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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  June 29, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and the lawyers that are planning to gather at sfo. >> it's unfortunate that american politics devolved. >> the threats now directed at california's assembly speaker after he blocked the state's proposed single payor healthcare bill. good morning, it is thursday, june 29. i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. first let's start with traffic and weather. jaclyn is tracking our commute this morning. how's it looking? >> it's looking busy. we have a combination of the morning commute and then we have some getaway holiday traffic. so it's getting busy and crowded on the freeways. if you are heading out, be prepared for some extra folks on your ride heading into work. right now over at the bay bridge toll plaza, in the yellow from the maze into san francisco. just under a 20-minute ride. the metering lights are on. traffic backed up well into the foot of the maze. the eastshore freeway still in the green looking good. 20 minutes. however, we are getting reports of quite a bit of lumber
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spilled in the road along interstate 80 near cummings parkway. traffic is moving along in both directions not too many cars out there. they might have just cleared that debris. westbound 580 from 205 tosix 680, 30 minutes. we have some sunshine in our inland areas, mount vaca, isn't this gorgeous? it's summertime in the bay area. the sun is making an appearance official sunrise was at 5:50. and at 6:01 we're socked in. that's your typical "june gloom" at the coast into the bay. marching inland this morning, but not quite as widespread as 24 hours ago. this is the coolest temperature i have seen all week in santa rosa at 47 degrees. otherwise it's 60 now in san jose. that's a big gap in the temperatures. here's the marine layer. more compressed this morning at 1100 feet compared to yesterday at 2,000 feet and notice it
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doesn't supreme as far to the north as 24 hours -- stream as far to the north as 24 hours, it does to the south but not to the east. we'll see earlier burnoff today. mid-60s in pacifica at rockaway beach. same around moss and montara beaches. low 60s half moon bay daly city and colma. 70 in oakland through richmond. mid-70s around the peninsula. then we start to go up into the 80s and 90s away from the bay inland. still robust winds up to 20 miles per hour. your 4th of july forecast is coming up at 18 after the hour. let's send it over to anne. a revised version of president trump's travel ban goes into effect today. kpix 5's jackie ward live at sfo to tell us how this will affect people planning a trip to the u.s. >> reporter: this is in place and will stay that way for 90 days. this is a partial reinstatement of an executive order that was introduced a few months ago.
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it affects people in six countries: syria, iran, libya, sudan, yemen and somalia. the part that gets confusing is the fact that the supreme court left its ruling open for case by case exceptions so people who qualify for entry include those who have obtained a student or working visa or for people who have a family member who lives here. but that does not include family members like grandparents, aunts, uncle, fiancees to name a few. government lawyers have to determine how to define such a relationship. we spoke to [ non-english language ] the director of the council on american-islamic relations and says this ban is a temporary setback and fears it will inspire more hate crimes. >> endorsing discrimination gives license to those who might carry out attacks. >> reporter: about five months ago when president trump signed the first version of the travel ban executive order, chaos ensued at airports across the country. some travelers were being
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questioned for hours and protestors took over arrival areas. that is not what we are expecting today. here or at at any airport. but there may be confusion so lawyers will be on hand at 7 a.m. to answer questions. at sfo, jackie ward, kpix 5. south korea's new president visits president trump at the white house today. he will also meet with congressional leaders and hold a news conference and attend a special white house dinner. among the items on the discussion agenda, the rising tensions in the korean peninsula because of north korea's recent missile tests and threats. happening today, house republicans are expected to take up a pair of proposed bills that crackdown on illegal immigration. one of the bills would prevent sanctuary jurisdictions from receiving certain federal grants. and ahead of that vote, california's attorney general becerra led a group of ten states in filing a court brief
