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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  July 4, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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act on its own, beijing doesn't tighten economic pressure on north korea. the president's options for going it alone are limited. >> there is very little you can do except sanction him every time he does something and build our missile defenses. >> reporter: even direct talkwise the north are unlikely to result in a nuclear free north korea. >> no way north korea is going to abandoned the nuclear weapons, denuke leeerization is impossible. >> reporter: china and russia calling for all parties to come to the negotiating table. >> reporter: per the re quest of united states, south korea and japan, un security council will hold an urgent meeting tomorrow afternoon. >> i know you monitor social media, are we hearing directly from the president on this? >> reporter: you know, he gave some remarks on the south lawn of the white house earlier today to military families, he kept those remarks focused on the 4th of july. but he did tweet out earlier
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today a few things regarding north korea, one was in reference to what seemed like he was referring to kim jong-un when he asked in a tweet, doesn't this guy have anything better to do with his life? then a follow up tweet urging china to do more. otherwise, besides his tweets, the president has been silent on the issue. >> all right, mola lenghi with the latest from the white house, thanks. as for what the president is doing today, he and fufrps lady, melania, hosted a picnic for military families at the white house, to celebrate the 4th of july. they also made a visit to the trump national golf club in sterling, virginia. tomorrow the president will embark on his second foreign trip since taking office, a four-day tour to poland and g20 summit in germany. a live look at san francisco for you right now, fog is in the forecast for the bay area's biggest fireworks show and you see it there starting to creep in through the golden
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gate. kpix 5 reporter joe vazquez at the pier, the threat of fog isn't stopping hundreds of thousands of people for coming out for this. >> reporter: it won't stop them, we got a little sunshine but it is rolling in. but already you got a big crowd gathering here, 4 and a half hours before the actual show begins. right now pier 39 this is one of the biggest in the bay area, expecting hundreds of thousands. folk folks decked out in red, white, and blue. 9:30 is when this pyrotechnics show will begin, already families are arriving with food, blankets, supplies, will the skies be clear? that is not clear. either way the tour osts tell me they have got to have a plan. >> support america and watch fireworks. that is the plan. >> always. >> reporter: i don't know if you know, every year we flip a coin, are we going to see it or not see it? it is looking kind of foggy right now. >> hopefully we see it. >> reporter: if you don't?
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>> well, we enjoy being here. >> reporter: they will enjoy it anyway, why not? look, skate boarding dogs, how could you not enjoy that? ? askd the owner of dogs what this is all about. he said, you know, i like putting a smile on people's faces and there are smiles galore here at pier 39. not just because of the dogs, allen, but because people are here, ready to enjoy the country's birthday and have fun. >> you and i have been to san francisco 12 years, more than that. your kids are getting bigger, what do your kids say when you tell them we are going to see fireworks on the embarcadero? >> reporter: we live close enough to china town that there is fireworks, lets say more than the yulg number of times throughout the year. fireworks don't excite them that much. berkeley field watching that show. >> wewelcome the tourists, appreciate it. joe, have fun. earlier today in danville, estimated 40,000 people lined the downtown streets for the
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annual parade. dozens of people camped out all night to get the good spot. ♪ ♪ orinda, hundreds lined the street for the parade, people in red, white, and blue, enjoying entertainment as well has the music. freedom fest in morgan hill brought out plenty of families who stood alodge the parade-- along the parade route with flags. marching bands, car, floats, smoky bear made an appearance. take a look at this, flames last night at a popular party spot in the delta, this is ski beach in discovery bay, traditionally packed on the 4th of july, and known to be a place pr boaters to listen to music, dance, drink, police say the fire may have been sparked by some fireworks. that the kind of scene the city of santa cruz certainly wants to avoid. kpix 5's maria medina in santa cruz says triple fines for poor behavior. >> reporter: happy 4th of july,
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allen. people have been triple fined here in the county but the thing is, they weren't supposed to. >> out looking for violations. >> reporter: listen carefully. >> 70 deputies out and about that began this morning. >> reporter: santa cruz county sheriff's deputies aren't playing around tripling fines for anyone drinking and urinating in public. listen to this. >> the triple fine applies to some other things, does not apply what we found with the fireworks. >> reporter: that is right, the triple fines don't ply to fireworks. >> what we found was, with regards to fireworks, there is an error in the code that needs to be amended but not until later. >> reporter: he said they made the discovery this week, it it is unclear if there is the same problem with the language of the lot in santa cruz. anyone caught within the safety enhancement zone, today and tomorrow morning, lighting fireworks, would be triple fined
