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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  June 12, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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here. we have a few stragglers here right now. the team started clearing things out a little while ago. we had a dj. we had people dancing out here. there was confetti. it was beautiful. fans going crazy after this win. they should be because these are the diehard fans, some of whom paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to be here tonight and they told me it was worth it. >> this was great. long time, especially at home. there's nothing like dub nation, baby. kd, steph, we love you! draymond! >> best night of my life. we went to cleveland for game 4. spent $25,000. >> you spent $25,000? >> it's embarrassing. it was expensive. but to come back here and win it is better! >> disneyland or the warriors game? what did you say? >> warriors game! >> yeah! we did it, baby!
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champions. let's do it! >> i was so nervous but it was great. best game ever. bucket list. bucket list checked off. >> so you're going to add to this now. >> yeah! woo! >> war riors! warriors! >> that was awesome. scary but awesome. woo! go warriors! >> if you thought $25,000 was bad, there were a couple courtside seats that went for $133,000 and some of the nose bleeds were going for like $800 a piece. so people willing to shell out the extra bucks to watch history made tonight and like i said, they were happy with the outcome tonight and there's still some
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stragglers out here, still partying. that's just how it is. >> the guy who shelled out the $130,000 for the seats is probably drinking cristal right now on his private jet going to the next big party. >> wow. >> [ laughter ] or maybe he's just hitting a 40 because what kind of money do you have left after that? >> good point. [ laughter ] got to be poor by now. >> christin ayers, thank you for that. >> $130,000. kpix 5 sports director dennis o'donnell joins us now. you were in the locker room not too long ago and the champagne was flowing. probably cristal too. >> yeah, you could smell that champagne 20 feet outside the locker room. when i got in, it was all gone by the time i left. we'll take you inside there in a moment. last year the warriors blew a 3-1 series lead against cleveland cavaliers. so they went out and signed kevin durant to make sure that collapse would not happen again.
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cleveland dominated game 4. but that was in cleveland. not oakland. cavs jumped out to an early 8-point lead but the warriors went on a 21-2 run to erase all that. steph curry's floater somehow falls. warriors up 9. kevin durant had 39 points tonight and was series mvp in his first year with the warriors. it's the franchise's third title since moving to the bay area. let's go in the champagne-filled locker room. >> how does this championship compare to the first one? >> it's amazing. this feeling doesn't get old. it's not like oh, man, the first one felt better. this feeling don't get old. it's amazing. >> i'm talking too much at this point. had a couple, too many beers. have had a beer since february. so to have a beer right now and come talk to you guys feels great. >> winning is fantastic. i've been so lucky to be part of so many championship teams as a player and now as a coach.
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it never gets old. but tonight was a little different just based on the things i've had to go through. >> and when you think about it, the giants have won three world championships this decade. three world series and now two nba titles for the golden state warriors. my guess is they're going to keep this core unit together. maybe more to come, and the raiders are starting to hit their prime and what people could believe is a super bowl contender. we'll take you more in to the locker room when we come back. dennis o'donnell, kpix 5. >> what a night. thank you, dennis. outside in the streets right now, you knew people would be celebrating, but there's a side show going on. never a good idea. we understand people's enthusiasm, but somebody could get hurt. possibly seriously hurt. this is at 100th and international boulevard in oakland. it has been going on for at least the past 45 minutes to an
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hour. elsewhere people have been dancing in the streets, a little more controlled there. this was at 14th and broadway just a short time ago from chopper 5. kpix 5's maria medina is in uptown oakland tonight. >> it's certainly a huge party here in oakland. right on this corner we've seen a lot of cheering and honking, even fireworks and egg throwing. but police do have a warning. >> reporter: as the winners -- as the minutes turned in to seconds, warriors fans began to celebrate. >> we won. that's it. that's all that matters. best basketball team on planet earth. >> i'm so excited. >> were you nervous though? >> i was a little nervous but i believed in them. >> valiant effort though. but you've got to come harder when you mess with the warriors. >> reporter: before the party began, oakland police could be seen on almost every block in uptown. one office building boarded up just in case fans get out of
