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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  June 19, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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customersism kpix 5's maria medina is live with why. >> reporter: you know, pg&e admits it knows the areas that could lose power later this week, but it alsoed a mitts it is choosing an -- admitatize is choosing an agency over customers. >> we are in the middle of a heat event. >> reporter: a warning from pacific gas and electric. >> it is not over and people need to prepare. >> reporter: prepapal for triple-digit weather in some parts later this week after yesterday's heat broke power outage records we haven't seen in nearly two decades. >> it has been four hours without power. and i am done. >> reporter: the temperature left more than 40,000 customers, including business owners, in the dark yesterday. although they had no idea it was going to happen, pg&e says they did. >> knowing where the outages are going to happen, when they are going to happen, we are able to get crews in the right place at the right time.
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>> reporter: pg&e uses models to predict weather that could affect you and it has models to predict outages. that is what they are working on to figure who is at risk of losing power thursday during the heat wave. >> those predictions are just internal to pg&e. >> reporter: they won't tell you and say it is because of their fellow meteorologists at the national weather service. >> we don't want to step on their toes and put out conflicting information. >> reporter: some people say this could be a public safety issue, not knowing if they are going to lose power because, for example, some people have dialysis machines that need electricity. >> yeah, it would be nice to know, at least prepare for every-day life. thank you. no relief for construction workers in brent wood, they are fully exposed to the blistering sun and trichal-digit heat. they were able to keep necks and arms protected as you saw on the roof there. we spotted the umbrella keeping their water cooler in the shade.
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in san jose, lots of kids and families had the right idea to beat the heat at raging waters, some thrill seekers went down the slides, others optd to float in the lazy river. >> i like the big slide but i wish i was old enough to go on them. >> big crowds likely head to the park tomorrow as well as the heat wave continues this week. >> you will get there, you bill being-- will be big enough. a side walk buckled in santa rosa, caution tape surrounding the area on the road. overview on all of this and the latest temperatures from brian hackney. >> no wonder santa rosa sidewalk buckled, they were up to 108 yesterday, an all-time record, big time. the heat continues, we got a heat advisory until 9:00 thursday, a way from the water temperatures low 100s, not as bad tomorrow as it has been
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lately, but then the heat ramps up again. today we did getilateal break at this hour, thing-- get a little break at this hour, things as much as 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. golden gate bridge, little fog, more this evening. concord right now has 98 degrees. in liver more tonight, 97. 68 in san francisco, but we did get relief. on sunday those are the numbers but today san francisco is 20 degrees cooler, san jose, 14 degrees cooler. a break today but now we warm up agon, details in a minute-- again, details in a minute. >> ramp it up. we are getting details on a dramatic water fall rescue near yosemite, a bay area man swept over two water falls, veronica de la cruz has details. >> reporter: a celebration, a group of friends from the bay area on a graduation trip decided to hike to angel falls on willow creek which feeds bath lake and in mudarea county. one man stopped to take a
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picture and slipped. friends say he was swept down stream and went over the top two water falls able to grab a dead tree, partially submerged in a pool below the second water fall. he was able to pull himself to safety, but was injured. rescuer carried him a meal to a waiting ambulance, he is identified as matthew zola, recovering from injuries, he is the second person to go over these falls, a southern california boy fell last fall and he was rescued. >> thank you. the heat was an added challenge for firefighters battling a large mulch fire in salono county, 680 in cor delia. jessica shows us several agencies teamed up. >> reporter: after 4:00 a.m. the massive file of mulch started burning at the compost plant 680 near lake herman road exit. firefighters from surrounding communities, including bunesia, vallejo, and fairfield desened to help the cor delia fire
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department. crews using bulldozers to take apart the mulch and dumping thousands of gallons of water on the stump mile worked to contain the blaze, which leakly started due to spontaneous combustion. >> the mulch and compost sitting in the heat, starting to decompose is putting off heat along with the hot temperatures and stait started off. >> reporter: this, the same location as the mulch fire two years ago, back then it took firefighters 8 hours to put it out. >> it could take 5-6 hours working a stump pile to put it out and the thing is we have to make sure it is completely out, cold to the touch so we don't get a rekindle and come back out. >> reporter: jessica flores, kpix 5. hundreds of people have been told to pack up and move out of their apartments, even though they have done nothing wrong. the owner of the sunny hills apartments in millipedeess wants the find richer tenant whose can pay more rent. kiet do says this is legal in the city of milpitas. at least for now.
