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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 16, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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it was a great vacation. i was cycling in colorado and utah for seven days. nice to be back. >> you look tanned. >> i think i missed a few things. >> a big parade yesterday. >> yeah. >> a little bit. >> thinking about the whole week of events. >> it's been a roller coaster. >> it's been a long week. you know, this is the last friday of our spring season. we have summer arriving on wednesday. but it's going to feel like summer today. good morning, everybody. live weather camera looking towards the bay bridge. clear skies. and we also have another view this time from the transamerica pyramid. we can see the bright lights of oakland. they are still partying there this morning. temperatures 60 in santa rosa. it's 64 in san jose. these are our current temperatures. boy, it's so mild out the door later today 60s, 70s beaches. 70s, 80s around the bay. 80s around the peninsula up to about 99 degrees in brentwood. full forecast featuring heat
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advisories coming up but right now let's say good morning to jaclyn. [ microphone troubles ] [ pause ] all right. this morning, we are following breaking news. the russian military claims it may have killed a leader of isis. it reportedly happened in may in an air strike in syria. the ministry says al-baghdadi and about 30 other top isis militants died in the strike. u.s. officials are working to confirm it. we will keep you updated on this developing story. new this morning, two inmates accused of killing two guards in georgia before escaping from a prison bus are now in custody arrested across state lines in tennessee. the men allegedly murder two correctional officers before stealing multiple cars in georgia and tennessee. at one point they broke into the home of an elderly couple,
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tied them up and even ate their dinner. somehow the victims dialed 911. later the suspects were held at gunpoint by a man whose car they allegedly tried to steal. authorities say it's a miracle that the couple that encountered them survived. >> they realize how blessed they are to be alive. >> these are murderers! cold-blooded murderers! and we did what it took to bring them into custody. >> the suspects will now face state and federal charges. the annual congressional charity baseball game went on as planned after the shooting during practice for that game earlier this week. it left louisiana representative steve scalise hospitalized. the democrats won 11-2. immediately after being presented the winning trophy they handed it off to the republicans and asked that it be given to representative scalise. he had surgery and is in critical condition. three other people were hurt. all right. there's still a lot of warriors spirit across the bay area this morning. thousands of people flooded the
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streets in oakland yesterday for the team's victory parade. >> they were celebrating the warriors second title in three years. as christin ayers tells us the team is now returning the love. >> reporter: the party is over and oakland is almost back to parade that put the spotlight on oakland and the warriors. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: first came the big party. then the big clean-up. police say there were 1 million people celebrating with the team. all those people left tons of trash. public works crews moved in quickly with trucks, shovels and blowers. in 2015, the city of oakland spent $137,000 on law enforcement for the warriors parade. just over $100,000 on cleaning
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it up. altogether, it cost nearly a quarter of a million dollars to put on the parade. buis year will be different. moments after oakland mayor libby schaaf handed team owners the keys to the city, he made this surprise announcement. >> times are hard and, um, this city in particular has had its share of issues over the years. and it has its share of needs. a lot of fundamental needs, police, you know, everything that goes around, the schools and everything like that. we would just like to say this parade, this whole, all the costs, every dollar is on us. it's our gift to the city of oakland. >> whoo! >> reporter: for fans, the gift they were most grateful for was the time they still have with this team. >> this is one of the best thanks could happen you know what i'm saying? i'm glad they did it in oakland before they leave. it's a wonderful experience. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. >> and we have been hearing from a lot of warriors fans about the big win. many of them have been
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following the team for years. >> but apparently there are also some bandwagon fans in the bay area. roberta talked to one of them at the parade. >> hey, we have a little guy right here. what is your name? [ indiscernible ] >> how old are you? >> 5. >> and you are a warriors fan? >> yes. >> how long have you been a warriors fan? >> um, all week? >> that's a long time when you're five. >> it's as long as you can remember, right? >> exactly. >> it was amazing. because we have covered a lot of parades in our days and i think it was the most i have ever seen families at a parade before anywhere from 8 months old all the way to 14 years old right just gathered in my initial area but it was the moms, dads, kids. >> i talked to a woman out there yesterday she had been a fan -- she didn't want to say how old she was but has been a fan for -- mumbling -- years.
