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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  June 20, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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the heat wave he heeds warning and cuts back on electricity. >> hurt as lot more when you have a black out or all that. i have been around the bay area long enough to see a few of those. >> reporter: in fact, one of the largest pg&e power outage events in nearly two decades happened on sunday because of the hot weather. cal iso says if we can cut back on energy during peak hours today and tomorrow, it will help prevent strain on the grid and power outages especially when many will use their air conditioners. >> appliances, electronics, all makes up for about half of our usage in an average home in california. >> reporter: take this into consideration, a light bulb uses 60 watts every 5 hours, compare to a typical drier which uses around 3,000 watts. your central ac, up to 5,000 watts every 60 minutes. a microwave, 1200 pots per heating, a blow drier up to 1500 watts. according to energy use calculator. not to mention, the appliances
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that are on 24/7. >> the more people conserve and are energy efficient, the less likely that you will experience an outage. >> reporter: cal iso says 78 degrees for your air conditioners is the magic number, the flex alert, hope my photographer is okay, is 2:00-9:00 today and tomorrow. maria medina, kpix 5. two significant power outages to tell you about in the east bay earlier, walnut creek, downed tree limb knocked down power lines before 7:00, the result, traffic lights out, stores in the dark, signs alerting customers to no power. in fremont more than 5,000 customers lost power for a couple hours, p goshgs e blames-- pge blames an under ground switch. kiet do continues our coverage from pleasanton.
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hot demand today? >> reporter: the temperature has dipped down to 91 degrees in the shade according to siri, up to a hundred degrees here in p-town. take it from somebody who neglected their ac unit for years, future repairs can get very expensive and so, here are some tips because if you take care of your ac, your ac will take care of you. >> okay. >> reporter: richard is the guy you call when you literally lose your cool. >> looks like about 85 degrees in the house right now. the fan is working. >> reporter: richheard has been repairing ac unit for more than 30 years and has tips to save you money. first off, make sure you cut down all the tall vegetation around your ac unit to give it at least 12 inches of clearance. >> if you have vegetation right up against it and in front, it blockathize air flow into here and-- blocks the air flow into here and costs you a lot more money in your bill. >> reporter: next, clean or replace the air filter at least twice a year.
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this is a reusable filter that can be hand washed. richard said a blocked filter can mean big trouble. >> if it can't breathe, it gets overheated or your coil could turn into a block of ice and you will get no air. >> reporter: next, shade the ac unit from direct sun light. a fence like this helps keep the unit cool, again, so it doesn't have to work so hard. >> lets see how she does. >> reporter: finally, get your unit professionally serviced at least once a year, neglect decreases efficiency, meaning higher electricity bill and adds to wear and tear. the average life span of an ac unit is 12 years. >> we have changed some hout in 7 years because they didn't take care of it. and we have some out there still 30 years old that are working fantastic because the people were meticulous on keeping maintenance on the system. by keeping the filters clean, vegetation away, having us check it, it will last uand your home-- you and your home a lot longer. >> reporter: ac repair is not
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cheap, it can start anywhere from $50 to $100 and go upwards from there. money well spent when you consider replacing an ac unit starts around $7,000 and can go up to $20,000. live in pleasanton, kiet do, kpix 5. >> or just go west, young man, or young woman, as we have our own national air conditioning by the ocean, remained only in the 60s by the beach. not doing you much good if you are fairly far inland. right now temperatures fell 1-12 degrees. many parts of the bay area, some up a bit. the most dramatic closer to the water, still 95 at concord, temperatures warmer. heat advisory wednesday, away from the water. thursday gets even warmer with excessive heat warnings from parts of the north and east bay, number on thursday will approach 107 degrees. temperatures will climb again tomorrow, the peak of the heat will be on thursday, then
