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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  June 21, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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bill. >> plus, the embattled ceo of uber iout. how the company's board is reacting to the news this morning. good morning, it is wednesday, june 21. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. the dangerous heat drags on and we'll have triple digits. here's a live look outside. parts of the bay area will be under an excessive heat warning. and we have live team coverage. let's start with roberta gonzales. the national weather service has issued an excessive heat warning for much of the bay area. primarily away from the bay. this is the location in red from contra costa county now including alameda county. you see it stretching all the way to the sacramento valley portions of the north bay, as well. yellow highlighted area is where we have an advisory. the bottom line is it is hot today. it's going to be hotter tomorrow before we gradually see relief on friday. some of our temperatures by tomorrow in someone's backyard you will top off at 110
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degrees. remember how hot it was on sunday? very similar conditions over the next couple of days. in fact, san francisco 10 degrees above average, 20 degrees off its mark in concord, oakland, checking in at 83 right around 93 degrees in san jose. peninsula into the 80s and 90s. 78 today for one of the koolest spots in hayward, otherwise triple digits in the tri- valley. we are talking 104 degrees pleasanton, livermore, san ramon, dublin, blackhawk, tassajara, danville. 106 at the delta. antioch 105. carquinez strait into the 90s. north bay numbers 67 degrees in bodega bay along the coast where you will find the relief. 102 santa rosa. and 107 in ukiah. cloverdale 106. michelle, hotter weather still to come. we'll talk about that still coming up at 18 minutes after the hour. a "flex alert" is in effect today because of the heat wave. officials are trying to prevent
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more power outages. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in livermore to tell us how people can cool down. >> reporter: right now, it's really cool in livermore so if you are going to be exercising or doing any yardwork, you want to get out right now and actually a little chilly if you can believe it. but as roberta just mentioned we are going to be around the triple digits. livermore has extended hours to take a glass of water or watch tv or just cool down at the senior center to escape the heat. there are other areas around the tri-valley where you can go in pleasanton at the senior center. the doors open there until 9 p.m. dublin library is open until 8 p.m. through thursday. the san ramon community center will also stay open through 9 p.m. on thursday and the cooling centers also are a good way to avoid using electricity in your home as michelle just
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mentioned. officials are asking you to conserve during 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. pg&e says the extra use is putting a strain on the system causing massive blackouts. the worst we saw on sunday when 40,000 people lost power. the operator which oversees the grid is asking residents to set the thermostat to 78 degrees or higher. you're also going to want to cool your homes with fans and closed drapes. turn off all unnecessary lights and use major appliances in the morning or evening. >> using any of those tips? >> no. yeah. i mean, you know. [ laughter ] >> it's hot. it gets hot out here. so, you know, but we try to use fans so it doesn't take as much electricity. >> reporter: it is difficult to encourage folks out there to raise the temperature on the air conditioner but that's what pg&e and cal-iso are asking folks to do because they just doesn't want to have any more
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blackouts especially inland where it is expected to whoever around the triple-digit temperatures. and, of course, over here in livermore, the senior center will stay open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. those are extended hours today. live in livermore, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. a number of cooling centers will also be open again today in the south bay. among them the almaden community center in san jose. that's open from 8 to 8. the bascom community center will also be open from 9 to 5. the campbell community center will open at 1 p.m. for anyone looking to cool off. and in morgan hill, the ntenal recreation nior center is open until 10 p.m. for mo go to time now 6:04. let's turn to our morning commute. >> yeah. let's check in with jaclyn. >> hey there. good morning. if you are getting ready to head out, we are tracking a few slowdowns in the south bay. nothing unusual for this time of morning. but you will start tapping on the brakes if you are heading
