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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  June 13, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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away. it has been here all along. it is in our dna. . it's tuesday, june 13th, 2017. this is the "cbs morning news". oh, no. oh, no. terrifying tornadoes whip across the plains. at least one person has been hurt in the severe storms with damage to homes and buildings and more of the same system on the way. the president's attorney general heads to the hill today. what to expect from jeff sessions public testimony on the russia investigation and the ouster of fbi director james
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comey. this morning, jurors in the bill cosby sexual assault trial resume deliberations. ahead the prosecution's final push to convict cosby. and trading championships. kevin durant dominates and the warriors take the title back from lebron james and the cavs. 0. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. this morning parts of the plain states are cleaning up after a day of dangerous weather including chasers caught the wo of it as it rolled through wyoming yesterday. >> big, big debris. big debris.
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oh, no! oh, no! no, no. >> tight shots in the video show debris swirling in the air. poli potential for more tornadoes is forecast for the plains and parts of the midwest today. attorney general jeff sessions will likely face more than one uncomfortable moment when he's question this afternoon. members of the senate intelligence committee are expected to grill sessions on two issues, his contacts with russian officials during the campaign, and his role in firing
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james comey. >> reporter: good morning. sessions will be answering those questions during a public hearing. the justice department says he requested it not be behind closed doors because he believes it's important for the american people to hear the truth directly from him. >> i'm glad to be here. >> reporter: attorney general jeff sessions praised president trump and fellow cabinet members monday ahead of his testimony before the senate intelligence committee today. he's expected to face questions about his contacts with russia's ambassador to the u.s. during the presidential campaign. sessions, though, has recused himself from all ongoing investigations into russia. >> i should not be involved in investigating a campaign i had a role in. >> reporter: sessions may have to answer for what role, if any, he played in the firing of former fbi director james comey. comey during his temple to the senate hinted there might be
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more to sessions' recusal. >> we're aware of facts that i can't discuss. >> reporter: sessions will have the opportunity to avoid some questions by citing executive privilege a move the white house has not ruled out. >> depends on the scope of the questions. to get into a hypothetical at this point would be premature. >> reporter: he may be asked if there are tapes of the president's private conversations with comey as mr. trump suggested last month but refused to confirm monday. >> are there games of you and koem in the oval office. >> reporter: the secret service revealed yesterday it's unaware of any recording device inside the oval office. the attorney general testified here on capitol hill of at his confirmation hearing in january when he said he didn't communicate with the russians. lawmakers have asked the fbi to investigate whether sessions committed perjury.
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>> thank you. cbs news will bring you full coverage of the attorney general's testimony in a special report this afternoon. it's expected to begin at 2:30 eastern, 1:30 central right here on cbs. after another appeals court ruled to block president trump's travel ban the administration said it would seek further review at the supreme court. ruling in hawaii's challenge to the ban, the san francisco based 9th circuit of appeals ruled it violates immigration law. this is the second time in less than three weeks an appeals court ruled against the ban. more than 1500 people were arrested during anti-corruption rallies across russia. more than 100 rally, many denouncing president vladimir putin were held across russia. 5,000 demonstrators gathered in moscow, over 800 were arrested
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in that city trial began. cosby did not testify in his own defense. >> reporter: the trial lasted a little more than a week before it went to the jury of seven men and five women. constand testified for several hours. she said cosby gave her three blue pills to relax her while she was consulting with him about her career at his philadelphia mansion. she said the pills left her half conscious and unable to move when cosby touched her. the 79-year-old entertainer's lawyer said while cosby had been unfaithful to his wife he did not commit a crime. he added the 2004 encounter was consensual and the two had been
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intimate before. cosby's lawyers called one witness to the stand, a detective who testified for just six minutes. cosby did not take the stand in his own defense. hard to watch security video was shown during the first day of a preliminary hearing to decide if 16 members of a penn state fraternity will be charged in the death of a pledge. the video showed the boy taking part in an alcohol fuelled hazing in february. he fell several times and was left to suffer. his friends did not call for his help until 12 hours after he first fell. >> surveillance video that was shown in this courtroom today is chilling. it is horrific. and it is unfathomable. >> he suffered a fractured skull, brain and abdominal bleeding. some fraternity members face