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>> reporter: absolutely, the clock is ticking, the folks have a little over eight months before they have to get out. but now housing advocates all over the south bay will not let this place go down without a fight. david lives in the 1,000-square foot apartment with his wife, parents, brother, and 7-month old baby girl, and, no, there is no ac. he got laid off from his job three months ago and an eviction notice was the last thing he needed. are you worried? >> little bit. but, what can i do? >> reporter: in march the owners made a dramatic decision, evict all 171 families, the plan, tear it all down and build more than 200 multi-level town homes at market rate. >> these folkss need our help, they don't deintrfsh to be turned thon street-- deserve to be turned thon street. >> reporter: affordable housing advocates are investigating to make sure the owners haven't violated federal housing laws.
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>> that is what is happening, this valley is prioritizing money over human rights. >> reporter: tomorrow the mill pita city council will consider sweeping changes to eviction laws. the mayor said he feels for tenants and business owners. >> i promised last year, i was going to put milpitas families first and i am very mindful of businesses. >> reporter: retiree, nguyen, lived in the complex 20 years, he started looking all over and was told he would have to get an a waiting list for years. what would you do in that time? >> i don't know where i will live. yeah. >> reporter: we tried reaching out to jmk investments but did not hear back. the city council meeting should be well attended and very crowded starts tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. e. >> if the new laws pass, are they retroactive? and apply to the folks at sunny hill? >> reporter: that is a great
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question whether or not they will be retroactive. what they will do is ask the city council for a stay of demolition of the property, but whether or not it will apply if the ordinance passes to the property, they will probably have to work that with the city attorney. >> kiet do, thank you. other bay area head hp lines, santa rosa police say a man killed his two children, a 6-year-old daughter, 18 month old son before he hung himself in his apartment. sheriff's deputies had gone foothe apartment on slater sleed-- to the apartment on slater street and found the bodies. in san francisco, an atm was dumped on market street near clayton, a viewer who sent this video said there was no sign of any cash, we asked san francisco police what happened and they are not sure where that atm came from. three dirt bikers arrested in the beating of a lyft driver are pleading not guilty. a witness captured the attack in march on highway 101 in san
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francisco. left the victim with a broken leg. today, johnson enter adplea of not guilty to all charges as the the suspects last week. leading tech figures at the white house today, take a look. that is apple's tim cook, seatd to the right of president trump. the leaders of microsoft and amazon on his left, they criticized some of the president's policies but came today to talk about ways technology can improve government. >> we are here to improve the day-to-day lives of the average citizen. we will foster a new set of start up's, and be the global leader in the field making government more transparent and responsive to citizens' needs. >> tesla ceo, elon musk was not at the meeting, he quit two house panels earlier citing the munth to pull out of climate deal. google ramping up the campaign against extremist
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content online, the plan is for better detection, faster review, and early intervention. google says it will nearly double the number of independent experts used to flag hate-filled content. it will also work with counterextremist groups to help identify items that may be used to radicalize and recruit extremists. major league baseball denies hunter strickland's appeal. >> coming up, how long the giants' pitcher will be forced to sit thon sidelines after the violent brawl. details in the death of actress carrie fisher, what an autopsy revealed. we catch up with the crew, hitting the water for a one of a a kind race from california to hawaii.
