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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  June 16, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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babysitters say: a bay area startup ripped them off. they claim they've been cheated out of months of pay.
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only on 5 tonight dozens of baby-sitters say a bay area startup ripped them off. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. kpix5's andria borba went digging for answers and wait till you hear what she found out tonight. u-s, but is based right here in san francisco >> well, liz, the startup is called wonder sitter. it operates in 13 cities across the u.s., but it's based here in san francisco. tonight baby-sitters who use the site are wondering when they're going to get paid. tter. mich .00 it was reall >> i really love this job and i love working with my families. >> reporter: mckayla has been working as a baby-sitter employed through wonder sitter. >> this was convenient, flexible, such a great job for a college young student who has child care experience. >> reporter: wonder sitter was functioning like an airbnb for baby-sitters hooking up families with sitters. the families would pay wonder sitters and wonder sitters paid the baby-sitters. the problem is mckalely said she. what been -- mckayla said she
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hasn't been paid since may and claims she's owed over $3,000. she's not alone. susan holton said she's owed $450. there's even a facebook group with a running spreadsheet with a combined tab over $70,000. >> i feel swamped like i can't do. in. >> reporter: carol bean is with legal aide at warning and says employees not being -- and says employees not being paid is a common problem. last year the law changed allowing employees to go after not only the business, but owners, officers, directors and managing agents personally. on its website wonder sitter touts the founder's experience as at baby-sitter growing up in pacific heights. we tried to track her down at the company's corporate address, an apartment in
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diamond heights. rhodes wasn't home and according to neighbors, hasn't been in quite a while. we up covered worn sitters statuses -- wonder sitter's status, but the state franchise tax board has been static since 2014. >> so often what you think you're owed is usually a fraction of what you're entitled to under the law. there are lots of consequences for not being paid your wages. >> reporter: now according to the franchise tax board, wonder sitter should not have been doing business since 2014. we reached out to wonder sitter but have not heard back yet at this point. in the newsroom andria borba, kpix5. temperatures are going to start to soar tomorrow, almost triple digits in some areas and brian hackney tells us it's going to get even hotter from there. >> yeah. that's the bad news. we'll be fairly sick of this within a week because it's going to get hot and not go away any time soon. it's going to heat up into the 100s over the weekend. there's an excessive heat
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warning for much of the bay area, hot inland from 90s and low 100s. along the coastline there will be relief, but temperatures will climb 7 to 10 degrees inland tomorrow. inland temperatures hit 100s by saturday and there's no end to this heatwave for a week. as to how high it will get tomorrow and saturday and sunday, we'll have that in a few minute. investigators are still searching -- minutes. investigators are still searching for a motive in that deadly rampage in san francisco. kpix5's joe vazquez has some clues. >> very solemn, very sad. obviously everyone is very upset. >> reporter: the gunman jimmy lam started working at the teamsters union in 1999 and only filed one grievance earlier this year because he'd been assigned extra overtime more than three days in a row, but nobody here believes that's what set jimmy off yesterday, what caused him to march into the third floor morning meeting
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and open fire on three colleagues, wayne college, mike lefiti and benson louie. he shot been son first inside and -- benson first inside and chased big mike outside and then killed himself. the gunman was 38 years old,lied in the sunset. -- lived in the sunset and was involved in a custody battle with his estranged girl friend. >> i've been crying for the last day. this is such a tragedy. >> reporter: they were ups drivers and also beloved family members and community members. been son louie was -- benson louie was a volleyball coach. >> i was on the team. he was like a second father. >> i've known benson since middle school. the world lost another great person. >> reporter: if investigators have determined a clear motive, so far they aren't telling us what it is. >> the gunman filed a grievance about excessive overtime. tonight a union repealed mitises it's a -- rep admits it's a problem.