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along northbound 101. right as you approach 680 until 880, then things pick up back in the green but through that stretch around 45 miles per hour. still no major delays from hayward to foster city. the san mateo bridge, that's looking a little crowded in that westbound direction on the right side of your screen there. 15 minutes into foster city. an earlier accident clearing northbound 680 at crow canyon but we are starting to see slowdowns southbound. greenhouse gases are taking center stage at the bay area air quality management district board of directors meeting today. they plan to vote on a controversial proposal to limit those gases from refineries. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in san francisco with the details. anne? >> reporter: this is part of a new overall push to crack down an oil refineries. but these rules apply to refineries in the bay area. right now there are caps on how
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many emissions can come from a certain part of the refine are you but not from each refinery as a whole. chevron, phillips, shell, tesoro and valero, combined they would be allowed to emit more than 20 million tons per year of greenhouse gases that cap is 24% higher than the original proposal so some environmentalists are upset saying new rules are too weak but it is a compromise. a representative from the sierra club says, it defeats the purpose of a cap if you make it so large that none of the rerefineries is ever going to reach it. oil companies fighting against these new rules say they could increase costs and possibly limit production. the meeting starts here in san francisco at 9:45. and it's going to start with a public hearing so probably hear some fiery testimony from both sides. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. majority leader mitch
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mcconnell says he plans to release a discussion draft of senate republicans healthcare bill tomorrow. >> it will speak for itself. it will be different. and, um, take a different approach based upon these endless discussions we have had with the only people interested in changing the law which is republican senators. >> republicans hope to send the final bill to the congressional budget office this week so the cbo can review it and issue a report early next week. mcconnell has said he wants to bring the bill to a vote before the july 4 recess. both republicans and democrats have grumbled about not seeing the senate bill yet. >> i haven't seen it. >> right. >> so how can i comment on something i haven't seen? >> california senator kamala harris said:
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>> it would take three republican senators voting against the bill to kill it. we don know whether president trump has seen the measure ye generous than the one passed by the house. this morning, the president tweeted out, quote: >> back here in san francisco, a die-this is planned outside the federal building on 7th street to protest the potential health insurance changes that could come from the gop bill. several people plan to lie down as if dead during the demonstration. that's expected to start at noon. this morning we are learning more about the man accused of attacking a chp officer on the side of the freeway. san jose police say that the man crashed his pickup truck into his workplace and threatened to kill santa clara county supervisors last month. officers were looking to try to serve him a restraining order. this past weekend.
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they never got the chance. he is facing assault charges for punching and kicking a chp officer on interstate 80 in vallejo on saturday. the officer will be fine. berkeley city council is considering outfitting its police department with body- worn cameras. next tuesday lawmakers will consider a five-year, $1.25 million contract with an arizona-based company to provide that equipment. the contract would provide 200 cameras and training for five years. ahead of the vote, the city council is asking for public input online about the issue on its website. a controversial jail expansion project is moving forward. this after contra costa county supervisors approved a $25 million grant to go towards the project at the detention facility in richmond. a $70 million state grant will also be put towards the construction. the expansion plan woadd 400 beds and allow space for child visitation and rehab
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facilities. the cities of richmond, san pablo and el cerrito are against it. time now 6:09. working to bring relief to the san jose flooding victims. next how much the state is offering for the recovery process. >> hydrate today and tomorrow. excessive heat warning in effect for the bay area. i'll tell you just how hot it is going to get. >> it's getting hot on the roads. tracking a few new hot spots causing some problems. will it slow you down? find out coming up. >> plus, in our tech report, uber's ceo is out. what may have prompted the decision for him to step down.
