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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  June 27, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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police department when it comes to officers use of force. tuesday, june 27, i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. first let's start with traffic and weather. jaclyn is tracking our commute. >> getting busy out there for the start of your tuesday morning ride. good morning, everyone. happy tuesday. we are tracking some slowouts over at -- along interstate 80 along the eastshore freeway. and that is just jumping to the yellow for drivers making their way on over towards the bay bridge toll plaza. we are look at 25 minutes heading westbound from the carquinez bridge. over at the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza, speeds are in the green. we were seeing a backup just a few minutes ago and quickly cleared out of there. so that's the good news. if you are making your way across the golden gate bridge this morning, traffic has been nice and light moving well in both directions. wish i could say the same for the bay bridge toll plaza. that continues to be "slow, stop, go." in the yellow. just under 20 minutes into san francisco. ha t's a check of your traffic; over to you. let's check in with roberta now on the forecast. >> you know, i have been busy
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over here. i have been tracking some movement over in the truckee area since 2 a.m. we have seen a swarm of earthquakes smallest a 2.0 and we saw about a 4.1 earthquake in an isolated area with not a lot of population. but we'll keep you posted. it's very close to an area to what happened last december, as well. that fault is just releasing a little bit of energy and pressure there this morning. live weather camera looking towards the gray start to your day. you can see the port of oakland so the visibility is not hampered but we have a low receiving. you can see that we're shrouded in a deck of low clouds and fog at ocean beach this morning as seen from the cliff house. it's 54 degrees in santa rosa. 58 in livermore. the winds have been picking up. now 17 in oakland. 13 antioch. 21 fairfield. winds today 10 to 20. temperatures slightly below average. 60s beaches with a little clearing. 70s peninsula and santa clara valley and 82 in morgan hill, 84 gilroy.
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east bay you should be at 85 but instead 78 degrees in livermore. north bay blustery in stinson, 70s in petaluma. hey, kenny, i'll have the full forecast coming up at 18 minutes after the hour. the san jose police department's independent auditor is calling for greater transparency when it comes to officers' use of force. kpix 5's sandra osborne is live outside the police station now with a look at the new report. >> reporter: it's a big problem according to the new review that goes over the year 2016 that says that there's a lack of information for auditors to actually comb through. according to these auditors, they say they have no authority to look into some of these use of force cases if no complaint is filed. somebody actually has to go down and file a formal complaint. now, this is one of the big topics in the annual review that will come up for discussion at today's city council meeting. overall though the number of complaints has fallen. they went from 303 in 2015 to
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292 in 2016. according to, it's use of force and conduct unbecoming of an officer and procedure violations. something new in this 2016 audit for the first time ever more people filed complaints directly with the independent auditor rather than with internal affairs here at the police department. they chalk that up to being more community outreach done by the auditors office. reporting live in san jose, sandra osborne, kpix 5. it may be time for deal making if republicans want to push through their proposed senate healthcare bill. the congressional budget office just released its report on the impact of the bill. many say it will lead to the bill's demise. [ chanting ] >> democrats joined demonstrators on capitol hill protesting the senate healthcare bill. >> this is a moral moment! this is not a political moment. >> after the the release of a report from the nonpartisan
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congressional budget office the report says the new legislation will cause 22 million more americans to lose coverage by 2026 only a slight improvement over the house version. >> this cbo report should be the end of the road. >> according to the cbo the biggest drop in coverage would be next year when 15 million more people would be uninsured primarily because the penalty for not having insurance would be eliminated. >> based on assumptions, making assumptions that are flawed. >> republican leaders ship will vote this week but some republicans say a vote is premature. california senators kamala harris and dianne feinstein took to twitter:
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>> today senators with governor brown plan to discuss the impacts the proposed bill would have on the state. with democrats all expected to vote no, republicans can only afford to lose 2 of their own for the bill to pass. vice president mike pence will host a group of senate conservatives at his home tonight to discuss the bill. this morning, reaction is still pouring in after a proposed single payor healthcare plan failed in california. the $400 billion plan was sponsored by the california nurses association. the anger from the group was captured on twitter. missing some key detai including how the state would actually p this tweet has been shared hundreds of times. the single payor plan was missing details including how to pay for it. it is now pulled from the floor which kills it.