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finally we begin to cool it off slowly inland as numbers will collapse at the shoreline, we look for the numbers to slowly creep down friday, saturday, and sunday. the complete forecast for you a few minutes from now. >> thanks. heat wave melting snow in the sierra leading to rising water levels in valley lakes and rivers. it is creating a danger for swimmers. reporter angela reports from the american river in auburn where a man drown today. >> reporter: as the heat wave melts the snow pack in the sierra, water rushes down stream making for a cold swift moving american river. the effects of the snow melt can also be deadly and proved so on tize day. >> but with this vast, cold water it does not take long for someone to get into trouble. >> reporter: state parks ranger, scott, says a group of friends from sacramento were swimming in the north fork when one drowned. >> he went down stream, they told me that they ran along the
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bank, yelling at him to grab something, but unfortunately he couldn't have he did go under the surface and did not come back up. >> reporter: they couldn't identify the victim but says he was 20 years old. heavy flows are a concern at the uba river in nevada county. nevada county spokesman, joshua pack, says he often sees people jumping into the river like it is a swimming pool. like these guys. >> i mean, it was 108 yesterday. so, there no way i am hanging out at my place. >> reporter: brian and his friends are taking a dip to cool off, he says he knows what to look out for so he doesn't end up under water. >> close to the edge as possible, usually a good thing. definitely don't want to go in the white part of the water and you can see over here we have a nice pool to hang out in. kind of just keep it close to the edge and try not to get swept away too quickly. >> reporter: this nasty heat wave marking the beginning of
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cold fast river flows for weeks to come. first responders can't stress it enough, they are urging the public to stay out of the river unless they are wearing life vests, and to stay close to shore. >> that was angela reporting there. also a scorcher today across the southwest. in fact, it is so bad some flights were grounded in phoenix where temperatures reached 120 degrees. american airlines alone canceled more than 40 flights. the hotter air makes the air in the, and that makes it harder for smaller regional jets to take off and land safely. it turns out 118 is the degree limit for planes at phoenix's elevation. right now google is looking for the green light to build a new mega campus in san jose. first it needs to buy up 16 city-owned parcels. kpix 5's len ramirez on the pitch google is making at a packed hearing. >> reporter: the pivotal vote was whether or not to say yes to
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an exclusive land deal that could bring a massive google high rise campus to downtown san jose. >> this is really a once in a century opportunity. >> reporter: details of the deal still have to be work ed out but googed would buy up to 240 acre of city owned and private land around the sap center, land once set aside for a downtown ball park but when the oakland a's struck out, the mayor began talking to google, company officials confirmed the company is eyebing the land-- eyeing the land for 20,000 workers. >> i have been asked, which would you rather have? a's or google? we would love to have everybody, but, you know, frankly to paraphrase babe ruth, google is having a better year than the a's are. >> reporter: google representative said the company is interested in creating an urban transit village. >> we know this is just the beginning, we are excited about the possibility of bringing the state of the art office,
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housing, retail, amenities, sieving plazas, parks, and open spaces to the downtown san jose area. >> reporter: san jose residents weighed in demanding community not just google benefits. >> if they are not willing to work with us, to provide decent housing, decent wages, union employees, we can do without them. >> reporter: the agreement is the first step in what could be a year's long process, but an opportunity that could help san jose live up to its decades long tag line as the capital of silicon valley. youtube is looking to expand its campus and wants to add to the 73 acres it currently occupies in san bruno by purchasing the bay hill office center and two powers on cherry avenue. the online video streaming giant would spend $300 million and plans to add 350 people to the work force if the city does give the okay, youtube will break
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ground in 2019. a bay area home cost taxpayers nearly $1 million. now, it is about to be bulldozed, why critics are calling it a massive waste of public money. a home run for oakland, the huge boost the new a's ball park could give the local economy. chop down a tree and face jail time? one bay area city tough warning for home owner whose illegally cut down their trees.
