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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  June 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. this london high-rise turned into a towering inferno. tonight: it appears some people are trapped inside.
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abeth now 11:00, breaking news. a london high-rise turns into a towering inferno. it appears some people are trapped inside. i am elizabeth cook. >> let's get to andrea. >> the fire has been burning for more than 5 hours now. the flames broke out while many residents inside the tower were sleeping. the apartment building is in kensington near notting hill. 200 firefighters, 40 trucks and 20 ambulances are at the scene. the fire commissioner says they are struggling to get inside and the smoke and flames are making it difficult. they know there are people inside. several have been seen in windows. one man, reportedly waving a blanket and another man -- another woman calling that she had a child inside. at least one witness says he saw a tenant jump from an upper floor.
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people were ordered to self evacuate. >> people were screaming help me help me. >> i have never seen a building this size own for over >> i can't believe the way it's going up so quick. it spread so quick. >> this is what it looked like from a rooftop a few blocks away. the tower was completely renovated a year ago. there were 120 units inside. this is a look at the tower from the past hour. now that the fall is -- sun is up, there is still heavy smoke and flames can still be seen. the entire structure is badly charred. 30 people have been taken to the hospital but there could be casualties once firefighters get inside. in the bay area, a hazmat scare forced a jcpenney store to be evacuated tonight.
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crews wearing gas masks showed up around 6:00 tonight. it all started when 11 people reported having trouble breathing. two were taken to the hospital. >> from our understanding it was kind of like an inhalation hazard. most likely it for something airborne within the store. hopefully, we will make that determination quick. >> the substance has not yet been identified. according to antioch police, there was a similar incident last week. a viewer tip led us to a bay area backyard that has been turned into an illegal breeding ground for parents and other exotic birds. hundreds and hundreds of them. we think kpix 5 -- sent kpix 5 and sky drone 5 ditch to check it out. >> reporter: ankiel castro valley in a neighborhood known for peace and quiet. sounds he would expect to here
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in a rain forest. joseph and his wife say their next-door neighbor is running an exotic bird mail in her backyard. >> over 500. i would say well over 100 macaws. >> reporter: as the number of birds increase, they say the weight started -- the area started attracting flies. the family says this all began with a handful of birds a couple of years ago and it quickly grew to include hundreds. and it network of makeshift birdcage is crowded on over an acre. inside the cages, sky drone 5 ditch spotted carrots, macaws and hundreds of smaller species. the woman appears to be breeding them to sell on craigslist for close to $2000 apiece. in this ad, a couple of birds are missing feathers. >> it is absolutely illegal.
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you cannot have this amount of animals on or property. >> reporter: the alameda county sheriff's department says they are working with fish and game and other agencies to try to figure out what to do. >> you would think it would be simple. >> it's not like we can just pick up 500 birds and care for them. >> reporter: so they will meet with animal control, fish and game and other agencies to try and solve the problem. they say so far, the woman who lives here is not cooperating. she didn't answer when we rang her doorbell and called her phone. her neighbors say they are worried about the safety of their birds -- the birds and winter quarter of life back. tristan ayres, kpix 5. there has been an arrest in a shooting at a st, andrew's church. shots were fired on saturday. police found evidence that a statue on the property had been damaged by gunfire. here's a look at suspect eric molen. he was arrested near the scene. police say heying a handgun. he was arraigned today and is due back in court later this
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week. big changes at uber. the ceo is on leave and there is some new rules aimed at getting rid of the company's brought culture. no more drinking or drugs at work. betty yu is in silicon valley tonight. >> reporter: uber's brand is unmistakable on bay area streets, including san jose. but tonight, the company is trying to prepare its reputation after a series of scandals stemming from its bad boy culture. at a meeting today to discuss the results of an investigation into the uber toxic culture marked by allegations of sexual harassment, a board member said this to arianna huffington, the only female board member: >> there is a lot of data that shows where there is one woman on the board, it is much more likely there will be a second woman on the board. >> actually it shows there is likely to be more talking.>>
