drugged and molested her at his home in 2004. cosby faces three counts of felony aggravated sexual assault and has pleaded not guilty to all charges. cosby is not expected to testify in his own defense. 10 minutes after 6:00.
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a big shakeup could be in store at uber. the ridesharing ceo is expected to take to take a leave of absence. good morning from the kpnx weather center. it is cool today but i will talk about when we will hit triple digits. drivers along 880, is as part of your morning commute? we will take a look at what is going on and how far the backup stretches and how long it takes drivers to get through this area, next. working to curb congestion. the bay area city considering extending the car pool lane hours. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. service. the agency says: it will in bay area watch, new information about the launch of a smart train service. the agency will announce a soft launch later this week in the
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public can ride for free during the early launch. authorities wait for an audit from federal authorities to be complete and there's no word on when the agency will start full passenger service. we've learned that san francisco will have a sale. private equity firm, blackstone is ready to sell landmark along with two other properties. the deal will triple blackstone's $3.6 billion equity investment and the expected sale will come as tech companies reportedly look for flexible leases and a variety of amenities. no decision notwithstanding carpool hours in marin county. analysts are gathering more data on drivers that use 101 to implement a pilot program to extend carpool hours by 1.5 hours on south on lanes this summer. people in favor of expanding the hours he said it would ease traffic congestion and there would be more carpoolers. others say it would make traffic worse and increase crashes. >> i was in the west indies for the past seven days.
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i was in the leeward islands that was occupied by the british and i drive on the left side of the road. >> did you give it a whirl? >> i didn't want to rent a car. >> that would totally wake me up. it's scary. >> if you saw the way they drive dash -- no. we are tracking delays for drivers on 880 already this morning due to an accident. a live look on 880 through san leandro, it is south of highway 238 with a crash that is backing things up. the backups stretched beyond the marina but it looks like they cleared the lanes. traffic is moving again and that is the good news.
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you can see some residual slowdowns with a 17 minute ride down to highway 84. a problem starting with accidents slowing down and toward 680, we see a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza and macarthur. a check of your traffic and over to you. do think rain brings out spiders? >> may be. >> yesterday morning, the high death doppler radar didn't pick up her sip -- precipitation even though we did have a smattering of showers in the north bay. our weather watcher, paul smith in brentwood, said at 5:00 last night he had some hail. about .1 inches of precip. lucky you, paul. i would love to see that. how did macarthur get to the beach camera? our live weather camera is looking at the coast.
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it is clear and 46 in santa rosa and 50s in livermore and san francisco. redwood city at 53. at minetta international airport, the official station is east-southeast winds with eight miles per hour in san jose, 17 at sfo with no reports of airport delays at this early hour. 10 miles per hour winds in fairfield and it is almost summer but feels like autumn. we are checking out 15 degrees and 10 degrees below average in san jose and mountain view, 6-8 degrees below normal. clear skies on the coast. we have clear skies in the north bay and an area of low pressure brings unsettled air masses and unsettled weather is eject thing to the east. as it does so, high pressure
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builds in and we are talking about a heating trend with 70s across the central valley and some lingering showers in the high sierra. not in yosemite, but 59 degrees in ukiah and your official sunrise is at 5:47. it already happened. number -- numbers that the beaches are swinging across with cupertino and campbell, and tri- valley, unseasonably cool, in the 60s. enjoy this, great air quality with the passage of a cold front and the air quality deteriorates into the weekend with a heating trend and triple digits near father's day. 99 degrees in antioch and in brentwood and we will talk about 100 degrees with michelle having father's day on the
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calendar? >> i will be at the golf course. my husband always chooses that and we have to do whatever he wants that day. >> there you go, that is the only day. [ laughter ] the ceo of uber could take a leave of absence. the board of directors discussed the idea in a closed- door meeting yesterday. travis kalanick has been at the center of controversy real -- recently with reports of sexual harassment at the company. we are told he propose the idea after taking time off after his parents were involved in a deadly boat crash. when you book a ride with uber, or lyft, it could be a jaguar or land rover that picks you up. the company invested $25 million to support research into self driving cars and will provide jaguar and land rover vehicles to lyft drivers. they operated 300 cities. apple has a service angling to get businesses on the i
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message platform. it launched business chats for questions. the service will expand the platform from iphones and ipads to the apple watch. they are for quick replies, chat pods and other customer service initiatives. coming up, can the defending stanley cup champs make it to in a row? the giants hit doubles for the first time since dwight eisenhower was in the oval office. was that enough? that story, coming up.
