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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 29, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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is paying up after police put a crime victim behind bars. kpix 5's joe vazquez on the settlement the city attorney says shows san francisco remains committed to its sanctuary city policies. >> reporter: he had gone to the police station because his stolen car had been recovered. but then san francisco police officers arrested pedro figueroa-zarcena an undocumented immigrant and handed him over to federal immigration officers. it happened in december 2015 right in front of his young child. [ speaking spanish ] pappy, pappy! >> at this point, my little girl was crying, saying, papa, papa, daddy, daddy, and she was really emotionally stressed. >> reporter: figueroa spent two months behind bars and then filed a lawsuit alleging the city violated its own sanctuary city policy. police later said they were sorry. >> i apologize because a mistake was made. and i am saddened that his daughter had to feel pain. >> reporter: instead of fighting the lawsuit, we
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learned the city attorney has agreed to pay figueroa $190,000 in a settlement. figueroa's lawyer says it sends a message. >> it's all the more important to san francisco to stand up for its values. he was the victim of crime. he had been robbed of his car. if somebody can't go into the sfpd and do that, then it creates a situation where, um, you have less public safety. >> it's a shameful way of taxpayer dollars. we have a settlement being offered here that likely would not be awarded by any jury. >> reporter: san francisco republican party chair jason clark. >> san francisco is making a sham of our immigration laws. there was a warrant out for his arrest and the police did the right thing by detaining him and then did the right thing again by turning him over to immigration authorities. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> the settlement came on the same day that the president held an immigration roundtable. the meeting was with a group of victims of crimes caused by illegal immigrants. today, the house will vote on
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two immigration bills one that would cut funding to sanctuary cities. part of the president's travel ban is going into effect today. the supreme court decided to partially reinstate it. people coming into the u.s. from six mainly muslim countries will have to prove they have business or close family member in the states extended family like grandparents, in-laws and even fiancees do not count. meanwhile, the government is increasing security on family flights coming into the u.s. kpix 5's sharon chin explains. >> reporter: get ready for tighter security for all international commercial flights into the u.s. homeland security secretary john kelly says it applies to domestic and foreign airlines arriving from more than 280 airports in 105 countries. >> we cannot play international whack a mole with each new threat. instead, we mutt put in place new measures -- we must put in place new measures across the board to make it harder for terrorists to succeed. >> reporter: he didn't give
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specifics but the new rules will include enhanced passenger screening, increasing security protocols around planes and passenger areas, expanding the use of bomb detecting dogs, and heightened screening of personal electronic devices. >> these measures will be both seen and unseen. and they will be phased in overtime. >> reporter: officials are responding to u.s. intelligence indicating terrorists are looking to bomb planes by disguising explosives as laptop batteries. three months ago the trump administration banned laptops from the passenger cabin on flights from 10 middle eastern and african airports. the new directive prevents expanding the laptop restrictions to other airports. >> the more security they do the better. it's more inconvenient, we'll just need to get used to it. >> i'd rather be safe than sorry. they can do whatever they want. >> reporter: the new measures affect 325,000 travelers on 2,000 flights a day. at sfo, sharon chin, kpix 5.
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homeland security says if the airlines refuse to cooperate, the u.s. could ban laptops on carry-ons and possibly prevent airlines from even flying into american airspace. some tense moments for homeowners in san jose after someone removing weeds with power equipment sparked this grass fire. the burn area goes right to the edge of some properties near lost ranch road. fire crews attacked from the ground and the air and homeowners pitched in to defend their own properties. >> it's a liquid flowing toward you. it's in the distance and then it's right up against you and you feel the heat so i was standing there with a hose trying to keep everything wet in the immediate vicinity of my house. >> crews had the ten acre fire contained by the late afternoon. that is not the case in southern california where a number of fires are still burning near burbank. a few dozen people were forced to evacuate because of this brush fire that broke out in the hills yesterday. flames raced uphill sides
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toward people's backyards but didn't reach any home. the fire is 80% contained. in san luis obispo county, another fire destroyed a ranch blocking to "big bang theory" star johnny galecki. the actor was not home when it burned. that fire is about 75% contained. state approved fireworks are on sale now. in dublin local nonprofit organizations are selling "safe and sane" fireworks. they are considered less dangerous since they don't explode or leave the ground. dublin is one of a few cities in the bay area where you can purchase and light up your own fireworks. >> they include a lot of sparklers and fountains. you won't have those heavy explosives for safety concerns. those are no longer sanctioned in cities like dublin. the highest any of our fawn tanks go is 8 to 9 feet. they will emit colorful displays, some have a little sound to them but nothing too overbearing for the community members.
