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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  June 21, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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a grass fire excessive heat warnings and it's about to get even hotter. next on kpix5 news.
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turns deadly. and it's about to get even hotter.. and more dangerous. tonight: an excessive heat now at 11:00, the bay area heat wave turns deadsly and -- deadly and it's about to get even hotter and more dangerous. tonight an excessive heat warning is in place. >> tomorrow is going to be the warmest day of the week. that's after an unusually warm week already. we'll be close to record highs. the numbers right now still warm in parts of the east bay where it is 103 and boy is it dark out there. heat alert is posted until 9:00 tomorrow night except in san francisco and right by the shoreline. there's relief there. but temperatures will hit 107 degrees inland. forecast highs will be as much as 23 degrees above average in livermore. so three things to remember, the peak of the heat is
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tomorrow. there's relief on the way on friday with numbers beginning to cool a bit inland on friday and then we will get back to seasonal averages into next week. we have tomorrow to contend with. and we have the numbers for your weekend coming up. e fire danger really heating up in the south bay. maria medina has the story. >> reporter: the fire came dangerously close to homes. >> my daughter called and said there's three fires up in the hill. we came rush -lg out. >> reporter: the flames stopped at their property line. they watched throughout the night as it kept uphill growing to 40 acres. >> they said they've been doing a great job and they'll be here. >> reporter: firefighters battled the grass fire in scorching temperatures. a heat so intense it's being blamed for at least two deaths in santa clara county. >> i think these deaths are a very sober reminder that heat
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can kill. >> reporter: dr. cody says the victims a 72-year-old man and 87-year-old woman as well as a possible third victim. >> one was homeless. and died in a vehicle. and the other was not homeless and died outside. the health department urging people to stay indoors in air-conditioned buildings. including cooling centers like the central park library. >> gets me out of the house which is close to 80 degrees. and with no air-conditioning in my home. >> reporter: and with triple digit temperatures expected tomorrow, a warning from county leaders to be prepared. dr.cody says the heat related death this week were preventable. >> no one should die of a heat related illness. >> maria medina, kp5. and 87-year-old jordan died. the extreme heat also blamed for three deaths in sacramento
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county. tonight there's talk about closing the sacramento bridge because of terrorism fears. kpix5's andrea borba is live at the sacramento bridge with the details. >> reporter: the closure would only be for a few hours but the concern is a soft target like the sacramento bridge would only become more attractive when covered with thousands of runners. >> it seems like this one at the london bridge. and this one last july in east france of a drive careening through a crowd killing innocent bi bistandard that has the golden state district considering a change. not for runs but drivers. >> what we want to make sure is runners and drivers don't mix on the driveway. >> reporter: all northbound lanes will be closed. >> so the set up is actually going to be the same as it's
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been in recent years. we still will have one lane that cordoned off but it will be used only by security patrolled and buses. >> reporter: headed from san francisco into marin county. >> they'll have to go all the way around. >> reporter: spokesperson for the golden gate bridge district says there are plans for signs and barricades warning drivers away from the bridge for that three hour span. clemons ys safety has to be the priority the only other option would be the cancel the race but the decision has been made not to do that. >> people have booked their tickets, they booked their hotels. this is a qualifier for the boston marathon. so changing the course or canceling the race does not seem an appropriate action. >> reporter: race organizers said this. as we're working with
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organizers we continue to work up to race day on our emergency procedures. we will adjust plans as necessary to prioritize runner safety. >> reporter: the bridge district will vote on this potential closure friday at 10:00 a.m. live in san francisco at the golden gate bridge, i'm andrea borba, kpix5. the fbi is investigating an attack as an act of terrorism. the suspect stabbed a police officer in the neck at the main terminal in flint michigan this morning. that officer identified as nebble. the terrorist ranted about people dying in syria, afghanistan and iraq. >> he spent a little time in the restroom dropped both bags and came out pulled out a knife. yelled alaakbar and stabbed lieutenant nevell in the neck. >> authorities wrestled fatui to the ground and took him into
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custody. he is a canadian citiz who legally entered the united states. the officer is said to be in stable condition tonight. president trump announced a new idea about his proposed border wall with mexico. veronica de la cruz says the president says he is serious about solar. >> reporter: tonight in sierra rapids, president trump presented his solar idea to his supporters. >> we're talking about the southern border. lots of sun, lots of heat, we're thinking about building the wall as a solar wall. so it creates energy. and pays for itself. >> during the campaign president trump promised to force mexico to foot the bill for the boarder wall. >> this way, mexico will have to pay much less money. and that's good. right. is that good? >> reporter: according to the daily collar, the president
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raised the idea of solar panels to congressional leaders earlier this month. >> pretty creative idea right. my idea. >> reporter: veronica de la cruz. and tonight police are looking for a man accused of grabbing and groping a woman outside her home. she helped police come up with a sket of him. she said he s wearing a light colored hoodie pulled tight around his face and tried to grab her purse. he ran away when she kicked him in the groin. and the latest on how they dealt with a police scandal. >> reporter: the report commissioned by a federal judge is a scathing indictment
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accusing the formal police chief accused of trying to cover up a scandal of sex with a teenager. >> i apologize when law enforcement fails our citizens. >> reporter: the apology came from oakland's police chief not long after the police was released it blasts the department for botching the sexual misconduct case involving this woman jasmine abusmen also known as alex qua. who reported having sexual contact with officers including when she was a minor. but part of the problem the report says, sean wentz sent an unmistakingly signal that the case was not important when he kept the investigation hidd fromfficials for six full months. the report says one witness
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overheard wentz calling the case bs. and at one point the former chief pressured internal affairs to end the investigation. >> i want to continue to acknowledge the horrible breach of public trust that has resulted from the oakland police department sex scandal. >> reporter: but the alleged mishandling did not end with wentz. an internal affairs investigator once referred to a booslin as a whoer. words that abuslin's attorney said unnerved her. >> made her feel that she was the criminal as opposed to the victim. >> reporter: oakland's new police chief anne kirk patrick has vowed reform .