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the alameda county sheriff is getting some cash from the feds to help stop extremists like the ones in berkeley last february. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in san leandro to explain. >> reporter: the money is coming from the department of homeland security. they have awarded the alameda county sheriff's office half a million dollars and this is all part of a federal program to fight violent extremism. this is coming five months after the protestors stormed uc- berkeley to shut down a speech by milo yiannopoulos. the sheriff's department says it could use the grant money to target groups behind those violent protests, anarchists and others. the aclu criticizes the federal program saying it focuses on islam and calls on the community to monitor each other. but alameda county says it wants to focus on extremist
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groups on all fronts. jeff harp says agencies need to tailor the money to their specific area. >> if alameda county has significant risk in domestic terrorism and neo-nazi groups then that's what they ought to be focusing their efforts on. >> reporter: the sheriff's department says the money will be used to reach out to alieniated youth and to disrupt radicalization of prisoners in santa clarita jail. they are one of 26 groups who get this money, which totals $10 million. jessica flores, kpix 5. a man convicted of hitting and killing a san jose state student driving drunk is back in jail facing another dui charge this morning. 24-year-old solomon friese was arrested last week in desert hot springs where he reportedly led police on a car chase. he pled not guilty to multiple felony charges related to the pursuit and held without bail
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in riverside county. he is due back in court next wednesday. this morning we are learning the names of the two men killed during a home invasion robbery in brentwood. 38-year-old ellis williams iii and a 32-year-old was shot by the homeowners last week. the homeowner was taken into custody and was not arrested and has not been charged. police say that they are continuing to investigate. in just a few hours, the southern california man accused of killing his son will go before a judge. [name] faces his extradition hearing after being arrested in las vegas. he is suspected of killing his son, the boy's body has not been found. sheriff's homicide detectives believe he killed the boy to get back at his wife. >> it may seem unusual to file murder charges when we have not yet found the child's body. but rest assured my office has successfully prosecuted such cases before. >> in a statement the boy's
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grandmother said, quote, his mother is heartbroken. her son is her life. we just want him home one way or another. we want the child back. we believe this was the act -- it was the ultimate act of revenge. the father's attorney says his client is innocent. time now 6:09. working to combat noise. next, a bay area county considering limiting flights at its main airport due to complaints. >> and we have been tracking a quiet ride along 101 and 380 but that's all about to change. we are getting reports of an accident. we'll have details and what that backup looks like coming up. >> and go ahead. if you are in the inland areas, go ahead and turn off that ac and toss open the windows! i'll tell you just about how cool it will be today. >> plus, the bay area cities where minimum wage employees will soon see a boost in pay.
