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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  June 16, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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only out of 1.5 million people three arrests. think about that. >> yeah. those fans are the greatest. >> i love when the players would get off the bus and then just kind of go high fiving all the fans. you had draymond doing that. several players. [ crosstalk ] >> i like hearing they were nervous when they would take the stage and have a question and -- i'm too nervous. they get nervous? they get nervous?! they get up there and slam-dunk in front of millions and they get nervous? so cool, right? it's not cool at all. we are heating up around the bay area. the sky is seamless at this time. official sunrise is at 5:46. boy, it's already brightening up around the bay area. look how mild it is. 60 san francisco. everybody is in the 60s. it's 61 degrees in santa rosa. it's 65 in san jose. we heslight winds. late day today winds becoming
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quite gusty, 20 to 30. offshore flow kicks in. we'll have extremely dry conditions in the highest elevations around the bay area and around the seashore. see that right there? low clouds trying to come in, not going to happen. hot temperatures beginning today for a prolonged period. so a heat advisory in effect for saturday for most of the bay area. then inland we'll have some watches in effect, as well. now, temperatures today 60s beaches, 70s and 80s across the bay. approaching nearly 90 around the peninsula. we'll be right into the mid- to high 90s away from the bay. outside number today 99 degrees. bested by triple digits over the weekend. full forecast 18 minutes after the hour but right now let's send it over to jaclyn. >> good morning. right now, we are tracking just a few brake lights along westbound 580. and it's stretching on to westbound 205 folks making their way out of tracy into livermore. our "super commuters" out there. hey, we're still in the green tracking travel time just under
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25 minutes from 205 to 680. this is a look at 580 as you are approaching 680. those headlights heading westbound. you can see it's starting to fill up for your friday morning commute. westbound four to the antioch bridge top story. 80 connecting to hercules 27 minutes. 680 northbound making their approach to highway 24 no problems. back to you guys. this morning, we are following breaking news. the russian military says it killed the leader of isis. it reportedly happened in may in around air strike in syria. the ministry says abu backer al- baghdadi and 30 other top isis militants died in the strike. u.s. officials are working to confirm it. the nationwide manhunt is over for two inmates accused of killing two jail guards in
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their escape from a prison bus. roxana saberi reports. >> reporter: these images show the two men moments after their capture in tennessee. >> these are cold-blooded murderers and we did what it took to get them. >> reporter: the georgia bureau of investigation says the convicted armed robbers escaped from this prison bus on tuesday by breaking through the secure area in the back and killing two corrections officers in the front. sergeants christopher monica and kurds ballou. the inmates' escape set off a nationwide manhunt. they ended up in shelbyville, tennessee, where they invaded the home of an elderly couple thursday afternoon. >> they told them who they were. they said we don't care because we're going to be dead within 24 hours. >> reporter: the couple told authorities the men held guns to their heads, tied them up with belts and ate their beef stew dinner and then fled in a jeep. the couple was able to free
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themselves and reported the crime. >> they realized how lucky they are. >> reporter: they crashed a jeep exchange fire with the cops and ran to another home where they tried to steal another car but this homeowner held them at gunpoint until police arrived. >> who thought they would make it to tennessee? >> reporter: they will face state and federal charges. roxana saberi for cbs news, new york. happening today, san jose city officials will showcase the strides they are making in resolving a police staffing crisis. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in san jose on the new class of recruits they are introducing. jessica. >> reporter: michelle, that's right. san jose police department will now introduce 54 new recruits. those recruits will start the police academy today. and this is all part of an effort for the san jose police
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department to increase staffing levels. now, this is one of the largest classes they have had since 2007. it only ties with 2013 and with the start of these newest recruits, that brings the total to 100 officers in the training process. the department has low numbers when compared to a decade ago. the last time it had less than 1,000 total officers was in the mid-1980s. the department is authorized to have a total of 1109 officers and if the entire new class graduates, the department will field 983 officers. great pay, salary and benefits one of their recruiting tools. >> reporter: overtime skyrocketed during the recession accounting for 10% of the annual department budget. today the san jose police chief will join the mayor to welcome the new class in san jose at 9