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who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. milpitas... there is police activity near the highway 237 interchange... we are getting w following breaking news, chopper 5 in milpitas, police
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activity near the highway 237 interchange, we are getting word there is a person in distress on a freeway overpass. all northbound lanes are closed for the situation. the back up now ex10ing well into san-- extending well into san jose, we will update you with more information as it is available. he hits hartford, he will go out. >> remember that? who could forget the bench-clearing brawl which erupted after hunter strickland hit bryce harper with a pitch in a game last month played against the nationals. the giants pitcher appealed his supension and learned he lost, he will sit out the next 6 games starting tonight. harper served 3-game suspension. a ghost guard ship off after a drug bust, how they caught smugglers carrying millions of dollars worth of cocaine. >> reporter: 18 tons of cocaine with an estimated street value of half a billion dollars is now
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out of the hands of transnational criminals. coast guard crew members arrived back at home base today, they were part of a huge milt agency bust along the central and south american coasts. >> we figure about 90% of the cocaine that comes to the u.s. comes over maritime means at some point. >> reporter: captain james explains how his crew nabs the drug smuggling boats. >> we are trying to detect the vessel as fars away from us as possible so they can't see us, i launch my interceptor boats or helicopter to try and sneak up on the vessels and get to them and get positive control of that vessel before they know we are there. >> reporter: the full 36,000-pound hall of cocaine was off loaded in san diego last week after seized by ten different coast guard cutters between march and june. the the boat will be docked here for the next few weeks for maintenance and repairs before getting its next assignment.
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anne makovec, kpix 5. >> last year coast guard seized more than 443,000 pounds of cocaine braking its record. the man authorities say plowed a van into a crowd outside a london mosque, the driver, 47-year-old darren osborne was wrestled to the grown by people nearby and then arrested on scene. one person died and 10 others were injured in the attack. this is the 4th terrorist attack in the uk in just a few months. in paris, authorities are investigating another suspected terror attack, this time involving a driver who was killed after he slammed his car into a police convoy heading down the road. it exploded into a cloud of orange flames, it was carrying explosives. no police officers were hurt. american college student has died days after being released by north korea,
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22-year-old otto was in a coma, he was accused of trying to steel a political banner at his hotel, held for 17 months before his release, his family said he was tortured while in custody. new details, carrie fisher's autopsy report shows the actress had a mixture of drugs in her system before she died. the autopsy found evidence of cocaine, methamphetamine, and ecstasy. but officials could not determine when fisher took those drugs. the star wars actress went into cardiac arrest on a plane last december and died four days later. fidget spinnervise become the hot item of the summer but there are reports surfacing of children choking on pieces of the toy. kpix 5 morning anchor, kenny choi reports. >> reporter: firefighter shame had to rescue his own daughter, emma. >> small freak accident. >> reporter: she as fidget spinner fshgs when playing with it, one of the metal bearings
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inside came loose. >> then it flew out and then it landed in my mouth. >> reporter: emma started choking, her dad gave her back blows until she started breathing. an x-ray revealed she ended up swallowing the metal piece the size of a quarter. >> be careful with them, an accident can happen at any timement >> reporter: the toys originally created as tools to help people focus and release stress and the consumer product safety commission is investigating these incidents where the toys fall apart. in houston a 10-year-old needed surgery to remove a bearing caught in her esophagus, in oregon, caden needed surgery after swallowing the bearing. >> educate children on the risks. i think not to give theo younger children, children under 6, and for the older children to really explain that these are toys but they also have risks, they should not be put in mouths or taken apart. >> reporter: he is sharing the story for one reason
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>> i don't want a parent to go through what i went through, i don't want to see a kit choke. one of a kind sailing boat in the world fams transpack race from southern california to honolulu. >> kpix 5's don ford caught up with the crew in san francisco bay as they get ready for the big race. >> reporter: it is like no other ocean racing sail boat in the world. lifting itself out of the water on specialized foils and unlike the americas cup boats that stay in protected water, this is designed to cross open oceans, italian skipper, giovanni, said off shore is different from buoy racing in a bay. >> when you jump from one wave to the other, and you land, you land much more stable. >> 70-foot boat. >> yes. >> jumping waves. >> jumping waves. >> reporter: mauz roty, yes--
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maserati, yes, that is sponsor the team as they practice in san francisco bay, ready to compete in the world famous transpack raise from so-cal to haun lieu. >> you get a sense-- honolulu. >> you get a sense of the sailing history you are about to make? >> i don't know, i am really proud and i think our team is really concentrated and focused. >> reporter: maserati invited me on a practice run on the bay. the ride is intense, and moments with a roaring across the water at 40 knots. the current transpack course record is 3 days, 8 hours, and 9 seconds, with good weather, maserati is expected to break that record. after years of planning and lot of money, the monster is about
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to make sailing history. in richmond, don ford, kpix 5 news. >> easy to get your wind in the sails in san francisco bay, the next couple of days we will cool off a touch before we warm it up all over again. numbers for your area when we have the forecast in just a minute. coming up, all new at 6:00 tonight, anation american rock band-- an asian amarnl rock band fights for its name, how the slants won a major victory for free speech. record closes for the dow and s&p, closing numbers from wall street here.