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and go to jail. sounds a little dr . but franci new at 6:00, cut down a tree without permission and go to jail. sounds a little dramatic but that is the warning in san francisco. kpix 5 susie stemiel is at a stump that is now evidence. >> reporter: that is right, the owners of this valley apartment complex could be on the hook for an $8,000 bill. that is the assessed value of what was this cypress tree that used to reach over this four-story building. the city is saying pay the bill or spend time behind bars. >> it was a very prestigious and majestic tree. >> reporter: jean kelly is one of dozens of neighbors shocked to see the building owners at 610 clipper street illegally chop down an old cypress tree in front of his apartment. >> i wasn't made aware it was
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being cut down, i could smell it being cut. >> reporter: google street view shows what it tree used to look like, now only a stump remains. >> frankly i am moving towards stiffer penalties. >> reporter: public works director, muhammad, says the illegal activity is considered a misdemeanor and cutting it down could mean up to six months in jail. >> i think to be made by our agency on whether this time of offense, it is an offense, was committed intentionally or accidentally. >> reporter: the director says his department has seen an up tick in illegal tree cutting, come july the proposition will go in effect, any tree on public sidewalks it be pruned or cared by city employees only. green trees, the owner of the apartment building said chopping down the tree was an accident saying "we deeply regret that a miscommunication resulted in inadvertent removal of the cypress tree during much needed
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property improvements. we are working with the city to correct the situation and expect to replace the tree with the suitable native species." he says this case should serve as a warning. >> we will come after you and we will get the maximum out of you because you have foe business touching those trees. >> reporter: proposition e does go into effect on july 1 and that means, again, that the city is in charge of xruning or making any cuts to any trees on or around public sidewalks. they are also encouraging people f you see anybody cutting down trees that you think should not be, to call 311. libe in san francisco, susie-- live in san francisco, susie stemiel, kpix 5. >> sky drone 5 over a $1 million home with a $1 million view, but place set to be demolished, the home was bought by the mid peninsula regional open space district for the rangers. kpix 5's devon feely explains why they have no choice but to
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tear it down. >> reporter: given the spectacular view, it is perhaps easy to understand why it might have seemed like a good investment, even with a million dollar price tag-to buy the property for ranger housing in the hills. >> it was really important, the board decided to purchase the property because it provided public access to open space preserve, and to provide an on sight presence for a ranger residence. >> reporter: a decade later the house sits empty, waiting for the wrecking ball, it purchased on a hill side at the end of a private road near the entrance to the reserve, recent years the ground underneath the home has been sliding, making it unsafe and ultimately unlivable. >> in 2015 they were noticing a lot of cracks in the building, doors that wouldn't shut, the tile was breaking, the floor. basically evidence there was movement in the building. >> reporter: an engineering firm confirmed their fears and put a price tag on repairs, roughly
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$400,000. but despite paying $1 million up front for the home, the taxpayer funded open space district voted recently to tear it down, and insists even with the benefit of hind sight, that it wasn't a bad investment. >> really helped us establish public access to the preserve, and that was why the board of directors decided to purchase the property. >> reporter: devon feely, kpix 5. the a's are still deciding where to build their new stadium but we are learning a new home for the team could generate billions of dollars for oakland. according to a new report by the bay area council, a new a's stadium could generate more than $3 million economic developments and would create 2,000 construction jobs. >> we are thrill would the number, they are very big, we think it shows that the ball park has such a positive impact on the community beyond the fan experience and that is good for everyone if you are an a's farn or not. >> the a's plan to keep the