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dollars to help san jose flood victims. nearly four months after the devastating storms..about 300
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families are still d the state approved another $5.4 million to help san jose flood victims nearly 4 months after the storms. about 300 families are displaced still. while city leaders are grateful, the original relief fund for $700 million set up after the storms, now council members are calling for accounting of how that money was spent. there's new information about repairs to a massive sinkhole in moraga. we now know it's going to cost the town more than $3 million to fix it. it opened at the intersection of reem boulevard and center street in march. in april the town closed canyon bridge because of the damage. repairs to the bridge and sinkhole are scheduled to start next month and should be complete by october. in less than a year you won't be able to buy flavored cigarettes in san francisco. the board of supervisors unanimously passed the law that bans the sale of all flavored tobacco products, that includes menthol flavors. proponents say that flavored tobacco is marketed to children
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and young adults. it starts next april. oakland international airport has just been funded $37.4 million for new pavement on the runway. the last time the runway was paved was more than 15 years ago. the federal aviation administration is providing the funding to be sure the pavement is safe. the runway is used 24 hours a day but the airport plans to create a temporary runway to minimize impact from the main one's closure. time check 6:15. let's check weather and traffic. >> happy wednesday. >> i was thinking about that story because we're always say we love the oakland airport. >> i love it. >> take it any day. >> all right. if you are heading to oakland right now, still looking okay along 880. this is the golden gate bridge. it's foggy. we'll check in with roberta coming up here shortly but if you are making your way across the golden gate bridge, please be careful. no delays as you head into san francisco along that stretch.
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we are tracking slowdowns out of the east bay in antioch. tapping on the brakes westbound 4. the travel time still in the green. 38 minutes on over to i-80. and the eastshore freeway just jumped into the yellow. we have been tracking an easy ride all morning long but yeah, now it's about 20 minutes from 4 to the maze. the bay bridge toll plaza we have a parking lot here and it's about 23 minutes as you make your way from the maze into downtown san francisco. of course, those metering lights are on. and here's a quick check of some of your travel times. >> that's a check of your traffic; over to you. i'm trying to multitask because i'm answering some questions on twitter from people asking me, how come it's not a "spare the air" day? we are doing our part and
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because of the winds. they will blow out of the southwest 10 to 20. many of you know it's been such a windy spring and now on the first day of summer we have the "june gloom" in the bay right now. the return of the low clouds, the fog, into the bay. also lining the coast. but inland it's hot. we have and expanding heat wave. today tracy, patterson, discovery bay, brentwood, mountain house 106. phoenix 118. coachella 119. palm springs 120. death valley 128. yesterday death valley was 129. steve our weather watcher in los altos reporting 63 degrees this morning and he says, three degrees cooler this morning, no "karl the fog" there yet. however, we are socked in the city by the bay. you can see the "salesforce tower" which height is 993 feet. no reports of any local airport
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delays. it's 61 degrees in redwood city. 54 in san francisco. it's cooler this morning due to that influence of the marine layer. windy in the area. 10 to 20 later today. first full day of summer and it is going to feel like it all the way through tomorrow! cooling friday. >> high pressure in the area. up to 109 in fresno, 112 in redding. it's currently 78 in fresno off to a warm start. tri-valley today 104. 105.
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106 brentwoo 100 napa. you get the feel of it. 10 degrees above average in san francisco. gorgeous day around the bay. 80s and 90s peninsula. we have an extensive heat warning in effect for the bay area away from the water otherwise an advisory for most of the bay, hot today and tomorrow. you know, someone's backyard will hit 110 degrees tomorrow. then 10 degrees cooler friday. you will feel the difference. seasonal but michelle, that's not until tuesday. so what are you talking about today? >> i'm talking about a lot. first, our tech report. the embattled ceo of uber is out. travis kalanick announced he is resigning as ceo. according to the "new york times," the five major investors demanded he go. in a statement to cbs news, the board said: the company room to fully embrace this new chapter in uber's history." this comes as the comp o shed recent co ies by changing some of its policies.