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which supports san francisco, oakland and several other california cities that challenge president trump's executive order. in a statement, he said: localities to do immigration wo dangerous game that undermines ic safety." th bill up for a vote day is called "kate' which boosts penal or immigrants w o re- enter the u-s after be rted. it is name kate steinle- who was shot led in san >> the second bill up for a vote today is called kate's law that boosts penalties for immigrants to try to re-enter the united states illegally after being deported. it's named after kate steinle who was shot and killed in san francisco by an undocumented immigrant who was deported five times previously. president trump frequently discussed the murder on the campaign trail last year. president trump tweeted about the vote in part saying, quote, lawmakers must vote to put american safety first. hashtag, save american lives. a surprise decision by assembly speaker anthony rendon to block the state's proposed single payor healthcare bill is still getting a lot of
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backlash. he now has additional safety measures in place after death threats started rolling into his office. among the threats were tweets saying, quote, i pray someone checks his schedule for baseball practice. >> this is unfortunately unfortunately a part of what we sort of see fairly frequently. the fact that they threaten my family was disconcerting to say the least. but again, what really worries me is the false sense and the false expectations that people have that this program would have provided services to anyone. >> the california nurses association disagrees with him. >> we want the speakers to take that bill and to move it forward and put it to the assembly and we will work with him on, um, um, the funding, um, we'll work together. he is for single payor so let's do it. >> she says the threats are not
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from her organization. san francisco sets the highest bail in the u.s. between 10 and $15 million is spent on nonrefundable bail fees each year. supervisor hilary ronen who represents the mission district says she plans to introduce a resolution next month that would urge the san francisco superior court system to reduce bail amounts. she is also planning to examine establishing a revolving loan fund to help people pay bail who can't afford it. next week after a year-long engagement effort sonoma county will start accepting cannabis business per in its. it's legalized. local governments are allowed to establish rules for cultivation of steals of recreational marijuana. on july 5 the permit center is expecting a high volume of cannabis customers and will be extending hours for the occasion. people in palo alto could be in for some sticker shock on the next city utility bill. palo alto weekly reports that rates are going up on
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everything starting july 1. the biggest boost, a 10.8% hike on electricity. gas, water, trash and storm water fees are also going up from 4 to 5% each. all told, the rate changes will add about $6.79 to the average monthly bill. a new transportation system is getting ready to launch in the bay area and today you can ride it for free. jessica flores joins us in san rafael with a preview of the new smart train. jessica. >> reporter: well, kenny, it's the soft launch of the north bay's newest transportation system. and officials here say they are still sorting out logistics like the full train schedule but today with free rides they are saying they are on the right track. the public can preview the train starting in rohnert park. it will go to marin county civic center stop. the sonoma-marin area rail transit board calls the train an alternative for commuters. the smart rail corridor parallels highway 101 which caltrans ranked one of the most
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congested drives in the bay area. the smart train can carry 300 people and will eventually run ten stops from san rafael to santa rosa at 70 miles per hour. if you work in the marin county civic center, this will be a good option for you today. it starts at rohnert park 8 a.m., 10 a.m., noon and 2 p.m., and returns at 4 p.m. and late other in the afternoon, as well. jessica flores, kpix 5. 6:09. you could soon see changes at sfo. next, the new security measures for all commercial flights coming into the u.s. >> and here we go from the kpix weather center. good morning, everybody. sure, it's "june gloom" today. but i'm going to talk about the effect it will have on your first weekend of july. >> and things still moving well if you are making your way through oakland along 880 but we are tracking a new problem along 680. the details coming up. >> plus, spending the summer learning about science.
