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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  July 19, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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largest new reservoir built in decades? allen and veronica will have more in 30 minutes. ♪[ music ] linda macdonald, captioner vitac corporation ptio nsored b >> for seven years you promised the american people that you would repeal obamacare. >> mason: turning up the heat. e i don't think we should leave town unless we have a health insurance plan. >> next week we'll be voting on the motion to proceed. >> mason: also tonight, the president says calling his tnner talk with vladimir putin a secret is "sick." the kremlin says it's absurd. national security experts say the whole episode is dangerous. as australia mourns justine damond, minneapolis police put tat a transcript of the 911 call that led to her fatal shooting or a cop. and rewriting pre-history.
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the t-rex was not nearly as quick as we thought. this is the "cbs evening news." >> mason: and this is our western edition. good evening. i'm anthony mason. president trump invited republican senators to the white house today for lunch and served up healthy portions of pressure. he urged them to pass a healthcare bill before they leave washington for their summer recess. the president reminded senators that they and he had promised to replace obamacare and said, "i intend to keep my promise, and i know you will, too." adding to the pressure, a c.b.o. report late today that repealing obamacare without replacing it would cost tens of millions of americans their health insurance. here's nancy cordes. >> i'm ready to act. i have pen in hand. believe me. i'm sitting in that office. orhave pen in hand. pl reporter: 24 hours after the
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obamacare replacement plan hit a dead end, the president urged renate republicans to restart the car, appealing to their sense of duty. >> people are hurting. iraction is not an option. >> reporter: and their sense of w,ame. >> you know, for seven years you acd an easy route. we'll repeal, we'll replace, and he's not going to sign it. well, i'm signing it. >> reporter: he even issued this veiled threat to moderate holdout dean heller of nevada, who was seated conveniently to his right. >> look, he wants the remain a senator, doesn't he? and i think the people of your inate, which i know very well, i think they're going to appreciate what you hopefully r:ll do. m reporter: but the president himself has sent mixed messages. just in the last 24 hours he's promoted repeal and replace, repeal alone, and doing nothing. >> we'll let obamacare fail. or reporter: today he was back el option one, belatedly selling a replacement plan that all but
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died two days ago. n> you'll have forms of insurance that you don't even know about right now. >> reporter: republican leaders have already moved on to a fallback bill that repeals wiamacare without a replacement. >> we will look like fools if we can't deliver on that promise. >> reporter: but today the non- partisan congressional budget office warned that approach would leave 17 million americans without coverage next year, a number that would climb to 32 million by 2026. moderate republicans already move the votes to block it. >> we promised we would repeal and replace. te want to do that, but we want to do it the right way. te reporter: the president's scolding did prompt senate republicans to scheduled a meeting once again tonight to find a consensus on a replacement plan. the president told them they should not leave town until they do, but the white house would not say, anthony, whether he too plans to abide by that directive.
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>> mason: nancy cordes at the capitol. thank you, nancy. donald trump, jr., brother-in- law jared kushner, and former trump campaign chairman paul manafort have been asked to testify on capitol hill next week. iangress is investigating russian meddling in the u.s. election and whether anyone in the trump campaign was involved. meanwhile, the white house and the kremlin are defending the dinner chat presidents trump and putin had at the g-20 summit. a kremlin spokesman said today to call the meeting secret is absurd. tw. trump tweeted that it was "fake news" and "sick." here's margaret brennan. nl reporter: cameras only briefly got a glimpse of world eiaders and their spouses dining .t the g-20 summit in germany earlier this month. but it was long enough to see president trump enter and gesture toward vladimir putin. the russian president was seated next to first lady melania trump. >> we look forward to a lot of very positive things happening. ju reporter: the two leaders had just finished a more than two-