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>> about a million fans according to some reports. a million fans. >> closer to 1.5. >> that's what they were expecting. >> 2 million. >> everybody became a warrior fan. "dub nation" came together yesterday for a good reason. what a day and weather-wise it couldn't have been a better day, as well. we had a breeze. 4:36. good morning, everybody. this is our live weather camera. clear skies all over the area. you can see see the bay lights bouncing reflecting off the bay waters this morning. temperature-wise these are actual temperatures. it is so mild as you step on out. santa rosa is at 60. san francisco 60. san jose 64. winds picking up slightly around sfo,ch is and the coast. inland calm. winds gusty northwest 20 to 30. seashore and higher elevations an offshore condition except we
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have some stratus lined up along the coast. you can see a little finger of fog at the golden gate bridge today. yellow area is most of the bay area, that's where we have a heat advisory in effect on saturday through monday as temperatures away from the bay soar into the triple digits. 60s at the beaches, 70s and 80s around the bay. 80s to 90s around the peninsula. 88 in san jose. 10 degrees above average for this time of the year. 96 santa rosa. bested by 97 degrees in fairfield. it will be 99 degrees today. in fairfield through discovery bay. but it will get hotter. weekend forecast featuring father's day outlook straight ahead. we are tracking a few slowdowns for drivers heading out of tracy into livermore. this is along the altamont pass westbound 580 speeds under 45 miles per hour then pick up. still in the green 21 minutes
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from 205 to 680. 880 in oakland, near 66th street, you can see traffic nice and light moving well in both directions. don't have any troubles getting true that area. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights. no delays. speeds in the green. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. san francisco police are still trying to find an answer to why a u.p.s. employee killed colleagues during a morning meeting. joe vazquez has the latest on their search for a motive. >> very solemn. very, very sad. everyone is upset. >> reporter: joe of the teamsters union says the gunman jimmy lam started working here in 1999 and old filed one grievance, this year because of extra over time for more than three days in a row but nobody here believes that's what set him off and march into the third floor morning meeting and kill three colleagues. fellow drivers wayne chan, mike
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lefiti and benson louie. he says jimmy shot benson and wayne first inside. then he chased big mike outside killing him, as well. when police arrived, jimmy turned the gun on himself. we still know very little bit gunman. he was 38, lived in the sunset, the "associated press" reporting today lam was involved in a custody battle with his estranged girlfriend. >> i have been crying for a day. this is a tragedy. >> reporter: they were u.p.s. drivers but also beloved members of their families and their communities. benson louie was a volleyball coach. >> us on the team, he was like a second father. >> i've known benson since middle school. the world lost another great person. >> reporter: if investigators have determined a clear motive, so far they are not saying. in san francisco, joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> the gunman in the u.p.s. shooting had filed a grievance over excessive overtime and now one union rep concedes it's a growing problem at the san bruno avenue facility. in fact, there's been such a spike in complaints because of
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hours like these. >> most drivers don't mind working 9 1/2 and ten hours. it's the 11 and 12 and 13 hours that kind of interfere with their life. >> and u.p.s. telling us, quote, we are hiring and right now we need about 10 drivers and 40 part time package handlers. we have been working together with the local union in california for decades and we will continue to do so. dozens of babysitters say they haven't been paid for months. kpix 5's andria borba reports on the startup that purportedly ripped them off. >> i love this job and working with my families. >> reporter: michela has been working as a baby is ther employed through wonder sitter. >> this is convenient. it's flexible. such a great job for a young college student with child care experience. >> reporter: wonder sitter was like an airbnb for babysitters hooking up families with sitters. the families would pay wonner sitter and they would pay the babysitter. the problem is, she says she
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hasn't been paid since may. she claims they owe her over $3,000. this woman says they owe her $450. >> april 3 was the last time i received payment. >> reporter: there's even a facebook group with a running spreadsheet of how much sitters say the company owes them. the combined tab is already over $70,000. >> i can't do anything. >> reporter: carol is with legal aid at work. she says employees not being paid is a common problem. >> so the law is clear that if you are an employee you are absolutely entitled to the prompt payment of wages. that means being paid usually twice a month. >> reporter: last year, the law changed allowing employees to go after not only the business but owner, officer, directors and managing agents personally. on its website, wonder sitter's founder experience as a babysitter growing up in pacific heights. we tried to track her down at the company's corporate address
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an apartment in diamond heights. rose wasn't home. and according to neighbors, hasn't been in a while. we uncovered wonder sitter status with the state franchise tax board is suspended and has been since 2014. carol has this advice for the sitters. >> get legal advice because so often what you think you're owed is usually a fraction of what you're entitled to under the law. there are lots of consequences for not being paid your wages. >> according to the franchise tax board, wonder sitter should not have been doing bins since 2014. we reached out to the company but haven't heard back. ♪[ music ] time now 4:42. still ahead a second chance for some bear cubs. how they made their way to the oakland zoo. - after behavi
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pretty badly, with a frightened homeowner. she and her three cubs are akland zoo! this mama bear is getting a fresh start after behaving badly with a frightened homeowner. she and her three cubs with going to the oakland zoo but
