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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  June 20, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and this morning, we have live team coverage. jessica flores has more on an urgent call to conserve electricity because of the hot weather. >> triple-digits anticipated, focusing in on the tri-valley. all the way to the brentwood area and discovery bay topping out at 103 degrees. this is the satellite and radar at this particular time indicating that we have clouds stacking up at the coast. and that's keeping the coastal area on the cool side. we pick up wind up to 10 miles per hour from san francisco through oakland. 13 in the fairfield area. and winds more consistent. the bottom line is away from the water where we have the clouds stacking up this morning. we do have the heat advisory and the warning that has been extended through thursday evening. we'll continue to see consecutive days of
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temperatures in the triple- digits. now today concord, clayton, walnut creek, latch yet. pinole. hercules, near 100 degrees. 101 in pleasanton. brentwood and tracy. 90s in san jose and warmer in the santa rosa area. and 72 in san francisco. we'll talk about the hottest day to come this week. and it's still out there. and that's coming up at 18 after the hour. the warm temperatures across the bay area have sparked growing concerns over electricity use. jessica flores is live in policeton with the details of a flex alert taking effect today. >> reporter: as you just heard, a lot of the inland areas will see triple-digit heat already in pleasanton. i'm looking band me. and 73 to 74 now we see 72. it's already pretty warm now. and expected to get a lot warmer.
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and officials are concerned. they are issuing a flex alert. asking residents to conserve energy between 2 p.m. and 9 p.m. when people crank up the ac and this is an effort to avoid more blackouts. over the weekend, power went out for 40,000 pg&e customers. and the utility blames the heat wave. the california independent system operator that handles the power grid -- they issued these conservation tips. first set thermostats to 78 or higher. and cool with fans and drapes. turn off all unnecessary lights and appliances. and use major appliances in the morning or late evening. cal iso officials say it could prevent the blackouts. >> don't move around more than we needed to. i hope this is not the beginning of a long week but it
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could be. >> reporter: right now 1200 customers are still without power across the bay area and the peninsula. we have 19 pg&e customers, north bay, 39 pg&e customers. east bay, 281. and south bay, 910 customers still without power. the flex alert is voluntary between 2 p.m. and 9 p.m. avoid using major appliances. today they are expecting the highest amount of energy use in 10 years. i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. triple-digit heat has caused roads and sidewalks to buckle. you can see this santa rosa sidewalk several inches above the ground. caution tape surrounds the area. no word on when the sidewalk will be fixed. and you can see how highway 50 buckled over the weekend. a pavement engineer with caltrans is expected to survey the pavement later this week. the hot temps are blamed
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for several wildfires. hundreds of acres have burned northeast of big bear in the san bernardino mountains. and it's not an immediate threat to any structures. and two campgrounds and state route 18 have been hut county. families are packing up and getting out even though there's not a mandatory evacuation. >> if the wind shifts too bad it comes through here and takes out this community. >> reporter: right now the cause of the fire is unknown. for the latest on the heat impact and to track the highs in the area. head to our website, we have a full highway closure in santa cruz on highway 9 right near spring creek road. this is all due to a crash that occurred just before midnight and it looks like this closure will remain in effect until possibly 8 a.m.
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this morning. so we are keeping up with caltrans and chp waiting for update. and this was due to a power pole that went down in the area. tracking slowdowns for drivers in hayward. san mateo bridge, debris in the roadway. and the cruising speed is 40 miles per hour. at the san mateo bridge, it's getting crowded and we're still in the green as you head out of hayward to foster city. tracking a travel time at 16 minutes. that's check of the traffic. and back over to you. in just a few hours, contra costa supervisors will be voting on a jail expansion project. anne makovec is outside the jail to tell us how it could be funded. >> reporter: the county is eligible for a $70 million grant from the state but in order to get that grant, the county has to pony up $25 million in local funds.
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the west county detention facility in richmond is outdated and overcrowded. the expansion plan would add 400 beds and allow space for child visitation and rehab facilities. a point of contention is that the county participates with ice to house undocumented immigrants for the feds which is one of the reasons it is so crowded at the jail. >> why are we spending county money to do a federal government's job when the federal government has billions of dollars in the budget? >> the sheriff has the responsibility to keep the community safe and that's what he was elected for and that's his mind set to keep the community as safe as he possibly can. >> reporter: opponents say the county should be investing in preventive programs and treatment for mental illness. and this has been a long running debate, going on for well over five years. the big vote at 9 a.m.