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uber announced -- passengers will now be able t >> this comes as the company is trying to shed recent controversies by changing some of its policies. uber announced passengers will now be able to tip drivers through the app. also, drivers can make more money when passengers keep them waiting past two minutes. the moves are part of uber's 180 days of change. tesla is also making staffing changes. the company just hired a major figure in artificial intelligence to be its new head of ai and autopilot vision. he has worked for a nonprofit research lap called open ai and worked at alphabet for google. the move comes as tesla's vice president leaves the company for self-driving technology. he says excited to join tesla as the director of ai. well, if you are looking for a job, google wants to help. the internet-based company is using its search engine to
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catalog job openings and eliminate duplicate listings from various sites. the service will provide job seekers will ratings from current employees and commute times to work. hey, good morning, everybody. got some baseball for you as the a's took on the best in the game again. and ha, hold on to something, something the giants could shout about last night. it had been a while.
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what if there was a paint... ...where each drop was formulated to be smarter... ...even smarter than that... if a color didn't go on evenly, it would balance itself out to reveal its truest, richest state.
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if a paint could realize the fullest potential of any color... have to wonder... is it still paint? aura interior from benjamin moo®e . only available at independently owned paint and hardware stores. good morning. just a grown man in makeup spo baseball up top for the a's. they played the yankees over the weekend got themselves in wild card discussion and then the boss of the big leagues stepped in. chad pender against the astros, houston best record in baseball. bottom of the fifth, pender mashed it!
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a's were down 5-1 but they cut it to 5-2. in fact, they got to within 5-4 last night until the 8th inning. the astros had the bases loaded and carlos correa unloaded. a two rbis hit. two straight losses for the oakland a's now. bruce bochy and the giants snapped out of it last night in atlanta. they had to battle back from a 2-0 deficit in the 8th. got it all back and then some! off the bat of austin slater the rookie from stanford, smashed a three-run homer gave the giants the lead for good. slater's first-ever major league home run and the giants won 6-3 after losing 7 straight games. that's sports at this hour. everybody try and stay cool if you can on a hot day. i'll see you later. a bet that their home-states would win the nba championship.
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thanks to the wonderful warriors championship run senator brown is having to pay up. ohio senator brown and kamala harris made a bet their home states would win the nba championship, and brown has to pay up. he reluctantly decked out in warriors jersey and hat. he cracked jokes to a laughing senator harris while paying off his debt. he delivered the beer after the golden state warriors beat the cleveland cavs in just five games. another "flex alert" issued today. how you can conserve and keep cool. i'm jessica flores with the details coming up. >> in southern california with the heat wave firefighters working to put out a fast- moving wildfire. the progress they have made so far.
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tonight let's celebrate and tomorrow the real work will begin. >> a republican win in georgia means the gop holds on to a pivotal house seat. it's a race the bay area was keeping a close eye on. plus -- >> running a refinery is a risky business. burning oil is inherently dangerous. >> the vote happening today on a controversial proposal to limit greenhouse gases from bay area refineries. >> but first this morning, air- conditioners are on overdrive. good morning, it is wednesday, june 21. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:30. the triple digits are scorching the bay area. here's the temperatures we can expect today. the fog may help.
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on the right up to 104 in some places. we have live team coverage. first kpix 5's jessica flores reports from livermore about cooling down. >> reporter: right now livermore is actually cool but if you want to keep cool later when you're going to hit the triple digits here, you want to probably head to a senior center or community center if you don't have ac in your home. behind me the livermore community center will have extended hours. this is where you can escape the heat today. there are other areas too which will have some seniors centers and community centers open. pleasanton will have their community center open. dub library and the san ramon community center will have extended hours will go a good way to avoid using electricity in your home and reduce the strain on the system
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after massive blackouts. pg&e is issuing a "flex alert." residents are asked to conserve between 2 p.m. and 9 p.m. you want to set your thermostat to 78 or higher cool your home with fans and drapes. turn off all unnecessary lights. and use major appliances in the morning or late evening which pg&e says will help prevent power outages. >> it hurts a lot more when, you know, you have a blackout or all that -- i been around the bay area long enough to see a few of those. >> reporter: the "flex alert" is voluntary for today. how, behind me livermore community center will stay open 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. today. this is again where you can head if you don't have ac. if your ac breaks or if you want to avoid using the electricity. reporting live in livermore, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. >> time now 6:32. so with these triple-digit temperatures roberta good time to take those two-minute cold showers, right? >> whatever it takes to cool down. because it's not just that it's hot today. this is our fourth straight day
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of temperatures in the triple digits in many of our inland locations. and we still have a couple of days more to go. and boy, it's beginning to wear on all of us. plus our pets and our plants. just keep in mind, temperatures climb again this afternoon to very similar conditions to the past sunday. the peak of the heat will be tomorrow afternoon. slow relief begins inland on friday. heat warning excessive heat warning extended to inland locations back through the sacramento valley. and the yellow area is an advisory going all the way into the peninsula where many people do not have the ac. so please keep in mind that temperatures today will be 10 degrees above average in san francisco, 20 degrees above average in concord. san jose at 93. oakland at 83. 60s and low 70s beaches. 80s and 90s peninsula. low and mid-90s and then 100 to the south in morgan hill, east bay stacking up to 106.
