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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  June 12, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> complete, touchdown. >> reporter: during the 2017 nfl season, ticketholders led to a compromise when the team left baltimore to become the ravens. cleveland kept the team name and colors and a new team was reactivated in 1998 while warrior fans have only one thing on their mind tonight a win, raider fans aren't ready to say game overwhen it comes to the nfl in oakland. that's julia goodrich reporting. it seems things may have gotten out of control. not with the students but with a teacher. kpix5's emily turner on the teacher accused of slapping some students. emily what's going on there? >> this is bay elementary where all of that happened. the teacher is no longer in the classroom. she's been put on administrative leave. they say they wish they had known about it much sooner than
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they did. >> reporter: as the school year winds down. many of the parents are fired up. a substitute teacher was taken into custody after students said she cursed at them and slapped them. >> i'm not too exactly sure from my daughter's stand point she said she pretty hardly hit her hand on her head and said i don't like noisy kids. >> reporter: parents say they weren't notified until an e- mail went out this weekends. even though students were asked to make a statement that day and moved to other classrooms immediately. the district said they knew about it too. >> the im -- the employee was placed on administrative leave. >> reporter: anthony ramirez is filing a grievance on behalf
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of his daughter so that the district knows how upset he is about it and may even transfer schools. >> i am telling her to listen to them, pay attention, make sure you don't get into trouble. and here are these people doing things i am telling her not to do. >> reporter: and the district says they don't know how long the investigation will take but you can counted on kpix the follow that investigation through. deliberations have begun on the trial of entertainer bill cosby. it was a police detective not the defendant. prosecutors describe cosby as quote a calculating sexual predator.
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cosby's lawyer attacked the accusers and questioned her story. for the first time, cosby's wife was in the courtroom. creating unsafe conditions there including blocking one of two exits. neither have entered a plea and both are due back in court later this week. president trump's travel ban just took another hit this time from a federal court based here in the bay area. the ninth circuit court of appeals upheld a block on the president's executive order. mr.trump wants to ban visitors temporarily from six muslim majority nations. three judges said he violated immigration law by discriminating against people based on nationality. the administration is already appealing a similar ruling in
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virginia to the u.s. supreme court. tomorrow the president's attorney general jeff sessions will testify in a senate hearing about russian meddling in last year's election. lawmakers will also press him about the decision to fire former fbi director james comey. president trump sat down with his cabinet including jeff sessions. sessions will appear before lawmakers investigating russian meddling into the presidential election. >> sessions wants to get done
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with this and get back to the american people. >> because at that point he was supposed to be recused from this investigation have nothing to do with it. >> reporter: sessions recused himself back in march after admitting he had not disclosed two meetings with the russian ambassador in 2016. james comey suggested that there must have been more to it than that during his testimony last week. >> we're aware of facts we did not discuss that would make his continued engagement in a russian investigation problematic. >> reporter: president trump disputes much of comey's testimony and says he is willing to give his version of events under oath. capitol hill. the attorney general himself requested that tomorrow's hearing be made public but the white house says, that sessions could invoke executive privilege depending on what the lawmakers
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ask him. you can watch it right here on kpix5. on the environmental front the trump administration is throwing out a new rule that was meant to protect whales on the west coast. the regulation would have limited and sometimes halted the use of mile long nets to catch sword fish. and the goal was to reduce the number of hump back whales and other marine mammals getting tangled up in that net. the fishing industry itself has proposed it but the national marine services say the new rule is not warranted. let's get to the warriors big story tonight. they didn't get their perfect play off finish of 16-0 but tonight the dubs have a rare chance to win the title at home. kpix5 sports director dennis o' donnell is live. this is something they haven't been able to do.