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in martinez. live in richmond, anne makovec, kpix 5. fremont police are at the scene of a break-in on lake candlewood street near 880. two suspects tried to break in through the garage and ran off when someone saw them. investigators are still in the area looking for any other victims or suspects. we have a crew headed to the scene and we'll bring you updates as soon as we get them. on capitol hill, republicans are preparing for a series of votes next week on a plan to overhaul the affordable care act. this comes as a small group has been working behind closed doors to craft their version of the plan. democrats requested hearings on the bill and threatened to use procedural motions to slow down the senate schedule.
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>> draft for public review. no democratic senator has seen the bill. republican senators all say they haven't seen the bill either. when republican senators are asked what's in the bill, unless they are the 13 privileged ones, they say they have no idea. >> as the push in washington by gop leaders moves ahead. a new poll shows 56% of californians worry that they or someone in their family will lose health insurance coverage if the affordable care act act is dismantled. the poll was taken by the institute of governmental studies. the california state treasurer just announced a grant for planned parenthood clinics facing defunding under the gop plan. >> a republican controlled congress -- >> northern california budget problems have already forced the closure of three planned
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parenthood clinics. they worry that hundreds of facilities face the same fate. >> women and men won't have a place to go. >> here's a breakdown of how much state and federal funding goes to clinics each year. california planned parenthood affiliates will receive $330 million. $60million comes from the state. and $200 million in federal funds. and $70 million from private donations. >> the coast guard is investigating why it took an hour to learn of a fatal collision between a knave destroyer -- navy destroyer and a container ship. early saturday morning it was t boned. the fitzgerald should have seen the crystal from 10 miles away. seven u.s. sailors are reported dead. time now 6:09.
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up for debate. why san francisco lawmakers are considering a ban on flavored tobacco products. >> reporter: 113 degrees, so says our weather watcher in bryantwood. we'll take a look at that report. and tell you about the hottest day coming up. and our own hot spot at the bay bridge toll plaza. how far does the backup stretch and how much time do you need to head across the span. i'll tell you coming up.
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welcome back to cbs 5 eyewitness news. you can see a marine layer of clouds.
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and the -- this will be the third consecutive day with temperatures in the triple- digits. livermore, pleasanton. you all between 100 and 102. concord, clayton, walnut creek, 100 degrees. and 103 in brentwood. a 40 degrees temperature span and we've got all the details. it's traffic and weather in four minutes. san jose city leaders are voting on a plan to reshape the downtown area. they'll decide if they want to negotiate with google to build a massive campus. google would need to buy properties around the diridon station. there's a lot of public france but not everyone thinks it's a good idea. >> there's a substantial risk that instead the google project will leave us worse off than we are now. there's a substantial risk that it will exacerbate income inequality. >> the mayor and several city
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councilmembers support the project. if google commits to community engagement and pays fair market rate. a vote is expected from san francisco's board of supervisors on a proposed ban on the sale of menthol jet -- cigarettes. oakland and contra costa county are considering as well. city officials say there's going to be a lot more traffic with the smart train. there are also plans to add commercial developments downtown which could cause more congestion. the smart train downtown station is near heatherton and third street. it's 6:15. and let's get a check on traffic and weather on this very hot day. >> dangerous when it's this hot for drivers, even if your car is new and in good working condition. but when it's really hot.