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security is demanding just as the summer travel season gets under way the department of homeland security is demanding that airlines and airplanes around the world tied en security to prevent terrorists from smuggling bombs in electronic devices. the threat to aviation is so severe that the homeland security secretary issued this warning to airports and airlines operating overseas. >> those who choose not to cooperate or are slow to adopt these measures could be subject to other restrictions including a ban on electronic devices on aircraft or even a suspension of their flights into the united states. >> the new measures apply to
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flights to the u.s. from 280 airports in 105 countries. among the changes, enhancing overall passenger screening, as well as increasing security protocols around aircraft and in passenger areas. and expanding the use of bomb detecting dogs and heightened screening of personal electronic devices. oakland airport is trying to help passengers sign up for tsa precheck. a preenrollment pop-up next month you can stop by terminal 2 between july 10 and 21. you preenroll online, bring money and identification. you will get an interview and background check. travelers part of the precheck don't have to remove shoes or bags in security lines and i have to say, it's brilliant! tsa precheck, it's great. it's so much easier. you just breeze on through. this weekend thousands of people are going to be hitting the roads for the big july 4th holiday. >> jaclyn has a look at what you need to know before you hit
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the roads. >> 43 million travelers expected for this holiday weekend the most ever that they have ever seen for 4th of july holiday so record-breaking it's up 1.25 million since last year so if you are hitting the roads you're going to be in good company or the skies that we have got a lot of folks flying over the 4th of july holiday, as well. please be careful out there. leave some extra space and extra time and plan ahead and if you are flying sfo delays they are expected to be the third worst in the country. good luck. hopefully you have the pass that ann was talking about precheck. yes. let's check the roads. we are tracking an accident southbound 680 at parish road has a far left lane blocked. speeds down to 35 miles per hour.
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this backup stretching along southbound 680. we are tracking some problems along highway 35. right near skyline. we have some trees down in the roadblocking lanes so do expect some slowdowns through that stretch. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. we are going to keep relying on this particular view because this is the only view i have of some sunshine around the bay area from mount vaca looking in the direction of mount diablo. we have clear skies. otherwise, shrouded in a deck of low clouds and fog. it's the marine layer. it's "june gloom" and we have cloudy skies at the coast through the bay. not as overcast in the north bay as 24 hours ago. 47 degrees. that's the coolest temperatures itch i have seen in weeks in santa rosa. 50s in the tri-valley. winds have been strong this morning now beginning to dial
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back around the oakland and richmond areas. 20 fairfield. variable winds later today. i just lost my weather watchers. we'll check back in with them later. satellite-radar confirms stratus hugging the san mateo coast. there you have the intrusion 50 miles towards the east patchy to the north solid to the south but we'll see earlier burnoff today. so direct result of that earlier burnoff is going to be warmer everywhere today with additional warming on friday and saturday. by the 4th of july, seasonal temperatures return. so our ocean flow that westerly robust wind is becoming a little bit lighter due to high pressure building in. so we will see some sunshine at justin herman plaza around lunchtime today. yesterday it took between about 1 and 1:30 for the sun to peek through that deck of stratus. we'll still see a little hint of some clouds around the san mateo coastline and pushing back onshore overnight tomorrow morning at this time not as
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cloudy and then again we will have the warmer conditions as we march towards the holiday weekend. 94 degrees at sacramento. triple digits in fresno and redding. 78 degrees currently 36 in the high sierra. so that's a big temperature spread if you are head there is. now, here, that's the number one destination place people are traveling within the state of california for the holiday. 60s in monterey bay. so as we take a look at that tahoe forecast we'll see temperatures in the 78 to 80- degree range over the weekend, as well. 5:50 your official sunrise. today's temperatures seasonal for the most part. 80 in san jose and low 80s around the santa clara valley through los gatos into saratoga. 87 degrees guerneville, occidental and healdsburg. 90 in fairfield through rio vista. the extended forecast calls for that gentle warmup each day and then as we slide towards the weekend, or towards the
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holiday, then we do have the seasonal highs. alameda county fairgrounds 88 degrees at the midway. grab a corn dog and have a great time. kenny and anne? >> well, ten years ago, well, ten years ago, some ucsf staff members came up with an idea to host a free science camp for underrepresented students in the san francisco public school system. it's this week's "cool camp." to kick-off the morning, these students are learn exotic b >> exoskeleton on the outside. >> reporter: to kick off the morning these students are ke cool? this c learning about some exotic bugs. >> this camp is, like, it's, like, --i learn so much just in two days. >> reporter: what makes this camp cool? >> well, this camp is cool because, um, we do a lot of stuff here, like, um we are holding bugs right now and yesterday we did some water science. >> reporter: the week long camp will include lessons on buoyancy with students making and testing out their own boats. and, of course, rocket science. >> it inspires you to create things at home and learn new
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things. >> they encourage you to come up with different ideas and different ways to solve your problems and that was inspiring. >> the eastern lubber grasshopper. >> reporter: 50 students who qualify for the free program will get to learn from some of the top science minds at the world-renowned ucsf institution. >> we're all doing lots of fun experiments and you can learn a lot. >> it's a thrill to be part of something that you feel is touching young people so that they will select science or appreciate science. we have speakers from all, like, ethnic backgrounds having them talk about, you know, different science fields like nursing, um, being a medical doctor a nurse, dentist, pharmacist. so we have everything. and so they are able to see all the different careers they can go into. >> it helps kids learn more about science that you never knew. ab camp?
