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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  June 30, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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now at 11.. anger tonight...
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from bay area pr ns now back in this time in this country they are criminalizing muslim people. >> anger tonight from bay area protesters and travelers, the restrictions now back in effect at u.s. airports, part of president trump's travel ban. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. you're looking live at sfo where some inbound travelers may discover they aren't welcome once they touch down. betty yu shows us as of six hours ago, the president's travel ban is back in play. >> reporter: protesters were camped out at sfo's international terminal tonight along with immigration attorneys ready to help travelers who may be confused by the new rules. >> we are seeing clients grow terrified of traveling. they're unable to reunite with their family members. >> reporter: under the new visa restrictions, travelers from six majority muslim countries are banned for the next 90 days unless they can
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prove bona fide business or family ties to the u.s. that means parents, spouses, children and siblings can come, but many extended family members don't count. >> imagine what it's like for thousands of customs and border protection agents who have just a few minutes to figure things out and then are dealing with many, many travelers. >> we have an absolute right to have a pretty good idea, a very good idea of who is coming and why they're coming. >> reporter: this hayward family was picking up a relative from morocco which is not affected by the ban. >> i was bothered because we are all muslim. we are all human. >> reporter: tonight the state of hawaii filed a first legal challenge to the reinstated ban asking a federal judge to clarify the definition of close family. in the newsroom betty yu, kpix5. >> late today the trump administration added fiances to the list of approved family member. the first settlement of its
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kind, tonight the undocumented immigrant who is getting a psych figure apology -- six figure apology from the city of san francisco is speaking out about that ordeal. kpix5 joe vazquez is live in san francisco. joe, you talked to this gentleman. what did he have to say? >> reporter: $190,000 is a big check, but he's not exactly thrilled about what he went through to get that settlement. it was an unjustice says pedro figueroa, an undocumented immigrant from el salvador about to receive a settlement from the city for $190,000. no matter the amount of money he says i am scarred for life. figueroa sued san francisco claiming police violated his rights in december of 2015 when they handcuffed him to a bench even though he had not committed a crime. then he said they walked him out to an alley, took off the
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handcuffs and handed him over to i.c.e. the city attorney agreed that was a violation of the city sanctuary ordinance and agreed to pay figueroa a hefty check. not everyone agrees with the decision. >> it's an insult to the taxpayers of san francisco of which i am one. our money shoulden be used for that. >> reporter: mayor -- should not be used for that. >> reporter: mayor ed lee supports the settlement. >> how much are your rights worth? how much is it worth to correct the perception that it could happen to a whole slew of immigrants who said i'm not going to walk the streets. i'm not going to see my doctor. how much should that cost? >> reporter: figueroa was only trying to recover his stolen car. according to his lawsuit, police discovered he had a federal deportation order which is a civil offense, not a crime, still he spent two months in federal detention during which time the federal construction worker's car was auctioned off. he said he was treated badly
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and he said it several times, ken, that it was treatment and not the money that he's focused on. >> joe, coincidently this issue is coming up as lawmakers in washington are working on immigration that targets sanctuary cities like san francisco. >> reporter: right. the house passed two bills today. the first one is called kate's law named after kate steinle of san francisco. you may remember police said she was killed, shot to death on the embarcardero, by an undocumented immigrant. that ill about, kate's -- that bill, kate's law, would raise the maximum prison penalty for immigrants who enter the united states illegally and there was another bill. this was called the no sanctuary for criminals act that would require local law enforcement to comply with what they call immigrant detainers on deportable people. it also would cut off money to sanctuary cities like san francisco. ken, both of those bills now have to go to the senate.