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hand. tonight they celebrate history and police hope they do it peacefully. oakland police say there are no days off for them tonight. it's all hands on deck. in oakland, maria medina, kpix 5. >> tonight the warriors tweeted this, close-up video of some of the players embracing and celebrating on the court just moments after the game ended. >> tonight oakland mayor libby schaaf tweeted out this picture with the caption "title town." this from san francisco mayor ed lee: bringing the nba finals trophy back to warriors ground. congrats, warriors, on your slam dunk season. >> here's a look at tomorrow's chronicle, champs again. >> the warriors victory parade starts at 10 a.m. on thursday in downtown oakland. here's a look at the route. it will start at 11th and broadway and ends with a public
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rally. it will be a big one near the civic center. fans can start lining up at 5 a.m. at lake shore and 12th. >> we'll have live coverage of the parade and all the festivities beginning at 9:30 a.m. here on kpix 5. tonight may be all about the warriors' victory on the court but their neighbors, the oakland raiders, may soon be heading to court. the franchise plans to leave to las vegas, but at a news conference at oakland city hall today, a group of raiders fans says they are looking in to legal options to keep the raiders' name and colors in oakland. they've even enlisted a high profile sports attorney to explore their options to ensure the nfl has a team in oakland. >> what happened in oakland stays in oakland. we're breaking our silence on this situation. and we are absolutely interested in exploring our options to keep professional football here in oakland. >> similar situation played out in the '90s when the cleveland browns left for baltimore to
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become the ravens. after extensive talks, cleveland kept the name and team colors and the new browns team was reactivated a few years ago. meanwhile we have breaking news to tell you about right now. part of 680 northbound and walnut creek is shut down right now because of a fatal motorcycle crash. the freeway is closed at olympic. no word yet on when it will reopen. now to other news in politics. tomorrow attorney general jeff sessions will take questions from the senate intelligence committee about russia and the firing of former fbi director. kpix 5's veronica de la cruz is here to break it all down. >> sessions will testify in an open hearing at his own request. this after new questions emerged during last week's testimony by ousted fbi director james comey. sessions was at the white house today as president trump held his first full cabinet meeting. the attorney general said law enforcement officials around the nation are thrilled with the support they're getting from the
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new administration. as for tomorrow's hearing, the white house says bring it on. >> the president has been clear. he wants this to get investigated as soon as possible and be done with it so he can continue with the business of the american people. >> sessions recused himself from the justice department's russia investigation back in march after admitting he had not disclosed two meetings with the russian ambassador in 2016. a key question likely to come up tomorrow, what was sessions' role in the firing of comey after sessions had recused himself? even though tomorrow's hearing is public, the white house says sessions could invoke executive privilege. that will depend on the questions the senators ask him. veronica de la cruz, kpix 5. >> of course we'll bring you live coverage of sessions' testimony tomorrow morning. 11:30 right here on kpix 5. is downtown san jose simply too short? tonight the city has a dramatic plan to rise up and transform the skyline. >> and toll cheats. you see them every day.
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they're abusing the system much more than we realize. tonight just wait till you hear how much they're costing the bay area. >> turns out you can buy a bargain home in the bay area if you know where to look. only on 5 tonight, betty yu goes house hunting in the hottest market in america.
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20-17 n-b-a champs. fireworks lit up the sky outside dub nation celebrating tonight. party is on for the 2017 nba champs. fireworks lit up the sky outside oracle arena tonight. chopper 5 getting a bird's eye view of the incredible spectacle. >> across the bay in san francisco, the mission was packed with people a couple hours after their big victory. people crowding the corners making it difficult for traffic to make its way through.
