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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  June 28, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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nearly 30 years after a bay area woman vanished new clues in the case next.
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now at 11: i apologize because a mistake was made. >> police apologize for putting a crime victim behind bars. now at 11:00 san francisco is paying up for violating its own sanctuary city policy. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm veronica de la cruz. let's get you right to joe vazquez live in the newsroom with a six figure settlement. >> this settlement which pends approval by the board of supervisors would award $190,000 to an undocumented immigrant. the city attorney said it shows san francisco remains committed to its sanctuary city policies. he had gone to the police station because his stolen car had been recovered, but then san francisco police officers arrested pedro figueroa, an undocumented immigrant, and handed him over to federal immigration officers in december, 2015 right in front of his young child.
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[ speaking spanish ] translator: at this point my little girl was crying saying papa, papa and daddy, daddy. she was really emotionally stressed. >> figueroa spent two months behind bars, then filed a lawsuit alleging the city violated its own sanctuary city policy. later the city said they were sorry. >> i apologize because a mistake was made and i am saddened that his daughter had to feel pain. >> instead of fighting the lawsuit we learned today the city attorney agreed to pay figueroa $190,000 in a settlement. his lawyer says it sends a message. >> it's all the more important for san francisco to stand up for its values. he was the victim of crime. he had been robbed of his car. if somebody can't go into the sfpd and do that, then it creates a situation where you have less public safety. >> it's a shameful waste of taxpayer dollars. we have a settlement being offered here that likely would
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not be awarded by any jury. >> san francisco republican party chair. >> san francisco is making a sham of our immigration laws. there was a warrant out for his arrest and the police did the right thing by detaining him and then did the right thing again by turning him over to immigration authorities. >> the settlement comes on a day the president himself held what he called an immigration roundtable, part of the group, victims of crimes caused by undocumented immigrants. tomorrow the house will vote on two immigration bills, one called kate's law, another that would cut funding to sanctuary cities. >> joe, thank you. tonight the trump administration set a new visa criteria for travelers targeted under the president's new travel ban. after the supreme court's decision this week to partially reinstate it. starting tomorrow applicants from six mainly muslim countries will have to prove that they have a close family or business tie to the united states, but some extended family members like
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grandparents, in-laws and even fiancees don't count. we'll see how it all plays out at sfo tomorrow. meanwhile sharon chin reports the u.s. is rolling out a new list of security demands for airlines around the world. >> get ready for tighter security for all international commercial flights into the u.s. homeland security secretary john kelly says it applies to domestic and foreign airlines arriving from more than 280 airports in 105 countries. >> we cannot play international whack a mole with each new threat. instead we must put in place new measures across the board to keep the traveling public safe and make it harder for terrorists to succeed. >> reporter: kelly didn't give a start date or specifics, but the new rules will include enhanced passenger screening, increasing security protocols around planes and passenger areas, expand the use of bomb detecting dogs and heightened screening of personal
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electronic devices. >> these measures will be both seen and unseen and phased in over time. >> reporter: officials are responding to u.s. intelligence indicating terrorists are looking to bomb planes by disguising explosives as laptop batteries. three months ago the trump administration banned laptops from the passenger cabin on flights from 10 middle eastern and african airports. the new directive prevents expanding the laptop restriction to other airports. >> the more security they do, the better. it's a little more inconvenient. people just need to get used to it. >> i'd rather be saw of than sorry, so they can do whatever they want. >> reporter: the new measures will affect 325,000 travelers on 2,000 flights a day. sharon chin at sfo, kpix5. >> homeland security cannot force the foreign airports to comply, but if air carriers do not cooperate, the u.s. could ban laptops in carry-on luggage, impose financial penalties or even prevent airlines from flying into u.s.
