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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  June 28, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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manhunt tonight.. after a northern california sheriff's deputy is shot in the face.
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ng, i'm ken bastid breaking news, a massive man hunt tonight after a northern california sheriff's deputy is shot in the face. a gunman opened fire at the officer just after 6:00 tonight at a regional transit station in sacramento. let's get right to veronica de la cruz for the very latest. >> reporter: the gunman fled and ran into a hotel. at some point a gun was pulled out and the officer was shot in the face. near by businesses were evacuated as authorities got the officer help and searched for the suspect. a bunch of officers were helping lock him out and there was an ambulance and they were all escorting him into the ambulance with a bunch of guns. there was s.w.a.t. team over there and everything. >> just over an hour ago, sheriff robots spotted the suspects. the officers is in the hospital. at last check he is in stable
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condition. authorities are not releasing his name but they say he's a four year member of the force. veronica de la cruz. kpix5. now to breaking news out of san mateo county. right now there's a man hunt going on in belmont. police are searching that area around the carlmont the center. a robbery suspect ran into a drainage ditch near the shopping center. they told people in the air to shelter in place. police brought in their canines to help search for that suspect. he's described as a man in red shorts with a face tattoo at this hour there's no sign of him. in san francisco tonight, nine people are hospitalized after a head on crash involving a muni bus. that crash happened at castro and beaver street this afternoon. the bus and delivery truck slammed into each other smashing out the front windshield of the bus. witnesses told us the bus driver honked at the truck before the crash. >> we have video aboard the bus
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and we'll look at that before we finalize any investigation with the police department. >> both drivers and seven bus passengers suffered injuries but are not life threatening. the crash temporarily affected service on the 24 line. it is back to normal tonight. tonight law enforcement officials laying down the line for a bay area woman who has been breeding hundreds of exotic birds in her backyard. kpix5's christian ahers shows us authorities started the count down clock to comply. authorities sited the woman who lives here for having hundreds of birds and they say they'll be back in a month to make sure she gets rid of all but a few dozen of them. >> i've never seen a situation with birds. this number of birds. >> 500 exotic birds from parrots to mccaws being bread and sold for thousands of dollars on craigslist. the bird farm has ruffled
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feathers in this neighborhood. people who live here are fed up with the sounds, the smells and the flies. >> just a real nuisance. >> today the woman who owns the birds and the farm looked on as animal control officers sited her for a string of code violations. >> in situations like these, there's limitations of how many birds you can have. >> reporter: in this case it's 50. pham had around 250. half of what she had a couple of weeks ago. >> we've given her 30 days to further reduce that population to 50. >> reporter: when we spoke to her at her job she was defiant. >> i proved to you that after next week i still have bird. >> reporter: she's agreed to cooperate by either selling the birds or turning them over to a rescue organization. everyone though the birds are legal, state wildlife officials are investigating her for selling other illegal pets.
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she once sold a hedgehog out of her home. 50 bird is still too much and they're exploring what to do next. in castro valley, kristin ahers. tonight freemont police say a botched burglary turned into a kidnapping. several law enforcement officers swarmed the house last tuesday. police arrested 31-year-old antonio ganey in the backyard. they say the other suspect kenneth stanley choked the 67- year-old victim to try to keep him quiet. they arrested stanley inside the home. both suspects face numerous charges. the homeowner is recovering. also tonight, the family of a missing bay area uber driver says they can't understand why investigators believe a family friend might be involved in his disappearance. here's kpix5 betty yu. >> who whole thing is a nightmare for us. >> reporter: she can't think of a reason why this man would
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want to hurt her cousin. >> they've been close family friends that have been hanging out for years together. >> reporter: they found what appears to be human remains inside this warehouse. the warehouse is owned by bob tang. he's a person of interest in chia's disappearance. police believe chia fled the country. a san francisco medical examiners office will use dna testing to identify the body. betty yu, kpix5. a pay raise is on the horizon for more than 200,000 employees. the minimum wage is going up to $12 an hour. the san jose city council voted to increase the minimum wage by 2019. the minimum wage in san francisco is going up to $14 an
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hour. tonight the senate health care bill is on a back burner. the leadership plans to bring it to a vote has been pushed from before the july 4th recess to after. kpix5 political reporter says it was called off when the numbers simply did not add up. >> we're delaying the process so we can close those issues. >> reporter: the senate republican leader postponed the vote after opposition from his own party. >> it's evidence to me that there are a lot of concerns i'm not the only one about the senate bill. >> reporter: they discussed that in a meeting with the president. the biggest blow to if gop plan came from the nonpartisan congressional senate office. it proskwregt -- projected the bill would add tens of millions