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stadium privately financed, opotential sights are howard terminal, area near lady college in the bart station, brooklyn basin across interstate 880 and the current site at the oakland coliseum. well, lets revisit ic of the day, the weather around the bay area, very warm now for a weak and it will get warmer. unless you are by the golden gate bridge, you can see the haze with the marine layer, very in the, but does keep the coastline cool and it is serving to keep host of the communities that are on the bay shoreline not so hot, but if you go to concord, it is 100, livermore, 98. san rafael it is 91 degrees. as the a's take on the astros tonight at 7:05, clear, mild, a great night at the ball yard, nice weather there. pacific high that is over the desert southwest toppled with the high in the eastern pacific will get stronger over the next 48 hours and as it does,
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pressure is up, temperatures come up. so we notched the temperatures a little bit today by 1-13 degrees and fog and low clouds filling along the shoreline, tomorrow morning 7:00, will serve to keep locations close to had shoreline relatively mild. inland there is not much relief, on the other hand, if you like the hot weather, i have a couple of numbers to show you out in the east bay. up to 107 by thursday. but the fog comes back to the shoreline tonight, will warm back up tomorrow. the peak of the heat is coming in on thursday. inland at fairfield, travis, air force base, about 104 degrees. livermore will be up to 103, and concord, 101. san jose, only 92, in napa, 98. 95 for santa rosa, san francisco, 75 degrees, oakland tomorrow, 83. in the extended forecast, the heat is on. temperatures will be warming up tomorrow, warming up again
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thursday. on friday we finally begin to take a step back from the heat, for the first time in a long time, friday, saturday, sunday, shouldn't have eeks esive heat warn-- excessive heat warnings. posted thursday. monday and tuesday, stratus quo, low clouds, sun in the afternoon. that is next week. the time being, it is hot. allen. >> can't wait. >> ouch. >> jojolted away by foot steps on the roof, the woman describes the night of terror, two burglars and a marijuana grow house. straight ahead, part of stanford's past is back in the present. warriors great rick barry and son, canyon today. could another barry be a part of dubs lore?
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party thursday... & for now, the warriors don't have an invita draft picks, but that doesn't mean they wi nba up top, having the draft
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party on thursday thchlt warriors don't seem to have an invitation, no draft picks, but that doesn't mean they will be sitting out all night. >> we have a b next to the players we would buy a ticket for in red. there are guys we would buy a pick for. >> maybe canyon barry, left side of the screen, second round? the great rick barry's youngest son has vertical hops, and was in for a work out today. wore his dad's number at florida. shoots free throws like him too, nearly 90% last season for the gators. >> obviously to play where my dad and brothers played would be an added bonus, bring back the underhand free throw to golden state, been 40 something years but fun to have the underhand free throw back in the bay area. baseball giants doing business in atlanta now, a's hosting the astros tonight. moving pictures on late show. you wouldn't know it from this at-bat, but pablo sandoval, like his old team, is having a rough year. the red sox placed him on
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disabled list with an ear infection. become a part-time player in boston but thanks to iron clad contract, still owed another $53 million through 2019. can he go home again? dave esker introduced a stanford baseball head coach. he spent the last 18 seasons at cal, took the bears to college world series in 2011, was a short stop on stanford's 1987 national championship team. he admitted the response has been more than he imagined. >> i think my phone texts could get over a hundred, but they did. this is overwhelming, just the people here, i thought maybe 3-4 people would come and stanford daily would talk to me in the hall way. the ability to come home and take the baton from coach marcus, that is my coach. and a little bit feeling the responsibility to take his program and keep it moving forward, um, i was willing to
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take that challenge. quick nba, pacers all star, paul george told the team he would not resign next summer and would like to play for the lakers. well, one in indianapolis isn't waiting for him to be treated. they marked down paul george merchandise from $25 to free. >> come and get it. >> come and get it. >> where can i get some? lot of guys moving and shaking between now and the draft, too. >> one underhanded free throw. >> you got it. >> thank you. coming up, dramatic new video shows the last moments before an officer killed a minnesota man, the world watched the aftermath on facebook live. now dash cam footage shows how the traffic stop turned deadly so fast. the bay area poured big money into an election all the way in georgia, will it pay off? high stakes for the most expensive house race in history. shining for the summer of love, an exclusive sneak peek at the groovy display that is about
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to light up a bay area landmark.