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discovery bay, brentwood, tracy, oakley, back to the patterson area. 60s to triple digits across the north bay. 100 in napa. full forecast is coming up at 48 minutes after the hour but right now, here's kenny. crews are battling a wildfire in the san bernardino national forest but it's still only about 10% contained. the holcomb fire has grown to more than 12-acres since it started northeast of big bear lake monday afternoon. some people in the area had been told to leave but the evacuation order has since been lifted. >> because this is the dry part of big bear. this is the desert side of big bear. on this side of town it doesn't get that much snow, rain or anything like that. it's really dry. >> it's scary because the wind shifts, it comes through here and takes out this community. >> add to that the oil and s.a.p. from the pines and it's an uphill battle for the firefighters. let's turn now to our morning commute. >> jaclyn is tracking our travel times. jaclyn. >> yes, we have some slowdowns.
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we have a new crash that is slowing things down for drivers on interstate 80 as you approach the cordelia junction. this is westbound 80 right as you approach 680 there. the backup is close to highway 12 at this point. it looks like it's blocking at least one lane. highway 37 if you are heading from 80 on over to 101, 43 minutes, such a slow ride, southbound 101 it's in the north bay starting to see those delays out of petaluma and san mateo bridge getting a little crowded out of hayward to foster city, eastshore freeway stacking up as well as the bay bridge toll plaza 23 minutes from the maze to 101. greenhouse gases top the agenda for the bay area air quality management district board of directors today. they plan to vote on a controversial proposal to limit the gases from refineries. kpix 5's anne makovec reports. >> reporter: and oil companies are fighting against these new
6:36 am
rules saying they would impose new costs and could even limit production of oil. but there is going to be a heated debate here in san francisco about these new rules today. right now, there are limits on emissions from certain parts of refineries but no overall cap on the total from a refinery as a whole so the refineries affected are in contra costa and solano counties. chevron, phillips, tesoro, shell and vallejo are affected. the cap is now 24% higher than the original proposal. some environmentalists claim the rules are too weak. it is a compromise. >> we need to have the policies and the regulations to ensure that oil companies are held accountable for that. >> reporter: that is a rep from the sierra club earlier this year for a different set of rules at refineries. that push made after this
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explosion at chevron in richmond in 2012 releasing a cloud of toxic smoke that sent 15,000 people to the hospital. a federal investigation found the 40-year-old pipe that blew up was corroded and should have been previously replaced. so those osha rules were passed. who knows what the air quality management district will do about these new rules. but what's important to note is that these rules would only affect bay area refineries not others in california not others across the country. so some say they are being picked off. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. former georgia secretary of state karen handel won the hotly contested sixth district congressional seat beating the favorite democrat. she is now georgia's first republican woman to be elected to congress. she defeated democrat jon ossoff in a race that had nearly $50 million pumped into it. >> my pledge is to be part of the solution, to focus on
6:38 am
governing. >> president trump threw his support behind her in tweets leading to the election and now congratulates her. president trump tweeted: the former secretary of homeland security is testifying on capitol hill today. "jeh johnson" will face questions about russ the former secretary of homeland security is testifying on capitol hill today. jeh johnson will face questions about russia's alleged russian interference in the 2016 election. the senate intelligence committee wants to know what his agency uncovered before the election and whether those claims have changed. >> i think this could be very, very important. we know there's been a lot of contacts between trump associates and moscow to the extent that there's financial dealings that will i think help understand what these contacts were about, how russia may have used the contacts, what americans did. >> white house press secretary sean spicer says he doesn't