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you can e-mail your nominaton to us at: cool camps at kpix-dot-com. we may come and feature your camp on the show. >> what's coo l about your school? email your nomination to us at cool and we may come and feature your school on the show. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the giants korean rookie gave everybody a lesson in american beer and a little scare for an a's slugger as they try and extend their winning streak. both stories coming up.
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good morning, everybody. jae-gyun hwang turned down $9 million in korea to play for the giants this year. but it was stuck in the minor leagues until the team finally gave him his shot yesterday. in his third at bat against the rockies he lit up a country.
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[ non-english language ] >> his first major league home run is also his first major league hit and to put the giants head for good. they we want is rockies, hwang got an unfamiliar beer shower in the clubhouse. they swept the rockies. >> there's not such a thing in korea but i have gotten to know there is such a thing personally. just a few moments ago. but i was actually more surprised by how cold the beer was. >> i tell you what, this guy needs a beer. oh!! alonso off his knee in houston. good news he said he is going to be okay. we'll find out more today. a lot of runs in houston yesterday. astros up 7-5. you know that swing, that's josh redick. three hits yesterday. that's an rbi. houston beats the a's 11-8. khris davis had a pair of home runs in that game. so the giants, hey, they won three in a row. while the rockies now have lost eight in a row. maybe the giants are finding the winning ways.
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i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. le. "dub nation" your chance to celebrate the warriors. the 2017 championship trophy tour is stopping at dunk contest stores today. yeah, we checked. that's the name of the stores. they're call dunk contest and they are all over the bay area. you can snap a picture with the trophy yourself. the first stop is burlingame at 11:00 and then the san mateo store at 4:00. time now 6:26. next, the new clues on how a global cyber attack started. >> reporter: president trump's travel ban is partially reinstated and taking effect today. we'll tell you the six countries affected by this. [ indistinct chatter ]
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[ intense music playing ]
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we're working very hard. we have again ourselves a little bit more time to make it it perfect. that's what we want to do. >> reporter: the meetings and way on capitol hill as senate republicans work to gain the necessary votes to pass the healthcare bill be and the impact on california. plus -- >> it's been a tough year a year of constant change. >> after being closed off for months, there is finally a way for tourists to get into big sur. >> and -- >> i feel naked without it. got to have my phone. >> today apple's iphone turns 10. a look back at how far the device has come since it was first released and the look
6:31 am
ahead at the new technology expected this fall. >> first part of president trump's revised travel ban goes into effect today. good morning, it is thursday, june 29. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. it is 6:31. kpix 5's jackie ward is live at sfo to tell us how this will affect people hoping to come to the u.s. jackie. >> reporter: kenny, one thing that i really want to stress to people this morning is that some experts believe that this won't cause as much melee as the last time a travel ban was put in place. this revision will cause some confusion and that's why lawyers will be on hand at sfo at 7 a.m. so we have a map for you of the people who this will be affect. the latest ban applies to people from six mostly muslim countries. the supreme court ruled that the president can ban them from entering the united states if they don't have a close relationship with a family member, business or university here. so the new guidelines say that applicants and refugees from those six countries must prove a bona fide relationship with a family member to be exempt from the ban but that doesn't include people like grandparents, aunts, uncles,
6:32 am
fiancees and other extended family to name a few. government lawyers must determine how to define such a bona fide relationship. >> some who have been coming back and forth on a regular basis, what's going to happen to them? >> reporter: this is one of two bans taking effect today. a 120 day ban against nearly all refugees regardless of where they're from is also starting today. the supreme court will hear this case in october after both bans expire. so the case will be moot by the time oral arguments come around. and the trump administration is stressing that this is in the interests of national security. jackie ward, kpix 5. time now 6:32. let's take a live look outside. the morning rush is on as we rook at the traffic there and, of course, ocean beach foggy conditions there this morning along the coast.