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what led up to hooting of a black man by a minnesota police officer. ng images show a top story at 6:30, dash cam
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video released of what led up to shooting of a black man by a minnesota police officer. the disturbing images show a traffic stop last year ending in gunfire, the driver, philando castile, was killed. you might remember this case because his girlfriend captured the aftermath of the shooting on facebook live. our elizabeth cook is in the newsroom with the video. liz? >> reporter: this is a perspective of the shooting we have never seen, we want to warn you, it may be difficult to watch. >> reason i pulled you over, your brake lights are out. you only have one activated, active brake light, the passenger side one. your third brake light, up here on top, this back here, is going to be out. you have license and insurance? >> you can see it starts in a calm, polite exchange between philando castile and officer jeronimo yanez, but when philando castile informs the officer he has a firearm in the car, the situation suddenly changes. >> sir, i have to tell you, i do
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have a firearm on me. >> don't reach for it, then. don't pull it out. >> i am not. >> don't pull it out. >> you just killed my boyfriend. >> the gunfire subsides philando castile' girlfriend screaming and the 4-year-old daughter climbing out the back door. an officer carries her away. >> please don't tell me that he is gone. please, officer, don't tell me that you just did this to him. >> this facebook video by philando castile's girlfriend, diamond reynolds was all we had seen up until now, she posted live from inside the car, moments after philando castile was shot. officer jeronimo yanez was charged with second degree manslaughter, he was acquitted just last week. a key piece of evidence was the dash cam footage. that verdict came down last friday. jeronimo yanez was fired that very same day. >> thanks. big political story playing out right now, all eyes on a special election in georgia.
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bay area democrats paying some close attention too. democrat john ossoff and republican karen handle are going head-to-head is what is called the most expensive congressional race in history. kpix 5 political reporter melissa caen tells us a lot of people in the bay area put money into this race. >> reporter: yeah, the polls closed about 4:00 p.m. our time and georgia's congressional district 6. too close to call with the republican, karen handle up by 400 votes over democrat john ossoff. but here at the united democratic club in san francisco, folks have gathered to watch those returns because while the election might be in georgia, the bay area played a big role. >> my opponent has more donors and more dollars coming from outside of the state of georgia, they are coming from nancy pulosea, california. >> a connection between the bay area and georgia district 6 and
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the candidates know it. a debate, handle repeatedly mentioned san francisco and its representative. >> your campaign is being propelled by the most liberal of elements from pelosi. your values are 3,000 miles away. >> then the ads opposing as ossoff san francisco favorite. >> make us proud. send ossoff. >> people donated almost as much as $580,000 osufraised from people in georgia. of that $536,000, people in the bay area gave more than half. $272,000. while the bay area gave handle $48,000. jason clark is the chairman of the san francisco republicans and says the democrats do have a lot of energy. >> the problem is the base of the district is conservative. >> reporter: if yaus off wins, democrats shouldn't-- jaus off wins, democrat s-- ossoff wins,
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democrated shouldn't get too excited. david says after the last election, some people in the bay area realized they have to do more than vote and the club has been phone banking for ossoff. >> a wonderful silver lining that people care about the political process more than ever before. >> reporter: we won't know the final results for quite a while. for the people here and others around the bay area, some hope for vindication of san francisco values. in san francisco, melissa caen, kpix 5. over seas belgium authorities say they foiled a terror attack, soldiers and shot and killed a man after a small explosion at the train station, athrts say he had a back pack and explosive belt. the bomb set off a small blast, no one else was hurt. last year suicide bombers killed 32 people on a brussels subway and arment. would-be burglars, police on the ground with guns drawn in a fremont neighborhood. it ended with csi teams carrying bags of marijuana out a grow
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house. sandra osborne spoke to a neighbor who went into hiding when burglary suspects climbed on her roof. >> the biggest concern is having the guns drawn at my house. my kids inside. >> reporter: jennifer smith woke ipin the middle of the night hearing foot steps on her roof. >> immediately yelled for my husband. >> reporter: she and her two children hid inside the laundry room while police worked to capture two suspects hiding in the neighborhood. police say a few houses away the suspects, two men in their 30s from oakland tried breaking into this home, you can see the garage door literally pried open. >> we had a neighbor call us, they heard it loud crashing sound. >> reporter: both suspected burglars were taken into custody, csi teams spent the late part of the morning processing this home. a warrant was signed around 10:00 a.m. we watched as they carried four large burlap bags filled with marijuana plants to take into evidence. detectives say more details of the investigation are still to come.