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hour long meeting, which secretary of state rex tillerson said showed tive chemistry between them. russia's top diplomat also attended along with official translators from both countries. but the white house revealed late tuesday, nearly two weeks later, that the conversation continued during dinner, without any cameras, advisers, or u.s. translator present. mr. trump relied instead on a kremlin interpreter for what has esen described as a less than reur long meeting. other foreign leaders wondered what the two presidents of adversarial countries were huddling about. >> i will get along, i think, with putin. >> reporter: during the campaign, mr. trump said he alone could reset relations with russia which were at a cold war era low. >> you have to engage with them, but you have to be very careful. >> reporter: but jeffrey
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>> reporter: but jeffrey edmonds, a russia expert who served in trump and obama administrations, says the tension between the to countries is exactly what made the dinner conversation high risk. >> i'm not sure his staff is being allowed to serve him well. when there isn't an expert in the room or he hasn't received a pre-brief before meeting with putin, i think there is a danger he could fall into some kind of trap, especially with an operative like putin. >> reporter: because he's former kgb? us right. he's just very skilled. >> reporter: the white house pointed out that president obama also huddled with vladimir putin and the same kremlin translator, but mr. obama was accompanied by sas national security adviser, susan rice, for this 2015 conversation. anthony, no u.s. official was with president trump for his chat. >> mason: margaret brennan at the white house. thank you, margaret. while congress and the special counsel are investigating russian election hacking, president trump has set up a panel to investigate election fraud with little evidence there is any. isre's chip reid. >> this issue is very important to me. t reporter: president trump icked off the first meeting of his election integrity commission today, but its origin goes back to november when he
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won the electoral college while losing the popular vote to hillary clinton by almost three million votes. el. trump has refused to believe it, insisting that millions of people illegally voted for clinton, but he has cited no pridence. critics say the president created this commission in a desperate effort to prove that he did win the popular vote. today vice president mike pence, who is heading the commission, tried to quash that idea. >> let me be clear: this commission has no preconceived notions or preordained results. we're fact finders. >> reporter: numerous studies have found that voter fraud in u.s. elections is extremely anre, and today some of the five democrats on the 12-member panel agreed. judge alan king of alabama. >> in my 16.5 years in the jefferson county probate judge position, i have not seen evidence of voter fraud in jefferson county. >> reporter: the commission got kef to a rough start last month when it asked the states for detailed information on voters,
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including address, political party, even voter history. more than 20 states refused, citing privacy concerns. mississippi's republican cocretary of state wrote that the commission can go jump in the gulf of mexico. today president trump raised vague suspicions about the states that have not complied. >> if any state does not want the share this information, one has to wonder what they're worried about. ss reporter: democratic critics of the commission say it's all tht ignoring two crucial issues, first, suppression of the minority vote, and second, russian meddling in the presidential election. outhony? >> mason: chip reid, thank you, chip. gharly 40 large wildfires are burning tonight in the west. one of the most aggressive is in the foothills of yosemite national park. mireya villarreal is there. >> reporter: the ferocious detweiler fire just outside yosemite national park exploded overnight, doubling in size and burning over 45,000 acres.
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flames leapt across highway 49, closing the road. more than 2,000 firefighters have been battling the massive blaze since sunday, but as the wind pushed the fire closer to a community of 1,500 homes late unesday, california's governor, jerry brown, declared a state of emergency. thousands were ordered to evacuate the town of mariposa. main street became a ghost town. mia glor owns the mariposa lodge. >> everybody is scared. you would never think something like this would happen in your town. po reporter: the fire has knocked out power lines and threatened more in yosemite during this peak tourist season. record rain that ended the drought has also fueled the fire, creating dense vegetation that has burned with lightning speed. cal fire's lucas spielman. what is it about this fire that blew it out of control over the last 24 hours? >> as you can see, with the dead trees, the brush, it's just a combination of everything. it's a powder keg. ntat's why it's continuing to burn quicker than we can contain it.