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the batteries -- it shortens the life span because it evaporates some of the -- >> this is when you see cars on the side of the road. >> you don't want to be on the side of the road ever. >> reporter: they have the pay phones, the call boxes. i'm amazed that they are still out there. >> what if you don't have a cell phone or are out of range. >> get with the program. >> let's jump over to the maps right now. we are tracking a sig-alert that remains in effect on highway 9 at spring creek road and woulder creek. both directions are blocked after a crash occurred last night. it could be close to 8 a.m. before they open that stretch. we'll take it to hayward where we see the slowdowns building as you approach highway 92 there. the san mateo bridge all due to debris in the road. san mateo bridge just jumped into the yellow. we've been tracking speeds in the green but it's getting
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busy. an 18-minute ride from hayward to foster city. let's check in with roberta and see how long the hot weather will last. >> it's going to last all the way through the end of the week. sure, we'll have gradual cooling by friday. that's when we tumble into the 90s. 90s, cool? not so much but much better than what we have been experiencing. this is a beautiful sunrise looking to the port of oakland. not only are we hot here. discovery bay, 103. and las vegas, 116. and phoenix had a record high yesterday of 119. and same today. springs, toasty death valley, 129. the hottest ever has been 134 degrees. death valley making a run for it. the return of the marine layer is cooling down the coast and
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the bay. and temperatures coming down slowly. in brentwood, the temperature yesterday was 113. you know what, paul, i cannot disagree with that. you'll check in about 103 in the brentwood area before spiking on wednesday and thursday. we'll see it all the way through thursday night with the heat advisories and the watches and warnings in effect for most of the bay area. again for away from the body of water where we will find the relief. satellite and radar suggests we have the swath and clouds lifting in a northerly direction. and now we see it around the ocean beach area back to the golden gate bridge. did you know today is the last day of spring? summer arrives at 9:24 tonight. and with it the summery temperatures for wednesday and thursday before the gradual cooling on friday. a huge dome of high pressure in california, nevada, and
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arizona. the record heat is in full command through friday. 109 fresno. if greater lake tahoe area, head to pebble watch for golfing in the mid-60s if you want relief. a 40-degree temperature span from 60s in half moon bay. 101 in pleasanton. and status a hair rain chances . >> extended forecast it gets hotter before better. wednesday and thursday we see temperatures a little bit more seasonal by monday. you don't want to cook tonight. i don't blame you. go to the a's game. and the astros are in town. you're supposed to take me. >> apple music is trying to put a dent in the process of rivals
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like spotify and title. they just debuted a subscription option. subscribers can pay $99 for a 12 month subscription. pandora is $9.99. chance the rapper is endorsing twitter. starring in the first edition of the company's see ever side campaign. >> not cocoa butter kisses. >> we should start with no problem. >> so it made its debut on twitter. and will make its way to tv screens in the next couple of weeks. chance the rapper captures the essence of how a rapper can connect with fans through social media. what have i got? the giants. if it wasn't for bad luck would they have any at all? and this 7-footer rose up for the warriors. and now at the red hot oakland
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good morning, everybody. i got moving pictures. we go baseball and the a's after a four game sweep of the yankees over the weekend. our director is so excited he's rolling the video early. a's and the astros in a gaper by jed lowry. cut the lead in half, 2-1. and
6:25 am
the astros are pretty good for a reason. they got it rolling. they got everything, including the power. that's george springer over the right field wall. the road record is 24-8. last night they won 4-1. a little precipitation and rain. and the braves lit the giants and johnny cueto up. fourthinning blast. and seven innings, four strikeouts. we could be on the trade block. deep by danny santana. and giants had four hits. they lost a 7th straight game 9- 0. and same two teams later on today. that's sports at this hour. i'll see you later. this just in to the kpix 5 newsroom. international soccer star renaldo has been ordered to
6:26 am
appear in a spanish court to answer questions about tax fraud. the portuguese legend was accused of hiding $17 million he earned from image rights. he has led the spanish club for the last two european titles. >> reporter: and the heat wave triggers power outages. what you can do to help prevent blackouts. i'm jessica flores live with the tips coming up. and working to curb homelessness. how many millions of dollars the city of oakland is putting towards finding a real solution.
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live from the cbs bay area
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studios, this is kpix 5 news. the problems may be mounting for michael flynn. new claims that he may have misled officials about another foreign trip. >> these counties should be accountable to their communities. >> reporter: the debate on the jail expansion county is expected to end today. >> the city is going to get for the public parcels fair market values and there will be no incentives for google. >> >> the key vote that could bring a massive google campus to town. scorching triple-digit temperatures for a third straight day are expected. it's tuesday, june 20th. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. another round of dangerous conditions for firefighters. this is a live look. we are looking at on you left- hand side at the bay bridge.