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they were lucky to get this new lease on life. john ramos shows us why. >> reporter: when the oakland zoo's new california trail opens, it will include animals that once freely roamed the state's hillsides like wolves and grizzly bears. >> are bears scary? >> not to me. >> reporter: not to you? but it can be a big problem when wild bears stop being afraid of us. and that's what happened to the newest residents at the zoo. >> mama bear has three cubs and she did something she shouldn't do. she actually went into somebody's home and was aggressive toward somebody in the house. >> reporter: it happened in the hills above bakersfield when the homeowner tried to shoo the intruders out the mother black bear swiped at her causing a slight injury. then the bear usually is euthanized. because they mimic behavior the cubs, as well. wildlife officials say they believe people had been feeding
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the bears. >> what they say is a fed bear is a dead bear. what it means is if you see that bear, they lose their fear of people, then they are going to have -- they will invariably get into trouble and have to be put down. >> reporter: but not this time. the zoo just happened to be preparing its new 2-acre black bear exhibit and this family of four including three male cubs is tailor-made for it. >> usually it's very difficult to introduce one bear to other bears when they are adults. but because they are all related they have known each other and they grew up together, they can all get along for a long time. >> reporter: black bears can live 30 years in captivity. longer than in the wild. so these youngsters who are already familiar with humans will become familiar faces to visitors here. >> yeah. they are going to be used to us. we might as well get used to them. >> reporter: in oakland, john ramos, kpix 5. >> i'm so happy they were able to find a new home and be okay. >> yes.
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don't feed the bears and also when you go camping there are always signs make sure you further food away. you don't want the bears coming into the camp because that could mean they -- [ crosstalk ] >> so when you want to see the bears go to the oakland zoo. i love the zoo. what's your favorite animal at the zoo? >> always the monkeys. >> i haven't been to the oakland zoo. we have to make a road trip, right? they have the new gondola, too. >> i want to check that out. >> i like the giraffes and the zebras. is it black and white or white and black stripes? [ laughter ] >> that's why i love going to the zoo. i love it. [ laughter ] hi, everybody. as you get ready to -- what are you going to wear to work today? well, just keep this in mind. the heat is on. we are beginning to brighten up around the bay at this very early hour. another view you can see all the way out to mount diablo. temperature-wise we are in the 60s. how about that? very mild. the winds are a little breezy
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along the coast and the peninsula. and bayside this morning. san francisco west 16. keep in mind late day today20 to 30 miles an hour especially in the higher elevations. robert sullivan in redwood city says prepare for the warmth, summer is here already in the 60s. robert, you are spot on. even though we have a swath of some clouds stacked up and hugging the san mateo coast we could see fog in the peninsula. that will wipe away rapidly. we have an area of high pressure right here right now and that continues to bubble and build and expand over the state of california allowing our temperatures to soar. we are still talking about mid- 90s in the central valley and 70s in the high sierra. boy, good-looking weekend in the high sierra back through yosemite if you are heading there to see the waterfalls.
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65 monterey bay, pebble beach and carmel. 91 ukiah. temperatures spiking to 99, brentwood, tracy, oakley, discovery bay. 96 degrees, a huge jump today in the santa rosa area by 10 degrees. we'll be 10 degrees above average in san jose, willow glen, cupertino, santa clara, through the rose garden district. no 70s on the peninsula. 88. these temperatures are notable around the peninsula because people on the peninsula usually don't have air-conditioning so you will rely on the late day breeze out of the northwest to kick in to cool you down. 101 on saturday. we have a heat advisory on saturday through monday. 104 on father's day. that's very important to keep in mind especially if you want to take dad golfing on father's day. make sure do you it early in the morning because it's going to be a scorcher away from the bay. and this is a problem because it is a prolonged heat wave in our inland areas. when you see temperatures like that it starts to affect the
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elderly and plants and our pets. meanwhile, when it's hot now it's time for the alameda county fair that opens today. 12:00. there's going to be a cattle drive down main street in pleasanton leading up to the opening of the fair and it's sugar ray performing tonight in concert there. meanwhile it's always a good time some of the best fair food can be found at the san mateo county fair. today's temperature and over the weekend near 90. hydrate and grab the sunblock. what are your plans this weekend, jaclyn? >> i think i'm going to have to hit up one of the fairs. i love the fair food and a cattle drive? never been to one of those. so mark that off the bucket list. right now, we are tracking a smooth ride in the south bay no delays on any of our san jose freeways right now. san mateo bridge looking good. not too much cars out there. taillightstravel time in the green under 15 minutes. if you are making your way along 101, this is near 3rd and traffic is moving nicely in
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both directions. no delays if you are heading over to sfo. your ride looking good. bay bridge toll plaza starting to see a few more cars join our friday morning compute. good morning to you. hopefully we'll have some "friday light" conditions. so far, so good. we are in the green. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. time now 4:51. still ahead, how the san jose airport just hit a big milestone. >> but first, this sunday is father's day. and the kpix 5 morning team wants to thank all the special men in our lives. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too?