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minimum wage for many workers in the bay area.. is going up. june 27. time check 6:13. it's our live weather camera and you can see the flag on the fly a bit breezy. winds have been blowing up to 20 miles per hour. definitely a partly to mostly cloudy start to your day. we'll talk about the clearing and the temperatures. traffic and weather in four minutes. kenny. thank you. minimum wage for many workers in the bay area is going up. in just a few hours, san francisco city leaders will be celebrating the change. kpix 5's anne makovec is live outside the city hall with details. anne. >> reporter: the changes go into effect on july 1. that is the day that thousands of workers around the bay area are going to be getting a significant raise. take a look at the numbers. in san francisco, where they are holding a big celebration today, the minimum wage will be $14 an hour. up from $13. in san jose, it will be $12 an
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hour, up from $10.50. both cities working their way toward a $15 an hour minimum wage. san francisco will be there next year. san jose will be there by january 1, 2019. it whole state will have $15 minimum wage in 2022. small businesses get until 2023 for that $15 figure. this year's boost does come as we hear the results of a major new study out of seattle that is saying sometimes when you raise the minimum wage, it's bad for workers. also, this whole, um, push for a $15 minimum wage has been losing steam in washington. but we do have these changes coming into effect here locally and throughout the state of california. people holding the celebration today say it will be about enforcement and they are trying to educate employers and workers before the changes take effect. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5 anne makevoc,
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kpix 5. [ pause ] more bay area headlines now. today the san mateo county board of supervisors will take action to limit noise from the san carlos airport. county leaders are considering restricting the number of flights and making them stop earlier in the evening. people who live in the area say noise was an issue in 2013 when surf air started flying turboprop airplanes. in just two days people in the north bay area will be able to test out the new smart train system for free. the soft launch includes roundtrip preview rides in connection with the marin county fair. the rides start on thursday between rohnert park and marin civic center. more stops are planned for saturday and the 4th of july. talk about noise. you're going to hear a lot of sirens or what do they call it horns. horns. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> same thing. anyway, what you got going on, on the roads? >> a lot of noise from people around the bay area, we have
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increased tolls on the golden gate bridge starting monday going up 25 cents. so just be prepared for that. not that you pay out of your pocket as you drive across the bridge. >> fastrak. >> get fastrak. it makes life so much easier especially at the bay bridge toll plaza. here's the golden gate bridge where we're tracking no delays as you make your way into san francisco. headlights are moving southbound. we are tracking an accident and this does have at least one lane blocked on the el camino real on-ramp to 380. earlier reports were saying 380 but it looks like 380 is still moving right at the limit there. 101 at 380 just west of there looking good. and you can see traffic moving well in both directions. we are getting first reports of a motorcycle crash and this is in san jose northbound 101 right near 13th street. do be prepared for some slowdowns. traffic is already slow from 680 on up towards 880. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. let's check in with roberta now on the forecast. >> so we knew it was going to happen. whenever we have "june gloom"
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and we have gray skies, we have delays at sfo. this morning, 49-minute delays on some arriving flights. overcast conditions march inland at least 45 miles and then we have this, clear skies over the mount vaca area. good morning, everybody! we do have lots of blue skies right now inland. temperature-wise 54 santa rosa, overcast there. livermore at 58 degrees. a breezy start to your day. winds 17 from the west in oakland, 10 in san francisco, 15 sfo. we have breezier conditions inland, 21 fairfield, 13 antioch. winds will blow again today 10 to 20 but keeping our air quality great keeping the sky blue. we have a little trough to the north of the bay area that enhanced the marine layer overnight allowing cooler air to slip in. that's our satellite and radar. we'll see clearing back to rockaway beach with brief sunshine there today. but definitely the coolest day of the workweek and then warmer
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weather slated for our wednesday. thursday and friday, some gradual warming. let's get to it right there. temperatures we should be around 67 degrees in san francisco. today, about 3 degrees cooler. you will feel the difference inland where you have to go ahead and open those windows and allow the fresh air in after all those temperatures in the triple digits last week. this day will be 5 to 10 degrees below average inland. the low is bringing in cooler air. here's your futurecast. into wednesday, you see that we have the gray skies all the way inland. we'll wake up gray and then it retreats and high pressure strengthens resulting in a warmer day. 60s monterey bay, pebble beach and all the way into carmel. 63 in eureka. sunrise 5:49. it sets at 8:35. smack in between, 60s, 70s and 80s. warmest spot today, brentwood
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and discovery bay, 84 degrees. otherwise, santa rosa you'll top off in the low 80s. wednesday you'll feel that jump in the temperatures through thursday, friday. saturday, as well. then as we get ready to slide towards the weekend on sunday through the 4th of july on tuesday, pretty seasonal temperatures. we do have a baseball game tonight and if you are heading to at&t park, make sure you grab a jacket or dress in layers. low 60s tumbling to the 50s and go giants. hey, michelle, what's going on this morning? we have our tech report. google is facing a record $2.7 billion fine from the european union. they say google abused its power by promoting its own products at the top of search results. the mountain view company has 90 days to stop. if it doesn't, it could face additional fines of up to 5% of its parent company's daily worldwide turnover. google reportedly plans to appeal. apple is reportedly releasing a small fleet of cars from hertz to test its self-
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driving technology. according to bloomberg, the tech giant's fleet of lexus hybrids likely came from the car rental companies. apple received a permit from the state of california in april giving it the capability to test its autonomous vehicle systems on public roads. using facebook video chat that you find something funny there's a reaction filter where laughing icons will pop up on the screen. it works for any emotion like love, surprise, sadness or anger. the feature also adds instagram- like filters while video chatting. good morning. file this sportscast under the rich get richer. draymond green shows up wearing shorts but leaves wearing pants. we'll explain coming up.