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airspace. tonight b.a.r.t. has finally outfitted its entire fleet with working surveillance cameras, but juliette goodrich found out they may not be watching out for you as closely as you think. >> reporter: out with the decoy cameras -- >> feel better that they have the cameras that are working. >> reporter: -- and in with brand-new working security cameras on all 669 b.a.r.t. trains, four cameras per train, all of them installed and ready to record. >> and they provide very good quality images. so if something happens on board a car, police can pull it. we now have video of you. we have your image that we can share with police. >> reporter: b.a.r.t.'s dummy cameras came to light after a fatal shooting on a b.a.r.t. train january, 2016. there was no video of the murder. the only still photo taken was from the platform. the killer is still at large. >> now that they have these cameras installed on every single b.a.r.t. train, the question now is how many people are monitoring the camera feeds? so if there is a crime in
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progress, will there be anyone that can monitor the feed live time? >> no because that's just not possible right now. we have to have reliable wi-fi service that has high security. >> if we need to retrieve the video, we physically go out to the camera unit and download the video. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. employees can monitor live camera feeds in b.a.r.t.'s maintenance shop from b.a.r.t. platforms and in bartel rate is but not on the train -- b.a.r.t. elevators but not on the train. >> the train operator can punch in and see each car live from his cab. that's a huge improvement. we don't have that in these old cars. >> reporter: until the new train cars roll out, passengers say the new cameras give them a heightened sense of security. juliette goodrich, kpix5. someone removing weeds with power equipment sparked this grassfire that ran right up to some homes in san jose. you can see the burn area goes right to the edge of the properties near lost ranch road. fire crews attacked it from the
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ground and air as homeowners did what they could to defend their ground. >> it's like it's a liquid flowing towards you. you see it in the distance and then the next thing you know it's right up against you and you feel the heat. so i was standing there with a hose trying to keep everything wet in the immediate vicinity of my house. >> crews had the 10-acre fire contained late this afternoon. near burbank tonight a few dozen people still forced from their homes because of this brushfire that broke out in the hills this afternoon. flames started racing up hillsides towards people's backyards. luckily no homes were burned. at last check the fire was 80% contained. in san luis obispo county another fire destroyed a ranch belonging to big bang theory star johnny gelecke. he was not home. there was exposed wiring seen in the ghost ship warehouse two months before
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last year's devastating fire that killed 36 people. the information is part of an amended lawsuit that now includes the city of oakland, alameda county and state of california. the suit claims the agencies failed to shut down what they call a crowded fire trap. ' some of the victims lived illegally in make shift artist studios and couldn't get out of the warehouse when that fire started last october. tonight we're learning the man accused of shooting a sacramento sheriff's deputy in the face also has ties to a grisly crime in the bay area. police are saying nickory span wounded the deputy after somehow removing his service weapon. the deputy had surgery on his jaw. span was once a suspect in a 2008 double murder in mountain view and ultimately pled no contest to receiving stolen property and being an accessory after the fact. he was sentenced to 16 months in prison and given credit for time served. now he is headed back to court
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again expected to face a judge in two days on a charge of attempted murder on a peace officer. tonight fremont police may have finally gotten the break they needed to solve a nearly 30-year-old cold case. maria medina on the new evidence that could lead to a killer. >> reporter: he's only had the case for six months. >> i am the cold case homicide investigatorror here. >> reporter: but already jacob blast said he may be closer than ever to determining who killed sheri lynn muhleman in 1989. this parking lot is where sheri's home once stood where she lived with her boy friend and young daughter, the home where fremont police believe she was murdered. her body was never found. >> it's believed that the boyfriend was still there at the time and the daughter goes off to school and after this we aren't the sky sure what happened. >> reporter: since day one police deemed sheri's boyfriend michael abraham a person of
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interest. he refused to take a polygraph test and they haven't talked to him since 1996 when the case solved, but that could soon change. the detective said six months ago credible witnesses came forward with new statements that were helping him relook at evidence. he plans to talk to abraham again. >> hopefully he'll be cooperative. >> reporter: he's hoping to finally find sheri for her family whose waited nearly three decades for answers about who killed her and why. >> it's been a 28 year loss. with any cold case when you deal with a fell and talking to them after 28 -- family and talking to them after 28 years you reopen a large wound. >> reporter: sheri was pregnant when she disappeared. she would have been 53 years old today. of course, police are asking anyone with information that would have helped solve this case to come forward. maria medina, kpix5. neighbors would be seeing something the size of a refrigerator on a street pole
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and could do nothing to stop it. >> not in my backyard, how neighborhoods are fighting back against cell phone tires. >> a chopper lobbying grenades, tonight the chopper found but not the pilot. >> a community has been cut off for months, but tonight big sur has a new plan to get around endless road closures and bring tourists back into town.
