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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  June 13, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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detestable lie! >> mr. comey said there were matters with respect to the recusal that were problematic and he couldn't talk about them. what are -- that -- why you don tell me! there are none, senator wyden, there are none! yothat for absolute certainly. >> reporter: his refusal answer to some questions frustrated some senators. >> did you ever nduss sc of the russia investigation with the president or anyone else? >> senator feinstein, that would call for a communication between the attorney general and the president and i'm not able to comment on that. >> now you're not answering questions. you're impeding this investigation. >> reporter: and he admitted to possibly having a brief ambaador at thmayflor thn hotel iaonru ssapril 27th. >> i coulsay that i possibly
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had a meeting but don't recall. >> have you ever heard of a plot line so ridiculous that a sitting united states senator and an ambassador of a foreign government colluded in an open setting with hundreds of other people to pull off the greatest caper in the history of this? >> thank you for saying that. [ laughter ] >> senator cotton. it's just like through the , i meglass. s whatan ithis?! >> reporter: often times when someone refuses to answer some questions during a testimony in open session, they will agree to go into closed session where they answer some sensitive questions that they are not willing to answer in open session. the attorney general is not currently scheduled to go into a closed session and he did not indicate whether llinto do so d today's testimony. >> mola lenghi thank you. once again, california senator kamala harris was interrupted during the committee hearing. she was asking a series of
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of e torneyes ti quges neral when republican sen john mccain cut in. >> to answer -- >> the witness should be allowed to answer the question. >> senators will allow the chair to control the hearing. senator harris. let him answer. >> same thing happened last week when she questioned the fbi director last week when she interrupted the witness' answer. we'll have more on the russia investigation on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" next at 5:30. in a disturbing story out of the south bay, at a en high ud tsschool are accused of creating a kill list taing rgbl udack parents who say the school direct tried to cover it up. len? >> reporter: 'sthatlong for thi public. now, what happened here on some computers and social media at monte vista high school is so
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disturbing and so threatening to one black girl and her family that a civil rights lawsuit and pulled her fo out of today? >> to [ censored ] >> reporter: attorney richard richardson is holding a print ntthof a computer screen fr evidmoence he will use in a civil rights lawsuit filed against a fremont union high school district and administrators at monte vista who he says failed to ack stelybltect p to 10 mixed race boys on a racist kill list. >> they called themselves [ censored ] masters. they went on to say that they were going to kill each student. they created a kill list. on that list were the names of 6 to 7 black students in school. >> reporter: the lawsuit was filed on behalf of the family of one of the female students targeted on the list. >> they mentioned her by name. they gave a specific and
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credible threat and how [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the incident happened last fall and included disparaging remarks against women. but it only came to light recently when it was published by students in a school magazine. a coalition of south bay civil rights groups accused the district of a cover-up. >> the same thing happened in columbine. those kids made threats. the same thing could have happened here. thank god it didn't. but who knows what's really going out there in monte vista high school. >> reporter: district officials had no comment but said it became aware of the situation and that, quote, monte vista high school staff immediately in stig tve antnde k ed vista say they have heard the "n" word being used more freely at school but most have no idea that some classmates were taking racial remarks to such an extreme. >> i really thought that cupertino was sort of inside of a bubble where none of this stuff ever happened. it turns out that i was wrong and it turns out that all of
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this malicious content exists here, too. >> reporter: the santa clara county sheriff's department says it launched an intensive investigation and recently turned over that case to the district attorney's office for criminal prosecution. no other details of that case were released and the identities of the people involved or the suspects are being held because they are minors. live in cupertino, len ramirez, kpix 5. some real water concerns in the east bay. a spike in cancer-causing compounds in drinking water. the east bay municil utility district says in some areas the levels of close to violating federal health standards. the issue, a jump in th ms. they are a result of chemicals used to treat the drinking water. water managers say that the drought is partly to blame. >> what haifinicppany g enis less water.