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he said excessive overtime is standard at the san bruno avenue facility and the union has seen a spike in complaints this year. >> most drivers don't mind working 9 1/2 and 10 hours. it's the 11, 12 and 13 hours that kind of interfere with their life. >> ups told us, "we are hiring and right now we need about 10 drivers and 40 part-time package handlers. we've been working together with the local union in california for decades and we will continue to." congressman steve scalise remains in critical condition tonight, but the hospital says he is improving after being shot during baseball practice. tonight republicans and democrats were back on the field playing a charity game in honor of their wounded colleague. >> reporter: the democrats won thursday's bipartisan charity baseball game 11 -2, but the trophy will go in republican steve scalise's office. the competition was fierce but friendly and took on an horrible tone in the wake of
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wednesday's -- emotional tone in the wake of wednesday's shooting at a gop practice. four people including congressman scalise were shot. many lawmakers wore lsu hats in his honor. >> it's a small momento to let him know he's beloved and we want to see him pull through. >> reporter: injured police officer bailey threw out the first pitch. >> it was a very special emotional moment. i could tell it meant a lot to him, too. >> reporter: democrats cleared the bases in the 3rd inning. cedric richmond pitched for the democrats. he had a leadoff triple in the 5th inning and a pregame prediction. >> knowing steve as well as i do, i'm sure he wants the democrats to will because he just -- win because he just couldn't take the republican team winning without him. >> reporter: there was 24,959 tickets sold and more than $1 million was raised for charities like the boys and girls club. it also raised spirits in a way
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many lawmakers hope last. >> we've had these moments before and they've been fleeting. i hope that we can change for good. >> reporter: whether democrat or republican it seems everyone at nationals park was team scalise. americans to be wary of fake news. an unusual warning tonight from the deputy attorney general, in a vague statement rod rosen stein urged americans to be wary of fake news. rosenstein said americans should exercise caution before accepting as true any stories attributed to anonymous officials. now particularly when they do not identify the country, let alone the branch or agency of government with which the alleged sources supposedly are affiliated. americans should be skeptical about anonymous allegations." rosenstein did not name any specific news outlets, but this comes one day after anonymous sources told the washington
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post that mr. trump is being investigated for obstruction of justice. streets of oakland their slogan is strength in numbers and today we saw why. dub nation flooding the streets of oakland to celebrate the warriors' second nba title in three years. tonight christin ayers tells us the warriors are returning the love in a big way. arty... natsot then...the big clean-up. natsot police estimate the warriors parade a people to >> reporter: tonight the party is over and oakland is almost back to normal. some streets tonight will remain closed until midnight after a championship parade that puts a spotlight on oakland and the warriors. first came the big party. of fundamental needs, police, schools. we'd just like to say this le day, all th then the big clean-up. (cheers) for fans...the gift they for...was th police estimate the warriors parade attracted 1 million people to oakland to celebrate with the team. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: and all those people left tons of trash. public works crews moved in quickly this afternoon with trucks.
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shovels and blowers. in 2015 the city of oakland spent $137,000 on law enforcement for the warriors parade and just over 100 grand on cleaning it up. altogether it cost early in a quarter million dollars to put on the parade, but this -- nearly a quarter million dollars to put on the parade, but this year it will be different after lacob made this surprise announcement. >> times are hard and this city in particular has had its share of issues over the years and shares of needs, a lot of fundamental need, police, everything that goes around, schools and everything like that. wield just like to say this parade, this whole day, all the costs, every dollar, is on us. it's our gift to the city of oakland. >> reporter: for fans the gift they were most grateful for was the time they still have with this team. >> i'm glad they did it in
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oakland before they leave. it's a wonderful experience. >> reporter: in oakland christin ayers, kpix5. securing the massive celebration was no easy task from bomb sniffing dogs on the ground to helicopters in the air. it was all hands on deck in oakland. >> all of our available officers here at the oakland police department are working. so regular days off are canceled. >> tonight opd reports only three arrests. the pa raid route was also a no drone zone. signal jamming sensors were installed to deter fly-byes. those sensors can also detect if a drone is carrying anything hazardous. this 3-year-old northern california girl went to the dentist and died during a procedure. tonight what went wrong. >> these bears were supposed to be euthanized, but they are safe tonight, how a bay area zoo rescued them. >> businesses at this bay area airport just soared to new heights, tonight the milestone who are these people?