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up to $1300. >> almost looked like professional fireworks and just lot of loud popping. >> reporter: scot says the warnings don't strop people. >> hear fireworks probably until 1:00 in the morning. >> reporter: despite the warnings and visible beach patrols, we still saw party goers trying to cheat the law and as you can see, they are getting caught on this 4th of july. >> great holiday, great event. time to celebrate. but we got to do it responsibly. >> reporter: that sergeant says if someone was triple fined for fireworks, they will get a notice from the county that it was a mistake, but again, a reminder, it is still illegal to set off fireworks in the county except for watsonville, there is a fine, maybe not a triple fine. >> thanks so much. you are getting a live look now at santa clara, the 4th of july picnic complete with the food trucks, live music, that is before the fireworks go off in a few hours. len ramirez will have more on
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that ahead at 6:00. a san jose man just ate his way into first place again, joey chestnut defended his hot dog eating title, cbs reporter, nicky batiste has more from the annual 4th of july competition. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: joey chestnut won a record 10th title at mason's famous july 4th hot dog eating contest in coney island. >> people into hot dogs, baby. >> reporter: the local hero from san jose consumes 72 franks and buns in 10 minutes. a record for the competition. >> i make my body work for me, i are been really lucky with how it has performed. >> reporter: new jersey's carmine sincaughty second place with 62 dogs. in the women's competition, mickey pseudo of las vegas won her 4th consecutive title eating 41 hot dogs and buns. sthoo once i got my--
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>> once i got my rhythm going, mine to own. >> people all over had country, not just for the hot dog battle but for the wild atmosphere. >> definitely the scene, we are enjoying it, it is rowdy fun. >> reporter: i think probably the most american thing anyone could ever think of, hot dogs and excess and everyone is really into it and excited chltd >> reporter: carter brown and his family came from florida from the event. >> i have been watching this for a while and always wanted to see it. >> reporter: cart fr hopes to compete-- carter hopes to compete when older, right now he says the most hot dogs he can eat in one sitting is 4. for cbs news, coney island, new york. >> that will make mama proud. 2015 winner, san jose's matt stony came in 3rd in the men's competition, the women's world record holder, sonya the black widow thomas also came in third. well, it is nice to have goals in life, isn't it? hot dogs chltd with the fog
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and low-- hot dogs. with the fog and low clouds, how much will they interfere with the fireworks? we discuss that when we do weather after a break. coming up, the budget deadlock in new jersey is over, but the scrutiny over this photo is certainly not, how the internet is striking back. the bay area gas station is shot out, clerk brutally murder, what we are learning about him and the search for the gunman. why a growing number of employees are hacking their fit bits, racking up tens of thousands of steps without leaving the house.
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but they won't get san francisco superior court staff will have extra time off starting next month, but won't be getting paid for it.
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they will be furloughed to help bridge a $5 million budget gap. they will have to take one friday off per month without pay. clerk office hours will also be shortened on fridays, the changes will last through june of next year. to new jersey in the budget battle there, governor chris christie drew anger with this picture of him lounging on a beach that he had closed to the public over the weekend and the internet is striking back. the governor's beach look being photo shopped over random scenes from the george washington bridge, scene of the bridge gate to forest gump's bench, but cbs reporter, demarco morgan tells us one day after the photograph was taken, lawmakers reached a budget deal and reopened the beaches. >> the big is long over due significant reform that will have a lasting impact on jersey residents. >> reporter: republicans and democrats struck a last-minutet deal monday night, call calling for over haul of new jersey's largest health insurer for $300
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melian and democrat spending priorities. >> this is the best budget that we have had in 10 years. >> as the stalemate came to an end, christie facing questions on his spending the weekend at the beach park. >> shame on those people that wanted to milwaukee this as if we were taking-- make this as if we were taking advantage of something. >> reporter: they had almost 10 miles of beach to themselves as a result of the partial government shutpen down. >> that is our residence and we have a right to be there whenever we want to. >> inis sensitive and tone deaf. >> reporter: kim, looking to replace christie, said it was out of touch. >> neither should the elected eficial. >> reporter: christie's approval rating to 15% was ridiculed online, his image photo shopped into iconic movie scenes and used a as reminder of the grij