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>> joe vazquez live outside of san francisco city hall. thank you, joe. only on 5 tonight our exclusive kpix5 survey usa poll finds 70% of people in san francisco say the city should stay a sanctuary city despite the threats from washington, but when it comes to that $190,000 settlement, san franciscans are evenly split. 45% agree with it. 40% disagree. tonight a federal judge has blocked one of california's new gun control laws just two days before it was supposed to take effect. prop 63 bans high capacity clips capable of holding more than 10 bullets. gun owners would have been required to give them up by saturday, but the nra and a california gun rights group sued. >> it doesn't address any issues. they're not going after the people that are doing the bad things. >> tonight california attorney general half area becerra said
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he -- javier becerra said he would defend the new law. a grassfire was pushed toward homes. at one point only a road separated the flames from a group of houses. that fire broke out this afternoon at penitencea creek road and viceroy way. maria medina is there tonight and says homeowners didn't wait for firefighters and took matters into their own hands. maria? >> reporter: that's right. you know, these homes are just steps away from where this fire was burning and what chopper 5 captured is pretty amazing. >> i was praying that it would stop short of anybody's house. >> reporter: from chopper 5 you can see how a neighborhood came together. >> and we just grabbed whoever's hose was around. >> reporter: to fight a fire that was spreading quickly toward their homes. it's a neighborhood where everyone pretty much knows each
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other. >> then i started calling the neighbors that were home and weren't home to come home. >> i was sitting in my home and i smelled fire and i saw karen on the phone and we were grabbing hoses. >> reporter: together they began watering the dry grass in front of their homes, but karen abod said they knew their hoses would be no match to the growing flames. >> i was hoping the fire engines would hurry up and come. >> i happened to notice smoke. >> reporter: meanwhile on the other side of the neighborhood while silicon valley workers got word to evacuate themselves and their animals. >> they were able to get almost 500 animals out safely and loaded into vehicles. >> reporter: but when firefighters finally arrived, it didn't take long for them to put out the flames and now for karen and her neighbors -- [ cheering ] >> reporter: -- they have a story about how they all came together to help each other in need. pretty close call. >> oh, yes, it was. it's been a full day. that's for sure. >> reporter: and get this. you know, karen says this fire
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would have been much worse. just a few weeks ago some of the grass out here was as high as 4 feet tall, but the city had come in and chopped it down. live in san jose maria medina, kpix5. >> thank you for that, maria. that wasn't the only fire today in santa clara county. three small brushfires broke out in the foothills around mount hamilton east of san jose this afternoon. 85 acres burned. tonight cal fire says that those fires are about 50% contained. an argument between two 20 in the south bay took a deadly turn. 23-year-old elsie de la rosa of san jose is charged with murder and felony hit and run. early tuesday morning she and another woman were in a gray sedan in campbell when they got into an argument. >> the vehicle pulled over and at some point the suspect got back into the driver's seat and looks to intentionally have hit the victim. >> police say that's when elsie took off. she was later arrested.
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the victim who was also 23 years old was taken to a hospital where she died. this is the first murder in campbell in two years. handling sexual harassment tonight the university of california laying out some new rules for handling sexual harassment accusations. christin ayers tells us that they revolve around time and transparency. >> reporter: the uc office of the president made the announcement today. every uc campus is changing how it responds to allegations of sexual misconduct against faculty. >> we're focused on changing the culture. >> reporter: it's a culture that has seen a string of high profile sexual misconduct cases on uc campuses. >> i can't put into words how unprotected and unsupported i felt. >> reporter: in april the uc regents awarded tianne sorrel $2 million in a case involving the dean of law. she claimed sometimes he kissed and hugged her while she worked
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as an assistant and even though the university found the claims true, chowdry's punishment was not enough. >> it was almost like a bread crumb solution like let's feed her a little bit of this and i think that will satisfy her and i think they missed the whole point. >> reporter: uc title 9 coordinator says under a set of new policies that is about to change. alleged victims will now have input in a faculty member's discipline. sexual misconduct investigations will have to be completed in 60 days and decisions on discipline in 40 days. what would you say to people who have been dissatisfied with the way uc has handled some of these cases? >> this is an important step. we are committed to doing better. >> reporter: the new policy has to be committed on all uc campuses by september 1st. in berkeley christin ayers, kpix5. up next anger tonight after the president bashes two tv hosts on twitter.
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is time.. noth >> reporter: lawmakers from both parties are slamming the president's latest tweet storm. i'm weigia jiang at the white house with the details coming up. >> plus facebook soars to new heights and this time nothing broke, details on a successesful drone test. >> there's places down there where there's still 6, 8 feet of snow. >> the aftermath of one epic winter in yosemite, the popular road that finally reopened just in time for the 4th of july.