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in fremont, sanda sand osborne. blameed for a hit and run that left a woman paralyzed, a man under arrest again deputies arrested trevor maddie yesterday after they found drugs and open container of alcohol in his car. back in 2015 maddie was leaving a party in an suv and hit nicole brown who was walking near her house. maddie took off but chp officers tracked him down and arrested him. maddie was released from juvenile hall when he turned 18. brown is paralyzed from the chest down. a car plowed through a bakery in downtown berkeley at the 85 degrees cafe. police say the car was hit by another vehicle and that is what sent it into the building. the driver suffered a minor injury, and one person in the bakery was also hurt in the crash. san jose police looking for help identifying these three robbery suspects, investigators say the trio went on a beer run
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late last month when one of them pulled out a gun at an arco. turbulence, a plane bound for houston, the bumpy flight that sent 10 people to the hospital. uber make as u-turn on tipping, the big changes and one could cost you for making drivers wait.
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on a united airlines flight. at ast 10 people were hurt during a bumpy ride. scary moments for passengers on a united airlines flight, at least 10 people were hurt dur agbumpy ride. the fright was heading from panama to houston, but hit turbulence while flying east of can the flight landed in houston this afternoon and paramedics were called in to help the passengers, they treated paces on scene and-- patients on scene and 3 taken to the hospital. the driver who died while using tesla auto pilot feature in florida ignored at least 7
6:39 pm
safety warnings. john wubrown's tesla slammed into the side of a tractor trailer last year going more than 70 miles an hour. the ntsb says brown got 6 oodable warnings to keep his hands on the wheel and 7 visual warnings on the dash board. investigators say tesla vehicle data shows brown had his hands off of the wheel for 90% of that drive. tesla has not commented on the record. uber passengers will soon be able to tip their drivers through the ride share app. it is just one of the changes the company announced today in the effort to move past recent controversy. uber is also shortening its cancellation window, having to pay a per minute penalty if you keep the driver waiting longer than 2 minutes, uber trying to rebandarve allegations of toxic culture. 11 questions that could save a life. the feds look to the bay area for a strategy to help victims of domestic violence. little break in
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temperatures, don't be lulled into a false sense of security. more heat on the way tomorrow and especially thursday. the forecast coming up as we look live toward the bay, in the marine layer, all happening after this break .
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in the bay area to check out a program that's helping victims of domestic violence. ter joe vazque police agencies from around the country are here in the bay area to check out a program helping victims of domestic violence. how authorities are asking a series of questions that could save lives. >> reporter: april 4 in richmond, franglen shot dead in her car as her children watched. april 27, roselyn murdered in walnut creek, her husband arrested after a 19-howard stand-off in martinezism could the cases of domestic violence homicide have been prevented? police oefrs in hoping a new pilot program will make a difference, funded by the feds, also being tried in miami and other cities around the country. officers ask every victim a series of questions. >> is there a gun in the home?
6:44 pm
past instances of violence? what type of violence? strangulation is a big portion of that. >> reporter: if the victim answers too many with a yes, they are informed they are in serious danger. >> they let the victim know that they are at risk of homicide. >> reporter: the next step is crucial, police immediately call county agencies to try to get the victim out of the house as quickly as possible. >> if we pick up the phone and we dial the number and call and hand them the phone, they are more likely to actually, okay, let me hear what this person has to say. >> he almost killed me. >> reporter: lucy is domestic violence survivor, she said the current system of a cop handing a pamphlet and expecting them to call not effective. >> you don't call, because people don't believe you. they think you are lying because, if it is true, why she still living with that abuseer? whb-- abuser when the police call? >> reporter: so far only three cities in contra costa county are using the new protocol,
6:45 pm
domestic violence advocates hope to expand county wide soon. in richmond, joe vasquez, kpix 5. the berkeley city council is voting on whether to withdraw from the controversial urban shield policing program. urban shield is ann notarangeloial training program that brings police forces together. proponents claim it promoteathize criminalization of minorities. supporter saz it is really about emergency preparedness. a move that could snuff out more than $50 million in tobacco sales, san francisco supervisors approved a ban on the sale of flavored tobacco products. that includes menthol cigarettes and liquids containing nicotine for use in the electronic cigarettes. the proposal was opposed by more than 700 local retainers who say the ban will hurt their bottom line. takes effect in april of next year. a rare opportunity for some oakland students, they got to tell the district's top administrator how the schools are doing. kpix 5's john ramose listened in.