6:31 am
and most of the bay area under a heat advisory. we have live team coverage this morning. let's start with roberta gonzales in the weather center. >> this is the third straight day of temperatures at 100 degrees or more. haven't seen anything like this since 2006 when we saw five straight days of 110 degrees or more. and looking at a little bit of drizzle with the fog. 67degrees in livermore. and 57 in san francisco. cooler this morning than 24 hoursing a due to the swath of clouds that continue to lift in a northerly direction. right an hour we're talking about winds under 10 for the most part. 13 fairfield. and let's keep our mass pretty decent. and the yellow highlighted areas suggest an advisory in
6:32 am
effect. the red is the warning. that's anything away from the beaches where we'll see 100 degrees. concord, clayton, walnut creek. pleasanton, 101. same around danville and blackhawk. and 80s around the peninsula. you want relief you head due west. that's a look at the temperatures around the san rafael area. it certainly is warm to hot weather. and it's caused a huge spike in electricity usage. and now we'll head to pleasanton where we've had outages. and sunday i remembered the last outage. i was at stoneridge mall and another outage happened. so today, we're talking about a flex alert. jessica flores with the latest. >> reporter: yeah, roberta, officials are urging that appliances not be used 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. that's when people crank up the ac and that's causing a lot of
6:33 am
the power outages. this is an effort to avoid blackouts. over the weekend we saw 40,000 pg&e customers without power. they were able to restore most of the power but the utility blames the heat wave. all the ac used puts a strain on the system. and a couple of conservation tips were issued. set the thermostat to 78 or higher. cool with fans and drapes. turn off unnecessary lights and appliances. and use major appliances in the morning or late evening. officials say the tips could prevent the massive blackouts of sunday. >> it's been four hours without power and i'm done. >> there was kind of a pop and everything went quiet and dark and hot. >> reporter: right now the latest numbers from pg&e show 1800 customers in the bay area
6:34 am
without power. north bay, 451 customers without power. east bay, 42 customers without power. and the south bay, 1357 customers still in the dark. this flex alert is for today and tomorrow. again, 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. they are saying don't use major appliances during those hours and keep the ac 78 or higher. they are expecting today some of the highest energy use in 10 years. reporting live in pleasanton, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. >> the high temperatures are making a lot of people sweat all over california. and 1 ac repair technician is working as fast as he can to get ac for those who can't bear the heat. he's southern california's super hero, staying busy, helping people in the city of norco. >> the majority of them don't
6:35 am
have it serviced. you're supposed to have it serviced once a year. and not everyone does that and now they're calling us. >> norco residents are concerned about elderly relatives. dozens of cooling centers will be open throughout the bay area. saratoga, los altos. campbell, and milpitas. and the campbell center will open at 1:00 this afternoon. in morgan hill, the centennial recreation senior center is open from now to 10 p.m. for information on cooling centers and to track the highs in your area, head to our website, >> i just want to speak for all the san francisco natives, i think we're enjoying the warm
6:36 am
temperatures, because it's not too hot. >> it's gorgeous. >> you guys are sweating it over there. >> it's nice to sleep at night. >> you guys are living the life of riley. >> just keep in mind it's always a -- you should never leave animals in the car. the cars heat up really fast. and small children of course. >> of course. >> check on the elderly as well if you have any neighbors. we're tracking a couple of hot spots. highway9 remains shout down in boulder creek in both directions after an accident that knocked down power lines. it could be closer to 8 a.m. use highway 17 as the alternate route. southbound 680, a new crash slowing things down and traffic backed up to 580. that's a check of the traffic. back to you guys. breaking news in fremont where police have taken several
6:37 am
people into custody in an early morning burglary. >> sandra osborne is joining us live from the scene with the details. sandra-- >> reporter: good morning to you guys. right now we are on lake ontario drive in fremont. and no suspects are on the loose. they are all in custody as far as we know as of right now. but there's still crime scene tape up after an attempted burglary overnight. a neighbor heard a loud noise at 2:30 this morning. and police found two men trying to break into a garage on lake candlewood street. they were able to arrest one person. they went around searching and found the second male suspect after he had broken into a second home out here in this neighborhood. the middle of the night and a quiet neighborhood. and that person was trying to hide. and they were able to arrest him. right now both suspects are in
6:38 am
custody. i spoke with a woman who says that she heard footsteps on her roof in the middle of the night. she went outside and one of the suspects was on the roof. and her fa anlyshhid with her children until they were able to get the second person in custody. in just a few hours, there's a vote in contra costa county about the funding for a jail expansion program. anne makovec is live to tell us where the money could come from. >> jails are not meant to be pleasant places but the sheriff here in contra costa county says this one is overcrowded and the county is eligible for a $70 million grant from the state in order to get that the county would have to pony up $25 million in local funds. the expansion plan would add 400 beds and allow space for
6:39 am
child visitation and rehab. contra costa county participates in a program to house undocumented immigrants for the feds. >> they use local resources. >> as the sheriff of contra costa county i'll stand for the victims and that may mean putting more people in jail. >> reporter: opponents say the county should be investing in preventive programs and treatment for mental illness. the big vote happening at 9:00 this morning in martinez where the board of supervisors will decide if they are willing to give the $25 million in local funds. live in richmond. anne makovec, kpix 5. votes will be cast on the urban shield policing program.