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good morning. the giants tied the record set in 1958, the year they moved west and san francisco
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had eight doubles yesterday and broke the offense of slump. the giants offense made a huge splash of their own. bottom of the seventh, buster posey had a double and three more hits. he is hitting .347 in san francisco scored nine runs in the seventh. they avoided the sweep. the rays stung in tampa with chris davis having a chance to be the hero. three out of four from the athletics. tim mcgraw fired up the crowd in nashville. stanley cup finals, back with this not ever having to pay for a trip to pittsburgh again. the predators were beat 2-0. much better against the racket. rafael nadal won his tenth title and 15th career grand slams. i did not forget to mention the golden state warriors sports cast , 5:00, 6:00, 10:00 and 11 from oracle tonight. i'm dennis o'donnel. see you tonight. [ cheering ]
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it's own gold everything and i will take you inside oracle arena for game five of the nba finals. that stray, coming up. working to fix our roadways. patching up potholes.
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cruz mountains - as crews begin repair live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. there is a series of issues
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about the president's conduct. james calm his credibility is brought into question. >> the focus in washington remains on former fbi director, james comey's testimony. this has more testimony is expect did in the russian investigation this week. >> we have to bring it. we have to take this game and do it with come -- efficiency and competitive defense. the warriors return home tonight looking for revenge against the cavaliers in game five of the nba finals. if you are driving through the santa cruz mountains, you can expect delays as crews begin repair work on highway 17. good morning a thanks for joining us. i'm trends to -- i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. a look at what you need to do to avoid delays on the roadways. good morning.
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we saw torrential rain and mud slides having a impact on causing damage along highway 17 and now caltrans is beginning repair work to get the highways backup. we have sky drone5 giving us a birds eye view of this, the amount of work the work crews have. on summit road to pine hill road, the number two lane will be shut down between 7:30, and that will repeat through friday and a short stretch from sims road will be worked on with crews checking out the southbound lane. >> it sounds rough. it already is rough with two lanes. >> reporter: we will see that going down to one lane and it's hard to forget the now dried out hillside, the scene of a massive mudslide. along highway 17, just showing how damaged the roadway is and
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caltrans is putting up electronic message boards to warn drivers. we have delays and they are saying to add an additional 30 minutes to your commute time. sandra osborne, kpix5. crews in oakland are set to start the annual pothole blitz to repair rough city roads but this year, the workload is heavier after storms tore up the street. since january, the city has more than 1300 calls about potholes and workers will focus on a different part of oakland each week. the morning rush is about to start with drivers hitting the roadways going to work. on the left side of your screen you can see a view of the city from treasure island and on the right, the nimitz freeway, extremely busy later tonight. the warriors game is starting at 6:00 p.m.