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they have another opportunity to win it in front of the fans. >> the a's beat the dodgers, i remember it because i was there. that's how long i've been around. charlie finley then tried to sell the oakland a's for $15 million. the warriors are trying to end that drought tonight. check out what the cleveland owner said. the cavaliers are best in june when down 3-1. i love late spring evening in oakland see you in cleveland thursday. thursday would be game six. at least one cavalier believes they would have all the momentum if the warriors do not close it out tonight. >> this is one student that everything is in their favor. i don't know if it would be in their favor if it goes back to cleveland. this is the one game they have not as much pressure. and they have an opportunity to
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close out in front of their own fans. >> it'll be a great night to get it done to take advantage of the home crowd, energy. we're in really good shape to have this opportunity. i'm looking forward to it. >> we just want to win. obviously, we need to close this thing out. you don't want to keep let the series go on. we need to come out with a killer instinct. >> i'm still baffled by the lethargic performance the warriors had on four. the warriors on their home court. i would be surprised if they do not win the championship on their home soil. we'll be back with rain gear on for the champane. >> you're talking confidence there. you're talking confidence. let me ask you this. it's been 40 years since they've won it at home. what are the seats going for
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tonight? i can only imagine. >> some guy apparently bought a couple of seats for $133,000. he must have been that dude who hit the lottery yesterday right. because 133,000 to see the warriors win a championship that's big money. >> that's a big game tonight. >> a lot more than you or i have. >> way more. are you kidding. >> dennis o' donnell reporting live. the game tonight will have a little extra star power. the stars of hamilton will be performing the national anthem. they posted these photos. there's the photos. the abg taor that plays aaron burr and the skyler sisters will all be singing tonight -- the actor that plays aaron burr. and the celebrations were mostly peaceful in the bay area back in 2015. that's the last time they won
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the championship but remember that time the final game was in cleveland. been planning for tonights. as you know we were here in 015, this is an exciting time for the city of oakland we have learned from past experiences we were able to make some adjustments in moving forward. we're excited for a warriors win. >> they will not tolerate sell bra toeur gunfire or illegal fireworks. stretched to the limit. 911 dispatchers say they're tired of being treated like machines. >> san francisco emergency dispatchers are speaking out saying your safety is on the line. >> and a tribute for 39 lives lost at the pulse nightclub one year ago. the rout to the santa cruz mountains is getting some much needed attention.
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san francisco emergency dispatchers say they are stretched to the limit. and are voicing their frustration. kpix 5 reporter susie steimle is live outside the dispatcher center in san frnacisco with more on how this impacting emergency response times . under staffed and overworked. 911 dispatchers say they're stretched to the limit. more on how this is impacting emergency response times, suzy. >> well liz, many of the men and women will be leaving this dispatch center today after working for 12 or 16 hours. that's a pretty standard shift for them. now when city leaders heard about the stress they're under today they said this is extremely unsafe not just for the workers but for the general public calling 911 and they said something needs to change immediately. >> ma'am are you there? >> when you pick up the phone to dial 911 in san francisco don't be surprised if you're put on hold. >> we're the first people you speak to.
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if you have to wait 2-1/2 minutes to get through on 911 those 2-1/2 minutes you will die. >> reporter: hernandez has been a dispatcher in san francisco for 16 years. he's one of dozens to pile into a council meeting to talk about excessive overtime leading to burn out and unsafe response times when it comes to emergencies here. >> i'm angry. i don't understand how we've even got to a situation in the city where we have workers working multiple 16 hours shifts. >> reporter: the entire board of supervisors have your back and we're willing to put money where our mouth is. >> reporter: they promised change will come immediately. >> i apologize as a former and current supervisor for not taking this matter as seriously as i should have and allowing this crisis to come about. >> reporter: san francisco dispatchers are receiving 1,000 911 calls a day.
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the standard set by the national phebg association is that 90 páerpt of 911 calls should be answered within 10 seconds. in san francisco only 78 páerpt are being answered in that time. staffing shortages are also an issue in january of 2012 there were 149 dispatchers on staff. today there are 117. the goal to make the workday manageable is 163 dispatchers. >> people are overworked. we're tired. we're not machines. you can't expect us to answer call after call after call without needing a break. >> reporter: the supervisors will be meeting again on friday to discuss the upcoming budget for the year ahead. and they already committed today to make sure that dispatchers are prioritized in the budgeting process. we're live in san francisco, suzy steimel. today marks one year since the mass shooting at the pulse
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nightclub in orlando florida. craig with how that city came together to honor the lives lost. >> reporter: orlando marked its darkest day with lots of hugs. >> is it any different than the day it was a day after. >> it's just as bad to remember what happened. we remember it just like 9/11. >> reporter: the deadliest in u.s. history and struck at the core of orlando's lgbt community. 49 people died when omar mateen pledged allegiance to isis and opened fire on the crowd. the day of remembrance included songs. >> ♪ and a reading of the names. >> javier jorge reyes. john carlos ramirez. the message is that hate will never win. instead the city has taken the
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worse its in its history and turned it into a celebration of life. >> i think that's the worse part. the fact you can find a helping hand and you don't even know the person next to you. >> reporter: maya is honoring her daughter amanda today who was just 25. >> i never in a million years suspected that it was going to happen to me. that it was going to be my family. so i know how it feels. i know it's real. i know the pain is real. >> reporter: for many that pain will never ease. so the city is planning to do what it's citizens have already started. turn this place into a permanent memorial. kenneth craig, cbs news orlando. president trump noteed the day as well with a tweet saying, we will never forget the victims who lost their lives one year ago today. a los gatos woman is being held without bail in suspicion