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this motorcyclist drove through a demonstration not once but twice. what we've learned tonight about the biker. >> this police officer shot and killed a passenger inside a car. tonight video of the aftermath and the bravery of a 4-year-old girl. >> this bay area landmark traveled back in time tonight. the trippy tribute to the summer of love.
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they were staging a "die-in" near the federal building.. when this happened: nats s cycle a big scare for protesters in san francisco today. they were staging a die in near the federal building when this
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happened. >> the group was lying in the intersection at seventh and mission for about seven minutes when a man drove s red bmw motorcycle through the crowd. he then turned around and drove through them again. >> you know i was terrified. and it was just horrible right. the people are there saying we have to put a stop to something that's going to kill people. and you know in that moment people were worried about their lives. here's a look at it from another angle. you can see witnesses following the biker with their cell phone cameras rolling. no one seriously hurt. police quickly showed up and took the man into custody. the bike is registered to a jeffrey dillon of san francisco. you see him posing on facebook. he also runs a group on facebook called the white privilege club. a man that went to look for
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zen wound up dying in a river. steve large has more on the meditation exercise that turned deadly. >> reporter: nature's beauty is at its best along this section of the yuba river and nevada county. the water shimmering in the sunlight. this ideal spot defined one spiritual center turned deadly for one man who performed an unusual face down meditation movement here while submerged under water. >> there was nothing at that scene that led them to believe it was suspicious. >> reporter: nevada sheriff captain shannon moon says the death is unlike any she's seen before. >> face down meditation is the first one i've heard in 27 years. kind of blocking out the distraction of mindfulness in a face down position under water. >> reporter: the man died in a section of river that looks like this where the water pools up and there's no strong current. the man's body was discovered by his friend.
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the two practicing this same meditation technique side by side. people using this river where temperatures are colder than normal were surprised anyone would attempt the risky move. >> not very smart. >> if you love your life and love being here, then sometimes i think it's not worth it to take big risks. >> reporter: the pursuit of peace of mind in a scenic spot. >> in this particular instance, clearly it was not safe. >> don't do this. >> don't do this. >> reporter: an extreme meditation move, that may have cost one man his life. in nevada county, steve large, kpix5. a massage therapist is accused of inappropriately touching a patient. 51-year-old lee is in custody
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at the mcgwire sheriff's office. tonight we're getting a new look at the aftermath of a police shooting that killed philando castile. and we're showing the bravery of a little girl that watched it all happen in front of her. >> reporter: moments after philando castile was shot, you see an officer pull the girl out of her chair. the girl and mother were placed in the back of a police car. reynolds was clearly upset, handcuffed. >> it's okay, i'm right here with you. >> reporter: the young girl
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comfor her mother. >> [ bleep ] >> mom, please don't at police i don't want you to get shooted. i will keep you safe. >> i can't believe they did that. >> i wish this was safer. i don't want it to be like this anymore. >> reporter: the pair prayed unaware castile has died. >> please lord, i just need him to be okay. please lord. i just need him to be fine. >> tell god that we need him. >> police eventually took the handcuffs off diamond reynolds so she could rock and comfort her baby daughter. but they were left in the back of the police car for 45 minutes until an officer drove
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them to a police station for more questioning. no word on their conditions tonight. or what caused that boat to flip. a group of first responders in hayward went above and beyond the call of duty. mowing the grass, pulling weeds and cutting back the shrubs. they say it was their pleasure. talk about flower power. the conservative went tie dye tonight. >> reporter: for the first time in its history, the conservatory of power. to take this crowd back to the summer of love. >> the spirit of the 60s lit up
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the conservatory of flowers kicking off the 50th anniversary of the summer of love in the summer solstice. >> it was amazing. the atmosphere of light and love in one container it was really beautiful. >> all you need is love. >> i really loved it. >> san francisco based creative studio of pure digital is behind the sophisticated production complete with flowery, groovy and some what trippy production. a free concert ahead of the show gave thousands a doze of what the 60s were all about. >> i think it's still the summer of love. people want to be together and enjoy music and have a good time. san francisco has always been known for that. it's been a bohemian town. >> in true throw back fashion,
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we saw hippies sporting some official 60s pieces. >> i can still fit in the which is amazing. the t-irt, well what can you say. >> reporter: there were many who were a bit too young to remember the summer of love but it still left an impression. >> i was 10 years old in russia. but i heard about it all the my life and it's one of the reasons i came to the united states. >> i moved from pennsylvania because of the reputation that san francisco had of a loving musical town. and i have not been disappointed. >> reporter: in san francisco, betty yu. >> those were the days, man. 50 years ago. these were the days of really hot weather in the bay area. we're going to have another hot day tomorrow. right now it is still 75 degrees in concord as we look out toward the bay bridge. it's 74 in oak hrapbld. it's hard to believe. overnight lows tonight. 59degrees in santa rosa.