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>> yeah. it has been a little gray around the city. >> the number one question is that people are asking me already. tons of emails, tweets, facebook. >> july 4? >> yes. will we be able to see the fireworks around the bay? >> is "karl the fog" going to be here? >> it's a long-range forecast and looks like it's going to be a little stain in the sky around the bay. if you want the great visibility go inland towards the alameda county fairgrounds where their show is always spectacular! 4th of july right now this is how it looks like it's going to pan out mostly cloudy skies by 7 p.m. in the city by the bay, 62 degrees by 9 p.m. low 60s cool and breezy and overcast. surfers heading out at ocean beach. official low tide at 8:45. you have there the surfers. golden gate bridge this morning overcast skies, too. direct result we have one hour 11-minute delays sfo on some arriving flights. 47 to 60 out the door right now. you have there the bank of
6:34 am
cloudiness moving inland. pretty widespread at this time. temperatures later today 60s partial coastal clearing. 60s, 70s bay. mid- to high 70s peninsula. up to 90 in fairfield. 92 discovery bay. we'll have the full forecast including the weekend that's coming up at 48 minutes after the hour. but jaclyn, where are your hot spots this morning? >> 680. we have a motorcycle accident. and this is if you are traveling southbound direction from 80 down towards the benicia bridge there. this is right near paris road. it has one lane blocked. speeds drop right around 45 miles per hour. emergency crews on scene. there will be delays back to 80. 26 minutes out of antioch heading into hercules. a new crash coming in, in the south bay this is 101 right near mckee road. it's on the shoulder but 101 already a slow ride this morning due to the usual slowdowns. we are looking at 30 minutes from hellyer to san antonio
6:35 am
avenue. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. today people in the north bay will be getting familiar with the new smart train service. for free. kpix 5's jessica flores live in san rafael with more on today's big preview. jessica. >> reporter: good morning. i'm here at the marin county civic center station. and this is a good option for people who need to get to the marin county civic center for work. it's the soft launch of the smart train. officials are sorting out the full schedule but today's preview, you can ride from rohnert park to marin county serving center and officials say this system is right on track. the sonoma-marin area rail transit system will eventually have a full schedule and the smart board calls it an alternative for computers. the smart rail corridor parallels highway 101 which we know caltrans ranked one of the most congested drives in the bay area. it can carry 300 people with 10
6:36 am
stops between san rafael to santa rosa at 79 miles per hour. if you are living in the rohnert park area and want to get here to work, the train takes off at 8 a.m., 10 a.m., noon and 2 p.m. it will end up here at marin county civic center stop and then head back in the afternoon starting at 4 p.m. jessica flores, kpix 5. there's new information about a state audit at the university of california. lawmakers blocked a proposal to authorize another audit. republicans wanted another look at the spending to check for criminal activity. democrats say the university should have more time to address recommendations of the original audit. now, earlier this year, it found nearly $175 million in a secret fund. on capitol hill, behind closed doors, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is now trying to win the votes needed to pass a proposed gop healthcare bill. a dozen republican senators are opposed to the bill in its
6:37 am
current form. and three new national polls show so are most americans. democrats say they could make the difference. >> we believe we can fix the affordable care act and make it more affordable for people across the united states if we do it on a bipartisan basis. >> i have said all along that i thought we should talk to the democrats from the beginning. >> gop leaders hope to unveil their revised plan tomorrow. the bill would leave california with a nearly $115 billion shortfall in funding for medi- cal from the federal government. that's according to a new state analysis. the gop plan would reverse the expansion of the program. almost 4 million californians have signed up for it in the last three years. the bill would also shift more the financial burden for medi-cal from the federal government to the state. kamala harris is against the proposed bill. she tweeted: he pted french
6:38 am
president emmanuel macron's invitation to attend bastille day celebrations. president trump will visit paris next months. he just accepted french president emmanuel macron's invitation to attend bastille day celebrations. they will mark 100 years since the u.s. entered world war i reaffirming our links. a massive ransomware attack locked down computers across the world and it's still not clear who is responsible for this. some of the u.s. companies targeted include merck and that's not all. cookie and snack manufacturer nabisco was also hit. and another target was tnt express delivery a company that fedex uses. here in california, the largest terminal in the port of los angeles is closed. operations were halted at a normally bustling terminal owned by a danish shipping company that works out of the port. no word on when the port of los angeles will re-open. homeland security is investigating and the ftc is urging anyone with a computer to back up your files at least once a week just to be safe.