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attacked government buildings in a stolen helicopter. he circled the supreme court and interior ministry in caracas fo erday... a manhunt in venezuela for a rogue police pilot that attacked buildings in a police helicopter. he circled a court and administrative building in caracas for two hours lobbing
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grenades. the helicopter was found today about 50 miles from the capital city. investigators suspect the person who stole it was identified as oscar perez. friends say perez was upset about venezuela's growing political crisis and he's still on the run tonight. the healthcare battle came to a head on capitol hill today. ice >>officers drug away protesters after they gathered in a senate office building chanting against the latest plan to overhaul healthcare. republican senators just delayed a vote on the bill because they don't currently have enough support to get it passed. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell now trying to gain the necessary votes behind closed doors. a dozen republican senators are opposed to the bill in its current form and three new national polls show so are most americans. with just 16, 12 and 17% approving the plan, democrats say they could make the difference. >> we believe we can fix the affordable care act and make it
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more affordable for people across the united states if we do it on a bipartisan basis. >> i've said all along that i thought we should talk to the democrats from the beginning. >> with zero democratic votes it would only take three republican no's for the senate bill to fail. democrats say they're willing to talk about making improvements to existing law. republican senators are working on revising their bill this week. california cities are fighting back tonight against a plan to put up tens of thousands of new cell phone towers. phil matier tells us one of them could end up in your backyard whether you like it or not. >> 5g wireless has the potential to be a game changer. >> reporter: but to pave the way for that game change telecom companies need to put up between 30,000 to 50,000 of these small cell antennas including several likely in your town over the next five years, but with only limited local say. >> local neighborhoods would be seeing something the size of a refrigerator showing up on a street pole and they could say
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nothing to stop it. >> a library, a school. >> on traffic signals, on light poles. this would give the companies free reign to install these small cells on any public infrastructure and we would have no ability to say no. >> reporter: on the other hand, the new network could also mean much faster internet service and keep california on the innovative cutting edge. >> california of the epicenter of the last internet services resolution and can and should be the epicenter of the next one. >> this investment and job creation will follow. >> reporter: as for concerns about local say? >> sp649 preserves local government's right to impose reasonable remember its. >> reporter: there's also -- terms. >> reporter: there's also the issue of money. the new rules would cap how much local cities and counties could charge telecom companies at $250 per antenna, a far cry from the $1,200 per antenna cities like san jose now get. >> you're talking about an industry that will net $500
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billion at fill buildout. >> reporter: this has passed out of the senate and if today's 6-1 vote with a couple abstentions is any indication, it will do well on the assembly as well. in walnut creek, phil matier, kpix5. new clues how a global cyber attack started, but it's not clear who is responsible. some of the u.s. targeted companies include pharmaceutical giant merck. cookie manufacturer nabisco and tnt express delivery, a company fedex uses. the hackers also hit banks in europe. now it appears they used software in ukraine as a gateway. the largest terminal at the port of los angeles was closed a second day. a danish shipping company confirms it was affected by the cyber attack. homeland security is investigating. tonight the ftc is urging anyone with a computer to back up their files at least once a week just in case. meanwhile big sur has a
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backup plan of its own tonight to keep the tourist dollars flowing in after those winter storms left that community largely cut off. paul dudley on the new shuttle service launching just in time for the holiday weekend. >> reporter: at the fernwood resort in big sur manager diana balentien is ready for a big weekend. >> it's been a tough year, a year of constant change. >> reporter: a tough winter damaged the canyon bridge so badly it needed to be demolished cutting the community in two and highway 1 is still blocked on the south side. >> when the ridge slides on the south of us came, the electric went out and the phones didn't work. we were stranded up. >> reporter: a shuttle service is set to start up on saturday in the hopes of getting back to some sort of normalcy. >> our guests will get to take advantage of that and get
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shuttled over to the south part of our big sur valley. >> reporter: one shuttle will pick folks up in the afternoon at the state park and make stops at the river inn, fernwood resort and pfeiffer big sur state park and visitors will be able to hike around the bridge to the other side, a place i'm told has been very quiet since the community was cut in half. >> we walk down the highway the middle of the night every night for a walk after dinner. >> reporter: a shuttle on the southern side will leave every 15 minutes from loma vista. >> i think it's a unique opportunity. people will come to see that part of big sur without very much traffic at all by vehicle. it's really quiet. it's very beautiful. >> and it's affordable. a day pass for the shuttle is just five bucks. children 12 and under will ride free. oakland raiders running back marshawn lynch making a splash with bay area kids tonight. he announced on twitter he's giving away 2,000 tickets to raging waters. kids can pick up their free