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angela greenwood reports: a mom took her 3-year-old in for hen -- the a trip to the dentist turned tragic for one northern california family. a mom took her 3-year-old in for a routine procedure of then the unthinkable happened. >> reporter: these photos show 3-year-old delisa avalos hernandez playing in the waiting room with her siblings at stockton's dental surgery center monday morning. moments later the little girl went in for a dental procedure
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but never came out. translator: when i was in the waiting room, i saw the ambulance. i stood up to see and i thought to myself they are here for a child but never thought it was my child. >> reporter: avalos said her daughter was there to get her teeth fixed, but 30 minutes later she was rushed to the hospital where she later died. translator: the nurse said my daughter's heart stopped. >> reporter: the dental center specializes in treatments under general anesthesia. administrators couldn't confirm if that was part of the little girl's procedure but did tell us both a dentist and anesthesiologist along with a nurse and two assistants are present in the rooms during a procedure. >> the risks are cold front. the process is cold front -- are different. the process is different. our emergency response is cold front. we have drills to -- is different. we have drills to handle different types of emergencies. >> reporter: her mother just can't understand how a trip to a dental center could take her daughter's life. translator: i hope what has
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happened to me doesn't happen to another mother. >> reporter: an autopsy will be performed to figure out exactly what happened. we're also told the little girl will be laid to rest next week. in the mean time her friends and family plan to protest at the dental center tomorrow asking for justice. in sacramento angela greenwood, kpix5. more news out of washington, the pentagon plans to send nearly 4,000 a asian diddal u.s. forces to afghanistan -- additional u.s. forces to afghanistan. jim mattis could make the announcement as early as next week. president trump is planning a new crackdown on cuba. tomorrow he's set to make a new policy change to stop the flow of cash to cuba's military. traveling could become harder as a result. silicon valley is soaring to new heights. len ramirez is at san jose international which just hit another major milestone. >> reporter: that's right.
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1million passengers in a month and traffic tonight is still pretty busy. by the time it's all said and done tonight, airport officials say there will have been more traffic through this airport today than the day before thanksgiving last year, one of the busiest travel days traditionally and airport officials say the summer flying season is off to a flying start. fast motion video shows in hyper speed what frequent flyers out of ma net a san jose international -- manetta san jose international have been experiencing for months. >> there is a dramatic increase in traffic. >> reporter: for years it was slow growth coming out of the recession, but the last few months have seen double digit growth and in may the biggest spike yet. >> we grew 17% and broke 1 million passengers in may which we haven't done in more than 10 years. >> reporter: by popular demand more nonstops have been added to key cities on the east coast, europe and asia. >> there's so much boom going on in this industry and around
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here as far as silicon valley is concerned, google, facebook, a place where everybody wants to be. >> reporter: it may only get busier. a real estate deal between san jose and google could bring 20,000 more workers to the downtown. after a decade long expansion, manetta san jose is starting to run out of space. one travel and san jose native says it's her city's time to shine, but getting through the airport is harder than it used to be. >> now it's a whole stressful ordeal and it's unfortunate. you want to travel many places and it's hard to get around now. >> reporter: all this increased traffic now has officials talking about expansion plans both long and short term, long term perhaps another terminal here and short term a couple new gates added to the existing structure. live in san jose len ramirez, kpix5. tonight in los angeles it was last call for a hollywood hero. the bat signal burned brightly
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over l.a. city hall tonight in track out to the last adam west. thousands of fans young and old turned out to witness the supreme court kell in the shy. west shot to fame in the '60 -- sky -- the spectacle in the sky. west shot to fame in the '60s. he died over the weekend at age 88. now a story of a mama bear and her cubs that almost had a very sad ending. instead we are happy to report tonight they are settling into their new home at the oakland zoo. kpix5's john ramos shows us. >> reporter: when the oakland zoo's new california trail opens, it will include animals that once roamed the state's hillsides like wolves and grizzly bears, but some of the state's residents just arrived and how they got here is the story. >> this bear had three cubs and she didn't something she shouldn't do and went into somebody's home and was aggressive in somebody's house.
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>> reporter: it happened in the hills above bakersfield. when the homeowner tried to shoo the bears out, the mother bear swiped at her causing a light injury. normally the bear would have to be youth 9/11ed and because they mimic -- euthanized and because they mimic behavior, the cubs would have to be put down as well, but not this time. the zoo was just preparing its black bear exhibit and this family of four including two cubs is tailor made for it. >> usually it's very difficult to introduce one bear to other bears when they're adults. because they're all related, they've known each other and grew up together, they can get along for a long time. >> reporter: black barrels can live 30 years -- bears can live 30 years in captivity, longer than in the wild, so these youngsters already familiar with humans will become familiar faces to visitors here. >> yeah. they're going to get used to us. we might as well get used to them. a gigantic flower is causing quite a stink in golden gate park tonight.