6:39 am
australian police are charging cardinal george pell with multiple sexual assault offenses that allegedly happened in the distant past. pell is australia's most senior catholic and pope francis's chief financial adviser. he becomes the highest ranking vatican official to be charged in connection with the church's long-running sexual abuse scandal. he denies the allegations. time now 6:39. caught on camera a tornado touches down in the midwest. next the damage left behind this morning. >> and fighting fast-moving flames. the homes behind threatened in southern california by a growing wildfire. >> and the market just opened the dow up 14. >> apple celebrating a major milestone today. how many iphones they sold since it first came out.
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good morning. left check the current conditions as you get ready to head on out the door this morning because this is the coolest it's been in santa rosa in weeks. 48 degrees there. otherwise, 60 in oakland. low 60s in san jose going up to 80 and 81 degrees today. fog a big part of your forecast for the 4th of july. and we have the details with traffic and weather at 6:46. yikes! new video showing a tornado touching down in southwest iowa. severe thunderstorms have been creating conditions that are ripe for tornadoes. the national weather service issued a statewide warning. 2 homes had the roof torn off but luckily, nobody was hurt. dozens of orange county
6:44 am
homeowners are keeping a close watch on a brush fire that has burned more than 700 acres so far. it started in camp pendleton yesterday and if it shifts it may go to neighborhoods. no evacuations have been ordered yet. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." gayle king joins us live now from new york. good morning, gayle. >> reporter: good morning to you, anne. ahead seth doane is in rome where cardinal who works closely with pope francis vowed overnight to fight multiple sexual assault charges. i'm sure you all are talking about that. we'll have the latest on that. plus, new doctors will soon be allowed to work 24 hours straight. yikes! we look at whether the move could put patients in danger. and congressman and civil rights icon john lewis his message to his younger self about the struggles for equality. it's all part of our continuing series that we call note to self and this is a good one! not that they're not not good
6:45 am
but this one is very, very special. all that plus the eye-opener which means as now your world in 90 seconds. we'll see you at 7:00 on the dot and my best to michelle. >> i'll send t she is a little under the weather today, gayle. but yeah, we'll look forward to that piece on john lewis. he is quite a character. gayle king, thank you. just into the newsroom, the planned mega-merger between walgreens and rite aid is scaled back. walgreens will buy more than 2100 locations instead of merging, half the total number. it was going to be a merger but it raised concerns since it would have left the u.s. with just two major pharmacy chains. drivers might be surprised when you fill up. is projecting a nationwide average of $2.21 a gallon the lowest price for the
6:46 am
holiday since back in 2005! of course, here in the bay area, gas prices are higher. $3 in 11 in $3.11, $2 in oakland, $2.98 in san jose. 6:46. jaclyn has a few tips for you to keep in mind if you are traveling this weekend. >> yes. that's right. and it's already starting today and tomorrow. we are going to be some of the worst travel times expected for drivers on the roads. you don't want to hit the roads between 3 and 8 p.m. stay alive don't drink and drive. designate a driver. before 11 am worst time to travel is thursday leave before 3:00. and friday between 3 - 8 pm
6:47 am
return trip driving find an alternate route in case of accidents or shutdowns. you need know go around. get rest because drowsy driving has been proven to be just as dangerous as driving you understand the influence. let's take it over to our maps. 101 looking good if you are planning on flying today and heading to sfo. speeds are in the green in both directions. no delays along 101, 280 or 380 and here's a live look at 101 near 380 north of the airport. 880 heading to the oakland airport no delays in either direction from 238 and the maze. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. thank you. businesses are trying everything they can to bring tourists into big sur after a rough winter. to help, they are launching a new shuttle service. it will leave every hour from a nearby state park, stopping
6:48 am