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tickets at beast mode store in oakland through saturday valid one day only. next wednesday, july 5th. i know ken and paul will both be there. ken, you'll be there, right? >> absolutely, with my water wings. >> snorkel. >> safety first. july 5th looks warm in san jose where that water park is. let's take a trip to hawaii. why don't we? that's not hawaii. that is golden gate park, looks like hawaii, one of the beautiful waterfalls. fred more or less always sends us great pictures. -- morales always sends us great pictures. this is today at golden gate park. 60 degrees, concord, oakland and san jose currently, upper 50s for livermore, san francisco now foggy and 56 degrees, santa rosa 55. overnight mid-50s for most locations including fremont, 54, livermore 53, pacifica foggy and 52, santa rosa 50 degrees overnight, sunrise 5:50 tomorrow morning. we are warming up inland 5 degrees warmer as the winds are
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more coming from the north than the west, less ocean influence, but heading right to the beach. the northwest wind off the chilly ocean is keeping you chilly, upper 50s, low 60s and cloudy. the reason why? a ridge of high pressure which is strong but not terribly close still promoting the lightest of onshore flows. so if you live or work near the water, the weather won't change much. morning cloud cover and afternoon sunshine is still chilly. away from the water this will minimize or eliminate your ocean influence and allow temperatures to climb. you'll get more sunshine as well. look at the lack of clouds inland, north bay, east bay, south bay tomorrow morning. almost everyone is sunny tomorrow morning. what to expect? afternoon highs taken a climb starting tomorrow. inland is back to the upper 80s to low 90s, only a few did he above average. we'll stay much cooler -- few degrees above average. we'll stay much cooler near the water. vallejo hits 80 tomorrow, san
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jose 81, only 58 in pacifica, hottest day is friday, low to mid-90s, staying warm inland. next week fireworks july 4th, likely some clouds near the bay. >> go inland. >> crystal clear. >> thank you, paul. he may be the most wanted little kitten in the bay area tonight. the lucky stray with quite a story to tell. >> and here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert.
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. wi a bay area kitten rescued from the middle of the golden gate bridge will soon be up for adoption. >> got the line starting right over there. his name is bridges and he arrived at the marin humane society. he was found stuck in the mobile gate barrier saturday. for the past few days he's stayed with one of the chp officers who saved him and he found a cozy place to hang out. >> he spent most of yesterday inside one of my shoes in my closet. >> reporter: do you have people lined up for this cat already? >> not yet because people don't
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know he's coming in. >> little guy's name is bridges, now getting an exam, vaccinations, microchip, might be a little surgery involved as well. he should be ready to adopt in the next few days. >> cutie. the giants korean rookie gives everybody a lesson in american beer. >> and did draymond get a bowl of soup after wearing this number at the nba awards? vern glenn finds out next.
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dollars in korea to play for the giants this year..but he was stuck in the minor leagues until the team finally gave him a shot today jae-gyun hwang turned down $9 million to play for the giants this year, but he was stuck in the minor leagues till the team finally gave him his shot today and in his 3rd at bat against the rockies t hwang -- ttwang had his first major league home run for his first major league hit and put the giants ahead of the rockies. hwang got a beer shower in the clubhouse. >> there's not such a thing in korea, but i've gotten to know there is such a thing personally a few moments ago, but i was actually surprised
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with how cold the beer was. oh, that looked like it hurt, off his knee, very painful, but he says he'll be okay. a lot of runs tonight in houston. astros up 7-5. josh reddick serves one into left, an r.b.i. reddick three hits tonight, houston beat the a's 11-8. kris davis had two home runs for oakland. they're still talking about that nba awards show monday night. draymond green was general manager. bob meyers at monte vista high school today to show off draymond's defenseman of the year award. he told vern the teal tux with shorts came from his stylist. >> he brought it to new york and when he pulled it out of the bag, i was excited and when i put it on, i said i'm really fresh. i'm going to enjoy this one tonight, but that was a statement. >> reporter: okay. >> it was a look.
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it was a style, but that was a statement and i think it made a statement. >> now vern did not follow up what was the statement you were trying to make? >> he's missing half his suit? >> yeah. but i think it's hey, we're the nba champions of the world. we can do whatever we darn well please. >> talk to the hand. >> yeah. and he can. >> looks good on you, though. >> wow. >> we'll be right back.
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in the meantime have a good night! >> good night. captioning sponsored by cbs >> it's been confirmed by disney that an anamatronnic version of president donald trump will have a speaking role at its hall of presidents attraction at walt disney world in florida. >> it has come to my attention that they're going to let the president trump anamatronnic bot speak. there's only one way to escape my plight. i have decided to secede from the hall of presidents. to paraphrase me-- a house divided against itself can go to hell. i'm joining the country bear jamboree. ♪ a bear don't we're no underwear ♪


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