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good morning, everybody. at the first annual nba awards show, warriors general manager bob myers won executive of the year. would draymond green join him in taking only some hardware? >> the 2017 kia nba defensive player of the year goes to draymond green. >> green became the first warrior to window win the defensive player of the year before being runnerup. according to fox sports some giants players are frustrated with new closer mark melancon after he decided to move the time of the relief pitcher's stretching period. really? melancon said he wasn't aware any teammates objected. >> if this is the thing that we can point at and say this is
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the reason for the bad year so far, then i -- please, bring it on. you know, i mean we're talking about stretching, right? stretching. >> what are we talking about? practice? we talking about practice, man. >> so like allen iverson talking about stretching. >> i wouldn't say the giants are on the play-off bubble these days. bottom of the fourth san francisco leading colorado 4-0. denard span triples home gorkys hernandez and giants needed a game like this. right? this is a complete laugher. they win 9-2 just their second win in the last 14 games. but look at bochy. i haven't seen him crack a smile since spring training. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. here's your play of the day. college world series in omaha. florida and lsu squaring off in game one of the best of three championship series. >> seemed like a good idea at the time. off balance swing guthrie going
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after it and he makes the play. >> dalton guthrie the gators making a fantastic catch in foul territory on a dead sprint that helps florida to a 4-3 win over the sec rivals. they are just one win away from their first-ever national title thanks in part to the play of the day. the number of complaints against the san jose police department is down according to a new report. but auditors are asking for more transparency. i'll look at their review straight ahead. >> the alameda county sheriff's office gets half a million dollars to fight violent extremism. what they plan to do with it coming up.
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we are going to keep pushing back. >> a win for president trump's travel ban as the supreme court clears the way for parts of his executive order to take effect. several muslim communities say they are not giving up the fight. plus -- >> i think what you got to look at is, you know, what are the threats and the risk in your particular area of responsibility? >> a bay area county is awarded money from the feds to stop a repeat of violent protests. and -- >> i saw the plume as i was driving home. >> homeowners describe the moment they saw fast-moving flames approach. the battle under way in santa marguerita to stop a growing wildfire. >> but first a san jose police department's independent auditor is calling for greater transparency when it comes to officers use of force. it is tuesday, june 27. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:30. kpix 5's sandra osborne is live outside the police station with a look at a new report. sandra. >> reporter: and this review is
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done every, single year. it's done by an independent auditor. and the one that they just released is for the 20 16-year. in that review, they list one of the big difficulties as a lack of information for auditors to actually comb through. and that's for a couple of reasons. for starters, according to san jose auditors have no authority to review use of force cases if no formal complaint has been filed. they also say that sjfd files all force incidents the same way regardless of severity with the exception of someone dying in custody or if an officer fires a weapon. that leaves little data to analyze to see any use of force trends. they also say no complaints about use of force came from within the department. and they point out auditors say more data would help them see if certain demographics were being disproportionately affected. this report is more than 100 pages long and going to be presented to city council members later on this afternoon after 3:00 today for them to take in. it's also important to note
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that the number of complaints overall against the san jose police department is down this year compared to years in the past. something that they could credit that to would be the use of body cameras which started last summer. reporting live in san jose, sandra osborne, kpix 5. time now 6:32. a live look outside. look at that sun on the left from mount vaca courtesy of that cam and on the right the golden gate bridge the morning rush about to start. >> drivers are hitting the road heading to work. >> my head is in another place right now because i have been warming a swarm of earthquakes in truckee. my phone went off at 2:04. >> nice wake-up call. >> 4.7. >> we have been having shakers from 2.0 to 4.1. it's called a swarm of earthquakes. we saw this happen last
6:33 am