6:39 am
know whether trump believes russia meddled in the election. president trump is sending his son-in-law jared kushner back to the middle east. white house officials say this trip is to keep the momentum going on an israeli-palestinian peace process. even with russia investigations hanging over the white house. kushner met with the russian ambassador to the u.s. and that u.s.-moscow tie has impacted israel. this morning buckingham palace has reported that prince philip is in the hospital being treated for infection. the queen's husband was admitted as a precaution. he has haa number of health problems in the past. he is in good spirs. the duke of edinburgh was not able to attend her speech today and will be stepping down from public events going forward. there's new information about the suspect reportedly behind a terror attack in brussels identified as a moroccan national in his 30s. authorities say he caused an
6:40 am
explosion with a suitcase full of gas containers and nails at a train station last night. he was shot and killed by soldiers on patrol. time now 6:39. the first tropical system to hit u.s. this hurricane season is bearing down on the gulf coast. next, how states from texas to alabama are faring. >> plus, netflix is making television for kids interactive. the new program they are launching. >> the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. as we look at the board, not much of a change. the dow is up 5 points. coming up, we'll get an update from kpix 5 radio's financial reporter jason brooks.
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cbs this morning. gayle king joins us now from new york. good morning. thanks. time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." gayle king joins from us new
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york. good morning. >> we are here, michelle, fired up ready to go. good to see you. ahead, david begnaud is in new orleans where tropical storm cindy could cause major flooding. plus what the big win for republicans in georgia means for the gop agenda and the future of the democratic party and take you to the tiny illinois town with the best view of this summer's total solar eclipse and how they are preparing for tourists. that plus your world in 90 seconds. see you at 7:. ha never seen a total solar eclipse, michelle. >> no. i have never seen one, eier, gayle and we can't see you right now but it's lovely to hear your voice. can't wait to see you at 7:00. >> lovely to hear your voice, too. okay. i'll see you. >> thanks. like the voice of god. >> it is. out of nowhere. >> thank you. netflix is making a television for kids interactive. the network is adding programming for children where they can create their own
6:45 am
ending to a story line. they are partnering one a dreamworks puss and boots franchise through a different story line kids can choose how they want each episode to run. >> it's cool. officials are planning to release the interactive series next month. uber facing an uncertain future after the announcement that the ceo is stepping down. >> joining us now with more of the impact of travis kalanick's resignation, kcbs financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. good morning. it's been quite a fall from grace for travis kalanick. the company he cofounded worth about $70 billion is now out. just a week after taking his leave of absence after the findings of an outside investigation into sexual harassment claims at uber which resulted in the firing of over 20 employees of kalanick forced to resign after some major shareholders banded together and said they did not want him leading the company anymore. while kalanick will not have a say in the day-to-day operations at uber, he still
6:46 am
has a big y in the company's future. he is uber's biggest shareholder and asecently has been aggressive in buying employee shares buying them back from employees looking to cash in while the stock is still valued high on the private market and he also picked up more voting rights and owns a large part of uber. advanced microdevices is higher today after the sunnyvale company unveiled new server chips for the highly profitable data center market that's looking to go after intel which held a dominant position in those server chips and as a result, analysts on wall street are happy and their storm is up. stock market rebounding, dow barely hanging on up about 1 point. nasdaq is looking better up over 20 points. the s&p is up about 2. back to