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>> the fireworks can only be used on the 4th of july between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. a new app will help people anonymously report illegal fireworks. the program from tnt fireworks is called nail 'em. all you have to do is take a photo or audio clip including the time and location and the report will be submitted to the proper authorities. >> nail 'em. >> nail 'em. >> that's a proper term. yikes. >> it's already happening. last night my dog was bark, boy, i couldn't sleep because she kept barking because she could hear the fireworks going off around the neighborhood. >> already. >> people randomly setting them off. i think it was 10:45 when she finally settled down so i thought oh, boy it's going to be fun between now and july 5. the morning of july 5. >> see how much sleep you get between now and then. >> if you want to discourage people from setting off fireworks tell them to google jason pierre-paul who blew off part of his hand with illegal fireworks. >> out the door, we have low
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overcast at the coast. this is a typical summertime pattern here in the bay area. it's overcast in the coast screaming into the east bay hills. not as much this morning in the north bay. temperatures 50 to 59 degrees. breezy in the area. 23-mile-per-hour winds in fairfield. winds will be variable during the late afternoon hours 10 to 20 breezy late day. clouds hang tight to the coast. saturate the bay again move into the east bay hills. patchy into morgan hill and santa cruz. temperatures are going up as high pressure slides into the western states. 50s and 60s at the immediate seashore today backing all the way to moss and montara beaches. mid-70s in santa cruz. 82 degrees redwood city today.
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same in palo alto. east palo alto. 80 in los altos. we bump up to the mid-80s towards morgan hill and los gatos, saratoga. low 80s from san jose through santa clara which is pretty spot on for this time of the year. as we go to the eastern portion of our bay area topping off at 87 degrees in pleasanton, that again is where we should be for this 29th day of the month of june. low 90s in brentwood today. 88 in pittsburg. so the warmer temperatures will be east of the bay. then towards american canyon 70s and 80s. 66 stinson beach. we'll see only partial clearing at best breezy brisk winds up to 20 to 25. it will be in the 80s from petaluma into novato and 93 degrees in cloverdale bested by mid-90s in clearlake. full forecast and the 4th of july forecast coming up. jaclyn?
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>> we have a couple of accidents. we are definitely starting off with an active start to our morning commute. bay bridge toll plaza exceptional exceptional this morning into the city. everything cleared to the shoulder at brokaw. out of fremont we are tracking an earlier problem looks like we're seeing slowdowns along mission boulevard but 680 moving at the limit in both directions. and a wind advisory just to tell you about if you are heading through the altamont pass, keep a firm grip on the wheel. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. one of the most wanted kittens in the bay area is looking for a forever home. his name is bridges. there he is. cute. he was rescued by chp officers from the golden gate bridge this weekend. one dropped him off at the marin humane society yesterday. >> he spent most of yesterday inside one of my shoes in my
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closet. >> he have people lined up for this cat already? >> not yet. people don't know about him. >> bridges is now getting an exam, vaccinations and microchip. he should be ready to adopt soon but the marin humane society says, you know, he will probably get taken quickly but there are a lot of other cute kittens and cats who need new homes. i'm a huge cat advocate. get one! a kitty for everyone! 4:14. the battle heats up in washington as protestors try to confront lawmakers on capitol hill about the new healthcare plan. >> businesses in big sur have a new plan to bring in tourists for the holiday weekend. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. rogue police pilot who attacked government buildings in a stolen helicopter. he circled the supreme court and interior ministry in caracas firing guns an venezuela may be spiraling toward civil war. authorities are looking for a rogue police pilot who attacked government buildings in a stolen helicopter. he circled the supreme court and interior ministry in
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caracas firing guns and lobbing grenades. no one was hurt. venezuelan authorities found it yesterday about 50 miles from the capital city. venezuela has seen mass protests and widespread violence over the country's president to rewrite the constitution in the middle of economic crisis. republican leaders are revising the healthcare plan to get more gop senator support. [ screaming ] >> yesterday, officers dragged away protestor after they gathered in a senate office building to voice their opposition to the bill. republicans had delayed a vote because they don't right now have enough support to get it passed. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is working behind closed doors to gain the necessary votes. a dozen republicans have raised objections to the bill in its current form. three polls show most americans don't like it with just 16, 12 and 17% approving the plan. democrats say they could make the difference. >> we believe we can fix the