december. this particular fault near hawthorne is releasing energy so that's going on in truckee. what's going on here? it's gray out there. we have some brisk conditions in ocean beach. winds clocked up to 21 there. air temperatures in the 50s. here you have your wind speeds right now anywhere from 10 in san ramon, 13 antioch, 21 in fairfield. winds today 10 to 21 miles per hour. what you need to know? we'll see a little hint of sunshine at rockaway beach at 60. otherwise 70s refreshing peninsula, 70 santa clara valley. 70s and a few 80s east bay and we will have the sunshine inland in the north bay 74 in novato. hey, jaclyn, we'll have the holiday forecast coming up and you know what that means about a holiday. >> oh, yes. good times ahead but also, likely a lot of traffic for the getaway weekend. so just a reminder if you are planning on heading out of town, try to stagger your trips compared to what most people would leave and leave at times when maybe they are still at
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work. right now, we are tracking slowdowns along northbound 101. this is a motorcycle accident does not look good it has right lane blocked northbound 101 at 13th street. traffic backed up now to 680 at this point. that's in conjunction with the usual slowdowns heading in that northbound direction. northbound 880 at marina boulevard hit-and-run crash. we are really seeing the delays in the southbound direction. and the san mateo bridge it's getting crowded out there. 24 minutes from hayward to foster city. hat's a check of your traffic; over to yo u. thank you. the supreme court has reinstated a large portion of president trump's revised travel ban until the justices can hear the case at a later date. the president's executive order blocks entry into the u.s. by people from six muslim majority countries. libya, sudan, somalia, yemen, syria and iran. it lasts for 90 days. the ruling says people from those countries can still come in if they can prove they have a relative, job offer or are in
6:35 am
school in the united states. president trump can block people he considers potential threats to national security. in sacramento, muslims reeling from two possible hate crimes says the legal battle continues. >> discrimination gives license to those who might carry it out these attacks. >> some of these folks who are here as refugees who are represented by these countries, these folks have put their life on the line. >> oral arguments in the case will happen when the court reconvenes in the fall. representative nancy pelosi took to twitter to say: this morning, a warning from the white house to syria. the trump administration says they have evidence that syria and its president bashar al- assad are preparing for another chemical weapons attack. press secretary sean spicer released a statement last night saying that the u.s. has identified potential preparations.
6:36 am
it also warns syrian president bashar al-assad saying if he conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons he and his military will pay a heavy price. as of now, the white house has not provided any evidence for its statement. a suspected nsa leaker is expected to appear in a georgia courtroom today for a pretrial hearing. attorneys will discuss how to handle classified information during her trial. reality winner a former federal contractor is accused of leaking a classified nsa memo to the intercepted a news online outlet. no hack affect any votes. in stockton, police are looking for suspects in a double homicide. a man and a woman were shot outside of a sports bar around 2:15 a.m. just after closing time. right now there's no information on the shooter or why it happened. a swim coach in san jose is
6:37 am
facing child molestation charges. 25-year-old timothy nguyen was the assistant coach for the quicksilver swim team. he reportedly texted several underaged swimmers asking for nude pictures and sexual favors. the club he worked for called police at the end of may. he was arrested and booked into jail on thursday. a hearing in california is scheduled today in santa monica to set a trial date in a lawsuit accusing bill cosby of sexual assaulting a teenager. the sexual abuse with the teen allegedly happened at the playboy mansion more than 40 years ago. a mistrial was declared about two weeks ago on charges he drugged and molested andrea constand. he declared that the encounter was consensual. starting july 1, a new california gun law will be in effect that people need to get rid of magazines if they are capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammo. the big question, how many of the 6 million gun owners will comply? violators will face potential
6:38 am
jail time if caught. gun control advocates say this law will reduce threats to police and make it harder for gunmen in mass shootings and starting july2019 ammunition buyers will have to have background checks to buy ammunition. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in san francisco to explain this story. >> reporter: good morning. the department of homeland security is awarding the alameda county sheriff's office nearly half a million dollars to fight violent extremism. now, critics of this federal program say it targets muslims and focuses solely on islam. but the alameda county sheriff's office says they want to use the money to stamp out extremism on all fronts. this is coming five months after anti-fascist protestors stormed uc-berkeley's campus to shut down a speech by conservative speaker milo