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that's fantastic. it's great for our water supply. the downside is that we need to adjust our system because water is sitting longer in those pipes. >> a to deal with it the problems the district will spend millions on treatment procedures. the district has already started to change how and where disinfectants are added to the drinking water. a nanny accused of violating a family's trust. she was arrested for driving under the influence with a child in the back seat this after she crashed into a schoolyard injuring a student. police arrested this woman yesterday afternoon at cipriani elementary school. paramedics treated an 11-year- old boy after he was hit by that toyota. you can see the car plowed through a school fence. the boy was rushed to the hospital and is expected to recover. >> she also had an infant in the car. she was found d ulmately arrest and child endangerment. >> police say the nanny had come to the school to pick up
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another student. she and the infant who was riding in her car were not hurt. a shake-the top. veronica de la cruz has the flurry of developments today. veronica. >> reporter: yeah, ken. ceo travis kalanick is stepping away from the company he founded. he is taking a leave bsenofofc thscanindals ove r its corporate culture and his own abrasive behavior. his email to employees he said, quote, if we're gonna work on uber 2.0, i also need to work on travis 2.0 to become the leader that this company needs and that you deserve." lanick founded uber in 2009 and built it into a $70 billion giant in the ride il e ose owcame at a cost. allegations of sexual harassment, discrimination and bullying prompted the two separate internal investigations. the law firm of former attorney geral eric holder announced
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its recommendations today. they included limiting ibs, anies responsilti crngeaovinere sighsit committee. >> they are doing the right things now. th thfoer torneygot general who has credibility to do an investigation,senior management out. now the ceo is taking an occu i here and this is the end cycle of that change hopefully toward a better brand and a better company. >> reporter: the reorganization began before kalanick's decision today. 20 employees have been fired in recent weeks. and kalanick's number 2 left yesterday. another factor that likely wentn tont thathi killed his mother and seriously injured his yo warriors fans in high spirits today after the team captured their second nba title in three years. firkd danced in the , un streets after last night's big
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' oup tsidacleen d an opportunit to celebrate with kevin durant as left the parking lot. he got out of the car and waved ivhighophy and dished out a few us in other places the atmosphere morphed cr in iminotograalphaced. >> reporter: yeah, allen. the main show in sidethore [ engines rev ] >> reporter: after the warriors victory, the celebration spilled out into the streets of sideshows, police say there were also sporadic reports of fireworks and gunfire. one oakland police officer had minor injuries after he was rear-ended by a drunk driver. from chopper 5 you haedca athis international boulevard. officers surrounded about 100 cars trapping them inside the police circle. 30 of those cars were towed
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away. >> i would like to see the community refrain from that uml ofkibe , , therhae'ors usan viappropria celebrate. >> reporter: but not everyone feels that way. >> yeah, last night was crazy, man, we watted was out there in east oakland. >> reporter: he was at 102nd and east 14th when this sideshow started. souped up cars in circles and careening to within inches of wkyoung people act like bullfighters dangerous lip dodging cars. >> it's expressing ourselves. we're rebels. rear we are not going to stay in our house and be content. we are going to be out in the streets celebrating having fun. >> reporter: he says there are bad examples. >> this is how you don't play. it's completely out of control. when that happens you tell them to get out of here, man, bulls, get out of here, man. you're weak. >> reporter: you police yourself. we police ourselves, man. >> f and say that's reckless and dangerous? >> you know what? i'm not going ngers to
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in life but the sideshow you can't shut us down you know what i'm saying when oakland comes out, we come out. >> reporter: all in all police only made a handful of arrests and they are not sure all of them were related to the victory celebration. joe vazquez, kpix 5. many fans wondering today could this championship team stay together for the long haul? >> some key players will be free agents this summer. kpix 5's sports director dennis o'donnell joins now ings -- i'mh ause i know your ears are still ringing from the noise last night in the arena. >> what's that? htlaug t >>i] gh it er i think this team is good enough, the core unit, is good enough to take them all the way into that new arena in san francisco. today's age of salary caps sports, it gets a little tricky to keep a team together for the long haul. it's why you see very few dynasties anymore. but rest assured, the warriors will be favored to repeat in 2018. golden state si edketo get past