6:46 pm
>> not looking to help. >> reporter: the students did all the talking. the adults were simply here to listen. >> our school is really like, the driest school in oakland. we don't do anything. >> i wish more schools would look out for young women as they do young men. >> given opportunities to explore what i want to do in the future. >> reporter: the brand new superintendent, dr. kyla johnson trumel wanted to hear how current and former students fell about the education they got in oakland and how it can be improved. the basic question was, are you ready for the world? college student, cia, enjoyed the social activeism of her high school. >> i feel academically, writing, math, my school wasn't as strong on it, we were focused on the social justice aspect. >> reporter: other concerns were boring classes, teachers who focused mainly on high performing student and growing racial divide between asian and
6:47 pm
african american classmates. but it wasn't all negative. amodnow attends yale university after graduating from oakland tech and believes the diversity gives him an advantage over students from more sheltered environments. >> issues on campus, i knew how to deal with it because i was used to dealing with adversity. >> reporter: also an important step in becoming ready for the world, the teachers asked, students spoke up. >> yes, they are ready but we do a lot more, that is our charge, our responsibility, and sthat what we will do. >> reporter: in oakland, john ramose, kpix 5. this could be the most amazing video of the day, two elephants working together to save a calf from drowning. this happened at the sole grand park zoo in south korea, a baby elephant fell into the deep end of the pool in its enclosure, you can see it struggling to keep its head above the water.
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within seconds two adult elephants charged in the pool to guide the calf to shallowing water and turn around, make it back on to dry land. >> baby elephant walk there, brian. >> very nice. that is something. >> amazing. >> all for that. as we have got in the marine layer coming into the bay area and temperatures along the coastline, cool, as an example, concord inland didn't cool that much. concord was four degrees away from setting a record. oakland was 20 degrees away from setting a record. so the closer you are to this, the cooler you are, nothing really new in that. concord, 95 degrees, oakland at 68, and livermore is still at 89 degrees as we approach 7:00 on this fine tuesday night. overnight, by the way, the longest daylight hours of the year, welcome to summer. just after 9:30, or before 9:30 p.m. tonight, summer solstice, overnight lows, temperatures in the low 60s, and pacific high is just getting stronger.
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high air over desert southwest that fried things sunday. this weakens a bit but all it is doing is making room for the high eastern pacific, thing brings temperatures up. then this will reassert itself by the weekend and bring monsoonal moisture close to the bay area, that is why you will notice the extended forecast, saturday and sunday, there are high clouds and humidity comes up. futurecast, we have low clouds that come through the dpaet tomorrow, tomorrow morn-- gate tomorrow, tomorrow morning, about 7:00. few low clouds start the day. after that, high pressure just smooshs the marine layer out of existence, temperatures come up and we are in for another mini heat spell wednesday and thursday, thursday, the warmest day. three things to remember, the temperatures after declining today, rebound tomorrow a bit. and then bigtime on thursday with 107 degrees in spots inland. tomorrow, we will take a step in that direction, san francisco is back to 75 degrees, average this time of the year is 67. concord, 101. little warmer than today.