6:39 am
yiannopoulos. the sheriff's office wants to use the grant money to target white supremacists and radical anarchists. kpix 5 security analyst jeff harp says the fbi is investigating domestic terror cases. this grant can supplement the efforts. >> terrorism comes in a lot of different forms and so that could be used to to combat terrorism, pay for overtime, investigations, participate in other agency investigations. >> reporter: the sheriff's department says the money will be used to reach out to alienated young people and to disrupt radicalization of prisoners at santa rita jail. the alameda county sheriff's office is one of 26 law enforcement agencies and community groups to be awarded this money. in total, $10 million in grants. flores kpix 5. berkeley city council is considering outfitting its police department with body- worn cameras. later today lawmakers will
6:40 am
consider a five-year $1.25 million contract with an arizona-based company to provide the equipment. the contract would provide 200 cameras and training for 5 years. a lot of work nerds bay area are about to get a pay raise and to celebrate city leaders are gathering in san francisco later this morning. anne makovec is live outside city hall with details. >> reporter: everybody is trying to figure out how they are going to spend the extra cash in their pockets. starting on july 1, thousands of workers here in the bay area are going to be getting a raise. here's a look at the numbers. in san francisco, where there is a big celebration today, workers will be getting a minimum of $14 an hour up from $13. in san jose, $12 up from $10.50. both cities working their way toward a $15 an hour minimum wage. san francisco will be there next year. san jose by january1, 2019. the whole state will have the
6:41 am
minimum wage of $15 an hour by 2022. but this new boost comes as we hear the results of a major new study out of seattle showing that a higher minimum wage can actually hurt some workers. it's a preliminary study from the national bureau of economic research saying the average low wage worker in seattle actually lost $125 a month after a hike and that's because employers have reduced hours, put off new hiring, or let workers go. the people celebrating in san francisco today say it's about enforcement and education. they are going to be talking to workers and employers to make sure that everybody knows the new rules going into effect on july 1. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. time now 6:41. fighting fast-moving flames. next, the evacuations under way this morning in southern california as two wildfires grow. >> plus, increasing tolls. how much more drivers can expect to pay to cross the golden gate bridge next month. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago.
6:42 am
let's check the board. you can see the dow is down about 22 points. coming up, we'll get an update from jason pierre-paul. -- we'll get an update from jason brooks from kcbs radio. [ indistinct chatter ]
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for details on today's ruling --- let's check in with k-c-b-s radio financial reporter jason brooks. the european union find google $1 billion a record multi-billion-dollar fine. jason brooks from kcbs radio reports. >> good morning. this move had been expected for some time. european regulators hitting google with a $2.7 billion fine. that doubles the prior record fine in europe which was against intel in 2009. this is recording google's search and shopping practices in which rivals in europe have long complained that they
6:46 am
benefit google's own products and services. google will appeal. it's already battling brussels on two other issues. antitrust related. regarding its mobile android operating system and its advertising business. shares in google are moving lower. intel is also losing another record but this one not as happy about. in this case, financial times says that samsung has topped intel in chip sales for the first time. revenue of $15.1 billion in the 2nd quarter versus $14.4 billion for intel. intel held the mantle as the world's biggest chipmaker since early1993 when it surpassed nec on the strength of its first pentium processor. stock market down on tech weakness again today. let's check it. "pleasant hill esidents.. about back to you guys. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs radio. pleasant hill wants to hear from residents about marijuana. they banned medical shops a few
6:47 am