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affordable care act and make it more affordable for people across the united states if we do it on a bipartisan basis. >> i have said all along that i thought we should talk to the democrats from the beginning. >> with zero democratic votes it would take only three republican "nos" north senate bill to fail. democrats say they are willing to talk about making improvements to existing law. gop leaders hope to unveil the revised plan tomorrow. big sur has a backup plan to boost tourism after winter storms left the community cut off. the new shuttle service is launching in time for the holiday weekend. >> reporter: at the fernwood resort in big sur the manager is ready for a busy weekend. >> it's been a tough year. it's been a year of change. >> reporter: a tough winter damaged the canyon pfeiffer bridge so badly it was demolished and the city cut in two and a slide is blocking highway 1 on the south side. >> when the bridge broke on the
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slides to the south of us came, the electric went out, the phone didn't work. hello. we were stranded. >> in hopes of getting back some sense of normalcy a shuttle service is set to start up on saturday. >> our guests will be able to take advantage of that and get shuttled over there and have an adventure on the south part of the big sur valley they normally would never get. >> reporter: one shuttle leaving every hour starting at noon will pick people up at a state park, make parts at an inn, resort and state park. once at pfeiffer big sur visitors can hike around the bridge to the other side a place that's been very quiet since the community was cut in half. >> front of our house we walk down the middle of the highway every night for a walk after dinner. >> reporter: there will be another shuttle on the southern side. it will leave from loma vista to in a pen that i every 15 minutes. >> it's a unique opportunity. people will come to see that
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part of big sur without traffic by vehicles. it's really quiet. very beautiful. >> that was paul dudley reporting. a day pass for the shuttle is $5. children 12 and under ride free. time is 4:47. >> i was just thinking about that because there are charity rides that go through the big sur coastline and there's still no plan. the best buddies that raises $4 million for mentally intellectually disadvantaged individuals, that's every september around the 11th. still, no word yet on how you're going to get around that big slide area on your bike. >> it is a relief to the community to get some way around temporarily. >> for now. >> maybe we'll walk around. >> good idea. gorgeous place for it. >> do some hiking. the good news about the 4th of july coming up is there's no big impending heat wave. we had that heat wave last week that lasted over five days which is very prolonged. today we're talking about a gradual warmup. temperatures right now into the 50s across the board.
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we do have the overcast skies looking out over the skyline. you can be sure to guarantee there will be some delays on some arriving flights at sfo. 40s santa rosa, 59 oakland and san jose. it's 54 degrees in livermore. and mid-50s common around the peninsula this morning. winds have been breezy pretty much around the lip of the bay all the way back through berkeley into richmond at 12, 13 san ramon this morning and 23-mile-per-hour winds in the fairfield area. we have had a robust sea breeze breeze. it extends into the east bay hills, not reaching santa rosa as of yet. but we still have that marine layer fetching all the way into the santa clara valley into morgan hill and gilroy. we'll see earlier burnoff and as a result we'll see some warmer conditions all the way through saturday. high pressure right here is building in over the western states. and it's cutting off that ocean
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flow. it is getting lighter. here's how you can plan your day today. here's your thursday at lunch hour. you can see that the clouds are hanging tight to san francisco. many people at at&t park getting sunburned. we have the extension of the marine layer all the way into the tri-valley by tomorrow morning. then it backed off warmer friday and saturday but gentle not like a real big warmup. temperatures today: >> good morning. right now we are tracking a
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commute that you will probably like if you are getting ready to head out through union city. we have a look at 880 right near whipple and traffic moving well in both directions. no reports of any crashes or stalls. nothing slowing you down. over along 680 there we have been tracking this accident. this is right near mission boulevard. we were tracking some slowdowns along that connector ramp but looks like it was -- we are still seeing a few delays. 680 remains in the green. in oakland 880 a smooth shot all the way up towards the bay bridge toll plaza. and you can see traffic nice and green. no delays. bay bridge toll plaza a backup in the cash lanes. looks like the shift change. other than that, speeds in the green as you as you make your way into san francisco. 10 minutes from the maze. time now 4:51. bart says it now has working
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surveillance cameras on its entire fleet. but why the system may not provide as much comfort as riders would have hoped.