6:50 pm
san jose, 92. and oakland, 83 degrees tomorrow after 77 today. down in the south bay, the numbers will be in the upper 90s around campbell, cupertino, morgan hill, very warm. san jose, 92 degrees, closer to the bay shoreline, not bad. 88 union city and mountain view. in the east bay, though, you go to brentwood tomorrow, up to 10 fev. antioch-- 105. antioch, 104. 680 corridor in the low hundreds, again, this is not the warmest day of the week tomorrow. it will get even warmer thursday. up in the north bay, plenty of sun except the shoreline. there will be low clouds out there, numbers will be about 93 degrees up in the north bay for petaluma, 95 santa rosa, not bad on the beach, stinson beach. ukiah, 107, 106 lake port. north on 101, smoking up there.
6:51 pm
extended forecast, numbers look like 105 in the warmest spots inland. 107 thursday. friday, finally a fundamental shift in the atmosphere as the high weakens and heads out. desert southwest high reasserts itself, brings high clouds saturday and sunday, cools to mid 90s, warm, not as warm. monday and tuesday finally remember to stratus quo, low clouds in the morning, sun in the afternoon. but hot wednesday and thursday. so, allen, veronica, we just have to sweat it out. >> we are ready for it. >> brin and bear it. a psychedelic display to celebrate the summer of love. exclusive behind the scenes look at the show that is about to light up a bay area land mark. coming up on night beat at 10:00 shgsz we waubt to know how confident are you in the police in your area? very confident? somewhat? or not at all? send me a tweet, veronica de la cruz on twitter. i will read your comments on
6:52 pm
night beat, 10:00 on kbcw44, cable 12.
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6:54 pm
have an exclusive look at the light show that will commemorate mer of it will officially be unveiled tomorrow night at golden gate park, this evening we have an exclusive look at the light show that will commemorate 50 years since the summer of love.
6:55 pm
>> wilson walker takes us behind the scenes at the conserveatory of flowers. >> a fantastic use of the space, they bring the flower scene into it. >> reporter: flowery, groovy, mildly tripy, the conservatory is turning on. >> butterflies and mushrooms. >> reporter: before we all space out staring at it, how did they do this? 92 the conserve-- >> the conservatory of flowericize one of the most beautiful canvases we could project on. >> reporter: blank but not flat. >> the building is super crazy. >> reporter: the team at san francisco's obsa started making a digital map of the conservatory. >> to figure where projectors and cameras go. >> reporter: it allowed them to bend and happen the artwork so it lands flat on the building. you build in the distortion into the rendering. those projected through a laser-cut lens, each a stack of dichroic and aluminum filter
6:56 pm
that combine for one multi-color image. >> part of a scene we call butterfly, each of the filters get laser etched and glued into a sandwich to make up a full color plate. >> reporter: the simple lens idea is genuinely throw back. the >> the technology they used for projectors are analogue, like vinyl records from 1967. >> white show, prism. >> two vamps, polarized. >> like they went away, they got more popular over time. >> reporter: analogue old meets digital new for a 50th anniversary, in case you were wondering, this whole thing was installed to stay. >> i think it is gorgeous. >> reporter: in golden gate park, wilson walker, kpix 5. >> groovy. go to >> join us for night beat at 10:00. back here tonight at 11:00.
6:57 pm
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [cheering and applause] e:'all? how y'all doing? thank y'all. i appreciate you, folks. well, welcome to "family feud." i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering] and we got a good one for you today, everybody. returning for their second day with a total of $20,000 from topeka, kansas, it's the champs, it's the roberts family! [cheering and applause] and from houston, texas, it's the sowells family! [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and somebody possibly drive out of
7:00 pm
here in a brand-new car. [cheering] let's go. give me trinisha. give me branson. all right. let's go, guys. we got top 7 answers on the board. if a stripper was dorothy from "the wizard of oz," what would she discard during her act? branson: toto. steve: tot--heh heh. throw the damn dog out there. toto. ha ha! trinisha: red shoes. the red shoes. steve: the red shoes. trinisha: whoo! we're gonna play, steve. steve: they're gonna play. wow. hey, robert. if a stripper was dorothy from "the wizard of oz," what would she discard during her act? robert: she'd probably get rid of the tin man, steve. steve: get rid of the tin man.


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