6:47 am
you. >> thank you. grab some tie dyed shirts and flower crowns because today starts the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the "summer of love." it's all kicking off at the conservatory of flowers from 6 to 10 p.m. tonight. it will include everything from a psychedelic light show to a concert starring jefferson airplane. the entire thing free of charge. just bring money. we have street closures already starting at 5 a.m. so that will impact people in the area. jfk has been closed between cesar and 8th street. so keep that in mind as for your morning commute, that will be closed until tomorrow at 9 a.m. that's when they will finally
6:48 am
re-open that and if you are going there, nancy pelosi drive closed between jfk and bowling green, arguello closed at fulton. if you need to find -- if you are driving there, parking is available at fulton and tenth and if you are using muni, which is encouraged, you can use the 5 fulton line. be i'm sure to "wear some flowers in your hayward." fog on the golden gate bridge. things looking busy over at the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza but we are still in the green heading from richmond parkway over to the toll plaza. 101 very busy through the north bay. southbound 101 about 20 minutes out of petaluma to cast stan yeah and 77 with a 45-minute ride from 80 over to 101. an earlier crash at cordelia junction. "slow, stop, go" on the eastshore freeway. and the bay bridge toll plaza it's stacking up. it's continuing to show that
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backup that stretches to the eastshore freeway. 23 minutes from the maze to san francisco. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. thank you. california's death valley holds the title as the hottest place on earth right now. today's forecast is 127 degrees. it's expected to stay in the 120s throughout the week while not an all-time high it certainly is record-breaking for this time of the year. officials warn tourists to be careful. a woman that lost her slippers in the sand dunes and ended up walking a half mile on the sand burned her feet so badly she had third-degree burns and needed to be transported by ambulance. >> the all-time high recorded in death valley was 134 back in 1913. roberta is tracking our forecast here. >> yeah. i remember that day back in 1913. i member i touched a doorknob of the high hand got super hot. [ laughter ] we have a heat wave that's
6:50 am
far reaching well into the nevada area, arizona and california. i'm actually going with 128 in death valley which is very close to that record hottest temperature ever reported on the planet earth of 134. 106 tracy, discovery bay, patterson, mountain house, brentwood, today 116 in vegas but that's okay everyone is inside gambling anyway, coachella 119. palm springs 120. bill moon our weather watcher in orinda, good morning to you, he says it's cooler this morning and you're right. you're spot on there, bill. he says on monday he had 74. tuesday 70. this morning 63 in los altos. sfo with a little sliver of some fog trying to work its way into the airport. we don't have any airport delays as far as arrivals are concerned but departures into l.a.x. due to dense fog 5 two-minute
6:51 am
delays and seattle 45. temperatures 61 redwood city. 54 san francisco. 54 in santa rosa. we have a bank of low clouds hanging very tight to the coast of california. the influence of that onshore push cooled us down all the way into our inland areas to 59 this morning in livermore. you can feel the differnds will today. southwest 10 to 20. currently at 13 in fairfield. i have been receiving tweets from people saying, why isn't it a "spare the air" day? it's because of the breezy afternoons. it is the first day of summer and very summery temperatures very hot. dangerous heat through tomorrow. gradual cooling by friday. this is the fourth consecutive day of temperatures in the triple digits away from the bay all because of double-barreled ridges of high pressure strengthening. if you want to see relief, go to the coast. santa cruz 76 degrees. that's my pick city. winds southwest at 20, swells up to 5, fair surf today.