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if this were smell-a-vision, you'd be holding your nose. a plant named tara the titan started blooming this afternoon. the bloom lasts a few days and smells like rotting flesh, hence the name the corpse flower. in the wild the odor attracts pollinators like beetles and flies. the conservatory is open late till 9:00 the next few nights if you want to check it out. the good news is the conservatory is a little bit cooler, every. >> that's a good transition, but i thought you were going to say the weather stinks the next few days. it was also windy and perfect for windsurfers out at ocean beach. we had some good gusts tonight, all an indication the high pressure is building. here's where it's coming from. 72 degrees in concord, already more 68 and san francisco 61 degrees. you got all the white caps
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there with the winds up. overnight lows down to 57 degrees in santa rosa and sun up at 5:47 a.m. one lobe over the desert southwest, another in the eastern pacific and another in the north over crescent city with moisture coming in off the pacific. as a result of the influence of the high we have a heat advisory posted in effect saturday through monday as temperatures inland zoom above 100 degrees. clear tonight with patchy fog before sunrise but not much and warmer for most on friday. i'll have this caveat until what will seem like the end of time except along the shore line. we won't heat up the beaches much. it's inland where things get toasty. this weekend 102 degrees for the alameda county fair. bay area the numbers go above average tomorrow, 75 in san francisco, 96 in concord, 84 in oakland. in the south bay we'll look for
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san jose only to reach 87 degrees, cupertino 90, mill feet milpitas 86 degrees, 96 sonoma, 97 degrees in petaluma and plenty hot around cloverdale and up in lake county. in the extended forecast we are looking for numbers to skyrocket into the 100s inland saturday and sunday. the hottest day in the next seven will be father's day. around the about a and at the shoreline -- bay and at the shoreline it will be mild and it doesn't look like once we get in the grip of the 100- degree readings that we'll let go any time soon. >> i've lived here many years and it's still shocking when you see that temperature difference between inland and the coastline. >> at least there's some relief, it's at the beach. our roberta gonzales asked this young warriors fan a question an
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well.. our roberta gonzales asked that question to some kids so how long have you been a warriors fan, months, years? roberta gonzales asked that question to some kids at the parade today and check out this answer that she got. >> reporter: hey, we have a little guy right here. what is your name? >> milan. >> reporter: how old are you? >> 5. >> reporter: you are a warriors fan? >> yes. >> reporter: how long have you been a warriors fan? >> my whole life. >> we'll tell you why lebron james probably became even less a warriors fan toda who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear.
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♪ of champions. his shirt said "quicky" ... a dig at the cavs home arena -- the q -- and the short five game draymond green let his clothes do the talking more than his mouth today at the parade of the champions. his shirt said quickie, a dig at the cavs home arena the q in the short series of five games and before the day was over draymond stepped to the mic and put an end to the lebron james talk of warriors being a super team, a knock against general manager bob meyer. >> can somebody give bob some [ bleep ] credit? [ cheering and applause ] everyone is talking about super team this, super team that. i never played on a super team.
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you started the super team, bro. giants aren't so super these days, 15 games under .500 playing the first place rockies tonight in denver. can it get much worse? yeah, it can. everything this year has gone sideway for the giants including this. buster posey tweaked his ankle. nunes also injured. denard span tries to score on a wild pitch, tagged out at the plate by greg holland and the inning is over. bottom of the 9th, hunter pence throw high, the game over, 10-9 the final. a's called up their prospect matt chapman to make his debut against aaron judge and the yankees. gary sanchez back at the box, the game tied. chapman comes to the plate, bases loaded, two outs, but
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they leave them loaded and the yankees have taken a 7-6 lead in the 10th inning. a blimp deflated and crashed at the site of the u.s. open. the pilot suffered injuries but he'll be okay. on the course rickie fowler had seven birdies and 65, tied the lowest opening round record at the u.s. open. i was doing the parade today, so i missed the u.s. open. i got to play catch up tonight and i'll see all three rounds friday, saturday and sunday.
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our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4-30. michelle griego and kenny choi will have all the news you need.. to start y night. the late show with stephen colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. we'll have all the news you need to start your day. have a great night!
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