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the cavaliers. mission accomplished there. but mountain pledst of celebrating iguoda remindeevery that genel manager bob ers lastt little more ana e challenging job this summer trying to keep everybody together. >> bob myers i can't even give him a compliment considering we're about to go hits up in negotiating. but he has done a awesome job of finding the right personalities to fit the culture and balancing it out. >> iguodala is one of 10 free agents on the warriors. steph curry and kevin durant will both get the big bucks. but if durant ismu wi$35 millio it will allow the the salary ca re-sign iguodala and shaun livingston. playing into what iguodala said, this is as close to basketball utopia as you you can find. and these players have made so eiplr aclikeca rethis, when you
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a locker room like this and management, you want to stay here. >> may not be all about the money, you're right. they got the money. >> although curry will become the nba's first $200 million man. >> wow. >> like he doesn't deserve it. come on. >> he deserves it. >> thank you. the warriors celebrate their nba title, there were reports that the team voted unanimously against making a white house trip to celebrate with president trump. this is what the warriors had to say about those rumors. quote, today is all about celebrating our championship. we have not received an invitation tothwille make thos when and if necessary. here's what you need to th victory parade thursday. it starts at 11th street and broadway. it starts at 10 a.m. and will wind around end with a rally outside the old henry kaiser convention center. fans will be allowed to start lining up at 5 a.m. [ laughter ]
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>> bart will, um, for sure be running extra trains, as well. li covera su rebrof the parade -- dennis and i will be will. coverage begins at 9:30 a.m. on thursday. dennis and i will be there. comedian bill cosby, his fate in the hands of a they are positive as the jury moves into another day of deliberations. >> pluhacos h s rdwo during his trip to the bay area. >> and a new report on the safety of suvs. some disappointing grades on their headlights.
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al>> > asjusaroulrst trial aske judge to review some old
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a deposition that the comedian gave back in 2005 where he admitted to giving pills to accuser andrea constand. at the her me over-the-counter cold and allergy medicine but constand says that she was left half conscious from those pills. this was the jury's second day of deliberations. the 79-year-old faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted. an american college student jail in north korea for 17 months is free but in bad shape. 22-year-olotto [name] was released this name although his parents say he is in a coma and has been so since march of 2016. they learned that just a week ago. this is video of the man at his trial more than a year ago. the last time he was seen in public. north korean authorities detained him at the me pyongyang airport last january
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and accused him of trying to steal a political banner from his told. the man was charged with hostile acts against the state and sentenced to 15 labor. a source close to the family tells cnn that the man contracted botulism and is to in cincinnati tonight. the former president of mexico was in anhe had more har words for president trump. vicente fox came to oakland to speak at the cannabis business summit saying that marijuana should be legalized in an fort totakehe drugt hands of violent cartels. fox says he wants to see president trump's policies on marijuana and immigration go up in smoke. >> i think [ indiscernible ] donald trump to be such an instrument to be such a disrupter to be such a destroyer. >> meanwhile, u.s. attorney
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general jeff sessions in a letter to congress is asking to prosecute medical marijuana providers. a new report finds the headlights on midsized suvs are getting better but as don champion reports, there's still a lot of room for improvement. >> reporter: the e rancin e insuvs. only two the a volvo and hyundai received a good rating. >> there's about 11 more that have acceptable ratings and all the rest are morningal or poor. >> reporter: here's a comparison between the volvo xc60 which scored good versus the kia sorrento with a poor rating. the driver of the sorrento can't see a person on the road just 100 feet away. nor a pair of deer 200 feet away. compared to the volvo xc60 in ich th are clearly visible. >> i need adequate visibility if i'm going to see an obstacle or a pedestrian and be able to come to a stop in time.