three other places, and it's free. >> our guests will be able to take advantage and get shuttles and have an adventure they wouldn't usually get. >> there will be another shuttle on the southern side. the services launch on saturday. roberta has the forecast. >> the forecast right now calls for fog and low clouds and, in fact, it looks like the marine layer is getting a little bit deeper minute by minute. this is a view looking out -- watch before you know it we won't be able to see any of the outlying figures of the skyline of san francisco. wow. gray skies there. and that right there is our other camera view this one around from the transamerica pyramid looking towards treasure island. visibility is an issue. and that's why we now have delays at sfo one hour and 11 minutes on some arriving flights. now, santa rosa is sporting 48 degrees and that's the coolest temperature i have seen in weeks. 60 in san jose. otherwise, we are pretty much
6:49 am
in the 50s with a blanket of clouds. winds 11 in oakland back through alameda into berkeley. winds are now out of the west- southwest at 7 in antioch. up to 20 in fairfield. but calm in san rafael. the winds will be variable today 10 to 20. weather watcher time! checking in from alameda is daryl at 57 degrees. paul says overcast 61 brentwood. alan in lower lake says it's hot, clear and 60. linda says breezy conditions with winds up to 21. i rely rely on my weather watchers to help me with my microclimates. clouds at the coast, clearing in concord, clayton and walnut creek. fairfield you have clear skies. san jose overcast. very thin at this hour. today pans out to be warmer than it was yesterday due to earlier burnoff. friday and saturday additional warming. the 4th of july will be summery typical summertime weather pattern. so high pressure is building
6:50 am
in. as it does so, we're not going to see that robust sea breeze as we have been seeing. so that onshore flow will begin to thin. here's the afternoon today. plan on eating outside at justin herman plaza. you will have the peeks of sunshine before the clearing. only partial clearing today at daly city at best. we fill back in but notice not as widespread tomorrow morning just about at this time. earlier burnoff on friday all the way through the weekend, as well. so let's play it out like this today. for the big travel day getaway day, state capital, 94. typical monterey bay back through pebble beach into carmel in the mid-60s. we have 86 in yosemite. 100 fresno. 78 in tahoe. bested by 80 tomorrow. gorgeous. i hear that tahoe is the number one destination for californians over the holiday. boy, pristine conditions. today, cloudy at the coast. partial clearing pacifica. mid-60s. 60s, 70s and sunshine around the bay today. refreshing across the peninsula. mid-70s. through the 80s and now 92
6:51 am
degrees our outside number in discovery bay. then a gentle warmup each day seasonal by the holiday on tuesday. alameda county fair 88 degrees at the midway and your 4th of july forecast does call for clouds at the coast, clear skies inland. anne? we are learning more about the legal battle between uber and google's self-driving car project. "waymo" in a lawsuit claims that former engineer anthony lewandowski downloaded more than 14,000 confidential files before he left to establish a self-driving truck company. but according to the tech website recode, uber now says that it did not know lewandowski stole information before it acquired his startup. google's parent company is suing uber for misappropriation of trade secrets. light your emoji candles. today's the iphone's tenth birthday. the apple device has rocked the universe since day one and it's
6:52 am
come a long way from the first iphone. it was the first touchscreen phone ever invented. it's hard to believe it all started with no video recording and a very slow internet connection. the price tag for that first model with only a few features was half a grand then. >> i couldn't believe i paid that much for it. >> after that first launch, those features were quickly upgraded and today we have apps, music and memes to communicate on the iphone 7. the iphone 8 just right around the corner releasing in the fall where new features will just keep on coming. and if you -- [ inaudible ] >> may be time to sign up for amazon prime if you are inclined. the company just announced its third annual prime day that starts at 6 p.m. on july 10. and it runs through july 11. 30 hours of deals this year users will be able to order through the alexa smart speaker. the company also says it is trying to put together the largest tv sales in history.