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a.m. jessica flores, kpix 5. the two men charged in the ghost ship warehouse are expected in court today. max harris and derick almena are facing involuntary manslaughter charges. both of them are in jail on one million dollars bond. prosecutors say they turned the warehouse into a housing and party space without the proper safety systems or permits. 36 people died when the building went up in flames last december. the jury in bill cosby's sexual assault trial is deadlocked after four days of deliberations. jurors told the judge yesterday they could not unanimously decide on any of the three counts? >> no mistrial was declared. the judge sent them back to continue deliberations. >> his comedy, his dr. huxtable, are nothing but a smoke screen! >> no matter how endearing the
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character these people play, they are not above the law. >> if convicted, cosby could spend up to 30 years in jail. today is the first meeting of the bipartisan task force to end sexual violence. it will be a roundtable to address ongoing problems with the rape kit backlog and lack of access to sexual assault nurse examiners. anne makovec joins us with the details. >> reporter: for those who aren't familiar, when somebody is a victim of sexual assault they can go to a doctor for a rape kit a chance to collect potential dna evidence against the perpetrator but many times that evidence is then left untested collecting dust or even thrown out. representative jackie speier has been vocal about the issue on twitter. >> there is a bill at our state capital right now. ab41. supporters say the dad will allow the state to know the extent of untested kids so the state can provide more
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resources where they are needed. it would also allow sexual assault victims to track the progress of their kit. but in some cities like san francisco the police department already submits reports on rape kit testing to the police commission. >> necessary data or information that both the commission and the public are entitled to just for the sake of transparency and openness. >> that is the commanding officer of the forensic service division. the reports they create are actually more detailed than the ones required by ab41. he says the additional work has been absorbed by current employees. the task force meeting in dc today will be a roundtable discussion. the group is also focused on campus sexual violence, military sexual trauma, and online harassment. kenny? >> thank you. louisiana representative steve scalise is still in the hospital. he may need additional surgery. his condition has improved over the last 24 hours. he was one of the four people shot wednesday while practicing
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for the annual congressional charity baseball game. that game went on as planned last night. >> steve would want nothing more than to make sure this game is played. >> he probably doesn't mind the fact that we won and he didn't play so now he can tell his team that he was the difference between them winning and losing. >> the baseball game raised more than a million dollars for charities which is double what it did last year. the investigation continues into the shooter. law enforcement officials say that they are looking into how the suspect knew about the baseball practice and if he was targeting anyone specifically. president trump is planning a new crackdown on cuba. later today, he is set to announce a policy change to stop the flow of u.s. cash to cuba's military. officials say as a result, it could be tougher for individuals to travel to cuba. also out of washington, the pentagon plans to send nearly 4,000 additional troops to afghanistan. a trump administration official says the secretary of defense james mattis could make the announcement as early as next week. the golden state warriors
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are returning the love after the big victory parade. about one million people celebrated with the team in oakland yesterday. they say the cost of the clean- up and overtime for the police officers will probably be more than $200,000. the warriors wanted to say thank you to the city and fans by picking up the tab. time now 5:10. still ahead, a tribute that literally lit up the night sky. >> ah!! >> the kiss from the former vice president. we'll tell you what led up to this viral video. [ screaming ] >> i just love me some joe biden. hi, everybody. [ laughter ] >> good morning. okay, bring it. the heat is on. i'll talk about the advisories and watches you need to know about. >> so far, so good. we are tracking a smooth ride but will we keep those "friday light" conditions? find out coming up.
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".:49 3,2,1.. wooooo!! :54.." the bat-signal lit up the los angeles sky last night! good morning.