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kpix 5's ben mitchell was in the middle of it all. these fans rode on the back of the pickup truck that was all decked out in blue and gold. >> [ cheering ] >> and in san jose, warriors fans danced outside a sports bar downtown. some gave the hand signal that can only be used after a championship is won, saying to the world, we are number one. woohoo. so far no reports of any major trouble. that's good. and the championship parade thursday, 10 a.m. kpix 5 will bring you live coverage of all the festivities. some major changes could be coming to downtown san jose. the city is looking to transform the skyline. as mark sayre shows us, there's one thing standing in the way. >> if you've ever flown in to san jose, you know the most common approach is right over the top of the downtown buildings. now the city wants to see if it can crank up those buildings all
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while keeping it safe for air traffic. all day long, plane after plane comes in seemingly right on top of downtown buildings. those on the planes might see just real estate down below, but the city sees economic development. higher buildings mean more housing, more office space, more tax revenue, and better planning. >> our aspiration is to build a city that is taller, not wider. we've got beautiful hillsides. we've got beautiful open spaces and the way we can preserve that is by identifying our core. >> the study launched a study in 2006 to see how high downtown can go, but city officials say the mix of planes at the airport and aircraft technology have changed a whole lot since then. >> being able to ad10 stories to one of the high rises in downtown could help enormously along several fronts. >> reporter: the mayor is calling for a $100,000 study in
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his final budget message. it would cover not only the downtown core but the diradon station area that could perhaps employee 20,000 people. last week the mayor spoke of the google plans, but as of the timing of this study -- >> is there a connection with the potential google development as well? >> certainly we have aspirations to build higher there as well but the timing is more coincidental. the timing is right certainly now as we see so much interest in development downtown to call the question. >> the mayor is hoping the money is approved in time for the new fiscal year which begins in a few weeks and the study could be completed in about a year. reporting live at the san jose airport, mark sayre, kpix 5. a new law is cracking down on drivers crossing bay area bridges without paying a toll. drivers are going through the fast track lane for a free ride,
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and it is costing the city nearly $13 million a year in tolls. a new law will require dealerships to have license plates on all new and old cars before they leave the lot. >> we have crimes committed, accidents that take place, people being killed as pedestrians. the issue isn't about the toll bridges alone. the toll bridges are a larger symptom which is to make sure every vehicle has the proper plates on the vehicle. >> those fake paper plates will be gone. the new law will take effect in 2019. in the meantime the dmv is working with auto dealerships on a system to report a new car sale and issue a temporary plate right on the spot. imagine dialing 911 for help and being put on hold. it's happening too often in san francisco. what's going on? here's kpix 5 suzy stimel.
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>> we're there when you've fallen and can't wake up. we're there when you can't breathe. >> reporter: rob davis has been a dispatcher in san francisco for 16 years. he's one of dozens testifying today that san francisco's 911 dispatch system isn't working. >> we're the first people you speak to. if you have to wait two and a half minutes to get through on 911, those two and a half minutes may mean you die. >> reporter: dispatchers in san francisco received 3600 911 calls a day. 90% of the calls must be answered within 10 seconds. in san francisco, only 78% are meeting that standard. only 117 dispatchers are currently working in san francisco. a manager number is suggested to be 163. so dispatchers are regularly working 16-hour days so that someone can simply answer the phone. >> i apologize as a former and current supervisor for not taking this matter as seriously as i should have and allowing
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this crisis to come about. >> this is the third time dispatchers have met with supervisors like this. this time the supervisor says he hears them loud and clear and has already promised to include them in the budgeting process this friday. in san francisco, kpix 5. a bay area landmark is for sale tonight. san francisco's ferry building is on the market. the historic building opened in 1898. it's expected to fetch over $300 million. the sale is planned in the next few weeks. >> you get the clock for free. the hottest housing market in the country, no surprise. right here in the bay area. it is not san francisco or oakland, however. only on 5 tonight, kpix 5's betty yu takes us house hunting in vallejo where you can still buy a home for less than a half
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million dollars. >> reporter: if you're looking for a bargain in the bay area's pricey housing market, look no further than vallejo. it was just named as the hottest market in america. edging out san francisco at number 2, according to >> in 2007, 2008, the market crashed, this city was one of the hardest hit. the city even filed for bankruptcy. a lot of people think of vallejo as a crime ridden spot, a lot of foreclosures. but because of the prices and where it's situated, it's really an incredible transition. >> this is a four-bedroom, 2 and a half bath single family home. >> reporter: take this 2,000 square foot home. it features a remodeled kitchen, easily upgradeable fixtures, and a huge backyard. priced at $450,000. and that's above the city's median home value. $350,000. >> you can get these beautiful and quite large victorians which