6:52 am
again the air temperature 76. water temperature in the low 60s. travel weather today 106 in sacramento, 82 high sierra, 112 redding. gorgeous in monterey bay once the morning overcast lifts. our numbers stacking up from 71 at rockaway beach. cooler at 65 and half moon bay where yesterday it was 63 degrees. 83 in alameda through richmond. 80s, 90s peninsula. low to mid-90s santa clara valley. the heat is on east of the bay. 104 in the tri-valley. 100 to the north in napa. heat warning in effect away from the bay. temperature by tomorr 110 in some body'sbackyard. official high should be about 108 in brentwood. 10 degrees cooler friday. holding steady saturday. seasonal by tuesday. try to beat the heat. right now the gulf coast is bracing for a tropical storm cindy. warnings in effect from texas to alabama.
6:53 am
heavy wind and rain pounded parts of mississippi and louisiana overnight. and in new orleans, the storm drenches the city's french quarter and bourbon street. it is expected to move towards texas over the next couple of days. a proposed crackdown on bay area oil refineries. coming up, the proposal up for a vote today. >> plus, the fight over healthcare is heating up. what's next as gop lawmakers push for a vote. whoa!
6:54 am
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it's 6--- time for your final five... the former secretary of i'm anne makovec live in san francisco where the bay area air quality management district is voting on new rules that could crackdown on greenhouse gas emissions from oil refineries. right now, there are limits on
6:57 am
emissions from certain parts of refineries but no overall cap on a refinery as a whole. those affected are in contra costa and solano counties chevron phillips 66, shell tesoro and vallejo. combined they would be allowed to emit more than 21 million tons a year for green how gas. that's 24% higher than the original proposal. it's a compromise. oil companies are fighting against these rules though saying they could impose costs and limit production of. the public hearing starts at 9:45 on beal street. anne makovec, kpix 5. time now 6:57. time for your "final 5. the former secretary of homeland security is testifying on capitol hill today. jeh johnson will talk about alleged russian interference in the 2016 election. the senate intelligence committee wants to know what his agency uncovered before the election and whether those assessments have changed. majority leader mitch
6:58 am
mcconnell says that he plans to release a discussion draft of senate republican healthcare bill tomorrow. he said he wants to bring the bill to a vote before the 4th of july. this morning, buckingham palace has reported that prince philip is in the hospital being treated for an infection. the embattled ceo of uber is out. travis kalanick announced he is resigning as ceo. according to the "new york times," five major investors demanded that he go. today starts the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the "summer of love." it's all kicking off at the conservatory of flowers from 6 to 10 p.m. with a light show. prepare for street closures in the area and delays. we are tracking delays over at the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza. 20-minute ride from richmond parkway to sir francis drake in the red along the richmond parkway there. eastshore freeway in the yellow. 26 minutes from highway 4 on down towards the maze and "slow, stop, go" from the maze
6:59 am
into san francisco in the red. jam-packed 23 minutes. roberta? it's a big beautiful blanket of clouds rolling in off the coast into the bay this morning. temperatures 54 san francisco, 50 santa rosa. it's cooler this morning. you can feel the difference in livermore at 61. see the huge area? if you live in the counties, you have an excessive heat warning in effect. kick-start at 11:00 this morning through thursday night. we expect temperatures again into the triple digits. we do have advisories posted around the peninsula and the rim of the bay. 71 degrees at rockaway beh. 70s 80s. innd dangerously hot up to 106 towards discovery bay. we do have a southwest wind at 20 keeping as you way from the "spare the air" day. hotter on thursday. then 10 degrees cooler on friday. you will feel the difference. then seasonal but not until tuesday on this first day of summer we have a blast of hot air. >> i know we keep saying that but just stay hydrated and be
7:00 am
careful. >> definitely stay cool. i like coming to work for free air-conditioning! but what's cool about your school? but what's cool about your ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, june 21st, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." tropical storm cindy takes aim at the gulf coast. we are in new orleans where the city is preparing for major flooding and dangerous winds. republicans cruise to victory in georgia's special congressional election, but the night's biggest winner may be president trump and his make america great agenda. plus, the driving force between uber's explosive growth steps down. by the resignation of travis kalanick will impact the ride-hailing giant. and the sun, moon and earth


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