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reporter: david silverman apologized and resigned from the board after the comment was leaked. and ceo travis kalanick is setting -- stepping aside indefinitely. he said he needs to work on becoming the travis 2.0 he stated in a companywide memo. this announcement came on the same day former attorney general eric holder's law firm released a series of recommendations on changing the pro-culture at uber. under travis kalanick, culture was described with headlines like principled confrontation. among reports, 47 recommendations, adopting values thatarmore inclusive, emphasizing teamwork and meant -- mutual respect, and cutting back on alcohol and drugs on the job and at work events. >> i guess time will tell. hopefully now that it is a valid public issue. >> reporter: summer cofounded a new education program that
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teaches stem skills to girls. she hopes real reform as possible at uber for the sake of the young girls she works with. >> we know those skills their learning today will translate into degrees in higher education and ultimately high- paying careers in stem and we need the creativity and the minds of women alike men and women both. >> reporter: among reports, many recommendations. the company must interview at least one woman for key positions and romantic relationships between employees who work closely together should be prohibited. live in san jose, betty yu, kpix 5. senator, let harris versus the nation's top law enforcement officer:>> did you have any communication with any russian businessmen or any russian nationals? >> i don't believe i had any conversations with russian businessmen or russian nationals. >> are you aware -- >> although, a lot of people
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were at the convention. >> sir. >> let me qualify. you will accuse me of lying so i need to be correct as best i can. >> i do want you to be honest. >> i am not able to be rushed this fast. it makes me nervous. >> the senate intelligence committee grilled jeff sessions but as melissa ken shows us, he refused to answer some of the most pressing questions. >> let me state this clearly colleagues. i have never met with or had any conversations with any russians or any foreign officials concerning any type of interference with any kind of campaign or election. >> under oath, the attorney general said just because he recused himself from the investigation into russian interference doesn't mean that he can't otherwise serve as attorney general and that he has nothing to hide. >> mr. call me said that there were matters with respect to the recusal that were
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problematic and he couldn't talk about them. what are they? >> why don't you tell me? they are none, senator wyden. there are none. >> reporter: senator wyden declined to discuss private conversations with president donald trump about the firing of fbi director james comey. >> i believe the american people have had it with stonewalling.>> senator wyden, i am not stonewalling. >> reporter: sessions claimed there is a policy that prevents him from answering certain questions because the president might claim those communications are privileged. , let harris hammered him on that claim. >> the policy is vague. >> you were asked that it be shown to you. >> the policy is based on the principle that the president -- >> sir, i'm not asking about the principle. >> i am unable to answer the question. >> did you not ask your staff to show you the policy that
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would be the basis for your refusing to answer these questions? >> reporter: during the past few hearings, senator harris is the only member of the committee to be interrupted and now twice while questioning witnesses. melissa ken, kpix 5. senator harris tweeted" it is unacceptable that sessions, the top law enforcement official in the country cannot name his legal basis for evading questions." nation gearing up for the biggest celebration since 2015. the championship parade. chopper 5 spotted crews setting up near the kaiser convention center by lake merritt and lots of no parking signs are going up. some parking restrictions went into effect tonight. we have learned floats will take off from old oakland at 10 am and go through downtown and arrived at a rally by lake merritt. about 1 million people
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turned out for the warrior's pervade two years ago. more are expected this year. some fans told us they plan to show up as early as 5 am to find a spot along the route. we will have live coverage of the parade of champions starting at 9:30 am thursday morning. we have obtained video of a fake federal agent had a bay area church. tonight, the stunt that sparked a police investigation. and racist threats at this bay area high school. tonight, the kill list. this retail store -- storm -- this storm wreaked havoc on some vineyards. we ask about the toll it took on high priced wine.