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welcome back to "kpix 5 morning news." time check 5:13. yes, it's going to be a beach day today all the way through the weekend. if you are heading to santa cruz, you can expect 80 degrees today. make sure you have the sunblock. we do have the winds kicking up out of the northwest at 20. the surf 2 to 3 feet. we have the father's day coming up in less than 4 minutes. 3, 2, 1! >> the bat-signal lit up the los angeles sky last night. hundreds of people showed up outside city hall when the mayor switched on the light. it's all in honor of the late adam west, who died last weekend. he of course played the caped crusader on the classic series back in the '60s. >> batman is such a dark character these days. the other one was fun, campy good fun. >> we all love adam west and batman.
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>> west's family is encouraging people to donate to the adam west memorial fund. all the money raised goes towards st. jude children's research hospital. looks like everyone had fun out there. >> so cool. i love it. >> your favorite batman? >> just batman. >> all right. i like cat woman. how's that? [ laughter ] >> we're tracking a smooth ride through san jose. speeds in the green. no delays along any of those freeways. if you are make your way along the san mateo bridge heading out this morning, good news. things are looking positive and in the green. no delays as you head out of hayward into foster city. along the altamont pass, westbound 580, a few slowdowns very typical for this time of the morning. 40 miles per hour your cruising speed but the slowdowns really
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begin along westbound205. ace train no delays along bart and we are tracking nice easy ride on many of our "bay area majors." can we say "friday light"? yeah. out of antioch 28 minutes still under 30-minute travel time and along the eastshore freeway, just under 20 minutes making your way towards the bay bridge toll plaza. there's your "diamonds & rubies." this is along 580 as you're making your approach towards 680 headlights moving westbound direction. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. thanks, jaclyn. yeah, let's do this. lots to talk about. 5:16 in the morning, official sunrise at 5:47. it's brightening up already. the visibility is unlimited from the embarcadero looking east towards the port of oakland, alameda, the estuary. skies are clear. this is interesting. this is our live weather camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge from the north bay into the city. you see a little hint of some stratus in the form of some fog.
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i'll share that with you momentarily as far as where it's coming from. right now, temperatures from 60 in san francisco, look how mild it is. it is 63 now in san jose. and also in redwood city. now, that little sliver of fog we saw slipping in towards the golden gate bridge is here clearly illustrated on our satellite and radar. it's going to wipe away as high pressure builds in. as that happens we are seeing winds increase out of the west. winds calm inland. but it's going to be blustery late day northwesterlies 20 to 30 in the highest elevations. sustained winds 10 to 20. pretty much at sea level. george hughes our weather watcher, he is located in san francisco, reporting 60 degrees, steady barometer as high pressure builds in. he is looking forward to the weekend. thanks for checking in, george. i hope you have a sweet
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weekend. satellite-radar suggests high pressure. that's what's building in. increasing the winds. also increasing our temperatures. numbers go up, humidity and air quality go down. i wouldn't be surprised to see "spare the air" days going into effect. state capital today nearly 100. mid-90s in fresno. heat is on in the central valley. 70s in the high sierra. 88 degrees in yosemite. new are heading to monterey a good-looking weekend to do so. offshore flow clear skies 67 degrees in monterey today. 65 rockaway beach back through moss beach into montara. santa cruz at 80. 70s in san francisco. we should be right around the mid-60s. 82 degrees in oakland and berkeley and emeryville back through richmond. we have the 80s to nearly 90 around the peninsula. san jose 10 degrees above average for this time of the year. take a look at napa. sonoma, glen ellen, all flirting with 100. same around the delta today at 9 9 in brentwood. mid-90s in the tri-valley. we have a heat advisory and
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several watches that go into effect beginning tomorrow through monday. this does -- that red area is the delta, discovery bay and carquinez, triple digits. 104 on father's day away from the bay. that's very meaningful because if you have any golfing plans with dad or hiking plans do it early-morning. and this concerns me because it is a prolonged heat wave which means it starts to affect elderly and pets and plants. the alameda county fair kicks off. if it's hot the fair is in town. cattle drive on main street in pleasanton at 10 a.m. can you imagine all these cows running downtown in pleasanton? meanwhile, the san mateo county fair they have some good food there. i love the fair. and also, we have our oakland a's playing host to the new york yankees. wow, what an exciting win that was last night.