6:53 am
part of president trump's travel ban has been reinstated and takes effect today. we'll let you know which countries will be affected. >> plus, the new clues we're learning about in last year's warehouse fire that left 36 people dead.
6:54 am
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this reinstatement affects people trying to get into the u-s from 6 countries: syri yemen, and s i'm jackie ward live at sfo where part of president trump's travel ban is back in effect starting today. it will stay that way for the next 90 days. this reinstatement affects people traveling from six countries including syria, iran, libya, sudan, yemen and somalia. the part that gets confusing is the fact that the supreme court left its ruling open for case
6:57 am
by case exceptions for people trying to get into the u.s. people who qualify for entry include those who have obtained a student or working visa, or for people who have an immediate family member who lives here but that doesn't include people like grandparents, uncles, other extended family. government lawyers must determine how to define the relationship. five months ago when president trump signed the travel ban executive order, chaos ensued at airports across the country and some travelers were questioned for hours and protestors took over arrival areas. that won't happen this time. but we are still expecting a lot of confusion. that's why lawyers will be on hand to answer questions starting at 7 a.m. jackie ward, kpix 5. time now 6:57. it is time for your "final 5. on capitol hill senate majority leader mitch mcconnell now trying to gain the next votes to pass a proposed gop healthcare bill. a dozen republican senators are opposed to the bill in its
6:58 am
current form. leaders hope to unveil the revised plan tomorrow. the house votes today on what they are calling kate's law named at kate steinle who was murdered by an illegal immigrant in san francisco in 2015. it would impose longer prison sentences on deportees who re- enter the united states. new clues in last year's warehouse fire that left 36 people dead a worker with the oakland fire department now claims to have seen exposed wiring in the ghost ship warehouse two months before it happened. you can see changes at sfo soon. homeland security is announcing new security measures for all commercial flights into the u.s. domestic and foreign. happening today, people in the north bay getting a chance to test out the new smart train system for free. the soft launch includes roundtrip preview rides in connection with the marin county fair. tracking residual delays due to an earlier trash on southbound 680 to marina vista. about 20 minutes. richmond/san rafael toll plaza
6:59 am
10 minutes from richmond parkway, 14 minutes from marina bay parkway. bay bridge toll plaza still looks like a parking lot over there. we have 21 minutes from the maze into san francisco. the bayshore freeway starting to get a bit crowded, as well. 31 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. the top of the golden gate bridge expands 746 feet tall. can't see it lowering ceiling, that's why we have one hour 11- minute delays at sfo. clear skies mount vaca but in the distance, you can see that marine layer marching onshore. 40s to 60. that's your temperature span out the door. temperatures climb today. 50s to 90s today. we are talking gentle warming through sunday then seasonal for the holiday. >> have a good day.
7:00 am
♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it's thursday, june 29th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." a catholic cardinal who is one of the pope's closest advisers is accused of sexual abuse. overnight he denied the charges saying he is the victim of relentless character assassination. severe weather threatens millions of americans today after more than two dozen tornadoes swept through the midwest, and fast moving wildfires fored hundreds of people from their homes in the southwest. plus our "note to self" continues this morning. congressman john louis wright as letter to himself about a lifetime of fighting injustice. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener" -- your world in 90 seconds.


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