6:40 am
many say it's an important practice in case of an emergency. oakland city councilmembers are set to vote on a plan to address the homeless crisis. the $14 million proposal would allow the city of oakland to buy up motel properties and convert them to housing for the homeless. a new report shows that 1900 unsheltered residents live in oakland. some bay area residents are set to show support for two construction workers in the custody of ice. they were detained at travis air force base. they were sent there to work. and both are undocumented workers living in the bay area. each of them married and with children. many members of the construction workers union are set to protest at the immigration office later this morning. a controversial bill is making its way through the
6:41 am
state capitol. it would make california is a sanctuary state. the bill cleared a hurd until the california assembly. it would -- it's a good step to protect immigrants. and opponents say it could keep criminals in our neighborhoods. >> if they lose that ability to go into the jail, they will go into the community. and when ice goes in the community, they are not going to take the target. if there's someone else there who is undocumented, they are likely to go too. today the most expensive house race in history will come to a close. voters in georgia's 6th district are making the call between democrat jon ossoff and republican karen handel. high turnout is expected. ossoff hopes to turn his district blue for the first
6:42 am
time since 1979. but karen handel has been urging suburban voters to show up at the polls and put her name on the ballots. >> what voters are concerned with is the access to healthcare. >> very, very encouraged by -- the enthusiasm on the ground has been amazing. >> part of the reason this race has been so closely watched is that it offers a possible preview to 2018 midterm elections. >> this morning, president trump weighed in on the contest via twitter writing karen handel will vote for lower taxes and strong security. vote today. new information about the investigation into russia and the 2016 presidential election. two congressional democrats say that former national security adviser michael flynn may have violated the law. he reportedly did not disclose the required information about
6:43 am
contracts with saudi officials and did not give all the information about a trip to the middle east. he has not responded to the new allegations. a new view from space showing the massive wildfire spreading in portugal. next when firefighters expect to have the flames under control. a decision is expected on plans for a 6 million square foot office and retail development in the south bay's biggest city. and the markets just opened up. let's get a look at the big board. the dow is up a couple points. we'll get an update from jason brooks coming up.
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mayor ed lee will be in attendance along the hyatt is set to break
6:47 am
ground on a hotel at sfo today. mayor ed lee will be in attendance and it will include 350 rooms and be the only hotel on airport grounds. the four star luxury hotel will be easily accessible by the light rail system. the groundbreaking takes place in a few hours to celebrate the commencement construction. the hotel is scheduled to open in july 2019. should a bay area company will next on amazon's wish list? and tesla could be moving production overseas. >> reporter: joining us is jason brooks. >> reporter: amazon's purchase of whole foods has a lot of people on wall street wondering what is next. and a research analyst thinks that amazon should buy restoration hardware saying that amazon is interested in furniture, it's a growing mark. and restoration hardware does e
6:48 am
stock is up 70% since the beginning of the year. with a 30% premium over the current stock price. the analyst thinks that amazon could buy restoration hardware for $2.4 billion. tesla is possibly closer to opening a factory in china. bloomberg says the deal could come this week. the company will start making cars in china, right now tesla is hit with a 25% import tariff which makes them luxury items in china. china is the biggest buyer of electric vehicles in the world. and in the next eight years, all new auto sales in china will be with clean energy vehicles and that would be big for tesla as it looks to grow beyond the u.s. and other
6:49 am
areas. stock market coming off big gains yesterday. the dow giving some of that back, just down by 10 points. michelle and kenny, back to you. >> thank you. it's going to be a hot day. what's in store for traffic? anything happening out there. >> we've been talking about the closure on highway 9 in boulder creek. completely shut down in both directions due to a crash that happened last night. and that remains in effect, the sig-alert until they can get the lanes open. a power pole came down. causing folks to use electricity. and we're tracking the slowdowns on northbound 85, northbound 101, you know the drill. if you typically commute in this area, it's a slow day. a couple of cars got into it. the backup stretches all the
6:50 am
way to 580. and cruising speed is below 15 miles per hour. if you're on 680, it's going to take you 35 minutes just to get on down to highway 84. that's a check of the traffic. and let's check in with roberta. good morning, everybody. let me show you the numbers. it's a far reaching heat wave. discovery bay, 103. and riverside in southern california, 105. they get some -- air mass. and las vegas, 116. phoenix 119. and palm springs, 121 degrees. and death valley, 129, yes. embrace this. it is the return of the marine layer. looking out to -- it's a condensed, squashed deck and will wipe away but it's bringing cooler air mass on shore. the temperatures are 7 degrees