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>> we did not plan this. this outfit coordination --, this is what we are all doing today. >> support your team! >> i returned from the west indies and this gentleman, bobby joseph, was so into steph curry and knew everything about steph curry and here's what he had to say from antigua. >> golden state warriors, i like them. they are treated like family members. they believe in god and family and all about teammates, encouraging kevin durant and the other guys -- each other -- the team will go forever. they won't stop. >> go dubbs! >> go dubbs! [ laughter ] >> i can't pay attention to what he is saying with that background. >> you were watching watch
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parties? >> we had a watch party for every single game and it was packed. they call themselves dub nation. and there are some warriors with blue skies for the golden state warriors. good morning. temperature-wise, 46 in santa rosa, 50s across the board and later, numbers are stacking up in the 50s at the beaches and 60s across the bay and the peninsula and unseasonably cool and high 60s in the south, 70s in the north and i will talk about triple digits. let's go to jacqueline. a new hotspot in san jose along 87 near 101. it is reported as a fire with some trees on fire and smoke in the area causing drivers to swerve and slow down in that area. just a heads up along 87 and
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101, we are seeing delays on westbound 580 due to a early crash. towards 680, expect slowdowns along 880 and this evening, all due to game five. that is a check of your traffic . we are less than 12 hours from the big game of the warriors hosting the cavaliers of game five of the nba finals and both teams took to the court. these photos were posted to each twitter page last night and kpix5 has jessica flores live in oracle arena with more on the big game. good morning, jessica. >> reporter: we are less than 12 hours away. it's a sold-out game and preparations are already under way. the court is covered because they will be polishing it in a couple of hours and the whole oracle arena is old, every seat covered with the final search
6:36 am
for tonight. what would it take to get a courtside seat? already, somebody spent $90,000 on a pair of tickets and another spent $80,000. is another great option, luxury mezzanine seats benefiting underserved young entrepreneurs by the city of oakland. anyone will be on the edge of their seats tonight with the warriors in the same position last year going into game five, 3-1 and they are hoping for different results this year. >> we understand we are one win from getting the job done and we have a chance to write our own story this year. this will be a fun night and we want to keep a clear focus on what is going on in the present, for sure. i texted stub hub to see what the cheapest tickets are. guys, $600! those are nose leads seats. unless you have a couple thousand dollars for these
6:37 am
seats, $40,000 or $50,000, you would be in the nosebleed seats. these are all gold everything t- shirts and you get a chance to possibly see the warriors beat the cavs at home. live, jessica flores, kpix5. politics, for second week in a row, the investigation into russian interference into the 2016 election takes center stage in washington. attorney general jeff sessions will testify before the intelligence committee tomorrow. sessions recused himself from federal investigations into possible collusion between the trump campaign and russia in march after admitting he met twice with the russian ambassador to the u.s. sessions will likely face talks about the firing of director of the
6:38 am
fbi, james comey. >> how does that fit in with his recusal? >> we need all the facts out there. we've had unnamed sources make statements about jeff sessions. it would be good to get it directly from him. >> it's not yet clear whether the attorney general will testify in public or behind closed doors. the republican sampath is emerging to pass the obamacare read deal bill. according to the hill, mitch mcconnell could reportedly put the legislation up for a vote anytime without holding a public hearing. he promised to make a repeal and replace pen by the edge of june. some patients who get insurance through covered california could soon face much higher premiums. cost sharing can currently help things like doctor visits, prescription drugs and more. republicans are blocking payments and president donald trump indicated the federal government might stop making those subsidy payments to insurance companies. there is no information in
6:39 am
the case between a montana congressman and a reporter. greg gianforte is expected to plead guilty to misdemeanor assault. >> i will talk to you later. >> i was curious. >> [ sound of crashing ] >> i'm tired of you guys! you did the same thing last time! >> you may have heard that recording. the recording emerged last month and with the reporter, ben jacobs, said reg gianforte body slammed him when asked a question about healthcare. gianforte powell apologized and pledged to donate $50,000 to the committee to protect journalists'. one of two men charged in the deadly ghost ship fire is due in court for arraignment. atf investigators to set max harris planned the party at the warehouse were 36 people were killed last december and is charged with 36 counts of manslaughter. the master tenant at the warehouse, derick almena, scheduled to go back to court
6:40 am
tomorrow and the mayor has been promising to beef up the staff ever since the deadly fire six months ago. the fire department admitted it had no record of ever inspecting the converted warehouse. the councilman, noel gallo, said six additional inspectors will be hired as soon as possible. manchester police have released a video of the man suspected of setting the blast that killed 22 out soda concert in may. they are investigating the suicide bombers car. they said they found bomb making materials and investigators hope the new images will jog the memories of people who may have come in contact with that bomber and they're coming through in landfill looking for a blue suitcase seen with the bomber. next, california lawmaker. we will tell you what he said he is doing to compete with ridesharing companies like uber. the markets just opened up about 10 minutes ago.