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it's a special start tonight. 6:35 because they have fireworks after the game. about 40,000 people expected for that. i don't think jay z is going to be one of them. he was at the basketball game the other night. he is being honored. he is the first hip-hop artist inducted into the songwriters hall of fame. the grammy winner wasn't the only performer to make the cut. motown founder berry gordy and others. joe biden is going viral because of an epic selfie. >> ah!! >> briana carter got a kiss on the cheek from the former vice president. she captured this when she was getting her diploma. carter says this post took planning. she waited to upload it weeks
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after the ceremony so it wouldn't get lost in all the graduation posts. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, we have a record round at the u.s. open. a bad season gone worse. how buster posey injured himself coming up.
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good morning. , everybody. the giants are 15 games under .500 playing the first place rockies in denver last night. can't get much worse. it can. everything this year has gone sideways for san francisco including buster posey tweaking his ankle hitting a home run. he was out of the game. nunes also injured. the giants erased an eight-run deficit but game tied in the ninth denard span tried to score. inning over. then the bottom of the 9th, tapia through the infield. reynolds tries to score. here comes hunter pence the throw. here's the slide. he is safe. and the giants great comeback but had he lose 10-9. the a's called up their prospect mark chapman to make his debut against aaron judge and the yankees. oakland 6-5 in the ninths but sanchez drives one up the box. the game is tied at 2. so the bottom of the 10th, davis with
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the bases loaded. pops it up. and it drops. and the a's come back to beat the yankees on a walkoff, 8-7. a blimp deflated and crashed at erin hills the site of the u.s. open. the pilot had injuries but is okay. on the course, rickie fowler didn't card a bogey and poured in 7 birdies for his 65 tied the lowest opening round record at the u.s. open. round 2 is under way. rory is going to have to fight to make the cut. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend. a new batch of recruits for san jose police and why this could be a turning point for the department. i'm jessica flores with the details coming up. >> but first this sunday is father's day. . the kpix 5 morning team wants to thank all the special men and dads in our lives.
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. the victims.. and possible cause of the "gren fell tower fire." we have the latest from london. plus: what's being there's new information about the victims and possible cause of the london tower fire. we have the latest coming up. >> plus, what's being done today to address the problem of untested rape kits in the bay area. >> and from the kpix weather center, good morning,
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everybody. we do have lots of sunshine in your forecast. a prolonged heat wave. the watches and warnings you need to know about. >> traffic moving well along 880 in oakland. but we are getting reports of a new accident just south of here. is it causing a backup? we'll take a look coming up. good morning, it's friday, june 16. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. new this morning, the royal family is visiting the victims of the tower fire. the queen and prince william stopped by a relief center in london. they met with volunteers and residents. authorities say that at least 30 people died in the fire. and nearly 70 others are still missing. london fire commissioner says that there's no indication that the fire was set intentionally. and the cause is under investigation. a bipartisan task force to end sexual violence holds its first meeting today. the task force will talk about ongoing problems with the rape kit backlog and lack of access to sexually assault nurse examiners. kpix 5's anne makovec joins us with the details.
5:31 am
>> reporter: today's hearing in dc is bringing to the national forefront an issue that california has been really wrestling with this year. among the task force members are congressional representative jackie speier. she wrote: >> when someone is a victim of sexual assault they go to a doctor for a rape kit a chance to collect potential dna evidence against their perpetrator but many times that evidence is left untested. there's a bill at the state capital right now ab41. supporters say the data would allow the state to know the extent of untested kits so the state can provide more resources where they're needed. it would also allow sexual assault victims to track the progress of their kit. >> but at the end of the day 41 doesn't do anything to help us investigate, bring people to justice or prosecution.