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is another reason why the market is exploding here. >> if you're willing to shell out a bit more, you can up this special rare find. a historic 6-bedroom, 5-bath multi-family victorian, built in 1917 on florida street. asking price, $598,000. for buyers looking for something more modern, this three-bed, three-bath water stone home is listed for just under $750,000. >> vallejo is 30 miles from san francisco, 15 miles from napa valley. you have a direct ferry that goes straight in to the city and it's great weather. >> reporter: luxury real estate broker says demand has gone up particularly because people have been priced out of san francisco. buying in vallejo is a steal. even compared to oakland where the median home value is $678,000. >> look on this block alone. you have cute coffee shops and restaurants opening up. there's a burgeoning art scene
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in downtown vallejo so it's really changing. >> reporter: like other bay area cities, homes in vallejo are in short supply. half sell in other 30 days. in vallejo, betty yu, kpix 5. >> she mentioned it. one of the pluses of living out there is that it's warm. >> that's the reason why we all spend so much money on housing in the bay area. it's the weather, folks. wait till you see what's going to happen this weekend too. we're going to go from winter weather advisories in the sierra to temperatures approaching more than 100 degrees inland. we look at the bay bridge tonight, oakland, 63. san francisco, 64. overnight lows not too bad, about where they should be for this time of the year. the low that gave us hail in petaluma yesterday, thunderstorms through part of the north and east bay area, then for this time of the year
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blanketed the sierra peaks with as much as 10 inches of snow heads out of the west. the result, we're going to be looking at severe clearing by tomorrow night and once we dispense with the low clouds, we're going to be seeing nothing but sunshine right through the weekend. well, except at night. cool and patchy clouds tonight. sunny and season al on tuesday. the numbers finally recover to average for this time of the year. numbers over 100 degrees inland by the weekend. meantime, san francisco should be about 66 this time of year. it will be 67 tomorrow. san jose, 77. all pretty much par for the course for tomorrow. sunshine and mid 70s for the south bay. over the east bay tomorrow, numbers mostly in the upper 70s and low 80s. brentwood, 83 degrees. for the north bay, looking nice. santa rosa has got 80. novato, 80 degrees. all week long it will still be mild at the beaches. temperatures mostly in the mid 60s. then for ukiah and cloverdale
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and windsor, numbers in the low 80s tomorrow. extended forecast, we'll be looking for things to warm up. pressure is up. temperatures follow suit by thursday. 90s inland. by friday, upper 90s. by saturday and sunday and monday inland, the numbers will be 100 degrees-plus. and it doesn't look like there's a break in sight. except for this one.
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get 0% for up to 72 months on 13 models. ♪ this bonfire started in the middle of 87-th and before we get to sports, things heating up a little bit out there. here's a bonfire that started in the middle of 87th and international boulevard not far from the side show that we showed you a little bit earlier. people just getting a little out of hand. a lot of emergency vehicles there including oakland fire to put this one out. firefighters telling us that they don't expect to see fires like this all over the city. they're glad this one is now under control. dennis o'donnell live at oracle arena with more on the big game tonight. hey, dennis. >> that's right. they're ripping out the seats because the band poison is
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our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. welcome back, everybody. the bay area hasn't had a home team celebrate a championship in their home venue since 1974. that's when the as beat the dodgers in the world series. that streak ended tonight just a few feet away. the cast of hamilton sang the
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national anthem. cleveland started strong. after a warriors turnover, lebron goes the other way dunking over durant. the warriors flip the switch in the 2nd. massive jam on the other end. their roof came down at oracle. the cav' lead quickly evaporated. warriors up 5. curry had 34. still in the 2nd. kyrie irving knocks in the 3. the cavs don't get back and curry hits kd for a long pass. easy bucket. give the cavs credit. they didn't fold. lebron had 41. the lead is down to 5. iguodala saved his best playoff game for tonight. curry slings a pretty pass to iggy. the cavs couldn't make any kind of run because durant was 14-20 from the field.
11:30 pm
he had 39 points, averaged 35 in the series. warriors win their third nba title and second in the last three years, 129-120 is the final. >> obviously we were heart broken last year, this year was our turn. we're obviously quite happy if you couldn't tell by my wet hair. >> people think it was easy. but we worked our off for this thing. took so much effort from everybody. >> oh, man. feel like i just had a baby. >> it was 55 second left. i bent down, i was like, is this really happening? he's like keep playing to the end. andre iguodala was like keep playing, we got 15 seconds left. i'm like, we about to win the title. >> sacrifice finally paid off. it was a long wait but it was worth it. >> this is history. we're going down as one of the best teams ever and that's the
11:31 pm
special thing you cannot take away from us. >> for us to be able to do it in front of our home crowd, i remember for a very long time, the whole bay area that supported us, since i've been here my rookie year. the depths of the nba to here, we're champs again. crazy. >> next up, the championship parade on thursday right here on the big 5. we'll be right back.
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