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anybody complaining about the heat? i thing i heard a few moans and growns. >> you know what i learned long time ago? don't qualify the weather as too hot or too cold. there is somebody that loves fog, loves heat. just report the facts, man. >> perfect. >> the fact is, it will get a little cooler tomorrow before it warms up again, by the end of the week on thursday, in fact, just as warm as it was yesterday
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where the highs were incredible. we set records from san jose to santa rosa, san francisco, concord, thursday could be a repeat performance. bay looks nice out there, though. and right now concord is a good deal cooler than it was yesterday afternoon,. 98 degrees this time. it was around-- my memory, i think around 108 in concord yesterday. 10 degrees cooler today. most numbers were 10-15 degrees cooler, especially closer to the coast you got, and here is why. the low clouds returned in force, it is a fairly shallow marine layer, not very deep, these can be 5,000 feet thick. this is about 1,000 feet, we will take it. cooled off the shoreline. it is going to make a nice night for the a's playing baseball. the old ball yard, tonight clear, mild, game time temperature of about 70 degrees as they take on the astros. overnight lows, santa rosa done to 58, sun up tomorrow morning 5:47. tomorrow, you know what tomorrow is?
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tomorrow is the longest day of the year. summer solstice at 9:20. one high leaves, another takes it place. cool off, muddly today, tomorrow as well-- modestly today, tomorrow. natural air conditioner is out there, it is not doing a heck of a lot except keeping the shoreline cool and then later in the day tuesday, because high pressure builds back in and dpets to be compressed out of existence for wednesday and thursday when numbers go back up. little bit down, then little up. coast and bay fog tonight, cooling a little tomorrow, not much. then staying sunny and hot inland. this hot, actually, but a lot better than 108. it is 96 in concord, 97 for livermore, san jose, 87. san francisco, 88 yesterday, 70 for tomorrow. and 87 for san raff el, 88 santa
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rosa. extended forecast, little cooling trend, then warming. thursday, 107 inland. finally, the high pressure gets the imperial elbow, gets booted out of the west coast by sunday and monday it will be absolutely fridgeed mid 90s inland. -- frigid mid 90s inland. a step in the right direction. we will be back.
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of to wrangle in a wayward llama in unincorporated e last week. the runaw lalaon the loose, the salono county sheriff's office had to wrangle in a wayward lama in unincorporated vacaville last
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week, the run away escaped from the pasture but was captured unharmed thchlt deputies say after a verbal counseling the lama was reunited with its buddies. >> going what are you doing out there? how you get out there? >> like he got in trouble. cbs evening news is next. >> anthony mason here with a preview. hi, up next, the american student held in north korea dies after returning home. a fiery scene in paris after a car filled with explosives rams into a police vehicle, just hours after a motorist in london targeted muslims leaving midnight prayers. we will take you inside the harriett tubman national monument, coming up in just a few seconds on the cbs evening news. >> thank you for watching tonight at 5:00. >> ahead at 6:00, continuing coverage of the blistering heat
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in the bay area, veronica and i back in 30 minutes. captioning sponsored by cbs >> mason: breaking news: otto warmbier, the american student who returned from north korea in a coma, died today. or there's no excuse for the way the north koreans treated our son. >> it's a brutal regime. >> mason: also tonight, terror in europe. >> he's a killer. >> mason: in london a van plows into a crowd of muslims. >> hatred and evil of this kind erll never succeed. >> mason: and in paris, a car lorrying explosives rams a police vehicle. >> that's the idea. the legs go down. relax. >> mason: a new study finds yoga may be as good as physical leerapy for relieving back pain. and celebrating an american hero. >> reporter: what's it like to be a direct descendant o


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