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after he showed up at a north bay church dressed like an ice agent.. and started recording people during a spanish service. a san francisco city employee is on leave after he showed up at a church dressed
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like an ice agent and started recording people during a spanish service. kpix 5 emily turner has the video. >> reporter: this man is and 10 ice agent but he looks enough like one that he scared the gloria delray congregation at their sunday evening service. it launched an investigation by police. >> i don't know what type of motivation he decided to scare them and make them feel uncomfortable knowing that this is something very sensitive to the hispanic community. >> reporter: we don't know who he is but we know he was driving a government vehicle registered to the city of san francisco when he showed up two sundays ago. the jacket he had was purchased online, police say. while it isn't a copycat, it looks close enough to send the wrong message to a spanish- speaking congregation when he worked -- walked in recording faces and license plates. >> it's scary.
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>> he walked up to the front? >> through the parking lot all the way up to the front. he sat with his phone like this like he was filming everything. >> reporter: san rafael police say he was recording the noise of the service, something he has complained about before. the city of san francisco says this car is traced back to san francisco airport although they won't tell us what this man does or who he is but that he has been placed on administrative leave. he has not been charged with anything and it does not appear he has broken any laws. however, they have past this case along to the da. emily turner, kpix 5. tonight, students at a cupertino high school are accused of creating a kill list targeting african-american students. len ramirez reports there are claims that the school district tried to cover it up. >> what is your main focus for today? >> reporter: attorney richard richardson is holding a printout of a computer screen at monta vista high school in
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cupertino. it is some of the evidence he will use in a civil rights lawsuit filed against the fremont union high school district and administrators who failed to adequately protect african-american students who were targeted on social media by 6 to 10 boys from various social backgrounds. >> they called themselves killing spree masters. they went on to say they were going to kill each student. they created a kill list. on that list were the names of 67 african-american students. >> reporter: the lawsuit was filed on behalf of the family of one of the female students who was targeted on the list. >> they mentioned her by name, gave a specific and credible threat. they talked about how many bullets it would take. >> reporter: it also included disparaging remarks against women but it only came to light when it was published by students in a school magazine. a coalition of south based civil rights groups accuse the district of a cover-up. >> at columbine, those kids
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took those threats lightly and those kids went home and made bombs. the same thing could have happened here. >> reporter: district officials would not comment but issued a statement that says it became aware of the situation and that "monta vista high school staff immediately investigated and took appropriate disciplinary action." the santa clara county department says it launched an intensive investigation and turned over its findings to the da's office for criminal prosecution. no other details on the case were released. the identities of the people involved are being withheld because they are all minors. len ramirez, kpix 5. a yosemite entrance is closed due to a massive rockslide. park officials closed l portola road on highway 40. about 4000 tons of rock piled up on the road covering an area of more than 1000 feet wide. the debris fell from the park
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line slab cliff yesterday morning. the stretch of road will remain closed at least through the weekend. from a rockslide to a freak hailstorm in june. tonight, napa valley is still recovering from this week's wacky weather. kpix 5 andrea warner checked out the damage to some prized grapes. >> reporter: this is what the co-owners of dos locas should have been doing, taking in the views. instead, they were watching this. a freak june hailstorm pounding their 5 acres of vines. >> it seems to work its way down the ridge line so starting at howell mountain, and then atlas week. all the very best grapes in napa may have been impacted. took 20 minutes later, the damage was done. >> it happened that exactly the wrong time.
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this year, we were about halfway through bloom, maybe two thirds of the way through bloom edwin the hail hits, it knocks the blossom off the line. >> reporter: you can see the obvious damage from the hailstorm here but it's not until you move further down the line to at the bloom should be that the true cause becomes apparent. >> these are all going to turn into grapes. the part that got damaged would be anything that wasn't completely set. these are caps on the blooms. this stuff got knocked off in the storm. >> reporter: after five years of drought, the storm feels like a cruel joke. >> it was looking to be a very large harvest and there was lots of clusters on the lines and anything that wasn't already set is gone. we might have lost the third -- a third or half. >> reporter: much like wind takes time to age, the full extent of the hail damage may not fully mature for weeks. >> what is the worst part of owning a vineyard?