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gate scandal. >>-- bridge gate scandal. >> our politicians caring more about themselves and than us. >> reporter: governor chris christie said the budget bill came three days late. the government will reopen tomorrow and state workers will get a paid holiday at his request. demarco morgan, cbs news, island beach state park, new jersey. this afternoon we learned the name of the gas station clerk shot and killed in antioch last night. 57-year-old ataie fled the war in afghanistan for a better life in u.s. a gunman tried to rob the store, police say the gunman pistol whipped him before shooting him, he died on the way to the hospital. today we found the gas station opened for business but full of bullet holes. a witness says a police officer shot at the gunman but the gunman got away. the antioch police department has yet to release information. we will hear for umthe victim's family coming up tonight at 6:00. in san jose, whoever shot and killed a woman last night is
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still on the loose. neighbors called 91 after hearing-- 911 after hearing loud bangs inside a home on south 10th street, not far from san jose state, police found the woman dead inside the home. a soccer player for the san jose earthquake is in critical condition after being rescued from lake tahoe. 20-year-old mutays, pulled out of the lake and rususitated at the scene, he was air lifted to the hospital in reno. car burglaries in one part of san francisco are going from bad to worse. cooks are targeting tourists who step out of their cars to take pictures along the crook udpart of laum-- crooked part of lombard street. a family from utah leaving their car, a burglar comes along, looks through the windows one by one, then breaks the glass and runs away with a purse that had expensive jewelry in it.
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a neighbor says it only took about 15 minutes for that to happen. he said the burglars are getting bolder. >> i think it has gotten worse in the last couple of years. that is why i put the cameras up over a year ago. >> police say they made more than 80 arrests of auto burglary suspects in the central district in the last two months. still 66 car burglaries just last week. new video of thousands of chickens running free. truck carrying the birds crashed on a highway in austria spilling coops and chickens. the driver may have fallen asleep at the wheel. crews spent hours corralling the chickens back into their cages and clearing the road. in florida, a group of monkeys attacked a family, happened during their visit to a state park in ocala last week. the video first shows the monkeys sitting around and then they get angry, start growling, hissing, and eventually start chasing the family. >> the monkeys are attacking! >> all of a sudden, with our
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backs turned, a big male kind of charged us. >> run! run! >> surrounded us, were grunting and hissing. >> pretty scary. fortunately, no one hurt. the monkeys do have some sharp fangs and can seriously hurt people. people trying to save money on their health insurance have found a way to appear healthier than they actually are. on the consumer watch, kpix 5's julie watts tells us they are hacking fit bits. >> put the fit boot hour in a half in a sock in the drier, 11,000 steps. >> reporter: he doesn't want his company oo find out he is earning 11,000 steps without moving by throwing his fitness tracker in the drier. like many, his pedometer is linked to insurance incentives that can lower his payment. >> you are now more involved in how much is this bill, how many steps. >> reporter: companies benefit from a healthy work force and many reward employees with
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freebies and incentives based on activity, which led to a growing number of fit bit hacks designed to cheat the system. for instance, this unscientific test of a fit bit on a power drill wracked up 70 steps in one minute. while the bike hack turned out to be more work than worth, woody wore his human fit bit for a day and picked up 2500 steps. still, nothing beats a drier's 11,000, just remember, low heat or do walking yourself, because as dr. james morgan warns when people cheat the system-- >> they are cheating themselves. >> just wear the fit bit. looking at video from sky drone 5, flying over alpha plaza park in san francisco's pacific heights neighborhood, and it was certainly clear when we had sky drone 5, i think getting foggier by the minute as it comes inin, right? >> low crowd clouds, dead on queue just in time for the fireworks, but per usual for this toom of the yeeshgs low
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clouds competing with the fireworks display coming up. at first we will have a look at what the situation should be like overnight tonight, offshore and then onshore, very well prepared for this sort of thing, they can adjust the altitude which the fireworks explode, so, everything should be fairly decent for an okay display tonight. we have seen better but certainly seen worse, low clouds and fog near the shoreline around the bay shoreline opposed to the suific coastline. probably better conditions, inland, not a problem at all. 67 inland at 9:30 tonight. around the coast will be in the mid 50s. so, not bad at all. here is the contrast between the clear inland area, nothing but blue but you take it out here to san francisco and you can see the fog and the clouds beginning to float in. over the northern peninsula there, the ocean into the bay. concord now at 5 degrees, oakland, 67, livermore has 83. there is that 25-degree spread between san francisco and