5:32 am
it's a reporting system. >> that is the sheriff of marin county who is opposed to the bill as is the sheriff of alameda county saying it diverts resources from solving other crimes. this federal task force in dc is meeting at 6 a.m. our time for a roundtable discussion. live in the newsroom, anne makevoc, kpix 5. 5:32 right now. you said the last full day of spring -- >> the last friday of spring. >> yeah. that's right. >> going to be hot. >> yeah. >> feels like summer. >> yeah. that's right. i think of these things on the way to work. [ laughter ] >> it's the last friday of spring but it's going to feel more like summer which arrives on wednesday. boy, it's heating up, isn't it? the thing that bothers me about the heat wave is it's extended. when that happens it starts to be taxing on all of us. but especially the elderly. our children and our pets as well as plants. also keep this in mind. the vineyards. >> oh, yeah. >> it starts to affect the grapes. not so bad if it's just a one
5:33 am
or two-day heat wave but when it's a week-long heat wave in napa, sonoma and the livermore valley you have to be concerned with the grapes. >> don't mess with our wine. >> 100 up in napa today. >> it will be over 100 degrees over the weekend as well and then again you have to keep this in mind for dads. i know a lot of you have plans and you want to be taking golfing or hiking. we are going to be talking about 104 inland. so any kind of plans you have outdoors for dad this weekend,make sure you do it in the morning hours. too bad there's not a basketball game to watch during the afternoon or something, right? i'm sure there's a baseball game. the a's are in town. they are hosting the yankees and they got fireworks tonight. we have clear skies right now. we also have that little sliver of fog that's trying to work its way into the golden gate bridge. that's short-lived. it's going to be wiped away very rapidly. temperature-wise right now, 60 in san francisco. these are very mild temperatures for this early in the morning. 63 degrees in san jose. winds have been increasing off
5:34 am
the coast and also around the city right now. good morning to you in half moon bay. your wind now at 8. 11 san francisco. 5 in oakland. relatively calm throughout the san ramon valley. 11 in antioch. 16 fairfield. blustery today northwesterly 10 to 20 miles per hour at the surface but 20 to 30-mile-per- hour winds in the highest elevations. so we just saw that sliver of fog. it's right there. visible on our satellite-radar backing off revealing ample sunshine. heat advisory and watches go into effect for just about the entire bay area. yellow just about the entire area. the red is the carquinez strait, delta, inland areas where temperatures will be topping off in the triple digits for several days. today our outside number is 99 in brentwood, tracy, discovery bay. also we're talking about 97 degrees concord, clayton and walnut creek back through fairfield into rio vista. 98 in napa and sonoma. tell you what we do. 48 minutes after the hour, we will include the weekend forecast for dad's day and
5:35 am
also, the fireworks forecast for our oakland a's. that's coming up a little later in this program. jaclyn. >> thank you. right now, we are tracking a smooth ride in oakland along 880. we were talking about an accident just south of here in hayward. this is along southbound 880 as you approach "a" street. it doesn't appear to be slowing anyone down. speeds remain in the green. so good news there. it looks like everything is cleared over to the shoulder. we had an earlier crash along westbound 205 right near mountain house parkway. that's keeping your ride pretty slow through tracy. westbound 205. but things do start to pick up in the yellow though tracking travel time of just under 30 minutes along westbound 580 from 205 to 680. those metering lights ron over at the bay bridge toll plaza. but traffic is light once you get past those lights. still 12 minutes into san francisco. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. back to you guys. >> thank you. san francisco police are trying to figure out why a u.p.s. worker killed three of his colleagues this week before killing himself.