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of killing an elderly woman. she was found dead saturday morning by a friend. a motive is still under investigation. san francisco police are looking for the suspect who killed a man on alameda boulevard. officers found his body just before 6:00 this morning outside a dentist office. they say the victim was unresponsive when they arrived and officials are calling the case a homicide but they have not yet determined the cause of death. it's going to be a rough ride this week for south bay commuters. repairs are under way on highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains. which means delays and backed up traffic. kpix5 sandra osbourne takes a look at the work that can no longer wait. it's been four months since torrential rain brought mud slides causing heavy damage on highway 17. caltrans is working to repair the highway but for some drivers, traffic delays could
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be unavoidable. >> this is absolutely the worse year. >> you will remember this scene from january. heavy rain wreaking havoc on the santa cruz mountains. even causing a mud slide to hit a tv truck. >> there's holes everywhere as the alignment on my truck can tell you. >> reporter: monday through thursday this week the number two lane will be shut down from 7:30 in the morning until 2:00 in the afternoon. >> we all need it because we all travel that hill and it has to be done. >> reporter: next a short stretch from sims road to paso tiempo driver will be worked on. crews will shut down the number two lane just on friday. there are some signs alongside the highway here warning drivers before they get to the construction zone where it's down to just the one lane. as far as delays go, caltrans
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says it could be from time to time up to an additional 30 minutes. in the santa cruz mountains, sandra osbourne. after snow and hail in the bay area yesterday and up in the sierra it is now time for something completely different. as we look out toward the bay and coit tower. wait until you hear what's happening this weekend. even i couldn't believe it. the forecast coming up. >> coming up all new, new questions about the big release of smoke at this bay area refinery. turns out, the health impact may be much worse than thought. >> but first, the marta closed down today. here's a look at the closing numbers from wall street.
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check this out you thought it was june right. that's tahoe and that's snow at one of the resorts that is closed now because it wasn't supposed to snow. even snowed at lake level at tahoe. that's not the only place with wet weather. >> this is in sonoma where there's hail. we had an odd kind of june day it's supposed to be warm, we're supposed to be welcoming summer conditions. but no we're not done yet. >> the whole year has been weird so why stop now. >> i do have to say, the vast majority of the bay area kind
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of chilly, kind of windy. >> you mean tahoe. >> it was 49 when i got up yesterday. wait until you see what's going to happen yesterday. as we have the beautiful bay. the numbers are recovering toward average. 73degrees in concord, san francisco it is 62 in santa rosa. 70degrees in san jose 69. so today is a okay. the doppler which showed turbulent activity now all dried up. winter advisories were lifted in the middle of june. overnight lows tonight fairly seasonal. 52 at mountain view and 52. so what is next after all this. well you get one system leaving and you get another one
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replacing it. unusually warm weather by the time we get to the weekends. so the low that gave us all that exciting low now kicks into the region. big warm upcoming numbers will approach 100 degrees this weekend inland. the futurecast is showing that we'll slowly take a step there day by day just patchy clouds forming tonight and tomorrow morning. we'll wake up to mostly sunny skies and we go severely clear by tomorrow night and keep it that way through the weekend. overnight it'll be cool. sunny tuesday. it'll be on the seasonal side but then by the time we get to the latter half of the week the numbers climb into the low 100s by saturday and sunday. now tomorrow it's not a huge step in that direction. santa rosa is 80 degrees. we've been cooler than average lately. tomorrow san francisco 68 degrees. san jose 77. 83 for fairfield and 83 for
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liver livermore. look at the exended forecast. tuesday we're in the mid-80s. thursday low 90s. friday upper 90s by the weekends we'll be smoking. the numbers will be near 100 degrees inland. we started out unusually cool. we're going to finish unusually hot. what are the odds of that. speaking of odds. we'll talk power ball after the break. shakes riding shotgun... whoa yeah. now, the world is your diner.
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has not yet claimed the 477- million dollar prize.. but that
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ticket had another big the winner of the jackpot has not claimed the $177 million prize. but that ticket has another big winner. it was sold at marietta liquor store in river side county in the town of metafe. early they are year the owner of the store got sick and had to turn over the operations to his son. but things should get a bit easier. the store will get 1 million bucks just for selling that winning ticket. >> wow. cbs evening news is coming up next. >> scott pelley is here with the preview. >> hi ken and liz. up next cosby's case heads to the jury. the defense rests without calling the comic legend to the stand. we'll show you who's paying the trump organization. and honoring the victims of the pulse nightclub shooting one year later. all that coming up in just a few seconds on the cbs evening news. thank you for watching tonight at 5:00. >> allen and veronica back here
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in 30 minutes. edaptioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: now it's up to the jury. seven men and five women will decide if bill cosby is guilty of sexual assault. igso tonight, suing the president over claims he violated the constitution. >> foreign governments are spending money there in order to curry favor with the president of the united states. >> pelley: sounding the alarm about obesity. it now affects one in ten people worldwide. ♪ i see your true colors shining through ♪ and the orlando massacre one year later. >> i can still hear the gunshots in the hallway where i was. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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