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concord and that really creates the vacuum, it will pull in the cooler air from the ocean. coastal clouds, right through the rest of the week, little bit of a warm up thursday. high pressure over the desert southwest is going to at least bring up a little moisture into the mountains down in monterey, maybe thunder bumper or two and few build up's in diablo as well. sunny and mid 80s inland tomorrow. coastline remains cool with low 60s at the beach. so, to sum it up, tonight send in the clouds, they will be here all week in the night and early morning hours. mild temperatures for wednesday, it will warm to mid 90s, though, inland by thursday. bit of a warming trend. not going to affect the shoreline much. overnight tonight, we will be in the mid 50 ps for lows. daytime highs for tomorrow continue a little below average but as we get to thursday, we get a little spike in temperatures. still, for wednesday, looks nice, 83 at morgan hill. east bay numbers mostly low to mid 80s. north bay we start with low
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clouds that we had this morning, here again tomorrow. and then still warm in ukiah at 91 degrees. extendedphoric, the usual low cloud-- extended forecast, usual low clouds in the morning. cooling off as we head back to work next week. enjoy the 4th, really it won't be that much. >> all right. we will take it. thanks. still ahead, more than just wine country, another drink that packs more of a punch is now being made in sonoma county. coming up at 6:00, it has been four years but new video showing the crash of flight 214 at sfo, we speak with an aviation expert who spots two crucial mistakes made after the plane crashed.
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drinking the hard stuff, like whiskey. it has been a day of hot dogs and beer for millions of americans, but it turns out that more of us are drinking the hard stuff, like whiskey. that has led to a nationwide boom in the number of small dist
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ilries. kpix 5 morning anchor, michelle griego shows us one in the middle of sugnomeo wine country-- sonoma wine country. >> reporter: beyond wine country, something else brewing. adam spiegel opened the sonoma county distillery company in 2010. >> we make two rye and one bourbon whiskey. >> reporter: he watched the industry surge in the state and across the country. >> when we first started we were the one of the first 200 in the united states, now 1600. >> reporter: industry experts don't see the trend slowing down, every state in the u.s. is home to at least one craft dist ilry with permits daily issued. >> people are enjoying spirits more than they once did. >> reporter: david with the dist iled spirits council says smaller distilleries are responding to the demand of consumers, most typically focus
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on making vodka and gin, whiskey fast becoming the drink of choice. >> using new aging technique, aging in different barrels, so it is really, has led to a lot of variety in the spirits markplace. >> wow. super salty, super different. >> reporter: adam says his product's surging popularity has him expanding the distillery. >> how much? >> this is about somewhere close to $80,000 worth of product. >> reporter: allowing him to make more whiskey. >> you don't are to go to kentucky or scotland, you can do it in your own backyard. >> reporter: michelle griego, kpix 5.
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who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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your t-v in the form me show. candy crush, one of the hottest mobile games is about to come to your tv in the form of a game show. teams of two use their wits and physical agility to compete on these huge interactive game boards, mario lopez will host the show and it premiers sunday night at 9:00, right here on kpix 5. cbs evening news is up next, here with a preview. >> coming up, the missile test that could hit the u.s. and be a major change in the stand-off with north korea. plus, tempting grisly bears, can a product stand up to these testers? also, in oakland, monitoring air pollution one block at a time. the signers of the declaration of independence, meet their descendants, those stories coming up in a few seconds on the cbs evening news. that coming up, we are back
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in 30 minutes and i will not ask him if the fog will obscure the fireworks. don't punch me. captioning sponsored by cbs bo >> quijano: a bombshell on the fourth. in a game changer, north korea launches a missile that could hit the u.s. >> he's being provocative. he's trying to put president trump in a box with these provocative acts. s quijano: also tonight, protecting the children when aleir parents face deportation. she became their legal guardian. ts each of these files represents one child? c one child. >> reporter: and how many do you have here? >> 1,029. >> quijano: product testing, grizzly style. >> reporter: now you know which cooler you might bring with you. >> yeah, the white one. >> quijano: and, the american evolution. meet the descendants of the signers of the declaration of independence. >> we look so different, but we l


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