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attack started. federal authorities say: it appears hackers used tax preparation software in ukraine as a gateway. companies all across t we're learning more about a massive cyber attack. hackers used tax preparation software in ukraine as a gateway. companies all across the world were targeted. and in the u.s., some of those included pharmaceutical giant merck, cookie and nabisco, and a fedex subsidiary. the largest terminal at the port of los angeles has also been closed for two days. a danish shipping company that works out of the port confirms it was affected by the recent cyber attack.
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the ftc is urging anyone with a computer to back up their files at least once a week just in case. bart riders will no longer have to guess whether the surveillance camera on their train works. but juliette goodrich found out the cameras may not be watching out for you as closely as you think. >> reporter: out with the decoy cameras. >> feel better that they have the cameras that are working. >> reporter: and in with brand- new working security cameras on all 669 bart trains. four cameras per train, all of them installed and ready to record. and they provide very good quality images. >> so if something happens on board a car, police can pull it, we now have video of you, we have your image that we can share with police. >> reporter: bart's fake cameras came to light after a fatal shooting on a train january 2016. there was no video of the murder. the only still photo taken was from the platform. the killer is still at large. >> and now that they have these cameras installed on every, single bart train, the question
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now is, how many people are monitoring the camera feed? so if there is a crime in progress, will there be anyone who monitors the feed live? >> no because that's just not possible right now. we have to have reliable wi-fi service that has high security. >> if we need to retrieve a video we physically go out to the camera unit and download the video. >> reporter: bart employees can monitor live camera feeds in bart's maintenance shops from bart's platforms and in bart elevators but not on the trains. >> the new train cars, the train operators can actually punch in and see each car live from his cab. that's a huge improvement. we don't have that in these old cars. >> reporter: until the new train cars roll out, passengers say these new cameras do give them a heightened sense of security. juliette goodrich, kpix 5. new clues into last year's warehouse fire that left 36 people dead. a worker with the oakland fire department claims to have seen exposed wiring in the ghost
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ship warehouse two months before the tragedy. the information is part of an amended lawsuit that includes the city of oakland, alameda county and the state of california. the suit claims that the agencies failed to shut down a crowded fire trap. an estimated 100 people were inside the warehouse for a music show on the night the fire started last december. most of the victims killed were trapped upstairs unable to escape from a makeshift stairway. people in palo alto could be in for some sticker shock on the next city utility bill. palo alto weekly reports that rates are going up on everything starting july 1. the biggest boost? a 10.8% hike on electricity rates. gas, water, trash and storm water fees are also going up between 4 and 5% each. altogether the rate changes will add about $6.79 to the average monthly bill. the north bay's newest transportation system, how you can get a free preview. i'm jessica flores with the details coming up.
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i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. and i'm kenny choi. good morning, it is thursday, june 29. thanks for joining us. i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside on this thursday morning. a live look at 880 in oakland on your right. traffic moving freely right now. it's looking good but foggy. "june gloom" roberta says. >> that's right. >> it's a very typical summertime weather pattern not only is it overcast but it is brisk. we have had some very strong winds all week long at this hour. today is no different up to 23 in fairfield. 13 right now right there next to the bay. 48 degrees that's the coolest temperature so far this week in santa rosa. i felt the difference heading out this morning.
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did you? it's really refreshing. i kind of liked it! livermore 53. mid-50s in san francisco. wind speeds 11 san francisco and oakland as well as in berkeley. 12 throughout the san ramon valley. we are now at 21. this is my data in the fairfield area, napa at 14. sure, we are shrouded in a deck of low clouds and fog. that marine layer is roughly compressed to about 1500 feet deep. now, that is not as deep as yesterday which leads me to believe we'll see earlier burnoff. temperatures today you can count on 50s and low 60s with partial late day clearing at the seashore. 70s and 80s around the peninsula and good morning to you in sunnyvale 80 degrees. low 80s in san jose and guess what. that's where you should be for this time of the year. high 70s from milpitas through union city


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