years ago but last year voters decided to legalize recreational pot. now the city is taking public input about how many plants, patients and users should be allowed to grow. it's also looking at regulations for commercial cultivation, sales and home delivery. the city is also thinking about putting a sales tax measure on next year's ballot. the toll is going up on the golden gate bridge starting july 3. it goes up at least 25 cents making it go from $7.50 to $7.75. it's the latest step in recovering from a budget deficit. a discount remains on fastrak to make things easier for bay area drivers. under the new rates fastrak will pay about $7 for crossings. so get those fastrak. >> yeah. >> exactly. >> if you haven't already. >> if they increase the rate people are still going to drive over the bridge so it's not going to stop them. >> you have to get where you're going. >> yeah. >> it's true. we are tracking some delays
6:48 am
over at the bay bridge. golden gate bridge looks wonderful today. that's been moving right at the limit all morning long but let's get to it. we have the bay bridge backup usual slowdowns but the eastshore freeway that's pretty slow, as well. and there's macarthur the spider joining us for our morning look at the bay bridge toll plaza. [ laughter ] >> 31 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze and from the maze into san francisco jam-packed across the upper deck of the span 23 minutes. northbound 101 at 13. we have at least one lane blocked due to this motorcycle crash and we are seeing that backup stretch all the way to yerba buena island. do expect slowdowns and if you are using 85, reports of a new motorcycle crash, and this is blocking at least two lanes. and traffic is backed up to about 101 at this point. you have about a 25-minute ride from 101 to 280 there and we are tracking an earlier problem along northbound 880 at marina boulevard and then report of a crash right at 580 at
6:49 am
strobridge so do expect delays if you are making your way into san leandro. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. thank you. good morning, everybody. time check 6:49. heading out overcast skies for most we have to go all the way into the mount vaca area to find some sunshine. it's a gray slate right there right now. take a look at the ocean. we do have low tide occurring about 2 hours from now at 8:45 a.m. next high tide will be at 4:03 p.m. temperature right now along the coast 54 in ocean beach. 56 san francisco. otherwise 60 in oakland. we do have a little bit of drizzle associated with that deck of low clouds and fog. sfo with west winds at 15. delays on some arriving flights up to 42 minutes. across the bay the winds are onshore. westerly 17 oakland, 21 now in fairfield. we'll continue. winds blow today out of the west and west-southwest 10 to
6:50 am
20 miles an hour. there is a gathering of some clouds along the san mateo coast working its way into the bay. we take a better look at it, it extends inland. and again a lot of condensation along the peninsula this morning towards san francisco. today the coolest day of the week. if you liked it yesterday, you will love it today. really remember inland. you can throw open the windows allow the fresh air in, the air quality will be fantastic. warmer weather begins tomorrow. now, on the cooler side, as far as our averages are concerned, up by about 3 degrees in san francisco. livermore checking in 6 degrees below average same in concord, clayton and walnut creek through hercules. comfortable temperatures today due to the area of low pressure enhancing the marine layer bringing in cooler air. this afternoon cloudy around pacifica, rockaway beach into moss and montara beaches. clouds fill in tomorrow
6:51 am
morning. everybody is gray for the most part. it backs off, hype strengthens revealing a warmer wednesday. mid-60s in monterey bay which is seasonal. 94 redding. 84 yosemite. sundown 5:49. actually that was this morning's sunrise. pardon me! it sets after 8:0. temperatures 60s, 70s and 80s. again, the west and west- southwest winds to 20. you will feel the difference on wednesday. then we moderate all the way through about saturday. we begin to decrease the temperature on sunday through the 4th of july, which michelle, it's really hard to believe one week from today is the 4th of july. >> we were talking about that the other day. where did june go? >> i think we were in a heat wave most of it. >> thank you. the southern part of big sur is opening to the public after fierce winter storms destroyed pfeiffer canyon bridge. starting july 1 everyone will have access to pfeiffer canyon
6:52 am
trails. for months only local residents and workers had access but now visitors can access the steep half mile trail by parking at pfeiffer big sur state park or by taking a shuttle from andrew molera state park. there's new information about a wildfire burning near santa marguerita. it's 10% contained. the hill fire is burning nearly 1200 acres near highway 5le. crews are working around the clock trying to gain the upper hand. hundreds of people have already been evacuated. >> when i got down here the fire was actually over there. the car had caught on fire and was burning that bank. >> i don't care about the house. i don't care about my belongings. i just want my animals to be safe. >> it's unclear if homes have been destroyed. time now 6:52. a warning from the white house. next, the message president trump is sending to the syrian government. >> reporter: plus, the number of complaints lodged against the san jose police department is down according to a new audit. details on the review coming up.