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. president trump will meet with russian president vladimir putin for the first time next week. the white house confirms it will happen during the g20 summit in germany. so far no specific agenda has been announced and it's not clear if mr. trump will bring up the issue of russian meddling in last year's election. tonight president trump is facing a firestorm over his tweet storm. the target? two msnbc anchors of tonight reporter weigia jiang says lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are begging him to lay off social media. >> reporter: president trump lashed out at the anchors of msnbc's morning joe calling them low iq crazy mika and psycho joe. he then wrote the pair visited him at mara lago and that she
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was bleeding badly from a facelift. a white house spokesperson said mr. trump was just defending himself. >> the president is pushing back against people who attack him day after day after day. >> reporter: a league of democratic congresswomen spoke out forcefully. >> what he does is he demeans women, but more than that, he has demeaned himself. >> reporter: republican senator susan collins sat next to the president earlier this week and calls his rhetoric divisive. >> the president has a problem with anyone who criticizes him or doesn't agree with him. >> reporter: some have called the president's tweets cyber bullying which is ironically something the first lady vowed to combat while in the white house. many republicans are also concerned the president's comments aren't helping their legislative goals. >> what we're trying to do around here is improve the tone, the civility of the debate. this obviously doesn't help do that. >> reporter: a tone lawmakers
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recently tried to reset in the wake of congressman steve scalise's shooting. weigia jiang, cbs news, the white house. >> and just into the newsroom a look at tomorrow's cover of the new york daily news, humiliation, a new low, sexist facebook rant versus tv host. you can see the bald eagle hanging its head. facebook is one step closer to using its drone to spread internet access all across the globe. facebook just carried out its second drone test. unlike the first one, this time the drone didn't crash. the drone is designed to beam internet access to remote areas of the planet. facebook says the aircraft flew for an hour and 46 minutes before landing near yuma, arizona, with just a few scratches on it. the phrases affordable housing and palo alto don't often go together, but a new complex on el camino real has just the kind of in expensive
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apartments desperately needed. one bedroom units at mayfield place cost 1,000 bucks a month. three bedroom units go for less than 1,700. people that just moved in are relieved to be living near their jobs. >> i spent actually a lot of time commuting back and forth, two hours plus and searching for affordable housing opportunities for myself and my family. >> and that is really important to allow the people that work in our grocery stores, that work in retail shops, that have the small businesses that are the fabric of the community. >> the complex is already full and there is now a waiting list. appear cans must be within certain income ranges to qualify. at the other end of the spectrum is this two bedroom house in san francisco that just hit the market. asking price? $7million. it's on 21st street in noe valley with pretty spectacular views from the twin peaks, the san bernardino mountain built
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in 1900 and clearly pretty original. it's really all about the land it sits on, an extra large lot. the last time this house sold, it went for $62,000 and yes, times have certainly changed. russian river brewery will sell its owner santa rosa production facility. the equipment has produced world class beers. the brewery has the capacity to make up to 20,000 barrels a year. the price is negotiatable but will likely be a few million dollars. the sale comes as russian river gets ready to open its new $40 million brewery and restaurant in windsor. just in time for the 4th of july tonight's tie yoga road in -- tiyoga road in yosemite finally open. this year it took a lot longer to open. our wilson walker took a drive up there to show us why. >> reporter: we pulled up to the gate. the guy pulled away the sign and said come on up. i handed him my parks pass and we rolled in.
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some were here by design. >> we were the second people through the gate. >> reporter: some by sheer luck. >> we left pennsylvania the 12th of june. they said it's open. >> reporter: but no matter how you landed on tioga pass today, it was a little drive, the latest the highway opened since 1998 and all around you evidence of california's epic winter. >> there are still places where there's 6 to 8 feet of snow. >> reporter: the lodge stormed so hard the roof caved in. almost every campground still closed, no services, no gas but less cell service than normal, but otherwise it's kind of perfect. >> this is spectacular, beautiful day, picturesque. >> reporter: lakes are still partially frozen and streams run like rivers. >> lots of snow, lots of moving water, water glowing blue in the springs. >> reporter: where tuolumne meadows isn't covered with water it's buzzing with life. >> we've been seeing all kinds of deer, big buck.