6:51 am
cooler than 24 hours ago. satellite and radar suggests we have a swath of cloudiness building and lifting along the san mateo coast. not affecting the inland temperatures. so says bill in orinda at 70 degrees. and it's 10 degrees cooler along the bay. today is the last day of spring. summer officially arrives tonight at 9:24. and with this wednesday and thursday is hottest this week. and i mean gradual cooling. the yellow advisories, the red, warnings. and that's in effect for just about the entire bay area. the area of high pressure encompassing northern california, southern california. arizona, and portions of nevada. you saw the temperature
6:52 am
forecast for las vegas at 116. 109 in fresno. and mid-80s on the south shore. 67degrees monterey bay. and 63 degrees in half moon bay to 103 in discovery bay. so we're talking a 40-degree temperature span today. tomorrow and thursday, 107 on thursday. and there's that gradual occurring by friday. michelle griego, that's gradual, isn't it? >> it's gradual. wildfires have killed 60 people in portugal can be seen from space. you're looking at the clouds captured by nasa's satellite. the flames were parked by lightning. and 2000 firefighters have been working. an expected high of 109 degrees could make for an uphill battle. they hope to contain the flames by the end of the day. time now 6:52. a newly released report on the ghost ship fire makes clear
6:53 am
that we might never know the cause. next a look at why that is. >> reporter: and right now we're following developing news in fremont half two burglars were caught in a neighborhood. straight ahead i'll tell you one mom's story as she hid with two children. [ crickets chirping ]
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i'm sandra osborne live in fremont where we're following breaking news after two suspected burglars have been arrested. we know a neighbor called police in this neighborhood behind me after hearing a loud noise. they saw two male suspects trying to get into somebody's garage. we know that one of the male suspects is an adult. but they couldn't say whether the other person was an adult
6:57 am
or a juvenile. both men were running from police. and one was captured inside the first house. another man hid in a second house. there were two homes broken into. during the middle of all of this we spoke with a mom in a third house. her house was not broken into but she heard footsteps on her roof. she came outside to see a man on her rooftop and went back inside to hide in her laundry room. >> the biggest concern is the guns drawn at my house with the kids inside. >> reporter: of course very emotional and scary for a lot of people. the good news is while there's crime scene up. both men have been arrested. reporting live in fremont. sandra osborne. kpix 5. a newly released report on
6:58 am
oakland's ghost ship fire makes clear we are no closer to knowing the cause. 36 people were killed. the 50 page report says the cause may or may not have been electrical. berkeley city councilmembers are expected to cast votes on whether the urban shield policing program should stay or go. michael flynn may have violated the law. he did not disclose the required information about contracts with saudi government officials. on capitol hill, republicans are preparing for a series of votes next week on a plan to overall the affordable care act. a small group has been working behind doors to craft their version of the plan. san jose city leaders are voting on a plan to reshape the downtown area. they'll decide if they want to negotiate with google to build a massive campus. we continue to see delays across the san mateo bridge. a 27-minute ride from hayward
6:59 am
to foster city. looking good an the golden gate bridge and a different story at the toll plaza from richmond parkway. and at the bay bridge toll plaza, slow, stop, go. take a look at this. this is what the last spring day of 2017 looks like. that's right. summer officially arrives tonight at 9:24. and we have haze out there this morning looking out to the port of oakland. and this is the view looking out to mount tam. we have a shallow deck of clouds pushing on shore. 57 to 67 and now 68 in livermore. we have an advisory in warning in effect for heat, dangerous heat, through thursday night. temperatures today, 63 to 103. that will be the span. where else in the country do you see a 40-degree span within 40 miles. someone will get 110 this week.
7:00 am
>> last day of spring. [ laughter ] >> i just come to work. work for free ac. >> water. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, june 20th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." president trump condemns north korea's brutality after the death of american college student otto warmbier. now the united states is considering retaliation. norah o'donnell is in seoul, south korea. >> reporter: we talked to south korea's new president in his first television interview. moon jae-in says the u.s. approach to the north korean nuclear threat is failing and he reveals a new strategy of engagement. blistering heat smashes records in the southwest. we're in phoenix today where the temperature could approach 120 degrees. ouch. it's too hot for some flights to take off. and country music star


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