5:36 am
this is just one of the growing memorials for the three bay area men shot and killed during a morning meeting on wednesday. it happened at a u.p.s. facility in potrero hill. little has been revealed about the 38-year-old gunman. police say he was involved in a custody battle with an estranged ex-girlfriend. now friends and loved ones of his victims are struggling to make sense of it. >> us on the team he was like a second father. >> i have known benson since middle school. the world lost another great person. >> i have been crying for the last day. this is a tragedy. >> so far investigators know that the gunman filed a grievance earlier this year for excessive overtime. a union rep says the overtime problem is worse at the san bruno avenue facility. there's been a spike in complaints since the start of the year over shifts this long. >> most drivers don't mind working 9 1/2 and ten hours. it's the 11 and 12 and 13 hours that kind of interfere with
5:37 am
their life. >> and u.p.s. telling us, quote, we are hiring and right now we need 10 drivers and 40 part-time package handlers. we have been working together with the local union in california for decades and we will continue to." japanese auto parts company takata is preparing to file for bankruptcy. the company faces billions in liabilities connected to a defective airbag. reuters reports the bankruptcy filing could come as early as next week. after the story broke trading of shares was temporarily suspended on the tokyo stock exchange. today san jose city officials are announcing concrete plans to fix a police staffing crisis. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in san jose on the warm welcome they are giving to a new class of recruits. jessica reporter: that's right. today they are introducing 54 new police recruits that will start the police academy. that's one of the largest classes they have had since 2007. it only ties with 2013. this is all in an effort from
5:38 am
the police department to increase staffing levels after years of shrinking. with the start of the new recruits, the san jose police will now have 110 officers in training. still, the department has low numbers when compared to a decade ago. the department is authorized to have about 1,000 officers and if the entire new class graduates the department will field 983 officers. the last time they had less than 1,000 officers was in the mid-1980s. >> the cost of living there is knows at high and you don't get paid as much. but here you get paid more and the cost of living is high so it's balanced. but i think there's a better opportunity here. >> reporter: the police force shrunk during the recession and over time skyrocketed and accounting for about 10% of the annual department budget. today the san jose police chief will be with the mayor sam liccardo at the san jose police
5:39 am
department and will be introducing this new class welcoming them to the police department. reporting live in san jose, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. a bay area startup is being accused of stiffing babysitters who use its website. it's a story you'll see only on "5". wonder sitter is like an airbnb for babysitters. families would pay the company which would pay the caregivers. the problem is some sitters say they haven't been paid for months. one woman claims wonder sitter owes her $500. another sitter says it owes her over $3,000. >> get legal advice, because so often what you think you're owed is usually a fraction of what you're entitled to under the law. there are lots of consequences for not being paid your wages. >> there is now a facebook group with a running spreadsheet of how much sitters claim the company owes them. the combined tab over $70,000.
5:40 am
their license was suspended in 2014. amazon is putting a wrench in the plans of customers to try to compare prices. cbs reporter hena daniels reports. >> reporter: good morning. here on wall street tech companies continue their recent slump slipping since last week and the nasdaq on track for the second consecutive weekly loss. yesterday the dow lost 14. the nasdaq fell 29. for years we have walked into retail stores and a lot of us pull out our phones, compare prices, many of us do that on amazon. they have filed a patent to stop you from comparing prices of their items on store shelves to the competition. amazon moves ahead with opening actual brick and mortar stores, it has secured a patent that would intercept certainly urls on its in store wi-fi making sure you don't compare their prices to others.
5:41 am
users are mocking changes on twitter. twitter says it's new design about simplicity and makes it faster and easier. one change users profile image are round. thousands took to twitter to criticize the change. back to you. we heard that kellogg's cereal is hoping to sweeten its relationship with millennials. >> reporter: many millennials are going towards healthier alternatives for breakfast soquel logs is launching a whatever fruits your loops or do what makes you happy campaign to target generation y consumers with gear and accessories. kick it off are these $40 limited edition sunglasses with interchangeable face plates and arms in a variety of bright colors so kenny it will be interesting to see if this attracts millennials. >> we have a millennial here in the studio. one of our production
5:42 am
assistants. i'll ask her. what's your favorite cereal? >> um, growing up it was froot loops and now it's frosted flakes. >> good choice. mine was peanut butter captain crunch. a lot of sugar. hena daniels, thank you. >> lucky charms for me. in just a few hours there will be more public wi-fi available in daly city. the new hot spot is going to be at the war memorial community center. san mateo county officials created an initiative back in 2014 to install more public wi- fi throughout the county. so far, they have created 30 different public hot spots. time now 5:42. still ahead, some unwanted guests. we'll show you what it looks like when a swarm of bees gets inside your home.