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[[vo]] for the year 2016- an independent auditor found that overall... the number of complaints is down. it went from 303 in 2015 to 292 last year. and for the first time ever more people are filing thei y with the i'm sandra osborne live at the san jose police department where the findings of their most recent audit have just been released. and for the year of 2016 an independent auditor found that overall the number of complaints is down. it went from 303 in 2015 to 292 last year. and for the first time, more people are filing their complaints directly with the independent auditor rather than the police department's internal affairs office. once again, the auditor is asking for more transparency from sjpd. officers say they have no authority to investigate use of force cases if no formal complaint has been filed by somebody in the public. they are hoping for more data in the future to get a better idea of how cases were handled
6:57 am
and which demographics were impacted. they believe the use of body cameras can help in the future. that started last summer for sjpd. the report is 143 pages and will be presented to city council this afternoon. live in san jose, sandra osborne, kpix 5. time now is 6:57. time for your "final 5. republican leaders are facing an uphill battle to get the new gop healthcare bill through the senate. this after the nonpartisan congressional budget office released its report on the impact of the bill. the cbo says the new legislation will cause 22 million more americans to lose coverage by 2026. this morning president trump's administration is sending a warning to syria. this comes as the white house claims to have potential evidence that syria is preparing for another chemical weapons attack. berkeley city council is considering outfitting its
6:58 am
police department with body- worn cameras. later today lawmakers will consider a five-year $1.25 million contract with an arizona-based company to provide the equipment. minimum wage for workers in san francisco will increase to $14 an hour on july 1. in just a few hours san francisco leaders will celebrate the change. wages will go up next month in san jose. the toll for crossing the golden gate bridge is going to get more expensive. starting july 3, the price will go up by 25 cents. travel times up at the bay bridge toll plaza 23 minutes from the maze into san francisco. 30 minutes along the eastshore freeway from the carquinez bridge to the maze. we are tracking three motorcycle crashes northbound 101 at 13th street, northbound 85 at union just clearing, and strobridge backed up to crow canyon. hi, everybody. take a look at our view from
6:59 am
our kpix 5 studios over pier 9. the flag has been waving rotating around variable winds to 17 miles per hour. how about this view of the golden gate bridge? got to give some love to the golden gate, as well. we do have west winds 17. temperatures 50s and 60s. and later today we are talking about temperatures stacking up from the 60s at the beaches, little clearing there, mid-60s around the bay. if you loved it yesterday, really like it again today. 70s refreshing peninsula. 70s and low 80s inland. outside number 84 towards the delta and discovery bay and brentwood. warmer on wednesday. gradual warming on thursday, friday, saturday. and pretty moderate temperatures east day as we slide in towards the 4th of july. so looks nice. >> it is nice. hey, i have to tell you, mariah carey calls her birthday birth anniversaries so happy birth anniversary. >> now, i'm the last official survivor of the great san francisco earthquake. [ laughter ] >> happy birthday. ♪[ music ]
7:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, june 27th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." the white house says it has evidence the syrian government is planning to use more chemical weapons on its own people. it warns bashar al assad that he and his military will pay a heavy price for any gas tay tat. >> another senate republican says no to the latest health care bill after the finds it would leave 22 million more people without insurance. how it will affect your coverage. and americans are having more dangerous reactions to cosmetics. we'll show you which products to watch out for. and we're in alaska where two deadly bear attacks are


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