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67 at livermore and 68 degrees in san jose. i see why it's hard to believe. because really in oakland it's 64. strong high is moving over the west coast and as a result we might get a little bit of an offshore component tomorrow and that's going to just moosh the marine layer out. a spare the air day for thursday with unhelpful levels of particulates. we have nothing in the way of low clouds tomorrow. tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. we had the low clouds this morning. toward the end of the loop watch what happens as we get toward friday. low clouds come in and we all breathe a sigh of relief. things cool down a little bit. relief on friday. gradual cooling inland. not saying it's going to b cold but it's not going to
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this thing. in the south bay tomorrow, los gatos is all the way up to 102 degrees. campbell at 100. in cupertino 99. hayward 83. east bay tomorrow all above 100 pretty much. brentwood 107 degrees tomorrow. in the north bay, it'll be sunny. it'll be warm and you can say much the same it's ukiah and clear lake. if you don't like the hot weather you got relief on the way. by the weekend we will tumble all the way to the frigid 90s. then on sunday, monday and tuesday back to normal. >> it looks like it's going to be beautiful. >> it's going to be hot tomorrow. much of the country will be left in the dark. the day the sun is going to disappear. ♪
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century. two months from today... americans will get a look at the fi tonight the count down is on to the cosmic event of the
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century. >> two months from today americans will get a close look at the total eclipse over the continent in 99 years. its shadow will race across the country at an average speed of 1,500-miles-an-hour. covering an area roughly 70 miles wide. they will turn tonight and temperatures will drop by as much as 25 degrees. the best way to enjoy the spectacle special viewing glasses. straight ahead. giants and as. rough going and a raider is on the verge of becoming the highest paid quarterback in the game.
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leaguers so what you want...a's bob me one step guard, two steps back for the bay area big leaguers and say what you want. bob melvin in staff, they got him competitive in a and b games not enough. evan gathis a two rbi flair. houston can beat you in so many ways. they won for the ninth straight time in oakland. top nine carlos correa went
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yard off of smith. 49-24. a's lost this one. they will try to avoid a sweep on thursday. for the giants pence. this one hurt in atlaa. bottom of the ninth. watch pence go down and get it. pence' fifth home run of the year. tied the game up at three. this one went extras. giants could have won last night but they couldn't get a break. walk off. you know the braves have won 12 games. that leaves the bigs in the category. giants 5-3. have not won a series since may 26th. espn is reporting that raiders quarterback derek carr is very close to signing a new contract. a deal reportedly worth $25 million per season. that would make him the highest paid quarterback in the league. you saw what happened to this team when he got hurt just before the play off.
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and nhl awards night in vegas. sharks defenseman bret burns was voted the norris trophy winners. burns and that beard led all defense men with 29 goals and 76 points last season. he's the first shark to win the award and what do you think? think our news director john rosenhein let me grow a beard. >> you have to do it with the man bun. >> but you have to have the man bun. >> i don't know if i would grow all that. >> get a nice shiner too. that would be impressive. >> we'll be right back.
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. michelle griego and kenny choi will have all the news you need.. to st ight. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> sleep well. we'll see you tomorrow. captioning sponsored by cbs >> a new "top gun." you posted a picture of you and tom cruise on twitter. will he come back? >> of course,. >> val kilmer is on board. >> hello, i'm anthony edwards. you might remember a little movie from the 80s called "top gun," a romantic military action drawm drauma about fli boys and volleyball. and now that it's been announced they're making a sequel, i just have one question-- why didn't i get a call? do i have to remind them that i was in the movie, too? spoiler alert-- that's right. i died. but just because i'm dead


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