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involuntary manslaughter charges and aggravated assault. the city of orlando spent the day remembering the 49 victims of the pulse nightclub massacre. services and remembrances were held. some at the gay nightclub where a gunman opened fire one we're ago yesterday. last night 15,000 showed up at a ceremony where victims names were read. victims families said they were grateful for the support. >> it's togetherness, i think and a lot of support will get us through. one year anniversary and years to come. >> the gunman omar mateen pledged allegiance to isis. he was killed after a standoff with police. the pentagon identified the three american soldiers killed in afghanistan. corporal dillon b aldridge, eric
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houck and william en the north and the u.s. and rodman says he's trying to open a door. in oakland, california basketball fans have a reason to party. the warriors clinched their second nba championship in three seasons last night. they scored a nine-point victory over lebron james and the defending champion cleveland cavaliers. golden state added kevin durant to their team and he poured in 39 points and was named the playoff mvp. >> i had a couple, too many
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beers, i haven't had a beer since february. so to h have a beerr right now come talk to you guys feels great. >> after beieingupset by and
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you will bow to my exquisite short game. cower at my majestic drives. i will make you question everything, son. so don't worry about dad's joints. worry about your dignity. love, dad. 80% smaller, just as effective. osteo bi-flex ease. made to move. ahead of its opening night performance the artistic director for new york's public theater took to stage to defend his company's take on shakespeare's julius caesar. the depiction of president trump's assassination has outraged many conservatives. while the play's supporters insist the play's scene is an expression of the arts and free speech. >> art has something to say
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about the great civic issues of our time and to say that like drama, democracy depends on the conflict of different points of view. >> the backlash caused delta and bank of america to pull support for the play and its parent company. the creators stand by their show which runs through sunday. a lawmaker introduces the covfefe act and the health care bill is under wraps. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. senate republicans do not plan to release the health care bill they are drafting. democrats say the proposed replacement for obamacare shouldn't be written in secret. the gop hopes to vote on it before the july 4th recess. the "new york times" magazine features chelsea manning on its cover with an in depth look at her case. manning explains why she leaked secret documents in 2012 and how
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early stages of hormone therapy were deeply fulfilling. when her testosterone plum metropolitaned she could no longer handle. both kruns on the correspondent peninsula could hold world cup games. they are being considered of host of the 2030 sport. the proposal of a silly name. an illinois congressman named his plan the covfefe act. it would add social media to documents that would require storage under the presidential requirements act. and reports the suspension of a high school supervisor after images of president trump were cut from the publication. pictures of two students wearing trump campaign shirts were
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the french spiderman shows off his skills again. the daredevil scaled a 380-foot tall skyscraper yesterday in barcelona, spain without a safety harness. he was questioned afterwards by police. he wasn't charged. he has scaled more than 130 buildings worldwide. on the "cbs money watch" a top executive at uber reportedly leaves and a shirt worn by barron trump becomes a hot seller. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning. tech stocks suffered a second day of steep declines mainly from big companies. the dow lost 36 points yesterday, the s&p finished two points lower, the nasdaq dropped 32. the number two executive at uber is leaving. emil michael is a close ally of travis kalanick. he announced his departure in an
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e-mail to employees. uber has been hit by a series of scandals. kalanick is considering a three month leave of absence from the company that he helped build. the children's apparel retailer gymboree applied for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. it missed a june debt payment. it will close 170 stores. the filing should reduce the debt by $900 million. rapper and music producer sean combs is the highest paid entertainer according to forbes annual list of highest paid celebrities. combs earned $130 million from june 2016 to june 2017. beyonce held the second spot and j.k. rawling earned 95 million. and the latest example of the
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trump effect thanks to barron trump wore a t-shirt sunday that said the expert. it costs $29.50 and made by j. crew. by monday it sold out. >> expert at being fashion forward. i'm impressed. i liebld that shirt. jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot, jill. still ahead a snorkeling terror. a woman lives to tell the tale after a shark bites off her arm. >> i remember just pulling my arm out and just looking at it and seeing it was this mangled stump. i threw off my snorkel mask and screamed help me, help me jesus. threw off my snorkel mask and screamed help me, help me jesus. more "earning something you love" per roll bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer...