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a hailstorm. >> the quality won't be affected. there will just be less of it. >> reporter: alndria borba, kpix 5. after a few days of unusually cool weather in the bay area, we climbed back to average today and now we are going up. but that is after a clear and chilly night. we will check out the overnight lows finding santa rosa in the upper 40s. wednesday 5:47 am and fremont will get to about 53 tonight. here is how it looks above the west coast. high pressure begins to build them but not dramatically. it is just slowly beginning to bump up pressures in the atmosphere as the slow headset further to the east. we will see numbers come up. when they do, they are going to really get there. by the weekend, we are in the hundreds inland. northwest breeze tomorrow. we are looking for a clear if not chilly day at the coast. more sun and less fog and
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higher temperatures but not dramatically. not much more than we had today. clarinet, cool temperatures. warm inland. tomorrow looks good. the south bay will be in the low 80s for the most part. in the east bay, numbers edge of the 80s with 87 at pittsburgh and 86 for pleasant hill. moreton bay in the low 80s tomorrow before climbing even higher on thursday. and already plenty hot around cloverdale and lakeport. extended forecast. the heat is on with numbers approaching 90 degrees inland come and 98 friday, 100 degrees on saturday. the warmest day of the next seven will be on father's day at 102 degrees. just in time for the summer solstice, we cooldown to the mid-90s. have a good one. her son is the mvp of the nba finals. tonight, kevin durant's mother describes a dream come true. and here are tonight's
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best sales event at nissan the fastest-growing auto brand in the u.s.a. take on every day get 0% for up to 72 months on 13 models. ♪ the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix 5. the city of oakland showing its pride for the hometown champs. this manner reading thank you deb nation. he was named mvp and tonight, kevin durant has something else to brag about. >> and he can just refer his critics to the latest issue of sports illustrated. and here he is on the cover with the headline" dawn of durrant." he contribute -- attributes his success to his mom. and tonight, she couldn't hold
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back her pride. >> we worked hard at this dream as a family. he worked hard as an individual. we pushed through a lot as a family but we stayed together. and the dream, the dream israel. >> that is a great story. i am mystified by the haters. why do they hate this guy? >> i think the hatred is really a sign of respect. it's like all those years, it's a sign of respect. who is the next champion by the way? anybody? likely not the giants. they just aren't catching up. we are up next.
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to baseball. just don't expect any championships in the bay area this year. the a's and giants entered tuesday a combined 22-games under five-hundred. a leopard shark in the bay smellin' blook at at&t top of the third, giants leading kansas city 1- basketball season is over. it's time to move to baseball. just don't expect any championships in the bay area. da's and the giants entered for a combined 22 games under 500. a leopard smelling blood at at&t park. the giants leading kc one to 1. jorge bonifacio's face. he scores two. 4 to 1, kc. trying to save the day, no.
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mayor filled ends up with a bases clearing triple part of the six run royal inning winning a day to 1. the giants allow 10 of 14. the marlins bubblehead museum and miami slugger carl stanton take jarrell cotton deep. that's a two run blast. gave the marlins a 4 to 1 lead. da's have lost five of six. for draymond green last night's game five was different than game five and 2016. not just because golden state won the title but because draymond green actually got to play. last season, he was suspended and watched game five from a suite at the a's game. this year's playoffs, he was on better behavior picking up only three technicals after winning the title. he credited advice from fans for helping him keep his emotions in check during the postseason. >> everybody is like keep your cool, keep your cool. don't argue with the referees. i had to ask myself is it that bad?
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doesn't look that bad that everyone i see in the grocery stores like keep it cool! like this must be bad. >> i thought he was getting bounced in cleveland. the pa announcer announced draymond green has been ejected and everybody starts getting on draymond green but he was not ejected. >> yeah. a lot of haters. >> a lot of haters. >> it's respect. >> a lot of haters. >> we will be right back. whoa!
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. michelle griego and kenny choi will have all the news you need.. to start your day. good night. the late show with stephen colbert is next. our newscast starts at 4:30 am. captioning sponsored by cbs >> he's been there before, now dennis rodman is making a trip back to north korea today, more on his controversial visit. >> and now, introducing your 2017 north korean glorious leader, kim jong-un!


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