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the dow is down about 24 points and we will get an update from our financial reporter, jason burke. ♪
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good monday morning. it's 6:44 on this june 12th. it feels more like autumn. san francisco, the average high is 66. it's 4 degrees below average. concord, 68, 13 degrees cooler than where we should be. the fall forecast at 6:48. tech companies are bracing for a rough week on wall street. uber's embattled ceo may step away for a while. jason burke, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a bad day for the tech sector
6:45 am
or with the nasdaq losing over 100 points, the worst session for the nasdaq in a year. we are looking at another loss like that. apple stock fell 4% friday. it's down about 4% this morning. there are reports that the iphone 8 could have data download supply issues because of modem constraints on the other big issue is that these companies like apple, google and amazon and netflix have seen stocks hit record highs in 2017 and apple is up 30% since the beginning of the year with a lot of profit-taking going on as the market continues going higher. uber has reached the top of the mountain for the private tech startups. the valuation is north of $60 billion. 2017 was a rough year for uber. there are reports that the co, travis kalanick, may take a leave of absence. there are accusations mounting that led to the recent firing
6:46 am
of 20 oh brees employees. the google self-driving car business, they say brees stole trade secrets. it was a rough time for travis kalanick. the stock market off to a rough start, in particular, the tech sector. the dow is lower by 20 points and the nasdaq is down by 65 points, a 1% decline in this area and s&p is down four points in early going. jason burke, thank you becca california lawmaker wants to help taxi drivers compete with uber and lyft. legislation was proposed to regulate taxis by region rather than by city. this would limit the number of permits a tracks he died -- a taxi driver would need. taxi drivers can raise and lower prices depending on demand. industry experts said gas prices could fall over the next few weeks unless oil prices
6:47 am
have a speedy rebound. the national average of the price of gas fell by slightly less than $0.01 per gallon, reaching a national average of $2.40. in san francisco, it is quite a bit higher than the average, right now. it is $3.24 per gallon in oakland and $3 13 in san jose. >> more expensive, but good to see it is dropping. roberta said we will shoot up the air conditioning later in the week. that is good. >> it's true. >> i was in sacramento this weekend and gas was under $3. >> okay! time to get a full tank before you drive to sacramento. [ laughter ] >> if you do the math, you would be doing that. >> i was there for a birthday party and it was much cheaper. problems for drivers along the east shore freeway. we know that it gets back up this time of morning. adding in lanes that are blocked, you can see chp behind
6:48 am
this car that broke down along interstate 80 heading in the westbound direction, slowing things down. along the east shore freeway and over to the bay bridge plaza, a 32 minute ride. delays may get worse. keeping a close eye on traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza, that is back up and inching to the east shore freeway. slow go and we are in the red for all of this bay area with drive times and give yourself extra time with space between you and the car in front of you. that is traffic and i will send it back you, ladies. this is a look at sierra-at- tahoe with a fresh coat of spring snow. at one point, the national weather service warned five inches could fall in the northern sierra this weekend.
6:49 am
wet weather sparked a warning that winter conditions could last throughout the day. roberta is tracking the changing conditions. snow is in the high sierra. how about that? snow in the month of june in the high sierra. so far, the only accumulation i could pick up was outside the court what area, maybe one inch of snow. other than that, a little bit of light rain in the forecast. some hail is in brentwood yesterday with linda in fairfield saying she has no snow or rain, just some wind. doing the math, it feels like 45 degrees out the door. and visibility behind the passage is always excellent. you can see for ever with temperature-wise in the 40s and 50s and in san jose and san francisco, more open and in redwood city, the winds have
6:50 am
picked up, 13 at half moon bay and no reports of any local airport delays with a west- northwest wind in san francisco up to about 14 miles an hour. lesser wins in the bay and later today, variable wind at 25 miles an hour was satellite and radar showing clouds stacked up around the coast and clear skies around the peninsula. bayside working into clayton and walnut creek in fairfield, as well. satellite and radar shows an area of low pressure bringing thunderstorm activity, almost .25 inches of rain in napa. otherwise, this low is ejecting east and you are out of here with light showers around tahoe. the yosemite area, 59 degrees and 70s throughout the central valley. low 60s in monterey bay with a passing shower due to areas of low pressure to the north. official sunrise setting at
6:51 am
eight 32:00 and these are the numbers recorded in the weather books. they are unseasonably cool and low 80s around the tri-valley. 13 or 14 degrees low average and anywhere around pleasanton and san ramon and dublin, danville and blackhawk, low to mid-60s. 60s around the peninsula and back to san jose through willow glen, cupertino, 50s, and around the beaches and 74 and santa rosa. low 70s in napa. a bump up in the temperatures on tuesday and high pressure will set up an offshore component and the numbers are bursting into thursday. we talk about deteriorating air quality with some fair air alert areas by father's day. 99 degrees in antioch and maybe triple digits in brentwood and through discovery bay.