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this.
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internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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in just a few minutes. california family to discover hundreds of bees living inside their chimney! all the buzz started wednesday when the homeowner noticed a bee inside o a southern california home discovered hundreds of bees living inside their chimney. all the buzz started when they noticed a bee inside the family room. and a neighbor shot this video from the outside looking in. >> the whole glass door is a 10- foot door was covered with bees. and i went to get my husband and as i passed the living room i see them all over the curtains and the window. >> that is terrifying. over 1,000 bees were found in the chimney. it's unclear why the bees chose that particular home but a beekeeper says the heat may have something to do with it. >> you love that. "all the buzz." >> i hate literally and i hate
5:46 am
-- >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> puns. but i said it. >> when was the last time you got stung by a bee? >> never. >> it's been like 20-something years. >> i have never been stung. >> last 4th of july. i blow up, too. then when i was riding my bike right after 4th of july on my finger. i blow up! >> me, too. i was on the back of a motorcycle and one flew up my jacket. it got mad because it was stuck in the sleeve of my jacket. here i was swinging my arms around. >> keep holding on to that person in front of you. >> i got stung in the face. it went inside my sunglasses while i was on my bike and you freak because you can't get it out. >> didn't crash but close. >> "bee careful." ! >> tgif! right now, "bee careful" if
5:47 am
you are over at the richmond/san rafael bridge. where are we? here's the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza. a little backup in the cash lanes but we are seeing delays across the span because caltrain has roadwork going on. one lane closed across the span to sir francis drake. they should have that wrapped up by 6 a.m. so expect minor slowdowns. golden gate bridge looking good. headlights southbound into san francisco. no delays there. the metering lights are on over at the bay bridge toll plaza, we are starting to see that backup stretch towards the foot of the maze. here's a live look about 20 minutes as you make your way from the maze all the way into san francisco to 101. it's not exactly "friday light" any longer but 880 still in the green in both directions looking good as you make your way from 238 to the maze. it's about 15 minutes. it looks different yesterday with everyone heading to the victory parade. so nice and light conditions
5:48 am
along 880 this morning. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. june 16th, it's friday, you know you have been waiting for friday since monday. so let's get to this! live weather camera looking outdoors from the embarcadero where we're looking towards the east bay. we have great visibility. it's unlimited at this very early hour. pretty decent air quality. i just got to get out of the way so you can enjoy this. that is sunrise over the east bay as seen from the sutro tower looking east. isn't that gorgeous? wow! all right. temperatures 61 degrees in santa rosa right now. it's 60 in san francisco. we are in the 60s what a mild start to your day. we have a little hint of some clouds that are trying to work in towards the golden gate bridge. but that's going to wipe away as high pressure builds in. winds have been fluctuating right now 11 onshore west in san francisco. west-northwest in half moon bay. winds will be more consistent later today and gusty at times. northwesterly 20 to 30. highest elevation. pretty much 10 to 20 at sea
5:49 am
level as high pressure continues to build. john miller, just love you, dude! 61 degrees. he is our weather watcher in santa rosa. he is all set up for the weekend. he has his shorts on with lemonade and weather station. 61 degrees steady barometer, humidity at 81%. thanks, john, for checking in with us. clear skies across the north bay, clear everywhere right now due to high pressure. it's building in. nearly triple digits in sacramento today. great looking weekend in monterey bay through carmel and pebble beach. 97 in fresno. that's hot. 73 high sierra. gorgeous. boy, 88 if you are going to check out the waterfalls and half dome and yosemite. temperatures today mid-60s at the immediate seashore. but climbing to the low 70s around ocean beach. we have 70s and 80s around the bay today. 82 back through berkeley, 92 san rafael, mill valley, kentfield. also backing all the way into
5:50 am
terra linda. then nearly 100 in napa and sonoma. 97 degrees apiece concord, clayton and walnut creek through fairfield. 88 in san jose. 10 degrees above average through willow glen and 88 in redwood city through belmont into brisbane. most of the bay area tomorrow in the yellow which means an advisory goes into effect for heat. the red areas carquinez strait, the delta, inland area, triple digits. your extended forecast, this is a serious prolonged heat wave away from the bay. if you need the relief the coast will remain in the 60s. 80s common bay and peninsula. look at these triple digits all the way through the first day of summer on wednesday. so 104 on father's day. that's hot if you have outdoor plans away from the bay. now when it's hot that means the alameda county fair starts today. there's a cattle drive down main street at 10 a.m. this morning in pleasanton. 102 over the weekend.