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of the uninsured. >> how can they look at themselves in the mirror and say today i cut off health care for many of america's children. in fact, 22 million of american people. >> reporter: here in california according to senator diane feinstein next year premiums would increase an average of $619. and 1.6 million californians would lose health insurance. by 2026, three to 4 million californians would have lost insurance and the state would have to find $24 billion to make up for lost federal funds. >> can you believe what this does for wealthy people who can afford whatever they want with respect to health care? and all these children 5 million of them that depend on medical or there's no health care. my voice level goes up when i
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talk about it. this screener is accused of smuggling drugs. only on 5, what else is getting through security. >> products from this bay area based company disappear from some
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they took bribes to let drugs slip through the x-ray screener. as kpix 5's jackie ward reports: this could be just the tip of the iceberg. several bay area security screeners admit they took
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bribes to let drugs slip through screenings. >> reporter: this is as close as we could talk to jacobs. he pled guilty to accepting a bribe. the u.s. attorney said napier admitted he agreed to smuggle cocaine through security at sfo by playing joseph scott. napier agreed he participated for several years and also smuggled marijuana. the big worry says kpix security monitor jeff harp if a screener is willing to watch drugs go by what else. >> rdx and someover these other materials that are used in explosives yeah they look like cocaine. they look like a white powder. >> reporter: a total of seven bay area screeners face similar charges. >> i think we really need to take a close look at how we're hiring tsa people. how they're screened what kind
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of background investigation is done and all of this costs money. >> reporter: kiana clark was a screener at international airport. she starts a 21 sentence for smuggling these two cases filled with marijuana through security. in all she allowed more than 200 pounds of weed to pass through her x-ray screener in carry on bags. >> i don't believe this is an isolated incident at sfo or oakland. i think what will end up happening here is tsa is going to have to take a hard look at what's happening throughout the country. >> reporter: the two screeners here are facing charges now. they actually work for a private company called covenant aviation security. those employees work for the tsa jackie ward, kpix5. a man sold illegal fireworks on craigslist. almost 400 pounds of fireworks
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was found at this man's home. police arrested this man, ali. police turned over the fire works to the alameda fire department bomb squad. tonight a new global fire attack. elizabeth palmer tells us about the hackers demands. >> the malware crippled computers across ukraine. russia. ukmost of europe and the u.s. disables a vast range of automated systems in banks and airport, a construction company. a major law firm, and even grocery stores where customers were left with no way to pay. corporate titans were hit too. including merck , maersk.
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>> they're asking for money. >> $300 to be exact. here's what an infected computer tells the user to do. pay up in the crypto currency bit coin to get your files back. cyber attacks say the experts are here to say. and they could get much more sinister. >> you can imagine the future where maybe conceptually they are able to infect the defibrillator or pacemaker or automobile or something like this which is the ultimate ransom. >> that's a terrifying prospect. >> i think it's a nonunforcastable future. >> reporter: the experts say there was a software fix available to protect against
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petca. but not everyone has been keeping their it security up to date. this latest attack should be a wake up call. elizabeth palmer, cbs news london. a north bay teenager behind bars tonight accused of stealing a disabled student's wheelchair. that wheelchair is worth $5,000. a surveillance camera snapped this imagine of a group of teenagers taking the chair from a windsor high school classroom. police identified one of them as a 16-year-old from santa rosa. he's been booked into juvenile detention center on a felony charge of possession of stolen property and a probation violation and more arrests have respect expected. a popular product from a san francisco food retailer has been pull offed the shelves at target. the reason, a rumor that it's contaminated. joe vasquez talked to the company ceo about being suddenly singled out. >> reporter: at the target store in yuba city. >> right there. yeah they pulled it. >> reporter: there's an empty
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spot in the shelf where just mayo used to be sold. same goes for another product just cookies. also pulled off the shelves. both products come from a san francisco based company hampton creek. as we've reported in the past. the company has disrupted the food market making mayonaisse without eggs instead using plant based ingredients. the product has been very popular with the vegans who have been complaining. >> the company received several allegations that led them to remove the products from the shelves out of an abundance of caution. two of the allegationed had to do with labels. target says that the allegations was that there may
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be salmonella and listeria. >> all target has told us is they received an anonymous letter that detailed those three false allegations. >> reporter: ceo of hampton creek says that the letter is -- the product is still being sold at other stores. targets makes up a large percentage of retail sales so they hope the company will just reconsider and soon. in daly city, joe vasquez. >> hampton creek says they will continue to disrupt the food market. the company says the plate is