6:52 am
enjoy your relatively cool day today. it's all gold everything. we take you inside oracle arena ahead of game five of the nba finals. president donald trump is back in washington. the new lawsuit accusing him of breaking anticorruption laws. ♪
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♪ i'm jessica flores. >> reporter: preparations are under way for game five of the nba finals. the court is covered and ready to be polished. it is gold everything. every seat will be packed with dub nation and tip of is 6:00
6:56 am
p.m. courtside tickets will cost you. someone already spent $90,000 for a pair of tickets and another spent $80,000 for a pair of tickets. the warriors were in the same place last year and this year they hope for a different result. >> it would be a great night to get it done and take advantage of the home crowd energy. you know, how poorly we played the game, trying to make the necessary adjustments, energy wise and focus wise to get it done. >> reporter: i checked with resale sites and the cheapest ticket for tonight's sold-out game is $600 and those are nosebleed seats. this is the third straight finals matchup against the cavs and if the warriors win tonight, they will celebrate that championship on central court. jessica flores, kpix5. three minutes before 7:00
6:57 am
in time for your final five. president donald trump is back in washington with his family at his side, as some republicans urge the president to hand over to congress any recordings he may have a private conversations with former fbi director james comey. the state of maryland and the district of columbia are expected to file a new lawsuit against president donald trump that alleges he has violated anticorruption rules. today marks one year since the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. 49 people were killed inside the pulse night club in orlando. was 2:00 in the morning june 12th when it happened. the gunmen, omar mateen, self radicalized terrorist was killed by police. one of two men charged in the deadly ghost ship fire is due in court for arraignment. atf investigators said said max harris planned the party were
6:58 am
36 were killed last september. 911 dispatchers were testify before the board of supervisors audit and oversight committee, expected to. two the recent power outage as an example of workloads being too high. a new highway 17 headache is coming for south bay commuters. sky drone5 above the massive mother side caltrans will deal with. the southbound number two lane will be shut down between 7:30 and 2:00 p.m. you can expect delays on the san mateo bridge. wind advisory is in place and the bay bridge, both hands on the wheel, slow down along the east shore freeway and toward the san rafael bridge as well as the toll plaza, a full house with traffic all the way into the city. we are nearly 11 hours away from countdown to tip of for the golden state warriors. give it up, ladies!
6:59 am
>> [ cheering ] a beautiful sunrise with the passage of the cold front from yesterday. another view of blue skies with temperature-wise, 40s and 50s. 54 in livermore and later, partly sunny skies with 50s in the peninsula and into the 60s and 70s in the inland area. livermore is 15 degrees off the mark for this time of year. tomorrow and wednesday, you will make up for it and then flirting with triple digits by dad's day. tell us a gun. >> 11 hours is the countdown until tip of for the golden state warriors! [ cheering ] [ applause ] join us tomorrow morning to see how we extend our cheerleading tonight. have a great day.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, june 12th 20, 17. welcome to "cbs this morning." attorney general jeff sessions prepares to testify to the senate intelligence committee. it is a high-profile sequel to fired fbi director james comey. we'll talk with senator angus king who will question the attorney general. this morning bill cosby's defense lawyers start representing their side of the case. he arrived a short time ago with his wife at his side. police across the country use phony delivery bait boxes to catch thieves taking packages. authorities say it is a success. critics say the tactic threatens privacy. we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world


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