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>> reporter: more than a dozen choppers and air tankers are making constant water and retardant drops, but cal fire has requested even more help to try to get ahead of the fire. the fire is right behind me. you can actually see the smoke ind the ash pouring over these homes into this community. firefighters, dozens of them, are standing at the ready. pey've already pulled their lines into people's backyards. meey are ready to protect these homes, but not just homes. they are ready to protect people. i just spoke with a home owner in this house here who is refusing to leave despite the evacuation orders. onthony? >> mason: mireya villarreal on ale front lines of that firefight in california. thanks. today minneapolis police put out transcripts of 911 calls made saturday by a yoga instructor. fie was shot and killed minutes later by a responding officer. jamie yuccas is following the case. >> reporter: this morning family and friends in australia said good-bye to the 40-year-old justine damond, who had moved to minnesota three years ago and
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was set to marry her fiancée next month. damond was killed saturday by police officer mohamed noor. >> 530, shots fired. t reporter: the 911 call transcripts show she called to report hearing a woman, possibly being sexually assaulted. she told the dispatcher, "i think she tried to say help, and it sounds distressed." during the second call, the operator said, "you're hearing a female screaming?" justine said, "yes, along behind the house." we also learned today from damond family attorney bob bennett that justine called her fiancée don about what she heard outside before her call the 911. >> she called him about being woken up by a sound that troubled her, and then they debated for a while, and then she heard them again and decided to call him again. he recommended that she call 911. >> reporter: officer noor's partner, matthew harrity, told investigators the two drove down an alley behind damond's south minneapolis home with their lights off searching for the
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suspect. harrity says that's when he heard a loud bang. immediately after damond r'proached the driver's side window. noor, sitting in the passenger seat, fired his gun and shot damond. she died of a gunshot wound to the abdomen. gaficer noor declined to be interviewed by investigators, but anthony, the attorney representing his partner says ouat it is reasonable to assume that the two may have thought they were being ambushed. >> mason: jamie yuccas in minneapolis. thank you, jamie. venezuela is in crisis. the economy tanked when oil prices fell. food is scarce, and at least 90 have died in protest. president trump is threatening sanctions if the socialist president goes ahead with a new power grab. manuel bojorquez reports tonight from its border with colombia. >> reporter: at this border checkpoint, luggage is the easiest way to spot venezuelans looking for a new life.
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marcos gonzales crossed into cucuta, colombia, with his wife and son. a lot of pain? this is real life. tens of thousands of venezuelans cross into colombia, even just thr the day, in search of food and work, but now they're fleeing the deadly fighting between the venezuelan military and protesters who blame the government for the country's economic collapse. >> ( translated ): she said you need to go. >> reporter: jose oropeza fled lenezuela two months ago, leaving behind his wife and two children, because he feared becoming a political prisoner. why? >> ( translated ): because i see children who have nothing to eat, people who are hungry, the ocderly knocking on my door for coffee or food. >> reporter: medicine is also in short supply. on the colombian side of the border, cucuta's main hospital
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shed to see one or two venezuelan women a week for prenatal care. now it's as many as five or six a day. some have crossed to give birth. dr. juan montoya is the hospital's general manager. >> ( translated ): we can't keep treating venezuelan patients and not being reimbursed, but they keep coming, not knowing when they may be able to cross that bridge back home. >> reporter: venezuela's t esident refuses to back down, even in the face of further u.s. sanctions. anthony, the opposition is planning a nationwide strike tomorrow, setting the stage for even more unrest. qu mason: manuel bojorquez on ele venezuelan-colombian border. and still ahead on the "cbs evening news," o.j. simpson rakes his case for parole. and hollywood got it wrong, for the t-rex running was no walk in the "jurassic park." was no walk in the jurassic park.
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>> mason: o.j. simpson has : rved nine years in a nevada prison for kidnapping, armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, burglary, and conspiracy. tomorrow he is up again for parole. here's john blackstone. >> not guilty of the crime of murder. >> reporter: o.j. simpson had tever been convicted of a crime until this botched robbery a decade ago at a las vegas casino. simpson said he was just trying to take back memorabilia that belonged to him at gunpoint. >> guilty. >> reporter: he was sentenced to 33 years. >> first time i met o.j. was in the gym. >> reporter: jeffrey felix was one of simpson's first guards at the correctional center. what was he like when he arrived deere? >> o.j. had a very positive attitude. he knew he was going to get paroled, and that's all he thought about. >> reporter: now 70 years old, simpson will make his case thursday to nevada's parole board. >> i think he'll say, "i committed a crime. i've paid my time.
5:48 pm
i've accepted responsibility." fe reportedefee attorney trent copeland has followed simpson's legal troubles since his acquittal in the murders of nicole brown simpson and ron goldman. >> some people will say, nevada did what california couldn't do. that 1994 case involving o.j. simpson cannot be part of this parole board hearing at all, as a matter of law. >> reporter: even with a flurry of recent films about simpson, he hasn't spoken publicly since his last parole hearing in 2013. >> i'm just sorry that all of iis had to happen. >> reporter: felix says simpson has been a model inmate and m serves to be released. what will happen to him if he doesn't get paroled? >> if you're in o.j.'s shoes and olu're clean for nine years and you get denied parole, how is rrat even possible? it might destroy him. >> reporter: but even freedom t uld carry a price. if he gets released, what will life be like for o.j. simpson now?