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...than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper and now try bounty with new despicable me 3 prints. in theaters june 30. protein it's intelligent nutrition with 15 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. boost® the number one high protein complete nutritional drink. champions of the n-b-a. we have complete coverage of the game.. and what's next for warrior s fans. attorney general "jeff sessions" will face tough questions today. he's giving his testimony.. into possible ties between russia and the 2016 presidential election. we have the latest from
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capitol hill. plus: cheap real estate in the bay area?? it is possible to find a "bargain buy" ... if you know where to look. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:30. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country.
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reliving a shark attack. a north carolina woman reveals how a snorkeling trip turned into a terrifying ordeal. she lost much of her right arm two weeks ago but managed to escape. >> i just had this super natural god given strength that just rose up within me and i had this determination and i was thinking this is not the end for me. i'm not going to die here. he's not going to take my life. i won't allow it to. the mother of three is recovering after undergoing a third operation. a popular london market will open tomorrow for the first time since a deadly attack by terrorists two weeks ago. eight people were killed when the attackers mows down
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a new report finds headlights on mid-size suvs are getting better but there's still a lot of room for improvement. don champion reports. >> reporter: the insurance institute for highway safety tested 37 mid-size suvs. only two volvo an hyundai santa fe received a good rating. >> there's about 11 more that have acceptable headlight ratings and the rest are march about inial or poor. >> reporter: here's a comparison of the volvo and the kia. the driver of the sorrento can't see a person on the roadway 100 feet away nor a pair of deer
4:26 am
200 feet away compared to the volvo in which both are clearly visible. >> adequate visible if i'm going to see an obstacle or a pedestrian and be able to come to a stop in time. >> reporter: the institute has a simple solution for owners of vehicles that aren't among the best performers. high beams. >> to get that best visibility we're encouraging people even in the poor performing vehicles to use their high beams as much as they can. >> reporter: another problem glare. researchers found a striking difference even between similar models. here's the glare produced by the hyundai the santa fe sport on the left with a poor rating compared to the hyundai santa fe with a good rating. automakers are listening to the findings. >> we see promising signs of improvements but we know there's a lot more to come still. >> reporter: car companies are redesigning head lights for vehicles that will hit the road for years to come.
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don champion, cbs news, dallas. oh, no. oh, no. no, no. our top stories this morning. another round of tornadoes, hail and powerful winds is expected in the plains and the midwest today. at least 30 tornadoes were reported yesterday in wyoming, nebraska and south dakota. and at least one injury was reported in wyoming. significant damage is reported in cheyenne. attorney general jeff sessions was the before the senate intelligence committee. during the public hearing this afternoon sessions is expected to be grilled about his contacts with russian officials during the presidential campaign, and his role in the firing of fbi director james comey. sessions was a close campaign adviser to donald trump at his confirmation hearing he said he had not met with russian officials during the campaign but later admitted he had spoken twice to the russian ambassador.
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coming up on "cbs this morning," former speaker of the house newt gingrich stops by with his latest book "understanding trump" where he explains how the president crafts his political agenda. plus trouble for the reality show bachelor in paradise after accusations of inappropriate sexual behavior on the set. and stand up comedian joins us at the table with his new memoir which chronicles his transgender activism and long distance running. that's the cbs news for this morning. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. news for this morning. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day.
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[ applause and cheers ] it is a very good morning for "dub nation." the golden state warriors are
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the official nba champions. wahoo! good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, june 13. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi. we have complete coverage of the championship game but first, our ladies are here to weigh in. how is everybody feeling? i know people stayed up longer than normal. >> a little tired. >> a little tired but excited. >> happy. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> all the above! >> she is still asleep. >> now, the hardest part was trying to get out of the parking lot last night. you had to stay for the celebration and the trophy presentation but making your way through the parking lot, everybody was celebrg a good kind of celebration. it really is. i have been to the warriors and the chicago bulls, this is a different crowd. then navigating to the -- it was worth it. two hours sleep, it was worth it. [ laughter ] good morning, everybody. let's check the clear skies outside right now. we do have what is the beginning of a warming trd.


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