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turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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how "mineta san jose airport" just hit a hit major milestone. [nats] silicon valley is soaring to new heights. kpix 5's len ramirez explains how mineta san jose airport hit a major milestone. >> reporter: this shows in hyperspeed what frequent flyers out of san jose international have been experiencing for months. >> there is a dramatic increase in traffic. >> reporter: for years, it was slow growth coming out of the recession. but airport officials say the last few months have seen double-digit growth and in may the biggest yet. >> we broke a million passengers in may which we have been done in more than 10 years. >> reporter: by popular demand they have more nonstops to the east coast, europe and asia. it's obvious to this man what's happening. >> there's so much boom going on in this industry and around here as far as silicon valley is concerned, we have facebook, all these things, place where everybody wants to be.
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>> reporter: it may only get busier. a real estate deal between san jose and google could bring 20,000 more workers to the downtown after a decade long expansion, mineta san jose is starting to run out of space. one traveler in san jose native says it's her city's time to shine but getting through the airport is harder. >> come in fly enjoy. now it's a whole stressful ordeal. it's unfortunate because you want to travel many places and it's hard to get around now. >> and all this traffic has airport officials talking about possible expansion plans. they are looking into adding some new gates and possibly even a new terminal. "the daily show" is opening a new library in honor of president trump's love for twitter. it's hosting a pop-up exhibit just steps away from trump tower in new york city. the show is called the donald j. trump presidential twitter library. [ laughter ] >> some of the president's tweets will be framed on display.
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the exhibit opens today and runs through the weekend. >> a lot of material. there is a big stink in golden gate park. the smell is coming from a corpse flower. the plant is officially called tara the titan. it started blooming at the conservatory of flowers. it's rare and lasts a few days smells like rotting flesh, hence the name corpse flower. >> it's just starting to gear up so our visitors are starting to smell intense odors but through the evening it will get really intense and it's going to be interesting to be in the room. >> all right. in the wild, the odor attracts pollinators like beetles and flies. the conservatory is open late until 9:00 the next few nights if you want to check it out. time now 4:56. still ahead how a new policy change could make it harder to travel to cuba. >> and in about an hour a congressional task force is meeting to discuss the problem of untested rape kits. we'll explain next.
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and i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside. good morning. the it's friday, june 16. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning, i'm kenny
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choi. let's check the conditions on this friday morning. as we take a live look at 880 in oakland, traffic moving freely now at this hour and a beautiful shot of the bay bridge. you can see that sun kind of peeking out this morning. sunrise in just a little bit. >> it looks pretty. we were out at the parade yesterday and it was perfect parade weather. it wasn't too hot or too cold but a friend of mine who was there said hey do you need some sunscreen? i said no, i'm latina. i won't burn. >> a little red. >> i don't know new can tell it looks like a still have a watch on when i take it off. >> that's so funny. my position was in the shade the whole time. and i was cold. i was taking on and off my jacket the whole time and then the wind would pick up there, as well. and it was cool for us on that particular side. but that goes to show you microclimates and also the tall buildings. >> did you have fun? >> it's work. it's work. you know? but it is a lot of fun. i'm just amazed at the love fest. people love their "dubs." and everybody -- i think it was
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only out of 1.5 million people three arrests. think about that. >> yeah. those fans are the greatest. >> i love when the players would get off the bus and then just kind of go high fiving all the fans. you had draymond doing that. several players. [ crosstalk ] >> i like hearing they were nervous when they would take the stage and have a question and -- i'm too nervous. they get nervous? they get nervous?! they get up there and slam-dunk in front of millions and they get nervous? so cool, right? it's not cool at all. we are heating up around the bay area. the sky is seamless at this time. official sunrise is at 5:46. boy, it's already brightening up around the bay area. look how mild it is. 60 san francisco. everybody is in the 60s. it's 61 degrees in santa rosa. it's 65 in san jose. we he


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