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made by drawing cells from living creatures. popular east bay lake closed right now because of toxic algea. there's caution team all around lake camiscal in oakland and signs warning people and pets to stay out of the water. the bacteria is naturally occurring happens every year. but it's still dangerous. it can make people vomit and can kill dogs that drink the water. does it make you nervous walking close to the lake knowing that the water is toxic right now. >> yes i actually have to hold my dog back because many times he likes to take a drink but he cannot. >> the lake will stay closed as long as the tests show unsafe algae levels. >> cyclists and pedestrians tomorrow, cars on thursday. we showed you the pictures of the water in the melting snow pack pouring on to the road. this year's record snowfall took a little longer than
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normal to clear the parks east west passage. the pass is open, the pass is open. they were digging a few weeks ago as ken mentioned, 40 feet of snow still on some spots above 10,000 feet in elevation. a lot of that snow still heading to our reservoirs. this is a picture of folsom lake from the air. it is nearly completely full. remember this guy a couple of winters ago was entirely empty. folsom lake is 98% of capacity. 118% of average this time of year. our reservoirs are doing great. it is in the mid-50s in livermore and san francisco. cloudy as well. concord, oakland,60. liver mother san francisco 56 degrees. heading out for that morning
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jog it should be 56. sunshine, warm, afternoon sunshine. 83degrees for a high. let's go right to futurecast because you can see the on shore flow or lack of it with morning cloud cover as well as temperature. watch tomorrow morning. widespread morning clouds not burning off until lunchtime for much of the bay area. watch what happens thursday. less of an on shore push. it's not going to go as far inhrapb. inland. by 9:00 it's already sunny. the only place is at 7:00 in the morning seeing cloud cover and fog is right along the immediate forecast. we're going to be warmer as we roll through the week. that ridge of high pressure which rolled away the last couple of days allowing the temperatures to cool off will now begin to migrate into the ocean. temperatures returning to the 90 away from the water.
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the high tomorrow a widespread of temperatures. we'll go from 85 on fair field. flip those numbers around. we find san rafael, 74 tomorrow with afternoon sunshine. redwood city 77 and livermore. a little hotter inland. not crazy like last week. speaking of right now it does not look crystal clear around san francisco the night of july 4th. and this is the time of year we can get that on shore flow and kind of lose those fireworks into low clouds. let us hope that forecast changes we have some time. >> yes, hopefully it burns off. thanks paul. tonight a bay area stadium hosts the game of flag football. >> and here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert.
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"wings chinese" is the oldest restaurant in san jose. it a couple weeks ago - san jose landmark staying in business after all. wings chinese is the oldest restaurant in san jose. closed a couple of weeks ago because of tremendously high rent increase. well now, the owners have reached an agreement with their landlord and will reopen on thursday. the restaurant has been in business since 1925. a new professional sport kicked off tonight in san jose. >> just the thing for football starved fans proflag football
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made its debut. just like it's more brutal cousin the game is 60 minutes and the field is 100-yard long. but the teams are just seven players each and the flags are high tech with tiny magnets attached that will signal exactly where refs should toss the ball. the american flag football league is launching in san jose to test out the concept with a full nationwide tournament next year. >> that was the fastest growing sport in 2016 flag football. for very obvious reason. less contact, less concussions. and there's also baseball. could there be a rare win streak tonight? the d backs save the day fo handballer 1: you know what i could go for?
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tonight..granted, it would be only two games in a row...but you gotta start somewhere..right ??? think this kid will get a sugar rush tonight??? giants starter matt cain had a shut-out till the sixth, but mark reynolds takes him deep for a three- run shot giving the rockies a 3-1 lead. rockies leading 3-2 in the ei > doesn't happen often but could the a's be putting together a string of wins? now they were leading three in
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the 8 inning. brandon belt scores. they are now in the top of the 13 inning. and it's tied at three. how about that? rocky's star arranado is 1-4. he's known as the giant killer throughout his career. he hit for the cycles nine days go against san francisco. but down in san jose his younger brother jona plays first place for the giants. he says he hears all the time that he's not as good as his brother. >> people that usually say, stupid things like that have never played the game. so it doesn't really bother me. i hear fans say stuff like that but i don't mind. it's a positive your going to say your younger brother is better than you, that's all right, he is better than a lot of people. >> i will take 8% of that brother. watching the a's in houston. ryan haley that's his first career grand slam a's off and
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running. 5-1 lead. 6-49inning. houston with the tieing run on against casilla. ground into a game ending double play. stop the presses, oakland has won four straight 6-4 bring them out. check out this kid's. >> i've actually played that course. >> watch the kid at the end. >> whoa. >> that is a spoiler. you said you played that golf course. you don't know where that golf course is. they used to have one at the russian river. if you made it into the whales mouth at the end you would get a free game. so one day as a kid i get try and go underneath the who are these people?
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. michelle griego and kenny choi will have all the news you need.. to start your day. good night.
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