5:51 am
that midway gets very hot. the food it is terrific at the san mateo county fair. meanwhile, the oakland a's are playing host to the new york yankees. it's game 2. what an exciting victory yesterday. 8-7, big win for the a's, fireworks tonight so it's an early start. 40,000 people at least expected at tonight's game and again for father's day, mid-60s to triple digits. be very careful with your outdoor plans this weekend. but have a great day. thank you. this father's day one new york father is grateful for a gift much more valuable than candy or cards. her daughter donated part of her liver. he was in liver failure this time last year and in need of a transplant. his odds of surviving were slim but his daughter was a match. one surgery later she and her father were wheeled out with a new bond. >> living donation is a really important aspect of what we do because we're trying to save people's lives and there aren't enough organs from deceased
5:52 am
donors to go around. >> i wasn't afraid for myself. i was always afraid for her from the minute we went into the operating room to the minute i woke up. >> now the father and daughter duo even have similar necklaces to mark the journey. 5:52. coming up a smell in golden gate park. we'll tell you about this corpse flower. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. the plant is officially called "terra the titan." there's a big stink in golden gate park. the smell is coming from a corpse flower. the plant is officially called tara the titan. it started blooming yesterday. it's rare. the bloom only lasts a few days. it smells like rotting flesh. whatever that smells like. conservatory is open late until 9:00 the next few nights if you want to check it out. always amazes me that everyone lines up to go. they want to smell it. >> i'll admit i'm thinking about taking my daughter there this weekend. >> really? >> thinking about it. >> whoo. >> plug your nose. "the daily show" is opening a new library in honor of president trump's love for twitter. >> it's hosting a pop-up exhibit just steps away from trump tower in new york city.
5:56 am
the show is called the donald j. trump presidential twitter library. some of the president's tweets will be framed and on display. the exhibit opens today and runs through the weekend. in just a few minutes a congressional task force is meeting to discuss the problem of untested rape kits. we'll explain next. >> and a new batch of recruits for san jose police and what this could mean for the department.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
department is working to resolve a staffing crisis. plus: one of the suspects charged in working to boost morale. how the san jose police department is working to resolve a staffing crisis. >> plus, one of the suspects charged in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire speaks out. what he says the prosecution has wrong. good morning, it's friday, june 16. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. first let's start with traffic and weather and jaclyn is
6:00 am
tracking our morning commute. >> good morning. yes. we have some slowdowns and i was looking at the camera shot and it is sobriety out there, roberta. the sun is coming up and grab those sunglasses. you'll need them for your morning commute. here's a look at 205 if you have it. there it is right there. so if you are making your way through tracy this morning or know someone who is this is what they're doing. it's difficult to see the slowdowns but we have a big backup and traffic has been slow all morning. we had an earlier crash that's cleared. but it's still a slow ride as you transition to 580 and things pick up. ware in the green as you head over towards -- we're in the green as you head over towards 680. good through union city. slowdowns building for drivers heading through hayward on down towards highway 84 there. we had an earlier crash. that's now cleared. but it's


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