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>> beautiful, hundreds. >> reporter: he is not kidding. deer is everywhere and the summer crowds probably aren't far behind. 4th of july weekend was target for getting this portion of yosemite opened. if you make it up here, you'll find a park that is fresh off of winter that transformed the landscape. in fact, a lot of people are calling today the first day of spring. >> opening day. >> we're just enjoying it, taking pictures. >> perfect day in yosemite, absolutely perfect day. >> reporter: in yosemite national park wilson walker, kpix5. >> wow, doesn't get much prettier than that. >> he with all know who got the -- we all know who got the good assignment today. >> every shot was a postcard. >> absolutely stunning right here in california once again. we have everything in this state. we have comfortable weather right now, mainly upper 50s, livermore 55, cloudy in san francisco, 54. you'll stay at 54 overnight tonight, san francisco. san jose dropping a few more degrees, vallejo as well,
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livermore 54, napa 53. this is the time of year where you turn off that rain machine. the average rainfall for july, august and september combined, a whopping .27-inch. that's only 1% of our annual total, over 25% of the calendar year. we don't get much rain this time of year. no rain this weekend, the fillmore jazz festival saturday and sunday. san rafael, sunshine, gorgeous, upper 70s. why? big strong ridge in control but not sitting directly over california when we were baking in triple digit heat, nor when it was far away like several days ago. right in between, the sweet spot, temperatures near normal, morning cloud cover near the water but afternoon sunshine every day. let's fast forward now to tuesday, july 4th, low pressure taking over here which will give us a south wind increasing the likelihood at 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, fireworks time we'll have clouds around san francisco bay.
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be advised for that. the show will go on, but it may be a little cloudy. the warmest day inland will be tomorrow low 90s and clouds are likely for july 4th night. warm tomorrow concord and livermore 89, shows 80, fremont 74, oakland 69, san francisco667 degrees. 80s and low 90s inland, half moon bay, pacifica mid- to upper 50s. pleasant weather for the long holiday weekend. up next a bizarre you know what i could go for right now?
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hmmm some sweet barbeque. (over speaker) - or spicy! we got a craving! go go go!!! crashing cravings in the crave van. jack's gonna crash your crave! here, try my barbeque bacon cheeseburger with your choice of sweet or spicy barbeque sauce topped with bacon and onion rings. thanks jack. ha ha! piece of cake. oh, jack! you crave it, we serve it. my new sweet or spicy barbeque bacon cheeseburger and chicken sandwich. crave van! yes, it's a thing, goat yoga just hit the bay area. i didn't write it, but here it goes. doing downward dog with a goat? >> the boys don't believe me, but believe it or not, this is actually a thing. it's not a joke. >> it looks like a good thing.
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it's sweeping the nation. >> goat yoga has just hit the bay area. brace yourself. we checked out a class in san francisco's bayview neighborhood. the goats are a grazing crew usually assigned to clear grass on a hillside. >> this is wrong, dude. >> the yo goaters say they like having them in class. >> i know that when they're like biting on you, it probably doesn't look gentle, but they're just playing and it does make you kind of be more in the moment. >> just do not wear your nice clothes. this may be the first class of its kind in california. >> i'm being told 10 wrote that story. >> -- told ken wrote that story. >> no, sir. steve kerr's opin
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. cap cash and they're spending >> the raider front office is acting like a group that is gearing up for a super bowl. they have salary cap space and they're spending it. a week after derek carr signed a $145 million deal the team has opened their wallets for gabe jackson, the right guard, a five year extension worth up to $56 million. the raiders' o line allowed a league low 18 sacks last year and they're compensated well, too. these are the current contracts with maximum incentive payouts of one thing is for sure. the new right tackle marshall newhouse is picking up the tab
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when they go for prime rib. a's with a series win over the astros. josh reddick used to do this stuff in an a's uniform, robbed of a sure home run. carlos correia goes teen deep for his second two-run -- goes deep for his second two-run shot of the game. outside of kevin durant and steph curry signing their mega deals, the players will go to the white house, but today on the radio steve kerr suggested it could happen if trump invites them. >> it's important to me that there's a respect for the office and for the institution and that's why i would consider going, but i will be perfectly blunt and i know i'll anger people saying this. i want the man who is sitting
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in the office to respect that office, too. >> this is how you catch a fish the old-fashioned way. the kid jumps off the dock. bear hugs a small shark before pulling it out of the water. according to a social media post, the shark was tossed back in good shape. i would never jump in the water without knowing what the size of the shark was. we'l
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our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4-30. kenny choi will h the late show with stephen colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorrow
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morning at 4:30. >> yeah, man, it will be friday less than a half hour. they who are these people?
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