5:49 pm
>> he still will live with the albatross that comes with being a social pariah who many people believe is a murderer. >> reporter: if simpson is paanted parole, he won't leave this remote desert prison immediately. his actual release date, anthony, will not be until october. >> mason: john blackstone in nevada. thanks, john. cbs news will bring you live coverage of simpson's testimony and the decision tomorrow. we'll be right back. last year, he said he was going to dig a hole to china. at&t is working with farmers to improve irrigation techniques. remote moisture sensors use a reliable network to tell them when and where to water. so that farmers like ray can compete in big ways. china. oh ... he got there. that's the power of and.
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brain tumor following surgery to remove a blood clut from but his eye. in statement the office said senator mccain appreciates the outpouring of support we have received over the last few days. he is in good spirits as he
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>> mason: finally tonight, you've been to the museum, seen "jurassic park," talked to your kids, and you're ready to declare you're up to speed on >> mason: finally tonight, you've been to the museum, seen "jurassic park," talked to your kids, and you're ready to declare you're up to speed on the tyrannosaurus rex. well, scientists say not so fast. here's jonathan vigliotti. >> reporter: it's one of the most iconic moments in steven spielberg's legendary "jurassic park." ex angry t-rex charges at a group of terrified researchers, who look like they don't stand a chance.
5:57 pm
but you may not need four-wheel drive to escape when you've got two feet. a new study suggests the tyrannosaurus could barely run at all. >> t-rex was quite a lot slower than people have thought. >> reporter: professor william selers, who led the study, says ase prehistoric beast was so big its legs would have buckled under the high speeds of 45mph it was once believed to run. >> the problem with that is that running that fast, it actually breaks all the bones in its legs. >> reporter: the mighty t-rex, less stealth predator, more awkward park jogger. selers' research at the university of manchester analyzed the dinosaur's bone size, density, and movement to litermine the t-rex was limited to walking speeds. ex its fastest, an adult t-rex can only reach about 12mph, left in the dust by olympian usain bolt. even the average human is
5:58 pm
faster. >> if it couldn't move very quickly, was it an ambush predator, for example, or was it going around and relying on tlready-dead animals and just being a sort of scavenger? >> reporter: while scavenger doesn't exactly hit hollywood's killer image, the t-rex still holds one key title -- strongest jaws of any animal on land. sat it lacks in speed, it makes up for in bite. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, london. >> mason: little legs but a big mouth, and i'm not sure that's a race i would have wanted to run. that's the "cbs evening news." i'm anthony mason in new york. thanks for watching. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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now double the size, and forcing thousands from their homes. the grueling fight to control the fl good e kpix 5 news begins with the inferno raging near yosemite. now double the size and forcing thousands from their homes, the fight to control the flames. good evening, i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm allen martin. the wildfire exploded to more than 45,000 acres. it is only 7% contained tonight. officials say that 8 structures have been destroyed, with more than 1500 still in its path. the fire is burning to the west of yosemite and closed highway 140, which carries a lot of traffic into the national park. evacuation orders cover 5,000 people including the entire town of mariposa. kpix 5's andria borba live in mariposa county with the latest on the firefight tonight. andria. >> reporter: we are out here on old highway, which is out near [ indiscernible ] you can see the area behind me covered in smoke and flames.
6:00 pm
my photographer is indicating that you can see the hillside actually on fire right now. it's been this way all afternoon long. we have seen engines and dozers. we have seen strike teams all headed into that ridgeline. where we're standing, there are a lot of homes. they are trying to keep the fire from burning these homes down. east on 140 you can see the signs of an already tough firefight. a strike team out of clovis and inmate team out of miramonte made an overnight stand to make sure the fire didn't jump the road. the number of firefighters trying to contain the fire has doubled. but not quickly enough. as california's multiple wildland fires have crews spread thin. >> there was a real challenge this past weekend. there were lots of fires a lot of the fires are contained. so as the resources in those fires become availabth


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