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>> reporter: the institute has a simple solution for owners of vehicles that aren't among the best performers. high beams. even between simila models. here is the glare produced by the hyundai santa fe sport on the left with a poor rating compared to the hyundai santa ra on the right with a good ts last year and says automakers are listening to the findings. ova imsee promising signs of prements lot more to come still. >> reporter: car companies are now redesigning headlights for vehicles that will hit the road in the years to come. don champion, cbs wsne. , dalla this week. in fact, plenty of thand warm temperatures. we look at the bay. coit tower in the foreground, baaty in the distance and the heating trend is on the wa l 'lwebethn ie 10 >> and coming up all new at
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6:00 tonight, a man dressed like an i.c.e. agent shows up at a spanish church service and parts recording people. only on "5" the scare that sparked a police investigation.
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hi, welcome back. a beautiful day in the b day. numberbegan gentlrise aray off of what was a chly d noenthd inweg anbut blue at the coast. ocean beach a nice night stargazers no low clouds. concord with 81 degrees right now. livermore at 78. a relatively chilly 63 in san francisco. even though temperatures will skyrocket inland, they are not going to do that much climbing li amgieranice. an ts league expansion team that came into the american league in 196 the. the royals named after a livestock show. >> mm-hm. >> yeah. >> so hopefully the giants can round 'em up tonight.
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49 degrees in santa rosa. 53 in oakland. and san jose down to 53. tuporrirodgw e morng isin buil gradually. so a degree a day that's all we aremperattoes have inbeg en go low 80s tomorrow mid 80s, they will take a toward 90 by thursday. clear night epstcool temperatur midweek sun, and the mp teneatarur aroveerraomgeor. t hot inland by late week with temperatures in excess of 100 degrees saturday and the warmest day of the week around 102 on father's day. no wonder there's an excessive heat watch friday through sunday for most of the bay area. 90s and low hundreds but there's always relief at the beach is rethal offshore push we get around september and october, the ocean relief. do stay hydrated a word to the wise. 84 degrees in santa ro for tomorrow. 85 in napa. 86 for fairfield. livermore up to 85 degrees. concord 85, as well. tomorrow in the city 68 degrees
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will do it and in san jose, 81 degrees. but you'll notice pacifica only 62. extended forecast going to be looking for the pressure to come up and the temperatures to follow suit. by thursday, we'll be 90 inland. then look at friday d egre98in sunday 100 and 102 out in the 680 corridor and live and up by concord. around a bit though not bad if you are close to the bay shoreline. just upper 70s will do it. and along the shore, bring your il illy out ther itbut l the heat is on's in the area, bring your parka at the shore. we'll have more as we approach t'haweekd. s yo ecuror fast; w b
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"..." thanks for watching at five... we are back in 30 minutes. the "cbs evening news" is next. >> reporter: up next the attorney general says he was n russbriefed on allege erinteiahe remained coy on his in the firing of former fbi director james comey. there's a lot of news out of san r aninvestigation into improper conduct. and nba champ kevin durant calls this woman the real mvp. meet her coming up on the "cbs evening news." >> loves his mama. >> got to be a proud mom. >> that was so cute. thank you for watching tonight at 5:00. >> yeah. an rning.d remember, 9:30 a.m. we go live for the big parade in oakland in the meantime, we'll be back here at 6:00. linda macdonald, captioner
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vitac corporation. captioning captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: daytime drama. >> to suggest that i participated in any collusion is alppan a >> pelley: the attorney general denies a trump-russia connection but faces tough questioning. >> you're impeding this investigation. >> i am not stonewngalli. >> pelley: also tonight, the hunt is on for two inmates wanted for murdering two prison guards. >> i am begging to the korean people and government for my forgiveness. american college student is coming home in a coma. >> look at me! you did it! le pelley: you could say the n.b.a. champs have two m.v.p.s. >> there we many nhts that i


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